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Cfje Harletan g>ouetj>. 


Volume XX&F3BL 


$lmorum Pentium. 


Volume I. 





I have taken this pains not for the present age, but a future. 
Many things which were known to our grandsires are lost to us ; 
and our grandchildren will search in vain for many facts which 
to us are most familiar. 

Parvula (nam exemplo est) magni formica laboris 
Ore trahifc quodcunque potest atque addit acervo 
Quern sfcruit hand ignara ac non incauta futuri. 

He heapeth up riches and knoweth not who shall gather them. 

Seribuntur hsec in generatione altera. 

Ps. cii. v. 18. 

The Race of Man is one vast marshalled army 
Summoned to pass the spacious realms of Time 
Their leader the Almighty. 

See the vain Race of Mortals move 
Like Shadows o'er the Plain, 
They rage and strive, desire and love, 
. But all the Noise is vain, 
Some walk in Honour's gaudy Show, 
Some dig for golden Ore, 
They toil for Heirs they know not who, 
And strait are seen no more. 

Transivere pat res ; simul et transibimus omnes ; 
At coelum patriam, qui bene transit, habet. 

The busy tribes of flesh and blood 
With all their hopes and fears 
Are carried downward by the flood 
And lost in following years. 

Like flowery fields the nations stand 
Pleased with the morning light ; 
The flowers beneath the mower's hand 
Lie withering ere 'tis night. 


The Eev. Joseph Hunter, P.S.A., the Historian of Hallamshire and 
South Yorkshire, was born at Sheffield 6 February 1783, being the son of 
Michael Hunter, a cutler. His mother dying early, he was placed under 
the guardianship of the Eev. Joseph Evans, a Presbyterian Minister, who 
sent him to a school at Sheffield. In 1805 he began to study for the 
Ministry under the Eev. Charles Wellbeloved at York, and in 1809 
became the Minister of an Unitarian Congregation at Bath. Prom an 
early period he devoted himself to antiquarian pursuits, and particularly 
to the history of his native county. He published in 1819 the ' History 
of Hallamshire,' and in 1828 and 1831 the ' History of South Yorkshire/ 
which latter work may perhaps be considered one of the best county 
histories in existence. In 1833 he was appointed a Sub-Commissioner 
and in 1838 Assistant Keeper of Public Eecords. Prom that time he 
lived in London, where he died 9 May 1861, and was buried in Ecclesfield 

After his death a large number of his Manuscripts became the property 
of the British Museum. They are numbered Add. MSS. 24,436—630, 

24,864—885, 25,459—481, 25,676—7, 31,021. 

Without a doubt the most important of these is Add. MS. 24,458, 
which he entitled " Pamilise Minorum Gentium," though it is doubtful 
whether the title is a happy one. 

It is a thick folio volume of some 650 pages completely filled with 
pedigrees, chiefly of Yorkshire, Derbyshire, Cheshire, and Lancashire 
families, though of course their branches extend over other counties. 
Mr. Hunter, by reason of his large genealogical acquaintance and also of 
his connection with the leading Unitarian families of the day, had the 
opportunity of gathering together such a mass of information that this 
book has perhaps been as much consulted as any work of a similar 
character in the Museum. 


The Council of the Harleian Society has now decided to print it in 
full, considering that the members and others interested in Genealogy 
should have the opportunity of always being able to obtain the infor- 
mation it contains. 

The manuscript has been copied by Mr. A. H. Heppell, and the 
Editor has carefully compared the transcript with the original, as well as 
most of the proof sheets. Those who are acquainted with Mr. Hunter's 
handwriting, especially in his later years, will sympathize with the 
copyist and the Editor in their tasks, as many words are so written 
that they can be very variously deciphered; the greatest difficulty has 
been found in the proper names of persons, where no reference is easily 
attainable, and of small places not in a Gazetteer. Many thanks are due 
to Mr. Bickley of the Manuscript Eoom in the British Museum for his 
help in clearing up the meaning of some of the most puzzling words. 

It has been thought advisable to make as an exact a copy as possible, 
and not to alter or continue the pedigrees, but a few footnotes have been 
given to correct any manifest errors, and also to add some further entries 
from the Northowram and other Parish Registers which might throw 
further light on the subject. The pagination of the MS. is also given, 
so that Mr. Hunter's references to other pedigrees can be easily found. 

It is proposed to complete the Work in four volumes, and to print the 
Index in the concluding one. 

The following abbreviations are frequently used by Mr. Hunter : — 

Ath. Ox. Wood's < Athense Oxonienses.' 

Calamy. < The Nonconformist Memorial : an account of the Ministers 
ejected at the Restoration.' 

Calamy Cont. ' Calamy's continuation of the account of the Ministers 

C. V. A. ' Chorus Vatum Anglicanorum,' by Joseph Hunter. Add. 
MSS. 24,487—492. 

Fasti Ox. < Fasti Oxonienses.' 

Gastrell's Notitia. Gastrell's 'Notitia Cestriensis, or Historical 
Notices of the Diocese of Chester.' 

Hayward's Collection of Epitaphs. Add. MSS. 13,916—953. 

Lysons's Mag. Brit. Bedf. Lysons's ' Magna Britannia/ vol. i. 


M. P. B. Museum Pocket Books of Joseph Hunter. Add. MSS. 

0. H. Oliver Hey wood, the Nonconformist Minister of Coley. His 
diaries and registers are frequently referred to. The former have been 
recently published and edited by Mr. J. Horsfall Turner. The North- 
owram Eegisters of 0. Heywood, 1644 — 1702, which were continued by 
J. Dickinson, 1702 — 1752, have also been printed by Mr. Turner in 1881 
under the title of 6 The Nonconformist Kegister. 5 

V.D.M. Verbi Dei Minister (Minister of the Word of God). 

Wolley. c Collections for the County of Derby/ by A. Wolley. 
Add. MS. 6666—75. 


Rastkjck House. 
May 1894. 

&tst of Jtetitjjm** 


Aikin - 183 

AlSLABIE - - - - - 190 

Aldred — see Moult - - - 18 
Allen — see Wilson - 206 

Archdeacon — see Carr - - 140 
Astley — see Ohorley - - - 170 

Bagshaw 244 

Bagshaw 251 

Barker — see Whyte - - - 214 
Barker — see Brereton - - 256 
Barker— see Parker - - - 405 

Basnett 371 

Battie - 224 

Bayley 280 

Belsham 184 

Benyon 413 

Benyon 414 

Best - 101 

Bischoff— see Whitaker - - 16 

Bohun - 323 

Bossley — see Brereton - - 256 
Bourne - - - - - 300 

Bourne 346 

Bowman— see Eddowes - - -108 

Bradley 71 

Bradney ----- 374 

Brereton 256 

Briggs — see Bawdon - - - 296 

Bright 135 

Broadhurst— see Shaw - - 376 

Buck 192 

Burton - - - - - 337 
Busk— see Wadsworth 7 - 8 

Byerley - - - - - 102 
Calton — see Fisher - - - 380 

Cappe 188 

Carleill 350 

Carr 140 

Cart 284 

Chaworth — see Pole - - - 348 
Ohorley - - - - 170 
Clarke — see Dunn - - - 250 

Clarke 308 

Clarke^ 309 

Clarke - - - - - 315 
vol. i. 


Clarke - - - - - 335 
Cold well - - - - - 116 
columbell - - - - - 237 


Cook— see Kirshaw - - - 157 

Cook 173 

Cotton 122 

courtenay 59 

Critchlaw 67 

Crompton 20 

Crompton 68 

Crompton 69 

Crowder — see Oates - - - 260 
Crue - - - - - - 189 


Darbishire — see Bourne - - 300 
Dawson - - - - - 97 

Dickenson 75 

Diggles 279 

Dixon — see Lever - - " - 103 
Dixon - - - - - - 203 

Dodsworth - - - - - 418 

Dunn 250 

Eddowes 108 

Ellison- - t . - - - - 196 

Evans - - - - - - 105 

Evans— see Fern - 141 

Eyre— see Wylde - - - - 401 

Fenton - - - - - 286 

Fern - - - - - - 141 

Fisher 380 

Fitzherbert — see Bagshaw - - 251 
Flower — see Ledgard - - - 356 
Foljambe - - - - 198 

Foster— see Jackson - - - 76 
Foster- - - - - " - 404 
fourness - - - - - 93 
Gaskell — see Milnes - - - 49 

Gaskell 302 

Gell — see Milnes - - - 43 

Gill 13 

Gill 209 

Gregson 215 

Hallowes ----- 412 
Halstead— see Wadsworth - - 8 



Hanger — see 


- 3 



- 49 



- 30 

Morgan — set 

j Price 

- 184 

Haynes— see 

Evans - 

- 105 



- 229 

Heald - 


- 130 


« . 

- 241 



- 324 


- 299 

Henry - 


- 358 

Moulson — see Crue 

- 189 



- 295 

Moult - 

- - 

- 18 

Hey wood 


- 61 

Mower — see 


- 43 



- 382 

Mower - 


- 218 



- 270 

Naylor— see 


- 116 


- _ 

- 88 



- 127 



- 187 



- 314 



- 176 



- 88 



- 395 

Nightingale — see Fern 

- 141 



- 128 

Oates - 


- 260 



- 26 

Oates - 


- 266 



- 67 

Offley — see 

Clarke - 

- 315 



- 367 

Ogden - 


- 133 

Hunt - 


- 169 



- 405 



- 354 



- 408 



- 76 



- 409 

Jardine — see Cappe 

- 188 



- 15 



- 180 

Peel - 


- 215 

Jodrel— see 

Philips - 

- 275 

Pegge - 


- 305 

Jolley — see 

Philips - 

- 272 


-see Ogden 

- 133 

Jones - 


- 299 



- 118 

Keay — see Savage 

- 361 



- 121 



- 128 



- 259 



- 185 



- 272 



- 182 



- 275 

Kirby - 


- 1 

Pole - 


- 343 

Kirshaw— see Sympson 

- 156 

Pole - 


- 348 



- 157 

Poole - 


- 144 

Lamb - 


- 370 

Price - 


- 184 



- 363 


-see Wadsworth - 

- 8 

Leach - 


- 291 


- - 

- 81 

Leaper — see Newton - 

- 314 



- 94 



- 356 



- 95 



- 204 



- 367 

Lees - 


- 138 

Ramsbotham— see Swaine 

- 297 

Leigh - 


- 276 

Rawdon— see Hodgson - 

- 88 

Lever - 


- 103 


- 296 


—see Rayner 

- 158 



- 368 

Lloyd - 


- 282 



- 157 

Lomax - 


- 71 



- 158 

Lucas - 


- 378 

Revel - 


- 387 

Lumb - 


- 79 

Revel - 


- 390 


-see Hatfield 

- 30 

Revel - 

- . - 

- 393 



'-' 36 

Revel - 


- 393 


-see Leach - 

- 291 

Revel - 


- 397 

Mason - 


- 201 



- 7 



- 173 



- 91 



- 174 

Rich - 


- 40 

May — see Hunt - 

- 169 



- 3 


—see Wilson 

- 206 



- 162 



- 43 


- 162 




Robinson - - - - - 278 

Rodes - 38 

Rodes— see Heathcote - - - 324 
Rogers — see Radford - - - 367 
Ronksley— see Morton - - 229 
Rookes— see Rodes - - - 38 
Rossington — see Burton - - 337 
Roth well - - - - - 71 
Sager— see Poole - 144 

Sandwith - ■- ■ - - .- 415 

Savage 361 

scholefield 114 

Segrave 417 

Serjeantson — see Rodes - - 38 

Shaw - 327 

Shaw - - - 376 

Shawe— see Wingfield - - 311 
Shirley — see Wylde - - - 401 
Shore— see Clarke - - - 315 
Simpson — see Hubbert - - - 26 

Skinner 414 

Slater — see Gill - - - - 209 

Smith ------ 74 

Smith— see Battie - - - 224 

Smith 225 

Smith ------ 257 

Smithson - - - - - 160 

Smyth - - - - - - 318 

Sprint - - - - - - 3 

Stansfield — see Nicholson - - 88 

Stead 331 

Stovin - - - - - - 321 

Sutton 12 

Swaine— see Hesketh - - - 295 
Swaine - - - - - 297 

Swan— see Brereton - - - 256 
Swanwick — see Lawrence - - 363 

Sykes 150 

Sympson - - - - - 156 

Tarleton - - - 

Taylor - 

Thornhill— see Columbell 


Todd - . - - 

Torre - 

Touchet - - . 

Townsend— see Moult - 

townsend - 



Unwin— see Fisher 


Wadsworth - 

Walker - - - 



Webster — see Taylor - 

Whitaker - - - 

Whitaker - 

Whitehead - 



Wilkinson - 

Willets — see Turner - 

Wilson— see Kirby 

Wilson - - - 

Wingfield - 



Wood— see Oates - 

Woodhouse — see Hubbert 

Woodward— -see Belsham 



Wylde - - - - 

Wylde - 


- 131 

- 234 

- 237 

- 139 

- 213 

- 253 

- 167 

- 18 

- 375 

- 175 

- 366 

- 380 

- 127 

- 8 

- 294 

- 370 

- 163 

- 234 

- 16 

- 301 

- 68 

- 90 
^ 214 

- 164 

- 175 

- 1 

- 206 

- 311 

- 91 

- 365 

- 266 

- 26 

- 184 

- 6 

- 137 

- 57 

- 226 

- 73 

- 401 

iFamflfo jftinotttm Ofcntittm* 

MS. 1 

lUrty— Wilson* 

Francis Kirby of London, 6ent.=p 

Joshua Kirby of Wakefield, co. York, Clerk ; the : 
first Preacher of the Cambden Lecture in that 
town; silenced by the Act of Uniformity 1662; 
b. in London, bp. there 2 nd June 1617 ; of New 
Inn Hall, Oxford ; B.A. 1637 ; M.A. 1640; d. 9 th 
June 1676, & was bur. in his own Garden at Wake- 
field. Will 30 May 1674 ; to each of my brother 
Curtis' daughters ; to Thos. Roebuck's widow. 

=Mary Balam, sister of Phoebe 
Balam, who d. unmar. in April 
1701, & of Balaam Balam, 
whose daughter Patience Balam 
d. unmar. sometime after 1713 ; 
M rs Kirby* d. 11 March 1688-9, 
and was bur. near her husband 
(see p. 3). 

Phoebe Kirby, 
3 rd dan.., b. in 
London ; mar. 
John Wads- 
worth of Hor- 
bury n r Wake- 
field, a Dant- 
sick Merchant 
(see p. 4). 

Camdena Kirby, 4 th 
dau., the first child 
b. at Wakefield to 
M r Kirby ; bp. there 
29 th Nov. 1653; 
mar. 6 Dec. 1682 
to John Wads- 
worthf of Wake- 
field & Horbury. 

Welcome Kirby, 5 th 
dau., bp. at Wakefield 
31 Oct. 1655 ; mar. 
Samuel Wadsworth,J 
eldest brother to John 
Wadsworth, & dying 
without issue was bur. 
in the Garden at 

Twin Kirby, 6 th 
dau. & youngest 
child, bp. 2 nd Jan. 
1661; mar. 6 th Dec. 
1682 John Raner 
of Cold-Heindley, 
co. York ; bur. in 
the Garden at 

Gpdsgift Kirby, only son, Joshua 
bp. at Wakefield 10 th Jan. Kirby, 
1637 ; educated for the d. in his 
Presbyterian Ministry in infancy. 
Frankland's Academy, but 
d. of a fever 2 Nov. 1686,§ 
age 28. A young preacher 

Susanna Kirby, 
eldest dau., b. 
in London; mar. 
.... Wilson of 


Elizabeth Kirby, 2 nd dau., 
b. in London, & left there 
among her relations when 
M r Kirby settled at Wake- 
field ; she mar. Samuel 
Sprint of Little Britain, 
Citizen & Stationer (see 
p. 2). 

* Mrs. Mary Kirby, bur. March 11, 1678-9, by her husband, who was bur. twelve years 
before.— J. W. C. 

f Query John Wordsworth of Horbury, not Wadsworth (see p. 6). — J. W. C. 

t Mr. Samuel Wadsworth of Horbury and Mrs. Welcome Kerby mar. Tuesday, May 25, 1697. 
—J. W. C. 

§ Godsgift Kirby died November 22, 1686.— J. W. 0. 

VOL. I. B 

T?AMITjIJE minobum gentium. 

MS. 1 


Kirby Wilson of Fishlake= Ann Staniforth of Wake- Joseph=f=Ann, dau. of 

and Eetford, V.D.M. ; d. field ; mar. at Sheffield Wilson, 

without issue 15 th Jan. 1732, 11 th May 1704 ; died 14 d. about 

and was bur. at Eetford. Dec. 1731. [Q. Ha,nnah?] 1724. 

of Leeds. 

Kirby Wilson, living William Susan Wilson, 
16 April 1760. Wilson. living 1760. 

Elizabeth Wil- 
son, living 17 60. 

Ann Wilson, 
living 1760. 


John Wilson of Os- 

motherley, W. B. 
Yorkshire, a Qua- 
ker ; d. about 1724 
n r Northallerton. 

Jonathan Wil- 
son, went to 
reside in Lon- 

Mary Wilson, wife of Patient 
Elsworth of London, by 
whom Jonathan, Joseph, & 
Mary, who all d. unmar. 

Sarah Wilson, 
wife of .... 
Hawkins of 



John Wilson, d. 1760. Ann Wilson, went to reside in London. 

The account contained in this and the following pages of the descendants of 
Joshua Kirby, the ejected Cambden Lecturer of Wakefield, is taken for the most 
part from the memoirs of him and his family compiled in the year 1760 by 
Dr. Sutton of Leicester, one of his descendants. Two copies of Dr. Sutton's MSS. 
have been used; one the property of Mrs. Milnes of Fryston in Yorkshire, an 8vo 
of 143 pages with 25 of additions. This was for some time in my hand. The 
other was the property of Sir Wadsworth Busk. Of this my late friend Mr. Moult 
of Wickersley in Yorkshire made a transcript, which has been compared with 
Mr. Milnes' MSS. I have made a few additions, principally from the MSS. of 
Mr. Oliver Heywood and Mr. Thomas Dickenson. 

Mr. Kirby' s rhymes were valued by his family, and I find that Mr. O. Heywood, 
who was his friend, transcribed many of them for his own use. The following may 
serve as a specimen, and be at the same time a proof of the Genealogy as far 
as it goes : — 

Mary did wisely choose the better part 

Susanna did her own to Christ impart 

Elizabeth religiously did live 

Phwbe did succour unto many give 

Gamdena of my foundress remindeth me 

Welcome expresses what a child should be 

Godsgift both fathers names may bear and spread 

Twm is the living monument of my dead 

Joshua rejoice th in his Saviour's name, Believeth, 
Preacheth and suffers for the same. 

MS. 2 A 



John Sprint of Bristol, an Apothecary. 1 



D r John Sprint, Dean of Bristol ; d. in 1589-90 (see Fasti Ox. i., 737). 

=John Sprint, Vicar of Thornbury, co. Glouc, an Author=p 
(see Ath. Oxon i., 405). \ 

John Sprint, Olerk ; ejected Samuel Sprint, Clerk ; ejected from South Tidworth 
from Hampstead 1662 (see in Hants 1662 ; lived in the neighbourhood of An- 
Calamy, 469). dover, & d. about 1695. He had six sons & 2 daus. 

(see Oalamy, 340). 

Samuel Sprint of Little Britain, Citizen & Stationer ,=f=Elizabeth, 2 nd dau. of Joshua 

said by D r Sutton to be descended of John Sprint of 
Thornbury, & doubtless one of the six sons of 
Samuel Sprint of Andover. Will dated 1 st July 
1706 ; d. 11 th Feb. 1706-7. (See Life of Dunton, 
j>. 209.) 

Kirby of Wakefield (p. 1) . 
bur. in the Churchyard of 
Aldersgate ; b. in London, 
& left there amongst her 

John Sprint of 
the Par. of St. 
Botolph, Aiders- 
gate, Citizen & 
Stationer (see 
Life of Dunton, 
p. 230). Will 
dated 26 Mar. 
1726; d. 28 
May 1729 un- 

Benjamin Sprint, 
2 nd son, was in part- 
nership with his 
brother; living in 
1735 ; d. unmar. 
before 1760; b. 
Jan. 1, 1684. 

Samuel^ Sprint, 3 rd 
son, d. in his youth 

Elizabeth Sprint, eldest 
dau. ; mar. Samuel Pal- 
mer, a tobacconist in 
Aldermanbury, brother 
of Archibald Palmer of 
Wanlip n r Leicester ; 
mar. 7 th May 1717 ; 
living in 1735 ; she had 
no issue, but M r Palmer 
had a son & 2 daus. by 
a former wife. 

Anne Sprint, wife 
of John Hollis, 
Esq., a Governor 
of Guy's Hospital, 
had one child 
only, an infant. 
She was the last 
survivor of the 
family, & left 
her property to 

MS. 2 b 

^ofterts— i^an^r; 

I am told that the Philip Roberts from whom the coheir descended by male 
succession was a near relation of Sir Gabriel Roberts. 

This is taken principally from D r Sutton's MS. & Le Neve's Knights' pedigrees 
(MS. in Bibl. Harl.), whence the notice of Hanger is entirely derived.— Continued 
from the Irish Peerage. 

Joshua Iremonger was son of Jos u I., a brewer. in London, by Sarah, dau. of 
Edw. Lascelles of Stoke Newington, son of another Joshua by Hannah, d. of John 
Raymond of London, Brewer. Sarah Lascelles mar. 2 . . . . 



MS 2 b 

Lewis Eoberts of London, b. in the Isle of=f=Ann . . . . ; d. 24 July 1665 ; 

Anglesey ; a Captain ; bur. 12 Mar. 
in Ch. of St. Martin Outwich. 


of Dry- 
field, CO, 

bur. in the Ch. y a 
(?) Mary Outwich. 

of St. 

of Lon- 


John Nel-=j=Delicia 
son, a Roberts. 


Sir Gabriel Roberts of=p. . . . Balam, 

Carpenters Hall, Lond., 
Sub-Governor of the Afri- 
can Company ; knighted 
1677. It is supposed he 
had other children besides 
those below. 

nearly relat- 
ed to the wife 
of Joshua 

Sir George=i=Ann, dau. & 

Hanger of 

coheir of Sir 
John Beak 
or Beale of 
ham, co. 
Kent, Bart. 

Ann, wife 
of Richard 
Bridges of 
ton, co. 



& the 







Lond. 22 nd June 

1656 ; d. s.p. at 

the house of his 

cousin M rs Wolf 

15 th Jan. 1714- 


=Lady Theo- 
phila, dau. 
of George, 
Earl of 
widow of Sir 
Lucy, Bart. 

.... a dau., 
wife of 
Henry, Lord 


Gabriel, created= 
Lord Coleraine 
1 Dec. 1761. 

= Elizabeth, dau. & 
heir of Richard 
Bond of Cowbury, 
co. Hereford, Esq. 

i i 



i i i 




Dorcas, wife of Sir 
John Fryer, Lord 
Mayor of London, 
to whom she was 
2 nd wife. =p 

John Deacle, Alder- = Delicia Roberts, = Philip Sir Joseph 
man of London & mar. to her 3 rd Wolf, Wolf of 
M.P. for Evesham, husb. D r Oba- Esq., Hackney. 
2 nd husb. ; d. 2 Oct. diah Hughes, 1 st 
1723. V.D.M. husb. 

Delicia Fryer,= 
dau. & coheir, 
mar. in 1742 ; 
d. in 1744 (see 
her fun. ser- 
mon by D r 0. 
Hughes) ; d. 
30 Nov. 1744 ; 
bur.- in St. 
Martin Out- 

=Joshua Iremonger= 
of Wherwell, co. 
Hants, Esq. In 
1732 a gentleman 
of this name and 
place mar. M rs 
Dunbar, G.M. 

=M rs Lacy= 
of Pudli- 
cot in Ox- 
mar, in 
1749 ; 
G.M., a 
wid. ; 2 

= Penelope, 3 
wife, dau. of 
Mark An- 
thony Mor- 
gan, wid. of 


.... wife of ... . 
Lethieullier ? 

Ann Wolf, wife of 
.... Bridges, Esq., 
of Keynsham, co. 

Sarah Wolf, 3 rd dau., 
wife of Sir John 
Hartop, Bart. 

An only dau., but in Berry's ' Hampshire Genealogies ' it is said 
that by this marriage was Joshua his son & heir. . 


The Monuments of the Roberts in the Church of St. Martin's Outwich are 
engraved in a 4to. book printed about 1795, being a description of the Parish. 
There are 15 engraved plates & a few leaves of letterpress. I never saw it before 
this day Sep. 15, 1846, & I think it cannot have been published. (See if it is in 
Upcott, see M.P.B., xv„ 15, & C.V.A., iv., 106.) 

Sir John Fryer, Bart., had twins born to him in the year of his Mayoralty at 
Goldsmiths' Hall 5 June 1721 by his wife Dorcas. They were baptised the same 
day by D r John Evans, & named Gabriel & Delicia. The boy died 25 of that 
month. (Eegister of D r Evans.) 


A Correspondent communicates the following Statement respecting the family 
of M rs Elizabeth Roberts, whose death was announced in our last : — This lady was 
lineally descended from the Marriotts of Ughill Hall, & was the legitimate heiress- 
en-tail of Thomas and Benjamin Marriott, Esquires, deceased. As the history of 
this Hall^mshire family is not generally known, I subjoin it as follows: — The 
Marriotts derived their name from the town of Marriott, in Normandy, whence 
three brothers, Rudolph, Augustine, and William, accompanied the Conqueror to 
England, & from their bravery at the Battle of Hastings, under Du Buisby, received 
grants of lands. According to the Charter of the Marriotts, it appears that the 
Manor of Ughill, or as it is termed Uggeechala, was given to them without power 
of Alienation. We find the Marriotts taking an active part in the Barons' wars 
(Adam & Thomas De Marriott in the time of Edward I.), & also in those of the 
Roses, fighting under De Clifford (Thomas de Marriott, 15 Henry VI.). From this 
period to that of the Civil Wars the Marriotts were chiefly engaged in foreign wars 
till about 1647, we find John Marriott of Ughill, a celebrated Parliamentarian, who 
was several times fined or plundered by the Royalists of Sheffield Castle. From 
John Marriott the estates descended to Jonathan Marriott by heirship; who, dying 
in 1729, the estates of the Marriotts devolved on the next heir Thomas Marriott, 
who was a benefactor to the School at Bradfield, and the Chapel at Stannington. 
Having no issue by his wife Mary Woodhead, he left his estates, by will dated 
3 rd day of February 1752, to his next heir male Benjamin Marriott, & to his heirs 
for ever. On the death of Thomas, which happened in February 1754, Benjamin 
became seized. A great mystery exists concerning this gentleman, who was 
possessed of considerable wealth. I willingly draw a veil over the dark transactions 
of this period. Both the gentry & their victim have long ago paid the debt of 
nature. 1 understand that digging for a new cellar some years ago at Ughill, the 
remains of a human skeleton were found, which was at the time strongly suspected 
to have been Marriott's. Be that as it may, Thomas Parkin, or as he termed him- 
self Thomas Maryott Perkins, was no relation to the Marriott family. After the 
death of Hannah Worral his wife, who died March 1755, & Mary his daughter in 
infancy, the heirship descended to his cousin Joseph Marriott, an officer of note in 
the King's service. He was engaged in several engagements, & wounded eight 
times all in front. By his wife Mary Green he had a daughter Mary Marriott, who 
married a James Wilde. The issue of this marriage, Elizabeth, married first Thos. 
Dobbs of Sheffield, deceased, & secondly .... Roberts, deceased, both of whom she 
survived. She has left issue living. 

Sheffield Independent, 
Nov. 12, 1853. 


MS. 3 


Isaac Wordsworth of Brooke-=p Mary, dau. of G-ilberfc Apple- 

house, yeo. He, his wife, & 
son Isaac in a deed 7 May 

yard, niece of Richard Apple - 
yard of Over Longley, Gent., 
lived before 1641 (see p. 51). 

Isaac Words— 
worth of 
in the town- 
ship of Lang- 
side, living 
1717; b. 
1645 ; bur. at 
Periston 22 nd 
June 1732. 

=Mary Hunt, 
b. 1661.; d. 
18 th Sept. 

John Wordsworth of : 
Wakefield & of Hor- 
bury, b. in 1655 ; d. 
18 May 1690. "Left 
8 Children much 
debt, honest, but 
shiftless. ,, 0. H., 
not related to the 
Horbury family. 

: Cambdena Kirby, 
4 th dau. of Joshua 
Kirby of Wake- 
field (p. 1) ; bp. 
29 Nov. 1653; 
mar. 6 Dec. 1682; 
b. at Wakefield 
20 Nov. 1653. 

Sarah, wife 
of .... 
had an only 
dau. & heir, 
Sarah, who 
d. unmar. 
(seep. 332). 

I I 
Isaac, d. 1700, 

aged 2. 

Hannah, wife 
of Rich d Mat- 
thewman of 
Cliff Top. 

John Words-= 
worth, eldest 
son, b. 11 
Feb. 1685; of 
Horbury ; 
Executor & 
principal heir 
to Sarah Mor- 
ton of Dike- 
side in Psh. 
of Peniston 
1717 ; also of 

: Ann,* dau. & coheir of Peter = Thomas Sun- 
Sunderland of Fetherston, co. derland of 
York, Esq., by Ann, dau. of Bigland, Co. 
Tho. Thornhill of Burnham Lane, 2 nd 
Market, Esq. In D r Sutton's husb. 
MS. she is called only Miss 
Sunderland. The rest is 
supplied from Watson's Hali- 
fax, p. 256, & a MS. ped. of 
Sunderland penes Joseph 
Radcliffe, B l . (See Ped., p. 

Sarah Wordsworth, wife of James 
Hamer, Esq., son of Samuel 
Hemer or Hamer, Esq., by a sister 
of Sir Henry Ibbotson. 

Elizabeth W., d. 

Everilda W., d. 

Jane W., d. 

Ann W., d. 

Richard W., 
d. unmar. 

Sarah W., d. 

Kirby Wordsworth of Rotter- = 
dam, Mercb*, 2 nd son, b. 7 th 
May 1688, No issue. Men- 
tioned in the .. will of his 
cousin Sarah Morton. 

=Ann, dau. of . . . ., 
d. at Rotterdam 
Nov. 1735. (Q. if 
this does not belong 
to the husband.) 

.... Dixon : 
of Elland n* 

: Welcome Words- 
worth, b. 5 th Oct. 
1683. Mentioned 
in the will of her 
cousin Sarah Mor- 


Joseph Dixon. Isabella Dixon. Sarah Dixon. 

* Bp. at Featherstone Dec. 5, 1711 ; mar., 2ndly, Thomas Sunderland of Bigland; bur. at 
Featherstone Aug. 28, 1749.— J. W. C. 

MS. 3 


&eper + 

John Eeyner of Cold-Heindley= 
in the County of York. (See 
further notice of the name of 
Eayner or Eeyner, at p. 71.) 

=Twin Kirby, youngest dau, of Joshua Kirby 
of Wakefield, bp. 2 June 1661 ; mar. 6 Dec. 
1682;* d. 12 Dec. 1695; bur. in the same 
garden with her father. 


Kirby Eeyner of Bristol, V.D.M., b. near=. . . . dau. of 
Wakefield ; educated at Attercliffe ; was 4 .... Thorn- 
years assistant in the English Church at hill of Bris- 
Amsterdam ; in 1721 settled at Bristol; d. tol, living in 
June 1744 ; was bur. at Frenchay. (See his 1760. 
life by D r Lardner.) No issue. His only 
child Kirby Eayner dying at 5 years old. 

John Eeyner of- 
Lond. ; mar. 24 
Jan. 1711-2 ; 
living in 1760. 

Joshua Eey-= 
ner of Eoys- 
ton, co.York, 
b. 2 Feb. 
1713. Had 
2 sons & 5 
daus. in 

Timothy Eay-= 
ner of Clayton 
in the par. of 
High Hoy- 
land, co.York. 
Had 2 sons & 
4 daus. in 

Mary Eeyner, b. 22 nd 
Feb. 1716 ; d. 1719. 

Elizabeth Eeyner, b. 
21 st Feb. 1718-9 ; mar. 
in Nov. 1744 to Charles 
Walshaw of Elmley, 
smith, by whom Eliza- 
beth, John, Sarah, 
Hannah, Mary, & 
Charles, 1760. 

Anne Eeyner, b. 21 
May 1724 ; mar. 
John Pecket of 
Eoyston, Flax- 
Dresser, by whom 
William, Joshua, & 
Benjamin. All dead 
in 1760. John, 
Mary, Ann, William, 
Joseph, Timothy & 
another living in 

Mary Eeyner, eldest dau. ; mar. 1 st 
.... Vaudry, V.D.M., a widower ; 
2 nd1 ^, .... Thornhill of Bristol, who 
d. in March 1759 ; living at Bristol 
1760. No issue. She communicated 
much of these pedigrees to D r Sutton. 


Elizabeth Eey- 
ner of Wake- 
field, d. unmar. 
31 Aug. 1760. 

Timothy Eey- 
ner of the 
Lond. ; mar. 
14 Sept. 1718. 


d. in his 

Kirby Eeyner, b. 14 May 1720 ; 
d. in his infancy. 

Mary Eeyner, b. 15 April 1723 ; 
d. in her infancy. 

Mar, Pec, 26 (Heywood's Register).— J. W, 0. 


MS. 4 

William Wadsworth of Horbury, n r Wakefield ; of the=j=Elizabeth, bur, at Hor- 

Wadsworths or Wordsworths of Falthwaite, n r Stain- 
borough ; bur. 3 Nov. 1691. 

bury, n r her husband, 
27 April 1693. 

Burnet,=p Gertrude, sis- 



ter of Peter 
Jackson of 
Leeds. First 
wife of Samuel 
Wadsworth ; 
b. 1631 ; d. 9 
June 1695; 
bur. at Hor- 
bury on the 
12 th . 

=Samuel Wads- 
worth of Flan- 
shaw, & of 
Horbury, Eld- 
est son ; d. 26 
Oct. 1718, & 
was bur. on the 
27 th in the 
Chapel, Wake- 
field. Will 17 
May 4 Geo. I. 

Welcome Kirby, ==Eliz h , 3 rd =Thos. Fer- 

2 nd wife, 5 dau. 
of Joshua Kirby 
of Wakefield (p. 
1) ; mar. on 
Tuesday 25 May 
1697; died with- 
out issue; bur. 
13 Jan. 1707 
with her father. 



Lumbe ; 
mar. 29 

rand of 
3 rd Husb.; 
mar. 25 
July 1721. 

Hannah Burnet, b. 1658 ; mar. 
Eichard Foster of Ossett, n r 
Wakefield (see p. ) ; d. 4 th Oct. 
1724, age 66 ; bur. with her 

Elizabeth Wadsworth, sole dau. & heir ; mar. 
at Horbury 19 th Oct. 1687 to Thomas Whitaker 
of Leeds, V^D.M., to whom she was 2 nd wife ; 
had no male issue (see p. ). 

Elizabeth,* wife of ... . Maude ; principal heir to her Grandfather. 

John Wadsworth of Horbury, 2 nd son, b. 1648. He was=f=Phcebe Kirby, 3 rd dau. 
a Merch*, trading to Dantsick, where a Samuel Wads- of Joshua Kirby of 
worth resided, who calls him cousin. Jonas Wadsworth, Wakefield (see p. 1), b. 
a Merch* in London, acknowledges the same affinity ; d. in London. 
14 Aug. 1708, & was bur. at Horbury on the 15 th , set. 65, 

Joseph Wads-= 
worth, 3 rd son ; 
d. without 
issue. He re- 
sided at Flan- 
shaw, where 
he mar. M rs 
Crooke 20 
Mayt 1690 at 


:Jane Mau-= 
dau. of 
John M. of 
Esq., by 
Matthew, a 
of Arch- 

in York. 
l 8t husb. 
Left 3 

Joseph= Elizabeth 
Conder Wadsworth ; 
of mar. in M r 

Leeds, Conder's 
MerchX house in 

Peter Nay- 
lor, an 
Minister 4 

Hannah Wads- 
worth, sup- 
posed by D r 
Sutton to have 
mar Wild- 
man of Ponte- 
fract. But this 
is very doubt- 
ful ; it was so. 
John Wildman 
of Pontefract's 
first wife 0. H., 
see p. 341. 

* Mr. John Maude of Wakefield and Mrs. Eliz. Whitaker of Leeds mar. Feb. 7, 1710.— J. W. 0. 

f Query May 10.— J. W. C. 

; Mar. Nov. 29, 1680 (Heywood's Register).— J. W. 0. 

MS. 4 



I A 

Thomas Web- : 
ster of Dews- 
bury, co. York. 
His sister 
Mary mar. 
Christ 1 ' Con- 
der. 2 d wife. 

: Mary Wadsworth, 
eldest dau. & co- 
heir, b. 3 Dec. 
1673 ; mar. at 
Horbury 3 rd Dec. 
1692. She was 
his first wife. 

Phoebe Wads- 
worth, 2 nd dau. 
& coheir, b. 
17 Dec. 1678 ; 
mar. Joseph 
Sutton of Leeds, 
V.D.M. (see 
Ped., p. 6). 

Hannah Wadsworth, 3 rd 
dau. & coheir, b. 30 Nov. 
1 684 ; mar. Joseph Conder 
of Leeds, Merch*. Her 
cousin German (see Ped., 
p. 6) ; mar. at Hooton- 
Paynel 19 March 1712-13. 

Thomas Web- 
ster, eldest 
child, d. in his 

d. at the 
age of 14. 

d. unmar. 
aged 44. 

John Priestley of Birstal=pPho3be Web- 

Fieldhead, son of Jos h 
and uncle to Jos h Priest- 
ley, LL.D. (see Ped.. p. 

ster, heir to 
her brother ; 
mar. in 1721 ; 
ob. 6 April 



Joseph^=Ann John Priest- Thomas=f=Mary, dau. of William Priest- 

son, b. 26 

Pinkney ley of Lon- Priest- 

of Lon- don, b. Nov. ley, b. 

don. 1727 ; d. 23 Nov. 

unmar. 1770. 1730. 

John Brookes ley of Birstall- 
of Liverpool, Fieldhead, b. 

Merch* ; mar. 
12 Mar. 1753. 

23 Sept. 1732. 
Unmar. 1770. 

ebe Prii 


John Priest- Phoebe Priest- Ann Priest- Mary 
]ey, b. 1748. ley, b. 23 Nov. ley, b. & Ann 
— 1751. " " 

Mary Priest- — — ley, b, 

ley, b. 24 Joseph Priest- Pinkney April 
July 1750 ; ley, b. 6 Nov. Priestley, b. 1759. 
ob. 1756. 1754. 6Nov.l755; 

d. young. 

Anna Brookes Priest- 
Priest- ley, b. 9 Feb. 
d." in 1752. Priest- ley, b. 1756. 

" " 23 — 

June Thomas Priest- 

1754. ley,b. 25 March 


Mary Priestley, b. 
10 Nov. 1722; 
mar. 1757 to Ash- 
worth, a Baptist 
Minister at Gilder- 
some; brother to 
D* Caleb Ash- 
worth of Daven- 
try. =p 

Sarah Priest- 
ley, b. 13 
Nov. 1725 ; 
mar. in 1740 
to Edward 
V.D.M., of 

b. 14 July 
1729; d. 

Rachel Priestley, 
b.7 th March 1734; 
mar. 1755 to Ro- 
bert Hare Kil- 
lingley of Lon- 
don, Hosier, & 
d. without issue 
in Dec. 1762. 

b. 7 June 
1737; d. 
unmar. in 

Phoebe Ashworth, 
eld. dau. & co- 
heir, mar. Robin- 
son of Heles Hall, 
n r Dewsbury, a 
Clergyman. No 

vol. I. 

Dorothy Ash- 
worth, young- 
er dau. & 
coheir ; mar. 
Wetherell of 


John Phoebe Hitchin. Edward, 

Hit- She mar. James — — 

chin. Newport, & dy- Mary. Sarah. 

ing in 1795, aged 

45, was bur. in 

Bunhill Fields. 



MS. 5 


William Wads- 
worth, eldest 
son, b. 17 Aug. 
1676 : d. un- 


Richard Halstead,= 
curate in Hor- 
bury in 1710, 
afterwards Vicar 
at Hutton-Paynel; 
d. 18 April 1723, 
age 38, & was bur. 
at Hutton-Paynel. 

^Elizabeth Wadsworth, = 
4 th dau. & coheir ; 
b. 7 March 1686 ; mar. 
R. H. 28 Oct. 1710 ;* 
d. at Leeds 9 June 
1765 ; bur. in St. 
John's Church. 

: Samuel Dransfield, 
vicar of Hutton- 
Paynel, 2 nd Husb. ; 
d. 1754, aged 65 ; Oh. Hutton- 



Halstead, Halstead 

eldest of Leeds, 

son, d. an Living 

infant. 1760. 

Richard=f=Mary John 

Butter- Halstead, 
field. 3 rd son ; 
d. an in- 

William Hal- 
stead of Pud- 
sey. Living 


d. in Nov. 


Henry Halstead, 
died an infant. 






Frances Halstead, mar. at Knares- 
borough 10 July 1765 to John 
Ainsley of Leeds, Merch*, whose 
first wife was her cousin Rachel 

Elizabeth Halstead, wife of Nicholas Smith 
of Cawood & Leeds, attorney, by whom 
James, who d. an infant, Eliz th , aged about 
11, & Nicholas, aged 7 in 1789. See Ped., 
p. 113. 

a ' i 

Wadsworth, of 
2 nd son, bp. 
21 June 
1692; d. 
without is- 


son of 

Jacob Hans Busk of G-ottenburg= 
in Sweden, & of Leeds, d. 26 Oct. 
1755, aged 67. Besides the Chil- 
dren below, they had John, Jacob, 
Thomas, Phoebe, & Barbara, all 
d. before 1760. He was son of 
Hans-Hansson Buske, by Barbara 
his wife ; b . at Kongelst in Sweden ; 
naturalized by Act of Parliament 
9 George I. 

=Rachael Wadsworth, 
youngest dau. & co- 
heir, b. 11 March 
1688 ; mar. 2 Feb. 
1716 ; d. 4 Oct. 
1766. They were 
mar. at Hooton-Pay- 
nel, & my notes say 
2 Feb. 1714-15-t 

Ann, 1 st wife,=f=Hans Busk of= 

dau. of Nes- 
bit of York, 
by niece of M r 

Leeds, Merck*, 
eldest son & 
heir, & of Bull- 
house, n r Penis- 
ton, in right of 
his wife; b. 2 
April 1718 ; d. 
12 Feb. 1792. 

^Martha, 2 nd wife, 
dau. & heir of 
Richard Rodes of 
Long Houghton, 
Esq. (see Ped., p. 
16) ; d. 29 June 
1802, & was bur. 
with her husband 
in St. John's 
Church, Leeds. 

Rachel Busk, b. 27 July 
1729 ; mar Hawks- 
worth of York, Wine 
Merch*. She had no issue, 
but by a former wife there 
was a son & a dau., who 
lived with Rev d M r Hodg- 
son, n r Sheffield. The son 
went for a soldier; their 
mother was Wilcock of 

At Normanton, 

f 1715-6 (Northowram Register).— J. W. O, 

MS. 5 

famili^ minorum gentium. 





Each el 


Mary Ann Busk, b. 

Martha Busk, 

Eachael Busk, b. 31 



10 Feb. 1756; mar. 

b. 1 st Mar. 

Jan. 1760 ; mar. Bich- 


b. 10 

James Milnes of 

1757 ; d. un- 

ard Slater Milnes of 



Thorneshouse, n r 

mar d 17 May 

Fryston, co. York, 

issue of 

1759 ; 

Wakefield, Esq., 

1777, & was 

Esq. ; Member of 

the 1 st 

d. an in- 

Member for Bletch- 

bur d at Dar- 

Parliament for the 

mar. ; 


ingley, & d. without 


City of York. Living 

d. in 

issue 10 Nov. 1802, 

a widow at Fryston 

her in- 

age 46 years & 9 

1820 ; d. at Tun- 


months ; mar. 24 
Feb. 1778. 

bridge-well 16 June 
1835, aged 75. 

Mary Busk, b. 
27 Dec. 1727. 
Living with 
her mother at 
Leeds 1760, 
afterwards at 
York; d. un- 
mar. 20 June 
1802, aged 75. 

Alice, 1 st wife,=f=Sir Wadswortb. Busk, Kt.,=Sara, 2 nd wife, widow 

of Godfrey Woodward 

dau. & coheir 
of Edward 
Clark Parish 
of Waltham- 
stow, Esq. ; 
mar. 8 Jan. 

b. 3 Jan. 1730 ; intended 
for the profession of his 
Great-Grandfather, but 
went to the Law, & became 
Attorney-General of the 
Isle of Man ; d. in 1811. 
He was of the Temple & 
Southampton Buildings. 

Vane, Esq., of Twy- 
ford Lodge, n r Win- 
chester ; mar. 1787 ; 
d. a widow at Bath 
1819; dau. of James 
Birch, Esq. 

Edward Busk,= 
b. 1765, 
Bencher of the 
Middle Tem- 
ple ; d. 20 
Sept. 1838, 
aged 73. 

r Sarah Jacob= Martha, dau. of 

Thomasie, Hans Joseph Dawson 

dau. of Busk, of Idle, co. 

Thomas York, V.D.M., 

Tesh- afterwards of 

maker, Roydshall, 

Esq., of merch*; d. in 

Fords June 1821. 

H. Busk of= Maria, dau. 
Upper Sey- of Joseph 
mour Street, Green, Esq., 
Portman Sq r , of Paris ; 
youngest son. mar. at St. 
7 May 1814, 

Sarah Mary Ann, mar. 
Alice Bev d Edw. Black- 
Busk, burn Warren. 

.... 1 w., dau. of Wilkinson,: 
sister to wife of D r Jo 8h 



Edward Tho-= 
mas, of Ford 
Grove, d. (sic) 

Henry William,=Mary Ann, 
bar. of Midd. dau. of 
Temple. Rev. Philip 

Le Breton. 

: Jones of Leeds,=T=Elizabeth, 2 w., dau. of Josiah= 


Dixon of Mill Hill, Leeds, 

: Denton of New 
Miller Dam. 

2 Sons, wild, went for soldiers ; one mar. a dau. of the Inn- Webster Denton, only son & h., was 
keeper of the Bull & Mouth, Leeds. a merch* of Hamburgh. 

Respecting the Ashworths I find the two following notices in Dickenson's 
Obituary : 1712. Caleb Ashworth & Mahatabel Day our second maid Servant mar. 
July 23. 1729-30. Abraham Ashworth' of Wareley (Caleb's father) d. Feb. 13, 
having his 6 th wife at his death. 

Busk, Berkinhout, Bischoff, & another foreigner settled at Leeds about the 
same time, & soon were at the head of the trade. Wilson of Leeds, in his MSS., 
says that Jacob Hans Busk came from Dantsick to be a Bookkeeper at Leeds, 
became a merch*, and acquired a large fortune. 
* B. 21 May 1805 ; mar. 4 Not. 1851 ; d. 19 Jan. 1868 (Burke's < Landed Gentry.')— J. W. 0. 



MS. 6 


Francis Sutton of Leeds, first of the family settlecb 
there ; supposed to have come from Warter n r 
Pocklington in the East Biding. 

Sarah Hagen, l st = 
wife, of Burley 
h r Otley * 

: Joseph Sutton of Leeds bought a smalls 2 nd wife, widow of ... . 
estate at Little Woodhouse, where he Hardcastle of Great 
d. in 1719/f age about 62. Woodhouse, mar. in 


Joseph Sutton of Leeds, Y.D.M., b. at= 
Little Woodhouse about 1 680 ; educated 
at Attercliffe ; Assistant to M r Whit- 
aker at Leeds ; in 1709 settled as a 
Minister at Hull, where he d. 25 th 
Aug. 1712 ; invited to Nottingham in 
Aug. 1704. 

: Phoebe Wadsworth, 2 nd dau. & coheir of 
John Wadsworth of Horbury, by Phoebe 
Kirby his wife ; mar. about Christmas 
1703 ; she returned to Leeds after the 
death of her husband, & d. there in 1713.$ 
Will dated 4 July in that year ; mar. at 
Horbury 24 th Nov. 1703. 

Joseph Sutton ,= 
eldest son, b. 9 
Oct. 1704; d. 
29 th Aug. 1765. 

: Elizabeth Lupton§ 
of Hunslet Lane 
n r Leeds, mar. 4 
May 1727. 

John Sutton of Leicester, 
M.D., 2 nd sun, b. 2 April 
1708 ; Collector of 
Genealogies of Joshua 
Kirby's Family. (See 
Lit. Anec, ii., 528.) 

Thomas Sutton, b. 
13 Mar. 1710; d. 
5 Feb. 1711; bur. 
at Hull. 

Samuel Sutton, d. 
an infant at Leeds. 

John Sutton^ 
eldest son, 
b. 5 Feb. 
1727-8 ; d. 
3 June 1767. 

Ann, dan. William Sutton of Shef-- 

of Joseph field, b. 13 Dec. 1729 ; 

Brookes entered into the Marines, 

of Elland, but returned to Sheffield; 

d. at apprenticed to Thos. 

Leeds 9 Wilkinson of Sheffield, 

May razor maker ; d. over- 

1768. looker of the Water- 
works there. 


Joseph Sutton, b. 12 
Oct. 1754, d. in 
June 1762. 

Mary Sutton, 
b. 24 Oct. 

Ann Sutton, 
b. 27 April 

: Martha John- 
son, b. at Leek 
in Stafford- 
shire ; mar. at 
Sheffield in 
Jan. or Feb. 

John Sutton, 
b. 19 Dec. 

Mary & Eliza- 
beth, twins, 
b. 5 th Jan. 
1732 ; both 
d. young. 

John Sutton, 
b. 29 Oct. 

Bur. April 1714. f Bur. Sep. 29. 

J Bur. Sep. 7. § Elizabeth Lepton. 

Northowram Register. — J. W. C. 

MS. 6 




Ebenezer Gill, the youngest son of the first Jeremiah, was Minister at Hull, and 
died there a young man in 1734. 

D r Priestley speaks of a Gill, probably he of Gainsborough, related to him 
through his mother, a dau. of Joseph Swift of Shafton. 

There were Gills related to Dickenson of Northowram (see p. ). 

Gill of Gainsborough was also related to the Hodgsons Ministers. 

Jeremiah Gill of Brierley entered Doncaster Grammar School Feb. 25 th , 1728, 
age 10. Probably he of Gainsborough. 

Jeremiah Gill, d. in 1709,* age 40,= 
being then the Minister at Hull. 
He could scarcely have so many 
children as these. 

: Elizabeth Spencer, mar. 29 
Aug. 1704. Her mother 
d. at Hull in 1708. 

Timothy Gill of Bradfield/ 


Joseph Hawksworth=Ann Gill, d. about 1720 ; 
of Bradfield, mar. at license to marry 12 Oct. 
Bradfield 15 Oct. 1751 ; d. 1803 ; mar. 15 
1751, being then Oct. 17 1 (sic). 
aged 40 & upwards. 

Gill^pmar Popplewell. 

Jeremiah Gill 
of Fallwood, 
V.D.M., d. 
unmarr. about 

Jeremiah Gill 
of Gains- 
V.D.M., d. 
about 1790. 


MS. 7 

.... Oonder of Leeds of 9,===. . . . remar. .... Dodson. & d. a widow 
Westmorland family. at the house of her son Joseph Oonder. 


1 st wife, 

d. 22 







'Christopher 1 
Oonder of 
Merch 1 , b. 
1647; d.26 
Aug. 1719, 
bur. in S* 

: Mary Webster, 
2 nd wife, sister 
to Thomas 
Webster, who 
mar. Mary 
Wadsworth, p. 
4 ; d. 23 Sep. 
1699, bur. in 
St. Peter's Ch., 

Joseph Oonder of= 
Leeds, Merch* ; 
d. at Rochford in 
Essex, where he 
spent the two 
last years of his 
life with his son 
about 1724. 

^Elizabeth Wadsworth, 
dau. of William Wads- 
worth of Horbury, see 
p. 5 ; mar. at M r Con- 
ner's house at Flan- 
shaw by Peter Naylor, 
an Ejected Minister.f 

Mercy Conder, wife of Caleb 
Wimmersley, who d. 25 th Eeb. 
1722, aged 35, & was bur. 
in St. Peter's, Leeds. 

i i 

Elizabeth Conder, wife of Thomas Christ 1 C, d. 

Potter, by whom a son John, who in 1696, an in- 

d. an infant, & a dau. who mar. fant. 
Christopher Percard. 

* Died at York about Jan. 23. f Mar » Nov - 29 > 168 ° (Northowram Register).— J. W. O. 



MS. 7 

John Conder, V.D.= 
M„ of Enfield, 
London, & Hackney, 
b. 1682 ; educated 
at Attercliffe ; d. 
without issue 19 
June 1746. 

=. . . . Widow 
of.... Wight- 
man ; mar. to 
M r Conder 
when he was 

Joseph Conder, 2 nd =^ 
son, of Leeds, 
Merch*. He is 
omitted in M r 
Wallman's letter to 
D r Sutton. 

:Hannah Wadsworth, 
3 rd dau. & coheir of 
John Wadsworth by 
Phoebe Kirby his 
wife ? see p. 4 ; b. 30 
Nov. 1684.* 

John Conder, only 
son, designed for 
the ministry, but d. 
in his youth. 

Eachael Conder, sole trans- Phoebe C, 
mitter of the blood of Hannah d. young. 
Wadsworth ; John Ainsley of 
Leeds, p. 5, & d. in June 1760.f 

Elizabeth C, 
the last sur- 
vivor, d. un- 
mar. in Ap 1 

John Ainsley, b. 1 
Nov. 1738. 

Benjamin A., b. 1 
Aug. 1740 ; died in 
Feb. 1772. 

Elizabeth A., b. 11 Oct. 1742 ; 
mar. at Leeds in June 1770 to 
.... Somervilie, V.D.M., of 

Hannah Ainsley, b. 1747 ; mar. 
in 1769 to .... Lambert, 
V.D.M., of Hull. 

Joseph A., b. 12 
Aug. 1753; d. 
in 1762. 

William Ainsley, 
b. 11 May 1785. 

Samuel Conder^f 1 , 
of London, Up- 
holsterer, 3 rd 

dau. of William Conder, 4 th son,=j=Mary, dau. of 

Carpen- V.D.M., M.A., of Glasgow 

ter of Wood or Edinburgh, of Market 
St., London. Harborough & Rochford, 

where he d. 3 Sep. 1728. 

Student at Attercliffe. 






William C.,^ 
a farmer in 

Thomson, wid. of 
. . . . Belcher of 
Rochford ; d. about 
1722 ; or Fletcher. J 

: . . . ., dau. of 
Steward, a 
farmer in 


Mary C. 



Elizabeth Conder, only dau., 
mar. at Hunslet 30 May 1739 
to William Clay of Northow- 
ram and Halifax. Had no 
issue in 1760. ? If her name 
was not Mary 4 

Elizabeth C. 

John C. 

Samuel C. 

William C. 

Elizabeth C, mar Wallman of Witham 

in Essex, Farmer. Communicated this 
account to D r Sutton in 1759. 

Mercy Conder, mar. 1 st ... . Sunter 
of London, Paper Warehouseman ; 
2 nd ... . Dalton of London. 


* Mar. 1713. | Mar. Dec. 19, 1738. J Mar. Sep. 25, 1716. 
§ Mrs. Eliza Conder (Northowrara Kegister). — J. W. C. 

MS. 7 





Elizabeth Walman (sic), only dau. & heir, Mercy Sunter, only dau. & heir, mar. 

mar. Joseph Pattison of Maldon in Essex, 1 st Webb who had no issue ; 2 nd 

& is now living, aged 88, 30 th Oct. 1822 ; d. Benjamin Crackenthorp, a farmer in 

23 Nov. 1825, aged 91. Essex. =p 

Samuel. Elizabeth. Nathaniel. 

1 st w.,= Joseph Pattison,=. . . . 2 nd w. : 

dau. of ... . 1 son, d. with- dau. of . . . 
Pattison. out issue. Young of 


Elizabeth Wallm an, William 
mar. Will. Wedd of Wallman, 
Eoulmire. d. y. 

Jacob P. of=p, 

. dau. of 
.... Unwin 
of Coggeshall. 

Rachel,-mar. John 
Towil Butt of 

never mar. 

5 sons. 


Sarah, mar. Thomas 
Isaac of Bath, and 
had 2 dau's only. 


Joseph Thorn thwaite=p. . , . dau. of Tho. Jollie. 

Joseph=pEliza Jacob P.=r 


See above, 



of Wit- 

of . . . 

Thomas 1 



=. . . . dau. of M r .... mar. 

Howel, bro. of .... 

H . . . ., a draper Thomp- 

in Newgate Street, son. 

William P.=pHannah, dau. of Thos. 



Thorn thwaite of Pater- 
noster Eow, Tailor. 

Jacob, M.D., d. 
young at Edin- 

.... wife of 


an artist. 

A son, 
d. young. 

Jacob Howel Pattison=. . . . dau. of . 
of Witham. Luard, Esq. 

Howel B. of Witham, 

Jacob H. Patisson (sic) ofWitham in Essex writes to me, Nov. 12th 1840, that 
his mother was daughter of Thomas Thornthwaite, who was son of Joseph Thorn- 
thwaite and Sarah his wife, dau. of Tho. Jollie. See the Jollie Pedigree, p. 460. 
He himself married Miss Luard, and had several children, 1847. 



MS. 8 

»jntafcer— Bfetfjce 

Among Thoresby's Autographs at" the Museum is a letter from D r Robert 
Whitaker to his son at Leeds, written when old, in which he speaks of a Grandson 
Robert Whitaker, & his sister Jennet Whitaker who had served M rs Parker of 
Extwisle and was desirous of obtaining another service. 

See Rob. Whitaker's will among Jollie papers. 

See erroneous account in Raines' Edit, of Gastrell's Notitia 11, 315. 

Robert Whitaker, M.D., of Heley, n r Burnley, co. Lane. Had a son, : 
father of Robert & of Jennet who served M r Parker of Extwisle. 


up to the 
Ministry ; 
& mar. 
man's dau., 
&d. miser- 
ably in 
Sep. 1718. 

Sarah, 1 st wife,= 
dau. of Robert 
Milner of Pud- 
sey, n r Leeds, 
Gent., by Ann 
his wife, dau. of 
Robert Eerrand 
of Harding (see 
Due. Leod, p. 
173); deleaving 
no issue, during 
her husband's 
in the Castle at 
York for Non- 

= Thomas Whit-- 
aker, V.D.M., 
of Call Lane 
Chapel, Leeds, 
b. at Heley 
1651 ; educat- 
ed under 
Erankland, & 
at a Scotch 
University ; 
M.A. ; settled 
at Leeds 1675; 
d. there 19 
Nov. 1710, was 
bur. on the 
21 st . 

: Elizabeth = 
2 nd wife, 
sole dau. & 
heir of 
of Flan- 
bury (see 
Ped., p. 4) ; 
mar. 19 Oct. 
1687 ; d. 3 
Sept. 1691 ; 
mar. settle- 
ment 18 th 
Oct. 1687. 


Ped., p. 

: Mercy, 3 rd = 
wife of T. 
W., dau. 
of Peter 
Jackson of 
Leeds, by 
his wife ; 
b. 1659 ; 
d. 19 th 
Nov. 1736 
(see Ped., 
p. 33). 

worth 1 of 
1 st hus- 
Ped., p. 

=Elizabeth Whitaker, 
only issue of the 
second marriage ; b. 
20 Aug. 1691 ; mar. 
7 th Feb. 1710-11; d. 
24 May 1730 ; mar. 
at Horbury. 

William Whitaker of Ley-= 
den, M.D., & had after- 
wards a Mandamus degree 
from Cambridge ; Fellow 
of the College of Phy- 
cians ; bp. 9 June 1694 ; 
lived on Ludgate Hill, 
London, & d. 10 Nov. 

: Lydia Buckle of 
Burlington, mar. 
about 1731. Miss 
Gill, a lady of 
great merit & 
good patience ; 
mar. April 1732. 
M rs Mary Hat- 
field's Obituary. 

Thomas Whitaker, only son, intended for the Profession of 
Medicine, but went into the Guards. 

1 John Wordsworth, of Swathe Hall =f= 

Eliasaph Wordsworth, s.p., left=Mercy, dau. of Peter=f=Thomas Whitaker, .... wife of John 
his estate at Swathe Hall to Jackson. | 2 nd husb. Nettleton. 

his wife. xjx =p 

D r Nettleton. Heir in. remainder to Swathe Hall if Mercy had no issue. 

MS. 8 



Thomas Whi taker, V.D.M., of= 
Call Lane Chapel, Leeds, M.A. 
of Glasgow. 

^Elizabeth Darling, only dau. & heir 
of John Darling of Thorne ; mar. 
in May 1735. [See page 18.] 

aker of 

: Elizabeth, only dau.= 
of John Crompton 
of Gainsborough, 
Gent, (see Pbd., p. 
11) ; d. 20 Mar. 
1792, age 55. 

: George Bischoff of Leeds,- 
Merch 1 , 2 nd Husband, son 
of Bernard Bischoff of 
Leeds, Merch*, who was 
born at Basil 1696, and d. 
at Leeds 1764. 

: Eliza th Whi taker, 1 st 
wife of G. B., whose 
issue became the only 
heirs of this family ; 
b. 7 June 1739 ; d. 
13 July 1768. 

only child, 
d. 4 years 

James Bischoff^ 
of Leeds and 
Condon, Merch*, 
2nd son; living 
at Highbury 
Terrace 1820. 

OPeggy, eldest dau. of David 
Stansfield of Leeds, Mer- 
chant, by Sarah Wolrich 
his wife (see Fed., p. ) ; 
b. 28 Oct. 1777 ; mar. in 
1802. (See Leod and El- 
mete, p. 202.) 

Antonina Bischoff, 
d. young 27 July 
1789, age 14. 

Magdalen Bischoff, 
living unmar. 1820. 

Sarah Bischoff. 
Magdalen B. 

Ellen B., mar. Thos. Madge, James B. George B. 
Minister of Essex Street — — 

Chapel, Aug. 1844. Eliz. Ann. Margaret B. 

Thomas Bischoff of Leeds,- 
Merchant, eldest son & 
sole transmitter of the 
blood of his Grandfather. 
Sold Swathe-hall to Thos. 

-Margaret, dau. of William 
Jollie of Leeds, Merchant, 
by Margaret Walker his 
wife ; b. 1 Sept. 1766 ; 
mar. 14 th Oct. 1789. (See 
Due. Leod, 2 nd Ed. 119.) 

Martha Bischoff, only 
dau., wife of Thomas 
Walker of Leeds, Esq. 
No issue. (See Ped., 

P . o 




Margaret. Jane B., d. in Charles B., mar. Nov. 1827 Frances, dau. 

— 1800. of Woodhouse Crompton (p. 11). 

Elizabeth. — . =p 

Thomas. I l 



b. 9 Feb. 

Thomas Whitaker, 
b. 21 May, bp. 14 
June 1742 ; d. un- 
mar. 22 Mar. 1765. 

Lydia Whit- 
aker, b. 4 
Feb. 1749; 
d. unmar. 

d. young. 


d. young. 

d. young. 

The family of Bischoff are still residing at Basil, where they were visited by 
M r John Bischoff of Leeds, a descendant of Bernard Bischoff by another son, who 
has a pedigree in which their descent is shewn from Justina, a daughter of Frover, 
the printer, who married .... Bischoff, or Episcopius. 

VOL, I, 



MS. 9 

William Moult purchased an Estate at Milton in the parish of Chapel le- 
Frith, which descended to K. W. Moult of Wickersley about the year 

: Mary 


William Moult^Sarah, dau. & heir of Thos. Dakyne of Milton, co. Derb. 

Thomas Moult* of= 
Chapel le Frith, 
b. 25 Dec. 1643. 

: Alice, dau. & heir of William Bed- Ellen Moult, b. Sarah 
fearne of Sterndale, co Derb. 22 Feb. 1645. Moult. 


1 st hus- 


=Mary, dau. of- 
ton, V.D.M., of 
Doncaster (see 
Pbd., p. 11); 
b. 1691; d. 10 
Dec. 1760; bur. 
in St. John's 

William Moult, V.D.M., of Glasswell, 
co. Derb., & afterwards of Leeds, 
died 15 th Sept. 1727 ; bur. in St. John's 
Churchyard, Leeds; mar. at Brods- 
worth 25 th June 1717. Will 3 May 
1727. Sons to be brought up to 
Divinity, Physic, or Surgery, not to 
trade ; names Samuel, John, & Wil- 
liam, & dau. Mary, brother Samuel, 
wife Mary, cos. Samuel Crompton & 
. . . ., brother John Crompton. 

I I I I 
Thomas Moult. 

Samuel Moult. 

John Moult. 

Mary Moult, mar. 
.... Young, 
Steward to the 
Duke of Eutland. 

Elizabeth Dar- 
ling, only dau. 
& heir to John 
Darling of 
Thorne ; mar. 
in May 1735 
[to Thomas 
Whitaker — see 
page 17]. 

Samuel Moult,- 
V.D.M., of 
York, b. in 
1718 ; died 15 
Sept. 1776, & 
was bur. in the 
Churchyard at 

: Bridget, dau. & 
principal heir of 
Thomas Wylde 
of Wickersley, 
Gent, (see Ped., 
p. 176) ; d. at 
Wickersley 14 
Nov. 1804, & 
was bur. with 
her husband. 


John Moult, d. Thomas Moult, 

without issue d. without issue 

in his infancy, in his infancy. 

William Moult, Mary Moult, d. 

d. without is- unmar. about 

sue about 1770. 1780. 
He lived at 

Robert Wylde Moult of Wickers- 
ley, Gentleman, only son, d. un- 
mar. 5 th Jan. 1810, age 61, & was 
bur. at Wickersley. 

Josiah Townsend of Rother-- 
ham, Fairford, & Elland, 
V.D.M., d. at Mansfield in 
1819 (see Ped., p. 163) ; b. 
14 July 1752. 

=Sarah Moult, 
eldest dau., 
d. at Elland 
on Sunday 11 
Oct. 1812. 

Samuel Mere- 
dith Town- 
send of Strat- 
ford, Bow, 
Latin printer, 
eldest son, b. 
6 May 1782. 

A B 

* 1711 July 


: Elizabeth, William Basnett 
dau. of Townsend, 2 nd son, 
.... Wes- d. unmar. about 
ton of 1804, drowned 

Calne, co. when bathing in a 
Wilts. river n r Stock- 

port ; b. 11 Sept. 

Mary Townsend, 
mar. Joseph Rams- 
botham of Full- 
wood & Gorton, 
V.D.M.; living his 
widow at Mansfield 
1820. She was b. 
21 May 1781, & 
mar. 1 st July 1800. 

Eliz. Jane, 
living un- 
mar. at 
1820; b. 2 
Apr. 1787. 

M r Moult, Min r at Call Lane Chapel, bur. his father in Derbyshire. 

J^orthowram Register.— J, W. C, 

MS. 9 

FAMILI^E minorum gentium. 


I I I 

Sarah Moult, aged 
11, 1820. 

Josiah William, 
aged . . . . ; d. 

Henry Meredith, 
aged 6, 1821. 

I I 


aged 5, 

age 1 
24 Jan. 


Joseph Meredith,=. . . . 

a Surgeon at dau. of 

Mansfield, aged 1 9 Walter 

1821 ; b. 24 May Hunter, 

1801. Settled as in Feb. 

a Surgeon n r 1832. 

Ann Overend, age 15, 

1821 ; mar 

Saunderson, a Sur- 
veyor at Mansfield. 

Mary Townsend R., 
b. 14 Jan. 1803 ; ob. 
Nov. 1810; bur. at 

Jeremiah Aldred of^Mary, 
Morton, V.D.M., 
d. Aug. 1729. 

named in will of John Diggles 1719=p. . . . V.D.M., 

| 1 vir ? 

.... mar. Robert Diggles of Werrington, and had 
M rs Shore (p. 122). 

John Aldred= 
of Wakefield, 
V.D.M., d. 
1760, Dec. 28, 
age 60 ; bur. 
in Dissenters' 
Burial ground. 

Mary Moult, 
youngest dau., 
b. 1753 ; d. at 
Apr. 1795 : 
bur. there. 

: Mary,* dau. of 
Eben Naylor 
of Wakefield, 
d. 22 Sep. 1761, 
age 49 ; bur. 
with her hus- 

Timothy Aldred of= 
Morley, V.D.M., d. 
21 Aug. 1773; mar. 
24 Sept. 1719. 

=Mary,t dau. of=p. . . . 

Geo. Moor- 
house of Holm- 


1 st Hus- 

.... mar. 

Luke Wilson,$ only son, 
d. 172 (sic). 


Ebenezer Aldred of Hucklow in 
the Peak of Derbyshire, V.D.M., 
formerly a Merchant at Wake- 
field -(see Ped., p. ) ; d. at 
Sheffield in 1822, & was bur. at 

Mary, mar. 
John Love 
of Shef- 

Merch*, & 
ob. (see p. 


Sarah, living at 
Wakefield, un- 
mar. 1831 ; d. 
there 15 Feb. 
1832, age 90; 
bur. with her 
father & mother. 

John Aldred, late of Wickers-- 
ley, now of Rotherham, eldest 
son & principal heir to his 
uncle R. W. M. 

: Eliz th , sister of John Foster, rec- 
tor of Wickersley, & dau. of 
Thomas Foster, rector of Tin- 
well, co. Rutland; bp. 4 Apr. 
1786. (See Ped., p. 177.) 

Thomas Wylde 
Aldred, 2 nd son, 
d. in the West 
Indies, unmar. 


4, John Richard Foster, in the Church,=Mary Eliz., only dau. 
& Curate of Swinton 1846 ; Curate of Philip Ricroft, 
of Bawtry ; mar. May 1849 ; Curate Esq., of South Shore, 
of Dore 1849. n r Blackpool. d 

* 1740 May 15 M r John Aldred, min r in Wakefield, and Miss Mary Naylor, mar. 

f 1719 Sept. 24 M r Timothy Aldred, Min r at Morley, and M ra Mary Wilson, wid., near 

Hulm Firth, mar. 
% 1723 May 1 Luke Wilson (son to M rs Aldred of Morley) died of small-pox at his 

grandfather's (George Morehouse's), near Hulm Firth, ab* May 1. 

An estate of ab* 200 li. p. annum thereby fell amongst his own father's 

3 sisters. 

Northowram Register. — J. W. C. 



MS. 9 

Bridget Aldred, eldest dau., wife of 
John Williams, V.D.M., of Bridwell, 
Norton, Halifax, & Mansfield where 
they now reside, 1820. He d. 1834. 

Mary Aldred, youngest dau., wife of Thomas 
Olivers Warwick, V.D.M. & M.D., late of 
Rotherham, now of Manchester 1820. 

i i 

Mary Elizabeth, aged 
17, 1821. 

Sarah Joanna, aged 
15, 1821. 

Emily, age 5, 1821; in 
Sep. 1844 mar. Alfred 
Turner Bly the, minister 
at Chesterfield (p. 196). 

John Ebenezer, aged 5, 1821 ; 
educated for a minister, but 
became a clerk to a Rail-Road 
Company, 1851. 

Rebecca Wylde, aged 19, Thomas 

1821 ; mar. in 1824 to Shirley, 

. * . . Thompson, Att y , of aged 16, 

Manchester. 1821. 

Mary Aldred, aged 11, Marden 

1821 ; mar Har- Olivia, 

rop of Altringham age 3, 

(p. 2). 1821. 

All the members of this family of Moult who have been my contemporaries I 
have personally known. The account of the earlier descents I received from my 
late frieDd M r Rob 1 Wylde Moult of Wickersley.— J. H. 

Luke Wilson, by his will 1 Sept. 1713, was a benefactor to Holmfirth. He 
names in it a Grandson, Luke Wilson, who died S.P. — Report XVIII. of Charity 
Com rs , p. 557. 


MS, 10 

A good MS. of Crompton in Hayward's Collection of Epitaphs at the Museum, 
xxxiv., 12402. 

Dau. of Crompton of Stone mar. M r W m Heywood of Chester ; shed. 1671. 
M.P.B., viii., 118. (See Collections for the family of Crompton at p. 29.) 

1821, Feb. 3, mar. Robert Hutton, Esq., of Dublin, to Caroline, dau. of D 1 ' 
Crompton of Eaton House, Lancashire. 

Abraham Crompton of Brightmet,=j=Alice, dau. of ... . Roscoe of Middle- 
a hamlet in the parish of Bolton. I ton, mar. at Bolton 1605. 

Henry Crompton,- 
bp. 1606 ; living 
at Brightmet 

: Rebecca,* dau. of 
.... Crompton 
of p'sh of Bol- 

John Crompton, M.A. of Emanuel Col.,= 
Camb., b. at Brightmet about 1616 ;• 
ordained Deacon 1639; ejected from 
Arnold in the co. of Nottingham 1662. 
(See Cal. 531 & Cont. 699.) He d. 19 
Jan. 1668-9; bur. at West Hallam, co. 
Derb. ; bp. at Bolton 1611. 


* Nov. 17, 1698, Rebecca Crompton bur. at Bolton, aged 76. 

MS. 10, 11 





John C.,* Minis-=pMary.t 
ter at Cockey 

John. Grace. 

Abraham Crompton of= 
Derby, Merely d. 13 
Eeb/l724, & was bur. 
in All Saints Oh., Derby. 
He purchased Chorley 
& other Estates forfeited 
in 1715. 

=. . . . dau. 
of ... . 
(see p. 

Joshua Cromp- 
ton. of Old Hall 
Stand (see p. 

Eliza th Wharam of Long- 
Houghton, first wife; 
mar. at Oampsall 24 Sep. 
1695 ; of Kirk-Sandal ; 
bur. at Doncaster 15 th 
Aug. 1726. 

: Samuel Crompton, V.D.M., of Don- 
caster, b. 1650 ; d. 24 Jan. 1734, & 
was bur. in the Psh. Ch. of Doncaster. 
There is some error in the wives of 
this Gentleman. In the Ch. of Don- 
caster is a memorial for Elizabeth his 
wife, who d. in Aug. 1726, aged 52. 

: Mary Cranmer 
of the co. of 
Notts, 2 ud wife. 
[This must be 
1st nofc 2 nd 


Hannah Crompton, wife of 
Hubbert Woodhouse of 
Gainsborough, Gent., & d. 
13 Mar. 1744, set. 50 ; no 
issue. (See Ped., p. .) 

Ann Crompton, wife of Robert Moody of Don- 
caster, Gent., by whom Samuel Moody, who d. 
unmar. at Gainsborough Jan. 23, 1759, ab. 
27. She was bur. in the Ch. of Doncaster 
9 Feb. 1733, aged 34 ; mar. at Hooton Paynel 
8 Jan. 1722. 

Elizabeth, l st = 
wife, dau. of 
V.D.M., of 
Reresby, co. 
Leic. ; mar. in 
1735; d. 30 
Oct. 1738, 
ab. 27 (see 
Ped., p. 12) ; 
bur. at G-ains- 

: John Cromp-= Dorothy, 2 nd wife, dau. & coheir 
ton of G-ains- of James Wyndlow of York, 1 
borough, Esq. The other coheirs were 

Gent. Ann, wife of Hubbert Wood- 

house, & Rachael, wife of 
Edward Sandercock, Y.D.M. 
They all d. without issue, & a 
monument was erected to M rs 
Sandercock's memory in the 
Presbyterian Chapel, York, by 
W m Chaloner her kinsman & 
principal heir. Her mother 
was a dau. of Joseph Rokeby, 
p. 247, but ? 

Mary Crompton, 
only issue of the 
2 nd mar., wife of 
John Darling of 
Thome, & 2 nd1 ? 
of William 
Moult, V.D.M., 
of Leeds. (See 
her descendants, 
p. 9.) [It is 
clear she was 
born before 
either of her two 
sisters.] She d. 
10 Sep. 1760, 
set. 691 

1 James Wyndlow of York, Gent., d. in 1760, & was bur. in St. Michael Belfrey. 
His will was made in 1755. He names his dau. M rs Woodhouse, & M rs Crompton, 
& a dau. Rachel, then unmar., whom he made Executor. She afterwards mar, 
M r Sandercock. He named also 2 Hodgsons, Grandsons of his sister Ellison. A 
M r Chaloner of Whitby or Yarm was cousin & principal heir to M rs Sandercock. 
James W. was b. about 1681. 

* 1703, Mr. John Crompton, Minister at Cockey, bur. 

t 1704,' Mrs. Crompton, widow to Mr. John Crompton, Minister at Cockey, bur.- 

-J. W. C. 



MS. 10, 11 

Samuel Crompton oiFpHannah, dau. of John Wood- 

Gainsborough & 
Olapham, Esq., d. at 
Olapham, & was bur. 
in Bunhili Fields. 

house of London, Merch* (see 
Ped. 12); d. at Olapham 
23 rd Mar. 1817, aged 68, & 
was bur. in Bunhili Fields. 

Elizabeth Crompton, only 
dau., mar. William Whita- 
ker of Leeds, V.D.M., & 
2 nd George Bischoff of 
Leeds, Merch*. (See Ped., 
p. 8.) 

Woodhouse : 
of War- 
wick, Mer- 
eldest son, 
d. 1807. 

: Mary 


John William 11 
Crompton of 
Merch*, 2 nd 
son, living 

: Martha, dau. 
of Joseph 
Webster of 
the Penns 
near Bir- 
Merch*. (See 
Ped., p. .) 

Dorothy Crompton, living 
unmar. 1820 ; d. unmar. 
6 May 1831. 

Elizabeth C, d. at Chel- 
tenham unmar. 

I I 
Elizabeth C., mar. 1 Sep. 1821 to H. 
Hat ton Stansfield of London, Merch*. 

Mary C, mar. Sep. 1823 to Nathaniel 
Gould, Esq. 

Samuel C, d. unmar. 

Frances C.,mar. Nov. 
1826 to Charles Bis- 
choff, Esq. (p. 8). 

I I 

John C. 


Charles C. of 

Sarah C. 

Dorothea C, 
mar. at Edge- 
1824 to James 
Yates of Bir- 
V.D.M., son 
of John Yates 
of Liverpool, 

Dickinson 0., mar. 
May 1833 Cathe- 
rine, dau. of H. 
Woolley, Vicar of 

Martha C, mar. 
.... Dowson of 
of . . . ., co. Norf., 


Woodhouse of Liver- Joseph, 

pool, mar. Lucy, dau. V.D.M. 

of Robert Fletcher of of Nor- 

Liverpool. wich. 

William Morgan of 
Stourbridge, atty, mar. 
dau. of Tho. Solly. 


Elizabeth Crompton, mar. 1 st . 
Henry Co ape of Duffield, wife, 
Esq., by whom Henry Coape dau. of 
of Duffield, who d. without .... 
issue 29 July 1778, about 75, Mather 
an influential Dissenter; 2 nd , of Ship- 
Samuel Hacker of London & ley, co. 
of Duffield, by whom Hannah Derby. 
Hacker, who d. unmar., & 
was bur. at Duffield. 

l st =pJohn Cromp-= 

ton of Chor- 
ley, Gent. 

: . . . . 2 nd 

wife, dau. 
of Roger 
bent. (See 
p. .) 

Abraham C. 
of Chorley, 
d. in Dec. 

MS. 10, 11 




of Ohor- 
ley, Esq., 
d. unmar. 

John Cromp-=p. . . . dau. 

ton of Chor- 
ley and 

of Liver- 

Rebecca C. of 
Duffield, un- 

Hannah C, 
mar. Thomas 
Stanford of 
Derby, by 
whom Eliz. & 
Hannah, one 
of whom mar. 
James Cald- 






All d. un- 

Edward 0.= 
of Bolton, 
co. Lane. 

Mary Cromp- 
ton, mar. 
Peter Cromp- 
of Derby, 
M.D. [See 

Abraham C.=. . . . dau. 
of Chorley, of ... . 
Esq., mar. Hayhurst 
in 1788 ; in of Liver- 
the Com. of pool, 
the Peace 
for the co. of 

John C.= Catherine C, Margaret C. 

Ann,* 1 st wife, dau.= 
of William Rodes 
of Long Houghton, 
co. York, Esq. 
(see Ped., p. 16) ; 
aunt to Martha 
Rodes, wife to 
Hans Buske ; d. 
16 May 1724; bur. 
in Aldermanbury 
Ch., London. 

=Samuel Crompton =f=Martha, 2 nd wife, 

b. in the psh. of 
All Saints, Derby, 
1677 ; d. 18 April 
1757 ; bur. in Ch. 
of All Saints, 

dau. of Elkana 
Rich of Bull- 
house n r Penis- 
ton, Esq., widow 
of Richard Rodes, 
bro. to S. C.'s 
first wife & 
mother to M rs 

Mary Crompton, mar. 
1 st Samuel Seal of 
Horninglow n r Bur- 
ton upon Trent, & 
2 ndl y to John Heslop 
of Stand n r Man- 
chester ; no issue ; 
mar. J. H. 14 Nov. 
1722 ; she was bur. 
in the New Chapel, 
Stand, 25 Aug. 1728. 

Rebecca C, bur. at Duffield 
15 Mar. 1788, aged 67. 

Mary Crompton, mar. 19 
Dec. 1749 to Edward Law- 
rence of Cornhill, Lond. ; 
no issue ; bur. in Bunhiil 

Joshua Cromp- 
ton of Derby, 
Gent., 3 rd son, 
d. 16 Feb. 1770; 
bur. at St. Wer- 
burgh's, Derby. 

: Elizabeth, only 
child of Tho- 
mas Colthurst 
of Whitchurch, 
V.D.M. (See 
Ped., p. 81.) 

Elkana Cromp- 
ton, only issue 
of the 2 nd mar., 
d. without issue 
& under age 
about 1756. 

William C, d. in 
his infancy. 

Thomas C, 
d. unmar. 

Peter Crompton of = 
Derby, M.D. 

:Mary Crompton. 

Mar. April 3, 1710.— J. W. C. 



MS. 10, 11 

Samuel Crompton^ 
of Derby, Esq 1 ', b. 
in the psh. of All 
Saints, Derby, 
1714; had a grant 
of Arms to himself 
& the descendants 
of his father 13 
July 1757; High 
Sheriff of the 
County of Derby 
1768 ; d. in 1782. 

^Elizabeth, dau. of 
Samuel Fox, Al- 
derman of Derby ; 
mar. at Osmaston 
8 May 1744. He 
was son of Timo- 
thy Fox, ejected 
at Drayton Bas- 
se tt, co. Staff., of 
whose descendants 
is a full account in 
Glover's ' Derby- 
shire,' ii., 596. 

b. 8 Jan. 
1710-11 ; 
d. 10 July 

John Cromp— 
ton of Derby, 
Gent., 2 nd son, 
living 10 Feb. 
1771. Had 
no issue. 

=Antonina, dau. 
of William 
Woodhouse of 
Eeresby, co. 
Leic, Y.D.M. 
(see Ped., p. 

) ; mar. 4 
April 1753. 

Samuel Crompton of Derby,- 
Esq., eldest son, b. on Mon- 
day, 9 th April 1750; of 
Wood-end, co. York ; d. in 

Samuel, t= 
of Wood- 
M.P. for 

Isabella So- 
phia, dau. 
of Hon. & 
Eev. Archi- 
bald Oath- 
cart ; mar. 
at Kippax 
Nov. 1829. 

: Sarah Fox of 
Derby, mar. 
1783 ; dau. 
of Sam.; liv g 

John Crompton of- 
York,Esq.,2 nd son, 
b. on Wednesday, 
4 July 1753 ; liv« 
1833 : d. 1834. 

=Elizabeth, only 
dau. of Archi- 
bald Bell of 

Sarah Eliza- 
beth, mar. 
22 May 1827 
to Brevet 
Major Whin 
Yates of the 
Royal Horse 
Artillery, & 
d. within the 
year s.p. 

John Bell, 
of Derby, 
Mayor of 
D J? mar. 
Jane, dau. 
of Edw. 
S. W. Sit- 
well of 
co. Derb., 

Gilbert, of 
field, mar. 
dau. & heir 
of Geo. 
vicar of 

Elizabeth, mar. 
Thos. Kirkpat- 
rick Hall of 
Holly-bush, co. 

Sarah Marie, 
mar. Charles 
Robert Hope, 
curate of S* 

Elizabeth Mary. 
Isabella Mary. 

Jane, mar. 3 July 
1834 to Lorenzo 
Kirkpatrick Hall, 
& d. 28 Jan. 

John Gilbert. 
Charles William. 

Debora Sarah. 
Mary Ann. 
Eliz th , d.y. 

Joshua Crompton of Rodes-hall,= 
co. York, Esq., 3 rd son, b. on 
Sunday, 25 Aug. 1754; of 
Esholt; d. at Esholt 13 Feb. 

=Anna Maria, elder dau. & coheir Ann C, b. 4 
of William Rookes of Rodes- April 1747; 
hall, Esq. (see Ped., p. 16) ; d. an in- 
fo . 7 July 1763 ; mar. at Otley fant. 
28 Feb. 1786. 

* D. of small-pox July 18. 

f B. July 1786 ; created Baronet 1838 ; d. without male issue Dec. 27, 1849, leaving Woodend 
to his eldest dau. Eliz. Mary, who mar. April 2, 1850, 3rd Earl Cathcart. — J. W. C. 




William Rookes= 

= . . . .f dau. 

1 II 


i i i 

Robert Edward. 

i i i i 

Mary Frances, mar. 


of William 

& Joshua 


in 1828 to Col. Sir 

Esq., # b. 3 Aug. 



Maria Ann, wife 

Wil. Hemes, 

1790 ; ofEsholt; 

of Becca 

both d. 

of Henry Pres- 


had the Royal 



ton, Esq. 


Licence 26 Jan. 

Esq. ; mar. 



Henrietta Matilda. 

1832 to take the 

in June 


Elizabeth Jane. 


name of Stans- 


Samuel. J 

Margaret Sarah. 


Caroline Rachael. 

Elizabeth C, b. 6 Gilbert Crompton, 4 th & youngest=f=Elizabeth Johnson, dau. of 

June 1745 ; never son, of Nun Monkton, co. York, 
mar. Esq. 

Geo., rector of Loftus & 
vicar of Norton. 

Gilbert Samuel,=Clara, dau. of Richard George, 2 nd son, Cap. in the William, 
a Clerk, eldest Downe, Esq., banker; 40 th , d. in 1815. — 

son. mar. in 1814. — Ann. 


W m Dauntry of : 

Catherine, dau. of Lau. Crompton of Brightmet. 
(Harl. 2042.) 

William D. of A., ob. 2 Jan. 1636 ; Mary. Ann. Eliz th . Sarah. Catherine. Alice, 
bur. at Eccles. 

See second Ped. of Crompton's, M.P.B., viii., 108. 
Henry Cope=pElizabeth Crompton =. . . . Hacker. 

Henry C.=p Henry Porter, took name of Sherbrook^Marg*. 

Henry C. of Duffield, d. intestate & s.p. Henry Sherbrook, cousin & heir of Henry Coape. 

Crompton =p 

. . . . C.=Margery Holt=p. . . . Greenhalgh, 2 husb. Joshua.-j- 
! I 

I I I I I I I 

Joseph Crompton, a Minister,=Isabella Vincent John, of London, James. Joshua, 

conformed, & became Rector of Barnborough. warehouseman. — — 

of Normanton. Benjamin. Mary. 


* M.P. for Huddersfield ; d. at Frimley Dec. 5, 1871. f "Emma ? 

J Of Sion Hill, co. York, father of Wm. Hy. Crompton Stansfield of Esholt.— J. W. C. 

VOL. I. E 


.... mar. 


Crompton of Bolton.=r= 

MS.. 11 


Robert Hankinson=pAnn. 3 other daus. 


.... mar mar Loxham, a Sword cutler 

Koughsedge. in London. 

.... Dennit, Rector Robert Hankinson Roughsedge, rector of Liver- .... mar. Nicholas 
of Liverpool. pool 1829, aged about 85, in which year he Walmesley of Pres- 

died. ton in 1760. 

Jane . . . .=f=William Hubbertof Reresby, co. Leicester, Esq.,=j=E]izabeth . 

MS. 12 

first wife. 

a Major in Moncks Army, his commission dated 

2 nd wife. 

Phoebe Hubbert, sister & coheir of the half-blood, 
mar. Edward Cheseldenof Borough, co. Leic, Esq. 

Debora Hubberfc, sister & co- 
heir of the half-blood. 

John Woodhouse, Y.D.M., of= 
Sheriff Hales & of London. 
Silenced by the Act of Uni- 
formity 1662 ; bur. at Reres- 
by in Leicestershire 17 Oct. 
1700. (See his descent, 
Burke's ' Commoners,' vol. 
iii., p. 613.) 

^Mary Hubbert, 
sister & heir of 
the whole 
blood to Geo. 

George Hubbert= 
of Reresby, 
Cent., b. 1638 ; 
d. without issue 
30 Sep. 1684, 
bur. in the chan- 
cel of Reresby 

=Ann,dau. of Wil- 
liam Sacheverel 
of Barton, co. 
Notts, Esq r ; b. 
1636 ; d. 17 Dec. 
1725 ; bur. with 
her husband. 

William Woodhouse, V.D.M., of Reresby, b. 11 Aug. ^Dorothy, dau. of John 

1669, bp. at Saxleby, co. Leic, 17 th ; d. 24 Feb. 1742-3, 
& was bur. in the Church of Reresby. 

N.B. — There are now (1820) five families descended 
of this person, viz., W. Morgan's, W. Crompton's, John 
Crompton's, James Bischoff's, J. W. Simpson's. 

Hatfield of Laughton- 
en - le - Morthen, co. 
York, Gent., by An- 
tonina Norcliffe his 
wife (see Fed., p. 14); 
b. in 1681. 

Hannah, l st = 
wife, dau. of 
of Doncas- 
ter, Y.D.M. 
(see Ped., 
p. 11); d. 
10 Mar. 
1744, aged 

:1. Hubbert W. of= 
Gainsbro', Gent., 
eldest son & heir, 
b. 8, bp. 23 Jan. 
1703-4; d. 18 
April 1765 with- 
out issue, & was 
bur. at Gainsbro', 
aged 60. 

=Ann, 2 nd wife, 
dau. & coheir 
of Richard 
Wyndlow of 
York, Esq. 
(see p. 11); d. 
June 15, 1772; 
b. 28 May 

2. Ann 
W., b. 
5, bp. 
21 April 
ob. 19 

3. Mary W., b. 
15, bp. 25 May 
1707 ; mar. 
Solom Emlyn, 
Esq., Barrister- 
at-Law, son of 
Thomas Emlyn, 
Y.D.M., of Dub- 

MS. 12 



Solom Emlyn, d. 
in his youth. 

Thomas Emlyn of Lincoln's Inn, Esq., Barrister- 
at-Law, d. without issue 1797. 

4. John W. of=pHannah, 5. Elizabeth, 6. William W., 3 ra 7. Antonina, 

Merch*, 2 nd 
son, b. 21 
Dec. 1709, & 
bp. on the 
same day. 

dau. of b. 11 Aug., son, b. 5 th , bp. 15 b. 5, bp. 16 

Jacob bp. 24,1711; Mar. 1713; d. un- Aug. 1714; 

Dell of mar. John mar. at Tefcuan in mar. John 

Ayles- Orompton of Barbary, where his Crompton of 

bury, co. Gainsbro', uncle Anth y Hat- Derby, Esq., 

Bucks. Gent. (See p. field was Consul, in & d. without 

11.) =p March 1733. issue. (See 

Ped., p. 10.) 

Hannah W., coheir, d. a widow at^Samuel Cromp- 
Clapham 23 rd Mar. 1817, & was bur. I ton of Clap- 
in Bunhill Fields. (This lady I knew ham, Esq. (See 
very well, & from her I received much Ped., p. 11.) 
of the information contained on this 

Elizabeth, mar. 1 st 
Will m Whitaker, 
V.D.M., ■& 2 nd 
George Bischoffe, 
Esq. (See Ped., 
p. 8.) 

Dorothy W., William Morgan of Bridge 8treet,=f=Susanna 
d. in her in- Blackfriars, Esq., Actuary to the Woodhouse, 
fancy. Equitable Insurance Office, nephew coheir. 

of D 1 * Richard Price. (See Ped., 

p. 85.) 

Mary W. of 
mew Close, 
coheir ; 
never mar. 

William Morgan, eldest 
son, d. before his father, 
leaving a widow Maria, 
dau of Towgood. 

John M. Arthur M. 


Susan M. 

Sarah Morgan, the first 
wife of BenjaminTravers 
of London, Surgeon ; d. 
leaving 3 children, Sarah, 
Benjamin, & William. 

8. Thomas W.=pFrances Davie, mar. 9. Dorothy, b. 9, bp. 16 

of G-ainsbro', 
Gent., 4 son, b. 
14, bp. 21 Dec. 
1715; d. 16 
Dec. 1771, bur. 
at Gains- 

at Goadby, co. Leic, July 1717; ob. coelebs 

10 Feb. 1748; ob. 27 April 1743, bur. at 

16 Mar. 1749, bur. Reresby. 

at Gainsbro'. Her — 

mother mar. 2 ndl y 10. Ann, b. 9, bp. 18 

. . . . Stone of Lei- Sep. 1720 ; d. unmar. 

cestershire. at Leeds. 

11. Hannah, 
b. 16, bp. 19 
April 1725 ; 
d. 28 April 
same year, & 
was bur. at 

Frances Woodhouse, sole dau. & heir, & principal heir to her uncle Hubbert 
Woodhouse, b. 22 Nov. 1749 ; mar. 1 st Samuel Watson of Cottingham near 
Hull, Esq., who d. without issue, & 2 udl y John Simpson, V.D.M., of Notting- 
ham, Leeds, & Bath. (See Ped., p. 13.) 




MS. 12, 13 

John Woodhouse Simpson of Peresby, Esq., only surviving issue. 
(See his marriage & issue on the opposite page.) 

Ann Woodhouse,b. 25 
Oct. 1670, bp. at 
Wartnaby, co. Leic., 
10 Nov. ; mar. John 
Simpson of Leicester, 
merch*. (See Ped., p. 
13.) =f= 

George Woodhouse, 
2 nd son, b. 23 July,, 
bp. at Wartnaby 7 
Aug. 1672 ; d. un- 
mar. 20 Jan. 1725-6, 
bur. at Eeresby. 

Mary Woodhouse, b, 1 May 1675, 
bp. at Wartnaby ; mar. Oliver 
Benj m James Cromwell, Gent., & 
2ndi y Dr Cromwell of Mansfield ; 
d. 1734: (Qy. if 0. B. J. Crom- 
well was not her son, or her hus- 
band's son by a former wife, whom 
he had.) 

John Simpson of Leicester, Esq.,~ 
eldest son, Receiver-General for the 
co. of Leicester, & Justice of the 
Peace, d. 29 Nov. 1756, aged 60, 
bur. at All Saints', Leicester. 

: Elizabeth, dau. of .... Elizabeth 
Pougher of Leicester, or S. of Lei- 
Mary, dau. of Absti- cester; d. 
nence Poughfer, Esq. unmar. 

Dyer S., eldest^ 
son, Citizen of 
London, d. 23 
Oct. 1761, aged 
24, bur. at All 
Saints', Leices- 

: . . . . dau. 


Hopley of 


John Simpson of= 
co. Leic, Esq., 
2 nd son, High 
Sheriff of the co. 
of Leicestershire 

: Jane, dau. of John Finch 
of Dudley, co. War., Esq., 
by Jane his wife, dau. of 
Sam. Shore of Sheffield, 
Merch*, heir to her brother 
John F., Esq. 

John Hopley S., 
only child, of the 
Inner Temple, 
Esq., Barrister- 
at-Law ; living 
unmar. 1812. 

John Finch Simp-=. . 
son of Laund-Abbey, of 
Esq., only son & 
heir, a Magistrate & 
High Sheriff of the 
co. of Leicester. 

dau. Louisa S., mar. at With- 

cote 30 Aug. 1798 to 

Ducarrel Mark Anthony Whyfce 

of ... . of Lincoln's Inn, Esq. 

No issue 1820. (See 

Ped., pp. 97 & 98.) 

Debora S., wife of 
.... Woodcock of 


Nathaniel Simpson^ 
of Leiceste^Merch*, 
2 nd son. 

^Elizabeth Paget of 
Leicester, mar. 18 
Oct. 1729. 

Joseph Simpson 
of Leicester, 3 rd 
son ; d. unmar. 

Thomas S. of= 
Leicester & of 
eldest son, b. 
18 July 1731. 

of Man- 

Debora, b. 
24 Dec. 
living un- 
mar. 1812. 

Elizabeth, b. 
17 July 1736; 
mar. Simeon 
Brewin of 
Leicester & 
had issue. 

S. of Lei- 
cester, b. 
10 Jan. 

Chase of 
Derby; d. 
28 Mar. 
aged 90. 

MS. 13 

FAMILIjE minortjm gentium. 



Elizabeth, wife 
of Jonas 
Brown of 

Apphia, wife of Robert 
Bakewell of Wakefield, 
merch*, & now Lecturer 
on Geology 1820. 

William S., M.D., only=Ann Powel 
child, living at Hilton of Shrews- 
Cottage, co. Derb., bury, 
without issue 1820. 

William Johnstone Frederick Bake well- 
Bake well of Chester, of Birmingham, & 
V.D.M., now of Nor- now, 1829, of Bath, 
wich, 1829 ; mar. 

^Harriet, dau. of James 
Darbishire of Man- 
chester ; mar. 1825. 


Frederick, aged Henrietta. 
11, 1839. 



Simpson-Robert. Herbert. 


2 others. 

Nathaniel of Leicester, b. 24 Dec. : 

of Lon- 
don. In 
the South 
Sea house. 

: . . . . dau. of 

. Treadwell of 

of ... . 

William S. of=. . . . John, a= 

Milton, Agent dau. Sur- 

to Lord Fitz- of geon in 

william. .... the 

Lan- Army. 


ii ii 

Frances. Ann. 


Eliza th . 

All living unmar. 

John Simpson, V.D.M., b. 19= 
Mar. 1745-6 ; educated at War- 
rington & Glasgow ; settled at 
Nottingham & Walthamstow ; 
afterwards lived at Leeds & 
Bath; d. at Bath 18 Aug. 
1813, & was bur. at Leeds. 
(From him I received this 
account of the Simpsons.) 

: Frances, dau. & 
heir of Thomas 
Woodhouse of 
Gainsbro', wid. 
of Sam 1 Watson 
of Cottingham, 
Esq. (see the 
opposite page) ; 
d. in 1789. 

Ann S., 
b. 18 
d. un- 

Elizabeth. Kitty. 



All d. in their in- 

John Woodhouse S. of= 
Reresby, Esq., only sur- 
viving child, b. 24 Dec. 
1787, bp. 12 Jan. 1788. 

: Mary, dau. of 
Samuel Stone of 
Knighton, co. 
Leic, Gent. ; 
mar. Dec. 1812. 

Frances, b. 12, bp. 
26 June 1781 ; d. 
unmar. 20 July 
1800, bur. at Wor- 
ton W. Bath. 


Eliza th . 


All d. in their 

Two John Woodhouse, b. 13 William, b. Samuel, 

died May 1817. Now a Stu- 18 April d. aged 

infants, dent in University Col- 1820. 2. 
lege, London. 

Nathaniel, Mary, 
b. 1829. b. 




MS. 12, 13 


Elizabeth Woodhouse, b. 25 June 
1682, bp. at Sheriff hales ; mar. 
1 st Geo. Grove of Reresby, Gent., 
2 nai y Dilke (see p. 22). 

John Woodhouse, M.D., of Notting-^pHannah 
ham, 3 rd & youngest son, b. 12 Jan. Sulley. 
1676-7, bp. at Sheriff Hales 13 th ; d. 
23 May 1733, bur. at Reresby. 

William W. of Lichfield,=f=Mary, dau. & coheir of W m Mompes- 

M.D., only 
sou, d. Nov. 1755, bur. 
on the 25 th in the Church 
of Reresby. 

son, Vicar of Mansfield, by Eliz. his 
wife, dau. of John Chapel of Mans- 
field-Woodhouse, sister of Marg 1 , 
wife of Ralph Heathcotts (p. ) of 
. . . ., who d. unmar. 



1 St 

1 . . . ., 

2 nd .... 

Chase of 

John Chapel Woodhouse^Mary Peate, ob. 

D.D., Dean of Lichfield, 
d. 17 Nov. 1833. 

7 Jan. 1826, aged 

Ann, wife of 
Holbeach of V . 
co. Oxon, Esq. 


. . . ., living 
at Bath, un- 

Wil. Robinson, rector of Stoke- 
upon- Trent and of Swinnerton, 
Preb. of Lichfield ; ob. 21 Mar. 
1812, aged 35. 

-Ellen Jane Woodhouse, 
mar. in 1801, mar. 2 nd 
'Hugh Dyke Acland, & 
3 rd Richard Hinckley. 

Chapel,^ Amelia, dau. 

d. 1815. 

of Sir 
Charles Oak- 

Ellen Jane. Marianne. Hugh Acland. 

One drowned, the other 
burned to death. The 
subject of Chantrey's 
Mon. at Lichfield. 

John Chapel, William Herbert 
d. young. of Eastville, co. 

Line, b. 1815. 

j^atftein— JHarsimll 

MS. 14 

'The great authority for this page is the pedigree which the family entered at 
Dugdale's Visitation, 1666. Many dates are added from the parish Register of 
Laughton. Some of the latter parts are from the information of M 1 ' Moult, who 
knew the family, & by M rs Bright of Sheffield, a dau. of Westby Hatfield, who being 
much reduced in his circumstances was at the time of his death Master of the Boys 
Charity School in Sheffield. The Monuments of Laughton & Hatfield have supplied 
some particulars, & I have had the use of a pedigree which seemed to have been 
compiled about 1770 by one of the family, which contained the marriages of 
Anthony Hatfield's children. 

MS. 14 



Nicholas Hatfield* of Hatfleld-house in Shire-=pAnn Sander- 
Green in psh. of Ecclesfield & co. of York, 
2 Ed. VI. Will 2 Aug. 1558 mentions a 
kinsman young Alexander, a kinswoman 
widow Holden, kinsman Robert French & his 
brother Alexander French. 


I I 
Nicholas H. to have 
all right in a farm 
in the Woodland of 

John H. has lands 
at Wadsley Bridge & 
Whitley; of Tod- 


Eliza th . 


All mar. 
1558. 1 

Alexander Hat- 
field of the same 
to have all right 
in a farm at 
Shire- Green by 
his father's will. 
Named in will 
of Catherine 
Hiley 1581. 

: Isabel Shiercliffe, 
mar. at Eccles- 
field 1 1 Aug. 
1558. Adm 11 of 
her goods was 
granted to Ralph 
her son 1610. 
Sister of Nicholas 
& Eobert Shier- 

living 1556 

& 1587. 

Ealph Hatfield= 
of Shire-Green 
& afterwards of 
Laughton en 
le Morthen, 
Gent., bur. at 
L. 20 July 

=Margaret, dau. of Robert 
Mirfyu or Mirfield of 
Thurcroft in the par. of 
Laughton ; mar. at L. 
8 Oct. 1594 ; bur. there 
28 Oct. 1626. 

John Hatfieldf of 
Shire-Green, Yeo. 
Will dated 1603. 
No issue. Will 
1 st April 1603. 


Isabel, wife of 
Richard Raw- 
son, named as 
bro. in law by 
John H. 

Ann,f w. of 


Elizabeth, l st =Anthony H. of Laugh- 
wife, bur. 10 ton, Gent., Eldest son 
Feb. 1626-7 ; & heir, bp. Oct. 1598 ; 
dau. of ... . bur. 14 March 1665-6. 
Cowlt of 

=Faith, 2 nd wife, dau. of 
Geo. Westby of Gilth- 
waite in par. of Rother- 
ham, Gent., ; mar. at 
R. 19 June 1628 ; d. 
19 Sep. 1659. 

Margaret, mar. 
at L. 1 Dec. 
1618 to Thomas 
Lord of Bramp- 
ton en le Mor- 
then, Gent. 

Martha H.,b. 22 Sep. 1640; 
mar. 17 Feb. 1675 Thos. 
Nesbit, a minister in York 
(see 6 Hallamshire,' p. ) . 
He was a Merchant. She 
had Philip N., who settled 
in Deptford in Kent. 

Faith H.,bp. 20 Nov. 1642; 
mar. John Fisher of Shef- 
field, M.D. 

Samuel. Mary. 
Jonathan. Sarah. 

Prudence, bp. 20 Mar. 1647. Mary. 


Hannah, bp. Jan. 1631-2 
d. unmar. 

All d. in their early 

1 Their husbands were Brookes, Staniforth, & Hoole. Eliza th mar. Staniforth, 
& Catherine mar. Hoole &• 2 Hiley. (See Ped., 554 & 555.) 

* Bur. at Ecclesfield Aug. 11, 1558. f Bur. at Ecclesfield April 7, 1603. 

William Slack and Anne Hatfield mar. at Ecclesfield Aug. 4, 1584. — J. W. C. 



MS. 14 

Elizabeth, l st = 
wife, dau. of 
John Disney 
of Swin derby, 
co. Line, 
Esq. ; bur. at 
Laughton 29 
Mar. 1671. 

=John H. of Laugh- 
ton, Gent., eldest 
son & heir, b. 3 
June 1635; d. 4 
Jan. 1711, aged 77; 
bur. at Laughton ; 
mar. A.N. 11 Nov. 

Elizabeth, d. without issue. 

: Antonina, 2 nd wife, dau. of 
Sir Thomas Norcliffe of 
Langton, co.York, "Kn*; bur. 
31 July 1707. Her portrait 
in possession of M rs Cromp- 
ton of Clapham & a portrait 
of Sir Thomas in possession 
of M r Marshall ; d. 17 July 
1707, aged 56 ; bur. at 

Rosamond, bp. 
22 Dec. 1629 ; 
mar. Charles 
Laughton of 
Howarth, psh. 
of Rotherham, 

Dorothy H., twin 
with Elizabeth, 
bp. 13 Nov. 1681; 
mar. William 
Woodhouse of 
Reresby, V.D.M. 
(seePED., p. 12); 
mar. Feb. 1703. 

Anthony, British Consul at Thomas, of- 
Tetuan, bp. 25 June 1680; London, 
d. without issue about Mercb*, bp. 
1756. Will dated 14 Oct. 1 Dec. 
1754; proved 11 Feb. 1678. 
1756. This Anthony is 
mentioned in ' A Journey 
to Mequinez,' by John 
Windus, 1729, p. 199. 


bp, April 
bur. 24 

Antonina, dau. & heir, mar. Edward Wilmot of Duffield, Esq. 

Miss Wilmot, d. at Derby 16 Sep. 1786. 

John H. of Laugh- 
ton, Gent., bp. 24 th 
Sep. 1676 ; mar. at 
Peniston 17 Mar. 
1697-8. Probate 
of his will 3 Oct. 

Mary, dau. of Elkana 
Riche of Bullhouse 
near Peniston, half 
sister of Aymer Riche, 
the last male of that 
family. (See Ped., 
p. 17.) 

Henry Mar-=f=Elizabeth Hatfield, 

shall of New- 
ton -Kyme, 
Esq., ob. 15 
Mar. 1760, 

get. 77. 

bp. 13 Nov. 1681 : 
ob. 18/ May 1744, 
ast. 62 years 8 
months ; twin with 
Dorothy ; b. 12 
Nov. 1681 ; mar. 
May 1714. 

Auren Zebe Hatfield of=pSusanna, dau.=pWilliam Marshall, 2 nd 

Laughton, Esq., son & 
heir, b. 31 May; bp. by 
M r Pigot, N.C. Minister, 
10 June 1710; d. in 
1752. He appears to 
have written his name 
thus : Aurang Zebe. 


of John Hat- 
field of Hat- 
field, Esq. ; 
bur. at New- 
ton-Kyme ; 
ob. 18 Nov. 
1793, 93t. 69. 


husb., of Newton- 
Kyme, Esq., bur. at 
Newton ; Cap n in the 
Scotch Greys ; ob. 12 
June 1775, set. 56. 

John M. of 
Kyme, co. 
York, & of 
(See oppo- 

3. 14 



E B 

Auren Zebe, d. an infant. 

John Hatfield of Laugh- 
ton, Esq., son & heir, d. 
unmar. at Doncaster 11 
Jan. 1791, aged 42, & 
was bur. at Laughton ; 
the last male heir of this 
branch ; b. 29 April 

William Marshall,= 
Esq., Principal 
heir to his cousin 
& half brother, of 
Newton-Kyme ; 
ob. 17 Jan. 1815, 
set. 50 ; L*-Col. in 
3 rd West York; 
b. 17 July 1764. 

: Christiana, 
sister of 
Esq., of 
Grange n r 
Doncaster ; 
d. 1832. 

Elizabeth, wife 
of John Wy- 
cliffe of Eich- 
mond, co. 
York, Esq. ; 
no issue ; mar. 
10 Sep. 1787. 

William Marshall of Newton- 
Kyme, Esq., only son, living 
unmar. 1824 ; b. 17 June 
1799 ; took surname of Hat- 
field, & d. unmar. 


Christiana M., only dau., unmar. 1824 ; 
mar. 9 Sep. 1825 to Eandal Gossip, 
Esq., eldest son of Col. Gossip of 
Thorpe- Arch. They took the- surname 
of Hatfield. 

Elkana,b. 21 
Mar. 1713. 

John, b. 12 
Mar. 1719 ; 
d. in infancy. 

i i 

Rosamond, b. 21 Aug. 
1715 ; d. in infancy. 

i i 

Antonina, bp. 3 Eosamond, b. 13 Sep., 

April 1709; b. bp. 13 Oct. 1720; 

1 st . mar Barker of 

— Mansfield, & had 2 

1704; d. withoutissue; Ursula, bp. 14 dau rs only. They were 

b. 3 rd Nov. Oct. 1711; d. the heirs at law of 

unmar. 2 Jan. John Hatfield. 

1780 ; b. 7 Sep. =f= 

Margaret, bp. 12 Nov. 

Margaret B., d. unmar. Ursula B., mar. in 1781 to ... . Bagshaw. 

.... Bag-=f=Harriet, sister to the wife of Wil. Bewley= Henry Stephen Belcomb, 
shaw. Taylor of co. Staff., formerly Sterk ? M.D., of York ? 

Harriet, unmar. & aged ab* 30, 1846 ; livs at York. Rose. 

Isabel, bp. at L. 
4 June 1601 ; 
mar. 1 st 9 Feb. 
1624 Jn° 
Swathe ; 2 nd 16 
May 1627 W m 
Staniforth of 

Barbara, bp. 25 May 
1614; mar. 4 Nov. 
1635 to Stephen 
Bright of Carbrook, 
Gent, (see ' Hallam- 
shire,' p. ), & 2 nd1 ? 
Thomas Westby of 
Eavenfield, Esq. 

Elizabeth, bp. 1 
Nov. 1617; mar. 
7 May 1640 to 
James Fisher, 
Yicar of Shef- 
field ; ejected 
1662 (p. 455). 

Catherine, w. of John 
Garland of Todwick, 

Ann H., mar. May 
1640 to James Trub- 
shaw of Bawtry, 

VOL. I, 

* Bp. at Ecclesfield 22 April 1604.— J. W. C. 


FAMILIES minorum gentium. 

MS. 14, 15 

Alexander Hatfield,=p Alice, dau. of Rob. Tin-=Thomas Bosville,=f=Mary, 1 st wife, 

clerk, 2 nd son, bp. 
1611 ; bur. 3 Sep. 

ley, D.D., Archdeacon vicar of Braith- 
of Colchester & Pre- well, 2 nd husb. 
bendaryof St. Paul's. 

dau. of John 
Richardson of 
Black wall. 

Elizabeth H., only dau. & heir, b.= Thomas Bosville, rector of 
1647 ; mar. 13 July 1669 ; ob. 10 Sandal-parva & vicar of 
Aug. 1719. Braithwell. 

John Hatfield of Hatfield, co. York, G-ent., 3 rd son,=f Francis, dau. of 

a Cap n in the Pari. Army, bp. 18 Feb. 1622-3 
aged 43 9 th April 1666 ; d. 28 Dec. 1694, set. 72 ; 
bur. at Hatfield. Had other children besides those 
mentioned below. 

Thomas Westby 
of Ravenfield, 
Esq., by Ann 
Bonner his wife. 

bp. 6 June 
1621 ; bur. 
Feb. 1622-3. 

Samuel, of=Mary, dau. of Hephzibah, wife of Thomas. Eliz th , Anthony. 
London. Ralph Spencer Samuel Ibbetson of — — 

of Leeds, Leeds. (See p. 20.) Joshua. Nathan. 

Merch*. ^ -v ' 

d. infants. 

John Hatfield of Hatfield, Esq.,=f Mary, dau. of Matthew Hallowes Jonathan, aged 

Bar. at Law ; set. 6 9 April 
1666 ; ob. Dec. 1720 ; bur. at 

of Newbold and Rochdale, Gent. ; 2 months 9 
mar. 3 April 1690; d. in May April 1666. 

Westby H. of Sheffield, Mercer,-^ 
b. 1703 ; ob. 11 Oct. 1781 ; bur 
at the Lower Meeting, Sheffield. 

ii ii 

: Hannah Bullhouse of Francis. Margaret. 
Sheffield, ob. 16 April — — 

1775, aged 65. Samuel. Matthew. 

Hallows H. =f=Elizabeth, 

eldest son. 

dau. of 
Carleile ? 
of Hull, 

Samuel, d. abroad ; 
a Surgeon in the 
East Indies. 

Frances, d. unmar. 
14 Feb. 1800, aged 

Margaret, mar. James Cun- 
ningham, V.D.M., of Ellen- 
thorp, co. York. 

Elizabeth, mar. Josias Words- 
worth of Tickhill, Apothecary, 
& of Holmfirth. 

John H. Westby, Hallows H., b. Frances H. Bel- Hannah H. Bollas ; 
set. 14, 1781. 1 Jan. 1775. lamia 5 set. 7, 1781. set. 11, 1781. 


Susanna, mar. John Bright of Mary, bur. 7 April 

Sheffield, Silversmith, & d. 5 1734, aged 4 years. 

Dec. 1809, aged 54. — 

— Westby, bur. 18 

Hannah, bur. 12 Feb. 1728, Jan. 1735, aged 1 

f aged 1 y r . year. 

Robert, bur. 13 John, d. in 

Jan. 1742, aged infancy. 
1 y. - 

— Esther, d. 

Ebenezer, d, in in infancy, 

MS. 14 




John H. of Hatfield,= 
Esq., son & heir, ob. 
11 May 1767, aged 
74; bur. at Hatfield. 

r Susanna, dau. Alexander, of Manchester, had a dau. Susan, 
of Geo. Lord the wife of John Langworthy (Brook's 
of Ecclesfield, Collection); d. 22 March 1774; bur. at 
Gent. Hatfield. His widow lived in London, & d. 

12 Jan. 1777, as by a mem. of her nephew 

John Hatfield. 

John H. of=j=Ann, ob. 21 July 

Hatf ld , Esq., 
ob. 9 Dec. 
1791, set. 75. 

1794, aged 58 ; 
dau. of ... . 

George, vicar of= 
Doncaster, d. 25 
May 1785, aged 
67 ; bur. at 

Catherine, dau. of Thomas 
Hallows of Glasswell, co. 
Derb. ; wid. of Jn° Cromwell ; 
d. 4 Sep. 1774, aged 54 ; bur. 
at Doncaster. (See Ped., p. 

Ann Hatfield, sole dau. & heir, mar. 
Cap n Wil m Gossip of Hatfield. M r 
Gossip d. 26 March 1830, aged 64. 


Susanna Hatfield, only dau. & heir, 
mar. 1777 to John Son tag of the 
Hague, Esq., & d. 1 July 1780, 
leaving no issue. 

1. Ann Louisa. 

2. Georgiana Maria. 

3. Augusta Susanna. 

4. Anna Maria 
Harriet, mar. 
13 June 1825 
to Eev. C. H. 
E. Eodes of 
(See Ped., 

5. William^ 
Gossip of 
Esq., mar. 
at Hatfield 
7 July 

: Sarah 
dau. of 

6. John Hatfield. 

7. George 


8. Aureng Zebe 

William Hatfield, took name of De Eodes on being 
made heir to Barlboro' 1844. 

John Henry. 

Alexander, of Wake- 
field, Mercer, d. 28 
April 1777, aged 57. 

^Barbara, dau. of Joseph 
Sill of Wakefield & of 
Skellow Grange ; d. 10 
Feb. 1759, aged 33. 

Westby, of Wake- 
field, d. 16 Oct. 


Susanna, mar. 
1 st Auren 
Zebe Hatfield, 
Esq. ; 2 nd W m 
Marshall, Esq. 

Alexander H., Esq., living 1824, &= 
has 4 dau s ; one mar. to her cousin 
M r Perryn, now living at Twicken- 
ham, 1825. 

: . . . . dau. of Sir Eich d Perryn, 
one of the Barons of the 
Exchequer ; mar. 1788. 

Susanna, d. 




Alex. H., 4. Harriet Barbara, wife of 
only son, Gerald Perryn, Esq., her 
d. y. cousin, of Walford n r Ches- 


2. Frances, mar. Geo. Lovi- 
bond, Esq., of Manchester. 

3. Jane, unmar. 

1. Mary, mar. 
Brookes, Esq., 
of Flitwick, 
co. Bedf. 



MS. 15 

There is some uncertainty about Alexander Hatfield, son of John H. of Hatfield. 
In D r Benson's Eegister we find Susanna Hatfield, daughter of M r Alexander 
Hatfield, a tide-waiter, who lived in Horn Court, Bear Lane, near Thames Street, 
in parish of All Hallows Barking, and Elizabeth his wife, b. 15 Sep., bp. 12 Oct. 

The great question is who was the father of Nicholas ? Dugdale has entered two 
pedigrees of Hatfield in C. 40, containing different accounts. One states that he 
was the son of Stephen Hatfield of Hatfield in Hoderness, to whom Wil .... Flower 
granted the Arms in 1563. This is the entry made by the Hatfields of Laughton. 
But when Captain John Hatfield made an entry he deduced his descent from 
Adam de Hatfield of Hatfield in Glossopdale. 









John. Nicholas, of Hatfield-house in Shiregreen=Ann Sanderson. 

And this pedigree is also registered. This is one amongst other proofs of the 
want of care in the compilation of that great Yorkshire Record. (See another 
under Westby.) 

Thomas Norcliffe 
Elizabeth Elland 


Sir Thomas Norcliffe 

^;? b# } Catherine Bamburgh 

>Sir Thomas Norcliffe 

Sir W m Fairfax 
Jane Stapleton 

J- Thomas, Lord Elmley") 


L^DoTmef 16 }^™ Constable J 

Dorothy Fairfax 

^Norcliffe, wife 
of John Hat- 


Edward Marshall of Tadcaster, living there temp. Eliz.=p 

Leonard Marshall of Tadcaster, bp. Jan. 1579.=f 


Wil m Marshall, bought an estate at Newton-Kyme 1658 ; bp. : 
at Tadcaster Aug. 1604 ; d. 2 Feb. 1689-90, set. 85. 

MS. 15 




William Marshall of Newton-- 
Kyme, Gent. ; had a Cap n 
Commission under Sir ... . 
Goodrick ; d. 19 Jan. 1699- 
700, aged 60. Prob. 10 June 

=Elizabeth .... Ann .... mar. John .... mar. 
d. 29 Oct. 1708, Edmonson of Whit- William 
aged 75. church ; mar. 1 Nov. Hardisty 
1655 ; had William, of New- 
Matthias, & 2 dau s . ark. 

Henry Marshall of Newton- 
Kyme, Esq., ob. 15 Mar. 
1760, set. 77; bp. 22 May 
1683. Probate of Will 22 
April 1760. 

William Mar- 
shall, mar. 
Susanna Hat- 
field. (See 


William, d. y. 
Ann, d. y. 
Anthony, d. y. 

Mary, mar. Samuel 
Pendleton of Man- 
chester 30 Mar. 

John Mar-=pJane, 

shall of 
Merch*, ob. 
13 Mar. 
1797, set. 

ob. 7 



Charles M. of York, 
youngest son, ob. 10 
Feb. 1770, set. 46, 
unmar., & was bur. 
at Newton-Kyme. 

Antonina, wife of 

Bradley of York, 

Gent., left no issue. 

Elizabeth, eldest dau., 
ob. 24 Dec. 1769, set. 
55, unmar. ; bur. at 

Catherine, youngest 
dau., d. unmar. 

William, d. young 24 John Marshall of London,=f= Mary M., mar. Henry 

Oct. 1765 ; bur. at 


now living, 

Railton, & d., leaving 
no issue. 


John Marshall, only child, living 1824. 

Charles 1 
of York. 

Catherine Mar- 
shall. (Q. if 
this is quite 


: Ann Mar- 

Joanna, mar. 
John Yates 
of York, & 
had Charles & 


i i 


Elizabeth, mar. 
John Plant, & 
had Thomas, 
William, & 

Charles Clap- John Clap-=fElizabeth Barstow, 


d. un- ham. 

d. a widow in 1801 

Thomas r 

: Ann t 


Ann Clapham, 
only child, 
living 1826. 

Elizabeth Clapham, 
only child, d. un- 
mar. in 1801. 

Thomas Barstow,=Miss 
Esq., living Jones. 



FAMILIES minorum gentium. 

MS. 16 

Eatres— &ookes, J^rjeantson, 

Catherine,=fAnn, 2 nd wife,= 

1 st wife, 
dau. of 
Edw. On- 
ley, Esq. 

dau. of Sir 
Edw. Lewk- 
nor of Den- 
ham Hall in 


Mary Rodes, d. unmar. 

: Sir Godfrey Rodes, KnV 
a younger son of Sir 
Francis Rodes, the 
Judge, & settled by him 
on an estate at Long 
Houghton in the W. R. 
of the co. of York ; 
knighted at Havering 
in Essex 13 July 1615 ; 
ob. 1634. 

= Margaret, 3 rd wife,= . ... 4 th 

dau. of John Ast- wife, 

ley, Esq., Master widow of 

of the Jewel-house; Sir W m 

widow of Anthony Paun- 

Nevile of Matter- ton. 
sey, Esq. 

Godfrey Rodes, D.D., 
Dean of Londonderry 
and Fellow of Sidney 
College, Oamb. 

Ann Rodes, 
wife of 
John Rodes 
of Matter- 

Francis Elizabeth Rodes, mar. Thomas 

Rodes, Wentworth, 1 Earl of Strafford, 

d. un- & d. 10 April 1688, having had 

mar. only one dau., who d. unmar. 

Sir Edward Rodes of Great Houghton, K.T., b. 1601 ; d. 19= 
Feb. 1666. He was a Justice of the Peace & Sheriff of 
Yorkshire 1651 ; made Col. of horse by 0. 0. 13 Mar. 1654 ; 
of the Privy Council to 0. C. ; Knight of the shire of Perth 
1656. (The families descended of Sir E. Rodes, now living, 
1820, are M 1S Milnes, Sam. Crompton's, John C, Joshua 0., 
Gilbert C, D r Peter Crompton's, W. R. L. Serjeantson, Jer. 

: Mary, eldest dau. of 
Sir Hammond 
Whichcote of Harps - 
well, Kn* ; mar. in 
May 1629 ; d. 22 
April 1681. Her 
mother, Milicent 

Charles Hutton, Gent., a= 
younger son of Richard H. 
of Poppleton ; 1 st hus. ; 
no issue. 

= Milicent Rodes ;= Robert Banks, Pre- Elizabeth, d. 

no issue by bendary of York & at Wakefield 

either husband. Vicar of Hull ; 2 nd unmar. 11 th 

husb. ; d. 3 Nov. Nov. 1714. 


Hammond R., Chaplain to 
his aunt the Countess of 
Strafford ; d. suddenly 5 th 
June 1688 unmar.* (See 
Reliquiae Heywoodianse.) 

Richard. Milicent. 

Samuel. Elizabeth. 

d. in infancy. 

Mary R., mar. 
John Words- 
worth of 
Swathe Hall, 
Gent., & d. 4 
Oct. 1673 ; 
no issue. 

Anil R., mar. 
George Ellis 
of Brampton 
n r Wath ; no 


Godfrey Rodes of Great Houghton, Esq., Eldest son and heir, Edward, 2 nd son, 

M.P. for the shires of Linlithgow, Stirling, & Clackmannon, a Barrister of 

bp. 5 th Oct. 1651 ; aged 34, 1666 ; d. unmar. 27 April 1681 ; Gray's Inn, d. 

bur. with his family at Darfield. young & unmar. 

* D. at Wombwell ; bur. at Darfield.— J. W. 0. 

MS. 16 




William Rodes of G-reafc Hough- 
ton, Esq., 3 rd son, bp. 11 July 
1639 ; heir to his brother God- 
frey ; made a Cornet in the 
Army 22 nd June 1660 ; d. 13 
Dec. 1694. 

: Mary, dau. of Richa,rd Wilson = Joshua Eayner of 
of Leeds, merchant ; mar. 17 Great Houghton, 
Nov. 1685 (see Ped. in Due Gent., 2 nd hus- 
Leod, p. 4) ; d. at Rodes-hall band, mar. July 
22 July 1726, & was bur. at 1705 ; d. without 
Wibsey Chapel. issue 4 th Mar. 


Godfrey Rodes of Great 
Houghton, Esq., bp. at 
Leeds 23 Aug. 1686; 
d. without issue 27 Feb. 
1709 ; bur. 1 March. 


Rodes * d. 

Rodes of 
Esq., bp. 
24 Sep. 
1691 ; d. 
14 Feb. 

: Martha, dau. of= 
Elkana Rich of 
Bullhouse, sister 
(& heir in her 
posterity) of 
Aymer Rich of 
the same ; mar. 
18„ Nov. 1713. 
(See Ped., p. .) 

Samuel =Ann Rodes, 
Crompton 1 st wife, bp. 

of Derby, 
Esq., 2 nd 
husb. (See 
Ped., p. 

at Leeds 3 
May 1688 ; 
mar. 3 April 

William Rodes of Great 
Houghton, Esq., d. in 
London the beginning 
of April 1740 ; the last 
male of the family ; 
bur. with his family at 

1. Mary Rodes of Great Hough- 
ton, Gentlewoman, b. 22 Aug. 
1714 ; d. unmar. 14 Mch. 
1789. She was made principal 
heir to her uncle Aymer Rich, 

2. Martha Rodes, mar. 
Hans Buske of Leeds, 
Merch fc , & of Bullhouse 
in right of his wife. 
(See Ped., p. 5.) 

Rachel Buske, the only one of the children of H. B. having issue ; 
mar Rich d Slater Milnes of Fryston, Esq. 

William Rookes of Rodes-Hall, Esq., 
or Royds-Hall.f 

=Mary Rodes,t bp. 9 Aug. 1694 ; mar. 27 
Jan. 1712-3. 

Jane,§ d. unmar. 1765. 


d. unmar. 

William Rookes of Rodes-=f Ann,** 
Hall, Esq.,T b. 1719 ; 
Senior Bencher of Gray's 
Inn ; d. 24 Oct. 1789. 

dau. of Robert 
Stansfield of Bradford ; 
heir to her brother Robert 
Stansfield of Esholt, Esq. 

William Rookes 
of Jesus College, 
Esq.,tt d. un- 
mar. 1786. 

Anna Maria Rookes, £ $ sole Elizabeth, 

heiress, b. 7 July 1763 ; mar. b. 1764 ; 

at Otley 28 Feb. 1786 to d. unmar. 

Joshua Crompton in her right 1780.§§ 
of Esholt, Esq. (See Ped., 
p. 10.) 

Jane Rookes, |||| 
b. 1768 ; living 
in Mar. 1815. 

Robert, d. an 

* Bur. at Darfield May 24, 1690. 

f Bp. at Wibsey Feb. 13, 1685 ; d. Oct. 25 : bur. Oct. 27, 1731, at same place. 

% D. Nov. 2, 1733. § B. Aug. 21, 1720. || B. Nov. 18 ; bp. Nov, 21, 1727. 

f B. Aug. 27, 1718 ; bp. at Wibsey. M.I. at Guiseley. 

** D. Feb. 12, 1798 ; bur. at Guiseley. M.I. ft D. Oct. 1786, est. 25. M.I. at Guiseley. 
XX D. June 5, 1819. §§ Bur. at Guiseley. ||]| D. cir. 1856.— J. W. 0. 



MS. .16 

Mary, 1 st wife, dau. &= 
heir of Robert Leeds of 
Milford^Psh. of Kirkly 
Wharf, co, York, Esq. ; 
mar. in 1740. 

=Edward Rookes of= Henrietta, 2 nd wife, 
Rodes-hall, Esq.,* 
took the surname 
of Leeds; b. 1713 ; 
d. in 1788; bur. 
at Wibsey. 

j, 1 

dau. of Sandford 
Hardcastle, Esq., of 
Wakefield ; no 

Tohnf & Ann, J 
d. infants. 

Mary,§ d. un- 
mar. 1793. 

Mary Leeds, mar. 
George Walker of 
in psh. of Dar- 
field, Esq., & d. 
without issue. 

William Serjeantson of Wakefield,= 
Esq., & of Hanlith in Craven. 
He mar. 2 ndl y Elizabeth, dau. & 
coheir of James Hobson of York 
& Kirby Moreside, by whom he 
had two sons. She survived, & 
mar. Benj. Hey wood, p. 26. (See 
p. 364.) 

: Jane 
d. in 
bur. at 

Elizabeth, d. un- 
mar. 1763. 

Ann Leeds, mar. 
Eev d Jeremiah 
Smith of Wood- 
side in Sussex. 

William Rookes Leeds Serjeant-=f=Elizabeth, dau. of Henry Dawkins, 

son of Camp-Hill, Esq.,^[ 
1766 ; mar. 2 June 1795. 


Esq., of Standlynch, co. Wilts, & 
Juliana, dau. of the Earl of Portmore. 

d. young. 

Juliana Mary, eldest dan., mar. 27 th June 1822 to William 
Henry Bowen Cooke, LL.B., Curate of Worsbro\ Leeds S.ft 

„ i 

John S4J 


MS. 17 

Jacob Hansson Busk, son of Hans Hansson Busk by Barbara his wife, born at 
Kongelst, in Sweden, was naturalized by Act of Parliament, 1720, 9 Geo. 1. 
A Copy of this Act is at Fryston. 

This is M* Wilson of Bromhead's descent of Riche. (See York Wills, 346.) 
Aymer Rich was Collector of the Subsidy for the Wapentake of Staincross 
3 James 2. Will of Ellen Rich of Hornthwaite 27 July 1674. 

William Riche of Carlcotes n r Bullhouse 45 & 47 Ed. 3. 

William of Carlcotes, bought Bullhouse of Thos. Appleyard about 
7 Henry 4 ; d. about 19 Hen. 5. 


* Bp. April 4, 1715, at Wibsey ; mar. Mar. 10, 1740-1. 

t B. Jan. 26 ; d. Feb. 7, 1721-2. J B. Oct. 30, 1724 ; bp. at Wibsey. 

§ B. Jan. 1 ; bp. Jan. 15, 1716-7, at Wibsey. 

|| Mar. at Bradford Aug. 16, 1765 ; bur. at Wibsey Nov. 28, 1768. 
% D. Sept. 13, 1840. ** Bp. at Wibsey Nov. 28, 1767. 

ft Capt. Coldstream Guards, b. June 24, 1798 ; d. s.p. July 12, 1826. 
XX Of Hanlith, J.P., mar. Emma, dau. of Robert Chaloner, Esq.— J. W. 0. 

MS. 17 



William Riche of Bullhouse 3 Ed. 4. 

Robert Riche of Bullhouse 21 H. 7. 

John Riche of Bullhouse 7 & 10 H. 8. 

William Riche of Bullhouse 38 H. 8. 

Edward Rich of Bullhouse in the parish of Peniston, co. York, 30 Eliz/ 

Aymer Rich of Bullhouse, yeo., Chief Constable of Staincross- 
Wapentake, 1624 ; living at Bullhouse 18 May 1625. The 
name of Aymer is perhaps a contraction of Adelmar. (York 
Wills, F. 12.) 

Richard Rich= 
of the Royd. 

John Rich of = Ellen, dau. of Christo- 
the Royd. pher Wilson of Brom- 


Edward of=p 
Reynow & 

Ellen, mar. William 
Keys of Nether 

John R. 

Edward Rich of Miln-=j=EUen, dau. of 

house. Had John liv- 
ing 1673 ; he was the 
eldest son. 

Street of 

.... Rich, wife of 
Edward Barber of 
Gawber Hall, yeo. 

Elizabeth Rich, 
wife of John 
Haigh of Mid- 
hope Hall. 

Daniel Rich of : 
Catshaw, son & 
heirapp. 1667. 

Amer, d. leav- 
ing issue. 

Mary, wife of 


Martha Green, d. 

Helen R. 

David, son & heir app. 
1667, 1676. 

Abel, 1676, bp. 13 Dec. 

William Rich of "Bull-= 
house, Gent.,son& heir; 
a Captain under Lord 
Fairfax 1644. Will 
dated 18 Aug. 1648; 
bur. at Peniston 6 Mar. 

VOL. I, 

-Isabel, remar. 
Robert Bed- 
ford of Crow- 
nest before 

Daniel Rich of Small- 1 
shaw, served under his 
brother 1642 ; d. 1 
Oct. 1679, aged 76. 
" Unsettled " O.H., 
had son Daniel. 



=Mary, dau. & coh. 
of William Haigh 

of Midhope by 

dau. of ... . Cold- 
hill of Biloliffe. 



MS. 17 

Daniel Rick of Midhope 1676.= 


Amer Riche (sic), bp. 13 Mar. 1664. 

Sylvanus Rich of Bull-- 
house, Gent.; built the 
present house there 
1655; bur. at Peniston 
23 Dec. 1683, aged 56. 
Made principal heir by 
his Grandfather's Will 
22 Nov. 1613? 

=Mary, dau. of Ralphe 
Wordsworth of 
Waterhall, Psh. of 
Peniston, Gent. ; mar. 
at Sheffield 22 April 
1652 ; d. 6 June 
1704, aged 72 ; bur. 
at Peniston. 

William Rich= 
of Horn- 
thwaite, Psh. 
of Peniston. 
Will dated 29 
Oct. 1673. 




Theophilus, bp. 7 
June 1656 ; d. 26 
Nov. 1660; bur. in 
Peniston Church. 

Theophilus, bp. 
1 June 1665; 
bur. 1 Feb. 

William R. Theophilus R. Others 
1676,1683. 1676, father of 1676. 
William & John 
named in 1683. 

Mary Rich, 
b. 22 Sep. 
1652; bur. 

17 Nov. 

Martha Rich, 
b. 3 Oct. , 
1654; bur. in 
the Church at 
Peniston 8 
June 1656. 

Margaret, 1 st wife,= 
dau. of John Shaw, 
Vicar of Rother- 
ham, ejected at 
Hull 1662 (see 
Ped.* p. 143) ; d. 
10 June 1684, age 
23; bur. at Ro- 
therham ; mar. 20 
Oct. 1680. 

OElkana Rich of= 
son & heir ; bur. 
24 July 1724; 
built a Presby- 
terian Chapel at 
Bullhouse 1692 ; 
d. 21 July 1724, 
aged 65 ; bur. at 

=Martha, 2 nd wife, 
dau. of Richard 
Thorpe, of Hop- 
ton, co. York, 
V.D.M. ; d. 1 
Feb. 1722-3, 
aged 59 ; bur. afc 
Bullhouse ; mar. 

John Rich, bur. at Ro- Margaret, bp. 10 May Mary Rich, bp. at Rotheram 

theram 5 Jan. 1682-3; 1684; d. young; b. 12 Aug. 1681 ; mar. John Hat- 

Rotheram 21 st Dec. 1682. at Bullhouse 2 May field of Laughton en le Mor- 

1684. then, Gent. (See Ped., p. 14.) 

Sylvanus R., bp. 30 
Dec. .1688-90; d. 
young 30 Dec. 1707. 

b. June 
1700; d. 


Elkana R., d. young 
3 Mar. 1717 ; b. 27 
Mar. 1695 ; d. 3 
Mar. 1718. 

Richard R., bp. 16 Jan. 
1697-8 ; bur. in the 
Chapel at Bullhouse 10 
Oct. 1700. 

Aymer Rich of Bullhouse,-]- 
Esq., only surviving son, 
bp. 1 Nov. 1702; d. with- 
out issue 18 Nov. 1769, & 
was bur. in the Chapel at 

: Grace, dau. & heir of Wil- 
liam Bagshaw of Hucklow, 
co. Derb., Geni ; mar. 4 
Dec. 1722 ; bur. in the 
Chapel at Bullhouse 3 Oct. 
1724 (see Ped., p. 108) ; 
d. 29 Sep. 

Martha Rich, b. 29 Sep. 
1691 ; mar. Richard Rodes 
of Great Houghton, Esq., d. 
14Nov. 1721 ; mar. 17 Nov. 
1713; 2 ndl y Samuel Cromp- 
ton of Derby, Esq., 18 Jan. 
1728. (See Ped., p. 16 & 10.) 

MS. 17 



Elkana Rich, only child, 
living 29 Sep. 1724; d. at 
2 years of age ; b. 13 Sep. 
1723 ; d. in Feb. 1725, 
aged 1 year & 4 months. 


Mary Rodes, liv- 
ing unmar. 1780; 
b. at Houghton 
22 Aug. 1714. 


Martha Rodes, 
wife of Hans 
at Houghton; 
mar. 1717. 

William, b. Elkana, 

at Bull- b. 11 

house 4 Feb. 

Nov. 1715. 1729. 

Mary Ann Buske, to whom the Estates of Bullhouse, Huck- Martha, Rachel, w. 

low, etc., were left by Aymer Riche after the death of M rs 2 dau., of R. V. 

Rodes ; mar. at Peniston, 24 Feb. 1778, to James Milnes, d. aged Milnes, 

Esq. ab. 17. Esq. 

jBitas— JHotow, fetU* 

MS. 18, 19 

Eliza Amis and probably her sister Charlotte were brought into Derbyshire by 
Lady Freschvile. They were fine women. 

See will of James Milnes of Chesterfield, Grocer, in 1678, in Wolley's MSS., 
6688 (M.P.B., xii., 156). This will is at variance with the account in the text 
(see for Richard Milnes of Aldercar, father of Geo. & Rich d , M.P.B., iii., 194). 

Of Ashford in the Water, co. Derb., living temp. Hen. VIII. The 
first of whom there is any mention as Ancestor to the numerous & 
opulent family on this & the following pages. 

William Milnes of Ashford. : 


Richard Milnes. 

Elizabeth, wife 
of William 
Wright of 
Great Longs- 
don, co. Derb., 
Esq. (See 
Ped., p. 103.) 

James Milnes, 4 th son, of=f=Isabel, sur- 

Tapton-hall in the psh. of 
Chesterfield. Will dated 
8 Mar. 1650 ; proved 12 
June 1651. He was bur. 
at Chesterfield 2 April 

vived, & 
made her 
will 13 
Mar. 1664; 
proved 26 
April 1665. 

5 th son. 

6 th son. 

living at 
in 1628. 

William' Milnes 3 
of TaptonHall, 
Gent., Eldest 
son & heir, bp. 
d. 14 Nov. 
1686 ; bur. at 

: Alice Sleigh, 
mar. 6 Nov. 
1655 ; d. 1 
May 1681 ; 
bur. at Ches- 
(Perhaps a 
dau. of Ralf 
Sleigh, at p. 

James, 2 nd = 
son, bp. 6 
Sep. 1629; 
bur. 4 Nov. 
1682 ; left 
no issue. 

bur. 24 

James, only child, d. an infant ; 
Chesterfield 15 th Jan. 1661-2. 

Richard, an- 
cestor of the 
Milnes of 
etc. (see p. 
20). He was 
the sole 
of the blood 
of his father. 

bur. at 

Thomas, bp. 
29 July 
1640 ; bur. 
21 st Jan. 

Mary, wife 
of Rob. 
Mower of 
Gent, (see 
Ped., p. 100); 
no issue. 



MS. 18 


James M. of 
Hall, Gent., 
d. unmar. 16 
Mch. 1690, 
8Bt. 34. 

"William Millies of=Lydia, dau. of Paul 

Gent., bro. & heir 
to James ; d. with- 
out issue & intes- 
tate 26 Oct. 1717, 
ab. 56. 

Webster of Chester- 
field, Merch* ; mar. 
25 th July 1695 (see 
Ped., p. 105); d. 
19 May 1701, ab. 

Alice, d. in her in- 
fancy. D r Pegg 
says she was to 
marry Nich s Youle, 
Ald m of Chester- 

Mary, bp. 17 Dorothy, twin with Mary, mar. 19 Mar. 
Sep. 1663 ; 1722-3 John Revel, Alderman of Ches- 
d. unmar. be- terfield, & d. without issue 10 Nov. 1740, 
tween 1686 aged 77, making her relation W m Milnes 
& 1689. of Chesterfield her principal heir. (See 

Ped. of Revel, p. 172.) 

Isabel, the other sister 
& coheir of W m Milnes ; 
mar. 15 June 1698 to 
James Brailsf ord,Gent., 
Ald m of Chesterfield, & 
d. s.p. 25 Dec. 1736, 

8Bt. 68. 

Richard Milnes of Chesterfield,=f=Dorothy, dau.: 

Ironmonger & Lead Merchant ; 
he was an Alderman & Mayor in 
1626 ; purchased the estate at 
Dunston; d. 17 Mar. 1628-9, 
aged 43 ; bur. in the Church at 

of John Wood- 
ward, Merch* 
& Alderman 
(See p. 105.) 

= George Columbel, 
Gent., 2 nd husb., 
ofChesterfield, 2 nd 
son of Peter C. of 
North Darley, co. 
Derb., Esq. 

William, 2 nd 

3 rd son. 

James, 4 th son, bp. 
7 Dec. 1625; a 
Merch* at Seville 
1645 ; dead, s.p., 

Alice, mar. 19 Aug. 
1635 to George 
Gregson of Turn- 
ditch, Gent., & had 
issue. (See Ped., 
p. 99.) 

Margaret, mar. 15 
Nov. 1636 Luke 
a Merch* at Hull. 

Elizabeth, mar. 5 
Sep. 1655 to 
George Taylor of 
Durant Hall, Esq. 

William Milnes,=f= Alice, dau 

Gent., eldest son 
& heir, bp. 28 
Dec. 1611 ; d. 
1 st Nov. 1638, 
& was bur. at 

of Henry 
Gregson of 
co. Derb. ; 
G 1 sister to 
(See Ped., 
p. 99.) 

Richard, 2 nd 
son, bp. 6 
Feb. 1613; 
live 1635 ; 
dead, with- 
out issue, in 

George Milnes of- 
Ironmonger, & of 
Dunston Hall, 
where he d., & 
was bur. at Ches- 
terfield 8 July 
1671 ; he was the 
3 rd son, & bp. 12 
Oct. 1621. 

=Mary, dau. of ... . 
Mower, Gent., 
widow of W m Bur- 
ton of Holmesfield, 
Gent. Will dated 
2 June 1690, in 
which she mentions 
her sons Tho s , 
Michael, John, & 
Will. Burton & dau. 
Mary Macheon. 

MS. 18 





Richard, Richard Milnes of Dun-" 
only child, ston Hall, Esq., & of 
d. in his Aldercar Park in Par. of 
infancy, & Heanor, which he pur- 
was bur. at chased in 1703 from his 
Chester- son-in-law John Moore ; 
field 13 he was High Sheriff of 
Dec. 1634. the Co. of Derby in 1720 ; 
d. 17 Dec. 1729, & was 
bur. in Chesterfield 
Church, aged 70. Will 
dated 4 Sep. 1728. 

: Charlotte, dau. r 
of .... Amis, 
a Merch*, of 
the island of 
Jersey. Her 
sister Eliza th 
mar. 1 John 
Froggat of 
Whittington ; 
2 George 
Milnes of Un- 
thank ? 

: George 
Moore of 
Gent., 1 st 
also of 

George Milnes, 
bp. at Dron- 
field 30 April 
1663 ; d. un- 
mar., & was 
bur. at Ches- 
terfield 18 
June 1707. 

Joseph Moore, son- 
of Francis M., 
Alderman of Ches- 

=Mary. (Q. if D r Pegge 
did not mean that she 
was d. of Geo. Moore.) 

John M.= Rose- 
of Oiler- Shel- 
car. (See don. 

P . .) 

: . . . . Gilliver, 
2 nd husb., sold 
Ollercar to 
Ric. Milnes. 

Hannah, mar Mary, mar. 7 Feb. 1721 

Wheldon of Hard- to Thomas Stacey of 
wick. Ballifield. 

G., wife of 
Hilliman ? 

. . wife of 


Richard Milnes, 2 nd & youngest= 
son, of Barnes in psh. of Dron- 
field, bp. 21 June 1692 ; d. 30 
June 1765 ; bur. at Dronfield. 

Catherine Colclough, d. at Newington Green, 
Middlesex, 17 Nov. 1777, & was bur, near her 
husband ; she was dau. of Christopher & Sarah 
Colclough, who lived at Codnor Castle ; bp. at 
Heanor 1 June 1696. 

Charlotte, d. an 
infant ; bur. at 
Dronfield 9 Feb. 

Catherine, bp. 13 March 1725 ; 
mar. 28 July 1770 Godfrey 
Sykes, Gent., a Broker in Lom- 
bard Street, <& d. s.p. 

Amy, bp. 8 May 1727 5 mar. 
15 Nov. 1758 to Thomas 
Wright, Gent., eldest son & 
heir app. of John Wright of 
Eyam (see p. 103) ; no issue. 

George Milnes of Dunston &= 
Aldercar, Esq., son & heir, 
bp. at Chesterfield 12 Jan. 
1689 ; d. 1 July 1755, aged 
64, & was bur. in the Church 
at Chesterfield. He was mar. 
at South Winfield 17 May 


: Dorothy, dau. of 
John Newham of 
Gent. ; sister of 
Roger N. of Stave- 
ley, Gent. ; d. 26 
Sep. 1776, aged 
84 ; bur. with 
her husband. 

Elizabeth Milnes, bp. 11 Aug. 
1687; mar. 1, 19 May 1706, 
Robert Smith of Chesterfield, & 
2*aiy William Webster of Cold 
Aston ; bur. at Dronfield 1 Dec. 
1748. Had Richard W. & 2 
daus.,one of whom mar. Ducken- 
field Smith ; was a servant at 
Dunston ; was sent for a soldier. 



MS. 18, 19 

William Milnes of Aldercar, Esq., a- 
Deputy-Lieut., & many years an act- 
ing Magistrate for the counties of 
Notts & Derby ; Sheriff of Derbyshire 
1771 ; b. 4 April 1726 ; d. 30 Oct. 
1797; bur. at Chesterfield. 

: Mary, eldest dau. of Adam Soresby of 
Chesterfield, Esq. ; sister & coheir of 
William Soresby, Esq. ; the other coheir 
mar. the Rev. Thomas Monro ; mar. at 
Walton Chapel 7 Feb. 1748-9 ; d. at 
Colston-Bassett 9 May 1794. (See Pbd., 
p. 103.) 

Jane Milnes, eldest 
dau. & coheir, b. 21 
Jan. 1749-50 ; mar. 
13 Mch. 1798 to 
Rev. John Smith, 
M.A., sometime 
Fel. of Emanuel 
College ; no issue ; 
she d. at Aldercar 
Park 23 June 1829 

Mary Milnes, 2 nd 
dau. & coheir, 
b. 4 May 1752 ; 
mar. 1 st Jona- 
than Lee of Ches- 
terfield, Gent., 
& 2 nd Peter 
Pegge Burnell 
of Beauohief, 
Esq. ; no issue 
by either. 

Philip Gell= 
of Hopton, 
Esq., b. ab* 
d. Aug. 5, 

Will dated 
that day ; 
proved 8 
Dec. 1795. 

: Dorothy, b.= 
4 Feb. 
1758; d.28 
April 1808 
at Edensor, 
& was bur. 
at Wirks- 

= Thomas Blore, 
Esq., of the 
Inner Temple, 
2 nd Husb., 
F.S.A., mar. at 
Stapleford 21 
July 1798 (sic), 
& d. 1795. 

Philip Gell= 
of Hopton, 
Esq., b. 9 
July 1775; 
ob. 25 Jan. 
1842 ; 

=Georgina Ann Nicholas, 
youngest dau. & heir of 
Nich s Nicholas (formerly 
Heath) of Boys Court in 
Kent & Mackworth, co. 
Derb. ; mar. 1797. 

Sir William Gell, 
Ka* & F.S.A., 2 nd 
son,unmar. 1821; 
b. at H. 1 April 


Henry & Isabella, d. 

Mary, b.atH.l April 
1778 ; unmar. in 
1807 ; mar. .... 
Collin of Somerset- 
house; no issue 1825. 

John Nicholas Gell, son 
& heir apparent, b. 4 
Feb. 1805 or Jan. 1805 ; 
of Corpus Christi Col., 
Oxford ; d.atBologne ? 
18 Aug. 1836 s.p., aged 
31 ; mar. an Italian 

Georgina, mar. 29 Oct. 
1824 to Thomas Poyzer 
of Wirksworth, Surgeon, 
& d. 3 May 1825 s.p. ; 
bur. at Wirksworth 9 

Lucy, d. 1814, set. 13, 
July 13. 

Isabella, mar. at Wirksworth 
4 Mar. 1828 to William Pole 
Thornhill of Stanton, Esq. ; 
living, but no issue, 1844. 

Harriett Eleanor, d. at W. 14 
June 1814. 

Richard Milnes of Dun- r 
ston-hall, Esq., Eldest 
son & heir ; in the Com. 
of the Peace & Deputy- 
Lieut, for the co. of 
Derby; d. 11 Mar. 1773, 
age 59 ; bur. in the Ch. 
of Chesterfield. 

: Grace, dau. of Charles 
Hurt of Alderwasley 
& Castern, Esq. ; 
mar. 21 May 1744 at 
St. Andrew's, Hol- 
born ; bur. n r her 
husband 2 Sep. 1776. 

George, bp. 


John, bp 

14 Oct. 

bp. 30 

18 Nov. 

1714 ; d. 



unmar. 15 

1716 ;d. 

bur. 13 

Nov. 1736 ; 

16 Aug. 


bur. at 





MS. 18, 19 



George Milnes 
of Dunston, 
Esq., eldest 
son and heir, 
b. at Aldercar 
13 May 1745 ; 
d. unmar. 23 
June 1787 ; 
bur. in Church 
at Chester- 

Eichard Milnes = 

=Mary Ann, 

Grace, bp. 


of Barlow 

dau. of 

2 Oct. 


Grange, Gent., 



of Bols- 

bro. & heir at 


mar. 26 


Law of George, 

Baker of 

Oct. 1770 

bp. at Heanor 



15 Sep. 1747 - r 

bury Sq., 


Hying without 

Lond. ; d. 

son, & had 

issue 1821 ; d. 

before her 

no issue. 

1 Dec. 1824. 


bp. 9 July 

Richard Milnes Nickson, only child, of Chesterfield, living 
unmar. 1825 ; d., aged 40, 21 st July 1831. 

Elizabeth, bp. 17 April=f=Robert Mower of Bar- 



mar. 14 June 
d. 1 Nov. 1779. 

low, Esq. (See 
descent, p. 100.) 


=Charlotte, 2 nd wife, dau. of Simon 
Lawrence of Edinburgh ; d. at 
Newark ? Dec. 1822, aged 70. 

George Mower, son & heir, & others. 

George Milnes Mower, bp. 2 
Aug. 1772 ; bur. at Barley 
26 th Nov. 

Robert Edmund, bp. 16 Aug. 
1773 ; d. 12 Nov. 1779. 

Martha, bp. 8 Sep. 1774 ; d. 
13 Nov. following. 

Thomas Smith ,= 
Esq., of Brom- 
field in psh. of 
Sheffield, & of 
Dunston-hall in 
right of his wife; 
d. there 13 April 
1811, aged 47. 
(See p. 102.) 

Elizabeth Mary= 
Mower, bp. at 
Dronfield 23 vd 
Sep. 1771 ; heir- 
ess to her uncle 
George Milnes, 
Esq. ; she mar. 
her 1 st husb. at 
Sheffield 25 Aug. 
1791 ; d. 12 
Aug. 1829. 

:John Frederick 
Smith, Esq., 2 nd 
Husb,, cousin to 
Thomas Smith ; 
mar. at Chester- 
field 25 May 
1818. (See 
Ped., p. 102.) 

Elizabeth May Smith, 
b. 4 June 1792 ; mar. 
at Scarborough Sep. 
1830 to Charles Steade, 
Esq. (See Ped., p. 

Charlotte, b. 16 Thomas Milnes Smith, b. Margaret, 

July 1793 ; d. 7 Feb. 1795 ; mar. Mary, b. 30 

unmar. 26 Feb. dau. of Godfrey Watts of ApriJ 

1804. Barlow, on 26 Aug. 1830 ; 1797. 

— he had the Royal Licence 

Ann Susan, b. to take the name & arms 

25 July 1794. of Milnes. 

Harriett Isabella, b. 1 5 July Jane 

1798 ; mar. at Chesterfield Milnes, 

18 June 1821 to Arnold b. 15 

James Knight, M.D., of May 

Sheffield. =p 1801. 

William, b. 28 Oct. 1802 ; a Robert 

Clergyman ; mar. 22 Mar. 1831, Edmund 

at Beau chief, Mary, only dau. of Mower S., 

Broughton Benjamin Steade, b. 25 July 

Esq. (See p. 144.) 1804. 

Arnold Mower, aged 3 years 12 April 1825, Alexander Thomas, aged 2, 1825. 



MS. 19 

Sir W m Gell, M.A. & F.S.A. of Jesus Col., Camb., b. 25 Mar. 1777 ; bp. at 
Carsington 25 April ; d. s.p. at Naples 4 Feb. 1836 ; bur. in the English Burial 
Ground there. 

In another place D r Pegge gives a very different account of these Moors, viz. : — 

Francis Moor, Aid. of Chesterfield=f=Hannah. 

h=. . . . dau. 
of .... 


, mar. John 

. mar Porter,= William Clarke,=f=. . . . 2 w., dau. 

Clarke, barber. 1 husb., of Chester, d. Alderman, 2 

=p in the war. husb., a mercer. 

of ... . Roberts 
of Derby. 

Hannah, mar. James Tho., d. y. John. Thomas,== Sarah, dau. of W m . .... mar. Cha 9 

Wheldon. — Alderman. Obad. Bourn, Stainwith. 

— William, Rector . Rector in — 

Mary, mar. Thomas of Kirk-Hallam. Ashborn. George. 

Stacey. = 

, T. 



, . . . T.=f= .... mar Milnes of Ashover. 

.... mar Pease, a Banker 

in Hull. 

.... mar. William Osborn, Timber Merchant & 
Aid. of Hull. 

Joseph Milnes of Ashover. 

James=f=Eliz., dau. of Edw. Hodgkinson of Ashover ; mar. at Matlock 9 June 1720. 

Will. Milnes of . . . .^Dorothy Twigg. James, of Mans-=F Betty, mar. . . . Ann, mar. 
I field. ^ 

William, of=f=Mary, dau. of Ann, mar. Mary, mar. Elizab., unmar. James, =. . . . dau. of 

Ashover, lead 
Manuf r 1806. 

Ralph or Sam. John Wray Barker — of Biter Hay, near 

Kirk of Ash- of Hull. Bosley. John, of Ash- in Nova Edinburgh, 

over. over 1806. Scotia. 

William, of Ashover Nicholas, Lieut, of Mary, d. y. Samuel. James. Henry. Charles. 
1806. Marines, d. unmar. 

See a good pedigree of this family in Glover's ' Derbyshire.' 

There is a Will of William Milnes, sen., of Ashford, yeo., dated 16 April 1668, 
& proved 2 May 1679. He speaks of his wife Elizabeth, sons William & Richard, 
daus. Alice Hinck, Elizabeth Heaney ? & Jane. Now might not this Richard be 
the Richard from which the large family of the Milnes sprung ? At least the 
question deserves consideration. 

* For extended pedigree of Twigge and Milnes of Ashover, see Grlover's 4 Derbyshire,' vol. ii., 
p. 57,— j, w. C 

MS. 20, 21 



jUttiaes— #asML 

Richard Milnes of Chesterfield, 3 rd son of James=f=Elizabeth, eldest dau. & one of 

Milnes of Tapton Hall, bp. at Chesterfield 21 Aug. 
1636 ; d. 7 June 1706. He acquired a consider- 
able fortune by successful commerce. Will dated 
29 April 1706 ; p. 2 Oct. following. (See his descent 
at p. 18.) 

the three coheirs of Robert 
Wilson of Barton, co. Norf., & 
Eyam, co. Derb., Clerk; d. 17 
Jan. 1691. (See Pkd., p. 96.) 

Elizabeth, 1 st wife, dau. of Thomas= 
Seeker of Sibthorp, co. Notts, Gent. ; 
sister to Tho s Seeker, Archbishop of 
Canterbury; Marr. Sett. dated 16 Nov. 
1697. No issue. Bur. at Chesterfield 
21 Nov. 1719. (D r Pegge says that 
she was but half-sister to the Arch- 
bishop, & that her father was a dis- 
senting teacher.) 

= Richard Milnes 1 
of Chesterfield, 
eldest son, bp. 
there 3 Oct. 
1663; bur. 
there 10 th Feb. 

=Hephzibah, second wife, 
dau. of Samuel Ibbetson 
of Leeds, Mercht., by 
Hephzibah Hatfield, his 
second wife (see Ped., p. 
14); Marr. Sett, dated 
14 April 1724; bur. at 
Chesterfield 28 Oct. 

Richard Milnes, M.D., of Chesterfield & 
Winsborough, only son, b. 20 Oct. 1726, 
bp. 28 th ; Deputy- Lieut. & in Com. of the 
Peace for the County of Derby ; d. un- 
mar. 20 May 1795 ; bur. in the Church 
of Chesterfield. 

James Heywood^fElizabeth Milnes, 

of Chesterfield, 
V.D.M., mar. at 
Chesterfield 2 
Jan. 1745. 

only dau., b. 22 
July 1725; bp. 
1 st Aug. 

Elizabeth Heywood, only dau. & heir, mar. 8 June 1772 to William Waller of 
Chesterfield, Attorney. She d. without issue at Bath 14 Feb. 1797, when this 
branch of the family became extinct. M r Waller mar. 2 ndl y Miss Topp. 

Robert Milnes of Wakefield, Merchant, 2 nd son,= 
bp. at Chesterfield 14 Sep. 1671 ; d. 23 Aug. 
1734, aged 63 ; bur. at the Presbyterian Chapel 
at Wakefield. Besides the Children mentioned 
below he had William, b. 4, died 20 June 1704 ; 
Joshua, b. 14 Sep. 1707, d. 14 Aug. 1712 ; 
James, b. 5 Sep. 1712, d. 25 Aug. 1713 ; Mary, 
b. 8 Sep. 1716, d. 13 Mar. 1717. 

: Hannah, dau. & coheir of Joseph 
Poole of Sykehouse, psh. of Fish- 
lake, co. York, Esq. ; a Captain 
in the Pari. Army ; he resided 
usually at Wakefield; he had 
one or more sons by a first wife 
(see Ped., p. 67). Mar. 10 June 
1695 ; b. 11 Mar. 1673. 

John Milnes of Wakefield, 
Merch*, 4 th son, b. 5 Nov. 
1710 ; in the Com. of the 
Peace, & Deputy-Lieut. ; d. 
at Buxton 12 Oct. 1771 ; bur. 
in the vault at Wakefield. 

L B 

VOL. I. 

^Mary, dau. of Samuel 
Shore of Sheffield, 
Merch 15 , mar. 9 Feb. 
1737 ; d. 5 Dec. 1791 
at Bath, & was bur. 
in WalcotCh. 

Baptista M., b. 26 Nov. 
1708 ; mar. Richard 
Cooke of Halifax, 
merch*, & d. without 
issue 25 April 1768. 
(See p. 70.) 



MS. 20, 21 


I I 

Sir Robert Shore Milnes, Baronet,=fCharlotte Frances, Samuel M., b. 6 

Eldest son, b. about 1747 ; Governor 3 rd dau., of John Nov. 1750; d. 

of Martinique, & afterwards of Lower Albert Bentinck, 10 Feb. 1767; 

Canada ; on 21 Mar. 1801 he was Esq., Capt n in the bur. in the vault 

created a Baronet ; living 1820 at Navy ; mar. 13 at Wakefield. 

Edwinstow, co. Notts. Nov. 1785. 

John Bentinck William Hen- Henry Banks Charlotte Har- Sophia Maria 

Milnes, b. 19 ry, b. 8 Mar. Oldenburgh, riet, Martin- Ann, b. 9 

Sep. 1786, be- 1788 ; Lieut, b. 17 Oct. ique, b. 23 Oct. 1799. 

came the Baro- in 1 Reg* of 1790. June 1798. 

net ; incapable; Foot Guards. 
d. in 1839. 

John Milnes, Esq., of Page hall n r = 
Sheffield, & of Wakefield, b. 15 Dec. 

1751 ; d 1810 at Meresbrook 

n r Sheffield, and was bur. at Wake- 

^Catherine, dau. of Edward Carr, of 
Cledmond, co. Carlow ;' mar. 1 st at 
Paris, & afterwards at Canterbury ; 
d. 22 Oct. 1806, aged 34, & was bur. 
in the family vault. (See p. 64.) 

Alfred Shore William Poole Milnes, John Milnes, 

Milnes, b. 21 b. 25 Mar. 1796 ; d. un- b. 13 Aug. 

May 1792. mar. before 1820. He 1799. 
was. in the Navy. 

Caroline Milnes, b. 
14 Nov. 1797 ; d. 12 
April 1800, bur. in 
the vault at Wake- 

Hannah M., d. 

unmar. 7 th Oct. 
1802, aged 60 ; 
bur. at Kensing- 

Jane M., 
d. young. 

Mary Milnes, mar. at 
Wakefield 18 Nov. 
1773 to Edward Whit- 
well, Esq., a Capt n in 
the Guards. 

Esther Milnes, mar. at 
Normanton 22 Aug. 
1774 to James Torre of 
Snydal, Esq. (See Ped., 
p. 111.) 

John Whitwell, a Roseline, elder dau. Emma Louisa, younger dau. & coheir, 
Lt.-Col. in the & coh., mar. her mar. Sir Geo. Berny Brograve of Wor- 
Army, d. before cousin James Torre, stead House in Norf., Bar*, from 
his father, unmar. Esq. (Seep. 111.) whom being divorced, she mar. 

Marsham Elwin, Esq. 

Elizabeth Milnes, 
b. 3 July 1699 ; 
mar. 22 Oct. 1716 
to Geo. Cotton of 
Merch*. (See 
Ped., p. 54.) 

Hannah Milnes, 
b. 8 Dec. 1705 ; 
mar. Jonathan 
Priestley of 
psh. of Halifax, 
Gent. (See 
Ped., p. 36.) 

Robert Milnes of^Sarah, dau. of Na- 

Leeds, Merch*, 3 rd 
son, b. 25 July 
1702 ; ob. 11 Oct. 
1728; he was mar. 
at Coley 11 May 
1727, & bur. at 
Halifax 14 Oct. 
1728; d. 11 Oct. 

thaniel Priestley of 
Halifax, V.D.M., 
sister to Jonathan ; 
d. 19 Oct. 1740 (see 
Ped., p. 37) ; bur. 
at Halifax on the 
23 rd . 

MS. 20, 21 



Hannah Milnes, sole dau. & heir,b. 12 Feb. 1729 ; mar. 20 Mar. 1746 to James 
Lees of Manchester, Merch 1 , brother to John Carill Worsley of Piatt, Esq. 
(See Ped., p. .) = 

Richard Milnes of Wake- 
field, Merch*, eldest son, b. 
21 Mar. 1695-6 ; in the 
Commission of the Peace 
for the West Riding ; d. 
4 Feb. 1755 ; bur. in the 
family vault in the Presby- 
terian Chapel, Wakefield. 

: Bridget, dau. & co- 
heir of John Pem- 
berton, Esq., of 
Liverpool ; b. 30 
Jan. 1698 ; mar. 20 
Feb. 1717-8 ; d. 15 
Jan. 1765; bur. with 
her husband. (See 
Ped., p. 59.) 

Joseph Milnes, 
2 nd son, b. 18 
Sep. 1700; d. 
23 Dec. 1710. 

Sarah Milnes, 
b. 5 Jan. 
1697-8 ; mar. 
John Lumb 
of Wakefield 
& Silcoat, 
MerclA (See 
Ped., p. 34.) 

Hannah M., b. 5 Elizabeth, b. 6 Sarah M., b. 11 John M. Bridget. 

Aug. 1723 ; mar. May 1726 ; d. April 1731 ; mar. — — 

26 April 1750 to Ar- unmar. 28 Mar. 3 "Aug. 1752 to Richard. Bridget, 

thur Hey wood of 1807, & was bur. William Goodwin v — — 

Liverpool, Banker, at St. Nicholas of Norris Green All dead in their 

& d. 9 Sep. 1806. Church, Liver- n r Liverpool, infancy. 

(See Ped., p. 26.) pool. Esq. No issue. 

Pemberton M. of Wakefield,=j=Jane Slater, sister 

Esq., & of Bawtry, where he 
purchased an Estate ; b.27 
Sep. 1729 ; d. 6 Dec. 1795 ; 
bur. in the family vault, 

to his brother's 
wife; mar. at Ches- 
terfield Jan. 1754 ; 
bp. 8 Oct. 1733. 
(See Ped., p. 97.) 

Penelope M., b. 26 Mar. 
1720 ; mar. in 1751 to John 
Tarleton of Liverpool, 
Merch*, & died without issue 
23 May 1799; bur. in St. 
Nicholas Church, Liverpool. 
(See Ped., p. 58.) 


Peter Auriol Drummond, Esq.,=Bridget Milnes, sole dau. & heir,=Robert, Lord 
2 nd son of the Archbishop of living without issue at Baw- Vis* Galway, 
York, & brother to the Earl try 1820, where she d. Nov. 2 nd husb., 
of Kinnoul, 1 st husband; mar. 15, 1835, & was bur. at the mar. 9 May 

28 Nov. 1775; ob. s.p. 21 Chapel at Wakefield. 1803; d 

Mar. 1799. 

Joyce, 1 st wife, dau. of Adam=Robert Milnes of Wake- 

Slater of Chesterfield, Gent., 
M.D. ; mar. at Chesterfield 
17 Feb. 1757 ; d. 17 Jan. 
1764. (See Ped., p. 97.) 

field, Merch*, eldest son 
& heir, b. at Liverpool 
2 Mar. 1718-9 ; in the 
Com. of the Peace for the 
West Riding; d. 15 April 

= Esther, second wife, dau. 
of Sam. Shore of Sheffield, 
Merch* ; mar. at Norton 
6 Feb. 1766 ; d. without 
issue 9 Mar. 1799. 




MS. 20, 21, 22 

Eichard Slater Milnes of= 
Fryston, co. York, Esq., 
only surviving son, b. 12 
Dec. 1759 ; Member of 
Parliament for the City of 
York ; changed his name 
to Rich by sign-manual 
13 Jan. 1803; d.atEgre- 
mont house, London, 2 
June 1804 ; bur. in the 
vault at Wakefield. 

Rachael, b. 3 
July 1787 ; 
mar. Marma- 
duke Wyvill, 
Esq., of Bur- 
ton Hall, co. 

: Rachael Buske, dau. of 
Hans B., Esq., & heiress 
of the families of Eich 
& Eodes (see Ped., pp. 
5, 16, 17) ; resumed the 
name of Milnes by the 
King's Eoyal Licence 
dated 8 Dec. 1805, & 
registered in E. 37, 
p. 113, in Coll. Arms. 

Elizabeth Milnes, 
only dau., b. 23 
Nov. 1758 ; mar. 
at Wakefield 12 
Dec. 1780 to Sam- 
uel Thornton, 
Esq., of Albury, 
Park, M.P. for 
Hull, etc. (See 
Ped., p. 63.) 

& Joyce, 
d. in 

Elizabeth, b. 14 
July 1788; mar. 
William Newton 
of Elvedon, co. 
Suff., Esq., in 
Dec. 1811. 

Mary Ann, b. 
19 Mar. 1790; 
mar. Henry 
dington of 
Suff., Esq. 

b. 28 

b. 20 

b. 9 

Robert Pemberton Milnes, Esq.,= 
of Fryston, eldest son & heir, b. 
20 May 1784 ; was sometime 
Member of Parliament for the 
Borough of Pontefract. 

=Hon. Henrietta 
dau. of Eobert 
Arundel Monck- 
ton, Viscount 
Galway, by his 
first wife. 

Eichard Eodes 
Milnes, 2 nd son, 
b. 31 Oct. 1785; 
living unmar. 

Martha, b. 
29 Mar. 
1783 ; d. 
unmar. 18 
Jan. 1812. 

Eobert Monckton Milnes, b. 19 June 1809. (Q. Eichard.*) Henrietta.! 

John Wild-: 
bore of 

: Mary Milnes, 
only dau., 
mar. at Ches- 
terfield 18 
Oct. 1698. 

3. James Milnes of Chesterfield, = 
Merch*, 3 rd son, bp. 8 Aug. 1674 ; 
d. 24 Jan. 1737-8; bur. in the 
Church at Chesterfield. Will dated 
1 June 1737 ; proved 19 Oct. 1738. 
Mentions among other relations his 
sisters-in-Law Alice Mould & Eliz. 


=Mary, dau. of 
Waterhouse of 
Gent. ; mar. at 
8 Jan. 1697. 
(See p. 73.) 

* Richard Monckton Milnes, created Lord Houghton in 1863 ; d. 1885. 
t Mar. sixth Viscount Galway.— J. W. C. 

MS. 21, 22 






Wright of 
(See Ped., 
p. 24.) 

only dau. 
& heir. 

Diana, firsfc 
wife, dau. 
of William 
& Merch* 
of Hull ; 
mar. 30 
Nov. 1721. 

James Milnes,- 
Merctt & Alder- 
man of Hull, 1 st 
son ; Sher. of 
that town & 
county 1730; d. 
in the lifetime of 
his father 29 
bur. at Chester- 
field, aged 38. 

James Milnes of Cot-=Alice, dau. &=Frederick 
tingham, co. York, Esq., heir of Robert James 

: Mary, 2 nd wife, dau. & 
coheir of Geo. Grove 
of Reresby, co. Leic, 
d. 1766 ; bur. in Bun- 
hill Fields (see p. 12). 
She was aged 65 at 
the time of her death. 
The other coheir mar. 
Thos. Dyer. 


only son ; will dated 18 
Oct. 1750 ; d. without 
issue, & was bur. at Hull 
12 Oct. 1752. 

Mason (see 
Ped., p. 94) ; 
mar. at Hull 
31 July 1749. 

Scrope of 
ton, co. 
2 nd husb. 

Mary Milnes, bp. at 
Chesterfield 21 April 
1734 ; mar. John Dyer 
of London, Merch*, & 
had one son only, who 
died unmar. 

Richard Milnes of Chesterfield,=f=Elizabeth, dau. & heir 

Grocer, 2 nd son ; purchased an 
Estate at Palterton ; d. 1 Feb. 
1757, aged 52 ; bur. in Chester- 
field Church. Will dated 4 Feb. 

of Thorn. Hawksworth 
of London, Gent. : d. 25 
June 1757; bur. in Ches- 
terfield Church. (See 
p. 73.) 

Elizabeth Milnes, bp. 
at Chesterfield 7 Oct. 
1702 ; mar. 20 Sep. 
1721 to Daniel 
Walker of Manches- 
ter, Merch*. 

Esther M., bp. 15 
Oct. 1752; mar. 
Thomas Day of 
Annesley, co. Sur- 
rey, Esq., & d. 
without issue 6 
June 1792. 

I I 

i i 

Ann. Richard. 

James. Sarah. 


All d. young or unmar. 

Elizabeth Walker, the only 
child that was mar., b. 
1 Nov. 1730 ; mar. in 
Feb. 1758 Robert Kay of 
Baldingstone n r Bury, co. 


Richard Kay, of Stand n r Manchester, Esq., only child, unmar. James Kay, 
1820 ; d. unmar. about 1822. d. young. 

iRobert Lowndes of Chesterfield & Palterton, Esq., & afterwards^ 
of Widcombe Crescent n r Bath, son of Rob. Lowndes of Lea 
Hall, which he bought of his elder bro r John Lowndes, hav g 
been an Attorney at Rochdale. Lea hall is n r Middlewich. 
Said Rob. of Lea Hall & Rochdale mar. Mary, widow of Rev. 
. . . . Turton, grandmother to Sir Thomas. 

^Elizabeth M., co- 
heir, b. 8 June 
1732; mar. 9 Oct. 
1761; d. 28 Feb. 
1769 ; bur. at 

Mifnes Lowndes, Esq., Barr.-at-Law, bp. 
*24 Oct. 1764 ; d. unmar. 20 April 1800; 
bur. in the Temple Church. 


Thomas Lowndes of Hampstead, Esq., 
& Nov. 1820 of Widcombe Crescent, * 
Bath; sole surviving son; unmar. 1820. m 



MS. 22, 23 


4. John Milnes of Wakefield, Merch 1 . 
Fourth son, b. at Chesterfield 27 Mar 
1677 ; bp. 27 May ; d. 29 Oct. 1742 
bur. in the Parish Church, Wakefield. 

,-p-Elizabeth, dau. & coheir of Richard 
Lapidge of Pontefract, Gent. ; mar. at 
Chesterfield 1 May 1711 ; d. 16 June 
1746, aged 65 ; bur. with her husband. 
(See p. 73.) 

John Milnes of Wakefield, Merch*, & eldest 
son, b. 7 Feb. 1711-12 ; d. unmar. 10 Sep. 
1769 ; bur. in the family vault in the Presby- 
terian Chapel, Wakefield. Will dated Jan. 

Richard Milnes, 2 nd son, b. at 
Wakefield 7 July 1718 ; d. 
unmar. 21 May 1741 ; bur. in 
the Par. Ch., Wakefield. 

James Milnes of Wake-= 
field, Esq., 3 rd son, b. 28 
Nov. 1721 ; d. 2 Dec. 
1792; bur. in the family 
vault at the Presby- 
terian Chapel. Besides 
James he had 3 children, 
John, Roby, & Esther, 
who died infants. 

: Esther, dau. & heir of 
John Widowes of Brim- 
sup Hall,in the township 
of West Houghton & 
psh. of Wigan, Esq., by 
Margaret Roby of Pres- 
ton, an heiress, his wife; 
mar. 12 Oct. 1749; d. 22 
July 1765, age 37; bur. 
in the family vault at 

Eliz. Milnes, 
dau., b. 10 
July 1716 ; 
d. unmar. 
28 Mar. 

James Milnes of Wakefield, Thornes-house, & Piccadilly, = 
Esq., only surviving child, b. 11 Oct. 1755 ; Sher. of the 
co. of York 1800. On 17 Aug. 1802 had the Sign- 
manual to take the name of Rich. Member for Bletch- 
ingley. 13 Jan. 1803 had a Sign-manual to resume the 
name of Milnes. Will dated 8 April 1803 ; proved 
1 Oct. 1805. D. without issue. 

Mary Milnes, 
eldest dau., b. 
17 Mar. 1780. 
This marriage is 
recorded in the 
Parish Register 
of Ackworth, I 
think in 1740. 
Mar. Benjamin 
Gaskell. [See 
opposite page.] 

:Mary Ann, dau. & co- 
heir of Hans Busk of 
Leeds & Bull-house, 
Esq. (see Ped., p. 5) ; 
mar. at Peniston 24 
Feb. 1778 ; d. 10 Nov. 

Grace. . . . l st w.,dau.=f=Daniel Gaskell of Heaton-Toughfield, Psh.= 

of Peter Holt 




of Prestwich, & of Clifton Hall, son of Law- 
rence Gaskell. " Old M r Gaskell of Clif- 
ton, bur. out of Salford 1703, D." 

: Ann, 2 nd wife, 
dau. of Peter 
Seddon of 

Eliz., 1 st wife, bur.^pNathaniel, 1 of Man-=Sarah, 2 nd wife, Rebecca, w. of 

13 Dec. 1689, aged 

Chester, d. 20 Nov. bur. 4 May .... Pinker - 

1716, v aged 63. 1709. ton. 


Rebecca, mar. Richard Olive. Sarah, mar. Hugh, Lord Semple. Art] 

1 This Nathaniel must have married a third time to a dau. of Hallowes of Rochdale. 
She survived & married Rev d Joseph Mothershead. (See pp. 132 & 133.) 

MS. 23 




John, of Manchester, bur. Mable, mar. Ann. Daniel 1 Wal-=pDebora. 

ab* middle of Jan. 1707, Hugh Parr — ker of the Stand 
aged ab 1 20 ; d. of Torq. Hannah, in Standish. 

Daniel Walker of Manchester=j=Elizabeth, dau. of James Milnes. 


William. James. Peter. Richard. Elizabeth, wife of Robert Kay. 

"*» ^ s 

All died unmar. 

d. un- 


Sarah, l st = 
w., d. of 

ton of 

: Daniel Gaskell^pSarah, 2 nd wife, 

of Clifton, co. 
Lane. ; will 
1719; d.7 Feb. 
1719 ; bur. at 
10; d. 

d. of Rich Per- 
cival of Aller- 
ton 5 Mar. Sett. 
1 Jan. 1699; & 
sister of Rich d 
of Manchester. 

William Milnes- 
of Chesterfield, 
5 th & youngest 
son, bur. at . 
23 rd Nov. 1762. 
Will dated 15 
Dec. 1753. 

& heir of Wil- 
liam Lee of 
Worksop, co. 
Notts ; bur. at 
Chesterfield 26 
Feb. 1771, 
aged 80. 

John Kay=f=Sarah. 
of Man- 

Daniel, of Clif- 
ton, d. 1759. 

Nath 1 , of Man- 


Benj m . 

Daniel=j=Mary Mang- 



James Mangnal of Hollinhurst, son of 
Ja s by Esther, d. of Peter Brown. 



=Benjamin G-as- 
kell of Man- 
chester, Mer- 
chant, mar. 
Mary Milnes. 
[See opposite 


Ann Gaskell, 2 nd = William Milnes of Ches-=f Winifred, 1 st wife, 

wife, mar. 1 st 
Capt. Kay ; b. 
1715 ; d.2 May 
1791. M r Kay 
was related to 
John Kay , below, 
i.e. his father's 

terfield & Tapton-hall, 
Gent., only son, d.8 Oct. 
1771, aged 59. Had Tap- 
ton by will of his relation 
Dorothy Revel. Will 
dated 26 Mar. 1759 ; 
Codicil 3 May 1764 ; 
proved at London 29 
July 1772. 

dau. of Charles 
Morton, M.D., of 
Lond. ; bur. at 
Chesterfield 7 Dec. 
1752 (seePED.,p. 
107). She was mar. 
at Chesterfield 24 
April 1744. 

Daniel Gaskell of Clifton n r =j=Hannah, dau. of James Noble of Lancaster, 

Manchester, Esq., d. 1788, 
set. 42 ; bur. in the Presby- 
terian Chapel, Manchester. 

Gent., d. 28 Aug. 1807, set. 48. Her mother, a 
dau. of Roger Rigby of Chowbent (see Ped., p. 
490) . She had sisters M rs Potter, M rs Ainsworth, 
M rs Booth, M IS Pilkington, & Miss Noble. 

In M r Dickenson's Obituary it is M r John Walker of Rivington, m. Jan. 1702-3. 



MS. 23 


Q R 

Benjamin Gaskell of=pMary, eldest dau. 

Thornes-house, Esq., 
cousin & principal 
heir to James Milnes, 
Esq. ; Member of 
Parliam nt for Mai- 
den 1820; b. 28 
Feb. 1781. 

of Joseph Brand- 
reth of Liver- 
pool, M.D. ; mar. 
at Child well 17 
June 1807. 

Daniel Gaskell of= 
Wakefield & 
Lupset Hall, 
Esq., 2 nd son, 
b. 11 Sep. 1782. 
No issue 1820. 
M.P. for Wake- 
field 1832. 

:Mary, second dau. 
of Benj m Hey- 
wood, Esq., of 
Stanley n r Wake- 
field ; mar. at 
Wakefield 11 
Mch. 1806. 

James Milnes Gaskell, only child, aged=. . . . dau. of Charles Watkin William 
ab* 17, 1827 ; M.P. for Wenlock 1832. Wynne, Esq. ; mar. May 1832. 

Elizabeth Milnes, only dau. & heir, bp. at Chesterfield 7 Aug. 1746 ; mar. there 
22 Aug. 1771 to John Kay of Manchester, Attorney ; & d. without issue in Aug. 
1774. =F 

Elizabeth Kay, only child, b. in 1773, & d. in 1774. 

Joshua Eayner of Leeds, Merch 1 , d. 19=pSarah Milnes, d. 22= Ann, 3 wife, d. 31 

April 1757, aged 54; bur. at the Chapel 
on Mill Hill, Leeds ; had issue by another 
wife (see PED./p..71) ; youngest son of 
Thorn 8 Eayner of Brotherton, Gent. Ju- 
dith, 1 st wife, dau. of Joshua & Mary 
Drake of York, d. 6 April 1748, aged 52. 

Mar. 1753, aged 35; 
bur. at the Chapel 
on. Mill-hill, Leeds. 
She was the second 
of 3 wives. 

leaving one child, 
a dau., who d. un- 
mar. about 1815. 

Milnes Eayner, of 
Leeds, Merch*, 
only son, bp. 15 
Mar. 1753 ; d, un- 
mar. 22 Aug. 
1792; bur. at Mill- 
hill Chapel. 

Joseph Oates= Elizabeth Eayner, 
of Westwood b. 22 April 1750 ; 
n r Leeds, d. 6 Sep. 1798, & 

Esq. (See was bur. at Mill- 
PED.,p. 115.) hill Chapel, 

William Smith- = Sarah Eay- 
son of Heath, ner, b. 10 
co. York, Esq. Oct. 1751 ; 
(See Ped., mar. at 

p. 72.) Leeds May 


It appears from this pedigree that of the five sons of Eichard Milnes from the — 

i. Eichard, there is no issue remaining ; 

ii. Eobert, the families of E. S. Milnes, Sir E. S. Milnes & John Milnes of Hey- 
w r ood, Whitwell, Torre Lees, & Lumbe ; 

in. James, the only descendents are the two bachelors, Lowndes & Kay, neither 
of whom it is probable will ever marry ; 

iv. John, the two M r Gaskells, of whom only one has issue ; 

v. William, the family of Oates of Weetwood, & the Boroughs ; 

And that all the males are extinct except in the line of Eobert, the second son. 
Further that Eobert Pemberton Milnes is the head of the family, and by his mother, 
the representative of Buske, Eodes, Eich, etc. 

An excellent account of the Milnes family appeared in the fifth volume of Betham's 
Baronetage, p. 431 — 436. It was compiled by my late friend John Milnes, Esq. 
(son of John), & Thomas Blore, Esq. M r Milnes employed his time in the latter 
years of his life in collecting the Genealogies of his own family, & of those families 

MS. 23 



who had been connected with his. Many of his papers he sent to me a few days 
before his decease, & there will be found interspersed in this pedigree several 
additional circumstances to Betham's account, collected from those papers, & 
especially from an interleaved copy of that part of the Baronetage full of notes in 
M 1 ' Millies' own hand. I will not make this mention of M r Milnes without adding 
that I knew him not till toward the end of his varied life, & when his health was 
much impaired, but during the few years in which I had the pleasure of his 
acquaintance, I found him an ever ready & assiduous friend, a cheerful & pleasant 
companion, an amiable, & I may say an interesting man, possessed also of an ardent 
love of genealogical inquiries, such as I have known not more than one other 
instance.— J. H., July 27, 1820. 

MS. 24 


John Wright of the Co. of Norfolk, a Captain in the^p. . . • dau. of 

Parliament Army, d. at Nottingham in Nov. 1683 ; 
in Hutchinson's Troop. 



Thomas Wright of Nottingham, Esq., d. 28 Nov. 1738=p * dau. of 

aged 70. 


Samuel Wright of Nottingham, Mary, d. Nov. 9, Sarah=j 
Merch*, d. 15 Feb. 1753, aged 1713. 
56, s.p. 

=Benjamin Rickards 
of Nottingham, 
Grocer, p. 535. 

II 1 
John. Samuel. Mary, mar. Tho. Ir 


Ichabod Wright of Nottingham^ 
Merch 1 , having been mar. 56 
years, d. 2 Sep. 1777, ab* 77. 

: Elizabeth, sole dau. & heir of John Wildbore 1 of 
Nottingham, Merch*, by Mary his wife, dau. of 
Richard Milnes of Chesterfield, Merch* (see Ped., 
p. 21) ; she d. in 1782, aged 82. 

Samuel Wright^ 
Esq., 3 rd & 
youngest son, a 
Merchant at 
Hull, d. in Dec. 

: Mary Nevill, dau. of James 
Robinson of Hull, widow of 
Henry Neville of Derby, 
Gent., by whom an only 
dau. Mary, wife of John 
Read, Esq., of Chipchase 
Castle in Northumberland. 

Mary Wright, 
eldest dau., 
mar. Sir Ro- 
bert Cunliffe, 
Bart. (See 
Ped., p. 25.) 


Julia Wright, sole dau. & heir. 

Elizabeth Wright, 
d. unmar. 

Hannah Wright, 
3 rd & youngest 
dau., living unmar. 
1804 ; or Harriet. 

1 I suppose this John Wildbore had another wife. John Read of Arnold (?), yeo., 
speaking in his will, 13 Jan. 1717, of his dau. Sarah, now wife of John Wildbore of 
Nottingham. (York Wills, 1745.) 

* 1 Hannah.— J. W. 0. 
VOL. I. I 



MS. 24 


John Wright, Esq., a=f=Ann, dan. of John Thomas Wright, 2 nd =pMary, dan. of 
Banker at Notting- 
ham, eldest son, d. in 
Dec. 1789. 

Sherbrooke, a 
Merchant at Nott- 

son, a Banker at 
Nottingham, d. in 
July 1790. 

John Smith 
of Notting- 
ham, Esq. 

Ichabod Wrighte 
of Mapperley, 
Esq., 1 a banker 
at Nottingham.* 

: Harriet, dau. of Benj m 
Day of Norwich, 
merch*, Aid. of N., by 

Miss Ives. 

John Smith Wright of Bulcote. On 
21 Aug. 1821 he mar. 2 ndl >' Sarah 
Caroline, dau. of James Stovin, 
Esq., widow of Sir Sitwell Sitwell, 

Ichabod Mary. Harriet, mar. Ang. 

Charles. — 1829 to Samuel 

Frances. Jones Lloyd, Esq. 
(See Ped., p. ) 

Anne Neville. 

i i 

Thomas Ives. 

Eachael Emily. John Adolphus. 

Thomas Wright of= 
Norwood, Esq., 3 rd 
& youngest son. 

= Sophia, dau. of Charles Chaplin 
of Tathwell, co. Line. Esq., 
widow of John Sutton, Esq. 

Harriet, only dau., wife of 
Dews Coke of Longston, 
Esq., co. Derb. (See p. 

I I I 
Mary & Anne, unmar. 

Elizabeth, wife of 
Philip Gell of Wirks- 
worth,Esq. (Seep. 65.) 


Sarah, wife of 
Rev. Pendock 
Neale of Toller- 
ton, co. Notts. 

Charlotte, wife of John 
Edwards of Old Court, 
co. Wicklow in Ireland, 


Lucy, wife of 
Samuel Banks 
of the Medi- 
cal Staff 


Samuel Wright,= 
Esq., of Cols- 
ton-Bassett, co. 
Notts, mar. 15 
July 1788. 

=Lady Ann Margaret Coventry, 
dau. of Geo. Will., Earl of 
Coventry, formerly wife of the 
Hon. Edw d Foley, 2 nd son of 
Thomas, Lord Foley, from 
whom she was divorced. 


John Wrighfc 
of Lenton- 
Abbey, Esq.,* 
a Banker at 

: Elizabeth, dau. of 
Francis Beresford 
of Ashburn, co. 
Derb., Esq. ; mar. 
at Ashburn 26 
April 1791. GM. 

John Wright, mar. Cecilia, 
dau. of Hon. John Byng, 
& d. at Naples. She re- 
mar Blackwood, Esq. 


i i 

Francis, of Lamcote Marcus, 3 rd Charlotte, 
house, 2 nd son, mar. son. — 

Selina, dau. of Sir — Anne. 

Henry Fitz-Herbert Fanny, 
of Tissington, Bart. 


Lncy Wright, only child, posthumous. 

John, b. 1831. 

1 Of the children of Ichabod & Harriet Wright, one dau. mar. The Hon. Lord 
John Howard, son of the Earl of Carlisle ; another .... Yorke ; another The Hon. 
Fred. Irby of Boynton-Hall in Norfolk ; & another a Clergyman in Derbyshire, 
* See Burke's ' Landed Gentry ' for continuation, — J, W. C, 

MS. 25 



Courtntap— Cunliffe* 

The following account of a branch of the family of Courtenay is entirely copied 
from a MS. inserted in a copy of the ' History of the House of Courtenay ' lent to 
me by Col. Courtenay of Bath in 1812. 

Richard Courtenay, b. in Powderham Castle ; : 
went to Ireland Temp. Jas. I. ; related to the 
1 st Earl of Donegal. 

=Lady Mary MacDonald, 
dau. & only child of the 
Earl of Antrim. 

i i 

John & 
ob. s.p. 

Susanna, 1 st wife, dau. oi- 
Arthur Longford of Kil- 
mahevil, co. Antrim, sis- 
ter to Sir Hercules Long- 
ford, Bart., of Sommer 
Hill, co. Meath. 

: Captain Francis= 
Courtenay of 
Aughagallan, co. 
Antrim, 3 rd and 
youngest son. 

=Ann, 2 nd wife, dau. of Hugh 
Lynden of Carrick-Fergus, 
Esq., 3 rd son of Eobert, of 
the same place. 

Hercules Courtenay of Kilnish, co. West Meath,= 
only survivor of many Children by the first 

=Mary, dau. of Thomas Gilbert, 
Esq., of Renistown, co. West 

Hercules C, only survivor of many= 
Children, went to East Indies & 
acquired a Fortune. 

=Dorothy, dau. of Peter Van Puttelick Van- 
der Shelden Grandroist Vanderburg of 
Dorderast in Holland. 

Conway C, so named^Elizabeth, dau. of Francis, who by Mary, Edward, d. un- 

after Earl Conway, 
who was Col. to his 
father's regiment. 

Theophilus Bur- dau. of Cap 1 Jones of mar. 21 Jan. 

leigh of Mackera- Killamergil, by whom 1708 ; bur. in 

lin, Esq., 2 nd son a son Francis. the Church of 

of Col. Burleigh. Killaloe. 

Clements, Conway, & Hercules, all William Courtenay^Lady Jane Stuart, dau. of 
d. unmar. the Earl of Bute. 

3 sons, 3 daus., d. infants. 

Conway C, d. at St. Lucia 
unmar., aged 24 ; Capt. of 
Grenadiers in 15 th Foot & 
Aide -de -Camp to Gen. 

3 rd son, 
in the 

: Frances, 
dau. of 

Montague, wife 
of Rich d Cribb, 
Esq., a Major 
in the Army, & 
had issue. 

Ann, wife of 
George Mon- 
tague of Lack- 
ham House, 
co.Wilts, Esq., 
& had issue. 


Frances C. 

Mary C. 




Nicholas Cunliffe of Hollings, co, Lanc. : 

MS. 25 

ohn < 

John Cunliffe of Wicollar.=p 


Nicholas Cunliffe, eldest son, from Ellis Cunliffe, B.D., rector= 
whom descended Henry 0. of of New Market & also of 
Wicollar ; liy* 1773. Etwall, co. Derb. 

: . . . . dau. & h. 
of ... . Foster 
of Airton, co. 

Foster Cunliffe of Liverpool, Merely* d. 11 April 1758, aged 72.=r= 

Sir Ellis Ounliffe,=Mary, dau. 
Bart., Member for of Henry 
Liverpool, ob. 16 th Bennet of 
Oct. 1767, leaving Moston, 
2 daus. only, aged Esq. 
50 ; created a Bart, 
in 1759. 

Sir Robert Cun-= 
liffe, Bart., of 
Saighton, co. 
Cestr., pb. 1778, 
aged 58 ; Sher. 
of Cheshire in 

: Mary, eldest 
dau. of Tcha- 
bod Wright 
of Notting- 
ham, Merch*. 
(See Ped., 
p. 24.) 

Anne C, wife 
of William 
Shawe of Pres- 
ton, Esq. 
(See p. 137.) 

Mary, not mar. 

Clements Strafford Courtenay, Esq., 2 nd son, Cap tn in the 92 nd Reg.,=f=Elizabeth 
now a Col., & residing at Camden Place, Bath, 19 June 1821. Cunliffe. 

Emma C. 

Isabella C. 

Eliza 0. 

Sir Foster Cun- 
liffe, Bart., of 
Acton in Den- 

^Harriet, dau. of Sir 
David Kinloch of 
Grilmerton in East 
Lothian, Bart., or 

Sir Richard=j=Mary 




Margaret, mar. Tho- 
mas Brooke, Esq., 
of Minshull & Acton 
Grange, brother to 
Sir Robert. 

Brooke, mar. Emma, 
in 1813 Mary, ~ 

dau. of .... Charlotte. 
Perry, Esq. 

i i 


ii ii ii i 

Sir Richard. Robert. Charlotte. Mary. 

Thomas. Thomas. 

Louise. Frances. 

Foster = Emma, dau. 
Cunliffe, of Lord 

son & 

Crewe; mar. 
in 1809. 

Mary, mar. in 1806 
to Charles Watkin 
Williams Wynne, 
bro. to Sir W. W. 

Robert,^ mar. 
in 1805 .... 

widow of 

Forest, Esq. 

Harriet, mar. in 1810 
to Sir Rich d Brooke 
of Norton, Bart., son 
of Sir Richard by 
Mary Cunliffe. 

Ellis Watkin. 

* Mar. Margaret, dau. of Robert Carter, Esq. f D. s.p. 

J Succeeded as fourth Baronet. For continuation see 'Peerage and 

.'—J. W. C. 

MS. 26, 27 




See pedigree of Heywood of Hey wood-hall at p. 168, & the conjecture respecting 
the branching off of this family. 

John Hey wood of Hey wood Mill, Waterside in= 
the Par. of Bolton, co. Lane, b. ab* 1533. 

r . . . . Seddon, mar. 
at Prestalee. 

Oliver Heywood of Little Leaver 3 
in the parish of Bolton, b. in the 
reign of Philip & Mary ; d. about 
1628, aged about 72 years. 

: AliceHulton of Brightmet in the par. of Bolton, 
sister to Adam Hulton of the same place, father 
of William H. of Northampton, clerk, Nathaniel, 
of Newington Green, & Judith, wife of Samuel 
Heaward, who had issue. 

Isabella, 1 st wife,= John Heywood=f=Joan, 2 nd wife,=James Horrocks 

sister of Eoger 
Barlow ; mar. 
1627 ; d. with- 
out issue 1667. 

of Chapel-house 
in Little Lever, 
d. 30 th July 
1680, aged 77 ; 
bur. at Bolton 
on the 31 st . 

sister of James 
Mason ; b. 
16— ; d. 13 
Dec. 1691 ; 
bur. at Bolton. 

of .... in Dean 
parish, 2 nd husb., 
mar. 22 April 

b. April 
1601 ; d. 

John Heywood, b. 22 Dec. 1677 or 1678, 
bp. 24 th , his father being then 75 & his 
mother 34. 

Nathaniel Heywood, 
1680; d. young & 


21 June 
bur. at 

John Alice, first wife, only dau. of . . . .=pRichard Hey-= 

Heywood, Critchlaw of Bolton or Longworth wood of Little 

b. 1592 ; in the par. (see Ped., p. 28) ; b. Lever, son & 

d. young. 1593 ; mar. 1615 ; d. at her son's heir, d. 1 Mar. 

house in the par. of Halifax 22 1677, aged 81, 

April 1657, & was bur. in Halifax & was bur. at 

Church. Bolton. 

wife, d. 8 
aged 77, 
bur. at 


d. 20 th 

10. Thomas Heywood, went with Captain 
Langden a soldier to Virginia 1679 ; an 
Apprentice & ran away ; went from 


11. Nathan Heywood, d. without issue 
at Little Lever in 1625 ; served his 
Apprenticeship, & came home & d. of 


4. John Heywood- 
of Little Lever, 
eldest (surviving) 
son, went with 
Lord Willoughby 
to Barbadoes in 
PL662, & d. there 
in Sep. 1664. 
i A 

: Mary Ramsbotham 
of the par. of Bury, 

dau.-in-law to 

Ingham, minister 
of Ribchester ; d. 
23 rd April 1672. 

1. John, 2. Hannah Heywood, mar. 
eldest Thomas Crompton of Bright- 
son, d. an met; mar. 1643. They had 
infant. 14 children, & were both 
dead in 1672 or 73. She 
was the eldest dau., b. about 
1623. She d.:4 Dec. 1673, 
her husband a little before. 



MS. 26 


Richard Hey-=f= Alice, dau. 

wood of Little 
Lever, d. 26 th 
Mar. 1675, 
aged about 

of Rob. 
of Darcy 

Mary Heywood, 
aunt & coheir, 
mar. Peter Roth- 
well of Hol- 
combe & Darcy 
Lever, & had 
issue (seep. 30); 
mar. 4 May 

I I I 

Esther Heywood, mar. Hannah, 

21 Jan. 1680-1 to ob. s.p. 

James Lomax of Little 1672. 
Lever and Brightmet, — 

& had issue (see p. 30). Oliver, 

Compare Whitaker's ob. 1655, 

'Whalley,' 389. a year 

John Heywood, only child, d. an infant 1 June 1675, when his great-uncle 
Oliver H. succeeded by entail to the family estates. 

3. Mary Heywood, 
mar, Nicholas Hunt 
of Horwich in par. 
of Dean, co. Lane. 
She d. in 1648, 
leaving an only 
dau. Esther, who 
mar. James Wors- 
ley of Rivington, & 
had a dau. Mary. 
N. H. remar., & 
had 6 sons & 1 

Elizabeth, l st = 
wife, dau. of 
John Angier, 
Clerk, ejected 
at Denton 
1662 ; mar. 
25 April 
1655 ; ob. 26 
May 1661. 

: 6. Oliver Heywood, b. at= 
Little Lever, & bp. at 
Bolton 15 Mar. 1630 ; 
ejected from Coley Chapel 
in the par. of Halifax 
1662 ; was many years 
Presbyterian Minister at 
North Owram in the 
same par. ; d. there 4 th 
May 1702. Will dated 
28 th April 1702. 

: Abigail, 2 nd wife, 
dau. of James 
Crompton of 
Brightmet; mar. 
27 June 1667 ; 
will dated 1 st 
Aug. 1702; d. 
without issue 
1707, aged 75. 

John Heywood of Pontefract, V.D.M., Eldest 
son, b. at North Owram 18 April 1656 ; d. at 
Ballifield in Sheffield, & bur. at Hansworth 
6 Sep. 1704. (Printed ped.) 

^Elizabeth Stacy, mar. at Dar- 
ton 2 Oct. 1694 ; d. a widow 
at Ballifield n r Sheffield 15 
April 1721. (P. 560.) 

Timothy Heywood of= 
Sheffield, Apothecary, 
b. 13 Dec. 1695 ; bp. 
by Rev. Tim. Jollie 
1 Jan. ; d. without 
issue 25 Sep. 1718, 
having been mar. that 
very month. 

= Hannah, had her thirds from 
the Lever estate ; remar. 
William Marsden of Sheffield, 
Attorney ; mar. at Wors- 
borough 11 May 1722, being 
then both of the par. of Silk- 

Elizabeth, b. 1701; 
d. unmar. 21 Mch. 

printed ped, 



Eliezer Heywood of Wallingwells & Dron-=j=Helen, dau. of John 

field, V.D.M., b. at North Owram 18 April 
1657 ; d. at Dronfield 20 May 1730, & 
was bur. in the Church ; settled at Carlton 
on his marriage ; removed to D. 1703 or 


Rotherham of Dron- 
field, Gent. 


1 Jan. 1700 ; d. in 
Aug. 1713. 

Nathaniel, 3 rd 
& youngest 
son, d. an in- 
fant 24 Aug. 

MS. 26 



Eliezer Hey- 1 
wood of 
V.D.M.,b. at 
Dronfield 8 
Oct. 1710 ; 
d. at Mans- 
field 22 July 
1782 or 83. 

=Jane, dau. of 
Samuel Shaw 
of Mansfield, 
V.D.M. 5 b. 
15 Jan. 
1730 ; mar. 
6 Nov. 1751. 
(See Ped., p. 

Elizabeth Heywood, b. at Carl- 
ton, co. Notts, 15 July 1703; 
mar. Isaac Wylde of Notting- 
ham, Apothecary, & d. 31 
Oct. (?31 Aug.) 1758. (See 
Ped., p. .) 

Hannah, d. unmar. at Dronfield 
11 Jan. 1740, aged 32. 



Bridget. Helen. 

D. in their in- 

Mary Ann= 
Kice, 1 st 
wife, mar. 
in India ; 
d. of Fever 

=Isaac Heywood, b. 29= 
Sep. 1767 (? 1769) ; 
he lived for a while 
in the East Indies, 
but is now living at 

r Maria, dau. 
of Henry 
Hollings of 
ham ; mar. 
1806; d. 10 
Feb. 1814. 

Charlotte H., 
bp. 30 June 
1762 by D r 
Eaton ; d. 
about 9 th 
April 1834. 

Eliezer Hey- 
wood, bp. by 
D r Eaton 30 
July 1756 ; 
settled in 

Samuel, b. 9 Sep. 1807 ; bp. by Isaac, living 
M* Bull 9 Oct. ; d. y. 1815. 1826. 

Maria, living Henry, d. 
1826. infant. 

Samuel Hey- 
wood of Nott- 
ingham, Sol., 
b. 7 Feb. 
1755; d. 25 
July 1789 ; 
he was bp. 
by D* J. 
Eaton 4 Mar. 

=Ann, dau. of John 
Smith, Mayor of 
Newark in 176.3 ; 
mar. 12 June 
1780 (see Ped., 
p. 31) ; d. 5 Feb. 
1825, aged 72 ; 
bur. at Halifax. 

Mary H., b. 14 Aug. 1758 ; 
living unmar. at Mansfield ; 
bp. by D r Eaton 13 Sep. ; 
d. Feb. 1832. 

Bridget, b. 1 Aug. 1760; 
d. unmar. 10 May 1784; 
bp. by D r Eaton 3 Sep. 

Jane H., b. 11 
July 1765; mar. 
William Paul- 
son of Mans- 
field, Surgeon, & 
had issue 2, 
Eliezer & Wil- 
liam Heywood. 

Eliezer H., eldest son who=f=Mary, dau. 

survived, & Eldest repre- 
sentative of this family, 
b. 28 April 1788; of Calde- 
cote ; bur. in the Ch. of 
Brampton, co. Hunts. 


Butler of 
near Cam- 

Ann Heywood, b. 
10 Sep. 1789; mar. 
Richard Astley, 
V.D.M.,of Hali- 
fax, & is living 
s.p. 1820. (See 
Ped., p. 77.) 

Mary, d. 
unmar. ; 
b. 27 Jan, 

d. in 

I I 
Oliver & 

Shaw, d. 
in in- 

Mary Heywood, only child, b. 5 Oct. 1815 or 1816 ; living 1822 ; 
mar Heycock of Hedingley n r Leeds. 

5. Esther Heywood, mar. William Whitehead 
of Bent-hall in Lothers Dale, par. of Carlton 
in Craven. He d. 15 Nov. 1671 ; she 22 Oct. 
1695 ; bur. at Bolton. (See Ped., p. 28.) 

7. Alice Heywood, mar. Samuel 
Bradley of Ainsworth, co. Lane. 
He d. 2 Nov. 1669 ; she 9 May 
1677. They had six Children. 



MS. 26, 27 

8. Nathaniel Heywood, b. 16 Sep. 1633;= 
ejected at Ormskirk, co. Lane., 1662 ; 
d. at Ormskirk 16 Dec. 1677, & was 
bur. on the 18 th in the Chancel of the 
par. Church. 

^Elizabeth Parr 
of Wood in 
Eccleston, d. at 

9. Josiah Heywood, went 
to Barbadoes in 1662 
with his elder brother 
John ; d. there without 
issue in 1664, aged 26 ; 
never mar. 

Richard Heywood of Liverpool, b. Ann H., wife of 

25 Aug. 1661 ; d. without issue ; .... Cryer. 

bur. 12 Nov. 1702; settled at — 

Drogheda; apprenticed to M 1 ' Catherine, wife 

Percival at Liverpool. of . . . . Shardley, 

i i i 

Dorothy, d. without issue. 
Mary, ob. inf. 
Mary, living 1693. 

Elizabeth Hey- 
wood, b. at God- 
ley in the Par. 
of Halifax; mar. 
to Samuel Park, 
& had a son 
Nathaniel Park. 

Isabel Lynford 1 
of Brinscawes 
n r Blackburn, 
1 st wife ; d. 9 
Jan. 1687-8, in 
childbed of her 
only son. 

=Nathaniel Hey- 
wood of Orms- 
kirk, V.D.M., 
b. at Lever 6 
June 1659 ; d. 
26 Oct. 1704; 
bur. at Orms- 

Benjamin Hey- 
wood of Drog- 
heda in Ireland, 
merch*, b. at 
Ormskirk. He 
d. at about the 
age of 26 in 
1725 at Drog- 

Ann, dau. of General Arthur 
Graham of the co. of Armagh. 
She had a brother Col. Arthur 
Graham, who mar. a natural 
dau. of Lord Ligonier, by whom 
he had 3 daus., one of whom 
mar. Henry Vernon of Went- 
worfch Castle, co. York, Esq. ; 
another .... Lloyd of Shrop- 

=Rebecca An- 
gler of War- 
rington, 2 nd 
wife, mar. 
before 1693; 
bur. 30 April 

=Mary Freeman 
of Liverpool, 
3 rd wife, mar. 
25 May 1699 ; 
d. 28 April 

Nathaniel H., 
only child by 
the second 
wife, d. young. 

Elizabeth, d. un- 


Mary, d. unmar. 

Witham, d. 
infant ; bur. 
May 1708. 


Anna Maria, l st =r3. Nathaniel Heywood of=Mary, 2 nd wife, sister 

wife, dau. of 
.... Bowles, 
General in the 

Southampton, Esq., Lt.- 
Col. in the Army & Gent a11 
of the Bedchamber to the 
Duke of Gloucester. 

of Admiral Sir Rich- 
ard Hughes & widow 
of Admiral Thomas 

i i i 

Sidney, & 
dau., all 
d. unmar. 

William Arthur, a Clergy- 
man, d. in 1788. 

: . . . . dau. of William Eey- Peter, d. George^ 
nolds of Milford, co. Hants, unmar. Stanley. 

William, a Cap n 
in the Lanca- 
shire Militia. 

Henry, a Capt. 
in the Hamp- 
shire Militia. 


a Capt. 
in the 


a Clergy- 

.... wife of 
comb, rector 
of Buckland. 



MS. 27 



Mary H., mar. 
William Stew- 
art of the co. 
of Tyrone, by 
whom an only 
dau. & heir, 
mar. to ... . 
Trench, Esq., 
of Heywood, 

Isabella H., 
mar. Rich- 
ard Fisher 
of the co. of 
Dublin, or 
of Slane in 
the co. of 
Louth, & 
had issue. 

2. Benjamin= 
Heywood of 
Merch*, b. at 
Drogheda ; 
d. at Liver- 
pool in 1795. 

OPhoebe, dau. 
of Samuel 
Ogden of 
(See Ped., 
p. 59.) 

Ann H., mar. .... 
Aigsoin of Dublin, 
by whom an only 
dau. & heir, who 

mar Burgh, 

Esq., bro. to D r 
Burgh of York, to 
whom she bore Sir 
Ulysses B. & others. 

Samuel H., Esq., Serg* at= 
Law & one of his Majesty's 
Judges of Wales, b. 8 Oct. 
1753; bp. INov. ; d. Sep. 

=Susanna, dau. of 
John Cornwall of 
Lond., Merely ; 
d. in Bedford 
Pl ce , Lond., 18 th 
Jan. 1822. 

J M 

Benjamin Arthur of Anne & 

Manchester & Liver- Phoebe, 

pool, b. in 1755 ; un- both 

mar. 1807 & 1820 ; unmar. 

d. unmar. Nov. 1828. 1807. 

Phoebe Augusta, d. unmar. 
21 June 1832. 

Ann H., wife of . 
Elliott, Esq. 


Nathaniel H.=pAnn, dau. of Thomas Eliz th , mar. Joseph 

of Manches- 
ter, Banker, 
b. 8 July 
1759 ; d. 

Percival of Manchester, 
M.D. ; b. 22 Jan. 1768; 
mar. 24 June 1791 ; 
living 1820. (See Ped., 
p. 53.) 

Birch of Hazles, 
co. Lane, Esq. 
(P. 60.) 

(See Ped., p. 60.) 

Sarah, mar. Eich d 
Bright of Bristol, 

(See Ped., p. 61.) 

I I 

Benjamin H. of Man-=pSophia, dau. of Thomas Elizabeth, b. 17 Mar. 1795 ; 

Chester, Banker, b. 12 Robinson of Manches- mar. her cousin Benj m Hey- 

Dec. 1793 ; created a ter, merch*. (See Ped., wood Bright, and d. at Bath 

Baronet June 1838. p. 122.) June 1819. No issue. 

1, Sophia, eldest dau., 3. Benjamin, 4. Elizabeth, 6. Thomas Percival, 
aged 4, 1821 ; d only son, aged 4 m. b. 1823. 

— aged 1,1821; July 12, 1821. — 

2, Anna, 2 nd dau., aged d — 7. Samuel, b. May 

3, 1821 ; d 5. Sarah. 1824. 

Nathaniel, b. Thomas, b. 3 Sep. Richard, b. 6 Mar. 1799 ; Ann, d. an infant. 

11 Aug. 1797 ; mar. in mar. Dec. .1822 Jane, 2 nd — 

1796 ; un- Oct. 1823 Mary, dau. of W m McGee, Lord James, young st son, 

mar. 1820 ; dau. of Jo h Bar- ArchbisP of Dublin. b. 28 May 1810 ; 

d ton, Esq. of Trinity Coll., 

=r . Camb. 


vol. I, 

Margaret. Thomas. Mary. 



MS. 26, 27 


Elizabeth, w. Sarah, 1 st wife,=rl. Arthur Heywood of Liver— 

of Charles dau. of Samuel pool, Merch*, b. at Drogheda 

Caldwell of Ogden of Liver- about 1719 ; d. 11 Feb. 1795 ; 

Dublin, by pool, Merch*. he had one or two other 

whom An- (See Ped,, p. 59,) children, who d. y. ; bur. at 

drew Charles (Q. if her name St. Nicholas. 

& others. was Sarah.) 

: Hannah, 2 nd wife, 
dau. of Eichard 
Milnes of Wake- 
field (see Ped., p. 
20); d. 9 Sep. 
1806; bur. at St. 

Sarah Hey- 
wood, wife 
of James 
Mason of 
bury, Esq. 
(See Ped., 
p. 59.) 

Eichard H. of= 
Lark Hill & 
Liverpool, d. 
without issue 
3 May 1800, 
aged 49, & was 
bur. in the 
family vault 
in St. Nicho- 
las Ch., Liver- 

dau. of 
Earle of 

Benjamin H. z 
of Stanley 
Hall n* Wake- 
field, Esq., b. 
at Liverpool 
in 1752 ; mar. 
at Birdsal in 
1784 ; d. 24 
Sep. 1822. 

^Elizabeth, 2 nd dau. & co- 
heir of James Hobson of 
York, Esq., widow of 
Wil m Serjeantson of 
Wakefield & Hanlith in 
Craven, Esq., whose 
first wife was Jane 
Eookes Leeds (p. 16, 
364). (Q. if Eliz<*.) 

The other 
mar. 6 
July 1826 
to George 
Esq., of 
Torr, co. 

Mary, dau. &= 
coheir of Col. 
Duroure of the 
Guards, by a 
sister of Sir 
Bart. ; mar. 
June 1825. 

:Arthur H., 

1 st son, 
Cap* of the 
3 rd Dra- 
goons, b. at 
19 Nov. 
1786; of 

Elizabeth, b. 11 Dec. 
1784 ; mar. Hugh 
Jones of Liverpool, 

Mary H., b. 20 Nov. 
1785 ; mar. Daniel 
Gaskell of Lupset 
Hall, Esq. (Seep. .) 

Hannah, b. 14 
Feb. 1788 ; . 
mar. at Wake- 
field 3 May 
1825 toEdward 
Hawke Brooks- 
bank, vicar of 
Tickhill. (See 
p. 615.) 

Arthur H. of Liverpool, 
b. there in 1753; un- 
mar. 1807. 

Ann Maria, d. unmar. 

Bridget, living 
unmar. 1807 ; 
d. at Liverpool 
unmar. 9 Sep. 

John Pemberton- 
Heywood of 
Wakefield, Esq., 
Barr, of Lincoln's 
Inn, b. at Liver- 
pool 1756.* 

Peter H., b. 18 Oct. 
1799 ;bp. by M r John- 
ston 2 Nov. ; mar. 

Eichard, b. 21 Dec. 
1801 ;bp. by M r John- 
stone 18 Jan. ; d. 1833. 

John Pember- 
ton, b. 16 April 
1803 ; bp. 8 
June ; mar. 
1836 dau. of 
Hugh Jones, 
Esq., of Liver- 

Oliver Arthur, b. 
24 July 1804; 
bp. 2 Sep. 

Margaret, b. 5 
Mar. 1798 ; bp. 
by M r Johnstone 
2 April. 

-Margaret, dau. of Peter 
Drink water of Irwell- 
house, psh. of Prest- 
wich, co. Lane, & 
Margaret his wife. 

Anna = Henry Gylby 
Maria, Lonsdale, 
b. 14 rector of 
June Bolton juxta 
1806. Bolland. 

* For continuation to the present time see pedigree in Foster's ' Lancashire County Families,' 
-J. W. O. 

MS. 28 






Adam Hulton of Breakmet=j= 
or Brightmet in Bolton. 

Alice Hulton, wife of Oliver Heywood, 
who was born about 1556. 

William Hulton, a 
minister in North- 

Nathaniel Hulton, a Merch* Judith Hulton, mar. Samuel Hea- 
in London, lived at New- ward, a servant of M r Angier of 
ington Green. Denton, & d. in 1673. 

Mary Heaward, mar. John Knight of 
Stratford, & had 3 Children. 

Five other 


.... Critchlaw of Longworth, psh. of Bolton=r=. . . . died about 1613. 


1. William Critchlaw, eldest 
son, died of wounds received 
at Wigan. =p 

2. Francis Critchlaw, 2 nd son, 
living at Breakmet 1667 ; d. 
in May 1696, aged about 70. 

3. Hugh Critchlaw 
of Shrewsbury, 
3 rd son. 

Mary Critchlaw, eldest dau., 
mar. Henry Marsden of 

.... Critchlaw, youngest 
dau., mar. John Busick 
of Bolton. 

Rebecca C.,cousin-german 
toO. H.,b. 1623; bur. at 
Dean Church 5 Aug. 1689. 

4. Ralph Critchlaw, Esq., of Wrexham^ 
was a grocer there, got rich & became a 
Justice of the Peace iu the time of the 
Commonwealth ; d. about 1659. 

=. . . . sister of 
. . ... Crois of 
Friday Street, 

Alice Critchlaw, only dau., 
wife of Richard Heywood, 
son & father of Oliver 
Heywood. From about 


Joseph Critchlaw & several daughters. 



MS. 28, 29 


William Whitehead of Bent- 
hall in Lothersdale, Craven, 
co. York, d. 15 th Nov. 1671, 
having removed to Little 
Leaver ; bur. in the Church- 
yard at Bolton. 

=Esther, dau. of Richard, & sister of Oliver Heywood ; 
d. 22 Oct. 1695 ; bur. at Bolton ; mar. about 1648 ; 
bur. with her husband. Left Bent-hall in 1651 & 
returned to it 11 May 1680, having lived in the 
interval at or about Darcy Lever, returned to her 
dau. Mary in Darcy Lever, May 1682. 

2. William Whitehead. The=pCatherine 
children below were all living Entwistle. 
1693. Sold Bent-hall to Row- 
land Mitchel. 

1. John W., died in 
Barbadoes, whither 
he went with his two 
uncles, aged 16. 

5. Nathaniel, 
d. young 

1. Nathaniel, b. at Little 
Bolton hall 1 Feb. 
1676-7 ; d. an infant. 

5. William, b. 1683. 

I I 
7. Oliver, 
b. 1687. 

9. Thomas, 
b. 1691. 

2. Rebecca, 
b. 1678. 

3. Elizabeth, 
b. 1680. 

4. Anne, 
b. 1681. 

6. Catherine, 
b. 1686. 

8. Esther, 
d. y. ; b. 

10. Esther, 
d. y. ; b. 

6. Edmund, d. at the 
age of 5 or 6, 8 May 

1 (sic). Joseph W., William, 
d. about Martin- d. an 
mas 1668. infant. 

3. Mary Whitehead, mar. 
Thomas Wostenholm 23 rd 
April 1680. 


William Wostenholm, a N. C. Minister in 
Lancashire, entered Frankland's Academy 

tU J I " 'I 

John. Mary. Anne. 

Nathaniel. Hannah. Esther. 

4. Alice Whitehead, mar. 
Roger Crook. 


7. Esther Whitehead, 
mar. Thurston Long- 
worth. =T= 

I I 

2 other daus., 
who d. young. 

8. Elizabeth, 
d. 22 Sep. 
1674, aged 6. 

William. Elizabeth. Hester. Joseph. Hester & 2 others. 

Crump ton. 

William Crompton, of Breakmet.= 


Thomas Crompton, of=j=Hannah, dau. of Richard, sister of Oliver Heywood ; d. 4 

Breakmet, d. 26 April 


Dec. 1673. Had 14 children, of whom 4 only were living 
at the time of her decease. 

MS. 29 




John Orompton, b. 1645 ; of=The widow of ... . 
Christ Coll., Camb., B.A., Gibbons, that 
M.A. ; Minister at Scremby, famous London 
co. Line. ; d. without issue Minister, by whom 
25 Deo. 1675, aged about 30. she had 3 Children. 

James Crompton, d. in his 
Apprenticeship to Abraham 
Ogden, an Apothecary at 
Bolton, aged ab* 19 ; bur. 4 
Nov. 1679 or 78. 

Mary Crompton, the 
eldest dau., mar. Ro- 
bert Pickup of Tock- 
holes Chapel in 
BlaGkburn psh., & 
d. without issue in 
Jan. 1672 ; her only 
child James 25 Mar. 

John Scolcroft= 
of Darcy 
Lever. The 
Children be- 
low were all 
living 1693. 

Mary. Anne or Hannah. John. 



: Esther Cromp- 
ton, sister & 
coheir of John 
& James 

Adam 6reen-= 
halgh of Har- 
wood, dead 
before 1693. 

: Alice Cromp- 
ton, the other 
sister & co- 
heir. A 
daughter of 
hers died in 

Anne. Elizabeth, wife of 
Will m Brown, & 
had issue 1693. 

Mary, lived 
in London. 



James Crompton of Breakmet.= 


John Oromp- 
ton, living in 
1702, when 
his sister M rs 
made her will. 

Abigail Cromp- 
ton wife of 
Oliver Hey- 
wood of North- 
owram, Clerk. 

2 Children, 
living in 

John 0., Merch* 
at Walpole in 

Lawrence C. 
hill 1668, 
bur. at 
Bolton 20 
May 1671. 


. . . . C, .... wife of James 
a son, Hilton of Manchester, 
living d. 4 Oct. 1692, aged 
in Lon- 63 ; son of Captain 
don Hulton or Hilton of 

1690. Droylsden, who d. in 

Nov. 1676, aged 80. 

His widow was bur. 

3 May 1687, aged 91. 

James Crompton, nephew to 0.= 
H., had a brother John Cromp- 
ton, a Doctor in Wiltshire, who 
had three Children. Had 5 
Child en living in 1693. 

= b. 1660; 

bur. at Bolton 
29 April 1700. 

I I 

James Crompton. Esther C. 



MS. 29 


Mary Crompton, wife of John Okey 
of Bolton, b. in London 1608, settled 
at Bolton 1629, mar. 1631, d. 29 
April 1684. (See his singular Monu- 
mental Inscription in 'Gent. Mag.,' 
lxxiii., 923.) .Had 4 sons & 6 daus. 
His wife d. in 1651. 

. . . . wife of 

.... wife of 

.... wife of 

. . . . Gregge, 

.... Smith, 


vicar of Bolton, 

by whom 


had a son Na- 


vicar of 

than Gregge 

Smith of 


living at Ches- 


ter 1668, who 

who had 

was mar. & 

2 Children. 

had a dan. 

James Okey of Bolton,=Dau. of John 
mar. in May 1687, & d. Grundy of 
the Sept. following. Rakes. 

Sarah 0., wife of John 
FJetcher of Bolton ; 
bur. 19 Jan. 1687. 




Esther 0., mar Thomas 0., Mary, wife of . . 

Dickson of London, living Hatton, Vicar 

and d. in Childbed 1693. Dean ; d. Dec. 

1683. 1698, aged 53. 

. . William Loc, living 1643. 
of He or his wife, nephew 

or niece to Abigail Hey- 


Thomas Crompton, b. about 1610 ; of Oxford, M.A. ; ejected at Ashby Chapel, 
Psh. of Leigh, 1662 ; d. 2 Feb. 1691 (Cal. 414). A niece of his mar. in 1675 Adam 
Ferniside of Little Lever, a great friend of 0. H. He was much older than she, & 
d. in April 1679, aged 76. 

Thomas Crompton, also a Minister, b. at Great Lever 1635 ; of Oxford, M.A. ; 
ejected at Torkscarth park n r Liverpool (Cal. 403) ; ob. 1699. 

John Crompton, another Ejected Minister, b. at Brightmet. (See Cal. 531, & 
his descendants at p. 10.) 

John Crompton, silenced by the Uniformity Act. He d. Minister of Cockey- 
moor Chapel n r Bolton in Ang.'l703. (See Cal. Cont. 573.) 

William Crompton, ejected in Devonshire, but descended of the Lancashire 
family. (See Cal. 247 & Cont. 331 ; see also A. 0., 2 nd Ed., ii., 1038, & Fasti, ii., 70, 
1 st Ed.) He was son of William Crompton, who was admitted into Brazen Nose 
College 1617, aged 18, the son of Richard Crompton, Esq., Barrister-at-Law, of the 
Parish of Leigh near Wigan. 

Joshua Crompton. I find this name among the Ministers educated by Frank- 
land, whose Academy he entered 1697 ; but perhaps he is the same with Joseph 
Crompton, a Minister in Nottinghamshire who conformed. He mar. one of the 
coheiresses of Vincent of Barnborough Grange. 1 

Grace dau. of John Crompton, of Hacking, co. Lane, mar. James Ferniside, & 
dl 28 May 1672. 

Adam Crompton, factor in London for Richard Heywood, father of Oliver. 
His mother & said Richard were cousins German. 

1 Conjecture that this Joshua was a brother 
of Abraham & Samuel Crompton, at p. 10 & 
11. Not so. See who he was in M r 
Ormerod's Pedigree. 

Joshua Crompton=j=. . . . d. 4 

of Old Hall Stand, 
co. Lane, d. April 


Esther Crompton, 
mar. in Aug. 1710 
to Samuel Ware- 
ing of Bury, who 
d; in June 1717. 

Sarah 0., mar wife 

in April 1713 of Robert 

to M r John 
Fairburn of 
Fishlake, co. 

Waring of 

Rebecca Crompton, 
mar. 28 Nov. 1721 
toM r .. . . Rigbyof 
Chowbent. She was 
bur. in the Chapel 
at Manchester 26 
Sep. 1732. 

Phoebe Cromp- 
ton, mar. 20 
Jan. 1721 to 
M r John Parr 
of Manchester. 

7 May 



Samuel Bradley of Ainsworth,=pAlice, dau. of Richard & sister of Oliver 

co. Lane, d. 2 Nov. 1669. 

Hey wood; d. 9 May 1677. 

John Bradley, lived for sometime=pMary, dau. of Thomas Hamer Samuel Brad- 

as servant with M 1 ' Strangeways, 
but was living at home 1675 
mar. 23 Feb. 1679-80. 

of H or wood by .... his wife, ley, unmar. 
dau. of Peter Winstanley 1675 & in 
an uncle of 0. H. 1693. 

Mary. John. Alice. Esther. Elizabeth. Margaret. Thomas. Peter. 

L - - - - 1 - 


Esther Bradley, mar. James Alice Bradley, mar. Joshua 2 other children, who 
Brooke of Bolfcon 5 July Crook of Darcy Lever. probably d. in their 

168- ; d. 28 Feb. 1695-6. =j= infancy. 

Alice. James. Esther. John. 1. John. 2. Ichabod. 3. Joshua. 

1. John. 


Peter Eothwell of=f=Mary, dau. of John Hey wood, elder brother of 0. H., 

Holcombe & Darcy 

aunt & coheir of John H., who d. an infant ; mar. 
4 May 1682. 

j.- 1 

John Eothwell, b. Peter, b. 23 Oct. Thomas, b. 23 Esther, b. Eobert, b. before 

27 Mar. 1683. 1685 ; mar. 16 Feb. 1686. 15 Jan. 1693. 

— Sep. 1708 Alice — 1689 ; d. — 

Mary, b. 28 May Yates of Farn- Elizabeth, b. 7 young. Eichard, b. before 

1684. worth. July 1688. 24 May 1693. 

Peter=j=Ann Smith of Sharpies. 

Peter=pMary Orompton of Bolton. 



James Lomax of Little Lever &=f=Esther Hey wood, the other Aunt « 
Breakmet, b. in 1656. I coheir, b. in 1661. 



A I 

MS. 30 


James Lomax, b.=pEunice John, b. Mary, b. 20 Sep. 1686. Richard. 5 other 

in 1684, Nov. 25; 
mar. in 1729, & 
d. in 1742. 

Seddon. 9 June — — children. 

1682. Esther, b. 18 July Anne. — 

1688. Oliver. 


James Lomax of Little Lever, b. 1738 ; lived in the house=pHannah Withington, 
inhabited by Rich d Heywood. mar. 1763. 

i ii I 

James Lomax, Joseph Withington,=j=Ann Kay. Hannah, b. Peter, b. John, b. 

b. 1764. 

b. 1769. 




Eliz. Ann, only Child, mar Heywood of Walshaw, & d. 9 April 1832, s.p. 

Relatives of M r Oliver Heywood not included in these tables : — 

There were three Bradshaws, all 

Death of Aunt Winstanley. 
Travels with Coz. Bradshaw, a minister. 
Lancashire men. Ejected in 1662. 
Coz. Edmund Hill, living at Chadwick Hall. In 1682 he was in London. 
Aunt Darcy at Edgcroft. In 1686 she was living at York. 
Brother Goodwin. 
Aunt Christian Tong. 
Coz. Bullen of Chester. 
Sister Donne in Cheshire. 
Coz. John Goodwin. 

1669 & 1671 Coz. Garside of Prestwich Parish. 

1670 Coz. James Crompton of Eccles died. 
Coz. Elizabeth Warren. 
Aunt Crowther. 
Aunt Rathband. 
Aunt Hulton. 
Coz. Hanna Crompton newly left a widow. 

1671 & 1672 Brother Goodwin, a minister at Bolton. 
1671 Aunt Ellinor Russel, at or near Manchester. 

1 Mar. 1688, aged about 80. 

Brother Coulbourn, living at Ratcliff bridge. His name Henry. He was 
bur. in Mch. 1690, aged 90, & very rich. It seemes his widow soon 
consoled herself with another husband, for 1690, Sep. 1, M r John 
Crompton of Breakmet mar. O. H. sister M rs Elizabeth Coulbourn of 
Ratcliff Bridge. I apprehend she was sister to Abigail, the 2 nd w. of 0. H. 

Coz. Bradshaw. 

Aunt Case in London. 

Coz. E. Hilton or Hulton in London. 

Coz. P. Seddon in Prestalee. 

Ann Crompton, my kinswoman at Breakmet, bur. 26 Jan., aged 76. 

Peter Winstanley, 0. H.'s Dear uncle, bur. at Cockey in Aug., aged 71. 

Coz. Esther Hunt. 

Coz. Dancy's wife bur. at Eccles. 

Coz. J. Pilkington. 






She lived in Salford, & d. 

MS. 30 





Coz. Batter worth's recovery from child-birth. 

Mary Holt, my kinswoman (Her mother Alice Rigby was own cousin to the 

mother of Oliver Hey wood) ; poor ; bad husband and Children ; d. 

10 June, aged 59. 
Jeremiah Marden's wife, my near kinswoman, d. 9 July. 
Coz. Birch of Manchester. 
Coz. Dickinson. 
Coz. Park. 
Coz. John Heywood. 
Coz. Davis. 

Coz. R. Heyw r ood in Ireland. 

M rs Mary Hatten, the vicar of Dean's wife, my wife's niece, d. Dec, aged 53. 
M rs Eiland, sister Hilton's mother, bur. at Manchester in January, aged 70. 
Adam Crompton of London, his mother cousin german to 0. H.'s father. 

MS. 31 

Wylde of the county of Leicester . : 

Timothy Wylde, 1 Educated for aN.O. 
Minister ; Conformed ; had a living- 
near Nottingham, where he resided, 
being Master of the Grammar School 
there ; he d. verv old & without issue. 

Isaac Wylde^Elizabeth,* dau. of Eleazer 

of Notting- 
ham, Apothe- 
cary, d. in 
May 1760. 

Heywood of Dronfield, by 
Helen his wife, dau. of John 
Rotheramof the same place, 
Gent. (See p. 26.) 

Edward Witts of Witney, co.= 
Oxford, Wool Stapler. 

=Helen Wylde, b. 1731 : 
mar. 1757. 


5 other children, all d. 

Kichard Walford of Witney,=p Elizabeth Witts, only child, 
Attorney. mar. 1778. 

Thomas Walford of Uxbridge,: 

Elizabeth Walford, 
unmar. 1811. 

Heywood Wylde 
of Nottingham, 
Apothecary, d. 
unmar. before 
his father, 1749. 

Elizabeth^plsaac Wylde of Nottingham^ 

Morley of 
ham, 1 st 

only surviving son. In the 
latter part of life he resided 
at Bath, & d. whilst on a 
visit to his friends at Nott- 
ingham about 1812. 


Maria Walford, 
unmar. 1811. 

Anne, 2 nd wife, dau. 
of Thomas Smith of 
Newark, bro. of John 
Smith (p. 26). Living 
at Bath 1820. (See 

1 His portrait is in possession of his niece M rs Smith. 
' Remarks on the Evidences of Christianity,' p. 136.) 

(See Wakefield's 

Mar. Jan. 17, 1723-4 (North owr am Register).— J. W. C. 

VOL. I. 



MS. 31 

Isaac Wylde, only 
son, b. 5 July 
1763 ; d. before 
his father, & un- 
mar.; bur. at Ches- 

Thomas Smith, b. at Lavington in "Wiltshire ;= 
a merch* in London ; came to live in Bath 
on his marriage, & is still living there, 1820 ; 
will dated 28 Feb. 1823; & he d. at his 
house, Grosvenor Buildings, Bath, 3 Mar. ; 
bur. at W. Lavington. 

: Hannah Wylde, 
sole dau., mar. 
16 Oct. 1810; 
named an Execu- 
trix in her hus- 
band's will. 

Ann Smith, elder of the two daus., b. 7 Meliora Ellen Smith, younger of the2daus., 
Oct. 1811 ; bp. by myself 3 Dec. 1811. b. in Feb. 1814 ; bp. 27 April by I. H. 

Gervas Wylde of Nott, Haberdasher of Hats. Will 17 Mar. 1731=f=Mary. 





William Smith of Newark =f=. . . .sister to ... . Wilson, 
co. Notts. I Alderman of Newark. 

John Smith, Alder- 
man & Mayor of 
Newark 1763. 

r Anne, dau. of ... . Chambers William, d. 

of Gainsborough, sister to the young & 

wife of Richard Capes of Gains- unmar. 

Mary Smith, 
wife of Hen- 
ry Walker of 

Tyrwhit Smith^Elizabeth, Kenar= 

of Lincoln, dau. of Smith of 

Mercer, Alder- John Ben- Kelham, 

man & Mayor nett of co. 

in 1811. Lincoln. Notts. 

Ann Smith, only sur- 
viving dau., wife of 
Samuel Hey wood of 
Nottingham, Attor- 
ney. (See Ped., p. 26.) 

Mary Walker, 
only dau., wife 
of William 
Cappe of 


Ayscough Smith, only son. Ann, d. Mary, d. Elizabeth, only surviving dau. 

Ann Smith, wife 
of Robert Hat- 
field of Newark, 
& had issue. 


Thomas Smith of= 
Newark, 2 nd son, d. 
in 1775, aged 57 
years ; bur. at 

=Hannah, dau. 
of William 
Wood of 

d. in Lon- 
don un- 

Catherine, wife 
of John Field ; 
d. at Nocton 
without issue. 

William=rSarah, dau. of Hard- John, d. 
Smith of wick Taylor of Slea- aged 12. 
Newark, ford, co. Line. 

Ann Smith, now living at Bath. (The 
widow of Isaac Wylde above, from whose 
mouth I received this account.) 

Thomas Smith John Smith William= Mary, wife of Catherine, wife of 

of London, of London, Smith of William Tho s GilbyofBath, 

Draper. Draper. Newark. Eyres of Bath, Mercer, & now of 

Mercer. London, 1822, 

MS. 32 




John Dickenson of .... co. Lane, b. 1626 ; d.=pMary .... d. 19 May 
28 Mar. 1706, aged 80 years & about 10 weeks. 1708, aged about 80. 

Hannah Dickenson, only 
sister of T. T). in 1705, 
when she d. unmar. on 
20 Jan., aged 37. 

John Dickenson,* of High Shutfcle-= Sarah, dan. of 
worth Hall, & afterwards of Heaton JohnBeardsell 
Yate n r Manchester, elder son, d. 6 of Blackley ; 
April 1731, aged 70. mar. 10 July 


Thomas Dickenson, V.D.M., b. 1670 ; Minister for some- 
time at Gorton, co. Lane, from whence he removed into 
Yorkshire to succeed M r O. Hey wood at Northowram ; d. 
there 26 Dec. 1743. (This T. D., in imitation of his pre- 
decessor M r O. H., kept a journal of births, marriages, & 
deaths in his own family & among his acquaintance ; from 
this journal the pedigrees on these two pages are for 
the most part compiled.!) 

=Hannah, dau. of Rich- 
ard Foster of Ossett, co. 
York (see the opposite 
page) ; mar. 24 th Oct. 
1705 ; d. in London 28 
July 1765, aged 80, & 
was bur. in Bunhill 

1. Thomas D.J=Sarah,§ sister of M r 2. Joseph,|| b. 

of Wakefield, William Sykes of Sal- 13 Oct. 1707; 

Gent., 1 st son, ford, & of the wife of bp. by M r 

b. 16 Aug. .... Banks ; mar. at Wright 24 

1706 ; bp. 22 d Coley Chapel by D r Jan. ; d. at 

by M r Sagar. Leigh, Vicar of Hali- sea in June 

fax, 27 May 1736. 1741. 

(See Ped., p. 68.) 

3. Elizabeth^ b. 22 Dec. 
1709 ; bp. by M r Priestley 
11 Jan. ; mar. 16 April 
1739 to Tho s Jackson of 
London, brother of John 
J., who, in Sep. 1740, mar. 
Miss Arrowsmith. 

4. Hannah Dickenson, 
b. 5 May 1712 ; bp. by 
M r Wright 13 May ; 
mar. at St. Botolph, 
Bishopsgate, 27 Aug. 
1746, to M r B,. Welch 
of London. 

5. John D. # * ofcpBrilliana 

London, 3 rd son, 
b. 11 Feb. 1714; 
bp. by M r Pen- 
dlebury 1 Mar. 

mar. in 
7 Nov. 

6. Eichard, b. 26 Nov. 
1715; bp. by M r Wright 
5 Dec; d. 29 Dec. 
1718 ; bur. in the New 
Chapel, Northowram, 
31 st . 

Thomas, b. 21 Aug. 1735, bp. by M r Jollie ; d. 30 Mar. 1736. Hannah, b. 1737. 

* He had Anna, b. at Heaton Yate Aug. 21, 1714 ; Thomas, b. July 2, 1716 j Mary, b. Mar. 6, 
1718-19 ; Sarah, b. Nov. 16, 1724. 

f See Northowram Register, p. 335. 

J Thomas D. of Wakefield, d. Nov. 24, 1757, aged 51 ; bur. at Northowram the 27th. 

§ Mrs. Sarah D. of Wakefield, d. April 1, 1776. 

|| Bp. Oct. 24. My son Joseph D., d. about latter end of May or beginning of June 1741 of a 
Fever upon the Sea which was very fatal to many ; he had been in two battels but not hurt ; this 
ffever seiz'd him on the passage from Carthage (Northowram Register, p. 330). 

% B.Dec. 28. 

** John D., d. at Huthersfield June 25, bur. at Northowram the 28th, 1764, aged 51 years. — 
J. W. C. 


eamil:le minorum gentium. 

MS. 32 

7. MaryD., b. 19 Anne,* 1 st wife,=j=8. Benjaminf of North- 

April 1717 ; bp. by dau. of William 
M r Pendlebury 24 Pendlebury of 
April; mar. 2 9 Sep. Leeds, Y.D.M. ; 
1747 to James mar. at St. Pe- 
Harriott. ter's, Leeds, 26 

=f Feb. 1745. 

owram & Ellen Boyd, 
b. at Ossett 18 Mar. 
1719; bp. by M r Haw- 
kins 1 April ; d. 16 
Feb. 1798. 

= Hannah, 2 nd wife, 
survived & re- 
mar. 29 Oct. 
1801 George 
Lockwood of 

Mary Harriott, b. 
16 July 1748. 

Thomas Dicken- 
son Harriott, b. 
25 July 1749. 

Thomas Dickensonf of Ann D.,§ Hannah D., Thomas D., 

Ellen Eoyd, only sur- b. 24 Sep. b. 13 June b. 17 Mar. ; 

vivingchild,b.30Aug. 1746; bp. 1751; bp. bp. 25 th 

1748 ; bp. by E> Hes- 22 Oct. ; by M 1 Hes- Mar. ; d. 9 

keth 26 Sep. ; d. 10 d. 14 keth 11 May 1752. 

Aug. 1802; bur. in Aug. July; d. 25 th 

Northowram Chapel. 1753. Oct. 1751. 

9. Anne, b. 
4 April 
1721; bp. by 
M r Priest- 
ley 16 th ; d. 
unmar. 2 
Mar. 1757. 

10. Nathaniel, b. 
17 Jan. 1723 ; 
bp. by M r Daw- 
son 2 Feb. ; d. in 
the Harbour of 
Carthagena in 
March 1741. 

11. Richard, b. 
9 April 1724 ; 
bp.byM 1 ' Daw- 
son 19 th ; d. 5 
May 1726. 

Joshua, 12 th & young- 
est child, b. 29 Mar. 
1727; bp.byM 1 ' Pen- 
dlebury 2 May ; of 
Gloucester, V.D.M. ; 
d. 10 Dec. 1796. 

d. 14 Aug. 

Joshua Dickenson ] | of= Hannah, dau. of John Greenwood of Ashinghurst Fold in Tod- 
the parish of Halifax, morden ; mar. at Halifax 24 April 1787 ; b. 30 Mar. 1766. 

Extract from Dickenson's Obituary : 

1707 June Buried Martha Heywood of Manchester, my own cousin. 

1704 April 10 th Buried Thomas Dickenson, Esq., of Saiford. Had been Justice 
of Peace. 
May 21 st Died M r John Bowker, a Mercer in Manchester, my kinsman. 
July 28 Died M rs Kitchingman of Skircoat Green, wife to M r W m K., my 
kinswoman, age about 58. Their dau. Dorothy mar. M r 
Matthew Blyford of Norwich 9 Sep. 1703. 
Dec. 6 th Buried Susanna Dickenson, my own cousin. 

MS. 33 

Jackson— dFxtsttr* 

Peter Jackson of Leeds has been in arms for the King against the Parliament, 
& is now Deputy Bailiff under Robert Hurst, the elder, of Leeds, 1655. (Thurloe, iv., 

A Thos. & Peter Jackson, living at Leeds in 1608. (D. L. 27.) 
A Peter Jackson mar. a dau. of Thomas Oates of Morley, Husbandman, & is 
named in his will, 1608. 

* D. 2 May 1778 ; bur. at Northowram. 

f Benj. D. and Hannah Howorth of Halifax, mar. there 6 Aug. 1792 by Rev. Mr. Frank, 
Curate. He 73, and she 45. 

% William in the Register. § B. Sep. 4. || B. Mar. 30, 1766.— J. W. C. 

MS. 33 



^Jackson, cousins of Mary Whitaker, 1694. 

Stephen . 

Will of Jonas Foster, York Wills, 1722, dated 24 th March 1724. Of Sawood, in 

This account of the Jacksons is not at all to be relied upon. — June 1845. 


Peter Jackson— Grace, only dau. =r John Dicken- 

of Leeds, had 
3 sons & 2 

of Thomas Clouds- 
ley of Leeds ; b. 
1636 3 d. in Child- 
bed 15 Feb. 1666. 

sou of London, 
2 nd husb., and 
of Leeds. 

Joseph Jackson of London, 
d. in Feb. 1706 ; M r Joseph 
Jackson of London, uncle to 
my mother, T.D. 

Mercy Jackson, Joseph J.*= Dorothy Thomas, of Ireland, 

b. 1659; mar. of Leeds, d. Brooks- V.D.M.; educated in 

1 st Eliasaph at M r bank of Scotland. Speaks of 

Wordsworth of Dicken- Elland, his uncle Joseph 

Swathe Hall n r son's house mar. 22 Jackson, & appears 

Barnsley, Gent.; at North- Aug. to be related to Jo- 

2 nd Thomas owram 24 1700. sephBoyse, Minister 

Whitaker, Jan. 1717. in Dublin, of Down- 

V.D.M. (See Patrick (D. L. 365) ; 

p. 8.) dead before 1715 

(D. L. 467). 


. . . . 

J. of 






. . . . a 





Eichard Foster of Ossett, co.= 
York,b. about 1623; d. 20 Sep. 
1710. Ossett in psh. of 

: . . . . d. at Ossett 
2 Feb. 1709, 
aged about 95. 

Burnet^FGertrude^FSamuel Wads- 


worth, 2 nd 

Eichard Foster of Ossett,= 
d. 17 Sep. 1730. Will 12 
April 1730. 

=Hannah Burnet, b. 
bur. 7 th . 

Elizabeth W., mar. 19 Oct. 
1687 to Thomas Whitaker, 
V.D.M., of Leeds. (See p. 4 

Stephen Fos- 
ter of Lon- 
don, d. 23 
Oct. 1719. 

: Ann, dau. of Henry Hannah, Joseph F.= 

Gream, Gent. ; mar. wife of of Ossett, 

at London 2 Dec. Thomas mar. at 

1707; sister to Doro- Dicken- Halifax 

thy, wife of M r An- son. (See 28 April 

thony Markham of p. 32.) 1719. 

: Hannah, dau. of M r 
JohnFarrer of War- 
ley, sister of Sarah 
F., who mar. Joshua 
Minister at East- 
wood, 27 Dec. 1720. 

* Bur. at Halifax Church Jan. 28. 



MS. 33 


F. Stephen. 

> Y — . , 

Both d. infants. 

Richard F., b. 19 
June 1715. 
Named in his 
Grandfather's will. 


b. 26 July 

b. 9 Sep. 

beth, b. 
13 Aug. 

Richard, b. 3 
Mar. 1723 ; 

bp. 18 th . 

April 1720 ; 
bp. by M* Wil- 
kinson 9 May. 

Elizabeth, b. 

bp. 28 th . 

John, b. 24 
Sep. 1728 ; 
bp. by M r 

Elizabeth, mar. 6 May 1724 to M r 
Richard Olapman of Halifax, and 
d. 10 Feb. 1740. (See p. 34.) 

Mary Foster, mar. 11 Aug. 1720 to John 
Jepson of Dewsbury, son of Joseph of the 
same. He d. 6 Aug. 1725, & she mar. 2 nd1 ? 
Samuel Hanson,* Y.D.M., Minister at Ossett. 

Sarah, Hannah, 
& Richard, d. 

Elizabeth, b. 28 
Aug. 1727, bp. 
8 Sep. 

Elizabeth Jepson, b. 25 Aug. 
1721 ; bp. 5 Sep. ; mar. 10 
June 1742 to M r John Grrim- 
shaw. (See p. 34.) 

Mary Hanson, 
bp. 28 th . 

Richard Foster t of^pMary, dau. of John 

Flanshaw n r Wakefield ; 
d. 31 Jan. 1729, aged 
41 ; bur. in Dissenters' 
Burial Ground at Wake- 
field. Will 17 May 

Lumb (see Ped., p. 
34); mar. at Chapel- 
town 19 Jan. 1716 ; 
d. 4 Jan. 1757, 
aged 62 ; bur. with 
her husband. 

Benjamin F. of = 
New York, N. 
America, d. 
there 25 Feb. 

=M rs Hannah Van- 
ingbro,f mar. at 
New York. 

Richard, b. at New York 
13 Dec. 1722. 

Richard§ and 3. Mary, b. 1. Hannah, b. 18 Nov. Anne, b. 3 

Sarah, d. 23 April 1716 ; bp. 27 th ; mar. Jan. 1718; 

infants. 1721 ; bp. 5 June 1740 to Robert bp. 21 st . 

8 May. Lumb of Silcoats, Gent. — 

(See Ped., p. 34.) 4. Sarah. || 

John, b. 31 Oct. 
1723; bp. 20 
Nov. He resided 
at Madeira, & 
had 3 sons. 

Extracts from Dickenson's Obituary : 

1728 M r Samuel Gill of London, my wife's cousin, an only child, hopeful, very rich, 

d. Aug. 24 th . 
1730 Widow Crosley, mother to my brother-in-Law M r Richard Clapham, d. with 

her daughter M rs Lea, at High Bentley, April 23 ; bur. at Halifax. 
1736 M rs Susanna Wright of Wakefield, d. May 25. Sister Foster's Aunt of 

1740 M rs Bathshua Gill of London, my wife's Kinswoman, d. 7 July. 
1736 M rs Mercy Whitaker of Leeds, my wife's near kinswoman, d. Nov. 19, aged 77. 
Ann Foster, daughter of one of the Richard Fosters, probably of Richard 

son of Stephen, mar. Tho s Lea of Leeds in 1765. (See Ped., p. 95.) 

* Mr. Saml. Hanson and my sister-in-law Mrs. Mary Jepson mar. at Wakefield Feb. 1, 1728-9. 

t My bro.-in-law Mr. Kichd. Foster d. abt. 3 o'clock on Lordsday morn, Feb. 1. 1729-30. 

J Mar. Feb. 1, 1721-2. 

§ Kichd., s. bro. Richd. Foster of Alverthorp, d. of the small-pox Oct. 2, 1722. 

|| D.Sep. 14, 1729.— J. W.C. 

MS. 33 



Peter Jackson=pGrace, dau. of Tho-=j=John Dickenson of=pMary, 2 w., dau. of 

of Leeds, 1 st 

i I i 

2 other sons 



mas Cloudsley of 
Leeds, b. 1636 ; d. 


London & Leeds, 
Meroh*,b. 1634; d. 
22 Dec. 1689. 

Thos. Button, Rec- 
tor of St. Mary, 
Bow, London. 


Mercy, mar. Elia- Dickenson, only John Dick- 

saph Words- child, a dau., b. 1666. enson, 

worth, 2 nd Tho- She appears to have Merch* 

mas Whitaker. d. y. 1714. 

Judith, 1 mar. Wil- 
liam Dickenson of 
London, Surgeon 
to St. Thos. Hos- 
pital 1714. 

Thos. Nath 1 . Mary. Jane. 

1 Thoresby often speaks of this Judith as a relation, which leads me to think that 
she might be the daughter of the first wife, she was his relation, though the pedigree 
stands thus in the Ducatus, p. 260. 

MS. 34, 35 


Edward Lumb of Kirkham Gate, Wakefield Outwood, 1 
bur. at Wakefield 29 May 1658. 

John Lumb of Kirkham Gate, bp. at Wakefield^ 
April 1638. Besides the sons below he had 
several daughters. 

Robert Lumb, bp. 
at Wakefield 11 
April 1641. 

Josias Lumb of Wakefield Outwood, 
bur. in the Quakers' burying ground 
between Morley & Bruntcliffe. 

Joseph Lumb* of Silcoat, which=p Dorothy . 
he purchased jointly with his 
brother John ; bur. at Wake- 
field 24 June 1737. 

Dorothy Lumb, . Mary Lumb, bp. 
bp. at Wakefield at Wakefield 7 

Robert Lumb=p Hannah, dau. of Richard 

29 Dec. 1707 
d. unmar. at 

Aug. 1710 ; mar. 
Robert Scott of 
Alverthrop, & 
had issue. 

of Silcoats & 
Leeds, Mer- 

Foster of Flanshaw, by Mary 
Lumb his wife (p. 33); b. 18 
Nov. 1716 ; mar. 5 June 
1740 at Elmsaln 1 ' Wakefield; 
d. 21 Feb. 1795 ; bur. at 
Hunslet Chapel. 

Mary Lumb, bp. at Wakefield 
1 April 1743; b. 26 Mar.; 
mar. at Leeds 4 July 1766 to 
William Pollard of Halifax, 
Merch*, & d. 14 Jan. 1783. 
(See p. 128.) 

Hannah Lumb, bp. at Wake- 
field 13 th Sep. 1746 ; mar. at 
Leeds 3 Dec. 1772 to John 
Clapham of Leeds, Merch* ; 
b. 13 Aug. 1746. (See pp. 33 

& 208.)t =r 


Dorothy Lumb, b. 
2.0 Aug. 1749; bp. 
at Wakefield 21 
Sep. ;d. unmar. 27 
Jan, 1765; bur. at 
Hunslet Ghapel. 

* Joseph Lumb of Silk Cotes near Wakefield, bur. Sep. 3, 1723 (Northowram Register), 
f See also ( Yorkshire Genealogist,' vol. i., p. 224.— J. W. C. 



MS. 34, 35 


John Clap- 

William = Anne, dau. 


Hannah C, 



= Martha, dau. 

hani, b. 7 

C./b. 22 of John 

b. 3 

b. 9 Nov. 


of John 

Feb. 1773; 

Feb. Peele of 


1777 ; mar. 


Peele ; mar. 

d. 13 July 

1775. London ; 


at Leeds 26 


at Leeds 2 6 th 


mar. at 

d. an 

Aug. 1802 


Aug. 1802 ; 



to Phile- 

d. 24 June 



mon Land 


1 Oct. 

of Leeds. 

1 dau. 


. . . . 0., Elizabeth 0., bp. 5 Mary 0., Samuel C, Samuel C, 

b. 13 Nov. 1782 ; mar. 13 b.28 Jan, b. 16 April b. 12 Nov. 

Aug. Aug. 1806 at Leeds 1784 ; d. 1785; d.26 1787 ; liv- 

1781. to Geo. Eawson of 20 April Sep. fol- ingunmar. 

Leeds, Merch*. 1803. lowing. 1809. 

Martha 0., 
b. 21 Feb. 
1789 ; un- 
mar. 1809. 

John Lumb* of Wakefield & Silcoats, Wool-Stapler, 
brother Joseph L. bought Silcoats in 1694. 

He & his= 

of . . . 


John Lumb of Wakefield & = 
Silcoats, Merch*, b. 1690 ; d. 
11 Aug. 1768 ; bur. in the 
Presbyterian Chapel, Wake- 

r Sarah,f dau. of Robert 
Milnes of Wakefield, 
Meroh* ; b. 5 Jan. 
1698; d. 1740. (See 
Ped., p. 20.) 

Mary Lumb, § mar. in 1716 
to Richard Foster of Flan- 
shaw Lane, Merchant. 
(P. 33.) 

. first wife,=p John Lumb of Silcoats and=Anne, 2 nd wife, dau. of Thomas 

dau. of . 

Wakefield, Esq., b. 5 Mar. 
1720 ; d. 2 July 1803. 

Milnes of Derby, Merch* (see 
Ped., p. 65) ; d. 2 May 1753. 

Thomas Lumb of Silcoats and=Lucy, dau. of George Kendall of Ack- John, d. 
Wakefield, Esq., son & heir, b. lington Park, co. Northumberland, an in- 
9 July 1754 ; no issue ; d. s.p. Gent., mar. 7 Dec. 1782. (See p. 57.) fant. 

Sarah, l st ^ 
wife, dau. 
of John 
Taylor of 

; =F=Riehi 

ard Lumb= 
of Wakefield, 
Esq., younger 

=Martha, 2 nd wife, dau. Robert 
of Ebenezer Naylor of Lumb 
Wakefield, Merch*, of Wake- 
widow of Richard Bux- field, d. 
ton of Wakefield, unmar. 
Merch*. (See Ped. of 
Naylok, p. 51.) 

I I 





All d. unmar. 


Mr. John Lumb of Silk Coats, d. Aug. 17, bur. in the New Chappel at Wakefield Aug. 19, 

t Widow Lum of Silk Cotes (sister Foster's mother), d. Aug. 2, 1735, at Flanshaw. 

J Mar. Oct, 11, 171 5 ; bur. Nov. 12, 1741. § Mar. at Chappel Town Jan. 19, 1715-16.— J. W. C. 

MS. 34, 35 





Anne, unmar. 

Elizabeth, un- 
mar. 1810. 


One of these in 1831 mar. Thos. Johnstone of 
Wakefield, V.D.M., & d. without issue 1844. 

Hannah L., wife 
of William Ker- 
shaw of Halifax, 
Meroh 4 . (See 
p. 70.) 

Mary L., wife 
of William 
Grimshaw of 
MercrA (See 
p. 33.) = 

John Lumb, eldest son, 
unmar. 1810 ; d. un- 

Samuel Lumb of- 
Wakefield, Esq., 
2 nd son, d. 

: Hannah, dau. of Samuel Holland of 
Sandal Bridge, co. Cestr. (See Ped., 
p. 80.) 

Mary Anne Lumb, only dau. & heir, living unmar. 1825. 

The Pedigree of Lumb is copied from one in the Handwriting of M r John 
Mimes, except the descendants of John & Sarah which are taken from the Baronetage, 
p. 454, with M 1 ' Milnes' notes. I wish for further evidences respecting some part 
of it.— Sep. 8, 1820. 

1831 March Mar. Eev. Thos. Johnstone of Wakefield to Miss Lumb. 

Richard Kershaw Lumb, mar. June 1848 at Leicester a dau. of Robert Aspland, 
Minister at Hackney. 

MS. 36 


See particularly York Wills 428 & 577. Joseph Priestley of Halifax was 
admitted of Gray's Inn 4 Feb. 1662. 

Pew families of the same rank can produce a more ample account of themselves 
than is contained of the Priestleys in these two pages. The basis of this Pedigree 
is to be found in the Memoirs of the family, begun in 1698 by Jonathan Priestley, 
and continued in 1779 by his Grandson Nathaniel Priestley.* The continuation 
has been added from M r Milnes' papers, & was for the most part communicated to 
him by the late M r Priestley of White Windows. I have added many dates and a 
few circumstances from the Obituaries of Oliver Hey wood and Thomas Dickenson. 
A copy of the Priestley Memoirs will be found among my collections, 8 Sep. 1820. 
The account of the family in Watson's ' History of Halifax ' is very erroneous. 

^ The arms which have been taken up by some members of this family of 
Priestley are those granted by Camden to a Priestley of London. (See Camden's 

Priestley of Goodgreave in Sowerby in the parish= 

i.liffl.T. a. DlnhhiAr in f.hp l.imp nf OnAP/n "RlizA.tti 

of Halifax, a Clothier in the time of Queen Eliza t] 

Elizabeth, l st = 
wife, sister of 
Isabel Green- 
wood. (Q. if 
not 2 nd wife.) 

: Thomas Priestle; 
of Goodgreave, 
only son, a 
Clothier. Will 
28 Sep. 1630. Un- 
certain to which 
wife the children 

Ann Hirst 
of Greet- 
land, 2 nd 
wife, d. of 
and Eliza- 
beth H. 

Mary Priest- 
ley, supposed 
to have mar- 
ried John 
minister at 

Jane Priestley, wife 
of ... . Bunney, a 
Physician. Will 21 
Aug. 1623. 

.... Priestley, wife 
of ... . Horsfield of 
ManseeHalln r Kild- 

* These Memoirs have been printed by the Surtees Society, vol. lxxvii. — J. W. C. 
VOL. I, M 



MS. 36, 37 


Francis Priestley of= 
Benfcley Eoyd in 
Sowerby, eldest son 
of the 2 nd marriage, 
d. without issue, & 
was bur. in Halifax 
Oh., aged about 75. 

= Sybil, dau. of Gil- 
bert Drake of 
Halifax, relict of 
Joshua Witton, 
2 nd of Michael 
Whiteley. (See 
Ped., p. .) 

Jonathan P.,* 
2 nd son, a 
Clothier ; he 
d. unmar., 
aged about 
70, & was bur. 
in Halifax Oh. 

Timothy Priestley, 
3 rd son of the 2 nd 
marriage, a keeper 
of sheep ; of rather 
weak intellect ; d. 
unmar., aged about 

.... first= 

wife. All 
the issue 
of this 
wife d. 
in their 

= Henry Priestley of= 
Halifax, Apothe- 
cary, 4 th son, edu- 
cated under his 
uncle M r Bunney. 
He bought Priest- 
ley Green from 
M r Sunderland. 

: Ann Dean, a widow, 2 nd 
wife ; niece to Isabel 
Denton, a rich Chandler 
of Halifax. John Dean, 
her only son by her first 
husband, d. without 
issue, so that the two 
sons of H. P. were heirs 
to Isabel Denton. 

Grace Priestley, young- 
est child, b. in 1609 ; 
mar. Joseph Wood of 
Edge-end by Illing- 
worth, & d. without 
issue in March 1683 ; 
bur. on the 28 th . Will 
14 May 1678, "Aged 
& infirm/' 

fl st wife,= 

dau. of Sam- 
uel Lister of 
Hail (see 
Ped., p. ). 
No issue. 

=Thomas Priestle; 
of Halifax, 
Apothecary, eld- 
est son, b. 1655; 
d.8 March 1691. 
Had lands at 111- 
ingworth Edge 
by will of Grace 

Alice, 2* d 
wife, dau. 


Green of 

Grace, 1 st wife, : 
dau. of William 
Heald, Vicar of 
Donaghadee in 
Ireland ; d. 16 
Nov. 1685, set. 
30. (See Wat- 
son, 379.) 

Dorothy Priestley, sole dau. & heir, 
mar. 1 st , 16 May 1695, to Samuel 
Lister of Shibden hall ; Secondly, at 
Coley 16 Nov. 1703, to Eichard 
Sterne, Esq., Grandson to the Arch- 
bishop of York. 

Ann Priestley, mar. 
in 1697 to Nathan 
Sharp, Curate of 
Coley & Master of 
the Grammar 
School of Hipper- 
holm. =7= 


: Francis Priest- 
ley of Priestley 
Green, 2 nd son ; 
Had £1000 & 
£60 per Ann. 
from his father 
& uncle. 



ohn. One dau. 



Dorothy Sharp, mar. 4 Mar. 
1727 to John Simpson of 

Abraham S. of Hipperholm, who 
mar., 22 June 1727, M rs Ann 
Walker of Walterclough. 

Other children. 

John Priestley of Lon- 
don, where he d. with- 
out issue, making his 
father his executor. 

Anthony Priestley of Cawood, co. 
York. He was in the law, & d. 
at Cawood without issue. (Q. if 
not by Ann Hirst.) 

Mary Priestley, lived 
to be very old & un- 
mar. (Q. if not by 
Ann Hirst.) 

Will April 14, 1662. f Mary, bur. at Halifax June 19, 1676.— J, W, C, 

MS. 36 




Joseph Priestley of Goodgreave,=f Elizabeth, dau. of John Booth of Mixenden, & his 
the eldest son, d. in 1643 ; a coheir with Mary wife of Michael Whiteley of 
prisoner in the hands of Sir Wheatley who left no issue ; she was cousin ger- 
Fr s Mackworth, & was bur. in man to Robert Booth, minister at Sowerby bridge ; 
Halifax Church. d. at the house of her dau. Mary in or about 1660. 

2. John Priestley of London, Merch^^pHannah, dau. & coheir of John 

a Blackwell-hall factor ; lived m 
Basinghall Street, & was a member of 
Simeon Ashe's congregation ; d. at 
Booth-town in Halifax, aged 40. 

Mitchel of Halifax, Merch*, by 
Euphon his wife, who took to 
her 2 nd husband M r Joseph 
Furness. She & her sister 
Mary, the other coheir, had 
£800 to their fortune. 

2 nd hus- 

i i 

3 sons, Joseph Priestley, only= 
d. in- son & heir; had £1500 
fants. & £50 a year ; was of 
Lincoln's Inn; very 
wild, & d. early in life 
without issue 19 Jan. 
1675 ; bur. in Hali- 
fax Church. 

:Jane Raw- 
son of 
Shipley, an 

, Elizabeth Briggs, sold Booth-town; 
mar. D r Crowther, a Non-juror. 
Two D r C, Non- jurors, are men- 
tioned in the App. to Kettlewell's 
life, both of the name of Joseph, 
one a Prebendary of Worcester, 
the other Chantor of St. Paul's. 

3. Joseph Priestley=f=Hester,* dau. of 

of Goodgreave, 2 nd 
son, b. in 1617; d. 
in Dec. 1689; bur. 
on the 26 th i 

John Brigg of 
in Ovenden ; bur. 
15 June 1691, aged 

I I 
1 & 5. 2 Chil- 
dren, d. un- 
mar., 1 st & 5 th . 

9. Mary Priestley, the 
only dau., mar. Mat- 
thew Nicholson of 
Gray Stones in War- 
ley. (See Ped., p. .) 

Sarah, 1 st wife, dau.=pJohn Priestleyt of York,=Grace Middleborough of 

of John Lister of 
Upper Brear ; mar. 1 
Aug. 1672. 

Grocer, eldest son, d. in 
May 1697, aged 43. 

The Withers n r Leeds, 2 nd 
wife, mar. 26 Nov. 1678. 

Jaques P. Israel. Grace. Sarah. 

(These are added from Watson's ' Halifax,' & the sons are 

recognised in will of Grace Wood.) 

Joseph P. of White= 
Windows, younger 
son, d. 15 Jan. 
1734, aged 83. 

=Mary, dau. of William Morrell 
of Beckfoot, psh. of Bingley ; 
mar. 1 st Feb. 1675 ; bur. 19 
Jan. 1724. 

I I 



All d. young. 

* Bur. Jan. 15, 1691-2. 

f Bur. May 11.— J. W. C. 



MS. 36 

Timothy, b. 
30 May 
1688; d. 

Grace, b. 2 
July 1693; 
d. 6 Feb. 

Hannah,* Sarah,t Mary P.,J b. 28 Nov. 1690 ; 

b. 23 Sep. b. 22 mar. 26 Nov. 1717 to Chris- 

1676. Jan. topher Brook of .... n r 

1684. Cleck Heaton. 

John Priestley § of White=pMary,|| dau. of Israel Wylde William,^" 

Windows, a considerable of Ball Green in Sowerby ; b. 6 Dec. 

Clothier, eldest son, b. 18 mar. at Halifax 11 Aug. 1681. 
Aug. 1678. 1715. 

Joseph, b. 
18 June 
1686; ob. 
6 June 

John Priestley, only son, of White Windows,= 
which estate he bought of his relation, Nath. 
Priestley, & built upon it a handsome house 
in 1767 & 1768 ; b. in Feb. 1718; d. 22 
Sep. 1792. 

: Susanna, dau. of Benjamin Hol- 
royd of Wood Lane Hall in Sow- 
erby ; sister of Damaris, wife of 
Thomas Milne of Halifax, Merch*; 
mar. 24 th Oct. 1749. 

Mary Priestley, 
only dau., d, an 

John Priestley, Esq., of- 
Thorp n r Halifax, second 
son, b. 10 Oct. 1754 ; 
d. 24 Jan. 1801. 

=Elizabeth,** dau. of William Walker 
of Crownest in Hipperholm ; mar. 19 
Sep. 1776. (John W. of that place, 
Esq., d. 22 April 1823, aged 70.) 

William P.,tt 
b. 8 Oct. 1779. 

John.JJ Walker.§§ Edward.|| 

Mary,1ffl mar. William 
Eawson of Mill House in 

Joseph Priestley*** of White Win- 
dows, Esq., eldest son ; a Justice 
of the Peace & Deputy-Lieut, for 
the" West Eiding of Yorkshire ; b. 
17|Aug. 1750 ; d. 

=Lydia,ftt on ty dau. & nen * °^ ^ onn ^ ea °^ 
Haughend in Sowerby by Mary Milne his 
wife, descended of Mary wife of Matthew 
Nicholson above (see Ped., p. 38) ; mar. at 
Halifax 5 Nov. 1770. 

* Mar. 1, Starkey ; 2, . . . . Whitaker. f Bur - at Sowerby Mar. 6, 1710. 

X Of Clifton ; d. Mar. 9, 1756 ; bur. at Hartshead. § Bur. at Sowerby Jan. 16, 1765. 

|| Bur. at Sowerby June 28, 1750. f Bur. Oct. 19, 1690. ** D. July 27, 1829, set. 78. 

ft Of Lightcliff e and Boston, b. Oct. 8, 1779 ; d. April 1, 1866 ; mar. Elizth., dau. of Arch- 
deacon Paley. 

XX Jonn or " Thorpe, bp. at Sowerby July 30, 1784 ; d. July 21, 1858 ; mar. Marianne, dau. of 
Thos. Lloyd, Nov. 16, 1815, and had two daughters, Elizth. Marianne, wife of John Kawson of 
Brockwell; and Harriet Susanna, wife of Fredk. E. Kawson of Thorpe. 
, §§ Walker of Kebroyd, bp. at Sowerby Mar. 30, 1787 ; d. May 1, 1853. 

IHI Edward, bp. at Sowerby Feb. 16, 1790 ; d. May 27, 1824. 

f f Mar. Wm. Hy. Kawson Oct. 30, 1806, and d. Feb. 18, 1870. 

*** Bur. at Sowerby Mar. 5, 1819. ftt Bur - at Sowerby June 13, 1820.— J. W. C. 

MS. 36 



Delia, b. Mary Susanna, b. 25 
23 Feb. Deo. 1775 ; mar. at 
1778 ; d. Manchester to John- 
14 Feb. son Atkinson Bus- 
1784. field of Haughend, 

D.D., & d. 19 July 


Lucy, b. 10 July Lea P., # b. 15 July 

1779 ; mar. at St. 1781 ; mar. at Halifax 

Bride's, Lond., 10 May 1804 to Wil- 

19 April 1803 to liam Parker of Lon- 

Thos. Butler of don, Merch*. (See 

Thurcroft, co. Ped., p. 288.) 
York, Esq. 

John Milne, b. 
28 Dec. 1793 ; 

Edwin, b. Harriet, b. 20 June 1772 ; 

18 May mar. at Halifax 20 June 

1796 ; d. 1798 to Samuel Salisbury 

1819. of Manchester. 

Caroline, b. 22 Feb. 
1774 ; mar. at Hali- 
fax to Scoles Birch 
of Failsworth Lodge 
n r Manchester. 

George Priestley J of= 
White Windows, 
Esq., eldest son & 
heir, b. 8 Mar. 1786. 

r Hannah, dau. & heir 
of N . . . Kirkman, 
Esq., mar. at Man- 
chester 14 Nov. 1819. 

Eichard, b. 
14 June 
1778 ;d. 22 
Feb. 1796. 

Henry, § Charles, 
b.6Dec. b. 20 
1790. Nov. 


John P., d. an infant 22 April 1823, 

4. Thomas Priestley^ 
of Holdsworth, 3** 
son, a Clothier ; un- 
fortunate ; bur. at 
Halifax 1692. 

=Mary, dau. of Mich 1 
Whiteley in the line 
above; heir to her 
brother Joseph Whiteley 
(see Ped., p. ) ; bur. 
11 Nov. 1690, aged 69. 

6. Samuel P., d. 
in Lord Fair- 
fax's Army, 
aged about 22, 
1692 5 bur. at 

7 & 8. Timo- 
thy & Benja- 
min, the 7 th & 
8 th , both d. 
young before 
the wars. 

John P., living Thomas P. of Holds- = Elizabeth Kitching-= James Stans- 

in London worth, 7 th & young- man, mar. 8 th Oct. field of Bowood 

1695, was mar., est son ; d. 17 Sep. 1694. Had a in Sowerby, 2 nd 

but had only 1695, aged 30. posthumous child, husb., mar. 29 

daughters. which d. young. Sep. 1706. 

Joseph P. of=pMary, dau. of 

went into the 
Army, & was 
slain at the 
Battle of the 


Richard Best of 
Landimore (see 
Ped., p. ) ; 
mar. 3 Oct. 
1681 ; drowned 
in the Calder 
May 1706 ; bur. 
1 June. 

Benj n of Jeremiah, Eli, d. Jonathan, a 
Leeds, d. Fel. of a young. Soldier under 
in Mary- Col. in King Wil- 

land Cambridge, liam, never 

before d. there be- heard of after 

1695. ~ fore 1695. the Battle of 

the Boyne. 
(See the entail of the Illingworth estate.) 

* Lea, wife of Henry Lees Edwards of Pye Nest. f Ann, wife of Wm, Parker. 

.; { Had two sons, Geo. ' Kirkman, b. Dec. 16, 1821, and Edw. Wm., b. Feb. 25, 1825, and 
Hannah Lydia. 

§ Of Haugh End, d. April 22, 1837 ; M.I. at Sowerby ; mar. Mary Page, who d. at Winchester 
June 13, 1855. They had a son, Henry Lea Priestley, who d. May 29, 1844, in his 14th year.— J. W. C. 



MS. 36, 37 

Lydia Priestley,* only dau. & heir, mar. at Coley 29 May 1706 to Joseph Gargrave 
of ... . n 1 ' Bradford. (Q. if he is not half brother of John Lister, Minister of 

10. Jonathan Priestley of Westercroft, 10 th & youngest^ 
Child, b. on St. Thomas's day 1633 ; d. 27 July 1705, 
leaving the Character of a solid Christian, of considerable 
piety & usefulness ; he began the family Memoirs used in 
the compilation of this pedigree. It appears from 0. H. 
Obituary that he married a 2 nd wife, M rs Mary Nelson, at 
Coley, 29 May 1677, altho' there is no mention of her in 
the Memoirs. 

Phoebe, dau. of Rich- 
ard Hoyle of Howkams 
in Northowram; d. 2 
Mar. 1675 ; bur. at 
Halifax on the 5 th . 

Jonathan, of= 
eldest son, d. 
17 th Nov. 
1722 without 
issue. Will 
dated 3 rd 
Nov. 1722. 

=Mary Chad- 
wick of the 
psh. of Roch- 
dale, mar. 15 
June 1687 ; 
d. 3 July 
1709, aged 
about 58. 

Nathaniel P., V.D.M.,- 

2 nd son ; resided at 
Ovenden, & was 
Minister at Halifax ; 
will dated 13 Oct. 
1727 ; ob. 5 Sep. 

: Jane, dau. of John Brear- 
cliffe of Halifax, the Col- 
lector, widow of Samuel 
Fourness of Ovenden (see 
Ped.) ; mar. at Heding- 
ley 11 July 1689 ; d. 27 
Aug. 1739. 

Nathaniel P., 3* d 
son, bp. 2 nd April 
1704 ; wild; went 
into the Army; his 
father left him an 
Annuity of £20. 
He left 2 children, 
a son & a dau., both 
living 1779. 

Elizabeth, eldest 
dau., mar. 27 
Aug. 1712 to 
John Whitaker, 
V.D.M., Minis- 
ter at Piatt, co. 
Lane. (See 
Ped., p. 38.) 

Dorothy, 2 nd 
dau., mar. 1 
Sep. 1715 to 
M r Abraham 
Rhodes of 
n r Brad- 
ford. (See 
Ped., p. 39.) 

Sarah, 3 d dau., 
bp. 11 Feb. 
1697 ; mar. 
Robert Milnes 
of Wakefield, 
Merch*. (See 
Ped., p. 21.) 

d. an 

Hannah, 1 st wife, dau.= 
of Robert Milnes of 
Wakefield, Merely 
mar. 29 Oct. 1723 ; d. 
at Wakefield 25 Mar. 
1728. (See Ped., 
p. 20.) 

Jonathan P. of= 
Gent., eldest son, 
made heir to his 
uncle Jonathan ; 
d. 9 July 1743, 
aged 48. 

: Martha Reeve- 
ley of Leeds, 
2 nd wife, mar. 
7 May 1730. 

Thomas P., 2 nd son, 
bp. 27 Mar. 1701 ; 
wild ; went into the 
Army, & d. at In- 
verness unmar. 13 
May 1722. 

Nathaniel P., b. 12 
Oct. 1725 ; bp. by 
M r Priestley 19 th ; 
d. at Wakefield 13 
Feb. 1730. 

Hannah P., 
b. 25 Oct. 
1726 ; bp. 
29 th ; d. 4 

Jonathan Priestley of Win-=f=Mary Viper, a 

teredge, Esq., only son, b. 
19 July 1734 ; bp. 15 Aug. ; 
d. 4 Aug. 1781, & was bur. 
at Mill Hill Chapel, Leeds. 

Dutch lady, d. 
16 Feb. 1780, 
aged 42; bur. at 
Mill Hill 
Chapel, Leeds. 

* Bp. Nov. 17, 1682.— J. W. O. 

MS. 36, 37 



Henry Priestley, only son, 
d. without issue 25 Dec. 
1794, aged 38 ; bur. at 
Mill Hill, Leeds. 

Margaret Priest- Sarah Priestley, sole dau. & heir, 
ley, d. 18 Jan. mar. at Bradford 26 th April 1789 
1764, aged 6 to Capt. Alexander Gillespie, son 

months. of Principal Gillespie of the Uni- 

versity of St. Andrews. 

John P. of Wester- 
croft, 3 rd & young- 
est son, ob. 9 Sep. 
1720, aged 52. 

: Mary, dau. of 
Swift of Hali- 
fax ; mar. 10 
Sep. 1694. 

Lydia, d. 
in Godley- 

Abigail,* bp. 8 July 
1674; mar. 8 Oct. 
1694toThom s Hodg- 
son of Bradford, Malt- 
ster. (See Ped., p. 38.) 

Eliz th , bp. 
3 June 
1672 ; d. 
in her in- 

Nathaniel Priestley of Northow-- 
ram, b. 17 Nov. 1699 ; bp. by 
0. H. 20 Dec. ; owner of White 
Windows, which he sold to his 
relation M r Priestley ; continued 
the Memoirs begun bv his Grand- 
father in 1779, &'d. 5 April 

: Hannah, dau. of Tho- 
mas Holden of Hali- 
fax by Eliz th his wife, 
dau. of Josiah Stans- 
fieldofBreckbyEliz th , 
dau. of Matthew Nich- 
olson & Mary Priest- 
ley ; mar. at Coley 18 
June 1730 ; d. 6 Mar. 
1752, aged 43. 

Phoebe P., bp. 26 July 
1695 ; mar. James 
Huthwaite, V.D.M., of 
Idle, son of ... . 
Huthwaite of Notting- 
ham ; d. 2 June 1732 ; 
bur. at Halifax. 

John Priestley of 
Halifax, b. 6 June 
1734 ; bp. 23 ; d. 
21 July 1800. 

James P., b. 
30 th July 
1732; d. 6 
Feb. 1736. 

Elizabeth, eldest 
dau., b. 7 July 
1731; d. unmar. 
18 Aug. 1769. 

Hannah P., b. 19 April 1738; 
bp. 7 May ; mar. Robert 
Swaine of Halifax, Clothier, 
& d. without issue 27 Sep. 
1806. (See Ped., p. 130.) 

Elizabeth, bp. 11 Dec. 1702 ; 
mar. 5 July 1727 to James 
Ingham of Halifax, mercer, 
& d. in Jan. 1777. 

Sarah P., b. 13 Dec. 
1712 ; mar. John 
Daniel of Leeds, & d. 
in Sep. 1775, aged 
about 63. r 


ii ii ii 

Hannah. Judith. Abigail. 
Mary. Lydia. Jonathan. 
All d. in infancy. 

Mary Ingham, b. 
30 April 1728 ; 
bp. by M r Priest- 
ley 12 May ; d. 


Sarah Ingham, wife 
of Joseph Wilkin- 
son, & d. at London 
10 June 1779. 

Mary Daniel, 
wife of John 
Bowling of 


John Daniel, Elizabeth 

was mar. & had Daniel, 

3 Children in unmar. 

1779. 1779. 

Edward Priestley of South Hey in Stainland. Will 18 Sep. 1700. P. = Jane, a widow. 

* Mar. Sep. 27.— J. W. O. 



MS. 38 

j8tc!)u temt— ^tansfielti ♦ 

Mathew Nicholson of Gray Stones^ 
in Warley. 

=Mary, # dau. of Joseph Priestley 
of Goodgreave. 


Nicholson of 

Benjamin N. of Warley. 

Josiah Stansfield of the Br eck= 
in Sowerby, son of Josiah (see 
the Peds. Loidis & Elmete, 
p. 202) • d. 7 Sep. 1714. 

^Elizabeth 2 other child- 
Nicholson, ren, one 
d. 18 Sep. named 
1730.t Richard. 

Sarah Stansfield, mar. 5 Jan. 1708 to 
Martin Hotham of York. (See Ped., 
p. 57.) 

Thomas Holden of=pElizabeth S., mar 

Halifax, mercer. 

24 Sep. 1706. 

Eichard Holden, d. unmar. about 
1768, aged about 56. 

Hannah Holden, mar. Nathaniel 
Priestley. (See p. 37.) 

John Stansfield of=M rs Elizabeth Jen- 
Hough End in. kinson of Lime- 
Sowerby, only son, ditch near Man- 
d. an aged man & Chester, mar. 4 
without issue. Nov. 1719. 

Eichard Milne, V.D.M.,= 
Minister at Stockport ; 
desisted from preaching 
many years before his 
death ; ob. 5 May 1732. 

=Lydia Stansfield, 
mar. 19 Oct. 
1703 ; bur. at 
Stockport 31 st 
Oct. 1741; 

Eichard Milne, b 
Mar. 1705. 

23 Elizabeth, .... 1 st — Thomas Milne =Demaris, 2 nd wife, 

b. 31 Aug. wife. of Halifax, dau. of Benjamin 

— 1708. Merch*. Holroyd, sister of 

Josiah Milne, b. 29 Susanna, wife of 

Mar. 1707. John Priestley. 

Mary Milne, mar. 3 July 1740 
to John Lea of Hough End, 
MercrA (See p. 36.) 

Sarah Milne, wife of Abraham White- Other 
head, by whom John and Elizabeth, children, 
both mar. 

J^tnjsmt— Eatotron* 

Thomas Hodg- 
son of Brad- 

: Abigail,f dau. of Jonathan 
Priestley of Westercroft ; 
mar. 8 Oct. 1694. 

John Whita-=r=Elizabeth, dau. of 

ker, V.D.M., 
of Piatt. 

Nathaniel Priest- 
ley, V.D.M. 

* Widow Nicholson, sister to J. Priestley, bur. at Luddenden Nov. 23, 1689, aged 60. 
f Mrs. Elizabeth Stansfield of Hough End near Sowerby Bridge, widow of Mr. Josiah S., 
d. Sep. 18, 1730. A good woman and usefull in her place. 

X Mar. Sep. 27, 1694 j bur. at Bradford Sep. 10, 1700, aged 30. 

Northowram "Register. — J. W. C. 

MS. 38 




Phoebe John=pAnn, dau. of Tho-=pEichard 

Hannah Jane Whitaker, 

Hodgson, Hodgson 

mas Leach of 


Whitaker, wife of .... 

wife of of Brad- 

Kighley ; she had 

of Brad- 

wife of Heyes ; d. 26 

Joshua ford, 

five children by 

ford, 2 nd 

Sid- June 1736. (Not 

Stead.* mar. 17 

J. H. at the time 


dal of ... . in the Priestley 


of her second 

mar. 22 

n r Man- Memoirs, but 


marriage (see Ped., 


Chester. mentioned in 

p. 128) ; d. 5 July 



1773, aged 69; 

Obituary. Per- 

bur. in St. Bar- 

haps a dau. of 

tholomew's, Lon- 

J. W. by a former 



1 1 1 1 

William Blake of=pAlice Hodgson, had 5 chil- 2 children, Hannah Whifcaker, 

London, mer- 

dren 1779 ; d. 30 March probably unmar. & living 

chant, bur. at St. 

1809, aged 74, bur. at St. d. 

young. with her father at 



Bradford 1779. 

William Hodgson, John Rodolf, William B. of Portland Place=[=Mary. 

d. young. 

d. young. 


William, d. 26 June 1798, aged 7 weeks? 

William Hodgson of London, Merch*, 
was mar. & had 6 children in 1779 ; 
of Bowles, Chigwell, in Essex, Esq. ; 
a. 20 th Oct. 1784 ; bur. at St. Bar- 

Christopher Eawdon of Halif ax,^=Abigail 
Merch*, & afterwards of the Hodgson. 
City of York, son of .... E. of 
Bilborough in the Ainsty. (See 
Ped., p. 131.) 

John Hodgson Eawdon of Alicia E., a 

York, Esq., 2 nd son, un- dau., living 

mar. 1820 ; bp. 13 July unmar. at 

1759 ; d. unmar. York 1823. 

William Eawdon of Fulford n r York : 
(Q. if not of Aldersgate St.), Merch*; 
he d. 10 Nov. 1805, aged 41, & was 
bur. at St. Bart. 

John, living at Bishopthorpe. A dau. 

Christopher Eawdon of Halifax &= 
Todmorden, Merch*, bp. 3 April 
1753 ; he sold the -estate at Bil- 
borough; d. 

: Sophia, dau. of ... . 
James of Bristol, 

Sarah, wife of ... . Sage 
of London, Merch*, & of 

* Joshua Stead and Phebe Hbdgshon of Bradford, mar. Feb. 14, 1715-6. 
the great griefe of her Father (Northowram Eegister).— J. W. O. 
VOL. I, 

He stole her, to 




MS. 38 

Christopher Eawdon, 
eldest son, of Under- 
bank, mar. in Oct. 
1821 to Charlotte, 
dau. of Eawdon 
Briggs of Halifax, 
banker; b. 23 rd April 
1780. (See Fed., p. 


Sophia Eawdon, only dau., 

mar Voase of Hull, 

by whom one child only 
1822, named Sophia. M r 
Voase mar. a 2 nd time. 

James E.,= 
b. 2 nd Jan. 


b. 1788 ; 
not mar. ; 
d. unmar. 

Joshua E., b. 22 
1785 ; living unmar. 



This from Oliver Hey wood's MS. History of Coley & Watson, 120, & Johnstone's 
MSB., York Wills, 674. 

Thomas Whitley of Cinder-hills, Gent.,* bought Southowram. : 



Whitley. Whitley, 
=f= eldest 

Thomas np. . . 4 made=. . . .§ Nel-=j=Timothy 



wife of 





. wife of 

principal son of 

heir by her Leeds, 2 nd 
son. husb. 

Thorpe, 3 rd James Oates 
husb., of of Lands- 

Cinder-hills. head (p. 39). 

John Thorpe of= Timothy=Mary, dau. of Mary. 
Cinder-hills. Eob. Dean. 

Ann Whitley, 
dau. & heir ; 
mar. James 
Oates the 
younger & 
had no issue ; 
d. 1642. 

Thomas Whitley= 
of Cinder-hills, || 
a posthumous 
child ; had £400 
a year. Will 5 
Nov. 1657. 

: Jane Thomp 
son of 
18 June 


^Edward Firth, 2 nd hus- 
band, of Sowerby Dean, 
son of Edward, by dau. 
of .... Eobinson of 
Bowwood. His sister 
Mary mar. Daniel 
Greenwood, son of John 
G. of Eedbrink. 

Thomas W.,** only child, 
d. an infant. 

Edward Firth, posthumous and only child, 
d. an infant. 

Joshua Whitley .=np 


, W., only child, mar. 25 Sep. 1678 Abraham, son of Bichard Langley. 

* Bought the moiety of Southowram in 1618. Will 17 Nov., proved 20 Deo. 1631. 
t D. June 15, 1634. J Marie. § Samuel. || B. 23 Dec. 1634. 

% Oliver Heywood says she was mar. 3rdly to Mr. William Greenwood, an Attorney. (See 
the curious description of her in his Diary, vol. iii., p. 84.) ** Bp. Jan. 1655.-— J. W. C. 

MS 39 




Abraham Ehodes of the psh.=pDorothy, dau. of Nathaniel Priestley, 
of Bradford. I V.D.M. ; mar. 1715. 

Jane Ehodes, wife 
of ... . Hardcastle 
of near Leeds. 

Kobert Swaine of=Dorothy= 
Bradford, Mer- Ehodes. 
chant. Had 4 
children. (See 
p. 130.) 

: Japhet Lupton, 
2 nd husband. 
Had 4 children. 

Sarah Ehodes, 


Prince of 

John Hardcastle of 

.... wife of , 

Benson of Halifax, 

Eichard Ehodes, a John Ehodes, a Mer-=f=Faith, dau. of Chris r Eawdon of near 
Merchant, d, unmar. chant at Halifax. York, sister of Christopher E. below. 

Eichard & 
Christ r , 
both d. 

sole dau. 
22 Dec. 

John Ehodes of Hali- 
fax, Merch*, bp. 13 
Aug. 1758 ; d. in Jan. 

=Hannah, dau. of 
.... Gibson of 
Newcastle, Sur- 

Dorothy Ehodes, Sarah 

w. of John Ealph Ehodes, 

of Halifax, d. unmar. 

John=p Agnes, dau. 


of Eowland 
Eamsden of 

Elizabeth Dorothyea, 
wife of Thomas Sud- 
worth of Blacon 
Point near Chester. 
No issue. 

i ii 





Emma E., wife 
of James Stans- 
field of Halifax, 
Attorney. (See 
Ped. .) 

Agnes Eamsden. John Ehodes. Emma. James. Sarah Wolrich, 


The basis of this pedigree of "Witton is to be found among Thomas Wilson's 
Collections in the Public Library at Leeds, ii., 404. The second & third marriages 
of Sybil Drake do not appear there, bub are supplied from the Priestley Memoirs. 

The arms of Witton are Sable, a water-budget arg*, in chief 3 bezants. 

Susan, 1 st wife, dau. of= Oliver Witton,*=f Elizabeth, 2 nd wife, dau. 

John Dixon of Bentley 

5 th son of Oliver 

of John 

Whitley of 

* Mr. Hunter is, I think, wrong here. Oliver, son of William Witton, mar. 1st, at Halifax 
Oct. 7, 1589, Grace (not Elizabeth), dau. of John Whitley, and had a son Edward, "bp. June 21, 
1590, bur. July 21, 1600. He mar. 2ndly, at Halifax Not. 8, 1592, Susan Dixon, and was bur. 
there Aug. 5, 1598. Will Dec. 6, 1597, proved at York Oct. 4, 1598.— J. W. O. 



MS. 39 


Joshua Witton,*= 
1 st husband, of 


: Sybil,f dau. of=pMichael White- =Francis Priestley, 3 rd 
Gilbert Drake ley, 2 nd husb. husb. (p. 36) ; s.p. 
of Halifax. 


Joshua Witton, Recfcor of Thornhill= 
& Chaplain to Ferdinando, Lord 
Fairfax; b. at Sowerby about 1618; 
ejected by the Act of Uniformity 
1662 ; lived at York ; d. 1 June 
1674 ; bur. at York (see more con- 
cerning this person in Cal., 795) ; 
he was Godfather to Archbishop 

(Elizabeth,! dau. 
of Tempest 
Thornton, aunt 
to Rich d Thorn- 
ton, Esq., 
Recorder of 

Joseph Whiteley, a Lieut, 
in the Service of the 
Parliament, d. of wounds 
received at Selby. 

Mary Whiteley, heir to 
her brother ; mar. Thomas 
Priestley of Holdsworth 
(p. 36). 

Richard Witton of Wakefield, Esq.,§: 
Barrister-at-Law & Justice of Peace, 
b. 1659 ; d. 15 April 1718 ; bur. in 
Wakefield Church. 

=Elizabeth, only dau. & heir of 
Wilfrid Lawson of Wakefield, 
Esq. ; d. 29 Aug. 1727, aged 

John and 
d. young. 

John Witton of Bir-=Mary, dau. = Peregrine Wentworth, 
thwaite, Clerk, d. of Ralph Esq., Registrar of the 
without issue 1754. Ashton. West Riding, 2 nd husb. 

Margaret Witton, 
d. unmar. 

Richard Witton of Wakefield, Esq., & of = Mary, dau. of William Mary, d. very 
Lupset, d. without issue 1 Aug. 1743. || Milner of Leeds, Esq, young. 

Elizabeth Witton, Theophilus Shelton of Wakefield, Esq., Clerk of the=j=Margaret 

mar. John Farrer Peace, d. at Nottingham Nov. 1717. He had a 
of Bashall. grant of arms. (See Harl. Catal.) 


Theophilus Shelton, Fel. Commoner of Clare Hall 1714. Richard Shelton. 

* Bp. at Halifax April 14, 1594 ; bur. there Sep. 27, 1614. 

f Mar. at Halifax June 13, 1614 ; remar. Michael Whitley Oct 24, 1616. 

J Bur. at Thornhill June 25, 1656. § Bp. at Thornhill Oct. 7, 1649. 

II Bp. at Wakefield May 18, 1682. His wife's name was Jane, and she was bur. at Wakefield 

28, 1778.— J. W. 0. 

MS. 39 




Arms of Fourness, Sable, 5 lozenges in pale argent, Watson. 
See a notice of Whitley in Watson's Halifax, 664. 

John Mit-=pEphon= Joseph Four-^pPhoebe, 1 dau ,=p James Oates=p. ... 1 st wife, 

chell of 
1 st hus- 

Mary M. 



mar. 1 



& 2 John 




p. 36.) 

ness, 2 nd hus- 
band, of 
Ovenden, b. 
1603 ; d. 3 
Mar. 1676-7 

of James 
Mary Dicken- 
son ; bur. at 
Halifax 22 nd 
Aug. 1700, 
aged 80. 

of Lands- 
head, 1 st 
Will 23 June 

dau. of Thomas 
Whitley of 
Cinder-hills in 
(p. 38). 

Samuel Four- 
ness of Oven- 
den, b. 7 Dec. 
1662 ; bur. 
23 Feb. 1688; 
a young man 
with intem- 
0. H. 

: Jane, dau.= 
of John 
of Hali- 
fax. (Her 
Sarah mar. 
bank of 

: Nathaniel 
2 nd hus- 
(See p. 

Hannah, b. 
7 Aug. 
1666 ; ob. 
27 April 

John, b. 8 
Jan. 1664; 
ob. 29 Oct. 

I I I 
Martha, mar. 

at Coley 14 

June 1681 to 

John, son of 


Donne. (See 

p. 109.) 

2 other chil- 

John Fourness, a=f=FrancesOates=Gabetis Norton 

Captain in Queen 
Anne's Wars, b. 
1683; d. 10 Nov. 
1717, & was bur. 
on the 12 th . 

of Halifax, 
mar. J. F. 14 
Sep. 1713. 

of Sawley, co. 
York, Esq., 2 nd 
husband, mar. 
16 Sep. 1725. 

Joseph Fourness, a Lieut, 
in Queen Anne's Wars. 

Phoebe Fourness, b. 14 

Oct. 1687 

d. 21 Mar. 

Jane Fourness, d. an infant. Susan Fourness, d. an infant. 

James Oates, b. ab* 
1656 ; of Lands- 
head ; mar. 21 Jan. 
1680 M rs Susanna 
Murgatroyd, dau. 
of M rs Dean. 

Phoebe Oates, mar. 
Thomas Holdsworth 
of Astee in South 
Owram, Gent., April 
1675; d. 12 Oct. 
1709 ; bur. in Hali- 
fax Church. 

James Oates, son & heir 
apparent, d. in the life- 
time of his father ; he 
mar. the dau. & heir of 
John Whitley, son of 
Thomas. =p 


Joshua Oates 
& others, all 
d. before 
their father. 

1 Phoebe Dickenson was a servant of James Oates, who married her in his old 
age. She survived & mar. Joseph Fourness, also an old man, to whom she bore 
6 children. Oliver Hey wood who knew all the parties tells the story. That it was 
the same Joseph Fourness who mar, Ephon Mitchell is assumed on conjecture. 




Esther Oates, presumptive heir to 
her grandfather before his 2 nd 
marriage ; b. 1633 ; mar. ab* 
1650 Samuel Lister of Shibden 
Hall, and d. in 1693. 

This Esther, wife of Samuel Lister, was the 
only granddaughter of James Oates by his 
first marriage, but it appears that not James 
but another son was her father named Isaac. 

Samuel Lister = Dorothy, dau.= Richard 
of Shibden- & heir of Sterne, 

hall, mar. 16 Thomas Esq.,2 nd 

May 1695. Priestley. husb. 

(See p. 217.) 

.... wife of Thomas 

Thomas Lister, d. with- 
out issue 1690, aged 
34 ; bur. 5 April. 

John Lister, d. 
without issue 
Aug. 1691 ; 
bur. 9 th . 

Mary, a dau. 


MS. 40 

This pedigree is from the Priestley Memoirs before quoted. These Priestleys 
are supposed by the writer to have been the eldest branch of the family, and to have 
been settled at Soyland many hundred years. Jonathan Priestley says that a 
relationship was acknowledged, tho' he was unable to trace the two families to a 
common ancestor. A note of an escheat is added. 

Henry Priestley* of Soyland in the parish of Halifax,=j= 
temp. Eliz. ; Inq. p.m. at Halifax 1 April, 12 Eliz. 
will dated Feb., 9 Eliz. ; ob. 12 March, 9 Eliz. 

Eobert Priestley of Soyland and the Bait- 
ings, eldest son, aged 22, 11 Eliz. 

John Priestley, 
second son. 


Henry Priestley, eldest=rGrrace But- 


son, d. soon after his 

terworth of 

Robert Priestley, second son, heir to his= 
nephew of lands at Soyland and the Baitings, 
was living in 1695, aged about 63, & had 
sold his inheritance. 

Henry Priestley, only child 
and posthumous ; a prodigal; 
d. young and without issue. 

Henry Priestley of the Baitings, =. . . . dau. of 
d. before his father at Belfast in Daniel Green- 
Ireland, where he was on a journey ; wood of Hali- 
bur. there 1 Mar. 1689, aged 22. fax. 

* There must be one or two generations omitted in this Ped. How could Eobert, living 1695, 
set. 63, be son of Robert, aged 22, 11 Eliz. ? I have the will of Henry Priestley of Soyland, Feb. 25, 
1566 ; pr. July 19, 1567. He mentions Alice wife, Thomas Greenwood father-in-law, eldest son 
Robert, younger sons John and Thomas, daughters Grace, Marie, and Sybbell. — J. W. C. 

MS. 40 




Joseph Priestley of Birstall Field- 
Head, a maker & draper of woollen 
cloth, 1661 ; d. 2 Aug. 1745, 
aged 84, and was bur. at Birstall. 

: Sarah Hayley, d. 29 Dec. 1728, aged 
68 ; bur. at Birstall ; she was b. in 
1660. She was the introducer of Non- 
Conformist principles into this family. 

John Priestley of Bir-=T=Phoebe, dau. & heir Sarah Priestley, 

stall Field-Head, mar. of Thomas Webster mar. 6 Oct. 1725 

in 1721. (See his by Mary Wads worth to John Keigh- 

descendants at p. .4.) his wife. (See Ped., ley of Heckmon- 

p. 4.) wyke. 

.... Priestley, 
wife of Wil- 
liam Ash of 

Mary, 1 st wife, dau. & heir of=f=Jonas Priestley of=pHannah, 2 nd wife, dau. of ... . 

Birstall Field-Head, Holdsworth of Wakefield, widow 

youngest son, b. in of Wilson. She was house- 

1700 ; d. 18 Feb. keeper to D r Doddridge when 
1779 ; bur. at Bir- married to M T Priestley, 

Joseph Swift of Shafton, co. 
York, d. of her 5 th child at 
Christmas 1739 ; she d. 28 
Dec, & was bur. at Birstall. 

Martha P., living at Gil- 
dersome in 1809, the 
widow of John Crouch of 
London, where she com- 
municated the particulars 
of this pedigree. 

Ann P., d. at the 
age of 20 Jan. 8, 
1763; bur. at 

Sarah P., mar. .... Elizabeth, 

Sprawsley of Walt- d. an in- 

hamstow, and was fant. 
living in 1809. 

Joshua Priestley of Leeds, 
Clothier, mar. Mary Drake, 
& was living in 1809 with a 
numerous issue (see M. 
Bepository, vol.xi.,D. 274) ; 
d. 17 Dec. 1823, aged 88, 
at Birstall. 

Margaret, 1 st wife,- 
dau. of William 
Brodie of Mans- 
field by Bebecca 
Fisher his wife. 
(See Ped., p. 167.) 

=Timothy Priest-=. ... 2 wife, 
ley of London, widow of 
Manchester, .... Trap, 

etc., V.D.M. a bookseller. 

William Priestley of Deal (?),= Jane, sister of ... . Hutton of 
V.D.M. Buckingham, Y.D.M. 


James P., 
abroad at 
19, & 

Mary, d. 
at 3 

heard of 

Joseph Priestley,=pMary, dau. of Isaac Wilkinson of 

LL.D. & F.B.S., of Wrexham, Ironmaster; mar. at Wrex- 

. Warrington, Leeds, ham, 1762. Another dau. mar 

Birmingham, etc., b. Jones of Leeds, Surgeon, & had 2 

at Field Head 13 Mar. sons, who turned out wild. John (?) 

1733, O.S. ; d. in mar. 2 Eliz. dau. of Josiah Dickson of 

America 6 Feb. 1804. Leeds, who mar. Eliz. Denton (sic). 




MS. 40, 41 




Joseph Priestley ,=p. . . . dau. of=. ... 2 nd wife, dan. of William Sarah Priestley. 

b. at Leeds 
lived for some 
years in America; 
now iiving in 
England 1820. 

Samuel Ey- Joshua Toulmin, Priestley, only dau., b. at 

land of Bir- D.D., wid. 1 of — Warrington ; 

mingham, Sweet, 2 of ... . Henry P., mar. W m Finch 

Merchant in Barton ; mar. in d. in his of Heath Forge 

1792. April 1825. youth. near Dudley. 

Lindsey Priestley, d. at Paris 22 June 1822, at the age of 21. 

1705 Oct. 28 Mar. Joseph Swift of Shafton and Mary Heleley of South 
Kirkby. (Reg. of South Kirkby.) 


From the MS. of Thomas Wilson of Leeds. 

Joseph Priestley =f=Elizabeth, dau. of Edward Hippon of 
of Leeds. Fetherstone, G-ent. ; b. about 1675. 

G-eorge Priestley=pSarab, dau. & heir of Thomas Pease of Leeds. 


Luke Priestley. 

This pedigree has been entered in the College of Arms, & is copied from an extract given to 
M r John Milnes. 

William Priestley of London, had a grant of arms from=f=Margaret, sister of Sir 
Camden, Clarencieux, 2 Feb. 1601 ; d. 21 May 1620. I Nicholas Moseley. 

Anne, 1 st wife, dau. of Ralph Hurst^fWilliam Priestley of=pElizabeth, dau. of Thomas Spicer 

of the City of Bristol. 


ir. I of ] 

London, son and heir. I of Exeter, 2 nd wife. 


William Priestley ,=pHester, dau. of John Martha, wife of Wil- Elizabeth. 

son & heir. 

Gore,Grocer& Alder- Ham Cutler of Lon- 
man of London. don. 

i ii 

William Priestley. Hester. Mabel. 

MS. 42, 43 




John Dawson of Bradford, co. York, temp. Jac. I.= 

Abraham Dawson of- 
Leeds & Morley, b. in 
1610 ; d. about Dec. 
1671. He d. 19 Nov. 
1671, aged 61, & was 
bur. at Morley. 

= Alice 

Bernard Dawson, 
d. at his brother's 
beyond York 
June 1679, aged 
74. 0. H. 

I I 

Joshua Crowther=p Nathaniel. 

of Staups in 


yeo. Will 9 Nov. 



Thomas Dawson of Morley, bp. at= 
Leeds 15 Aug. 1638 ; bur. 25 April 
1690 ; clothier. Will 30 Dec. 1689; 
kinsman John Dawson, the elder, of 
Calverley, John or Tho s Hammond 
of Wyke, Kebecca Kershaw, wid., 
John Dawson of Leeds. 

: Phcebe, dau. of Joshua Orowther 
of Staups in Northowram. A 
dau. of this family mar. 10 
Jan. 1715 M r Jackson, a Mer- 
cer at Sheffield. Her mother, 
Esther, d. 22 April 1693, aged 
83, and was bur. at Morley. 


John 0., 
son & 
heir ap- 

John Dawson of Morley, Gent.,=f=Ann 
d. 2 Sep. 1741, aged 64, & was 
bur. at Morley, only son. 

. d. Esther Dawson, wife of Abraham 
2 July 1767, Fen ton of Leeds (see Ped., 
aged 88. p. 127), only dau. 

John Dawson of=pMiss 
Morley, Esq., d. 
56, & was bur. at 

Eliz. Taylor of Gainsborough, mar. 
5 June 1742 ; d. 5 Nov. 1788, aged 77, & 
was bur. at Morley ; dau. of ... . Taylor 
by ... . dau. of ... . Anderson of the 
Lincolnshire family. 

Lydia,ob. 2 Sep. 
1764, aged 57; 
bur. at Morley. 

Anderson, d. Betty Ann Dawson, only dau. & heir, mar. Alexander Wedder- 
an inf* 7 born, Esq., afterwards Lord Loughborough & Earl of Bosslin, 

April 1745. whose first wife she was, and d. without issue 14 Feb. 1781, 

aged 36 ; bur. at Morley. 

Joseph Dawson,* V.D.M.,bp.= 
at Leeds 5 July 1636; 
ejected from Thornton 1662 ; 
living at Damhead in North- 
owram 1673 ; Presbyterian 
Minister at the Closes & at 
Morley ; d. 26 June 1709 ; 
bur. at Morley. Will 31 Jan. 


=Martha, only dau. & heir of John Best of = William 
Landimore in the par. of Halifax, son of Kyall, 
Richard of the same place (the very 1 st hus- 
singular genealogy of this family may be band, 
found at page 44) ; bp. 3 June 1638; mar. 
7 May 1662 ; d. 6 Mar. 1712 ; bur. at 
Morley. Will 28 July 1710, of Morley, 
wid. ; witness, Timothy Aldred, Dorothy 

* Mr. Joseph Dawson, Minr. at Moreley, d. Lord's Day night, June 26, 1709, aged abt. 73, a 
precious Heavenly man (Northowram Register). — J. W. C. 

VOL. I. 



MS. 42 


Abigail, first wife, dau. of= 
Rich d Ashley, Y.D.M., of 
Hull, widow of . . . . Wales; 
mar. at the Chapel of Gods- 
house near Hull 15 Sep. 
1697; d. 5 Aug. 1715; 
named in the will of her 
brother Benjamin Ashley of 
Hull 24 Feb. 1696. 

=1. Abraham Dawson,= 
V.D.M., b. 7 May 
1663 ; educated 
under M r Jollie, Min- 
ister at Stannington, 
& afterwards at Cofct- 
ingham near Hull, 
where he d. 5 Feb. 

=. . . . second 
wife, mar. in 
Mar. 1716. 

2. Martha D., 
b. 10 Mar. 
1665; d. 21 
Ocfc. 1670 ; 
she was 
poisoned by 
mistake of a 

Joseph Dawson, V.D.M. He was visiting & Preach- Sarah D., d. at Martha 
ing at Eochdale with great acceptance in 1725. Morley 3 June D. 


3. Joseph Dawson,*= 
Y.D.M., b. 14 Mar. 

1667 ; was many 
years Minister at 
Rochdale, & d. there 
14 April 1739 ; he 
was bur. at Morley 
on the 17 th . 

: Elizabeth, eldest dau. 
of Thomas Dixon of 
Durham (see Ped., p. 
45) ; b. at Kirk-Kello 
1 Aug. 1660 ; mar. 
at Sherburn Hospital 
1 Dec. 1694; d. very 
aged 16 Nov. 1750. 

4. Obadiah= Elizabeth, 5. Lydia 

Dawson of dau. of D.,b. 25 

York, b. 8 Eobert July 

Mar. 1669 ; Rhodes of 1671 ; 

d. without York. bur. at 

issue 19 Halifax 

Dec. 1695. 19 Sep. 

Thomas Dawson, 
b. 13 Dec. 1702 ; 
bp. 20 th at Roch- 
dale; d. 3 Nov. 
1706, & was bur. 
at Morley on the 
5 th ; only son. 

Anne Dawson, f eld- 
est dau. & coheir, 
mar. in 1725 to 
Roger Evans of 
Manchester, whose 
Ped. see at p. 46. 

Elizabeth Dawson,$ 
2 nd dau. & coheir, 
mar. in 1729 Rich- 
ard Scholefield, 
V.D.M., of Hexham, 
etc. (See Ped., p. 

Martha Dawson, 
3 rd & youngest 
dau., mar. in 
1735 John Byer- 
ley of Newcastle- 
upon-Tyne. (See 
Ped., p. 45.) 


6. Edeazer Daw- 
son^ b. 9 May 
1673 ; bp. 16 ;d. 
in May or June 
1743, & was bur. 
at Morley. 

7. Samuel D.,|| b. 
14 Nov. 1675 ; d 
23 June 1696; 
bur. at Morley. 
On his tomb the 
date of his death 
is 3 July. 

8. Eli Dawson,=j=Alice Tay- 

V.D.M., Minis- 
ter at Brad- 
ford & Halifax, 
b. 5 Sep. 1677 ; 
d. in 1744. 

lor, mar. 
14 April 

9. Phoebe Daw- 
son, b. 18 July 
1680 ; bur. at 
Halifax 31 Oct, 

Samuel Dawson, b. 19 
Jan. 1713 ; educated 
for the Dissenting Min- 
istry ; conformed, & 
was, as I suppose, Rec- 
tor of Ightham in Kent. 
I believe he was Min- 
ister at Cross Street 
in Stockport, 1745 — 

Abraham Dawson, b. 31 July 1714 ;= 
educated for the Dissenting Min- 
istry ; conformed, & d. in Oct. 
1789 ; Rector of Ringsfield cum 
Redisham & Satterley, co. Suff., 
and Curate of Aldeby in Norfolk ; 
no issue ; Minister at Rivington ; 
conformed 1744 or 45. 

Joseph Dawson, 
bp.14 Jan. 1719; 
settled as a Dis- 
senting Minis- 
ter at Hull ; con- 
formed & became 
vicar of Paul near 
that town. 

* D. April 15, 1739 ; bur. at Old Chapel graveyard, Morley. f 

$ Mar. Jan. 8, 1728-9. § D. May 7, 1743. || D. July 23. (Morley 

Mar. July 22. 
Chapel Keg.)— J. W. C. 

MS. 42, 43 



Eli Dawson, b. 8 Jan. John D., b. 

1723 ;bp. 4 Feb.; he was, 18 Jan. 

also educated for the 1725 ; bp. 

Dissenting Ministry ; 18 Feb. ; d. 

conformed, & had a 31 Jan. 

living in the West 
Indies ; d. there un- 
mar. ; Minister at Hol- 
combe 1748. 

1726; bur. 
3 Feb. 

Thomas Dawson, M.D., of= 
Hackney ; educated for a 
Dissenting Minister ; b. 
28 June 1727 ; 'bp. 28 
July ; d. without issue 29 
April 1782, & was bur. in 
the par. Church of St. 
Michael Eoyal, College 
Hill, London. 

:M rs Corbet of 
Mary, the Re- 
lict of D r Daw- 
son, d. at 
Hackney 9 
May 1820, 
aged 84, & 
was bur. with 
her husband. 

Benj m Dawson, LL.D., Eector=Miss Hal- Obadiah Daw-- 

of Burgh, where he had con- sey of son of Leeds, 

formed, having like his brother Wood- Merchant, b. 

been educated for the Dissent- bridge, 15 June 1731 ; 

ing Ministry ; b. 28 March mar. bp. 30 th ; d. 8 

1729. 1776. Oct. 1794. 

Anne Dawson, b. 3 
Dec. 1716 ; bp. 19 th ; 
d. unmar. 

Martha D., b. 17 
Nov. 1720; bp. 7 
Dec. ; d. unmar. 

.... Dawson, elder of the two dau s , .... Dawson, younger of the two 
living unmar. 1815. dau s , also unmar. 1815. 

See a Will, York Wills 2095. 
Thomas Dawson of Morley. Will 24 Dec. 1590 ; to be bur. in C. Y. of Batley.= 

John D. 



Grace Dawson of Morley, about 1660. To 
be bur. in Morley Chapelyard. 

Abraham Dawson=pMartha. 
of Morley. 

Joseph D. 


Rebecca, dau. of John G-reathed. £20 in Cap. (?) Tho 9 Oates' 
hands if she marry to please her father & uncle. 

Joseph Lister of Thornton, psh. of Bradford, William Dawson of Brad-=p. . . . 

Yeo., 4 Mar. 1708, aged . . 

ford, dead 1708. 


Timothy. Joseph. Ruth Leadbeater. Mary Stead. Joshua, of Leeds, Esq, Ex r . 
John Dawson of Leeds, clothier, 20 April 1698=f Eliz th . 


John. Joseph. Benjamin. Lydia. Phoebe. Rebecca. 
.... Dawson=T=Elizabeth, of Leeds, wid., 2 Sep. 1709 ; bur. 14 Dec. 1709. 

Thomas. Benjamin. John, if he re- Samuel Scott of Leeds, Mer-=Elizabeth. William Lup- 
turn to Leeds, cer, mar. Jan. 170- ? ton of Leeds. 


Robert Scott of Leeds^Elizabeth of Leeds, wid., dau. Eliz. Bead, w. of W m Read, son Caleb 

Mercer, 2 April 1707 ; 
bur. 21 Aug. 1708. 

Wimersley. It appears clearly by the will that she was the second wife, 
& not actually mother to the Children, so that I have no doubt the mother 
was Dorothy Barlow. 

W m Lup-=. . . . Alice Ann Samuel, John, eld. Caleb W., Eliz. 

ton. Scott. Scott. Ex r . son. Wimersley. 

.... Wimersley=pElizabeth, d. 26 July 1711=Eobert Scott, 2 husb. 


Caleb W.=Widow Simms (?) of William Read of Leeds, mar. 2 ndl y^=Eliz. W., mar 5 July 1710 ; 
Leeds, mar. 1710. M rS Hardcastle 25 July 1713. I bur. 13 Aug. 1711. 

A dau., d. 3 Aug. 1711. 
Francis= Sarah .... Her funeral sermon preached .... Scott=f=Dorothy, dau. of Samuel Barlow 

Scott. by Joseph Dawson 29 Dec. 1721. 

of Leeds, a Quaker, b. 1658. 

Samuel. John, in will of John Barlow, 1720, of Leeds. 

Could these be the family above ? Eliz., wid. of Robert Scott, being a second wife. 

This must be the niece Scott named in the will of Francis Barlow. 

This account of the family of Dawson is principally compiled from some family 
memoirs begun by M 1 ' Joseph Dawson of Rochdale, & continued by his daughter 
Martha, which were in the possession of his grandson, the Eev. Joseph Evans of 
Sheffield. Information here has also been derived from the Obituaries of Oliver 
Heywood & Thomas Dickenson, and the preferments of the conforming sons of Eli 
Dawson are for the most part derived from a notice of them in the 5 th volume of 
'The Monthly Repository.' 

We have here a remarkable instance of the extinction of Families once numerous. 
There are, I believe, no male Dawson remaining descended of Abraham & Alice. 
The only descendants of Joseph Dawson of Rochdale are M rs Naylor of Manchester 
(page ) & her 3 children. Her family & the two unmarried Miss Dawsons of 
Leeds are, I believe, the only descendants male or female of the Ejected Minister, 

M rs Elizabeth Dawson of Leeds, who in January 1708 mar. M r Samuel Scott, 
was a near relation of this family, as I find by the diary of M rs Evans, dau. of M r 
Joseph Dawson. Her mother was bur. there 14 Dec. 1709. I find also in 
Dickenson's Obituary, 1739, M r Joshua Dawson of Leeds, bur. July 10, aged 90, an 
old Disciple. 

Accepted Lister in a letter to Thoresby, 1693, speaks of his cousin Dawson. 

A Joshua Dawson, living at Leeds 1702, cousin to Lister, Min 1 ' at Bingley, of 
this family. 

In 1723 Miss A. Dawson, dau. of the Rochdale Min 1 ', visits her cousin Ibbison at 
Red Hall, this must be James I. & Eliz. his wife, dau. of D r John Nicolson of York. 
D. L. 148. 

There is in print a Funeral Sermon preached at Leeds 6 Feb. 1703-4, on occasion 
of the death of Benjamin Dawson, who d. Jan. 27, by Ac. Lister, pastor of a Church 
in Bradford Dale, entitled " Christ's coming, a Believer's comfort." No biography, 
but it appears B. D. was a member of the congregation to which it was addressed* 
(A Dawson will, York Wills, 1794.) 

MS. 44 




This very singular genealogy is correctly compiled from M r Oliver Hey wood's 
account of the family, with all the members of which he was well acquainted. 
(York Wills, 537.) 

, first=j=Richard Best,* a Carrier and Wool- : 
wife. merchant ; got a great estate ; 

bought Landimore in Halifax. 

=Martha Wood, = Samuel Ward- 
2 nd wife, his man, second 
Maid- servant, husband. 


John Best of Landimer, eldest son,= 
d. before his father's 2 nd mar. 

: Martha Nappean, by Jos h Dawson's will 
that she mar. 2 nd1 ? .... Bairstow. 

William Ryall, 1 st = Martha Best, only child, bp.= Joseph Dawson, V.D.M., 2 nd 
husband. 3 June 1638. husband. (See p. 42.) 

Michael Best, 2 nd son ;=p Mary, d. a= 

he also d. before his 
father's 2 nd mar. 

widow 30 
Jan. 1675. 

: Daniel Hemmingway=j=Mary Best, 1 st wife, 

of the Mountain. 

d. before the 2 nd 
mar. of her father. 

Nicholas=Mary Daniel Hemmingway==. . . . dau. 
Bayley of Best. of the Mountain, b. of Daniel 
Bealdon. about 1645 ; wasted Mitchell 

his estate ; had 3 of Horley 
children. Green. 

Jonathan=Mary Hem- 
Lacockor mingway, 
Locock, a bur. at Har- 
Quaker. wood- well 25 
Feb. 1695, 
aged 60. 

John Best of Lan- 
dimer, eldest son by 
the 2 nd mar., living 
4 Jan. 1675 ; d. in- 
testate 23 rd Nov. 
78 ; bur. 2Q at 

: . . . .f dau. of 
M r Matthew 
Whitley, a 
preacher in 
Wiltshire ; d. 
at Pontefract 

Michael Best,$= 
2 nd son by the 
2 nd mar., d. 
without issue, 
& w T as bur. 18 
Oct. 1683 ; 
will 28 Sep. ; 
of Landimer. 

=M rs Anne Law- 
rence^ dau. of 
M r Matthew 
Whitley ; bur. 
8 April 1684. 
Will 29 March 
1684. Son Ste- 
phen Lawrence. 

Mary Best, 1 1 
mar. Joseph, 
son of Tho s 
Priestley of 
Holds worth. 
(See Ped., 
p. 36.) 


Charles Best,f b. in 1675 ; had 4= Jane,** dau. of ... . 
children living in 1698 ; bp. 7 Oxley of Bradford ; 
July 1675 ; lived at Landimer, & mar. at Halifax 4 Nov. 
d. in 1700. 1690. 

Joseph Grar-=Lydia 
grave.ft Priestley, 

only dau. 

* D. 1660 (see Hey wood's Diaries, vol. iii., 201, and iv., 14). f D. July 21. 

J Bp. Jan. 1655. § Mar. April 19, 1679. || Bp. July 26, 1658 ; mar. OcC3, 1681. 
■[T Charles Best of Landimer killed himself with intemperance ; d. in the 22 (sic) year of his 
age ; bur. at Halifax Aug. 7, 1700. 

** Charles Best at 16 years and Jane Oxley, servant to wid. Brooksbank, mar. 
ft Joseph G-argrave near Bradford and Lydia Priestley of Westercroft, mar. at Coley Chapel 
Oct. 29, 1706 (Northowram Register).— J. W. C. 


The descent of this John Byerley I find thus stated in a MS. of J. C. Brooke, 
Esq., ' Somerset Herald,' entitled "Chaos." It seems to have been communicated 
to Brooke by the younger John Byerley when he was engaged in prosecuting his 
claim to the estates of Colonel Byerley. 

Col. Eob. Byerley of Goldsborough gave bond to the Queen 5 July 1706. in 
£1000, for the faithful performance of his office by Thos. Byerley, Esq., Receiver- 
General of the Revenues of the Province of New York. — Ex d . 

Nicholas Byerley of White-hall.=j= 

Nicholas Byerley of Whitehall.=f= Richard Byerley of Pick-hall.=p 
John Byerley of Muggieswick.=f= Anthony Byerley of Pick-hall. (0. 41.) 

Nicholas Byerley of Hedley^pAnn, dau. of ... . Leighton of Hedley. John Byerley. 

i i i 

John Byerley, Ann Byerley, wife of William Chris r Byerley, a=f=. . . . dau. 

who mar. Ann Dobson of Durham, or of hardwareman at of 

Dixon. Croft near Richmond. Newcastle. Hunter. 

John, d. an infant. Nicholas. Anne. Mary. Grace. Elizabeth. 

Nicholas Byerley of New- Thomas Byerley, =j=Margaret, dau. Robert B., d. unmar. 
castle and of Stocksfield, a Supervisor of of Josiah — 

co. Northumberland, had the Excise, d. at Wedgwood of Mary Byerley, wife 
4 children; settled in Welsh Pool in Burslem, co. of Joseph Simpson of 
London. =f= 1761. Stafford. Sunderland, Mer- 


Thomas & others. Thomas Byerley of Philadelphia. (This I suppose is the M r 
Byerley who was for sometime partner with the Wedgwoods 
in the Porcelain Manufacture.) 

Joseph Wedgwood, the Illustrious=T= Notes & Queries, v. 351, but 

Potter, built Etruria. I see a later page. 

John W. = Miss Allen of Devonshire. Thomas, Josiah = A sister of Sarah, Basil .... mar. 

[Sister I believe to Lord never John's Montague's D r Darwin 

Holland's John Allen.] mar. wife. flame. of Shrews- 

— bury. 

MS. 45 



Artier— BijMin, 

This account of the Dixons is from the family memoirs of the Dawson before 
mentioned. The Levers are from several articles in Calamy. Another member of 
the family was the wife of William Pell, an ejected minister. She is said by Calamy 
to have been niece to the wife of Henry Lever ; I presume to his first wife, in 
connection with whose jointure the circumstance is mentioned. I find in a notice 
of M r Pell in the MS. Memoirs of Ambrose Barnes that she was a M rs Ellison of a 
considerable family. M r Evans was also in correspondence with a relation who 
subscribes herself Anne Olavering, & who was the widow of Sir ... . Clavering. 
Many things are added from a letter of Sir Cuthbert Sharp. Other Levers in Sir 
Cuthbert's letter. 

George Martyn of Durhan^ Clerk of the=FThomasina, dau. of Tho. Lever of Harl. 1168, 
Peace 1615. | Little Lever, co. Lane, Esq. p. 336. 

Dorothy, aged 1, 1615. 

Thomas Lever of the family of Lever of Little Lever, co.- 
Lanc, Chaplain to King Edward VI. ; a refugee at 
Frankfort temp. Marie ; in the time of Qu. Elizabeth 
Master of Sherburn Hospital ; d. intestate. 

Sampson Lever of= 
Aldanrig. Will 14 
Jan. 1642. 

^Margaret .... 
administered to 
her husband 6 
Aug. 1577. 

: Margaret .... bur. at St. Oswald's Anne,=Samuel Salston- 
8 July 1622 ; dau. of Philip Hall of 1577. stall, mar. 12 
Wingate Grange. •• Oct. 1602. 

Lever of 
3 rd son. 

Dorothy Leaver (sic), 
wife of Will m Wick- 
liffe ; a dau. of 


d. before 

Samuel, of Alder- 
nage, had Marg* 
& Nevil. 

I I 
James, drowned near the 
New Brigg 9 Aug. 1622. 

A dau. of Sampson L. 
tiamed Barbara was bp. 
29 Mar. 1610 at S* Giles, 

Robert Lever, b. 1624 ;=f=Margaret, eldest 

ejected at Bolam, co. 
Northumb., 1662 (Cal., 
514, Cont, 673) ; d. 1 
July 1690 ; of Brance- 

dau. of Robert 
Dyneley of 
Bramhope, co. 
York, Esq.; live 

Ralph Wickliffe, ejected at Whatton 
1662 (Oal., 505, Cont, 657); d. 
1683, aged about 50 ; he was b. at 
or near Sunderland ; bp. at Bishop 
Wearmouth 29 April 1632. 

Robert Lever of Aldanrig, V.D.M. ; will Henry. 
16 Dec. 1728; bur. at St. Oswald's — 

7 Feb. ' Sampson. 

.... mar. 

Eld. son, 

Thomas Dixon=pElizabeth Hicks, =Henry Lever, 2 nd husband/ 

of the County 
of Durham, 
bur. at Whit- 
burn 8 June 

mar. T. D. 25 
Nov. 1630 ; d. 
22 Dec. 1661, & 
was bur. in St. 
Nicholas Church, 

Rector of Branspeth, etc. ; 
ejected & released by the 
Act of Uniformity 1662 
(Oal, 500, Cont, 651) ; 
he d. without issue 1673 ; 
bur. at St. Nicholas 6 June 
1673. , 


=. . . . 2 nd 




MS. 45 


Thomas Dixon, only child &= 
posthumous, b. at Whitburn 
5 Oct. 1631 ;bp. 6 th ; ejected 
at Kirk-Kello* 1662 (CaL, 
288) ; d. 29 May 1704. 

: Ann Martyn .... of Durham ; b. in Elvet in the 
psh. of St. Oswald's, Durham, 7 Jan. 1626 ; mar. in 
St. Oswald's 23 April 1655 ; d. 21 July 1718, aged 
near 92. M 1 ' John Martyn of Durham, a yery pious, 
useful man, d. 8 Feb. 1713-4. (Dickenson's Obituary.) 

John Dixon, b. 28 
Jan. 1656 ; bp. 10 
Feb. ; d. at about 
a month old. 

Jane, 1 st wife, dau.= 
of ... . Brown of 
Durham, Attorney ; 
d. 19 Dec. 1718. 

=David Dixon, b. 15= 
Jan/165-?; bp. 23 rd ; 
d. without issue 9 
May 1728. 

Elizabeth Steel, 
2 nd wife, mar. 
24 June 1721 ; 
d. 24 Dec. 1734. 

Thomas Dixon=pElizabeth, dau. Joseph Daw- 

of Durham, of Richard son of Eoch- 

Apothecary, b. Brice of Dur- dale, V.D.M. 

at Shincliffe22 ham ; d. 16 (See Ped., p. 

Sep. 1662; bp. April 1721. 42.) 
28 ; d. 9 " 

: Elizabeth Dixon, b. 
1660; bp. 15 th ; 
mar. at Sherburn 
Hospital 1 Dec. 
1694; d. 16 Nov. 

Ann Dixon, 
b. at Shin- 
cliffe 16 
Mar. 1665 ; 
bp. 18; d. 
14 May 


iiliam Dixon. Elizabeth Dixon. Ann Dixon,=p John Byerley of=FMartha Daw- 

Thomas Dixon, 
lost at Sea. 

Mary Dixon. 

Isabel Dixon, d. 
at Durham in 
May 1732. 

eldest dau., 
first wife, d. 
17 May 

Durham, Gent., 
b. 1697 ; d. 28 
June 1760 ; bur. 
in St. Oswald's 
Church, Durham; 
of Gilligate,Grent, 

son, 2 nd wife, 
mar. 10 July 
1735; d. 15 
Jan. 1742. 

Ann Byerley, 
only issue of 
the 1 st wife, 
d. 5 Sep. 
1742 ; bur. at 
St. Oswald's 
Church, Dur- 

Joseph Byerley, 
d. 19 Dec. 1742; 
bur. in St. Os- 
wald's Church, 

George Byerley, 
d. unmar. 

John Byerley, b. 
at Rochdale 16 
Aug. 1737 ; bp. 
17 ; educated for 
a Dissenting 
Minister ; un- 
settled ; d. 
unmar. about 

John Den- 
nison of 

: Elizabeth Byerley, 
b. 17 April 1741 ; 
d. 11 May 1771 ; 
bur. on the 13 in 

St. Nicholas 
Church, Newcastle- 


John Dennison, b. 7 Oct. 
1769 ; bp. 29 ; d. 11 Sep. 
1771 ; bur. in St. Nicholas 
Church, Newcastle-upon- 

Benjamin Naylor of Shef- 
field, co. York, V.D.M., & 
of Manchester, where he 
now resides, 1820. (See 
Ped., p. 4.) 

=Anne Dennison, sole dau. & 
heir & sole transmitter of 
the blood of Joseph Dawson 
& Elizabeth Dixon. 

Benjamin Dennison Naylor, 
only son, aged about 22, 

Martha Naylor, elder dau., 
aged about 18, 1820. 

Anne Jemima Naylor, 
youngest dau., aged 
about 10, 1820. 

* ?Kellow (Calamy).— J. W. O. 

MS. 46, 47 



€toans— -Haines. 

W m Fincher of the parish of King's Norton, Minister of the Gospel, son of John 
Fincher of Shelve, G-ent., & Catherine Crosse, dau. of Catherine Crosse, widow, mar. 
19 May 1655. (Reg. of King's Norton.) 

John Evans of Manchester, a dyer.=f= 

.... Evans, 1 wife 1 of John Crompton of Hack- 
ing, 2 nd of ... . Booth of Booth-hall near Bolton ; 
she d. s.p., & was bur. 20 Dec. 1731. Of these 
Booths there is an account in Booker's ' Hist, of 
Blackley,' p. 24 ; in (it) this mar. does not occur, 
yet I have no doubt of it. The Gore Booths 
represent this family. 

.... Evans, 1 
wife of ... . 
Stotton of 

.... Evans, 1 
wife of ... . 
Keneston of 
Manchester ; 
bur. 19 Aug. 

Elizabeth Diggles= 
of Manchester, 
first wife, Mar. 
Sett, dated 4 Sep. 
1689. (See p. 

: John Evans of Manchester, = Elizabeth Chorlton .... Evans, 

Dyer; will dated 7 Jan. 1729; of Manchester, 2 nd wife of 

d. 31 May 1734; bur. at wife, d. without Aldington 

Manchester on the 3 rd issue 15 May 1729; of Kendal. 
June. bur. at Manchester 

on the 19 th . 

Robert Evans=p. 
of Manches- 
ter, 3 rd son. 

dau. of 

Evans of 

Bridgenorth, & his own cousin 
as M rs Aired supposed. 

Thomas Evans of Manchester, 
eldest son, mar., but d. with- 
out issue ; bur. at Manchester. 

Richard Evans of Man- 
chester, Gent., d. un- 
mar. & without issue, 

Anne Evans, mar Powell, a Dorothy Evans, 

Comedian. She was living at Wor- d. nnmar. at 

cester & had issue, 1802. (See ' Mon. Bridgenorth. 
Mag.,' 1798, p. 233.) 

John Evans of Manchester,- 
2 nd son, b. 24 Feb. 1691 ; 
d. 25 Dec. 1774 ; bur. at 
Darwent, co. Lane. 

: Susanna, dau. of James 
Roscow of Lancashire ; 
bp. 22 April 1696; mar. 
at Prestwich 1 Aug. 
1714 ; d. 6 Oct. 1764. 

Dorothy Evans, had £300 
by her father's will ; d. un- 
mar. ; bur. at Man- 

Roger Evans= 
of Liverpool, 
5 th surviving 
son, b. 28 
Dec. 1735. 


=Mary. William E. of=Mary, 
Bristol, 6 th & widow 
youngest son, 
b. 28 April 
1737 ; no 


of... . 
of Clif- 

Elizabeth, the 16 th & young- 
est child, b. 2 Mar. 1738 ; 
mar. Peter Aired of Chow- 
bent, and d. his widow 
without issue about 1815. 
(From her I received much of 
the information on this page.) 


1 These daughters are from the information of M rs Aired. The two with dates 
annexed are mentioned in M rs Roger Evans' Diary. M rs Aired added two sons, one 
living at Bridgenorth, the other a clergyman living at Madeley in Shropshire. 

VOL. I. P 


FAMILI^E minortjm gentium. 

MS. 46 


Charles 11 
of Man- 

: Ann, dau. 
of ... . 
der, M.D., 

of Ireland. 

Susanna, wife of 
.... Ross of 
London, Up- 

Evans of 

=Ann, dau. 
of ... . 
Welme of 

Ann Evans, 
living un- 
mar. at 

I I 

Dorothy Evans. Elizabeth Evans. 

John Evans, only child, aged about 16, 

John Evans of=f Mary, 

Bristol, Mer- 
chant, 2 nd sur- 
viving son, b. 
9 July 1722. 

dau. of 

nock of 

Robert Evans of 
Bristol, Merch*, 
3 rd surviving son, 
b. 25 April 1726; 
d. on the Coast 
of Africa. 

Thomas Evans of 
Manchester, 4 th 
surviving son, b. 
10 Dec. 1728; d. 
unmar. at Man- 
chester or Liver- 

Mary, b. 25 
Jan. 1730 ; 
mar. in 
London, & 
left no 

3 sons of the name of John, 
d. young. 

.... Lunell of Bristol,=Letitia Evans, only 
Merchant. dau. & heir. 

Elizabeth. Thomas. 
Thomas. Richard. 
Elizabeth. Susanna. 

All d. in their in- 
fancy, between 1715 
and 1737. 

Dorothy, b. 
29 Nov. 
1729 ; mar. 
Hunt of 
Bristol, & 
d. without 

James 1 
of Man- 
Merch 1 , 
son, b. 
23 Dec. 

Jonathan, . . . 
d. an in- 1 st 
fant. wife. 

=Margaret, dau. of 
Jonathan Lees of 
Merch 1 , sister to 
John Carill Wors- 
ley, Esq. (See 
Pbd., p. 62.) 

Jane Evans, 
b. 17 Jan. 
1718 ;d. un- 
mar. at Man- 
chester 10 
Sep. 1801 ; 
bur. at 

.=rRichard=Mary Evans, 2 nd 

ler of 

wife, mar. at St. 
Pancras Church 
28 th July 1791 ; 
d. his widow 
without issue in 

Susanna Evans, she is 
understood to have 
been the wife of Chal- 
oner Hawke, Esq., a 
younger son of the 
1 st Lord Hawke ; she 
d. without issue, &was 
bur. at Manchester. 

d. unmar., 
& was 
bur. at 

Thos. Smith of Easton Grey, co. Glouc, Esq.,= 
d. without issue 31 May 1822, and was bur. 
at the Dissenters' Chapel, Cirencester. 

:. . . . Chandler, sole 
dau. & heir. 

Elizabeth E., had 
the same legacy ; 
also d. unmar., & 
was bur. at Man- 



Roger Evans 
Merch*, 4 th & 
youngest son, mar. 
at Rochdale 20 
July 1725. 

=Anne, eldest dau. & coheir of Joseph Daw- 
son of Rochdale, V.D.M. (see Ped., p. 42); 
b. in Shincliffe in Durham 26 Mar. 1696 ; 
d. at Sheffield 27 July 1760 ; bur, in the 
Upper Chapelyard. 

MS. 46, 47 



William Fincher, ejected 
from Wednesbury, d. at 

.... wife of 

Mence of near 

Eichard Fincher, also .... 
ejected ; d. in London Fincher, 
10 Feb. 1692. conformed. 

of Stone, 
a Tan- 

,=pJane Sillitoe,=. . . . Rawlins William . . . .= 

d. at Stone in 1 st husband. Sillitoe, Sillitoe, 

1733. (Q. related to living V.D.M., 

.... Rawlins, 1736. d. early. 
Min r at Ash- 

:. . . . Fincher, 
dau. of an 
ejected Minis- 
ter ; d. a widow 
at Birming- 
ham in 1732. 

Richard Haynes, 
a Tanner, d. un- 
mar ; he was 
living in 1736. 

Thomas Haynes, V.D.M.,= 
of Nantwich & Sheffield, 
b. at Stone in Stafford- 
shire in 1700 ; d. at Shef- 
field in 1758, & was bur. 
in the Upper Chapel Yard. 

^Elizabeth, dau. of 
John Eddowes of 
Nantwich, co. 
Cest r ; mar. 2 
March 1731 ; d. at 
Sheffield.... 1780, 
& was bur. with her 
husband. (See 
Ped., p. 48.) 

5 daus., from 
one of whom 
it is believed 
that the Ry- 
lands of Bir- 

Elizabeth, b. 6 
May 1726; d. 

21 April 1727. 

Ann Evans, b. 

22 Feb. 1737; 
d. 7 Dec. 1739. 

Samuel Bam-=Martha, b. 
ford of Roch- 17 Jan. 
dale ; of the 1730 ; bp. 
Bamfords of 20 th ; d. 20 
Bamford. April 


Joseph Evans of= Susanna Haynes 
Sheffield, etc., eldest dau. & co- 
heir, b. at Nant- 
wich 21 Dec. 
1731 ; mar. at 
Sheffield 29 July 
1762; d. 17 June 
1813 ; bur. with 
her husband. 

V.D.M., b. 2 
April 1728; d. 
without issue 31 
Dec. 1803, & was 
bur. in the Up- 
per Chapel Yard 
in Sheffield. 

Mary Haynes, b. 23 April 
1733 ; d. 14 May 1736 ; 
bur. in the Presbyterian 
Chapel at Nantwich. 

John Haynes, b. 14 Jan. 
1735 ; d. 18 April 1737 ; 
bur. in the Chapel at 

Thomas Haynes, b. 12 June 
1737 ; d. 20 Dec. 1745 ; 
bur. in the Upper Chapel 
Yard, Sheffield. 

Elizabeth Haynes, b. 10 April 
1739 ; d. unmar. 3 April 1803, 
and was bur. in the Upper 
Chapel Yard, Sheffield. 

John Haynes, b. 9 
May 1741 ; d. at 
Nantwich, aged 
about 17. 

Richard Haynes, b. 29 May 
1743 ; d. 26 July following, 
& was bur. in the Chapel at 

i i 

William Haynes, Astley Meanley, V.D.M., of Stann-= Jane Haynes, youngest child, 

b. 6 Sep. 1744; d. ington near Sheffield, d. without b. 26 Oct. 1746 ; mar. at 

2 March 1748 ; issue .... 1814, and was bur. in Sheffield 31 January 1792 ; 

bur. in the Upper the Upper Chapel Yard, Sheffield, d 1812, and was bur. 

Chapel Yard, in the Upper Chapel Yard, 

Sheffield. Sheffield. 



MS. 47 

This is in Burke's ' Commoners,' vol. iii., 665 ; iv., 407. 
William Fincher of Wednesbury=p. . . . 

William Scott of Stourbridge =Elizabeth, mar. 1683. William Ryland=f=. . . . elder dan. 

: I 

William, of Birmingham, b. 24 May 1696^=. . . . dau. of ... . Sillitoe, V.D.M., of Birmingham. 

John, of Easy Hill, b. 1726 ; d. 1814. William. Samuel. Elizabeth, mar. Thomas Phipson. 

Richard Meanley, V.D.M., succeeded M r Haynes at Nant-=p. . . . Meanley, Cousin Ger- 
wich, was afterwards at Piatt, where he died. I man to her husband. 

i i i i - 

Jeremiah Meanley Richard Meanley Benjamin Meanley, now Astley Meanley = Jane, dau. 
of Manchester, eld- of Manchester, 2 nd living at Manchester, of Stannington, of Tho 8 
est son, d. unmar. son, d. unmar. unmar., 1820; d.unmar. etc., V.D.M., d. Haynes, 

without issue. V.D.M. 

Samuel Meanley of Manchester, = Mary, dau. of ... . Mary Meanley. Ellen Meanley. 

Merch*, youngest son ; living at Fleetwood of Liv- ' — *— «_^ 

Longsight 1820 ; no issue ; liv& erpooljMerch'; liv^ Both d. unmar. in 1812, within a 

1836 ; d. s.p. 1836. few days of each other. 

etitrobus— ftitoman* 

MS. 48, 49 

This pedigree was compiled by M r John Eddowes Bowman and myself from 
family papers, the Register of Whitchurch, and the information of the older branches 
of the family, especially M 1S Susanna Evans and M r Joshua Eddowes of Shrewsbury. 
Descendants of the younger sons of the first Roger may be traced in the Register at 
Whitchurch. An Emblazonment on Vellum of the Arms of this family was in 
possession of M rs Evans, viz., Per bend Sinister Ermine & Ermines, a lion 
rampant or, a mullet Sable on his shoulder. 

Roger Eddow of Whitchurch, co. Salop, Mercer. 1 
His will bears date 17 March 1646, & he was 
bur. at Whitchurch 18 Nov. 1648. 

^Elizabeth . . . ., bur. 
at Whitchurch 12 
Jan. 1645-6. 


John E., bur. 

Thomas E., 

Joshua E., 

= Catherine William= 

= Ellen. 


at W. 11 

bur. 3 

bur. 2 


wife of 




mar. 26 










Ralph Eddowes of Whitchurch, where he= 
had an estate which was settled by Roger 
his son on John his son & heir on his 
marriage ; b. in Oct. 1617 ; d. 13 April 
1700, aged 82. 


=Sarah .... Randolph Eddowes, by his 

bur. at will dated 4 July 1662 

Whitchurch made his brother Ralph 

24 May Executor ; bur. at Whit- 

1698. church 23 March 1663-4. 

3. 48, 49 




Ralph Eddowes, bp. 9 Jan. 1652-3. Is believed 
to have had 2 daus., Elizabeth & Mary, but there 
is no mention of them in the will of Joshua 

Samuel Eddowes, bp.= 
19 Dec. 1658 ; d. in 
the Spring of 1704. 


John Eddowes, d. at Lisbon 7 Sep. 1706. 

Sarah Eddowes, b. 24 April 1654; mar. 8 Nov. Ealph Eddowes, 
1683 to Thomas Wilson of Wrenbury, by whom bp. 27 April 
Sarah, wife of ... . Salmon, to whom she bore 1651 ; bur. 5 
Sarah S., who went abroad & was not heard of Feb. 1651-2. 
again, & Elizabeth Guildford of New-hall in psh. of 
Wrenbury, who had a son John Hurleston of Mar- 
bury cum Quoisley, Yeo. 

bp. 11 

Hannah Eddowes, bp. 7 July 1661 ; 
mar. 22 Dec. 1681 to Samuel Savage, 
brother to John Savage ; after his 

death she mar Bradborn of 

Chester, & was living his widow 23 
Nov. 1731 ; she had 2 dau s , Mary, 
wife of Silas Sidebotham, V.D.M., of 
Sandbach, & Eebecca, widow of . . 
Leadbeater, a Surgeon at Chester. 

Elizabeth Eddowes, 
bp. 4 March 1648-9; 
mar. 17 Jan. 1678-9 
to John Savage of 
Wrenbury Wood, co. 
Cest r , by whom an 
only child Elizabeth, 
wife of John Keay. 
(See Ped., p. .) 

Margaret Eddowes, 
bp. 28 Jan. 1643-4; 

mar Sherrat 

& had issue, Ralph, 
Samuel, & Sarah, 
wife of William 
Wickstead, & had 
John, Ann, & 

Roger Eddowes o£ 
Whitchurch, Iron- 
monger ; party to a 
deed 31 Jan. 1704 ; 
will dated 19 April 
1716 ; he was mar. 
at Whitchurch in 
Feb. 1676-7. 

=Elizabeth, dau. of Rowland 
Nevet, M.A., of St. Edmund- 
hall, Oxford, ejected by the 
Act of Uniformity at Oswestry 
(see Calamy, 561). M 1S 
Evans used to speak of an- 
cestors named Paul & Pris- 
cilla Nevet. 

Joshua Eddowes of London, 
Merch 1 , bound apprentice in 
1680; acquired considerable 
property which he left by 
will, bearing date 23 Nov. 
1731, among the descendants 
of his father ; d. unmar. 27 
July 1732. 

Susanna, l Bt wife, dau. ofc 
William Crue of Chester, 
Ironmonger, cousin to her 
husband ; a Settlement in 
contemplation of this mar- 
riage was executed 31 Jan. 
1704-5 (see Ped., p. 89); 
d. Sep. 29, 1719. 

=1. John Eddowes of Nantwich,= 
co. Cest r , Ironmonger, eldest son 
& heir, b. in 1678 ; Ex r to the 
will of his brother Samuel in 
1713 ; d. in July or August 1738, 
& was bur. in the Church at 
Nantwich. The last of his 
descendants d. in 1813. 


: Anne, 2 nd wife, 
dau. of John 
field,co.Cesfc r (see 
Ped., p. 57) ; 
Executrix to her 
husband's will. 



MS. 48 

John E. of Nantwich, 
tobacconist, the last sur- 
viving child of his father ; 
d. unmar. 18 March 
1789, making his 3 
nieces his principal heirs. 

Thomas E., d. 
unmar. in Lon- 
don 1751, & 
was interred in 
Bunhill Fields. 

William E. of Shef- 
field, M.D. of the Uni- 
versity of Leyden, d. 
unmar. 1758, aged 29, 
& was bur. in the Up- 
per Dissenting Meet- 
ing, Sheffield. 

d. in 
his in- 

Hannah, 1 st wife, dau. of . . . .=George E. of Nant-= 
Anderton of Macclesfield ; d. wich, & afterwards of 
at Sheffield without issue, & Sheffield, co. York, 
was bur. in the par. Ch. Yard tobacconist, d. with- 
1753. She had a brother in out issue, & was bur. 
Kent. at the Upper Dissent- 

ing Meeting in Shef- 

=Mary, 2 nd wife, dau. of 
Benjamin Roberts of 
Sheffield, V.D.M.; sur- 
vived & remar. John 
Dickinson, Y.D.M., of 
Sheffield, & d. in 1793 
without issue. (See 
Ped., p. .) 

Mary, b. 18 May 1708 ; d. 17 March 1709-10 ; 
bur. in Nantwich Church. 

Sarah, b. 24 July 1713 ; d. 
18 May 1714. 

Roger, only son by 
1 st wife, b. 27 
June 1710; ob.8 
June 1714, & was 
bur. in Nantwich 

Susanna H., eldest dau. & 
coheir, mar. Joseph Evans 
of Sheffield, V.D.M., & d. 
without issue in 1813. 

Elizabeth, b. 28 
April 1706 ; 
mar. at Nant- 
wich 2 March 
1731 to Thomas 
(See Ped., p. 47.) 



Susanna, 2nd dau., b. 18 May 1708, twin 
with Mary ; mar. James Green of Nant- 
wich, & d. without issue soon after her 
marriage ; he mar. a 2 nd wife & had issue ; 
she d. 7 June 1740, having been married 
8 weeks & 5 days. M r Green was a son of 
.... Green, a Baptist Min r at Nantwich. 

Elizabeth, 2 nd dau. & 
coheir, d. unmar. in 

Jane H., youngest dau. & co- 
heir, mar. Astley Meanley, 
Y.D.M., & d. without issue 
in 1812. 

3. Thomas Eddowes, 
b. 22 Sep. 1680; 
bur. 4 Oct. follow- 
ing at Whitchurch. 


Sarah Eddowes, bp. 
10 Feb. 1683-4 ; 
mar. Hugh John- 
son of Knutsford, 
by whom a son 
Hugh. Mentioned 
in the will of 
Joshua Eddowes. 

2. Roger Eddowes= 
of Macclesfield, 
Ironmonger, 2 nd 
son, bp. 16 Feb. 
1678-9 ; mar. in 

=Susanna, dau. of 
John & Susanna 
Keay of Willing- 
ton, co. Flint ; 
sole Executrix of 
her husband's 
will ; alive in 
1723 ; dead in 

MS. 48 



John E. of Mac-=j=Sarah, 
clesfield, tobac- 
conist, b. in Mar. 
1704; mentioned 
in the will of 
Joshua Eddowes; 
d. 7 May 1734, 
aet. 30. 

dau. of 
Twivel ; 
mar. 2 ndl y John 
Corker of Mac- 
clesfield, Sur- 
geon, & 3 rd 

Charlton of Sut- 
ton n r Maccles- 

Samuel E. of 
Stone, co. Staff., 
3 rd son ; men- 
tioned in the will 
of Joshua 
Eddowes. He is 
believed to have 
d. without issue. 

Eoger E., 2 nd son, b. 
Aug. 1706. 


Elizabeth E., b. in Mar. 

v — __ — Y ) 

It is presumed both these 
children d. young, as they 
are not mentioned with 
their brothers in the will 
of Joshua Eddowes. 

Henry Bowman of Macclesfield,=pSusanna Eddowes, sole dau. & heir, 

b. 26 Oct. 1725; d. 16 July 1773. 

d. 12 Sep. 1762, set. 35. 

Eddowes Bowman of ^Catherine, dau. of Joshua 

Nantwich, tobacconist, 
& now of Shrewsbury, 
1821, b. at Maccles- 
field 12 Nov. 1758; d. at 
Shrewsbury 1844. 

Eddowes of Shrewsbury, 
Printer ; b. 5 Oct. 1759 ; 
mar. at Shrewsbury 25 
Nov. 1784 ; living 1821. 

Sarah B., 
b. 20 May 
1757 ; bur. 
at Nant- 
wich 5 Sep. 
1776 ; 
never mar. 

d. an 

d. an 

John Eddowes Bowman, late^Elizabeth, dau 

of Nantwich, now of Welsh 
Pool, Banker, eldest son, b. 
30 Oct. 1785 ; Executor & 
one of the heirs of his relation 
Henry Bowman of Knocking, 
Esq., in 1820; living in 1821 ; 
d. at Manchester 4 Dec. 1841 ; 
bur. there. 

of William Ed- 
dowes of 
Printer ; mar. 
6 July 1809. 

Henry Bowman 
of Shrewsbury, 
2 nd son, b. 9 
Nov. 1788 ; liv- 
ing unmar. 
1821 ; d. un- 
mar. at Shrews- 
bury, 1823. 

Catherine Bow- 
man, only dau., 
b. 19 June 
1792 ; unmar. 
1821 & 1856. 

Eddowes B., eldest son,b. 12 Nov. 
1810 ; a Student in the Uni- 
versity of Glasgow, 1841. 

Eliza B.,b. 19 April 1812; mar. 
1836 to George Kenrick (p. 86) ; 
d. 1838. 

Henry, of Manchester, 

William, of King's Coll., 
London, Surgeon, mar. 
Jan. 1843 Harriet, dau. 
of Paget of Leicester. 




of of 

Man- Paget, sis- 
ches- ter to his 
ter. brother's 

.... 1 st wife, dau. of = 

Wickstead . . . . ; 

d. without issue. 

=5. Ralph Eddowes of Whitchurch,= 
Grocer, bp. 28 Feb. 1685-6 ; bur. 
1 Feb. 1726-7. 

: Ellinor, 2 nd wife, dau. 
of William Carter of 



MS. 48, 49 

Ellinor E., b. 
3 April 1716 ; 
mar. William 
Urwick of 
Shenton, co. 
Salop, 26 Dec. 
1749, & d. 8 
June 1795. 

Elizabeth E., b. 

5 Jan. 1717; 
mar. Richard 
Keay of the 
Farm, co. Flint, 
18 Nov. 1740, 

6 d. 19 Feb. 

Joshua E. of Shrews-= 
bury, Printer, b. 15 
April 1724; d. 23 Sep. 
1811, & was bur. in 
the Diss. Meeting 
Yard at Shrewsbury. 

: Lydia, dau. of Wil- 
liam Philips of 
Horsman's G-reen, 
psh. of Hanmer, co. 
Flint; b. 1 Feb. 
1728 ; d. 30 March 

Elizabeth, 1 st wife,: 
dau. of Joshua 
Ridgway of Brun- 

: William Eddowes 1 
of Shrewsbury, 
Printer, only son 
& first born child. 

: Sarah, 2 nd wife, dau. Lydia E., 

of Humphrey living un- 

Gregory of Mulso, mar. 

co. Salop. 1821. 

William Eddowes, 
eldest son, of 
Printer, d. unmar. 
in 1823. 

Eliza E., wife of John Sarah E., 

Eddowes Bowman on b. 9 Deo. 

the opposite page. 1797. 

Mary E. 

John Eddowes, 
b. 2 March 1799. 

Catherine E., b. 
11 Dec. 1803. 

William UrwicknrEllinor, 2 nd 

of Shrewsbury, 
Grocer, d. 7 
April 1799. 

dau., mar. 
6 April 

Catherine, wife of 
Eddowes Bow- 
man on the 
opposite page. 

Elizabeth, mar. Thomas 
Williams of Shrews- 
bury, brother to John 
Williams, V.D.M., at p. 
.... No issue. 

William. Ellinor. Lydia. 

Mary E., wife of Archibald Ken- 
rick of West Bromwich (see 
Ped., p. 86). No issue. 

Watkin Watkin, Esq.,=j=Ann E., youngest 
dau., mar. 13 Feb. 

of Shotton, co. Salop. 

Watkin William Watkin, eldest 
son, b. 14 Dec. 1798. 


iiry Ann, mar. in Jan.=Captain 
1825 at Middle. Watkins. 

Ealph E. of Roger E. of Whit- = Catherine, dau. 

Eccleshall, church, tanner, 2 nd of Eandal Keay 

Apothecary, son, b. 3 Feb. of Whitchurch 

eldest son, 1719 ; d. without by Theodosia 

b. 7 Oct. issue in 1797 on Henry his wife. 

1714 ; d. May 12. (See Ped., 

unmar. p. 155.) 

John E. of=pCatherine, dau. 

Chester, to- 
3 son, b. 2 
June 1721; 

of Richard 
Moulson of 
Chester, tobac- 
conist. (See 
Ped., p. 89.) 

Ralph Eddowes of Chester, Merch*, & now of Stapeley near=pSarah, dau. of John 

Philadelphia, U.S. of America, b. 28 Aug. 1751 ; only 
child. He was one of the principal heirs to his relation 
John Eddowes of Nantwich. i 

Kenrick of Ruabon, 
co. Denbigh. (See 
Ped., p. 86.) k 

MS. 48, 49 




Sarah E., wife of Peter Boult of Chester, & afterwards of Philadelphia. 

4. Samuel Eddowes=j=Ann, dau. of Jane 6. Joshua Eddowes of=rElizabeth, dau. 

of Whitchurch, 
G-lover, bp. 22 Jan. 
1681-2. Will dated 
29 May 1713. 

Mountford of Til- Wrexham, Grocer ; Re- 
stock, widow ; sur- siduary Legatee to 
vived, & remar. Joshua Eddowes his 
.... Braddock. uncle. Will dated 12 
April 1733. 

of John & Sus- 
anna Broad- 
foot; mar. in 

John, under Sarah, under age John Eddowes of Bridge Street, Blackfriars, 

age 1713. 1713. Supposed London, Esq., b. at Wrexham 1722 ; fined for 

Believed to to have mar Sheriff in 1796 ; d. unmar. 30 Aug. 1802, & 

have d. Walkdenof Man- was bur. in a family vault at St. Mary's, 

young. Chester. Islington. 

i i i 

Joshua, Elizabeth, d. unmar. Susanna, 
d. un- 29 Mar. 1760. d. un- 
mar. Seems to have been mar. 
the eldest child. 

John Freeman of Lon-= Sarah E., d. 
don, of jamb's Con- 28 Feb. 
duit Street, d. 9 Nov. 1803, aged 
1816, aged 83. 75. 

William G-ilchrist=pElizabeth, niece to Joshua Eddowes of London. 


i ii i 

John G. of Stour- William G. Margaret, wife of Thomas Cot- Sarah, wife of John Ratcliffe 
bridge. of Wem. greave of Hoole, co. Cestr., Yeo. of Little Green, par. of Han- 

mer, co. Flint. 

Joseph Hanmer, D.D.,=pMartha, dau. of Ralph Eddowes, Gent. ; sister 

Rector of ... . 

to John Eddowes of London, Esq. 

Joseph, B. A. of John. Eliz. Mary. Martha. Cath e . Ester. Sara. Rachael. 
Cambridge — 

1682. Abigail. 

Harl. 1971, f. 230b. 

Christ r Braim of=pEliz., dau. of Joseph Eddowes of Halton in 
Wixall. j Flint. (Harl., 2152 & 1664.) 

W m . 


Randolph Eddowes, 2 son of David E. of Chalton,=Jane, dau. & heir of ... . Ranshall of 
co Cest r . (See Ped. in Book of Benefactors, Whitchurch. (Benefactors in Coll. 
M.P.B., iv., 126.) of Arms, ii., 111.) 

Roger Edow of Tyburghton,=Sara, dau. of Tho-=Ralph Davenport of Edge alias 
lhusb. (Harl. 2119, p. 174..) mas Stringer of Low Cross, son of Ralph D. of 
Crewe. Edge, 1634, 2 husb. 

See a Ped. of Eddowes of Chalton, Harl. 5861. 

Rogerus Edowe de Hanmer in Com. Flint, charged with cutting wood, etc. 
(Man r Roll of King's Remembrancer, 38 Hen. 8). 

VOL. I. 




MS. 50 


Tn the possession of M r Eadcliffe Scholefield of Birmingham was the original Grant 
of Arms from Flower Norroy to Francis Scholefield of Scholefield-hall, co. Lane, Esq., 
viz., Arg., a fess between 3 bulls' heads coupee guardant Gules. Crest, On a torce a 
bull's head coupee guardant Gules, charged on the neck with a collar Argent. 

In a collection of Lancashire pedigrees I have seen the following. 

Alexander Scholefield.=F 

6erard. : 

James Scholefield=r=Alice, dan. of Savile Eadcliffe of Todmorden. 

Eadcliffe, b. 1644. James. Caryl. Alexander. Charles. Alice. 

See ped. of Scholefield of S. in M.P.B., xiv., 179. 

See many references in Eaines' Stanley Household book, 4 t0 , 1853. 

M r Dickenson's Obituary contains this entry : 1708, M 1 ' Eadcliffe Scholefield 
the Lawyer near Eochdale d. ab* month of January. There can hardly be a doubt 
that the gentleman here meant is the Eadcliffe son of James. I think it very 
probable that he is the person who stands at the head of the following pedigree, 
though my communicant M rs Josepha Scholefield gave the name of Eichard. 

Mary Ead- 
cliffe, 1 st 

=Eichard Scholefield of Scholefield Hall, Esq., a=T=Frances Frank- 

Councellor. (This ought to be Eadcliffe ; he was 
the lawyer who d. in 1702, bur. at Todmorden, 
where his gravestone still remains ; said to have 
sons named Frankland, Harrington, & Hilton or 

land, 2 nd wife, 
dau. of Eic. 

Alice, wife Frances, wife of ... . Stokes. Eev. Maranda, d. 

of ... . Nathan Stock, Incumbent of S* unmar., 

Crosland. Mary's, Eochdale. (Byrom's Diary, aged 73. 
p. 395, note.) 

Penelope, wife 
of.. .... Fox of 

Ehodes, co. 

Eadcliffe Scholefield, V.D.M., of Eadcliffe,=pMary Smith, of 
d. 16 Aug. 1728r Bradford. 

Margaret, wife of 
.... Kirkup of 
Swallow well. 

Anne, d. 

Eebecca, wife of 
.... Pool of 

Elizabeth, wife of 
John English of 

d. unmar. 

Eichard S., V.D.M., eldest 
son, of Eadcliffe at the time 
of his mar. ; settled at 
Hexham in Nov. 1735 ; 
ordained near Manchester 
1730 ; d. in 1740. 


-Elizabeth, dau. & coheir of Jo- 
seph Dawson of Eochdale, 
V.D.M. ; b. 9 Feb. 1697 ; mar. 
at Eochdale 8 Jan. 1729 ; d. a 
widow at Sheffield 20 Nov. 1772, 
& was bur. in the Upper Chapel 

Eadcliffe S., V.D.M., 
of Hexham, bp. by 
M r Dawson of Eoch- 
dale 15 Dec. 1716; 
d. unmar. 1758. 



Mary Scholefield, b. 12 May Elizabeth, bp. 29 June Ann Scholefield, bur. at 
1730 ; d. in her youth. 1732 ; Aug. 1733. Eochdale 10 Feb. 1732. 

Eadcliffe Scholefield of "Whitehaven and Birming- Josepha Scholefield, b. 2 Aug. 

ham, V.D.M., b. at Eochdale 10 Dec. 1733 ; bp. 1738 ; she lived with her brother, 

1 Jan. 1734 ; d. at Birmingham in 1803, having survived him a few years, & d. at 

never been married, & was bur. at the Old Birmingham about 1806 ; never 

Meeting. married. 

Eadcliffe 8., the barrister, had a sister, she mar. Seth Clayton of Scholefield Hall, 
whose dau. Mary (?) was 2 nd wife of Josiah Gartside of Eochdale, Merch*. 

M r Scholefield of Birmingham used to say that his grandfather was disinherited, 
& the estate of Scholefield given to the four daughters. 

In the vol. of Lancashire & Cheshire Wills, Harl. 2067, is the will of Scofield of 
Scofield Hall, (I think) Cuthbert, about 1560, in which he leaves to a bastard son, 
I think Alexander Scofield. 

Eichard Carill, brother to Blaze Carill & others, mar. Eliz., dau. of Alexander 
Scofield of Scofield Hall, & had Eichard C. of the Pipe Office, Thomas, & Mary. 
(Harl. 1397, p. 169.) 

Penelope, 1 w., dau. of Radcli£fe=pJohn Fox of =Sarah, 2 w., dau. of Joshua Crompton of Old Hall 
Scholefield & Frances Frank- Rhodes, son in Stand ; wid. of John Fairburn of Coventry: 
land his wife. of John. mar Fox 25 Nov. 1746. (See p. .) 

John Firth .... of=f=Esther Fox, eld. dau. & coh r , John Smith of Brad-==Mary Fox, coh r , mar. 
Kipping, Gent. I b. 1740 ; living 1774. ford, V.D.M. 25 Nov. 1740. 

Thomas Smith of Castleton Hall, son=f=Penelope, coh r , b. 1750 ; mar. on 23 Feb. Esther, younger 

of John Smith of Spark, Merch* ; d. 

1774 ; d. 29 Dec. (?) 1823, aged 73. dau., b. 1755. 

Penelope, Esther, mar. Sir Ellen, mar. John Mary, mar. Hugh Hannah, mar. Col. 
d.1779. W. B. Burdett, Entwisel of Fox- Duncan Baillie, Sir Robert Arbuth- 
Bart. holes. M.P. not, K.C.B. 

This from the information of M r Raines. 

Frances, w. of Nathan Stock, M.A., Incumbent of S* Mary's, 
Rochdale ; aunt of Esther Firk (? Fish) 1760. 

In Pilkington, psh. of Bury. 
John Fox of Rhodes=f=Jane, 3 dau., etc., of ... . Parr of Rhodes ; will 24 Oct. 1579 ; a wid. 

=William F., son & heir. See more, Raines' Stanley Household 

Will 7 Dec. 38 Eliz. book, p. 110. 



MS. 51 

Col&toell— Raptor- 

John Ooldwell, 37 Hen. 8. 

William Coldwell of Waldershalf, Yeo. 20 Eliz. 

h* John i 

Gilbert Coldwell of York, Merch* John Coldwell of Waldershalf,=Emote, dau. of Bernard 
Venturer 32 Eliz. Yeo. 18 Eliz. Haigh of Thurleston. 

Nicholas C. of Woodhouse.=p 

Sarah, w. of Nicholas Whiteley of Jack House. 
Francis Appleyard of Ecclands 10 Ch. I. 

Gilbert. Richard, of Over Longley, Gent., dead 1641. 

Mary, 1641, mar. Isaac Wordsworth of Brook House. (See Ped., p. 3.) 

Thomas Coldwell of Waldershelf in Chapelry of Bradfield,n= 
yeo. 32 Eliz. ; Inq. p.m. 3 Charles I. 


John Coldwell of Shephouse, yeo., aged 30=j=Mary. Mary, w. of Nicholas 
3 Charles I. =f= I Greaves. 

James Nay- Francis Cold- Reginald^ 
lorofWigan, well, made Apple- 
Draper, heir, but d. yard of 
=p s.p. Ecclands. 

: Mary Coldwell, Henry=fEliz. Cold- 

dau. & coh., d. Dickenson 
10 Mar. 1690-1, of Shep- 
aged 68. house. 

well, dau. 
& heir. 

James Naylor of St.= 
Helen's Chapel, 
Lancashire, V.D.M., I 
b. about 1664 ; d. 3 j 
April 1710, leaving j 
13 children. In j 
1702 he was a trus- 
tee on the marriage 
of John Percival of 

Peter Nailour, V.D.M., ejected^ 
from Houghton Chapel, co. Lane. ; 
Minister at Alverthorpe near 
Wakefield ; d. in 1690, aged 54 ; 
he left more children than are 
put down below ; entered St. 
John's College, Camb., aged 19, 
23 April 1655. 

: Mary Apple- 
yard, sole 
dau. & h., 
liv g a widow 


Martha, w. Mary, w. of 
of Benja- Matthew 
minMilnes. Hudson. 

Mary, first wife, dau. of George : 
Lloyd of Manchester, Merchant; 
b. 12 Aug. 1688 ; d. in June 
1714 (see Ped., p. 124) ; d. 22 
June 1714 ; bur. in Cross St. 
Chapel, aged 25. 

Martha, only child, d. y. 

Benjamin N". of Man-^=Jane, second wife, dau. 
"of Richard Percival of 
Allerton, Esq. (see Ped., 
p. 52) ; mar. 25 May 
1720; d. 1775, aged 
84 ; d. 20 Jan. 1776, 
aged 84. 

Chester, Merchant, d. 
28 May 1751, aged 
69 ; bur. in Cross St. 
Chapel, Manchester. 

MS. 51 



Peter N.,d. 
young; b. 
18 April; 
bur. 8 May 

Eichard N. of Man-=f Martha, dau. of Joseph 

Chester, Merchant, 
b. 31 Jan. 1729 ; 
d. about 1800 ; bp. 
at Gross St. Chapel 
2 Feb. 1729. 

Percival of Warring- 
ton, sister to Tho s 
Percival, M.D. (see 
Ped., p. 53) ; mar. at 

James N. of Manches- 
ter, Merch*, b. 30 June 
1730; d. unmar. about 
1803; d. March 20, 
1803, aged 72 ; bur. 

Warrington 17 July in Cross St. Chapel, 
1751. where he was bp. 16 

July 1730. 

Percival Benjamin Naylor, V.D.M.,- 

Naylor, b. 23 Aug. 1761; many 

b. 20 years Minister at Sheffield ; 

Dec. removed to Manchester in 

1757 ; 1804, where he laid aside 

never the Clerical character ; 

mar. bp. at Cross St. Chapel 10 

Sep. 1761; d. 12 April 

1846; bur. at Birch (?) 


: Anne, only dau. & heir of 
John Dennison of New- 
castle - upon - Tyne, by 
Eliz. Byerley his wife 
(see Ped., p. 45) : b. 17 
Dec. 1770 ; bp. 13 Jan. 
1771 ; mar. at Birming- 
ham 6 July 1795 ; living 
1820 ; mar. at St. Mar- 
tin's Church 6 July 
1795; shed. Aug. 1855. 

Martha N., only 
dau., b. 14 Dec. 
1765 ; living at 
1820, the widow 
of Lewis Theo- 
philias Rupp of 
Merchant; no 

Eichard Scholefield 
Naylor, eldest child, 
d. in his infancy at 
Sheffield, and was 
bur. in the Upper 
Chapel Yard. 

Benjamin Dennison Nay lor of 
Manchester, Merch*, only son, 
aged about 22, 1820. 

James Naylor, d. very young 
at Manchester. 

i i 

Martha, elder of the two 
daus., aged about 18, 1820. 

Anne Jemima, younger of 
the two dau rs , aged ab* 10, 

James Naylor, V.D.M., 
Minister in London, d. 
23 July 1708, aged 29, 
& was bur. in Bunhill 
Fields. (See Wilson's 
' Diss. Churches,' iii., 

I I 

Mary Naylor, bp. at 
Peniston 16 May 
1669 ; mar. 6 Jan. 
1690 to Jas. Harrison. 

Martha N., bp. at 
Peniston 12 Dec. 

Ebenezer N.=p Mary, dau. of Wil m 

of Wake- 

Lupton of 
near Wakefield ; 
mar. 13 June 1706 ; 
bur. 14 Feb. 1733. 
(Q. if not rather in 

d. un- 

Martha N., mar. 1 Richard Peter N., 

Buxton of Wakefield ; 2 nd , d. with- 

Bichard Lumb of Wake- out issue, 
field, Esq. 



James. Ebenezer. Benjamin. 

v , ; y 

All d. in their infancy. 

William N.=Mary March 
of Wake- of Bil- 

field, Mer- 
chant, d. 

near York, 
mar. 24 
Mar. 1743 
(p. 57). 

Jeremiah N. : 
of Wake- 
field, Mer- 

: Mary, dau. Mary N., wife of John Aldred, 
of James V.D.M., Minister at Wake- 
Scholey of field (see Ped., p. 9). He 
Wakefield, d. 28 Dec. 1760, aged 60 ; 
bur. in Dissenters' burial 
Ground, Wakefield. (See 
Ped., p. 34, & see the Bux- 
ton's, p. 408.) 



MS. 51 


Peter Nay- 
lor of Lon- 

Elizabeth, wife of Geo. 
Lloyd of Manchester 
& York, Esq. (See 
Pbd., p. 124.) 

Mary N., wife of 
Giles Rickaby 
of Wakefield, 

Martha, wife of Henry 
Andrews of Wakefield, 
Merch 1 . (See Sisson's 
' Wakefield,' p. 73.) 

John N. of= 
Merch*, b. 
in 1752 ; 
living 1808 
at Belle- 

: Hannah, dau. of 
William Todd 
of Newstead, co. 
York, Esq. (see 
Ped.. p. 98); 
d. 29 April 1823, 
aged 75. 

Sarah, 1 st wife, dau.= 
of Samuel Maude of 
Wakefield, by Ann 
his wife, dau. of 
William Todd afore- 
said ; d. 18 May 
1796, aged 28. 

William Naylor of Wake- Jeremiah 

field, Esq., mar. Eliz., dau. Todd N. 
of Edw d Brook, Esq., of — 

Chapel Allerton. She d. Maria. 
19 Nov. 1819, aged 30. 

: Jeremiah = Catherine, 2 wife, 
Naylor of dau. of John Fol- 
Wakefield, jambe of Bother- 
Merchant, ham, Esq. (See 
Ped., p. 93.) 


Susan. Jeremiah. Daniel. 

George. John. 


Sarah, d. 19 
Dec. 1788; 
aged 9 weeks. 

Eliza, d. 18 Sep. 1812, aged 18 days. 

It appears by deeds in possession of M r Hudson in 1745 that Peter Naylor mar. 
Mary, dau. & h. of Rainald Appleyard of Ecclands in par. of Peniston ; that he had 
a son named Benjamin his youngest ; and that he was connected with John Naylor 
of Warrington, Linen Draper 1671. 


MS. 52 

Where is Oath., dau. of Richard Percival of Allerton, Esq., wife of ... . Leigh of 
Oughterington, & mother of M rs Hardman ? 

John Tildesley, in his will, speaks of his nephew Rob. Worthington of Wormeley 
in Herts, his sister Ruth Hindley, & John & James Hartley, and Ann & Elizabeth 
her children. 

Thomas Percival of Bristol, Merchant.=p 

Richard Percival of Manchester, slain in 1642.=f= 

Richard Percival, Bailiff, of= 
Liverpool 1651, & Mayor in 
1658; he bought Allerton, 
1670, for £4755 (see Gregson's 
< Lancashire,' p. 198) ; ob. 12 
March 1701, aged 83. M.I. 

-■''.■' A 

ob. 8 

Robert, d. 

Thomas Percival^ Jane, dau. & 

of Manchester, 
bought Royton 
in 1662, & d. in 

coh 1 ' of Tho- 
mas Shep- 
herd of 

MS. 52 

PAMILItE minohum gentium. 


Thomas Percival, 
was joined with 
his father in the 
purchase of Aller- 

.... Percival, mar. 
Thomas William- 
son, Clerk, son of 
Alderman Thomas 


P. of 

Roy ton, 
d. in 

dau. of 
Tho s Norris 
of Speke, 

Jane Percival, 
mar. 1 st ... . Gil- 
liam of Newton ; 
2 Bich d Tong of 

Thomas, son 
& heir, ob. 
s.p. 1712. 

William, of Roy-- 
ton, Esq., ob. 

: Dorothy, dau. of Thos. John, ob. 
Kenyon of Salford by s.p. 1732. 
Oath e , dau. & coh r of 
Luke Lloyd of Bryn. 

Richard, d. 

Thomas Percival of Royton, Esq., b. 1 Sep. 1719 ; mar. Martha, dau. of 
Benjamin G-regge of Ohambre, Esq., and d. in 1763, leaving an only dau., 
wife of Joseph Pickford, Esq., afterwards Sir Joseph Radcliffe, Bart. 

John Tildsley, M.A. of the University of= 
Glasgow, b. in Lancashire in or about 
1624 ; ejected from Dean in his native 
County 1662 ; d. at Manchester 12 Dec. 
1684 (see Cal., p. 402). (His descendants 
& marriage I have from a Pedigree of 
Oheetham, compiled by Ralph Cooper. — 
See his will in my collection.) 

: Margaret, dau. & coheir of Ralph 
Cheetham, a relation of Humphry 
Cheetham, founder of the College 
at Manchester, in whose will she 
was a legatee (see Ped., p. 242) ; 
she was b. 3 March 1621. (See 
M r Ormerod's Letter of 14 June 

Richard Percival of Manchester, MerchV 
Esq.* He seems to have resided also in 
Manchester, and to have been a Merchant 
there ; supposed to be of the Percivals 
of Royton. 

^Elizabeth Tildsley, dau. & coheir, of 
Rumford in Lancashire ; mar. in or 
about 1671 ; had a Settlement on the 
estate of Allerton from R. P. the elder ; 
had 10 children. 

Jane Percival, wife 
of Benjamin Nay- 
lor of Manchester 
(see Ped., p. 51) ; 
mar. 25 May 1720. 

mar. 10 

of Man- 


=Richard=Mary, 2 nd wife, dau. 
Taylor of Richard Taylor 
of Lon- of Manchester ; 
don. mar. 6 Sep. 1704. 

Thomas Clows of Manchester, mar.=Eleanor Taylor, brought up by her Step- 
at Gorton Chapel 9 Jan. 1723. Grandfather Richard Taylor of Manchester. 

Richard JohnP.,| aMerch* in Liver- Thomas P., 

P. . pool. Inl702hemar.Marg t , incapable of 

dau. of Thomas & Abigail managing 

Crooke, Esq., of Abram. himself. 

Margaret, named as widow 
of ... . Millington in 
1725; s.p. 


•* 1726 M r Eichd. Percevall of Manchester, a very ancient tradesman, died suddenly Nov. 
f 1725-6 M r John Percevall of Liverpool, bur. Jan. 2 (Northowram Reg.). — J. W. O. 



MS. 52 

i n i i 

Richard Percival John Percival of Samuel Percival= Abigail, of Ellen, of 

of Wavertree-hall. Wigan, 1732. of Manchester, Liverpool, Manches- 

Sold Allerton. — Checkman, 1732. ter, 1732. 

LovedayP.,1732. 1732. 

. Partington ,=p 2. Mary Tildsley, dau.=. . . . Earl, 2 nd husband, 

first husband. 

& coheir. 

or Herle ; s.p. 

John P., 1684/ 

Daii., mar. 

Edmund Ogden of Roeh-=f4. Martha Tildsley, dau. &coh r . Joseph=j=3. Margaret 

dale, mar. in July 1679. 
0. H. (See p. 59.) 

From her the Benions of Hooper. 
Shrewsbury descend. 


John 0., 1684. Mary, 1684= 

Benion of Ash. Jo' 

)hn H., 

1684. Mary, 1684. 

Both d. unmar. 

Only John & Samuel are named in the Grandfather's will, 2 March 1725. 

Lydia, wife of Thomas Yates of Whitchurch, Gent. 

Abigail, wife of Tho s Clayton of Little Harwood, co. Lane, Gent., only child & 
heiress of Ann Darbishire, deceased. 

Abigail, wife of John Andrews of Bolton le Moors, Gent. 

Thomas Summers of Liverpool, merch*. 

Richard Percival of Liverpool, Gent., eldest son & heir of Margaret Percival, 
afterwards Summers, late wife of the said Tho s Summers. 

Isabella, wife of Thomas Heyes of Rainhill, co. Lane, Clerk. 

These were the coheirs of Richard Crook of Macclesfield, Esq. ; about 1720 
engaged in a suit respecting the Manor of Mottram Andrew, co. Oest r . 

In 1738 Eccleston & wife, Bridget Summers & John Pemberton, claimed as 
representatives of Margaret Percival, afterwards Summers. 

These memoranda are from Ormerod's ' Cheshire,' iii., 348. 

Richard Percival, who mar. Eliz. Tildesley, made his will in 1725, in which he 
names his 2 Grandsons John & Samuel, & his 2 daus. Margaret Millington, widow, 
& Jane, wife of Benjamin Naylor, Merchant, of Manchester. Will in possession of 
Tho s Naylor of Altrincham. 

Edmund Ogden of Bochdale, Draper.=p 

Mary Ogden, mar. Ralph Alice Ogden, mar. Samuel Edmund Ogden of = Martha Tildsley, 
Spencer of Leeds, Merchant. Ibbetson of Leeds, Mer- Rochdale, mar. 1679. above. 
=j= chant. =f= 

Robert, b. 1673. 

James, b. 1674. 

MS. 52 



. Ogden of 01dham.=f= 

Samuel Ogden, b. about 1626 ; d. 25 May=p. . . . dau. of . . . Burnet, 
1697; ejected. (See Cal. 197, & Bagshaw.) Min r of Oldham. 

Thomas Ogden,=f= 
a Dyer in Man- 

.... dau. This 
is very doubtful. 

George Ogden, Fellow of the=Alice Haworth of 
Church of Manchester, & Vicar Salford, mar. 7 
of Ribchester, d. in July 1706. Nov. 1703. 

Samuel Ogden, Master of the Grammar School at Halifax, & afterwards 
of Cambridge ; the eminent Divine ; ob. 1778. 

Adam Ogden, bought a place called Swine Clough in Oldham 1670.^ 


Adam Ogden. 
Samuel Ogden of Horsedge in Oldham 1820, late owner of Swine Clough. 

MS. 53 


Peroival of Thelwell, co. 0estr. : 

. . . Worsley of Sutton. : 

Peter Percival of Warrington, co. Lanc., = 
younger son, a Surgeon, d. in 1701, 
leaving 4 sons & 1 dau. 

=Martha .... Worsley, wife of ... . 

Worsley. Mather, a Correspondent 
of Bishop Burnet. 

Thomas Percival 
of Warrington, 
M.D., d. in 1750. 

James Percival 
of Liverpool, 

Joseph Percival of Warring-^fMargaret Orred 

ton, third son ; 
aged 49. 

d. in 1743, 

of the County 
of Chester. 

Thomas Percival, 
M.D., F.E.S., 
F.S.A., a phy- 
sician of great 
eminence at Man- 
chester ; the 
youngest & only 
surviving son, b. 
29 Sep. 1740, & 
d. 30 Aug. 1804. 


Elizab h , dau. of Nathaniel & Elizabeth Percival. 


Ann Bassnett of Birmingham, 
etc., of a Cheshire family 
(whose Ped. see at p. ) ; 
living at Bath 12 Sep. 1820. 
M r Bassnett lived many years 
in New Broad St., London. 
She d. at Bath 17 Jan. 1822, 
aged 74, & was bur. at Weston ; 
bp. by D r Chandler 5 June 

Martha P., wife of 
Eichard Naylor of 
Manchester. (See 
Ped., p. 51.) 

.... wife 
of Tho- 
mas Moul- 
son of 
(See Ped., 
p. 89.) 

VOL. I. 



MS. 53 

Edward Bayley 
Percival, d. 25 
May 1780, in 
his 2 nd year. 

Maria, d. 15 
May 1780, in 
her third year. 

Frances, d. at Bath 
unmar, and was bur. 
at Weston. 

Eliza, d. at Bath 
unmar., and was 
bur. at Weston. 

Anne P., b. 22 Jan. 1768 ; 
mar. Nathaniel Heywood 
of Manchester, Esq., 24 
June 1791. (See Ped., p. 

Margaret, living at Bath 
unmar. 1820. 

Maria, living 
at Bath un- 
mar. 1820 5 
d. there un- 
mar. April 

Harriett, liv- 
ing at Bath 
unmar. 1820. 

Edward Percival, M.D. ; prac-^=Miss Gladstaine, 


tised for some years in Dublin ; 
afterwards at Bath, where he d. 
23 Sep. 1819, and was bur. at 


niece of Sir Al- 
bert Gladstaine ; 
living at Bath 12 
Sep. 1820. 

Stanley Percival=. . . . dau. 
of Liverpool, of Tho- 

Esq., youngest mas 
son. France, 


Edward, in India. Thomas. Anna, mar Hill of 

Sophia, d. unmar. 

Both of them d. young & 

Thomas Bassnett Percival, eldest son, of St. : 
John's College, Cambridge ; a Clergyman ; 
Chaplain to the British Factory at Peters- 
burgh, where he d. before his father. 

James P., d. while a George P., 

Medical Student in d. unmar., 

the University of aged ab* 

Edinburgh. 35. 

Thomas Percival, only son, a Student at Christ Church, Oxford, 
1820 ; now in Orders, 1822 ; Rector of Horseheath, co. Camb., & 
a Prebendary of Southwell. 


MS. 55 

This pedigree was compiled by John Milnes, Esq., from family papers at the 
Haigh, assisted by M rs Cotton's Steward. He communicated it to me by letter 
dated 6 April 1808. It has been extended -and confirmed, as far as her knowledge 
went, by M rs Ellinor Hotham, a daughter of Benedicta Cotton, a very old lady, 
still living at York 1821. Respecting the connection with the Cottons of Cumber- 
mere, M 1 ' Milnes wrote thus : The Cottons of the Haigh have always had a tradition, 
and that strong, that they were descended from a junior branch of the Cottons of 
Cumbermere. I have seen some of the Cottons of Yardsley in Cheshire at my 
cousin George Cotton's, as also a brother of Sir R. Cotton of Cumbermere, and the 
families at the Haigh, and those at Cumbermere visited and acknowledged relation- 
ship. He adds : " There seems to have been an acknowledged branch of the family 
at the Haigh settled in America." 

Within the altar rails in the Church of Darton, co. York, is this Ins r : Here 
lyeth the body of William Cotton, Gent., of Haigh, who married to his 2 nd wife 
Anna, the dau. of George Westby of Ravenfield, Esq., by whom he had issue 6 sons 
and 9 daughters. He dyed upon the 6 th day of May Anno Dom. 1703, in the 
55 year of his age. 

MS. 54, 55 



Thomas Cotton of . . . .,- 
Auditor to Sir Tho s 
Weston. Supposed to 
be son or grandson of 
Richard Cotton of Cum- 

William Fownes z 
of Kendley near 
Wenlock, co. 

^Elizabeth, dau. of . . . ., bought 
the Upper Haigh, etc., of An- 
thony Urton 30 Sep. 1656 ; 
bur. at Wortley Feb. 1657, aged 
62. Will dated 7 th April 1655, 
proved 22 Jan. 1658. 

.... Cot- William Cotton of Nether Denby in fche= 

ton, wife psh. of Peniston, Gent., an Ironmaster ; 

of ... . living at .Wortley 1656 ; at Hawkhirst, 

Leeke of psh. of Silkstone, 1667 ; will dated 24 

Criggan. Feb. 1674; d. 13 March following, & 

was bur. in Peniston Church on the 

17 th . He bought the Haigh of W m 

Fownes 24 Sep. 1660. Will 27 Feb. 

1674. (See York Wills, 1032.) 

: Eleanor 
bur. at 
30 Nov. 



John. George. 


One of the brothers 
of M rs Cotton was 
a Minister in 1674. 
Was George ? 

Anne Cotton, bur. 
in Peniston Church 
28 July 1682. 

Mary Cotton, d. 
20 Dec. 1682; bur. 
in Peniston 

Thomas Cottony 
V.D.M., b. at or 
near Wortley in 
1657 ; a Minis- 
ster in London 
many years. ; d. 
in 1730, and 
was bur. in Bun- 
hill Fields. 

: Bridget, dau. of Leonard Hoare, president 
of Cambridge University in New England, 
by Bridget his wife, dau. of the Lord 
Lisle, who remar. with .... Usher. 
Portraits of some of this family are in 
possession of M r Bayes Cotton. Bridget 
Usher & Tryphena Lloyd are the daus. of 
the Lady Lisle who was beheaded at 

Thomas Cotton of Hack- 
ney, Att.-at-law, 2 nd son, 
d. 23 March 1797, aged 
87 ; bur. in Bunhill 

: Rebecca, dau. of Joshua 
Bayes, V.D.M., Minister 
in London (see Ped., 
p. ) ; d. 7 th Feb. 1799, 
aged 82 ; bur. in Bun- 
hill Fields. 

Leonard Cotton, 1 
eldest son, set- 
tled in America. 

d. mi- 
ni ar. 

Bayes Cotton of= 
Hackney & now 
of Kenilworth, 

=. . . . dau. of ... . 
Chance of Upton- 
upon-Severn, co. 

Joshua Cotton, barr. -at-Law, d . Colonel 

young and 'unmar. ; d. 30 Cotton, an 

March 1767, aged 28 ; bur. in American 

Bunhill Fields. Loyalist. 

Will m , of London, Att^, Clerk= 
to D r Williams' Trustees. 

= Susan, dau. of Ann C, Lsetitia, w. of Hugh 
De Berckam, unmar. Stanger Leathes, 
lace Merch*. 1824. Esq. 

Maria, w. of Henry Samuel, 
Scrivenour of Lon- of Lon- 
don, don. 

Thomas. Edward. Decima. 

George. Sarah. 

Laura, d. 

Thomas Bayes, d. 
21 Mar. 1787, 
aged 10 months. 



MS. 54, 55 


Joanna Cotton, 
mar. 15 July 
1697 to Tho- 
mas Hall of 
Hermitage near 
Holmes Chapel, 

Joshua Cotton, drowned at 
Sea, or d. in Holland. 

Eleanor Cotton, mar. at 
Peniston 27 Oct. 1681 to 
James Wright, V.D.M., a 
Silenced Minister. (See 
Cal., 408 ; Cont, 564.) 

John Cotton, 
d. 20 Sep. 
1671, aged 9; 
bur. in Penis- 
ton Church, 

Susanna Cotton, d. 
22 Oct. 1677 ; 
bur. in Peniston 

Elizabeth Cotton, 
bur. at Peniston 
1 Nov. 1680. 

Anna Hall, b. 13 Sep. 1698 ; d. 18 Aug. 1700. 
(See Ormerod, iii., 74.) 

Cotton Hall, b. 16 & d. 29 
Aug* 1700. 

Barbara, firsts 
wife, dau. of 
Thomas Cur- 
wen of Sella 
Park, co. 
Cumb., Esq.; 
d. in Child- 
bed 9 Oct. 
1678, & was 
bur. in the 
Ch. of Penis- 

: William Cotton of= 
Nether Denby & 
of the Haigh, psh. 
of Darton, Esq., 
an Ironmaster, d. 
6 May 1703, aged 
54, & was bur. 
within the Chan- 
cel rails of Darton 

: Anna, 2 nd wife, dau. of George Daniel Cotton= 
Westby of Ravenfield, co. York, of Holmes 
Esq., by Benedicta his wife, Chapel, co. 
dau. of Joseph Drake of Hull, Cest r , or its 
Merchant ; mar. 17 or 27 neighbour- 
March 1683 ;* the Settlement hood,d. Uan. 
dated 15 Jan. ; d. at Stour- 1722. 
bridge 8 July 1721, & was 
bur. at Darton on the 13 th . 
Will 3 July 1721 named cousin 
Ibbitson of Leeds. 

1. Eleanor 0., 
bur. at Penis- 
ton 12 June 

6. William Westby Cotton= 
of the Haigh, Esq., eldest 
son and heir, b. at Haigh 
14 Aug. 1689 ; bp. by M r 
Johnson 18 th ; d. in Aug. 

: Mary Cotton, 
mar. at 
Chapel 1 Sep. 
1715; bur. 22 
Oct. 1731. 

12. Ellinor C.,f 
mar. in 1720 to 
George Heald of 
(See Ped., p. 

Anna Cotton, b. at Kim- William, b. 

berton 15 Nov. 1717 ; at Haigh 

mar. 31 Aug. 1761 to 1 March 

James Faucet of Kirby 1729; d. an 

Steven, Attorney-at-law, infant ; bur. 

& d. without issue. at Darton. 

William, b. at Haigh 
9 Dec. 1728 ; d. un- 
mar. Oct. 1750, & 
was bur. at Darton 
on the 24 th . 

Sarah 0., b. at 
Haigh 19 April 
1724; d. un- 
mar., & was 
bur. at Darton 
19 May 1745. 

Thomas Cotton 
of the Haigh, 
Esq., b. 4 April 
1723 ;bp. 20 th ; 
d. without issue 
3 Oct. 1802, 
and was bur. 
at Darton 
the 7 th . 


= Rebecca, dau. & coheir of 
John Acton of the Beach 
near Macclesfield, by a 
sister of George Heald 
above ; mar. at Prestbury 
12 Nov. 1765 ; was living 
at the Haigh, a widow, in 
1808 ; d. 21 May 1816, 
aged 83, & was bur. at 

John Denton of= 
psh. of Darton, 
Gent., d. 29 Sep. 
1749, & was 
bur. on 2 Oct. 
at Darton. 

^Elizabeth Cotton, 
b. at Kimberton, 
co. Salop, 9 Aug. 
1716 ; bp. 23 rd ; 
mar. at Darton ; 
bur. there 3 May 

* March 27. 

f Mar. July 28 (Northowram Register).— J. W. C. 

MS. 54 




George Denton, 
only son, d.with- 
out issue 23 
Aug. 1770, aged 

Mary Ann- 
dead in 

: James Richard-=Elizabeth, 2 nd wife, 
son, M.D., of dau. of Samuel Pot- 
Wakefield ; ter, Esq., of Spring- 

living in 1808. field near White- 
haven; mar. in 1811. 






Henry Richardson, an Officer of Infantry, 
only son, unmar. in 1808. 

Elizabeth Richardson, only dau., b. 
26 Feb. 1777 ; d. unmar. in 1805. 

11. Benedicta,* 
mar. in 1714 to 
William Hot- 
ham of York, 
Merch*. (See 
Ped., p. 57.) 

2. Frances 0.,f eld- 
est dau., mar. in 
1708 to William 
Vernon of Warming- 
ham, co. Cest r , Iron- 
master. (See Ped., 
p. 56.) 

8. George Cotton of= 
Wakefield, Merchant, 
b. at Haigh 12 Feb. 
1691 ; bp. by M r 
Johnson 14 th ; d. 5 
Feb. 1778, & was 
bur. in the Milnes' 
family vault at Wake- 

: Elizabeth, dau. of 
Robert Milnes of 
Wakefield, Mer- 
chant (see Ped., 
p. 20) ; mar. at 
Kirkthorpe, psh. 
of Warmfield, 22 
Oct. 1716 ; d. 10 
June 1769; bur. in 
the Milnes' vault. 

George Cotton of Wakefield, 
Merchant, b. at Wakefield 
29 Sep. 1723; d. unmar. 
13 Dec. 1793, & was bur. 
in the Milnes' family vault. 

Richard Hill^pElizabeth Cotton, only dau.,' 

of Hull ; in 
the Customs 
at that port. 

b. in Dec. 1724; mar. at 
Hoyland Nov. 1749 ; d. 26 
May 1766, & was bur. in 
St. Mary's Church, Hull. 

bur. 27 

James=f=Mary Ann Richard Milnes of Crow-=Elizabeth Hill, only child, 
Milnes of Bell (p. nest, psh. of Dewsbury, heir to her uncle George 
Flockton. 88.) Esq.,&of Shepley-bridge, Cotton ; b. 29 Nov. 1750 ; 

psh. of Mirfield, 1808 ; mar. at Flockton 11 Nov. 
living 1826. 1783 ; living without issue 


Margaret, mar. Will m Stansfield of Leeds Mary Ann, mar. Henry Briggs of 
& of Flockton. =p Halifax (p. ). 

. ! 

James Milnes. Laura. Adelaide. Emily. Logan, d. inf. ... 4 

John Milnes^. . . . dau. 

of Flockton 
Hall, Esq. 



William, of 1 mar Woollen of Thornhill, 

Flockton, Esq. 

d. unmar. — 

2 mar Hill of Wakefield. 

3 mar Ridsdale of Wakefield, e 

* Mar. Nov. 30. f Mar - June 24: (Northowram Register), 

t Henry William Stansfeld of Flockton.— J. W. C. 



MS. 54, 55 


. . . } mar. Isaac 
Tyson, a Clergy- 
man. Left a large 

Martha, mar. Tho s Johnstone of 
Wakefield, V.D.M. M* John- 
stone mar. 2 nd1 ^ in March 1831 
Miss Lumb of Wakefield. 

Eliza, mar Marshal 

of Wakefield, Surgeon, 
bro. to .... M. of St. 
Alban's, V.D.M., & had 


Eliz a , mar Martha. Emma, Thomas, Will m 

Ledger. — — in India. 2 son. 

— Mary Anne, mar. Margaret, 

Dorothy, mar. 1831 to .... mar 

.... Hawkes of Hurst of Wake- Ellis. 

Bishop Stort- field, printer. 


= . . . . dau. 
& h. of 


10. Joshua Cotton=T=Martha 4. Elizabeth,* 16. Samuel Cotton=p Jane 

of Newcastle, Iron- 
master, b. at Haigh 
15 Feb. 1694; bp. 
by M r Johnson 24 th ; 
d. in 1753. 

sister to 
the wife 
of W m 
(p. 57). 

mar. in 1708 
to Thomas 
Nettleton of 
Halifax, M.D. 
(See Ped., 
p. 55.) 

of Beverley, young- 
est of 15 children, 
b. at Haigh 6 July 
1703; bp. by M r 
Jollie 28 th ; d. in 

well or 

only child, 
wife of ... . 
Cooper of 
ster, Silk 

Samuel C, drowned 
in his youth. 

Thomas C., 1 
sea ; unmar. 

Ann Cotton, 

. Lay-=f=Cathe- 

eldest dau., 

bourne of 



st at Witherby of 


London, & 

and Catten- 

d. without 

holm n r 




d. un- 

.... Wise, first=Catherine Layburn, only child, heir to her grand- 
husband, father Samuel Cotton. 

3. Ann C, mar. in 
1712 to Edward 
Kendal of Stour- 
bridge, Gent. 
(See Ped., p. 57.) 

15. Barbara, b. at 
Haigh 6 March 
1702 ; bp. by T. 
Cotton 22 ; d. 

14. Thomas, b. at Haigh 
25 May 1700; bp. by 
M 1 ' Johnson 9 June ; 
bur. in Darton Church 
25 Feb. 1701. 

7. Thomas, b. at Haigh 
6 Dec. 1690 ; bp. by M r 
Johnson 21 ; d. 10 May 
1691 ; bur. in Darton 

i i i 

13. John C, b. at Haigh 5. Joanna, 

6 Dec. 1698 ; bp. byM r b. at Haigh 

Johnson 18 th ; d. unmar. 10 Sep. 

March 1723. 1687; bp. 

— by M r 

9. Daniel C.,b. at Haigh Wright 

18 Aug. 1693 ; bp. by 15 th ; bur. 

M r Johnson 3 Sep. ; d. in Darton 

9 Nov. following ; bur. Church 

in Darton Church. 22 d . 

1 1829, Dec. 17, mar. at Burlington, W m Savage, Esq., of the Quay, to Dorothy 
Jane, eldest dau. of the late Rev. Isaac Tyson, vicar of Adlingflete & Hemingborough, 
& grand-dau. of the late John Milnes, Esq., of Flockton Hall. 

* Mar. March 30 (Northowram Register).— J. W. C. 

MS. 55 



Thos. Chance of=f=Sarah, dau. of Kic. Vernon of Hanbury, co. Wore. ; d.. Sep. 1777. 


aged 85 ; bur. in the Church at Upton-on-Severn ; M.I. at 

Eliz., d. unmar. 1754, 
aged 27. 

William, d. 3 Sep. 1779, aged 54 ; bur. at=pBarbara, d. Aug. 1792, 


aged 66. 

1 I I 111! 

Barbara, d. Mar. Lsetitia, d. Aug. John, d. Mar. 1784, Eliz. W m . Eliz wife of Bayes 

1772, aged 26. 1792, aged 27. aged 27. ^ v > Cotton. 

All d. young. 

MS. 56 


William Vernon* of=pFrances,| eldest surviving dau. of William Cotton of 

Warmingham, co. 
Cestr., Ironmaster. 

the Haigh (p. 54) ; b. at Ravenfield 3 May 1684 ; 
bp. by M r Bourn 11 th ; mar. 24 June 1708 ; d. in 
March 1728. 

Samuel Vernon. This gentle-= 
man I suppose to be the S. V. 
of Chester, Esq., who mar. 
Jane, dau. of Thom s Hall of 
the Hermitage, Esq.; she d. 17 
Feb. 1775, aged 35. (Ormerod, 
iii., 74.) 

Bebecca V., 
wife of ... . 
in Cheshire. 

Frances Vernon, wife 
of Francis Maude of 
Leathley, co. York 
(see Pbd., p. 257) ; 
this lady was b. in 
1745, so that she could 
not be as here placed. 

Joanna V., 
b. 2 April 

Anna V., 
b. 2 June 



d. a widow, and was bur. at Dewsbury 14 May 1684, aged 77. 

John Nettleton of Dewsbury* d. 25 Feb.=p Elizabeth, dau. & heir of John Words- 

1724, & was bur. at Dewsbury on the 2 nd 

worth of Swaithe Hall, Gent. ; mar. at 
Peniston 18 April 1678. 

Susanna Nettleton, 
d. unmar. 12 April 


. Net tie ton, wife of ... . 
Hampson of Liverpool ; d. in 

childbed 1 August 1730. 

Martha Nettle ton,J niar. 5 
Feb. 1718 to M r Thomas 
Holden of Halifax. 

Thomas Nettleton,§ M.D., of York & of Hali-= 
fax, b. at Dewsbury in 1683 ; d. 4 Id. Jan. 
1741 ; & was bur. at Dewsbury. (See his Mon. 
Ins. & some account of him in Watson's 
1 History of Halifax,' pp. 496 and 498.) 


^Elizabeth, third surviving dau. of 
William Cotton of the Haigh (p. 54); 
b. at Haigh 29 Nov. 1686 ; bp. by 
M r Wright 5 Dec. ; mar. 30 March 
1708 ; d. 22 July 1765. 

* D. June 1732. f D - March 5, 1727-8. J 1718-19. 

§ D. Jan. 9 ; bur. Jan. 12, 1741-2 (Northowram Eegister).— J. W. C. 



MS. 56 

Anna N.,* b. at Haigh-hall 
23 Oct. 1709 ; bp. by M 1 * 
Whitaker 8 th ; d. 24 Jan. 

John N., b. 24 
Dec. 1715 ; d. 
6 April 1717. 

Thomas N.,t d. 
18 Dec. 1720, 
aged 1 year. 

Frances K, b. 31 
July 1718; d. 19 
June 1719. 

Knox Ward, Esq., of Wolverton-hall,= 
co. Suffolk, nephew of D r Joshua 
Ward, whose will is in G. M., xxxii., 
208 ; Knox Ward d. 30 Sep. 1741, & 
was bur. at Wolverton. 

^Elizabeth Nettleton, mar. 
22 July 1729 ; b. 20 Nov. 
1711. Her issue became 
the sole representatives of 
Elizabeth Cotton. 

Joanna N., co- 
heir, b. 23 Feb. 
1714; d. at 
York unmar., 
aged about 60. 

Ralph Ward, mentioned 
in the will of his Great- 
Uncle D r Joshua Ward. 

Thomas Ward, Eebecca Ward, had £2000 by will of D r 

mentioned in Joshua Ward. She survived her brothers; 

the will of his lived with her relations the Kendals in 

Great-TJncle. Shropshire, where she d. unmar. 

M rs Ellinor Hotham of York knew these two sons and their sister, her relations. 
She says that they were wild young men. One of them mar. & had issue. The 
dau. lived at Drayton ; left her property to her Apothecary. Knox Ward, the father, 
was commonly called D r Ward. 


MS. 57 

Edward Kendal=pAnne, 2 nd surviving dau. of William Cotton (p. 54) ; 

of Stourbridge, 

b. at Haigh 19 Oct. 1685 ; bp. by M r Swift ; d. 22 
April 1763. She had 13 children in all. 

Henry Kendal=. . . . dau. 

wife of ... . Notton Jonathan George Kendal=j 

of TJlverstone, of ... . 

of London, Grocer. K.ofHil- of Acklington 

co. Lane, and Jaques. 

— cote. Park, co. 

of Stour- 

.... wife of ... . Jones Northumber- 


of London. land. 

Lucy Kendal, mar. Thos. 
Lumb of Silcoate ; mar. 
in 1732. (SeePED.,p.34.) 

George, of London,= 
Blackwell Hall, 

William, of= 



.... w. of , 


Martin Hotham of York, Merch*, d. in Sep. 1695,=rHanna, d. 
aged 58. He was a grocer. I 1725. 


* Bp. Nov. 8. 

f D. Dec. 28 (Northowram Register).— J. W. C. 

MS. 57 

famil:le minortjm gentium. 



Martin Hotharn^ Sarah,* dau, of 

of York, Merch*, 
d. 23 May 
1713 ; b. Aug. 

Josiah Stans- 
field of the 
mar. 1708. 

John Hotham, V.D.M. ;= 
many years Minister of 
the Presbyterian Con- 
gregation in York ; 
was bur. in his Chapel ; 
b. Oct. 1677 ; d. April 

: Elizabeth, dau. of . ^ . . 
Vanderbank, tapestry 
weaver to King Wil- 
liam ; sister & heir to 
John & Moses Van- 
derbank ; mar. 27 
Dec. 1715. 

Josiah Hotham of=pSusanna, dau. of Am- 

York, Merch\ b. 
Feb. 1712 ; d. 1795. 

brose Rudsdell, 
Y.D.M., of Gains- 
borough ; mar. 1746. 

Hannah, d. unmar. 
6 March 1710 ; d. 
March 1795. 

John H., only 
child, d. an 

John Hotham, Esq., Barrister-at-Law, 
living unmar. 1806 ; b. 20 April 1755; 
d. s.p. 29 Jan. 1828. 

Martin H., d. 
the age of 18 ; 
17 Sep. 1747 ; 
7 May 1764. 

at Susanna H., living 
b. at York, unmar., 
d. 1806 ; b. 7 May 
1749; d.l Oct. 1827. 

William Hotham- 
of York, Mer- 
chant, b. Feb. 
1679 ; d. July 

: Benedicta, fourth surviving Thomas, b. 

dau. of William Cotton of the Feb. 1671 ; 

Haigh ; b. at the Haigh 9 d. s.p. April 

May 1696 ; M r John- 1673. 
son ; mar. 30 Nov. 1714 ; 
d. 18 May 1764. 

Samuel, b. Oct. 1673; 
d. Nov. 1696 s.p. 

Joseph, b. 5 April 
1682; d. April 1682. 

William Hotham=j=Bridget Pedmore, sister to the John H 
wife of Joshua Cotton (p. 54) ; of York, 
she survived & mar. 2 nd1 ^ .... Merch*. 
Cook, by whom she had 11 
children ; mar. 1746. 

of York, Mer- 
chant, b. 1716 
d. 2 June 1747. 

Catherine, dau. of 
. . . . Mason of 
Little Lever, co. 
Lane. ; mar. 1754. 

William Cotton Hot- 
ham of London, 
Merch*, only son, 
unmar. 1820 ; b. 
March 1747 ; d. 
March 1823 s.p. 

John Hotham of Os- 
baldwick, Esq., Bar- 
rister-at-Law, un- 
mar. 1806 ; d. in 
1812 ; b. 25 Oct. 
1755 ; d. s.p. Jan. 

William H. of 
unmar. 1806; b. 
20 May 1757 ; 
d. Sep. 1823 


George H. 
York, Mer- 
chant, d. un- 
mar. ; b. 10 
Sep. 1758 ; d. 
s.p. Oct. 1802. 

Catherine, d. an 
infant ; b. Jan. 
1754; d. 28 
Dec. 1755. 

William Thomp- 
son of Easingwold, 
mar. 1784 ; 
d. 1796. 



^Catherine, b. 
9 Mar. 1762; 
d. 1800. 

Tho. Rich d =Elizabeth, b. 
Peacopp of 12 Mar. 1761; 
York, d. live 1828. 

VOL. I. 

Mar. Jan. 5, 1708-9 (Northowram Register).— J. W. C. 



MS. 57 

Catherine, b. 1785 ; mar. John Elizabeth, b. 1786 ; 
Peacock, & d. 1829. d. 1793. 

John Hotham, b. 1787 ; 
d. 1796. 

Mary H., mar. Arthur Ellinor Hotham, 1 the youngest child & the last survivor 

March of Bilborough, of this generation ; she started this pedigree & also that 

& d. without issue of Cotton 22 Not. 1806 ; she was still living in August 

1806. (P. 51.) 1820 & 1828 


Barbara. Anna. George. Thomas.* Elizabeth. 

All d. unmar. 

D. infants. 


George Heald of Macclesfield, ob. 5 May 1733, aged 85.= 

George Heald=pEllinor, youngest of the married daus. of William Cotton (p. 54) ; 

of Maccles- 
field, Gent. 

Heald of 

b. at Haigh 26 Aug. 1697 ; bp. by M r Johnson 12 Sep. 
July 1720 ; d. 23 April 1767. 

mar. 28 

John Cotton Heald, 
d. at Chesterfield 
unmar.; bp. 1723-4. 

AnnaH.,b. 18 July 
1721 ; d. unmar. 

Heald, sole dau. & heir. 

Ellinor H., wife 
of Timothy 
(See Ped., 
p. 90.)_ 

Elizabeth H., 
d. unmar. 

Mary H., wife of John Palmer, 
V.D.M., of Macclesfield ; no 
issue. He mar. 2 nd1 ? the eld- 
est dau. of Thomas White of 
Derby, Y.D.M., sister to 
Snowden White, M.D., by 
whom he left an only dau. 

Anne Heald, the second wife of John 
Eddowes of Nantwich. (See Ped., p. 48.) 

John Acton of the Beach=p, 
n r Macclesfield, Esq. 



1 I saw this old lady at her house in Goodram Gate, York, in November 1829, 
in possession of her faculties, at a very advanced age. It is not every one who can 
say that he has conversed with a person whose father was born 150 years before. 
She d. in 1836 at the age, we believed, of 98. Unless M r Peacock left issue the 
whole issue of Martin & Hannah is extinct, a remarkable instance of rather a 
numerous family becoming wholly lost. Perhaps M rs Peacopp has issue, but I 
believe not. M rs Ellinor Hotham I knew very well. She is still living, 1829, a 
remarkable instance of the offspring of a marriage made in 1714 being alive 115 
years after. 

* B. Dec. 12, 1719 (Northowram Register) .—J. W. C. 

MS. 57 




Rebecca Acton, mar. 
1765 to Tho s Cot- 
ton of the Haigh, 
Esq.; no issue. (See 
Ped. p. 54.) 

William Brooks- = 
bank of the 
Beach, Esq. 

Mary Acton, wife of John 
Marsden, a Clergyman, D.D.; 
d. 4 Jan. 1771, set. 41 ; bur. 
at Prestbury. He was of 
Burnt-wood Lodge in York- 
shire. * 

Edward Stracey of Parliaments. . . . Brooksbank, mar. 1810, heiress 
Street, London. to W. B. of the Beach. 


MS. 58 


Copied from a pedigree given by the family to M r John Milnes. 
below from Ormerod's ' Cheshire,' i., 372. 

A few additions 

Margaret, 1 st wife,= 
dau. & heir of Wil- 
liam Ireland, Esq., 
Mayor of Liverpool 
1640, by Eleanor 
his wife, dau. of 
Edward Moor of 
Bank-hall, co. 
Lane, Esq., High- 
Sheriff of that 

: Edward Tarleton, Esq., of Church- Stile- = 
house in Liverpool ; descended from a 
family seated for many generations at 
Aigburth in the parish of Childwall ; he 
was Lieut, of the " Maidstone " Frigate 
& Commander of the " Dublin " Man-of- 
war ; an Alderman & Justice of the 
Peace ; Mayor of Liverpool 1682 ; d. in 
July 1690, aged 70, and was bur. at St. 
N icholas Church, Liverpool. He founded 
by his will the Charity at Liverpool 
called Tarleton's, for Seamen's Widows. 

= Anne, 2 nd wife, dau. 
of Henry Corles, 
Esq., Alderman of 
Liverpool, and 
Mayor 1661, by 
Margaret his wife, 
dau. & heir of James 
Southern, Gent., 
Bailiff 1625. Had 
lands at the Maid- 
en's Green, Liver- 

Dorothy T., 
wife of ... . 
Walker of 
Liverpool ; 
lived & d. in 

Margaret T., 
mar. Thomas 
Bay ley of 
Merchant, & 
had issue. 


Frances Tarleton, 
mar. 1 st Timothy 
Tarleton of Liver- 
pool, & 2 nd Jona- 
than Livesey, also 
of Liverpool, Gent. ; 
bur. under the pul- 
pit of St. Nicholas 

Edward Tarleton= 
of Church-Stile- 
house, Esq., by 
will of his father ; 
Bailiff of Liver- 
pool 1710 &Mayor 
1712 ; bur. in St. 
Nicholas Church. 

dau. of 
Eimmer of 

Amy Bayley, wife of Enoch Robinson of Liverpool, Merch* ; of a 
family at Higher Bebbington, co. Cest r . (See below.) 

Anne, first wife,- 
dau. of Walter 
English, Esq., of 
the Kingdom of 
Ireland, & heir 
of Walter Eng- 
lish, Esq., an 
East India 
Director. a 

: John Tarleton, M.D., Esq., of Liver- = 
pool, b. in 1650 ,• settled at Lancas- 
ter, during his father's life, as a 
physician, & was Mayor of that 
town ; d. 20 Dec. 1721, aged 71, & 
was bur. in St. Nicholas Church ; 
had 17 sons & 2 dau s , of whom 
12 sons & 1 dau. d. young. 

=Anne, 2 nd wife, dau. ■& heir 
of William Cleveland, Esq., 
M.P., widow of Alexander 
Norris, Esq., Mayor Liver- 
pool ; d. without issue. 
(Gregson's pedigree of 
Norris shews her the widow 
of Edward Norreys of 
Speke, who d. in 1726.) 



MS. 58 

Edward Tarleton of Chapel= 
Street, Liverpool, Esq., bur. 
under the Pulpit of St. 
Nicholas Church. (See the 
Register of that Church 
for further particulars.) 

^Isabel, dau. & coheir 
of Jonathan Livesey 
aforesaid, Gent., by 
his first wife; sur- 
vived, & was bur. with 
her husband. 

Walter, d. 



John, d. 



Anne T., mar. in 
1705 to Ralph 
& had issue. 

Margaret, d. un- 

John Tarleton of Liverpool, Esq., d.= Penelope, eldest dau. of Richard Milnes of 
without issue March 1775, aged 55 ; Wakefield, Esq., by Bridget Pemberton 
bur. in St. Nicholas Church on the his wife (see Ped., p. 20) ; she d. 2 May 
6 th . He was a Mercer in Castle 1799, aged 79, & was bur. at St. Nicholas 
Street. (See Reg.) Church. 

Thomas Tarleton of Liverpool,=f=Bridget, eldest dau. of Richard Haughton of High- 

Merch*, b. in 1690; mar. at 
Walton Church 30 Nov. 1715 ; 
d. in London Dec. 1731, aged 
41, & was bur. at the west-end 
of St. Paul's Churchyard. 

field, co. Lane, Esq., Aid. & Mayor of Liverpool, 
by Margaret his wife, dau. of Sylvester Richmond, 
M.D., by Sarah Tarleton his wife ; she d. 3 May 
1773, aged 84, & was bur. in St. Nicholas Church. 

Margaret, wife of Fisher 
Tench of Chester, Gent., 
& had issue. 

Anne T., b. in 1726 ; 
d. unmar. May 1803 ; 
bur. in St. Nicholas 

Thomas. Richard. Thomas. 

All d. young ; bur. in St. 
Nicholas Churchyard. 

John Tarleton of Liverpool, 11 
Esq., b. March 1719, Alder- 
man & Mayor of Liverpool 
1764 ; in the Commission 
of the Peace for the County ; 
repurchased the family 
estate of Aigburth ; d. 6 
Sep. 1773, aged 55, & was 
bur. in St. Nicholas Church, 

: Jane, eldest dau. of Banastre Parker of Cuerden, Esq., 
by Anne his wife, dau. & coheir of William Clayton 
of Fullwood, Esq., by Elizabeth his wife, dau. of 
George Leigh of Oughtrington, Esq., which William 
Clayton was son of Robert Clayton of the same place, 
Esq., by Eleanor his wife, dau. of John Atherton of 
Atherton, Esq. She was mar. at Tarleton Chapel 
25 June 1751 ; d. 23 May 1797, aged 73, & was bur. 
with her husband. 


5. William, d. 
unmar., aged 

6. Bridget T., 
wife of Edw d 
Ealkner, Esq., 
of Liverpool. 

7. Clayton Tarleton= 
of Liverpool, Merch*, 
youngest son, Alder- 
man & Mayor in 
1792 ; d. before 
1809 without issue. 

= Jemima, eldest dau. & coheir of Thomas 
Robinson of Liverpool, M.D. (son of Enoch 
& Amy above), by Jemima his wife, dau. 
& heir of Henry Gamon, by Jennet his 
wife, sister & heir of James Gordon, Esq., 
Lord of the Manor of Poulton-cum-Sea- 
comb, co. Cestr. The other coheir, Amy 
Robinson, mar. George Welch, Esq., of 
Leak Hall, co. Lane. 

MS. 58 



3. Banastre T., Esq., 2 nd = Susan Pris 
son, Major-General in the cilia Bertie, 
Army, & Member for 
Liverpool in several Par- 
liaments ; no issue ; 
created a Baronet 


natural dau. 
of Robert, 
Duke of 

4. John Tarleton- 
of Liverpool, 
Merch 4 , 3 rd son, 
Member for Sea- 

Isabella, youngest of 
the 2 dau s & coheirs 
of Alexander Coll- 
ingwood of Un thank, 
co. Northumb., Esq. . 

. Tarleton. 


1. Anne, d. 

2. Thomas Tarleton of=f=Mary, youngest of the three dau s & coheirs 
Aigburth, Esq., & of of Laurence Robinson of Clitheroe Castle, 
Bolesworth Castle, co. Esq. The other two mar. Captain Arthur 
Cestr., b. 6 July 1753. Robinson and Colonel Stanley. 


ohn, d. an infant. 

John Edward, D.C.L., 
a Fellow of All Souls. 

i n 

lenry, a Major in the Army. 
Mary, ob. s.p. 
Mary Anne, b. 1781. 

Eliza Susanna, b. 1786, 
wife of W. W. Drake, 
Rector of the Lower 
Mediety of Malpas. 


Jane Tarleton, mar. at Malpas in Thomas Tarleton, eldest=j=Frances, dau. of Philip 

1801 to Tho s or John Boycott of son & heir-apparent, b. 
Rudge near Bridgenorth. 1776 ; mar. 23 April 1805. 

Egerton of Egerton & 
Oulton, Esq. 

Thomas. John Walter. Mary. Eliza th Frances. Fanny. Charlotte. Susan. 

For continuation of this pedigree to the present time see Ormerod's * Cheshire,' 2nd edition, 
vol. ii., p. 677.— J. W. C. 

MS. 59 

<%tisn— ^emtotmt* 

Arms of Pemberton : Arg., a Chevron Vert between 3 buckets Sable hooped & 
handled or. 

The Pedigree from M r Milnes' papers. 


=Phcebe, dau. of John & 
Phoebe Buxton ; b. 26 
Sep. 1666 ; d. 22 Jan. 
1693. (SeePED.,p.408.) 

John Pemberton of Liverpool, Merchant. 1 
Made his will 6 Dec. 1737 ; proved 24 
Dec. 1744 by his Executors, Eliz. Pember- 
ton, Samuel Ogden, & Rich d Milnes. 

Edmund Ogden- 
of London, 
Merch*, b. 19 
Jan. 1687. 

Phoebe, b. 12 Dec. 1690. Samuel Ogden=p Sarah Pemberton, 

Betty, b. 6 Jan. 1693 ; 
d. May 1695. 

An only dau., mar., but d. s.p. 

of Liverpool, 
Merch* (see p. 
52); b. Sep. 

coheir; Mar. Sett, 
dated 14 July 



MS. 59, 60 

A I 

Edmund Ogden of 
Moseley-hill, Liver- 
pool, Esq. 

•^p. . . . dau. of Richard Phoebe Ogden, wife of Benjamin 
G-ildart, Esq., M.P. Heywood of Liverpool, Esq. 
for Liverpool. (See Ped., p. 27.) 

0. Mary. Sarah. Phoebe. Penelope, w. of 


... w. of 2 sons. 
. . . Bowles. 

Elizabeth Pemberton, d. Eichard Milnes of Wakefield, MerchV^Bridget Pember- 

unmar. at Liverpool, mar. 20 Feb. 1718. (See Ped., p. 20.) 

Will dated 1(5 July Will dated 13 May 1745 ; proved 14 

1743 ; proved 24 Dec. March 1755. 

ton, coheir, b. 30 
Jan. 1698; Mar, 
Sett, dated 18 
Feb. 1717. 

Sarah* Ogden, wife of . 
James Olegg. (Q. if wife. 
Sarah be right.) 

Ogden, first=p Arthur Heywood of = Hannah Milnes, 

Liverpool, Esq. 
(See Ped., p. 26.) 

2 nd wife. 

Samuel, liv g .... w. of ... .. James Mason of Shrewsbury, Esq.- 

unmar. at Smith. (Q. if bro r to Miss Mason, dau. of 

Liverpool. — Thomas Mason, Esq., of Shrewsbury, 

— Elizabeth, w. of who mar. 1789 Samuel Yate Benyon. 

.... w. of .... Newton of Thos. Mason, Esq., of Shrewsbury, 

.... Ken- Everton. mar. 12 Oct. 1789, Miss Bradburn of 

nedy. — Chesterton, co. Salop.) 


-Sarah Hey- 
wood, sole 
issue of the 
1 st mar. 

James Mason, Sarah Mason, mar. 1 st Gen- Francis Trench, Esq.,=pMary Mason, 
Esq.; never eral Bryan Blundel, son of Sopwell hall in the 2 nd dau., mar. 
mar. ; of ... . Jonathan Blundel of Liver- Kingdom of Ireland, 11 June 
near Shrews- pool ; 2 nd the Compte de brother & presump- 1802. 
bury. Meshard, a French Noble- tive-heir to Lord Ash- 
man town, b. 5 Oct. 1758. 

Frederick, d. Frederick, b. Charles James, Arthur Heywood, Frances Mary, 
an infant. 25 Dec. 1804. b. 5 April 1806. b. 20 Sep. 1807. b. 9 April 1809. 

.... Dennitt, Rector of Liverpool. (See p. 11.)^ 


, Boodie, Dutch Merch t .=. . 

, . . . wife of John Sherwen, M.D., of Bath. 

Sir Joseph Birch of the Hazles, co. Lane. ,=p Elizabeth, dau. of Benjamin Heywood of 

created Baronet 1831. 

Liverpool, Merch*. (See Ped., p. 27.) 

Thomas Heywood. Phoebe Birch. Elizabeth Birch. Sarah Birch. 

It was Sarah who was wife of Arthur Heywood. — J. W. 0. 

MS. 59 



Mon. in Church of Manchester. 

Rev. Geo. Ogden, Fellow of Christ Coll., Manchester, bur. 27 July 1706. Tho. 
Mason, d. 13 March 1718. Rev. Ceo. was b. at Kirk Sandal, in Yorkshire ; Fel. of 
Jesus Col., Camb. ; Vicar of Harwood 1667 ; Fel. of X. Col., Manchester, 1670; Vicar 
of Ribchester 1681 ; d. 1706, aged 70. George Ogden his son erected the mon. 

Thos. Ogden of Manchester, d. 1766, set 75, celebrated for his attention to his 
parents, whom he received in their old age into his house, though he was the youngest 
of many children, & for his liberality to his only son Samuel Ogden. It appears 
from this that D r Whi taker is wrong in saying that this Tho. was son of Samuel 
Ogden the ejected Minister. (Dickenson's ' Obituary.') 1703, Nov. 7, mar. M r 
Geo. Ogden, Fel. of Manchester, & M rs Alice Howarth of Salford. 1712, May 29, 
bur. M r Edmund Ogden of Manchester. 

MS. 61 


Arms : Azure, a fess wavy Sable spotted with ermine or, in chief 3 crescents 
arg. Crest : A lion rampant or, standing before a crescent arg. These were 
granted by Riley, in the time of the Commonwealth, to Robert Bright of Brockbury, 
but the Grant of Riley was made void by the King's Sign Manual 4 Sep. 1660. 

Lowbridge Bright, in or about 1780, consulted the College about his pedigree & 
arms, when it was proposed that his Crest should be an efcoil rising out of a crescent, 
and of this I imagine a grant was made. 

Nathaniel Bright of Worcester, bur. in=pJoyce .... 
St. Peter's 23 Nov. 1564, a3t. 71. bur. 1582. 

Margaret^James Bright=Alice Staunton, 
W. of Worcester. 2 w. 



George. Joyce. Others. 

Henry Bright,= 
Master of the 
King's School 
at Worcester, d. 
4 Mar. 1626. 

=Joan, dau. of Row-=Edward 
land Berkeley of Anstley, 
Spechley, Esq., by 2 husb. 
Catherine Hey- 
wood his wife. 


Nathaniel. John. Alice. 


James. Joan. 


Mary, 1 w., : 
dau. of Edw. 
Crissett of 
Lund, co. 

Honora, 1 w.,= 
dau. of Benj m 
Mason of 
Bealsham. in 


^Robert Bright : 
of Brockbury. 

^Frances, 2= Ursula 
w., dau. of Brydges of 
Tho. Wal- Tiberton, 
wyn. 3 w. 

Joyce, mar. John Mary. 

Catherine, mar. 
William Cliffe. 

^Robert Bright^ 
of Brockbury, 
Esq., b. 1642. 

: Sarah, 
2 w. 


Henry, d. y. 

Mary, mar. 
of Ledbury, 

Brights of the 
Hoar. The 
heiress mar. 
.... Harcourt. 



B I 

MS. 61 

Robert Bright= 
of Brockbury, 
Esq., Barr.-at- 
Law. Will 
dated 1745. 

= Joyce, dau. of = John 
Henry Cliffe of Hall, 
Matherme, by 1 vir. 
Mary his w., dau. 
of Henry Mere- 

Edward, from 
whom a 
family in 
trade at Bris- 


Brights settled 
in Shropshire 
& Stafford- 

Mary, mar. Tho- 
mas Wilmot. 

Honora, mar. Tho- 
mas Bright of the 


Elizabeth, mar. 
Will. Morrice. 

Grace, mar. 
John Hart- 

Henry Bright of Brockbury, : 
Esq. Will dated 1725. 

=Mary, dau. of William Hill of Robert, 2 
Wellington, co. Hereford. son, s.p. 

William, 3 
son, s.p. 

dau. of. 

1 w.,=p4. Allen, of=f=Anna 

Bristol, 4 

2 w. 

5. Francis, d. in 
Jamaica, unmar. 


Mary, mar. George Bush, 
Merch*, of Bristol, son of 
William Bush of Beach. 

Allen, an Ensign in the 
69 th , unmar. 1775. 



Otners, who d. y. 

1. Robert Bright of Brock- 
bury, Esq., eldest son, d. 
in Jamaica 1758. 

: Dor^, dau. of Edw. Low- 
bridge, Esq., Receiver-Gen- 
eral of the County. 

3. Wil-=p Rebecca, dau. 

3 rd son. 

Lowbridge Bright 
of Bristol, Mer- 
chant, d. unmar. 
about 1815 ; b. 

Dorothy, Mary, mar. 1775 John 
unmar. Innys Baker, 2 son of 
1775. Slade Baker, Esq., of 


of Tho s 

William, went Robert, 

to Ireland, 2 son, a 

where he mar. Mid- 

& had issue. shipman. 

2. Henry Bright of Bristol^Sarah, dau. & heir of Rich d Meyler of Bristol, Merchant 
Merchant, Aid. & Mayor & Cooper, son of Richard Meyler of Haverford-west. 
1772 ; d. 1777. Another son was Francis Meyler of Haverford-west, 


Richard Bright of Bristol, Merchant, and of Ham Green, Esq.,= 
only surviving child ; heir to his cousins Lowbridge Bright and 
to Richard Meyler, Esq., M.P. for Winchester, who d. unmar., 
aged 26 ; there was a suit respecting the Meyler property at 
Hereford Assizes, Aug. 1829, reported in the newspapers ; 
b. about 1754. 


: Sarah, dau. of Ben- 
jamin Hey wood of 
Liverpool, Mer- 
chant (see Ped., p. 
27) ; d. March 

MS. 61. 



Henry Bright, Esq., 
eldest son, Barris- 
ter-at-Law, & Mem- 
ber in the present 
Parliament for the 
City of Bristol, 1820. 

Benjamin Heywood Bright, 2 son,= 
of Bristol, Banker ; mar. 2 ndl yMary, 
eld. dau. of John Eowe, V.D.M., of 
Bristol ; mar. at Bristol 20 June 
1822 ; she d. 26 Dec. 1829 ; he d. 
at Ham Green 7 Aug. 1843. 


= Elizabeth, dau. of Na- 
thaniel Heywood of 
Manchester, banker 
(see Ped., p. 27) ; she 
d. at Bath without 
issue in 1819, & was 
bur. in the Lewins 
Mead burying ground, 

Eichard Bright of London, M.D., 
one of the Physicians of Guy's 
Hospital, 3 rd son ; mar. in 1820 to 
.... dau. of . . . . Babington, 
M.D., of London ; she d. leaving 
one child, & he mar. 2 ndl y in 
1826 Eliza, dau. of Benj n Follett, 
Esq., of Topsham, co. Devon. 

Robert Bright of 
Bristol, Merch*, 4 th 
son, mar. at St. 
Michael's Church, 
Bristol, 4 June 
1821 to Caroline, 
dau. of Tho s Tyn- 
dall of Bristol, Esq.; 
she d. in 1843. 



I I 

Sarah Bright. 

Samuel Bright, 
youngest son, 

mar dau. 

of.. .. Jones of 



MS. 62 WlQXS&tg* 

See good ped. of this family, Harl. 2040, f. 298b, & 2100, f. 41. 

Ealph Worsley of Piatt, ob. 1665,= 
set. 73. 


=Isabel, dau. of Edw. Massey of 

Mary, 1 w., dau. of=T=Charles Worsley, Major-General- 

John Booth of 

in the Pari. Army, aged 40, 

-Dorothy, 2 w., dau. of Eoger 
Kenyon of Park, by Jane 

Ealph Worsley of Platt,-j- 
Gent., aged 17, 1664 ; 
bur. 14 Aug. 1728. 

: Debora, dau. of John Sarah. Dorothy, d. y. Charles, 
Cliffe of Brether- — — b. 1657. 

ton(?), Gent. Martha. Eoger, d. y. 

Hannah, mar. Clemence, dau. & h. of Tho. Serjeant=f=Oharles Wors- Mary, mar, 
Captain Peter of Pilkington & Stand-hall, & of 
Colborne ; ob. Greysham, by Hannah his wife, dau. 
s.p. 16 March of John Carril of the Inner Temple, 
1726. Esq., son of Blase Carril (see Berry's 

f Hampshire Genealogies ') ; she d. 

22 July 1729, set. 51. 

ley of Piatt William 

(see below), Pendlebury, 

mar. 1700 ; ob. V.D.M. 
1 Jan. 1753. * 

VOL. I. 

Debora, mar. John Lees. Clemence. Peter. 



MS. 62 

first wife,=y=Jonathan Lees of Manchester, Merch^. . . .=. . . . Duckinfield, 

dau. of Robert 

Tetlow of 

near Prestwich, 

of a family residing near Prestwich. 
Had other children besides those below, 
but Q. if his children were all by the 
same wife. 

2nd 3 ra w jf e? of t^e 

wife. Baronet's family 
at Duckinfield. 

Jonathan Lees 
of London & 
Esq., a Eussia 
Merchant. His 
children all d. 
without issue. 

Ruth, 1 st wife,= 
dau. of Robert 
Scollar of 
Rowsley, co. 
Derb.,Gent., & 
his coheir. His 
sister mar. 
Godf. Watkin- 
son (p. 205). 

=John Lees of Piatt, = 
Esq., to which estate 
he succeeded in right 
of his wife when he 
took the name of 
Carill Worsley 27 
June 1775 and the 
Arms by Royal Sign 
Manual ; d. at Ches- 
ter in 1799, aged 89. 

=Debora, 2 nd wife, dau. of 
Charles Worsley of Piatt, 
Esq., by Clemence Ser- 
jeant his wife, sister & 
heir ofPeterW. of Staff., 
Esq., & of Clementina 
his sister, who both d. 
unmar. ; she d. without 
issue; b. 19 Mar. 1705-6; 
mar. Dec. 1744 ; ob. s.p. 

Thomas Carill Worsleyn=Elizabeth, dau. of James Norman of Winster, Att^, son 

of Piatt, Esq., only 
child, living 1803. 

of Jethro Norman 1 of Winster, Lead Merch fc , whose will 
is dated 18 March 18 Geo. II. 1745. 



Thomas Carill Worsley. John. Charles. Elizabeth. Helen. 

James Lees, 3 rd son,-T- 
of Manchester, 
Merch*, d. 23 Nov. 
1753, aged 32 ; bur. 
in the Presbyterian 
Chapel, Manchester; 
he was b. 13 Jan. 
1720. His two sons 
were both students 
in Warrington 

: Hannah, dau. & 
heir of Robert 
Milnes of Leeds, 
p. 21) ; mar. 20 
March 1746 ; d. 
17 Nov. 1788. 
She was mar. at 

.... Lees, mar. 

in 1717 to 

Birch, Esq., son 
of Eliezer B., 
V.D.M., of Man- 
chester, by whom 
....B. of Holm- 
hall near Bake- 
well. This mar. 
I rather doubt. 
(Seep. 205.) 

Margaret, wife of James 
Evans of Manchester, 
Merch* (see Ped., p. 46). 
No issue remaining. 

Thomas, of London & 
Newington, Merch fc , d. in 
1789, aged 78. (See 
'Gent. Mag.' of that 

Jonathan Lees,=j=Anne Upson, 

1 st son, b, 13 
March 1748-9 ; 
mar. at St. 
Peter's Church, 
Canterbury, 24 
Nov. 1774. He 
was in the Army. 

dau. of Ste- 
phen U. of 
Claydon in 
Suffolk ; d. in 
London 20 
Feb. 1801, 
aged 46. 

Robert Lees,= 
d. on his 
passage to 
America, 2 nd 
son ; b. 25 
Feb. 1750-1. 
In the Army. 

: Mary Burgess, mar. 
at Manchester 21 
Nov. 1771, having 
been mar. before at 
Gretna Green. She 
was of Levensholm. 

Sarah Lees, 
only dau., 
mar. Louis 
Bairstow at 
16 Sep. 1793. 

1 Jethro Norman names in his will his son James, his late father-in-law Robert 
Oates, his dau. Mary, wife of W m Swettenham, dau. Margaret, wife of Thomas 
Mellor, son George, & the children of his late daughters Bright and White. (See 
it in Wolley's Collection, vol. 6675, 

MS. 62 




Elizabeth, John Carill 


Henry Milnes. 

William. Maria. 

Sarah Lees, sole dau. & heir, 
mar. Daniel Millar of Berks- 
acre near Ohorley. 

Jane, 1 w., mar.=John Norman=Mary, 2 w., mar. 
in 1715 or 6. of Winster. in 1723. 

' Notes and Queries,' viii., 126, asking 
who these wives were ? 

MS. 63 


Robert Thornton, A.M., Eector of Birk'in, co. : 
York, d. in 1665, & was bur. at Birkin. 

Robert Thornton, A.M., eldest son, Rector of Birkin,=pClara, d. 
b. 9 Feb. 1623 ; d. 2 Feb. 1697. 1696. 

John Thornton= 
of Hull, Mer- 
chant, eldest 
son, b. 12 May 
1664; d. 26 
Sep. 1731. 

: Jane, dau. & heir of John Field of Hull, 
by Sarah his wife, dau. of Robert Wood 
of Monk Bretton, Gent. ; b. 21 Dec. 
1666 ; mar. 1689 ; d. 28 Oct. 1728 (see 
p. 250) ; sister of Joseph & Robert Field. 
Father's will 24 Oct. 1689. 

Margaret, w. 
of Rob. 
Bankes, Vicar 
of Hull, & d. 
»t. 43. 

oke, 1 st 

: Robert Thornton= 
of London, 
Merch*, eldest 
son, b. 18 May 
1692 ; d. 2 Jan. 
1747 ; a Bank 

= Jane Newby, 
2 nd wife, dau. 
of Charles 
Newby of 
Esq. ; mar. 
in 1733. 

of Hull. 



beth, d. 

Wil m Wil-= 


John Thornton of Olapham, Esq.,= 
b. 4 April 1720 ; d. 7 Nov. 1790. 

: Lucy, dau. & heir of Samuel Watson of Hull, 
Esq. ; b. 20 May 1722 ; mar. 28 th Nov. 1753 ; 
d. Nov. 1785. 

Samuel Thornton of= 
Olapham & Albury 
Park, Surrey, Esq., 
eldest son ; M.P. for 
Hull; b. 6 Nov. 1754. 

: Elizabeth, only dau. 
of Robert Milnes of 
Wakefield, Esq. (see 
Ped., p. 20) ; mar. 
12 Dec. 1780. 

Robert Thornton, 2 nd =Maria, dau. 
son, M.P. for Col- of Charles 
Chester, b. 9 Jan. Eyre, Esq. 
1759. Has no issue. 




MS. 63 


Eliza, b. Aug. 1782 ; Lucy, b. 16 Dec. 1784. Harriet, b. 11 Feb. 1791 ; mar. 

d. in May 1802. — in 1812 to her cousin the Hon. 

— Esther Maria, b. 3 June J. T. L. Melvile. 
Harriet & Henry, d. 1786. — 

infants. — Henry Milnes, b. 9 Feb. 1792. 

— Jane, b. 6 Dec. 1788 ; — 

John T., b. 31 Oct. mar. in 1813 to Richard Samuel, b. 2 March 1797. 

1783. Mee Raikes, Esq. 

Henry Thornton, 3 rd &= 
youngest son, M.P. for 
Southwark, b. 10 March 

: Mary Anne, dau. of 
Joseph Sykes of Kirk 
Ella, Esq. (See Ped., 
p. 69.) 

Alexander, Earl= 
of Leven& Mel- 

=Jane Thornton, 
only dau., b. 11 
Feb. 1757; mar. 
11 Aug. 1784. 


II 1 1 
Lucy Isabella. David, =. . . . 

John Thorn- 

1 1 I 


't 1 ' 


Jane. Earl of dau. of 

ton Leslie 


. — 

b. Mar. 

— Leven. Sam- 

Melvile, mar. 




Watson uel 

in 1812 to his 




Joseph. Thorn- 

cousin Har- 





riet, dau. of 

— - 




Sam 1 Thorn- 
ton, Esq. 



Thomas Bulwer of Whitegift,=p. . . . (From a deed in my great book 

co. York, Gent. 1 of Yorkshire Precedents.) 

r, mar. 1 Rob. 

Martha B 

., coheir, mar. Peter Sibil B., coheir, mar. 

Abigail, cohei 


Robinson of York, Clerk [mar. John Thomlinson of 

of York, Draper; 2 Will. Thornton of 

in 1680]. 

York, Clerk. 

Birkin, Clerk. 

Carr— &xttybmton. 

MS. 64 

.... firsfc 
wife, dau. 

William Archdeacon.=f= 
=John=j=Hannah Lennard, 2 nd John Archdeacon of Imis-= 


William Carr, 
d. a Bachelor, 
aged about 

wife, widow of 
MacDonald, a West 
India Planter. 

toig & Kilkenny ; of an 
ancient family in that 

: Bridget 

Judith Carr, 
mar. John 
Cannon, & 
had one child, 
who d, young. 


d. at 22, 


Andrew, d. at 
18, unmar. 

Daniel, d. at 
17, unmar. 

Edward Carr=pEliza- 

of Cledmond, 
co. Carlow, 
d. in 1786, 
aged 60. 



MS. M 



Aj I 

Patrick=pCatherine Michael, d. Hannah, Bridget, mar. Edward Murphy, & 

Currie. young. mar. had no issue. 

— Patrick — 

Mary, living O'Reilly. Catherine, mar. John Milnes of 

1791. =p Wakefield, Esq. (See p. 21.) 

.... Carr, a dau., Mary, liv* 1788. Elizabeth, liy« 1788. Harry, hV 1788. 
living 1788. 

Oaptain^p Mary Arch-^William Hobson, 2 nd Piers Arch- 

1 st husb. 


husb., of Dublin. 


=ElizabeDh William, 
Katen or d. under 
Eaton. age. 


i i i i i 

John Alice John, d. aged Mary, mar. Hannah, living Catherine, 

Conolly, Hobson, 19. ....Doyle; 1788. living 1788. 

an officer living — living — — 

in the 1788. Michael, liv- 1788. Elizabeth, living Bridget, liv* 

Army. ing 1788. 1788. 1788. 

ms. 65 ffitxn— €bans— Jttflfittnple. 

These notices of Fern of Derbyshire are from the papers of John Milnes, Esq., 
who evidently received them from his friend M r Blore, in whose Derbyshire 
Collections I remember to have seen good accounts of most branches of the family. 
It will be observed that some of the modern gentry of the County of Derby are 
handsomely connected with the antient aristocracy of the County by the marriage 
of Hannah Fern, an heiress. What quarterings she brought with her may be seen 
in Harl. MS. 1436, f. 34, a visitation book of the County of Lincoln, where is a 
laboured pedigree of Fern, probably compiled by Sir John Fern, the boast of this 
family, who is recorded as son of William, of Temple Belwood, son of John, of 
Parwich, by Phelis or Felicia Milward. (Harl. 1174, f. 130.) 

William Fern of Parwich=pJoan, 5 th dau. of Thos. Beresford of Fenny Bentley. 

John Fern of Parwich,=pFelicia, dau. of Robert Milward of Thomas Fern of=f= 

2 nd son. 




John Fern of Crake-=pAnn, dau. of Roger Jack- Rowland Fern of Hognaston,-p 
marsh. son of Ashburn. ob. 1598 

Edward Fern.=p 
(Q. Wil m ?) 


=John Fern of Hog-- 
naston, ob. 1636. 

B I C 

: Maria, 2 nd wife, dau. & heir of . 
G-reatorex of Hopton. 



MS. 65 


Maria Fern, wife of Anthony 
Lowe of Alderwasley. [See 
page 144.] 

Mary Fern, heiress to her mother, mar. John 
Stuffyn of Sherbrook, by whom John, of the 
same. =f 

John S. of = Sarah, dau. of Thomas Will m . 
Sherbrook, Brighton of Wirks- — 

ob. 1696. worth; mar. 2 Gilbert Hercules. 

Mundy of Allestry. 

(P. 267.) 

I I 

Bridget, d. Mary, mar. John 

intest. Hacker of Trowel, 

1700. co. Notts. 

John Hacker of Sherbrook. 


Edmund Fern.=p Robert Fern, 2 nd son, of Bonsal.=p 

Henry Fern of Snit- 
terfcon, Esq.,* ob. 22 
July 1723. 

: Elizabeth, dau. & coh r 
of Nich. Dayrell of 
King's Clear, Esq. 

Eliz., wife of W m 
Hodgkinson of 
Overton, Esq. 


Mary, wife of 
Bradshaw of 

Robert Fern of Snitter- 
ton, Esq., ob. s.p. 

Elizabeth, wife of Edmund Turner of Stoke 
Rochford, Esq. 

I I 


Evans of 
co. Derb. 

^Hannah Thomas Nightingale o£ 

Fern, sole Lea, Lead Merchant ; 

dau. & will dated 9 Sep. 1732 ; 

heir. d. 1734. He was origin- 

ally a servant of John 
Marshal of Lindley, 
Lane, husbandman. 

dau. of Night- 
.... Bow- ingale, 
ler of Lea. living 
in 1732 

sister to 

Rebecca 1 ^ 

=Thomas Milnes 
of Derby. Will 
dated 13 Nov. 
1758 ; prob. 22 
Nov. 1762. 



Thomas, mar., 
& had a dau., 
who also mar. 

i i 

John. Sarah. 


Thomas M. of Derby, 
Gent., d. s.p. Will 
dated 5 May 1764, 
in which he mentions 
several other rela- 

M., sister 

& heir, mar. 
John Lumb 
of Silcoat, co. 
York, Esq. 
(See Pbd., p. 


John, of 


Thomas, Job, 
& Joseph, all 
living at 
Criche, & 
mar. in 1804. 






1 This account of M rs Milnes' descent is entirely from memoranda in M r Milnes' 
own hand. A few additions made to it since from D r Pegge's Collection. 
* M.I. at Bonsall Church (Glover's < Derbyshire,' ii., 128).— J. W. C. 

MS. 64, 65 



1. Henry Night- 
ingale of Matlock 
Wold, eldest son. 


Job, drowned 
at 18. 

3. Paul, Catherine, wife of Ben- 
of Derby, jamin Bland of Soraer- 
=r coats, par. of Alfrefcon. 

Job N.= 
of Mat- 

: Mary, dau. Mary, 
of ... . wife of 

Wilmot of John 
Derby. Black- 


Elizabeth, wife of 
William Cooke. 

Catherine, wife of 
James Eiggett. 

John N. of 
mar., & had 

.... wife of 
.... Eed- 
head of Lon- 
don, & had 


Job N., mar., & had issue. 

Thomas N., settled in 
America, where he mar. & 
had issue. 

Peter N. of Manches-=. . . . Cantril Ellen, wife 

ter, 3 rd son. The of Manches- of ... . 

remainder after the ter. Cantril of 

issue of Mary, wife of Manches- 

W m Shore. ter. 

Evans of 
hall, co. 

: Rebecca, dau. of 
Thomas Gell of 
sister of D* Gell 
of W irks worth 
& Derby. (See 
p. 24.) 

1 st wife. 

=2. Peter=Eliz.=Elizabeth, 3 rd 
Night- Low, wife, dau. of 

of Lea, 



Robert Alsi- 
brook, widow 
of Gervas 
Dodd ; ob. 16 
Aug. 1762. 
(For Low 
see p. 267.) 

wife of 
.... Gell 
of Wirks- 

George Evans of Senior=f=Anne Nightingale, 

Field in par. of Matlock, 
co. Derb., bp. 12 Oct, 
1726 ; d. 28 Mar. 1808, 
aged 82 ; bur. at Bonsai. 

sole dau., d. 7 Feb. 
1815, aged 82 ; 
bur. at Bonsai. 

Peter Nightingale of Lea & Wood- 
end, co. Derb., Esq., High Sheriff 
of the said county 1770 ; d. un- 
mar. 25 June 1803, aged 67. 

Elizabeth, Ann, mar. John Carter of 
never Leicester, At t?, & had no 

mar. issue. 

William Shore of Tapton in the=pMary 

par. of Sheffield, Esq. (See 
6 Hallamshire,' p. .) 


William Edward Nightingale, only son.= 
Assumed that surname immediately on 
attaining the age of 21, having been 
made heir by his uncle P. N. 

: . . . . dau. of William 
Smith, Esq., of Parn- 
the City of Norwich. 

Mary Shore, only 
dau., mar. 1827 
to Samuel Smith, 

Parthenope Nightingale, eldest dau., b. at Naples 
f in 1819 ; mar. Sir Henry Verney, Bart. 


Florence N., 2 nd dau., 
b. at Florence. 

See M.I. at Bonsall Church ((Hover's < Derbyshire,' ii., 128).— J. W. C. 


Barbara, dau.=Thomas Evans of = Sarah, dau. of Henry Evans=f=Martha, dau, 

of Walter Derby, Banker. William Evans of Burton- 
Stubs of Had a son & dau. of Derby, an upon-Trent 
Beckbury, co. by 1 st wife & a Alderman. & after of 
Salop. son by the 2 nd . Caldwell. 

of John 
Wood of 
par. of 

John Evans & 5 dau s . 

Elizabeth, Hannah, mar. Anth7 Mary, Edmund Evans, 01erk.= Sarah, dau. of 
mar. Wil. Carr of Swanwick, unmar. Had the living of May- .... Greaves 
James. Vicar of Alfreton. field. Rector. of Mathfield. 


John, Fel. of St. John's Edmund= Sarah Dareh(?). Thorn 8 . George. Anthony. 
Col., Camb. 

See a fuller account of these parties in Glover's l Derbyshire,' ii., 18. 

Anthony Lowe of Alderwasley, co. Derb.sp. . . . dau. & heir of John Fern of Hognaston. 




. I 

John Lowe ; no issue ; ob. ab* Nicholas Hurt of Castern, co. Staff. =j=Elizabeth, sister & heir. 
1690, set. 37. | 

Charles Hurt of Alderwasley =p 

Francis Hurt of Alderwaslev.=p Grace, wife of Eichard Milnes of Dunston, Esq. 

I (See Pbd., p. 18.) 

Francis Hurt of Alderwasley .=j= 
Francis Hurt of Alderwasley 1807.* 

;PflflIe— ^>apr + ms. 66 

I have had the use of many Wills, Deeds, & Eegisters in compiling this pedigree 
of Poole. Some I saw at the house of M r David Poole of Pontefract, where I spent 
a day in 1809 with M L " John Milnes. I have a considerable mass of matter 
unarranged respecting other branches of the family, from which I select the follow- 
ing particulars. 

* See Glover's ' Derbyshire,' ii., 8.— J. W. 0. 

MS. 66, 67 



Samuel Poole of Liverpool, has £5 by =f=Dorothy, has £5 by .... Poole, d. at Dalton. 
. will of David Poole 1723. , I the same will. =F= 



Samuel Poole, has £5.* Eebecca, has £5. A dau., to whom £5 is left if she be living. 

Thos. Lydiate.=f= 

J T 

William Lydiate. James Lydiate of=f=Jane .... living a=pThomas Bootle of Mell- 

Lydiate, co. 
Lane, Gent. 

widow 4 June 

ing, co. Lane, 2nd hus- 

i ill 

James Lydiate of Down- James Lydiate. Elizabeth, wife of Caryl Bootle, son of 
Litherland, co. Lane. Josiah Poole. Thomas. 

Thoresby adds this to the pedigree, which I have not seen anything to prove, 
neither indeed to disprove, D. L., p. 74. 

Kichard Poole of Syke-house & Drax.=p 

Francis Poole of=p. . . . dau. of ... . Toppin, William, first in 
York, Esq. I Alderman of York. the pedigree. 

Matthew Poole, Author of the * Synopsis Criti coram.' 

David Poole, in the margin of his copy of the ' Ducatus,' says that the Ordinary 
in the Arms should be a fess and not a chevron. 

Who was Samuel Poole of Wavertree near Liverpool, living in 1818, whose 
grandmother was one of the daus. of Samuel & Faith Child of the Holmes near 
Leeds (< Hallamshire,' p. 248, MS. note) ? 

William Poole of Thome, co. York, Gent.=p 

Henry Poole of Thorne,-p 
Gent. Living in 1650, as 
by a deed in which his son 
Joseph is also mentioned. 

=Thomasine Stringer, 
widow, mar. at 
Thorne4 June 1618. 

John Grymesditcfc 
of Knottingley, 
Esq., 2 purchased | 
of the manor in 


Will dated 
26 June 

1 Of this family appears to have been Samuel Poole of Wavertree near Liverpool, 
who, in 1818, wrote to Sir W m Bagshaw of the Oaks on his descent. He stated that 
his grandmother was a dau. & coheir of Samuel Child of the Holmes near Leeds, by 
Spencer, & that the other coheirs mar. Bagshaw & Col. Orford. 

A mon. in the Church of Bradford for M r David Poole, Apothecary, b. at 
Barkston Ash 11 Oct. 1681 ; d. at Bradford 29 March 1712 ; mar. Dor., dau. of M r 
Henry Hoppy of Bradford, & had 2 children, John & Samuel, who both d. young. 

See York Wills, 394, 441, 886, 552 ; Savage's < Winthrop,' iii., 252. 

3 There seems to be something remarkable ab 1 this John Grymesditch, Esq., & 
Marg* his wife. They had a pension of £200 a year paid by the Auditor of York- 
shire, 1632. 

John Grimesditch of Knottingley, mar. Ann, dau. of John 0. Linsells, wid. of 
Tbo. Carter of Pontefract, by whom Jacobus, Tho., & Eliz. (MS. Collection in the 
Heralds' College). 

vol. t. u 



MS. 66 


Silence, first- 
wife, dau. of 
Peter Saxton, 
Rector of Ed- 
lington, & 
Vicar of 
Leeds ; d. 16 
June 1649. 
(See p. 251.) 

: Captain Samuel Poole of- 
Thorne, of Leeds, York, 
& Knottingley, Esq., bp. 
at Thome 19 June 1621; 
was an Officer in the Par- 
liament Army ; his lands 
& goods, having been for- 
feited, were granted by 
the Crown to Sir Tho s 
Strickland, who recon- 
veyed them to him by 
deed dated 1 July 26 
Charles II. 



i i i 

Henry, an Idiot, 
committed to 


of Knott- 

the care of his 

2 nd wife. 


sister Wild- 

Gent., 1 st 

bore, 1648. 


John, a Spend- 

Mary, wife of 
.... Deane, 

Josiah,bp. Obadiah Poole of Barkston=p 
17 Feb. Ash, co. York, bp. 13 Dec. 
1646. 1648 at Leeds. 

John Wild- Thomas. Baptista. 




Hannah, wife of 
Thomas Kay. 

Baptista, wife of Joseph 

David Poole, of Liverpool, Merch *,= 
& of Knottingley ; had £ of the 
m r of Knottingley. Will dated 11 
June 1723 ; proved 6 May 1724. 

: Mary, widow of Massey, Esq. ; it stands 

thus in the Due. Leod., p. ; but in a copy 
which had belonged to David P., Esq., the 
Serjeant, he has altered it to Elizabeth, dau. 
of ... . Massey ; in a deed of 1712 he is 
mentioned with Kebecca his wife. 

Hannah, wife of George Wheat- 
ley of Pontefract, Apothecary, by 
whom Elizabeth, Rebecca, & 

Elizabeth, wife of George Irton, by whom 
Rebecca, Elizabeth, Dorothy, Frances, Han- 
nah, George, and Samuel, of Irton, co. Cumb. 
(See Burke's ' Commoners,' iii., 676.) 

Josiah Poole of Liverpool, Merch*, &= 
of West Chester, co. Lane, Gent. ; 
had adm n of the goods of his father, 
the Executors having renounced the 
Executorship, 1724 ; living at Wigan 
21 Sep. 1742. 

: Elizabeth, dau. of 
James Lydiate of 
Lydiate, co. 
Lane, Gent.; 
Mar. Sett, dated 
4 June 1703. 

Samuel Poole of Knott- 
ingley, Gent., 1697 & 
1698; dead before 
1703, s.p., being then 
son & heir-app. of 

James Poole, 27 Sep. 1712 ; 11 June Elizabeth. Rebecca. Canill (?). 

1723 ; dead, without issue, 21 Sep. One of these dau s mar Richmond. 

1742. (See Ext. from H. Watson's MS.) 

.... Richmond of Twyford, co. Hants, & Peter- 
Gate, York, d. at York. 


: . . . . dau. of ... . Bennet 
of London, banker. 

MS. 66, 67 




Brooke Eichmond of Gateshead n r Durham, Esq.,= 
livs without issue in 1809. 

=. . . . dau. of Sir Henry 
Liddel, Bar 1 . 

David Poole of Youngsbury, co.- 
Herts, Esq., Prime Serjeant at 
Law of Lincoln's Inn, only son 
& heir-app. 21 Sep. 1742 ; d. 
29 Oct. 1762 ; bur. in the 
Abbey, Bath, where is a mon. to 
his memory. . 

=Jane, dau. & coheir of John Bird of Youngs- 
bury, co. Herts, Esq. ; will dated 28 Jan. 
1790 ; proved 21 Oct. 1793 ; the three other 

coheirs mar Lilly, an Apothecary, George 

Jesson of Birmingham, Merchant, and .... 
Calton of Chesterfield, Surgeon ; M rs Poole d. 
15 Oct. 1793, aged 78, & was bur. in the 
Abbey Church, Bath. 

Jane Poole, livs 
at Bath unmar. 

Elizabeth, d. unmar. at 
Bristol, aged 35 ; b. 1 July 
1749; d. 1 Sep. 1784. 

Matthew Martin of=f=Penelope 

Poets' Corner, West- 
minster, Esq. 


Charles Eay Martin, in the East Merian, a 
India Company's Service 1809. dau. 

David, in an Army Agent's 
Office 1809. 

George, in the 
East India 

Penelope, wife of James 
Deanes, Vicar of Cott- 
ingham, co. York. 

Matthew, Linnaaus, eldest son, & 
at school Matthew Black, both 
1809. d. young. 

Josiah Poole of 
the Inner 
Temple, & of 
Esq., d. at Bris- 
tol unmar., aged 


Sarah Mary, l st =David Poole of Pontefract,=f=Eleanor, 2^ d wife, 
wife, dau. of W m 
Machin of Old- 
bury n 1 ' Thorn- 
bury, co. Glouc.; 
d. 7 Mar. 1803, 
aged 35. 

Esq., living there in 1809 ; 
b. in Chancery Lane, Lon- 
don ; his children are re- 
gistered at the Catholic 
Chapel, Pontefract ; living 
at York 1827. 

dau. of William 
Hartley, of Ban- 
bury, co. Ox. ; 
living 1809. 

Josiah Thomas Poole, eldest son, 
b. 12 July 1806 ; living 1809 ; 
mar. Nov. 17, 1827, to Eliz, dau. 
of William Rawden, Esq., of 

David Charles, b. 14 Dec. 1807; 
living 1809 ; mar., 1832, a dau. 
of Thomas Belk, Esq., of 

Cecilia Jane, 
b. 5 July 
1805 ; living 
1809; mar. 

Jeremy Poole, bp. at Thorne, 9 Oct. Mary, bp. 

1627, Apprentice to William Good- at Thorne 

heire of Gainsborough, Mercer, 1 642 ; 7 July 

lived at Thorne. 1619. 

Mark, bp. at 
Thorne 24 
Nov. 1624; 
bur. 15 June 

Cornelius, bp. 
at Thorne 7 
July 1629. 



MS. 67 

Priscilla, first wife,=rCaptain Joseph Poole of the- 

dau. of Tho. Nor- 
ton of Sandal n r 
Wakefield, Gent. ; 
bur. at Sandal 28 
Sep. 1666. Her 
father was of 
Chapel- thorpe. 
M.I. in N. John- 

Castle Chain House at Pon 
tefract, & of' Wakefield, an 
Officer in the Parliament 
Army, bp. at Thorne 28 July 
1625 ; will dated 17 April 
1700 ; proved 9 June 1704 ; 
d. 16 Sep. 1703 ; bur. in the 
Quakers' burial ground near 

: Sarah, 2 nd wife, dau.= William 

of William Raw T den; Sykes of 

has copyhold lands in Leeds, 

Sykehouse & Dows- first hus- 

thorp in the manor band, d. 

of Hatfield or else- in 1665. 

where for life, also (See 

lands at Long Drax ; Ped., June 1703; bur. p. 69.) 
as her husband. 

Mary, b. 1 Jan. 1653-4. 

Priscilla Poole, b. 8 April 1656 ; 
mar. Henry Cooke, & are both 
mentioned in her father's will 
with a dau., Hester Cooke. 

Elizabeth, bp. at San- 
dal, & mar. 1666; bur. 
there 4 Sep. following. 

Samuel, bp. at Sandal 
26 Dec. 1662 ; not 
mentioned in his 
father's will. 

Joseph Poole of= 
Syke House, son 
& heir-app., d. 
before his 
father, & was 
bur. at Fish- 
lake 1696. 




: . . . . Joseph. Joseph. Jeremiah, living 1703, Mary, 1703. 

Cooke. — when he had 20 s by will — 

Priscilla. of his Grandfather. Elizabeth, bp. at 

n„ — Fishlake 12 Nov. 

D. in infancy. Joseph, had 20 s by will 1691 ; live 1703. 
of his Grandfather 1703. 

Peter Marshal, living 1703. Priscilla Marshal, liv* 1703. 

Sarah P., d. 2 June 1684, and 
was bur. in the Quakers' Burial 

Timothy Rayner, has= 
20 s by will of Cap* 
Jos h Poole. 

^Elizabeth, mar. against 
consent, & d. soon after. 

Elizabeth Rayner, only child, has 20 s by will of her Grandfather ; 
it is thought she mar Wharam. 

Joshua Sager 1 of Wakefield, V.D.M.,= 
Minister of the Presbyterian congre- 
gation there, d. 29 March 1710, & was 
bur. on 31 st in the burial ground at 
Tingley; will dated 14 June 1708 ; 
proved April 1711 ; he was mar. in 
1693. a 

: Baptista Poole,* Executrix 
to her father's will with 
her mother & sister Milnes, 
& heir with M 1S Milnes 
to estates at Syke house, 
Drax, Warrenhall, etc. 

Hannah Poole, 
wife of Robert 
Milnes of 
Merch*. (See 
Ped., p. 20.) 

1 In the parish Register of Bradford are these entries : Joshua, son of John 
Sager of Bradford, bp. 6 Jan. 1655. M r John Sager of Allerton, bur. 31 Aug. 1689. 

* Mar. May 18, 1692 ; d. in Wakefield June 28 ; bur. June 29, 1737, in the New Chapel, where 
her husband had been Minister (Northowram Register). — J. W. C. 

MS. 67 




Joseph Sager, Clerk ; he was educated^ 
for the Dissenting Ministry ; con- 
formed, & became Chaplain to Bishop 
Hoadly ; a Canon of Salisbury ; Vicar 
of North Tidworth, & Rector of Hom- 
merfcon in Wilts ; in 1748 he sold his 
moiety of lands at Drax to M r Milnes 
for £780 ; bur. in Salisbury Cathe- 
dral 1759. (Q. if not 1757.) 

: Mary, sister of Edward Hearst, Sarah, only 
Esq., of the Close in Salisbury, dau., 
father of ... . wife of Philip Tingley 31 
Sherard, Earl of Harborough, & May 1711, 
Caroline, wife of Henry Pen- aged 12 ; 
ruddock Wyndham, Esq., Mem- she was b. 
ber for Wilts ; dau. of William 11, & bp. 23 
Hearst, Esq. ; d. 6 July 1742, Oct. 1699. 
aged 37 ; bur. in the Cathe- 
dral. M.I. 

Sarah, 1 st wife,= 
dau. of John 
Oulton, a Do- 
mestic of the 
Duke of Leeds; 
d. without 
issue 20 June 
1766, and was 
bur. at Rich- 
mond in York- 

=Mary, 2 nd wife,= 
dau. of Joseph 
Frazer of Rich- 
mond, hard- 
wareman, & 
Mary his wife ; 
mar. 12 Sep. 
1767 ; d. 3 
March 1769 ; 
bur. at Rich- 

Joseph Sager of Rich- 
mond in Yorkshire, 
educated at Oxford ; 
living in very reduced 
circumstances at Rich- 
mond in Yorkshire 
1804, when he com- 
municated this account 
of his family to M r 
Milnes; d. in 1808; he 
was for a time a School- 
master at Richmond, 
where he settled about 
1768 ; it is supposed 
he was in Holy Orders; 
he was b. 5 April 1739. 

Charles Sager,= 
eldest son & 
only issue of 
the 2 nd wife, b. 
29 June 1768; 
d. 19 March 
1797 at New- 

& was 
bur. there ; he 
was a painter. 

Robert Sager ,= 
2 nd son, b. 6 
May 1772 ; 
living in 
1804 at Port- 
laud, Massa- 
chusets Bay, 

: Mary, 3 rd ^ 
wife, dau. 
of Robert 
Colling of 
Mercer ; 
mar. 4 
d. 26 April 
1778, & 
was bur. 
at Rich- 

Pemberton, b. 31 Mar. Pember- 

1774; d. 30 April ton, b. 

1705 [sic, but query 12 Mar. 

1775] ; bur. at Rich- 1778; 

mond. d. at St. 

— Vin- 

Bridget, b. 29 March cent's 24 

1776 ; ob. 24 July June 

1777 ; bur. at Rich- 1804. 

Jane, 4 th 
wife, dau. 
of Simon 
& Ann 
perby, co. 
mar. 8 

Mary, b. 13 
Sep. 1789. 

b. 23 Dec. 

b. 26 
Jan. 1794. 

Charles Sager, only child, b. at Welbeck 
in Nottinghamshire 1795. 

4 children in 1804. 

Joshua. Harriet. 

William. Catherine. 

D. young, and are 
bur. in the North 
Aisle of Salisbury 

Mary Elizabeth, d. un- 
mar., & was bur. at 
Bath in 1793. 

Baptista, d. unmar. ; b. 
30 Nov. 1730; d. 9 
May 1749; bur. in the 

Harriet, d. 
1743, aged 6. 

Cath e ,d. 14 
June 1748, 
aged(?) 5; 
bur. in 

James=f=Sophia S., 

land of 

James Haviland of Bath, Clerk, living in 1821, aged about 45. H. H 

living in 
1804 ; b. 
23 June 
1742 ; bur. 
at Weston 
near Bath. 

150 family MINORTJM GENTIUM. MS. 67 

Tho. Sager of Leeds, Apothecary.=Eliz., dau. of Aid. Tho s Dixon ; mar. 2 Laurence Cottam 
Wilson of Leeds MSS. of Leeds, & had M. Cottam of Leeds, Apoth. (?) 

Harriet, dau. of Joseph & Mary Sager, d. 21 May 1743, aged 6. 
Cath e , d. 14 June 1748, aged 5. 

Will. Seager of Bath. Apothecary,=Elizabeth, d. 11 Jan. 1742, 
d. 6 Oct. 1736, aged 57. aged 61. M.I. 

There is a good ped. of Sir W m Sager's family (Ayscough, 4964). 

One or more of the Sagers are legatees in the will of Bridget, Lady Galway. 

York Wills, 1684, is of John Sager, the elder, of North Bierley in psh. of 
Bradford, cooper, 1717. 

It is remarkable that the Sagers, descendants of the 1ST. 0. Minister who con- 
formed & had such good preferment, were greatly reduced in the world so as to be 
indebted to the elemosynary assistance of the Milnes for many years for their 
support, & are so now. A benefaction to one of them living at Leicester from M r 
Monckton Milnes passed through my own hands in or about 1842. 

^>pfce& MS. 68 

William Sykes of Leeds, Clothier, a younger son of Richard= 
Sykes of Sykes Dane near Carlisle. 

Richard Sykes of Leeds*=pSibil Rene,t mar. 10 June 1561. 

Richard Sykes, 1 Alderman of Leeds 1629= 
and 1636 ; d. 29 March 1645. 


^Elizabeth Mawson, mar. 30 Jan. 1593 
d. 19 Aug. 1644. 

1 Will of Richard Sykes of Leeds, Gent., 14 April 1641. To be bur. in Chancel 
of the psh. Church of Leeds, near where his eldest son John Sykes was buried. To 
his wife Elizab. & 2 dau s Mary, w. of M r John Bernard, Aid. of Hull, & Sibil, w. of 
W m Dobson of Hull, Merch*. Son Richard Sykes, parson of Kirk Heaton ; had 
bought lands at Mear Sykes of John & James Sykes. To son Henry Sykes of 
Hunslet Hall, Gent., which Hunslet Hall was portion of the large landed property 
bequeathed by this will. To son Richard lands at Dewsbury and at Kirk Smeaton, 
with the advowson of the Rectory, now held by M r Alexander Stocks. Youngest 
son William Sykes. To grandchild Richard Sykes, son & h r -app. of my son Henry 
Sykes. To son W m S. the remainder of 99 years in 1/9 of the Manor of Leeds, & 
the reversion of it. To grandchild Eliz. Sykes, dau. of my son John S., dec d , to 
dau. Sibil & her child £10 each. Grandchild Eliz. Taylor £40. To Eliz., dau. of 
my eldest son John Sykes, dec d , £5. To Mary, w. of my son Henry, & Grace, w. of 
my son Richard, & Grace, w. of my son William, each 40 shillings. Sister Alice 
Jackson & her dau. ea. 20s. To coz. Eliz. Thompson 20s. Coz. W m Moore, 
lecturer of Leeds, 40s. To Will. Sykes, John S., & James S., ea. 10s. To my 
poor kinsman Alexander Reame a suit of apparel. Wife Executrix. She has almost 
everything for her life. In a codicil he names Richard, John, William, Joseph, 
Daniel, Hannah, & Sarah Sykes, children of his son Will. Sykes, & making his son 
Richard S. & son-in-law John Bernard & Will. Dobson Ex s . Proved at West- 
minster 16 Feb. 1653. 

* Bur. at Leeds Oct. 11, 1576. Will Oct. 17, proved Nov. 4, 1576. 

t ? Sibil Keame, bur. at Leeds Oct. 30, 1576. Will Oct. 28, 1576, proved Jan. 19.— J. W. C. 

MS. 68, 69 



John=pMary. Will John Taylor=Eliza- Rebecca, William Dob-=Sibil. 

Mayor of 

18 Aug. 

of York, 


d. un- 

son, Mayor of 

Frances, mar. Sir George Boynton of 
Rawcliffe (p. 318). 

Elizabeth, mar. William Boynton 
of Barmston. 

John Sykes of Leeds,= 
eldest son & heir- 
apparent, d. about the 
year 1622, his father 
still living, & was 
bur. at St. Peter's, 

William Horn of Mex-= 
borough, co. York, 
Gent., aged 50, 1666. 
He mar. a 2 nd wife, & 
had issue by her. 

^Dorothy, dau. of Edward 
Binns of Horbury, co. 
York, sister of Susanna, 
wife of William Paulden, 
by whom she had four 
memorable sons. 

Henry Sykes of Hunslet-hall, 
2 nd son, mar. Mary, dau. of 
Sir John Wood of Beeston, & 
d. in 1656. Of whom, says 
Thoresby, no male issue 

dau. & 

William Lodge = 
of Leeds, 
Merch*, 1 st 

: Elizabeth = 
Sykes, dau. 
& coheir, 
d. in 1671. 

=William Ald- 
burgh of 
Aldburgh, co. 
York, 2 nd 


Thomas Horn, aged 24,=Mary Eyre William Lodge, d. with- Elizabeth Ald- 
1666; only son; bur. ofSproxton, out issue 1688 or 1689. burgh, living 
1666. co. Line. The Artist. unmar. 1712. 

Richard Sykes, 1 3 rd son, Rector=pGrace, dau. of Richard Stock, Rector of Kirk 

of Kirk Heaton in the County 
of York, d. in 1652; bp. 24 
July 1603 at Leeds ; d. at 
Islington Jan. 10, 1652 ; bur. 
at Olerkenwell Jan. 12. 

Heaton ; .mar. 20 Oct. 1627 at Kirk Heaton 
(Q. if it should not be Alexander Stock) ; bp. 
at Kirk Heaton 1 Feb. 1606 ; d. 2 March 
1646 ; bur. in the quire or church at Kirk 

Rebecca, wife of John Kirshaw, Elizabeth, 2 d. 

Rector of Ripley, to whom she unmar. 1704 ; 

bore the two Kirshaws below ; bp. 24 Feb. 

bp. at K. H. 29 Oct. 1640. 1642. 

Charles, bp. at K. H. 15 Feb. 

Sarah, bp. 8 Aug. 1646 ; bur. 
in the chancel K. H. 1646. 

1 Will of Richard Sykes, parson of Kirk Heaton Church, 27 Oct. 1652. To eldest 
son & heir Richard Sykes, 2 nd son John Sykes, 3 rd son Samuel, lease of a farm at 
Gawthorpe in Kirk Heaton. 4 th son Bernard Sykes lands in South Kirkby. 
Youngest son Charles Sykes. Dau. Rebecca, dau. Eliz. Sykes. Richard & John 
Ex rs . Proved at Westminster 25 May 1653. 

3 Will of Eliz. Sykes of Ripley, Spinster, 3 Oct. 1704* Sister Rebecca Kershaw. 
Niece Anna Sykes £20, niece Diliana Sykes £20, niece Johanna £40, all three 
being children of my dear brother John Sykes of Dordricht, Merch 1 . My 4 nieces 
Eliz. Hopkinson, Rebecca, Sarah, & Mary Sykes, dau s of Samuel Sykes of Leeds, 
Merch*. Nephews Richard & John Kirshaw, niece Sarah Simpson, nephew Samuel 
Kirshaw, niece Rebecca Kirshaw, niece Eliz. Kirshaw, children of my dear sister 
Rebecca Kirshaw of Ripley, widow. Eliz. Kirshaw, dau. of my nephew Richard K. 
Eliz. Simpson, dau. of Sarah Simpson. Cousin Joseph Sykes, Merch* of Leeds, £10, 
& if he d. first to his wife or children as Rebecca, Kirshaw thinks shp. Ex x . 



MS. 68, 69 

3. Samuel Sykes of Leeds, Esq., 3 rd = 
son, Mayor of Leeds 1674 ; d. 28 May 
1684, aged 48 ; bur. at St. Peter's ; 
bp. at K. H. 30 March 1636. 

: Elizabeth, dau. 
& heir of John 
Simpson of 

4. Bernard, of London, 
Merch*, 4 th son, bp. at 
K. H. 13 April 1638. 

Richard. Grace. 



in their in- 

Elizabeth, mar. 1 st Caleb Wood of 
Leeds; s.p. ; 2 nd Rich d Hopkin- 
son of Leeds. 

Rebecca, wife of Richard Kirshaw, 
D.D., Rector of Ripley. 

i i 

Mary, wife of Samuel 
Kirshaw of Leeds, 
Merch*, brother of 

Sarah, coheir, 
unmar. 1712. 


1. Richard JSykes, 1 Rector of=pAnna, 2 dau. of 2. John Sykes of =p Anne, dau. 
, , ™ ,-,,-.,, . ^ Barney 

Reymes of 
Delf in 

Spofforth & Prebendary of York, 
eldest son, d. 8 Feb. 1669, & 
was bur. in St. Peter's Church, 
Leeds ; bp. at K. H. 11 Oct. 

Mark Mickle- Dort, Merchant, 
thwaite, Rec- 2 nd son, mar. 21 
tor of Long Feb. ; bp. 

Marston. at K. H. 9 Jan. 


Barny Sykes, appears to have 
been living when Thoresby 
published the Ducatus, & to 
have been the head of the 

i i 


Bracy. Caroline. Anna. 


All dead in 1714 
without issue. 


Adriana, wife of 
Sir Griffith 
Boynton, Bar* ; 
d. without issue. 

Richard Sykes, 3 M.A., d. without issue 11 Oct. 
1686, & was bur. in St. Peter's, Leeds. A pedi- 
gree in Rastal's ' Newark,' p. 221, represents 
him to have had issue as below by his wife 
Martha, dau. of Sir Francis Cavendish Burton 
of S* Ellen's, Derby. But this is all a mistake. 

Mark. Micklethwaite. 4 Anna. 

All d. young or without 

1 Will of Richard Sykes, clerke, Rector of Spofforth. Wife Anna, son Richard, 
son Micklethwaite. Houses, lands, etc., in Kirk Smeaton to son Richard, paying £4 
a year to son Micklethwaite Sykes till he is 16, & £100 towards binding him 
apprentice. Dau. Grace S. closes in Thorparch bought of my brother Micklethwaite. 
My 3 brothers John, Samuel, & Bernard Sykes & my 2 sisters. Wife Anna & 
brother-in-law M. r Elias Micklethwaite ex rs , & my brother Samuel Sykes & brother- 
in-law M 1 ' John Kirshaw to assist them. Dated 14 Jan. 1669 ; proved 14 March 
1676. My 3 children Richard, Micklethwaite, & Anna. 

3 Ann Sykes of Spofforth, 6 Jan. 1676, nuncupative, all to dau. Anna, & she 
executrix, paying £100 to her son Micklethwaite Sykes. Proved 14 March 1676. 

3 Will of Richard Sykes, M.A. of Sidney-Sussex Col., Camb., 11 Dec. 1684. To 
brother Micklethwaite Sykes lands in psh. of Kirk Burton, etc., burthend with 
annuity to his God-dau. Eliz. Kirshaw. Anne Rebecca Kirshaw of Leeds. Cousin 
Sarah Kirshaw of Leeds. Bro. Micklethwaite Sykes Ex r . Proved 20 Dec. 1686. 

4 Will of Micklethwaite Sykes of Shipscar, Gent., 18 April 1695. To Aunt Rebecca 
Kirshaw of Shipscar, Manor of Shelley. Aunt Eliz. Sykes, spinster, £200. To 
Hannah, Deliana, Adriana, Johanna, Waltera, dau s of John Sykes my uncle, ea. £50. 
Eliz., Rebecca, Sarah, Mary, dau. of my uncle Samuel S., Leeds, £50 ea. Rebecca 
Kershaw Ex x . 

MS. 68, 69 




Joseph Sykes, b. 1696 ;=j=Hannah, dau. & heir of William Chambers, Esq., uncle 
d. 1751. to the 5 th Countess of Exeter. 

Samuel, b.= Sarah, dau. 
1723 ; d. of . . . . 
1754, s.p. Webster of 

Jane, 1 w.,= Joseph S.= 
dau. of Rob. of Newark, 
Heron of 3 times 
Newark ; s.p, Mayor. 

: Mary, 2 nd w., dau. 
of Rob. Hurton, 
Rector of Dodd- 

Benj., b. 
1726 ; 
d. s.p. 


Hannah Maria. Joseph S., LL.B., b. 1781. Sophia Josephia. 

William Sykes of Leeds," 
Merch*, 4 th son, d. in 

: G-race, dau. & coheir of Josias Jenkinson of Leeds ; d. 
25 Sep. 1685. This lady was a Quaker, & preached a 
sermon on the marriage of her grand-daughter with 
Tho. Rayner. 

Joseph Sykes of Leeds,-^ 
Merch*, 5 th son, d. 10 
June 1709 ; bur. 12 th 
in burial-ground at 
Tinglaw Moor. (R. T. 

: Bethia, dau. & coheir 
of John Pickering of 
Topcliffe, Gent., by 
Debora his wife, sister 
of Ralph, Lord Eure. 

Sarah Sykes, mar. 
William Stors of 
Chesterfield, by 
whom Joseph, 
Caleb, Joshua, 
Hester, Sarah, & 

Anna, wife 

of William 





John. Caleb. Elisha. 

Hannah,* wife of Robert Hesketh of 
Piatt, co. Lane, Y.D.M. (See 
Ped., p. 130.) 

Elizabeth, wife of 
John Overend. 

Richard Sykes^Elizabeth, 1 dau. of Thomas Scot of John Sykes,=rMary, dau. & 

of Leeds 
Gent.,t eldest 
son, b. 16 Dec. 
1627; d. 25 
March 1693. 

West Thorp, co. Bucks, Esq., M.P. 
for Aylesbury. Signed the Death 
Warrant of K. Charles I., & was 
himself executed 17 Oct. 1660. 
Her sister Alice mar. Edward 
Pearce, a writer. 

2 nd son, d. in 

coheir of ... . 
Casse, Laird 
of Coats & 
Fordel in 

Elizabeth, eldest 
dau. & coheir, 
mar. Tho s Wil- 
son of Leeds, 

Mary, 2 nd dau. & 
coh r , mar. Thomas 
Rayner of Beghall, 
Gent, (see Ped., p. 
71) ; mar. 28 Feb. 

Anna, 3 rd dau. 
& coheir, mar. 
Ralph Thores- 
by of Leeds, 
F.R.S. (See 
Ped., p. 358.) 

Debora, J 4 th & young- 
est dau. & coheir, mar. 
John Hough of New- 
som, son of Edm d , 
Vicar of Halifax. 


1 It appears by a letter of Robert Hewetson, dated Dublin, 20 March 1696-7, 
that he had mar. the eldest dau. of Colonel Scott, who was brother to Eliz., wife of 
Richard Sykes. The Scotts had estates in the County of Wexford. 

* Mar. April 6, 1708. f Bp. Bee. 20, 1627. 

J Mr. John Hough of Halifax and Mrs. Debora Syke of Leeds mar. at Eodwell July 25, 1695. 

Northowram Register. — J. W. C. 
VOL. I, X 



MS. 68, 69 

"William Sykes of London, Merch*, d. with- 
out issue in 1692. 

Richard Sykes, M.A., 
28 Oct. 1688. 


Richard Sykes, living 1714. Mary, wife of ... . Dobson of Leeds. 

3 rd son, 

=Sarah, dau. of William Daniel, 4 th = 

Rawden ; remar. Cap. son, d. 1 st 

Joseph Poole. (See Sep. 1697, 

p. 67.) aged 65. 

=Debora, dau. of William Oates, Mayor 
of Pontefract ; remar. (Francis) 
Mason, & as his wid. made her will 
3 April 1730. (York Wills, 2034.) 

Samuel, of Hull, : 
Merch*, ob. 

: Mary, dau. of John Words- William, = 
worth of Swathe-hall, co. of Stock- 
York, Gent. (See Ped., holm, 
p. 309.) MerchA 

=Ann, dau. of Castilion 
Morris, Gent., niece of 
Robert Jackson, Esq., 
Envoy to Sweden. 

William Sykes= 
of Salf ord near 
Manchester, a 
Merchant, & 
d. in Maryland, 
as M r Milnes 
informed me. 

=Mary Kirkman of 
Bolton, co. Lane, 
or, according to 
another account, 
Susanna, dau. of 
W m Hickman of 
Hemsworth Hall, 
co. Lane. 


Mary Sykes, wife 
of Joseph Banks, 
Rector of H oo ton 
Roberts, co. 

Sarah Sykes, mar. 27 May 
1736 to Thomas Dicken- 
son of Wakefield, Gent, 
(see Ped., p. 32). She 
lived many years in the 
family of the Milnes of 

Elizabeth, 2 nd wife, dau.= 
of ... . Butler. For 
this family there are 
several mon. ins. in Bun- 
hill Eields, & see M rs 
Bradney's Obituary. 

: Joseph Dennison= 
of St. Mary Axe, 
London, Merch*, 
d. in 1806. (See 
Ped., p. 315.) 

= Sarah Sykes, coheir, 
wife of Joseph Den- 
nison of St. Mary 
Axe, London, 
Merch*, & of Semer, 
co. York. No issue. 

Mary Sykes, 
coheir, wife 
of Robert 
Gardner of 

William Joseph Dennison of Semer, co. 
York, Esq., High Sheriff of the County 
of York, and sometime M.P. for Hull. 

Elizabeth Dennison, 
wife of Henry, Mar- 
quis of Conyngham. 

Maria Dennison, 
wife of Sir Robert 
Lawley, Bart. 

ob. s.p. 

Mary, 1 st wife, dau. of Mark=j=Richard, of Hull,=p Martha, 2 nd w., dau. 
Kirkby of Hull, March*. • Merch*. William Donkin. 


Jane,* 1 st wife, dau. = Richard Sykes of Hull, Esq.,=Elizabeth, 2 nd wife, dau. 
of Hesketh Hobman, High Sheriff of the County of William Collins, Esq., 
Gent. ; ob. s.p. of York 1752 ; d. in 1761. relict of Thomas Edge, 

Esq. h 

* ? 2 wife, mar. at St. Mary's, Hull, 31 May 1733.— J. W. 0. 

MS. 69 




Sir Mark Sykes, Bar*, created=f=Decima, dau. of Twiford 

4 March 1783 ; he was D.D. & 
Eector of Eoos ; d. 14 Sep. 
1783, aged 72. 

Woodham of Ely, Gent. ; 
ob. 9 March 1793. 

Mary, ob. 
aged 55. 





Richard. Joseph. 
D. young. 

Sir Christopher 
Sykes, LL.D., 
2 nd Bart., b. 23 
May 1749; d. 
in Sep. 1801. 

Elizabeth, dau. of William 
Tatton of Withenshaw, co. 
Oestr., Esq., by Hester his 
wife, sister & heir of Samuel 
Egerton of Tatton, Esq^ 

Mary, wife 
of John de 
Esq., & d. 

Sir Tatton Sykes, b. 22 
Aug. 1772 ; succeeded 
his brother as the 4 th 
Bart. ; is mar. to a dau. 
of Sir Wil m Foulis of 
Ingleby, Bart. 

b. 18 Aug. 

=Lucy Dorothea, 
dau. & coh. of 
Henry Lang- 
ford, Esq. 

Decima Hester Bea- 
trix, wife of John 
Robinson Foulis, 
Esq., 2 nd son of Sir 
William Foulis of 
Ingleby, Bart. 

Henrietta, 1 st wife,= 
dau. & heir of 
Henry Masterman 
of Settrington, co. 
York, Esq. 


:Sir Mark Masterman Sykes of Settring-=Mary Elizabeth, 
ton, 3 rd Bart., b. 20 Aug. 1771 ; High 2 nd wife, dau. of 
Sheriff of the County of York 1795, & Samuel Egerton, 
some time representative in Parliament Esq., of Tatton, 
for the City of York ; d. at Weymouth co. Cestr. ; mar. 
16 Feb. 1823. in 1814. 

Daniel Sykes, 
d. without 

Joseph Sykes= 
of Kirk Ella 
near Hull, 

=Dorothy, dau. of Nich 8 Twigg of 
Bake well, co. Derb., sister of 
Anne, w. of John Bourne (p. 
149), & of Mary, who d. cod., & 
of John Twigg, Esq., who mar. 
a Foljambe, & of Nicholas, who 
mar. Mary, dau. of Hen. Waver- 

No male issue 
of the Twiggs 
remain, Nich 8 
having no 
issue, & the 
only child of 
John dying 

Daniel,= Isabel, dau. of 
M.P. Matthew Wright 
for of Stamford 

Hull. Bridge. 

Henry=Mary, dau. of 
B. B. Thomp- 
son, Esq. 

Marianne, wife of Henry 
Thornton, Esq., Memb. 
for Southwark. (See Ped., 
p. 63.) 


: Mary, relict 
of Henry 

d. in 


John= Ann, dau. of John Nicholas,= 
Bourn, Clerk, by of Swan- 
Ann T wigge, sister land, 
to Dorothy. (See Esq. 

=Mary, dau. 
of John 
Cam of 



MS. 69 

ob. s.p. 




ii mi 

John Cam Sophia. 
Sykes. — 

— Joseph. 

Marianne. — 


i i 

i i 

Frances, mar. at Ferraby Nicholas. Anne. 
June 1827 to M\ Bab- — • — 

ington, Esq., son of Martha. Frederick 
Thos. B. of Rothley .— — 

Temple. Daniel. Lucy. 

i^mpson— Hirsimto* 

MS. 70 

William Symp-= 
son, M.D., d. 

22 Nov. 1680. 

=Anne, dau. of W m 
Sykes of Leeds, 
MercrA (See 
p. 69.) 

John Kirshaw, Rector= 
of Ripley, b. in the 
parish of Halifax ; d. 
in 1684. 

: Rebecca, dau. of 
Richard Sykes, Rec- 
tor of Kirk Heaton. 
(See p. 68.) 

Jacob Sympson of Leeds, Surgeon=pSarah Kirshaw, 

d. an 

Rebecca. Constance 
Both d. unmar. 

Elizabeth, mar. 24 Aug. 
1725 to Richard Wilson 
of York, Merch*, & d. 
without issue. 

Mary S., mar. 7 May 

1730 to Richard Hey 

of Pudsey, Salter. 

See Due. Leod., 2 nd Edit., p. 4. 

Constantia, 1 wife, dau. of=pRichard Kir- 

William Boynton ; sister 
of Sir Griffith Boynton ; 
d. 7 May 1705 ; bur. at 

shaw, D.D., 
Rector of Rip- 
ley 1712; d. in 

& John, 
d. in 

d. with- 

beth, d. 

Samuel Kirshaw, 1 
D.D., Vicar of 
Leeds & Rector of 
Ripley, d. in 1786. 
61-95) to be au- 
thor of 2 papers 
in Phil. Trans. 

: Rebecca, 2 nd wife, 
dau. & coheir of 
Sam 1 Sykes, Esq., 
of Leeds. (See 
Ped., p. 68.) 

John Kirshaw, 
mar. twice, & 
was without 
issue in 1712. 

: Ann, only surviving dau. of Richard, 
Samuel Brook, D.D., Min r of d. an in- 
St. John's Church, Leeds ; ob. fant. 
1796 ; which Samuel Brook — 
was b. at Adwalton in the par. Adriana. 
of Birstall, was educated, for d. 1763. 
a Dissenting Minister, con- 
formed on reading the Lon- 
don cases; he d. in 1731. 
(Wilson's MS. at Leeds). 

MS. 70 





Bichard Kirshaw, 


Ralph Shepperd-=pFran- 


Ann Kirshaw, 


Rector of Masham 


son, Esq., of Hall- 


mar. Francis 

b. in 

& Minister of the 


garth near Dur- 


Russell, Esq., 


Holy Trinity 

ham, b. 1741 ; d. 


who d. without 

Church, Leeds, b. 

1793. (See his 

issue in 1795. 

1743 ; d. without 

descent in the 1 st 

He was Secre- 

issue in 1792, 

vol. of Surtees' 

tary of the 

rather Jan. 1791. 


Duchy of Lan- 

(See 'G.M./ 61-95.) 


See issue, Due. Leod., 2 nd Edit., p. 22. 

Rebecca Kirshaw, 
mar. Charles Wil- 
kinson, Esq. 


d. unmar. 

Samuel Kirshaw of=j=Mary, dau. & coheir of 

Leeds, Merch*. 

Samuel Sykes of Leeds, 
Esq. (See Ped., p. 68.) 

Richard. John. Samuel, d. without issue. Rebecca. Elizab. Mary. 
D. young. 

Hirsfmto— Ciwk- 

John Cook* of= 

=Margaret, dau. of ... . Carr of 
Stackhouse near Settle. 

Abraham Kir-=pJane 

shaw of Skir- 
coat Green in 
the par. of 
Halifax. (See 
p. 34.) 

. I 
Richard Cook=Baptista,J dau. of 
of Halifax, d. Robert Milnes of 
without Wakefield (see p. 

issue. 21) ; she was b. 

in 1708. 


Benj amin=j=Hannah, || 


dau. of 
.... Law- 
ton of 

John Kir-=Mary, dau. of John Ramsden of James= 
shaw. Well-head, psh. of Halifax. Cook. 

= Sarah, dau. of ... . Moor- 
house of Almonbury. 

MS. 71 


See notices of the name of Rayner or Reyner in the County of York, at pp. 3, 16, 
67, 208, 249. 

Sir William Rayner of Overton Longvile appears to have been of the Yorkshire 
family, for Edward Rayner, b. at Morley 1600, is spoken of as related to his 
granddau. Mary, Lady Armine. (Calamy Acc n 440 ; see also p. 117 of this book, 
& p. 311, p. 372.) 

* ? also of Halifax. f Mar. May 19, 1720 ; d. Sep. 6, 1729. J Mar. May 18, 1727. 

§ John s. of Mr. Benjamin Coke of Halifax (being inoculated) d. of the small-pox Jan. 31, 
1740-1. || Mar. June 17, 1730 (Northowram Register). —J. W. O. 


John Rayner of Ledsham, Gent., bur. there 9 May 1695.= 

MS. 71 

Thomas Rayner of Beghall near Ferry-bridge,= 
Ledsham, & Br other ton, Gent. ; will dated 25 
March 1724 ; proved 25 May ; bur. at Brother- 
ton 1 May 1724. 

: Mary, dau. & coheir of 
Richard Sykes of Leeds, 
Merch*. (See p. 69.) 

John Rayner, eldest son, d. in Jamaica, 
without issue. He mar. Marg* Chapman, 
as is supposed. 

Thomas Rayner of Brother- 
ton, Gent. 


Thomas Rayner of Brotherton, was twice Mary Rayner, 

mar., & had a dau. who d. at 6 years of mar 

age ; he d. without issue 1808 ; he was Brown, & had 

bp. at Brotherton 25 Aug. 1728. issue. 

Elizabeth, wife of 
.... Stanley of 
Nottingham, & 
had issue. 

Judith, 1 st wife, dau.= 
of Jos a Drake of 
York; mar. 5 Aug. 
1728 ; d. without 
issue 1748, April 6, 
aged 52. 

: Joshua Rayner 
of Leeds, 
Merch*, d. 
April 1757, 
aged 54. 


: Sarah, 2 nd wife, dau. of^fAnne, 3 rd wife, 

William Milnes of Ches- 
terfield, Gent. Herissue 
became coheirs with 
that branch of the 
family. (See p. 23.) 

Milnes Rayner of 
Leeds, Merchant, 
only son, b. 15 Mar. 
1753 ; d. unmar. 
22 nd Aug. 1792. 

Elizabeth Rayner, 
coheir, mar. Joseph 
near Leeds, Esq. 

Sarah Rayner, co- 
heir, mar. William 
Smithson of 
Heath, co. York, 
Esq. (P. 72.) 

dau. of . 
Headlam of 
upon-Tyne; d. 
31 July 1788, 
aged 75. 

Ann Rayner, a 
dau., only issue of 
the 3 rd mar., d. un- 
mar. about 1815. 

Elizabeth, mar. Sam- 
uel Stead of Leeds, & 
d. without issue. 

Mary Rayner, mar. .... Hoe, Hoare, Bowes, or 
Brown, & d. without issue. A more correct account 
says that she mar. .... Bowes & had an only child, 
a dau., who mar Horn, a Moravian Minister. 

d. un- 

Will of Constance Rayner, Tro well, co. Notts, spinster, 12 Jan. 1639. (York 
Wills, 2117.) 

A Constance Rayner connected with Ward the Gresham professor & with Eli 

Arms : Ermine, on a chief 2 mullets. Proof referred to last visitation, but none 
found. From a Visitation of Nottinghamshire. It is inferred that the Rayners 
above were related to this family from M rs Stead having been heard to speak of 
relations of the name of Molineux. 

An Ann Rayner, dau. of John, of Drayton ; b. 1681 ; mar. Robert Grammer of 
Bakewell, Merch*, as appears by her monument in the Church of Bakewell. 

See also ped. of Goodwin. 

MS. 71 



Eayners of the County of York. 
Thomas Eayner, temp. Henry Vll-nr J° nn Liversedge of- 

[His mother, a dau. & heir of Wil- 
liam Spen, owner of Spenn Lands 
in Liversedge.] 

Liversedge Place. 
[Living 7 July 17 
H. 7.] 

.... Eayner- 
[had a house 
at Miln- 

William Kayner=f= 
of Liversedge, | 
son & heir [d. 25 j 
Henry VIII.].' j 

William Liversedge of=p Alice, dau.= 

Liversedge Place, 
stands by the Wind- 
mill at Birstall, mar. 
Cov. dated 7 July 7 
Henry VII. 

of Thomas Haigh, 

Goodheire 2 nd 

of East- husb. 

to Wil- 


Marmaduke Eay- 
'ner, 2 nd son [5 
Edw. VI.] . 

Robert Eayner 
[living 1551; had 
a son Eichard]. 

John Eay- 
ner, son & 
parent, d. 
in his 
lifetime 21 

p Alice Liversedge, = 
only child & post- 
humous, Mar. 
Cov. to J. E. 
dated in the last 
year of Henry 
VII. [She had 
a house called 
Liversedge Place 
in Liversedge.] 

of Wake- 
field, 2 nd 
son of 


Eichard Eayner, son &- 
heir, 2 nd husb. [mar. in 
May 1552; d. in 1579]. 

^Margaret, dau. of=pWilliam Eayner, d. 


Thomas Clerkson 
[d. 3 July 10 
James I.]. 

of the Great Sweat 
4 Aug. 5 Edw. VI. 

Alice Eayner, 
mar. William 

[Eobert Eayner, 

Joan Eayner, sole dau. & heir, mar. John Hanson (see 
Watson's ' Halifax,' p. 264) ; she was b. 8 June 1551. 

Eichard Eayner, of Liversedge. 
Eobert, mentioned by Brooke.) 

(Evidently the son of= 

John Eayner, son & heir-: 
Apparent, Mar. Sett. 
dated 7 Jac. I. 

= Margaret, one of the three dau s of Nicholas Armitage of 
Armitage, who d. seized of land at Netherton, etc. ; aged 
19, 45 James of Scotland. Her sisters Dorothy & Mary. 

All this is abstracted from proceedings relating to a dispute about the Manor of 
Liversedge which is to be found in vol. i. of Beckwith's Collection, now among 
Gough's books at the Bodleian, 1821. 

The part in brackets from J. C. Brooke's notes. 

Thomas Rayner of Beghall, a Juryman on Bernard's Survey of the Dutchy lands, 1577. 

Nicholas Rayner of Duffield, eo.=. . . . dau. of John G-ervas R. of Duffield, Gent., 

Derb ; d. Sep. 169-. Asherhurst of A. d. 10 Jan. 1700, aged 73. 


Robert Rayner of Heckmondwike=f=Mary, sister of John Peebles of Dewsbury. 


John=. . . . dau. of ... . Potter of Crofton. Mary. Eliz., mar. Fr s (?) Aiskell. Jane. Judith. 

Bassano's Ch. Notes. 

Nicholas Rayner. 1 


John Rayner. Will 1665 =f 

I I 

.... 1 st wife, dau. of=j=John Rayner of East=^-Mary, 2 nd wife, dau. of ... . Ann, wife 
Sir Tho 8 Hewet of Drayton, co. Notts. Goodwin of Rawmarsh, co. of . 

Anthony. Shire Oaks, Kn*. 

[Will 9 April 1670.] York ; mar. 28 Jan. 1659. Molineux. 


John Rayner of East Drayton [=Ann, dau. of Sir William Hickman.] 

1 w. 

: John Rayner, pastor of New Plymouth=f=Frances, 2 nd wife, 

& of Dover. Will 19 April 1669. 
lands at Gildersome. 


Ex x to her 
band's will. 


Humphrey, of Rowley, N.E. 
Will 27 Sep. 1660. Speaks of 
Mar m Rayner in Old England. 

Jackim R. of 
Rowley, N.E. 

Hannah, mar. Job Lane 
of Billerica (?). 


Elizab. Dor. Abigail. Judith. 

Of this family must, I think, have heen John Kayner who was pastor of the 
Independanfc Church at New Plymouth, N.E., having had a sister Alice, mar. to ... . 
Southworth, & 2 W m Bradford. A dau. of John Rayner mar. a son of ... . South- 
worth his cousin. 

Humphrey Kayner of Rowley in New England, in his will dated 27 Sep. 1660, 
requests his dear brother M 1 ' John Rayner, pastor of Dover, & Deacon Jowit of 
Rowley, to be overseers. In the Inventory, which amounts to 865 1 2. " In the 
hands of Marmaduke Rayner in Old England £40." This looks as if they were 
Rayners of Liversedge. 

I am informed from America that John Rayner, the Pastor, mar. one of 4 dau 8 
of ... . Boyse of Leeds, coheirs by the death of their brother in Leeds, killed in the 
Civil Wars. Another of the dau rs of Boyse mar. .... Robinson, & another a 


MS. 72 

Robert Smithson of Masham and Garsdale in the= 
North Riding of Yorkshire ; removed to Dewsbury 
in the West Riding, where he d., & was bur. 
1 Jan. 1693. 

: Elizabeth Todd, mar. 
at Middleham 31 Oct. 

Joseph Smithson of Low Laithes, bp. at=f=Mary, dau. of Josias Oates of Chickenley ; 

mar. at Dewsbury 15 May 1700. 
Ped., p. 115.) 


Bradford 27 June 1661 ; d. 27 April 
1728, & was bur. at Dewsbury. 


1 Of this family I suppose to have been Thomas Rayner of Gainsborough, who 
mar. M rs Mary Fell at Rawmarsh in 1689. 

MS. 72 



Robert Smithson of Leeds, Esq., bp. at=j=Jane, dau. of James Eoberfcs of Leeds ; 

Dewsbury 1 March 1701 ; d. in Janu- 
ary 1763 ; an Alderman of Leeds. 

mar. at Swilling ton. He was of a family 
long settled at Methley. 




Both d. without issue. 
Gilbert purchased 
estates at Methley & 
Thorp Audlin, which 
on his death came to 
his brother William. 

William Smithson, late of Leeds,= 
now of Heath, Esq., bp. at Leeds 
in Aug. 1750 ; d. at Harrowgate 
Aug. 1830. 

: Sarah, dau. & coheir 
of Joshua Rayner of 
Leeds (p. 71) ; d. 
April 1826. 


ThomasJBorough of Castle Fields n r =f=Jane Smithson, sole dau. & heir, b. at 

~~ " " " " 1776 ; mar. at Ledstone 

Derby, Esq., afterwards of Chetwynd 
Park, co. Salop. 

Leeds in Feb. 
21 April 1798. 

Anna Honora, 
b. 6 June 

Jane, mar. at New Church, Marybone, Anne 
3 June 1832, to Cap. Geo. Hill, eld. Sarah, 
son of Sir R. Hill. 

John Charles 
Burton Burough, 
son & heir. 

Joseph Smithson of=f=Eliz. Hall, mar, 

Low Laithes, bur. 
at Dewsbury 7 June 


at Ardsley 
May 1746. 

Josiah Smithson of= 
Alverthorpe, bp. at 
Dewsbury 31 Dec. 

=Mary, dau. of Richard 
Keeling of Rothwell ; 
mar. at Rothwell 9 
July 1737. 

Joseph Smithson of Edinburgh, bp.- 
at Wakefield in Aug. 1748. 

Henrietta, dau. of Andrew Henderson of 
Selkirk ; mar. at Edinburgh 25 Aug. 1778. 

Ann.- Josiah. Elizab. Samuel. Andrew. Thomas. Jane. 

Elizabeth. Robert Smithson of Low Laithes,= 
Esq., bp. 23 July 1747 ; d. 27 
April 1800 ; bur. at Dewsbury. 

=Sarah, dau. of Tho s Leach 
of Bradford (see Ped., p. 
128) ; mar. at Bradford 
14 Feb. 1781. 







There had been Smithsons at Methley, and I should presume of this family, 
before the purchases made by Gilbert Smithson : Mary, the dau. of Peter Birbeck, 
Rector of Castleford, being mar. about the year 1660 to William Smithson of 
Methley. (C. 40 in Col. Arms.) 

See mar. of Smithson with Fairfax Lissum George S. (?) 

VOL. I. Y 



MS. 72 


Alice, mar. Francis Anthony Koberts of Meth-=pAnn, bur. Gilbert= Alice Denni- 

Fleming 25 April ley, bur. 1 June 1635. 
1613. Will 2 Jan. 1634. 

2 Jan. 

son, mar. 10 
Sep. 1620. 

William, bp. 9=f Sarah Crab-=Ann Nelson (?),= Elizabeth Mary, bp. 1 Sep. 1601. 

Dec. 1598 ; 
mar. Alice 
Taylor 6 June 

tree, mar. 4 mar. 24 Nov. Gibson, 
July 1636. 1641. 8 Nov. Ann, bp. 10 Dec. 1604; 

1652. bur. 21 July 1616. 

Barbara, bp. 6 Aug. 1637 ; d. y. Ann, bp. 1 Oct. 1648. William, bp. 17 Anthony, 
— — June 1655 ; bp.3July 

John, bp. 27 Nov. 1645 ; bur. Alice, bp. July 1651. mar. Elizab. 1658. 
7 March 1652. Wood 20 May 

1678. =f= 

Alice, b. 10 Feb. 1678-9 ; bp. 13. 

This is M r Edw d Oates' account of the Roberts of Methley. 
Anthony Roberts of Methley, Yeo. Will 2 Jan. 1634. 

MS. 73 

Alice, mar Fleming, & had William R. of Methley, Ex r =f=Alice . . , .living at 

Alvery, Eliz., Helen, & Ann. to his father. Will 1667. Methley, a wid., 1709. 

Anthony, Ex r to his mother's William, of Meth-=f=Eliz. Anne, mar. Stephen Alice. 

will 1709 ; had a son An- ley, Yeo. Will 
thony. 1718. 

Cockel of Woodles- 



James. 1 John R. of Methley, Yeo. : 


James, of=f=Jane, dau. of ... . John R., eld. = Alice, dau. of John & Mary Gilbert, 


Powel of Leeds. son, ob. s.p. Stansfield of Oulton. 

ob. coel. 

1 This must be the nephew James Roberts, son of William R. of Methley, 
mentioned in the will of Will. Wood, Clerk. Master of the Grammar School, 
Hemsworth, 15 Aug. 1689, 

MS. 73 



William Roberts of Dant-=f=. . . . dau. of .... of Jane, mar. Bob. 
sick, Esq. | Dantsick. Smithson. 

James, d. y. 

3 dau s , mar. Gilbert Roberts of Methley & John, 
to Foreign- Dantsick, Esq. ; created a living in 
ers. Baron of the Holy Roman Germany 

Empire ; sold considerable 1821. 
estates at Methley & Thorpe 
Audlin to his cousin Gilbert 
Smithson, Esq. ; living at 
Dantsick 1821. 

William R.,=f=Sarah, daii 

Lieut, in 

of Geoffry 
Aid. of 

John R., a 
Captain in 
the Navy. 

. . . R.= Charlotte, dau. of M r Justice Dallas, 
Chief Just, of Com. Pleas, by his 
first wife. 

William, Cap n Louisa, 
in the Navy. unmar . 

John Waterhouse of the Township of Hipperholm, bur. 13 Sep. 1660. : 

Michael Waterhouse of Pontefract and Selby, Gent. ;- 
owner of lands in the parish of Halifax ; will dated 
11 May 1692 ; proved at York ; bur. at Pontefract 
2 Nov. 1697. 0. Hey wood in his Obituary says he 
was aged 80. 

Elizabeth .... 
Executrix to her 
husband's will 
dated 29 May 

John, bp. 

Richard Lapidge of Pontefract, Gent.=pAnn Waterhouse.* 

Elizabeth Lapidge, dau. 
& coheir, mar. in 1711 to 
John Milnes of Wake- 
field, Merch*, brother to 
James Milnes above. 
(See p. 22.) 

Esther Lapidge, coheir, 
mar. at Sandal Magna 
1710 to Isaac Wilkin- 
son of Warley, co. York, 
V.D.M. (See Ped., 
p. 74.) .. 

Ann Lapidge, the other coheir, 
mar. John Kiplin of Ack- 
worth, Gent., & d. without 
issue (see Ped., p. ) ; she d. 
a widow, aged 76, & was bur. 
at Ackworth 13 July 1763. 

James Milnes of Ches- 
terfield, Gent. (See 
p. 22.) He mentions 
in his will sisters-in- 
law Alice Mould and 
Elizabeth Dilk. 

= Mary Waterhouse, 
b. 1665 ; mar. at 
Pontefract 8 Jan. 
1697 ; d. 8 April 
1728, & was bur. 
at Chesterfield. 

John Waterhouse of Ponte-- 
fract, son & heir-apparent, 
d. in the lifetime of his 
father, & was bur. in the 
Ch. of Pontefract 23 March 

: Ann Ash- 
ton, mar. 
at Ponte- 
6 April 

A B 

* Mrs. Lapigh. d. at Pontefract Sep. 23, 1736 (Northowram Kegister).— J. W. C. 



MB. 73 


Thomas Waterhouse, men- Ann & Margaret are men- 
tioned in his grandfather's tioned in their grand- 
will 1692. father's will 1692. 

. I 
Several children, who 
d. young, & perhaps 
a John who survived 
the father. 

Thomas Hawksworth= 
of Leicester Square, 
London, d. 5 Jan. 
1771, aged 90, and 
was bur. with the 
Milnes family in the 
Gh. of Chesterfield. 


Michael Waterhouse of Pontefract,=pCatherine 

G-ent., Mayor in 1710 ; mentioned 
in his grandfather's will. His wife 
is said to have been a Catholic, & 
there are several children of a M. W. 
in the Register of Pontefract, bp. 
between 1703 & 1717, who are 
doubtless issue of this person ; 
amongst them are Talbot W. & 
Trentham Thomas W. 

dau. of 
Sir Chris. 

Eichard Milnes of Chesterfield, = Elizabeth Hawksworth, sole dau. & heir, 
2 nd son. (See p. 22.) mar. about 1730. 

John W. of= 



Jane, dau. Thomas, o£f=. . . . dau. of ... . Michael. Talbot, 
of ... . Kingston. Hopkins. — — 

Jefferies. George. Frances. 

John W. of=T=Martha, dau. of Jane, Thomas=j=Ann, dau. of Francis Grose of 


Percival Haslan d. y. 
of Feltham. 

Eichmond, wid. of John 
Matthewson of the Navy. 

John Wilmot. Anthony. Maria. Martha Anna. Trentham Thomas. 


MS. 74 

Christopher Wilkinson of Little Horton- 
near Bradford, co. York, a Clothier. 

: Ann Waller, mar. at Brad- 
ford 26 June 1637. 

Isaac Wilkinson 1 of Little Horton, bp. at Bradford=f=Elizabeth Thackray, d. 2 Feb, 

17 Aug. 1656 ; d. 29 August 1742, aged 87, & was 
bur. in the Dissenters' burial ground at Bradford. 


1743, aged 94, and was bur. 
with her husband. 

1 We have no other proof of Isaac being the son of Christopher than the Eegister 
of his baptism. It is scarcely likely that two children, both named Isaac Wilkinson, 
should be b. at Little Horton about the same time. It is, however, probable that 
Ann Waller might not be the mother, but some second wife of C. W. 

MS. 74 



Isaac Wilkinson 1 of Warley, V.D.M., near Halifax^ 
and Bradford, d. 28 Feb. 1721-2, aged 36, & was 
bur. in the Dissenters' burial ground at Bradford ; 
he was the only child. 

: Esther, dau. & coheir of Rich- 
ard Lapidge of Pontefract (see 
p. 73) ; mar. 23 May 1710; 
d. at Chesterfield. 

Elizabeth, 1 st wife,= 
dau. & coheir of 
William Alwood of 
Chesterfield j mar. 
at Chesterfield 17 
Sep.1741; the other 
coheir of .... Al- 
wood mar. John 
Buxton of Ash- 
burn, by whom 
John Buxton of 
Northampton ; she 
was bur. at Ches- 
terfield 19 Dec. 
1755 5 she had a 
dau. Eliz., who d. 
an infant in 1745. 

: 5. John Wil- 
kinson of 
4 th & young- 
est son, a 
Merch* there, 
bur. at Ches- 
terfield 3 
Aug. 1766 ; 
a Grocer. 

: Mary, 2 nd wife, dau. of John 6. Ann Wil- 

Staley, relict of G-eorge Wall of kinson, 2 nd 

Wendesley, co. Derb. ; bur. at dau. & 

Chesterfield 9 Nov. 1770 (see youngest 

p. 99). Her mother was a child, b. 26 

dau. of Henry Lankford of Aug. 1720 ; 

Leek, & she had a sister Eliz. d. at Ches- 

L., unmar., & 2 bro s , one an terfield un- 

apprentice to W m Clark, a mer- mar. 22 

cer in Chesterfield, & the other March 1811, 

father of Henry Lankford of aged 91. 
Fence, who mar. a Stafford. 
These were children of Henry 
L. of Leek by a first wife. 
He had a second wife, the 
widow Fowler. 3 

Alwood Wilkinson of Chesterfield & 
the Hill, Esq., only son, d. unmar., 
& was bur. at Chesterfield 19 June 
1780 ; d. June 15. 

Mary W., only issue of the 2 nd mar., d. 
unmar., aged 19 ; b. 24 Nov. 1764 ; d. 
at Broms Grove 21 Oct. 1784. 

James Mangnal 3 of= 
Manchester. In 
Extr ts from the 
Chesterfield Regis- 
ter he is called 
James, of Holling- 
hurst in Prestwich. 

=3. Elizabeth Wilkin- 
son, eldest dau., mar. 
at Chesterfield 21 
Nov. 1751 ; she was 
b. 29 March 1714, & 
bp. by M r Priestley of 
Halifax 13 April. 

4. Joseph Wilkin- 
son of Birming- 
ham, V.D.M., & 
afterwards a Mer- 
chant there, 3 rd 
son ; bur. at Ches- 
terfield 25 Sep. 
1780. D 

=Phcebe, dau. of 
John May of 
Merch* (see 
Pbd., p. 76) ; 
bur. at Chester- 
field 15 Dec. 

1 In the Burying-ground belonging to the Dissenters at Bradford is a tomb with 
this inscription : — 

The Reverend M r Isaac Wilkinson, a pious and painful Minister of the Gospel, 
departed this life at Warley Feb. 28 th , in the 37 th year of his age. His remains 
were here interred March the 2 nd , 1721. The remains of his religious parents, M r 
Isaac and M rs Elizabeth Wilkinson of Little Horton, lie interred in the graves next 
and adjoining on either side this tomb. He d. August 29 th , 1742, aged 87. She d. 
on the 2 nd of February following, aged 94. 

3 In another place D r Pegge speaks of Harry Langford of Leek marrying the 
widow of 2 husbands, to wit, .... Abrahams ; and 2 Gervas Fowler, Usher of the 
Grammar School at Chesterfield, Curate of Stavely, & Rector of Langworth, who 
d. without issue. He was son of Samuel Fowler of Stone Gravels. 

3 James Mangnal above was 3 times mar., 1 to a Kay connected with the Kayes 
who mar. Milnes ; 2 Elizab. Wilkinson ; and 3 Hardcastle. He had issue by his 
first wife. Two of his Grand-daughters had a school at Crof ton hall near Wakefield. 



MS. 74 


Richard Mangnal of Sheffield, Merch*, 
only son, mar Foster of Shef- 
field & d. without issue. 

Ann Mangnal, only dau., mar. George 
Poole of Sheffield & Button Hill, Gent., 
& is liv g his widow, 1821. (See Ped., 
p. 148.) (Q. Eobert.) 

Joseph Wilkin-= 
son of Hull, co. 
York, Esq., only 
son, d. 18 Jan. 
1826 in Lon- 

=Nelly> dau. of John Staniforth of Hull, 
Esq. Her sister mar. .... Markham, 
Esq., of Chapel Allerton near Leeds, 
who changed his name to Salisbury, & 
had an only child Elionora, who mar. at 
Bath June 6 th 1826 to Major Brice. 
Did not another sister mar. Joseph 
Beckett of Barslley ? 

Phoebe W., mar. Tho s 
Astley of Chesterfield, 
V.D.M. (see p. 77), 
from whom I had this 
account of the family; 
mar. 19 Dec. 1775." 

John Wilkinson, eldest= 
son, Lieut, in the First 
Reg. of Guards, 1802. 


=. . . . dau. of Joseph Wilkinson, 2 nd ==. . . . dau. of 
.... Devizile son, living 1802 & in Daniel Sykes, 
of Paris. 1822 without issue. Esq. (Q. if 


. Wilkinson, 1822, a dau. 

2 nd dau. 

. . 3 rd dau. 

... a son. 

1. Richard Wilkinson of Chesterfield^ 
Merch 1 , eldest son ; he had other 
children besides those mentioned below 
who d. infants, viz. : William, b. in 
1742, ob. 1744 ; Richard, d. in 1752 ; 
Mary, b. 1758, ob. 1760 ; he d. of 
Apoplexy 28 March 1781, aged 69. 

: Hannah, dau. 2. Isaac Wilkinson, 2 nd son, 

of William Ro- was educated for the Dis- 

bertsofStam- senting Ministry, but seems 

ford, Surgeon; not to have settled as a Min- 

d. 25 Feb. ister, d. at Chesterfield un- 

1803 (? 1808), mar., aged 81, 20 Oct. 1794. 
aged 89. 

4. Isaac Wilkinson of Chester- = Ann, dau. of ... . 5. John Wilkin- 
field & the Hill, co. Derby, Golightly of son of Chester- 
Esq., eldest son, living 1821 London, Esq. ; field, Merch 1 , 
without issue ; he wasb. 22 nd living 1821 ; d. 2 nd son, d. un- 
Aug. 1749 ; d. without issue at Leamington mar. 22 March 
at Tapton House 6 July 1831, 20 July 1827, 1816, aged 60. 
aged 81. aged 65. 

1. Esther W., 
mar. James 
Touchet of 
Esq. (See 
Ped., p. 75.) 

2. Ann W., living at 
Chesterfield unmar. 
1821 ; d. unmar. 
19 April 1828, aged 

3. Eliz. W., living at Ches- 
terfield unmar. 1821 ; d. 
there 6 June 1821, aged 
73 ; she was b. 4 Dec. 

6. Hannah W., youngest dau., mar. 
James Swan, Rector of Stubbing- 
ton, co. Rutland; living 1821 
without issue ; b. 4 July 1757 ; 
mar. 30 Jan. 1786 ; d. 30 Oct. 
1854 ; bur. at Stourbridge Chapel. 

Eobert Alwood of Inkersal, psh. of Staveley, Gent.=f=Elizabeth. 
Will 4 Feb. 1729, Coz. Joseph Alwood of Heck. 


Francis Barber of Greasley, 
co. Notts, bro. -in-law, 1729. 

"Robert Alwood of Chesterfield, 
tanner, eld. son. 

Elizabeth, eldest child, 
under age 1729. 





Richard Alwood.= 
William Alwood=F. . . . Ford. 

Jane, mar. 17 Nov. 1658 to W m Tryphone, mar. Edward .... mar. 1 . . . . Clay, 
Lord. (P. 482.) Lambert. 2 . . . . Brailsford. 

Thomas, of Tapton. : 


! II 

Robert. John mar Webster of London. 

John Alwood, a Minister.=p 

John, a Minister, but Conformed. . ... mar. .... Harrison, a Minister. 
John Alwood of Chesterfield.=p 

John. Thomas, Samuel, Elizab.,=f=Wil m ,of Ches-=FMary Robinson* of Elizab., mar. . . . 

Gainsboro, 2 w. She is Allen, s.p. 
called Elizabeth, which — 

I take to be right, in Ann, d. unmar. 
Dickenson's Obituary, — 

when the mar. is said to Mary, mar. . . . 

have taken place Feb. Hardcastle. 
1729. = 


d. un- 

1 w., 

terfield, a 



dau. of 

Tanner ; will 


3 Jan. 1749; 



ob. 17 Jan. 



Elizabeth, mar. John Mary, d. John Buxton of Ash-=r=Mary .... also of 
Wilkinson above. unmar. burn, Grocer. j Wirksworth. 

John, d. aged 7. John, living 1778. (P. 409.) William, ob. inf. 
John Staley=pJudith. 


John S.=r=Martha Langford. Edward Dawes, 1 husb.=f=Ann=r=John Vessey, 

| | I 2 husband. 

John, d. s.p. Mary, mar. 1 . . . . Wall, 2 John 2 dau 8 only. William Vessy=f=Eliz. Main. 
Wilkinson; s.p. I 

John Staley Vessy. 

ms. 75 Coutjjet 

.... Touchet =f 

.... Touchet, wife of ... . Gryer, a native of Scotland, .... Touchet=pPatrick 
by whom Mary Ann & Sarah, both living in Bucklers- 
bury, London, 1821, unmar. 


* Mrs. Eliz. Alwood of Chesterfield, d. July 1, 1734 ; dau. of Mr. Robinson of Gainsborough, 
& second wife of Mr, John Alwood (Northowram Register).—- J. W. C. 



MS. 75 


Margaret Adair, dau.: 
& coheir, 1 wife. 

= Thomas Bernard, 3 rd son of Sir Francis=. . . . dau. of Sir 
Bernard, Bart* ; now Sir Thomas Ber- Edw d Hulse, 
nard, Bart*, 1821. (See Ped., p. .) Bar*, 2 nd wife. 

of Man- 
chester & 

=. . . . dau. 
of James 
Bayley of 
ter. (See 
Ped., p. 


Thomas Touchet of Man- 
chester, mar. at Sheffield 
7 Aug. 1732 to Debora, 
dau. & heir of Benjamin 
Greaves of Sheffield, 

i i 

Samuel Touchet of Lon- Peter 

don, Merchant, Member Touchet 

in the 12 th Parliament of Lon- 

of Great Britain for the don, 

Borough of Shaftesbury. Merch*. 

There were descendants of one or all these three brothers, 
some of whom went to the East Indies. 

George Checkley= 
of Ormskirk & 
Piatt, Y.D.M. ; 
had a former wife, 
by whom Phoebe 
Checkley, his only 
child, who was 
unmar. in 1817. 
(See p. 80.) 

ther ' 

: Esther Touchet, 
living a widow 
without issue in 
1821 ; d 


Ralph Harrison of Manchester^ 
V.D.M., son of Will. H. of Chapel 
le Frith, V.D.M. He mar. a 2 nd 
wife, by whom he had no issue. 
She was Miss Hinde of Lancaster. 
His father mar. the only dau. of 
John Cooper, min 1 ' of Hyde, by 
a dau. of ... . Angier, min r at 


Ralph, d. young, 
leaving an only 
dau. Ann H., 
who d. soon after 
her father, & his 
widow mar. 


William, of 
mar., & has 
issue, 1821. 

John, of Man- 
chester, mar. 
.... Patter- 
son, wid. of 
Edw. Potter, 
& has issue. 
(P. 459.) 

James, of Man- 
chester, mar. 
.... Beavor of 
Caernarvon, & 
has issue, 1821. 


John H., Ph.D., minis, at Chowbent 1843, 
at Brixton 1851. 

Ann H., only 
dau., mar. 
Ainsworth of 
Attorney, & 
has issue. 


Wil m Harrison A., the writer. 

James Touchet of=f=Esther, dau. of Richard Wil- William Rigby : 

Manchester and kinson of Chesterfield (see of Manchester 

Broom-house, Ped. on the opposite page) ; and Oldfield, 

Esq., living 1821 ; she was mar. at Chesterfield co. Cest r , Esq. 

only son ; d. 1 10 May 1770. (See p. 490.) 
June 1827. 

Mary Touchet, 
d. a widow 
about 1803. 

John, d. in William Rigby of Oldfield, Esq.,= 

his infancy, only surviving child, d. in 1824. 

) D 

: Eliza, dau. of Thomas Philips of 
Sedgley, Esq. (See Ped., p. 120. ) 

MS. 75 




William Rigby, Mary Rigby, elder of the two Eliza Rigby, younger of the 2 

only son, d. at dau s , mar. . . . . Murray, Esq., dau s , mar. in Nov. 1822 to 

7 years of age. of Edinburgh, now Sir John Edward Jeremiah Lloyd, Esq., 

Murray & Lord Murray, a Lord of Manchester. (See Ped., 

of Session. =p : . p. 124.) =j= 

Only child, d. young. 

Only child, d. young. 

John Touchet=p Sarab, dau. of . . . . James Touchet of Man-=. . . . dau. of . . 

of Manchester, 
Esq., eldest 
son, d 

Colquit of Liver- Chester, 2 nd son, mar. in Buckley of Man- 
pool, Merck* ; mar. 1814 ; d. 8 Dec. 1821 Chester, 
in 1815. without issue. 

.... mar Ridley of West-meon, .... mar. James Nowell Harrington of 

cler. (?). = Worden (?) Hall, Esq. 

| (| || 

Hannah, wife of Henry Bayley, sub- Esther, d. unmar., aged 20. Mary, unmar. 

Dean of Lincoln & Archdeacon of — 1821. 

Stowe, Prebendary of Westminster, Sarah, unmar. 182 1 ; d. - -^- 

son of Tho s Butterworth Bayley of unmar. in Feb. 1825. Ann, d. unmar. 

Hope, Esq. (See Ped., p. .) 1808. 

MS. 76 


Henry Hunt. 

Henry^. . . . dau. of . 
Hunt. I Piddock of . . . 

Sarah Ann Hunt, wife of Joanna Joseph=pMary 
Hunt Freith. Hunt. May. Hunt. 

Henry=p. . . . dau. of John May of=f= Sarah, dau. of Joseph 


. . Gee. 



Mason May. of . 


Benjamin May=pE .... dau. Phoebe May, wife of Samuel= Joanna Scot, aunt 

of Birming- 
ham, Merch*. 

of ... . Joseph Wilkinson Ray, d. to John, William, 

Humphries of Birmingham, without and James Scot of 

ofBirming- V.D.M. (See Ped., issue. Stourbridge, 

ham. p. 74.) 


John May of Birmingham, Merch*, 
A d. unmar. 
YOL. i. 

Joseph May of Birmingham, Merch*, 
d. unmar, 



MS. 76 


William Hunt of=r. . 

. . dau. 

Henry Hunt=p. . . . dau 

.of ... . ... =pLydia 

the Brades near 



of Lady- 

Brailsford, Master Rickards 



Yate of 

wood near 

of the 

Grammar of. . . . 

Merch*, 1 st son. 

. . 


School m 


ham, Merch*. minghan 
h, wife of Henry. 


Ill II 
William. John. 

i i 


Lydia Rickards, only child, 

— — 

.... Tate of co. 


wife of William Withering, 

Thomas. Frederick. 


Esq. John. 

Esq., late of Edgbaston, son 




of D r Withering. 




Cj^rlep— &stl*£- 

MS. 77 



Adam Ohorley 
of Kuerden, 
co. Lane. 

Richard Chorley^ 
of Walton, co. 

: z — 

: Isabel, dau. of William 
Serjeant of Walton. 

John Chorley of 
Preston, co. 
Lane, ob. s.p. 

Thomas. William. John. 

John Chorley of Preston, liv& 1664. 

John Chorley, son & heir 1664. 


John Chorley=j=Jane, dau. of 

of Preston, d. 
in 1657. 

of Preston. 

Roger, 2 nd 
son, ob. 

Elizabeth, wife 
of Richard 
Duddell of 

Mary, wife of 
Robert Shake- 
shaft of Pres- 


Henry Chorley of Preston, appeared- 
at the Visitation of Lancashire 21 Sep. 
1664, when he was aged 33, & had 
the six children living who are men- 
tioned below. A family piece, con- 
sisting of him, his wife, and 6 sons, 
is in the possession of M rs Astley of 
Chesterfield, 1821. 

=Ellen, dau. of Richard Hodg- 
kinson of Preston. It is sup- 
posed that she was sister to 
Elizabeth H. of Preston, who 
mar. Samuel Hardware, by 
whom Catherine H., wife of 
Matthew Henry, V.D.M. (See 
Ormerod's ' Cheshire/ i., 181.) 

Jennet, wife 
of John 
Addison of 



MS. 77 



of Preston, 
eldest son & 
heir, aged 15, 
21 Sep. 1664. 

: Elizabeth, dau. 



of D r King. 
Another dau. 

2 nd son, of 

3 rd son. 



Simpson, by 
whom Joseph, 
father of Joseph 
& Hannah S. 


Ellen C. 

. . . . C, wife of. 
a dau., wife of . . 




. . Jones, by whom 
. Humphries. 

These six sons 
are given as 
they appear in 
the Visitation. 
But in M rs 
Astley's paint- 
ing they stand 
thus: John, 
Josiah, Joseph, 
Henry, Daniel, 
& Samuel. 

Henry Chorley, r 
son & heir. 

i i . . i i 

Josiah Eichard Chorley of Diss in John Joseph 
Chorley. Norfolk, V.D.M., d. in 1762. Chorley. Chorley. 


James=. . . . dau. of . 
Chorley. Atherton. 

Josiah Elizabeth C, wife of 
Chorley Oldham. 

Elizabeth C, 
wife of . . . . 



Josiah. Eobert. Elizabeth, wife of ... . Calvert. 

Thomas : 
of Pres- 

=Mary C, 
d. in 

Samh C, wife 
of. . . . Lead- 

Ellen 0. 

Hannah C, wife, 1 st 

of Holder, 2 nd 

John Turner, V.D.M. 
(See Pbd., p. 79.) 

Elizabeth, wife of John 
Pilkington of Walton 
& Preston, V.D.M. 

. Cook=}=Elizabeth Pilkington, coheir. 
See Ped., p. 78. 

Susanna P., coheir, mar. . . . 
Nelson, by whom Susanna < 

Ealph Astley of Preston : 
& Whitehaven, V.D.M., 
b. at Chowbentin 1697 ; 
d. 30 March 1756. 

=Elizabeth Whalley, 
coheir, mar. 10 
June 1731. 

Mary Whalley, 
wife of D r 

Mather. (See 
p. 78.) 

Catherine Whalley, 
wife of Philip 
Mather, brother of 
D r Samuel M. (See 
p. 78.) 

Sarah Astley, mar. William Tate of Garstang, Esq. ; 2 nd1 ^ Hannah Astley, mar. 
John Atkinson, Curate of Walton & Vicar of ... . No Thomas Alcock of 
issue. Manchester. 



B Elizabeth. Hannah. 1 Sarah. Mary. John. 3 Ealph. 3 Samuel. 4 Jane. 

1 Hannah, mar. Matthew Headley of Manchester, & d. leaving one son Thomas only. 
3 John A. of Gatley near Manchester, is mar. & has issue 1826. 

3 Ealph, living unmar. at Leicester. 

4 Samuel, of Manchester, mar. Susan, sister of J. G. Eobberds of Manchester, 
V.D.M. No issue 1826. 

The other daus. are unmar. 1826. 



MS., 77; 

Thomas Astley of= 
Chesterfield, V.D.M., 
b. at Whitehaven 5. 
Sep. 1738 ; d. 15 
Oct. 1817. (See , 
Mon. Rep., xiii., 81.) 

: Phoebe, dau. of Joseph 
Wilkinson of Birming- 
ham, V.D.M. (see Ped., 
p. 74) ; mar. at Ches- 
terfield 19 Deo. 1775 ; 
d. June 1829. 

■TT~ "- ~ * 

John A., d. young 
at Whitehaven. 

Samuel A. of Pres- 
ton, d. unmar., 
aged about 26. 

i i n 

Mary. Anne. 



All d. unmar. 

Joseph Astley, eldest- 
son, educated for a 
Dissenting Minister; 
now residing at 
Boroughstoneness in 
Scotland 1821 ; d. 
June 1832. 

: Rebecca, dau. Thomas, d. at Wilkinson Asfcley, 3 rd son, 

of . . . . Stokes about the age educated for a Dissenting 

of Kidder- of 18, & was Minister; entered -the 

minster. bur. at Ches- Naval Service ; now living 

terfield 30 in France, where he was 

Julv 1803. long a prisoner ; d. before 

1822. =. 

Mary Astley, b. 14 March Ellen A., b. 19 
1806 ; mar. at Chester- Feb. 1807 ; 

field 1827 to Ander- mar. in 1842 

son, M.D., of Bonnington .... Maclellan, 
near Edinburgh. Minister at 


Thomas Astley, b. 
22 Nov. 1808. 

Phoebe Ann, b. 4 
Dec. 1810 ; d. 3 
July 1811. 

I I 

Anne, b. 5 Aug. 
1814; d. 29 Dec. 

Charles Joseph, 
b. 22 July 1819. 

Richard Astley of Halifax, 1= 
V.D.M., 4 th son, now of 
Gloucester 1827 ; of Shrews- 
bury 1831 ; afterwards of 
Stourbridge, where he d. 

-Anne, dau. of Samuel 
Heywood of Notting- 
ham, Esq. (See Ped., 
p. 27.) They had been 
mar. years before they 
had any child. 

Edward, d. 


young ; bur. 

Anne, d. 

at Chester- 


field 2 Nov. 





d. unmar. 



Mary Anne, b. 21 Dec. = Samuel Roberts of Nottingham, Solicitor, son of Griffith 
1834 ; bp. by me April -Roberts, V.D.M. ; mar. at Little Portland Street Chapel 
1835. 14 April 1852 ;. removed to Boston 1859. 

The Pedigree of Chorley in the upper part of this page was entered at the 
Visitation of Lancashire, 1664, C. 37, f. 157 b, in Col. Arms, withjarms : Argent, on 
a Chevron Gules between 3 blue bottles proper, as many mullets of the 1 st for 
Choeley, who quarters Sable, 3 swans argent for Walton. Crest : On a Chapeau 
Gules turned up ermine a saker's head erased proper, charged on the neck with a 
trefoil. - ' 

The continuation of the pedigree was communicated to me by the late M r Astley 
of Chesterfield, together with the pedigree on the opposite page, and the relatives of 
Chorley on the two pages which immediately follow. 

1 In the possession of the Rev. Richard Astley of Halifax is an original letter, 
dated 1722, from D r John Leland of Dublin to Ralph Astley, Junior, near Chow- 
bent (his grandfather), whom he calls his cousin. He speaks in it also of his cousin 
Adam Mort, & mentions the death of his cousin Withington of Bolton, 1822. 

MS. 78 




George Cook of^Elizabeth, dau. & coheir of John Pilkington of 

Edith Weston 
in Rutland. 

Preston & Walton, V.D.M., by Elizabeth Ohor- 
ley his wife. (See p. 77.) 


Wolff of=. . . . 2 nd wife, sur- Jeremiah Withing-^Hannah 

Merch 1 , b. at 

vived ; no issue ; ton of Manchester, 

widow of . . . . Meroh*. 



Mary Wolff. 

Elizabeth Wolff, 
wife of ... . 
Campbell, a Cap n 
in the Army. 

Sophia Wolff. 
Hannah Wolff. 

George Withington of Park Mary W., wife 
Field in the psh. of Dids- of ... . Rail- 
bury, mar ton, & had 

— ' issue. 
Benjamin Withington, living 
unmar. at Manchester 1829. 

John Cook, M.D., formerly of Roch-=pEliz., dau. of Susan Cook, wife of ... . Wise 

dale, V.D.M. of London ; d. 1837. 

W m Priest of of Taplow in Surrey, & had 
Hackney. issue. A Quaker. 

■ i ■ J i . i 

George & Elizab., Anne, vix. Mary, mar Newnham, a Lieut, in the 

d. y. ccel. 1837. Navy, brother of M r Collingwood. 


Thomas Mather of Lowton, psh. of Winwick, co. Lane. ^Margaret, 
of an ancient family there, but reduced. 

Catherine, l st =pRichard Mathei 

*,=Sarah, 2 nd wife, widow=j=John Cot-=Eliz., 1 wife, 

wife, dau. of 

b. at Lowton 

of John Cotton, a 

ton, b. at sister of 


1596 ; of Tox- Puritan Minister at 

Derby 4 James Hor- 

Hoult of 

teth Much Wool- Boston in England, & 

Dec. 1585. rocks, a 

Bury, co. 

ton, butremoved in ... . New England; 

mm 1 ' in 

Lane, Esq. ; 

to New England widow of . . v . Story 


mar. 29 Sep. 

in 1635 ; d. 22 when Cotton mar. her, 

no issue. 


April 1669. 

Increase M 

ather, D.D., b.=i 

i i 

p .... Cotton, Sarah, 

1. . . . . Cotton, Min r at 

at Dorchester in New 

dau., mar. d. June 


England (see Cal. Cont., 

.... Eggin- 1649. 


494) ; d. at Boston 23 Aug. 

ton, a Merch*. 

2. .... Cotton, Min r at 

1723 ; a min 1 ' in Boston, 

No issue. 


& Pres. of Harvard Coll. 

3. Rowland, d. of Small- 



pox at Boston 1649, 



MS. 78 

Cotton Mather, D.D.,=p 
of Boston, Author of ; 
the ' Church History ; 
of New England, ' 
etc. ; Pastor of a Ch. j 
in Boston. 

Nathaniel, d. 
at the age of 
19, M.A. 
There is a life 
of him in 

Samuel Mather 
of Witney in 
V.D.M. (See 
Oal. Cont., 

7 dau rs , 

How are Row- 
land Cotton 
Marven con- 
nected with 
this family ? 

Samuel Mather, Minister at North End in Boston.= 


Samuel Mather, d. without issue at 
Boston about 1812, aged about 70; 
the last of the family in New 

.... Mather, mar Crocker of Boston, 

a broker, & is still living 12 April 1821. 
She had 2 or 8 children who turned out ill. 


Nathaniel Mather of Barnstaple, 
co. Devon, V.D.M., & of Rotter- 
dam (see Oal. Cont., 257) ; was 
some time at Dublin ; succeeded 
Samuel as Pastor of the Church 
in Dublin, & now, 1702, Pastor 
of a Ch. in London. 

Joseph Eliezer Mather, b. in New England; 

Mather, resided at Northampton in that 
State; d. in July 1669, where he was 
Pastor of a Ch., aged 32 at his 
death ; mar. dau. of Rev. Warham. 

Warham Mather, a preacher. 



Samuel Mather of Dublin, V.D.M., eldest son ; he was ejected at Timothy Mather. 

Burton-wood in Lancashire (see Cal., 415); d. in 1671. In =p= 

Cotton's ( Magnalia ' it is said of him that he was Chaplain in I 

Magd. Coll., Oxf. ; Senior Fel. of Trinity Coll., Dublin; Preacher | 

at Boston in N.E. ; Fel. of Harvard Coll. ; & a Pastor of a Samuel, Pastor at 

Church in Dublin. Windsor. 

This account I received from the Rev. Francis W. P. Greenwood, a Minister of 
Boston in New England, at my own house 11 April 1821. 





D r Samuel- 

pMary, dau. & coheir of Thomas Philips 
Whalley of Preston by Mary Chor- Mather, 
ley. (P. 77.) 

r=Catherine, another dau 
of Thomas Whalley. 

1 . 


=. . . . dau. Samuel^ 

of Mather 

Richard- of Man- 
son. Chester. 


=. . . . dau. Thomas^ 

of Mather. 





. dau. of Benjamin 

ardcastle. — 
2 dau 8 . 

MS. 78 




Benjamin, George, of=p Catherine, liv- Mary M., mar Bourne of Dalby, 

d. unmar. Stockporfc, 

ing unmar. co. Line, Esq., her cousin-german . 

I I I I I 

George, mar. .... Catherine. Mary. Samuel. Mary Bourne, only child, 

livingunmar. 1826 & 1829. 

John Mather of Broughton Hall^pSusanna, dau. of Tho- Samuel, of Manchester, 

near Manchester, Esq., High Con- 
stable of Manchester, d. at Liver- 

mas Philips of Sedg- Esq., living unmar. 
ley, Esq. (See Fed., 1802 ; d. unmar. 
p. 120.) 

John, mar. & had issue 1829. Marianne. Elizabeth. Sophia. 

MS. 79 

Curner— Millets* 

. . . Turner of Chorley Moor Side.=j 

John Tnrner^Hannah, dau. of=. . . . Holder, 

of Preston, 
etc., V.D.M. 

John Chorley. 
(See Ped., 
p. 77.) 


William Turner= 
of Wakefield, 
V.D.M., only 
child, b. at Pres- 
ton 5 Dec. 1714; 
d. at Wakefield 
28 Aug. 1794. 

=Mary, dau. of 
John Hol- 
land of Mob- 
berley, co. 
Cest r (see 
Ped., p. 80); 
mar. in 17 58; 
d. 31 Oct. 

1 st husb. 

1 st wife,; 

sister of D r 
Eben r La- 
tham of Fin- 
dern, co. 

William Willets- 
of Dudley, 
V.D.M., d. in 

Anna, dau. 
of Hum- 
phry Col- 

= William Willets of- 
line, V.D.M., b. at 
Tividale in psh. of 
Rowley Eegis, co. 
Staff., 9 April 1697; 
d. in 1779. (See 
Mem rs of Sam 1 

Catherine, 2 nd 
wife, sister of 
Josiah Wedg- 
wood of 
Etruria, co. 
Staff., Esq. ; 
mar. about 

Mary Willets, wife of 
Peter Holland of 
Knutsford, Surgeon. 
(See p. 80.) 

Ann Willets, wife of Swin- 
ton Colt hurst Holland of 
London, Merch*. (See 
p. 81.) 

.... Willets of Burton- 
upon-Trent, V.D.M., d. 
without issue. 

John Turner- 
of Bolton, 
Merch*, 2 nd 

=Betty, dau. of 
.... Aspinai 
of Liverpool, 

Mary, 1 st wife,- 
dau. of Tho- 
mas Holland 
of Wem & 
Merch*. (See 
Ped., p. 81.) 


=William Turner of New-=Jane Wil- 

V.D.M., eldest son, b. at 
Wakefield 20 Sep. 1761 ; 
d. at Greenheys near 
Manchester April 1859. 

lets, 2 nd 
wife. No 



MS. -79 

James Turner, only=f=Sarah, dau. of. 

child, aged about 24, 

Blackmore of 

William, b. ab* 1825. Anne. 

William Turner, M.A. of = Mercy, dau. 
the University of Glas- of James 
gow, eldest son; one of the Benton of 
Tutors in the Dissenters' . . . . (See 
Academy at York ; d. min 1 * Fed., 
at Halifax Dec. 1853, s.p. p. 88.) 

Philip Holland 
Turner, 2 nd 
son, d. unmar. 

Henry Turner of Notting-= 
ham, V.D.M., 3 rd & young- 
est son ; d. without issue 
.... 1822. 

= Catherine, only dau. & heir of John 
Cole Rankin of Newcastle-upon- 
Tyne, Merch*, by Catherine Hol- 
land his wife. (See Ped., p.. 81.) 

John Gooch Robberds 
Manchester, V.D.M., son 
of . . . . Robberds of Nor- 
wich . . . . ; d. April 1854. 

of^Mary Turner, eldest 
mar. 31 Dec. 1811. 

Ann Turner, youngest dau., 
living unmar. 1821. 

.... wife of ... . Charles William Robberds, 
Herford. eldest son. 

John, 2 nd . Henry Turner R. 


MS. 80 

Into the evidence of this connection of the Hollands of Mobberley with the 
great house of that name at Denton I have had no means of enquiring, but I 
thought the descent worth preserving as it was given me by the family, and it may 
be left to future genealogists to supply the requisite proofs. 

Richard Holland of Denton, co. Lanc.,^. . . . dau. of ... . Harring- 
Esq., son & heir of . . . . Thurstan. ton of Hornby. 

Thurstan Holland of Denton, Esq., ; 
son & heir, Temp, Edw. IV. 

= Jane, dau. of John Arderne of 
Arderne, co. Cestr., Esq. 

Lawrence Holland, 4 th son, Temp. Hen. VIII.= 

William Holland of Clifton, : 
co. Lane. 

=Alice, dau. of Orskell Werden of Leyland. 
So in the original. 

William Holland of Road, psh. of= 
Prestwich, youngest son, d. in 

: Jane, dau. & heir of .... Parr of 
Road. From the other coheir 
descended Fox of Rhodes, j 

MS. 80, 81 



Richard Holland, eldest son & heir, from whom 
descended William Holland of Ehodes, Gent., who 
d. in 1740, leaving Judith his dau. & heir, mar. 
to James Watson, Esq., of S win ton & Stockport, 
by whom Holland Watson of Congleton, Esq. 
(See Gregson's ' Lancashire/ p. 214.) 

Edward Holland, 2 nd n=Ellen, dau. 

son, sold his Annuity 
to his brother Rich- 
ard, & bought lands 
at Chorlton in Lan- 

of Edward 
Holme of 

William Holland, only son, sold his lands at Chorlton= 
and bought an estate at Mobberley in Cheshire. 

=Anne, dau. of Ealph Bold of 

John Holland of Mobberley=pHannah, dau. of Thomas Norbury of Over Alderley. 

John Holland of Mobberley,=j=. . . . dau. of ... . Thomas, William, Peter, 4 th 
eldest son & heir. Stanley of ... . 2 nd son. 3 rd son. son. 

.... wife 


Gerard of 

Thomas Holland of Wem,=pMary, dau. of John Savage 

co. Salop, 2 nd son, twin 
with his elder brother 
John, &b.7 Dec. 1690 ; 
he was Minister of Wem. 

of Wrenbury Wood near 
Nantwich by Sarah his 
wife, eldest dau. of Philip 
Henry of Broad Oak, 
V.D.M. (SeePED.,p.l55.) 

2. Martha H., mar. Thomas Ireland of 
Wem, by whom John, Author of the 
' Illustrations of Hogarth,' Philip, 
Roger, Martha, & others. The mother 
is called Sarah in some notes of this 
family sent me by Rev. E. Butcher. 

3. Jane H., 
d. unmar. 
ab* 1792. 

6. Anne H., wife of 
Richard (? Robert) 
Pilkington of The 
Folds near Bolton, 
by whom Ann, who 
d. unmar. 

1. Philip Holland of Bolton,=f=Catherine, dau. of John Holland on 
V.D.M., eldest son. the opposite page. 

Philip Henry H. of Hull, M.D., only Catherine, wife of John Cole Rankin of 
son, d. unmar. in 1788. Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Merch*. 

Catherine R., sole dau. & heir, & only descendant of Philip H. of Bolton, mar. 
Henry Turner of Nottingham, V.D.M. (See p. 79.) 

4. Thomas, of=j=Anne, dau. of John 5. John H., educated for 8. Mary, 


B C 

VOL. I. 

Holland on the the Dissenting Ministry; d. un- 

opposite page. conformed ; d. unmar. mar. 

A A 



MS. 80, 81 

John H. 
V.D.M. ; 

d. s.p. 

of Bolton,: 
no issue ; 

^Esther (Q. Bliz.), 
dau. of ... . 
Pilkington of the 

Mary, mar. Will m 
Turner of New- 
castle, V.D.M. 
(See p. 79.) 

Anne, d. 



Catherine, 1 st wife, dau. of Wil- 
liam Coppock by Abigail 

: Thomas H.= 
of Man- 

^Elizabeth, 2 nd wife, dau. of W m 
Robson of Newcastle-upon- 
Tyne, Shipbuilder. 

Thomas Crompton Holland, Mary Ann, 

now residing at Edinbro' d. unmar. 
1821, mar. Jan. 1826 to — 

Judith, sister of John Grooch Harriet, liv- 

Robberds, V.D.M., of Man- ing unmar. 
Chester; he now resides at — 

Manchester 1826 ; now of Catherine, d. 

Loughborough, V.D.M., unmar. 


2. William. 

Sarah & 
Frances, d. 

I I I 

4. Philip 


5. Frank 

3. John. 

7. Matthew H. of= 
London, probably 
d. without issue. 

=Mary, dau. 9. Henry Holland of Orms-= 
of ... . kirk, V.D.M., youngest son, 

Vaudrey. d. without issue in Dec. 1781. 

= Elizabeth, dau. 

of Fletcher 

of Salford. 

John Holland of Mobberley,^ 
eldest son & heir, twin with 
Thomas on the opposite 
page; b. 7 Dec. 1690. 

=Mary, dau. of Peter 
Oolthurst of Little 
Warford. (See 
Ped., p. 81.) 

Peter Holland, 3 rd 
son, a Supervisor of 
the Salt Duties at 

.... wife of 
pock of 

John Holland, V.D.M., eldest son, of Peter Holland, 2 nd = 
Mobberley, Author, of two volumes of son, of Knutsford, 
Sermons, d. unmar. in 1752. Attorney. 

1. John Holland 
of Mobberley, 
eldest son & heir, 
was living there 
unmar. 1808, 
also 1828. 

4. Peter—. 

Thomas H., 3 rd 
son, d. at about 
the age of 17. 

H. of 



6. William, 
d. in 1802. 

2. Mary H., the 
1 st wife of 
George Check- 
ley of Ormskirk 
& Piatt, V.D.M. 
(See p. 75.) 

3. Margaret. 

5. Elizabeth, 
wife of ... . 
Jackson of 

Elizabeth Holland, mar. 1 
.... Norbury of Norbury 
House, 2 Peter Swinton of 
Knutsford; no issue. 

Mary H.,b. 24 Jan. 1725; 
mar. William Turner of 
Wakefield, V.D.M. (See 
Ped., p. 79.) 

Ann H., mar. her cousin 
Thomas Holland on the 
opposite page. 

MS. 80, 81 



Catherine, mar. her 
cousin Philip Hol- 
land of Bolton, 
V.D.M. (See p. 81.) 

Samuel Holland of Sandal=p Ann, dau. of Peter 

Bridge near Knutsford, 
which estate was left him 
by his uncle John Colt- 
hurst ; youngest son. 

Swinton of Knuts- 
ford by a former 

Abigail, wife 
of William 
Coppock of 

Mary, 1 st wife, dau. &= 
coheir of William Wil- 
lets, Y.D.M., of New- 
(See p. 79.) 

■2. Peter Holland= 
of Knutsford, 
Surgeon, living 

: Mary, 2 nd wife, dau. of Jeremiah & 
Esther Whitaker of Manchester ; mar. 
at Walcot Church, Bath, about Christ- 
mas 1808. (See Ped., p. 133.) 

Charles. Susan. 


Mary H., b. 
1792 ; un- 
mar. 1828. 

Elizabeth H., 
b. 1794 ; un- 
mar. 1828. 

Lucy H., b. 
1794; un- 
mar. 1828. 

Mary. Mary. Charles, 

s^_ ^ 

D. in infanoy. 

Margaret Emma, dau. of James=j=Henry Holland of London,=2 w., dau. of Syd 

Caldwell, Esq., of Linley-wood, 
co. Staff.; mar at Audlem 8 
Sep. 1822. 

M.D., late Physician in the 
household of the Princess of 
Wales, b. 27 Oct. 1788. 

ney Smith, Canon 
of St. Paul's. 

Emily. Henry. 

l.Anne. 5. Mary. 7. Catherine. 8. Abigail. 4. Samuel H .^Catherine, dau. 



Were liv g unmar. in 1808. 

of Liverpool, 

of ... . Menzies 
of Liverpool. 

Ann. Samuel. 



3. Hannah, wife 
of Samuel Lumb 
of Wakefield. 
(Seep. 34.) 

9. Swinton Colthurst= 
Holland of London, 
Merch*, lived for some 
years at Trieste ; d. 

Edward, b. at 

Caroline, b. at 

: Anna, dau. of 
William Wil- 
lets, V.D.M. 
(See p. 79.) 

6. Elizabeth, mar. Wil- 
liam Stevenson, Esq., 
Librarian to the Ex- 
chequer, & had a dau. 
Elizabeth 1828. 

Charlotte. Louise. Frederick. 

a son. 



MS. 81 

Thomas Ireland of Wem, co. Salop=pMartha or Sarah, dau. of Thomas Holland, V.D.M. 


John Ireland,=y=Mary 
Author of 
' Illustrations 
of Hogarth.' 

4 children, Blanch. Thomas. Philip, 
alld. — — — 

young. Sarah. John. Eichard. 

Martha, Philip=pMary Joseph=pAbigail, dau. of John Roger, mar. 


Lawrence by Abigail Eliz. Ire- 
Wright. (See Pbd., land, 
p. 154.) =r 

Edward=f=. . . . dau. & coheir Mary. Thomas. Roger, 
of ... . Saxton of — — 

Duffield. Sarah. Randle. 





Peter Colthurst of Little Warford.=p 

Samuel Colthurst, 
eldest son , killed by 
a horse when a 
young man. 

Thomas C. of Knuts-=f= 
ford & Whitchurch, 

Peter 0. of Knuts- 
ford, M.D., d. 
about 1772. 

John C. of San- 
dal Bridge, d. 

Mary, wife of 
John Holland 
of Mobberley. 


Elizabeth Colthurst, dau. & heir, mar. Joshua Cromp- 
ton of Derby, Gent. (See p. 10.) 

William Coppock=pAbigail Holland, 
of Stockport. 

William Cop-=f=Matilda, dau. of ... . 
pock of Mangnal. (See 

Stockport. another of this name, 

p. 74.) 

Catherine, wife 
of Thomas Hol- 
land below. 

i i 

Abigail & 
Eliza, liv- 
ing unmar. 

l 8t wife 

: . . . . Mar-=Mary 
shal of C, 2 nd 

Lough- wife, 

William & others, among whom I 
believe was James Coppock the Par- 
liamentary Agent, who was b. at 
Stockport in 1798, andd. 19 Dec. 1857. 

.... Marshal= 
of St. Albans, 

Sarah, wife of 
Edw d Higgin- 
son of Derby, 

.... wife of James 
Hawkes of Lin- 
coln, V.D.M. 


John Jennings, 1 b. at Oswestry 1634 ; of Christ Churchy 
Oxford ; ejected by the Act of Uniformity from Hartley 
West Psh., co. Hants ; bought an Estate at Kibworth in 
Leicestershire (see Oal. Cont., 514) ; d. 20 Sep. 1701, 
33t. 66. 

MS. 82 

=Mary .... 
d. 6 Feb. 
1721, set. 


1 w. 

=John Jennings 
V.D.M., of Kib- 
worth, co. Lei- 


: Anna Letitia, dau. of Sir Francis Wingate 
of Harlington, co. Bedf., Kn 1 , by Lady 
Ann Annesley his wife, dau. of the Earl of 
Anglesey. Her descendants became heirs 
to the Wingates. 

David Joseph Jennings=p. 

Jennings, of Oheapside, 
= Linen-draper. 

David Jenn- 
ings, D.D. 

niece of Nathaniel Lardner, D.D., who was 
son to .... L., by a dau. of Nathaniel Collyer of 
Hawkhurst, Esq. 

1 "Nee fallet Christum pulvis confusus " on the first Jennings' tomb at Kib- 
worth Harcourt. 

MS. 82 



David Jennings of London, Merch*, & of=. . . . dau. of .... a dau., 
Hawkhirst, co. Kent, Esq. .... Neal. d. unmar. 


=. . . . dau. John Jennings=Mary, dau. of Benja- 
of . . . . of St. Ives, min Vipan of Sutton ; 

Green. V.D.M. No aunt to M rs Jenn- 
issue. ings. 

Jane, wife of John 
Aikin of Warring- 
ton, V.D.M. (See 
p. 84.) 

David Jennings, for many years- 
a principal Clerk in Whi thread's 
brewery ; now of Ampthill 
Nov. 1820. 

: . . . . dau. of 
. . . . Green 
of Oundle. 

John Jennings, a= 
Stockbroker, now 
living at Ply- 
mouth. No issue. 

=. . . . dau. of 
.... Goble 
of Ireland. 

Thomas Vipan of Thetford in Norfolk, brother =. . . . Jennings, sole 
to M 13 Jennings. dau. & heir. 

Martha, first wife, dau. of . . . .= 
Cornwall ; sister of John Corn- 
wall of London, Merch*. (See 
Ped., p. .) 

: Arthur Jennings of= 
Cheapside, Lond., 
Mercer, eldest son. 

=Elizabeth, 2 nd wife, sister 
of Samuel Whitbread of 
London, Esq. (See Ped., 

P . .) 

Anna Letitia, wife of 
John Kinder of 
Cheapside, Mercer. 
(See Ped., p. 83.) 

Martha, wife of 
John Aikin of 
London, M.D. 
(See Ped., p. 

John Wingate Jennings=p Mary Curtis, dau. 

of Harlington, Esq., only 
issue of the 2 nd mar. 
d. in 1810, aged 53. 

of Joseph Vipan 
of Sutton in the 
Isle of Ely. 

George Pearse of Bedford and= 
Harlington, Esq. 

=Elizabeth Jennings, sole dau. & heir. 

Harriot. George Wingate. Anna Letitia. 



of King's Arms 

wife of G-odin 
Shiffner, Esq. 

=r Watson of Hull. 

John Cornwall=p. . . . sister to the 

Martha, mar. 



.... Watson, 
mar. John 

. . . Watson.=T= 

Samuel Watson, mar. Miss 
Woodhouse, who survived 
& mar. ftev. John Simpson. 

.... Cornwall, only=. ... dau. of 
son & last b. child. Lord Gard- 

.... wife 
of . . .. 

.... wife 



.... wife of 



.... wife 
of ... . 

.... wife 



In Bunhill Fields is a Tomb with Ins ns for several of the family of Jennings. 
One of the last is Joseph Jennings, who d. in 1797. "He was of the true vine 
bearing much fruit." The Ins ns are much effaced. On the same tomb is a modern 



MS. 82 

Ins n . M r John Bunyan, author of the l Pilgrim's Propress,' ob. 31 August 1688, 
set. 60. Some of the family of Bragge are in the same tomb. 

Edmund Wingate, the writer on Arithmetic, resided at Harlington during the 
Protectorate, & was a Justice of the Peace. (Lysons's ' Mag. Brit.' Bedf., 90.) 


Kinder of Chesterfield, co. Derb.= 

MS. 83 

John Kinder=j=Anna Letitia, 

of Oheapside, 
and of Stoke 

dau. of Arthur 
Jennings ; 
(see p. 82) ; 
d. a widow 7 
Oct. 1821. 

Charles Kinder, d. un- 
mar. at Chesterfield. 

Robert Kinder, d. un- 
mar. at Hull. 

Mary Kinder, 
d. unmar. 


Thomas Kinder. 

1. John Kinder 
of Cheapside, 
linen-draper, d. 

2. Charles Kinder of 
Cheapside, linen-draper, 
living unmar. 1820 ; d. 
unmar. Aug. 1838. 

4. Thomas, living 
in London unmar. 
1820 : d. unmar. 

5. Arthur, of New 
York in America 
1820 ; mar. .... 
No issue. 

.... first wife, dau.= 

of Bower of 

Chesterfield. Left 
one dau. 

=7. Eobert Kinder=p. ... 2 nd wife, dau. 

of Cheapside, 
linen-draper, d. 

of William Enfield 
of Warrington & 
Norwich, Y.D.M. , 

10. Henry, young- 
est son, living un- 
mar. 1820. 

Letitia, mar. Edwin 
Wilkins Field. (See 
Pbd., p. 496.) 

Eliza, mar. 



i i 

Emma. Eichard, of London, 

printer, mar 

dau. of John Mar-* 


Charles Wellbeloved of York, V.D.M.,= 
Director & Theological Tutor of the 
Dissenters 1 Academy at York ; of a 
family at Cobham in Surrey (see 
Burke's ' Commoners,' iii., 667) ; b. 
in London 6 April 1769 in Denmark 
Street, St. Giles. 

=3. Ann Kinder, 
d. at York on 
Friday, 31 Jan^ 
1823 ; mar. 1 
July 1793. 

r U 

6. Letitia, 

d. unmar. 

8. Sarah, 
d. unmar. 

i i 

9. Hannah, 
living unmar. 

11. Mary, 
living unmar. 

Mary, dau.= 
Eead, Esq., 
of Scar- 

: 1. Charles, 
of Leeds, 
Merch*, b. 
13 June 

2. John,d. 
unmar. at 
in Germany 
1819, aged 

3. Eobert, 3 rd son, of York, Attorney ; 
called to the Bar of the Inner Temple ; 
mar. 13 Feb. 1830 Sarah, dau. & h.-app. 
of John Scott, Esq., of Stourbridge, and 
of Great Barr, co. Wore. ; High Sher. 
in that year, when he assumed the name 
& arms of Scott. (See Ped., p. .) 


Charles Henry, b. 23 Oct. 1835. 

. . Scott, first b. child, b. 27 Dec. 1830. A 

MS. 83 

VAMIIjIM minorum gentium. 


1 1 1 

1. Letitia, mar. at 2. Ann, 3. Harriet, mar. 
St. Maurice Church, d. un- July 1827 to John 
York, 13 Aug. 1821 mar. Reynell Wreford 
to John Kenrick, of Birmingham, 
V.D.M. (See Ped., V.D.M. 
p. 86.) =f= 

4. Emma, mar. 27 Dec. 1831 
to James Carter, Esq., of Ports- 
mouth, one of the Judges of the 
Supreme Court of Judicature 
in New Brunswick, & d. with- 
out issue. 

Charles Keynell, b. about 1828. 

John Kenrick. 

MS. 84 &tkttt + 

.... Aikin.=f= 

John Aikin, D.D., of Warrington," 
d. 14 Dec. 1780. 

John Aikin of London,= 
M.D., only son, d. at his 
house at Stoke Newing- 
ton7 Dec. 1822, aged 75; 
b. at Kib worth 15 Jan. 

: Jane, dau. of John Jennings of Kib- 
worth, V.D.M. (See Ped., p. 82.) 

=Martha, dau. of 
Arthur Jenn- 
ings of Cheap- 
side, Mercer-(see 
Ped., p. 82) ; d. 
in Feb. 1830. 

Rochemont Barbauld,= 
V.D.M., of Newing- 
ton, etc., d. without 
issue. He was mar. in 
the Summer of 1774. 

=Anna Letitia 
Aikin, only 
dau., living a 
widow at New- 
ington Green 

Arthur Aikin, formerly V.D.M. 
at Shrewsbury, now Secretary to 
the Society of Arts, & unmar. 

George Aikin= 
of London, 
2 nd son. 

: Elizabeth, dau. of Joseph Vipan 
of Sutton, sister to the wife of 
John Wingate Jennings. 

John Aikin, a book- 
seller at Oundle 1820, 
mar. Harriet, dau. of 
.... King. 

William Orton Aikin, Drug- Arthur, 

gist in London 1820, mar. at 

Mary Ann, dau. of ... . School. 

Letitia, mar. Tho s 
Pearse, Vicar of 
Harlington and 

Charles Rochemonfc 
Aikin of London, 
Surgeon, 3 rd son ; 
has 3 dau 3 1820. 

=Anne, dau. of Gil- 
bert Wakefield, 
Clerk ; d. 8 Oct, 
1821, aged 40. 

Edmund Aikin of 
London, Archi- 
tect, d. unmar. ; 
4 th & youngest son. 

Lucy Aikin, only 
dau., living un- 
mar. 1820. 

Anna Letitia, mar. Philip 
Hemery Le Breton Aug. 
1833. =j= 


Mary, 2 nd dau., 
d. 26 Nov. 
1821, aged 12. 

Susan, 3 rd 


Charles Arthur, 
a Surgeon in 

Anna Letitia. Lucy. Philip Aikin. Susanna. 


i n : n n 

Thomas Wood-=pFrances Anna Letitia, mar. Eev. Ann, mar. Richard Francis, 
ward. "Wingate. John Jennings. Norris. — 

— — John. 

Phillis, mar. D r Hey. Arthur, a Cap tn . 

Frances Woodward, wife of Samuel Sander- Rachel, mar. Mark Martha, mar. 

son of Bedford, V.D.M. ; no issue ; & 2 nd1 ^ Hensman of Kim- Thomas Bur- 

of Edward Pickard, V.D.M., of Carter Lane bolton. kitt of Sud- 

Meeting, London. =p bury. 

Thomas. Mary, mar. Robert Lewin, V.D.M., of Liverpool. 

James Belsham of JSrewport-Paynel,=pAnn, dau. of Tho s Woodward, by a dau. of 

etc., V.D.M. He resided at Bedford 
while Minister at Newport-Paynel. 

Sir Francis Wingate of Harlington, by the 
Lady Anne Annesley his wife. (See p. 82.) 

Thomas Belsham of Essex Street, London, Samuel. William Belsham, Author 
V.D.M., formerly of Daventry and Hack- — of ' History of England/ 
ney, living unmar. 1821 ; d. 1829. John. etc., etc. ; unmar. 1821 ; 


Anne Belsham, an un- Mary Belsham, wife Elizab. Belsham, the Frances, mar. 
mar. dau., lives with of R. King, Dean of 2 nd wife of Timothy Tim. Hayley; 
her brother unmar. ; .... in Ireland ; b. Kenrick of Exeter, b. 1736. 
d. unmar. before him. 1742. =p V.D.M. (see Ped., 

p. 85) ; b. 1743. 

Charles. Robert. Anne, mar. Rev. G-ertrude, mar. Rev. Anne, mar. T. 

= C. Strong. W. Blundell. Prentice. 

^rtce— JEtoraan* ms. 8 5 

Price of .... in Wales.=f= 


Samuel Price of London, V.D.M., ob. 21 April 1756; .... Price of Bridge-end in=f= 
bur. in Bunhill Fields. (See ' Wilson/ i., 318.) Glamorganshire, ob. 1739. 

RichardPrice,D.D.&LL.D.&F.R.S.,=S .... dau. of Morgans Price. 

b. at Tynton, co. Glam., 22 Feb Blundel of I 

1723 ; d. without issue 19 April 1791. Leicestershire. A | 

MS. 85 




George Cadogan Morgan=p. . . . dau. of , 

of Norwich & Hackney, 
V.D.M. I had the 
account of his children 
from D r Daniel Jones, 
who was their Tutor. 

Hurry of Yar- 
mouth, Esq., sister 
to the wife of 
Michael Maurice, 

William Morgan = Susanna, dau. & 
of Bridge Street, coheir of John 

Blackfriars, Lon- 
don, Actuary to 
the Equitable 
Insurance Office. 

Woodhouse of 
London, Merch*. 
(See Ped., p. 12.) 

1. G-eorge, a farmer 
in Massachussets, 
N.A., where he is 
mar. 1821. 

2. William, a Solici- 
tor at Bombay, where 
he is mar. & has 
issue 1821. 


3. Richard, a farmer 
in Massachussets, 
where he is mar. 

4. Edmund, in 
the Law in 
England, but 
going to India 

5. Luke, a 

6. John, in a 7. Septimus, d. 8. Henry, in .... only dau., mar. 

farmer in 

Merch ts house young & unmar. the Law in Luke Ashburner of 


in London 1821. London Bombay, & d. leaving 


1821. 1821. issue. 

MS. 86 & 87 


The Kenricks' Bank at Bewdley was one of the first Country Banks established. 
There are several notices of it in D r Prattington's ' Worcestershire Collections/ 
vol. iv., at the Antiquary Society's library. 

Kenrick of Wilford, M.P.B., 111, 166. 

John Kenrick of Wrex-=p. . . . dau. of Archibald Hamilton of =. . . . Taylor 

ham, V.D.M., 40 years 
there, supposed to have 
been b. there. (Q. if 
not Edward.) 

Kaustoffen in Scotland, a Minister, of 

by his wife, dau. of Capt n Wynne of Ruabon, 

of Wynn-hall, & niece & heir to\ . . . 1 st husb. ; 

Wynne, Bar.-at-Law. s.p. 

2. Samuel Kenrick, edu-=p. 
cated for a Minister, be- 
came a Banker at 

. . dau. of Smith, Archibald, = Edward, of= 

a Scotch Minister at ofWrex- Bewdley, 
Mayboll in Ayrshire. ham, a tobacco- 
Surgeon, nist. 

Mary K., only dau., 
d. unmar. 

.... mar. .... Hickman 
of .... co. Berks. 

.... mar Hayward 

of London. 

William K., 
d. unmar. 

. . a dau., 


1. John Kenrick of "Wynn Hail- 
in par. of Ruabon, co. Denbigh. 

: . . . . dau. of ... . 
Quarrel of Llanfyl- 

1. John Kenrick of = Sarah, dau. of Sam- 
"Wrexham (see p. 155) ; uel Savage. (See 
he was the eldest son. Ped., p. 155.) 

VOL. I, 

1. Mary, d. 2. James K. of "Wrex- 
unmar. ham, d. unmar. 

B B 



MS. 86. & 87 

3. Martha K., 
wife of James 
Parry of Liv- 

Rebecca, 1 st wife, dau.= 
of Smith of Hay- 
hall near Birming- 
ham, Merch*. 

r 4. Archibald Ken-=Mary, 2 nd wife, dau. 
rick of West of Joshua Eddowes 

Bromwich, of Shrewsbury, prin- 

Merch*. ter (see Ped., p. 49) ; 

no issue. 

Archibald,=Ann, dau. George, of Vartig, co. Timothy, of Rebecca, 
of West of ... . Monm., near Pontipool, West Brom- — 
Brom- Paget of mar. Eliza, dau. of J. E. wich,mar.Feb. Mary Anne, 
wich,Iron- Leicester. Bowman (p. 48) ; mar. 2 1837 . . . .dau. mar. her 
founder. dau. of ... . Stevenson, of Tho s Paget, cousin Sam- 
& d. 3 months after, in Esq., of Fryers uel Ken- 
Dec. 1848. Causeway, rick. 


Mary, 1 st wife, dau. of= 
John Waymouth of 
Exeter, Merch* ; d. in 
1794; her mother was 
the only dau. & heir 
of Geo.Brett, V.D.M., 
of Liskard in Corn- 

: 3. Timothy Kenrick of=Elizabeth, 2 nd 

Exeter, V.D.M., b. at wife, dau. of 

Wynn Hall 26 Jan. 1759 ; James Bels- 

d. 22 Aug. 1804, & was ham, V.D.M. 

bur. in : the Dissenters' (see Ped., 

Burial ground at Wrex- p. 85) ; no 

ham. issue. 

2. Sarah K., wife 
of Ralph Ed- 
dowes of Chester 
& Philadelphia, 
Merch*. (See 
Ped., p. 48.) 

John Kenrick of York, Y.D.M., one of=Letitia, eldest dau. of Charles Wellbe- 
the tutors in the Academy for Dis- loved of York, V.D.M. ; mar. 13 Aug. 
senters in that City ; b. 1788. 1821 (see Ped., p. 82) ; no issue 1824. 

George Kenrick, late of Hull,= 
V.D.M. ; now residing at 
Clifton near Bristol Sep. 1821 ; 
for a while at Maidstone; now 
Minister at Hampstead 1836. 

: Mary, dau. of= 
Hodgson of 
etc., V.D.M. 
(See Ped. on 
the opposite 

^Margaret, 2 nd wife,=. ... 3 rd wife, 

dau. of Charles dau. of ... . 

Bowring of Exeter ; Walters ; 

mar. 11 Oct. 1822 ; mar. May 

d. Sep. 1824, & was 1848. 
bur. at Exeter ; no 

Mary Ann Elizabeth K., only child ; mar 1849 

Abraham Champion of Bristol, Engineer. 

Sam. Kenrick of Birmingham, Merch*, 
& of West Bromwich, mar. Mary Anne, 
dau. of Archibald Kenrick ; no issue ; 
principal heir of James Kenrick. 


Lucy K., unmar. 1821 ; 
mar. 1831 Timothy 
Smith of Ickneild- house 
near Birmingham ; no 

Mary K., wife of 
Tho s Reid of 
London, Merch*, 
& has issue. 

MS. 86 & 87 




i i 

. . . . Hodgson.=j= John Hodgson of=j=. . . . sister of Robert Moody of 

Selby & Lincoln, 

Doncaster, Gent., 
tioned at p. 11. 

who is men- 

Thomas Hodgson of=f= 
Hull, Merch*, d. about 
1803 & left a consider- 
able property among 
the children of his 
cousin Richard Hodg- 


Richard Hodgson of Ossett,=pMargaret, dau. & coheir, 

Nantwich, and Doncaster, 
V.D.M., d. at Doncaster 18 
Jan. 1816, aged 80, and was 
bur. in the Church. 

with .... wife of 
Taylor, of Thomas Light- 
foot of Ossett, V.D.M.; d. 
10 Oct. 1812, aged 76, 
and was bur. in the 
Church of Doncaster. 

.... Hodgson of Hull, 
Esq., only child, survived 
his father; was mar., but 
d. without issue about 

John Hodgson of Sheffield,=j=Isabella, dau. of Thomas 
Surgeon, eldest son ; built Parkin of Mortemley in 
a house on Crooks Moor, the par. of Eeclesfield, 
at which he is now residing Gent. ; mar. at Eecles- 
1821, & which he called field 18 July 1792 ; liv- 
Western Bank. ing 1821. 

Maria, b. 28 Dec. 1802 ; 
bp. 9 March 1803 ; mar. 
10 May 1837 Thomas 
Dunn Jeffcock. 

Louisa, b. 3 Dec. 1804 ; 
bp. 18 Jan. 1805 ; mar. 
21 Jan. 1834 William 
Brightmore Mitchell. 


Margaret, b. 
25 Feb., 
bp. 23 May 

John, b. 5 
bp. 7 July 

Sarah Hodgson, eldest dau., 
mar. 25 June 1822 to John 
Waterhouse of London & 

Ann Hodgson, 2 nd dau., mar. 22 June Henry, b. 7 

1824 to William Thomas Jackson of Jan., bp. 5 

Tadcaster ; b. 30 May 1794 ; bp. Feb. 1801. 
7 Sep. ; a Wine Merchant. 

Thomas Smith Hodg- 
son of Sheffield, 
Merch*, 2 nd son, d. at 
Chelmsford, where he 
was on a journey, 12 
Nov. 1819. 

=. . . . dau. of William Hodgson of=. . . . dau. of 

Fowler Sheffield, Merch*, 3 rd & Fairbank of Shef- 

of Sheffield, youngest son; he be- 
Merch* ; liv- came a Quaker ; living 
ing 1821. 1821 in the United 
States of America. 

field, who pub- 
lished the map of 
the parish. 

Alfred, 2 son, d. 13 May 1828, aged 26. 

Sarah Hodgson, elder of the 2 dau 9 , Mary Hodgson, the younger dau., mar. George 
now living the widow of Samuel Kenrick of Hull, V.D.M., & d., having one 
Kirkby of Sheffield, -Merch*, 1821. only dau. =p 

Mary Ann, wife of Abraham Champion of Bristol. 



MS. 88 

Cappe— Sfartiine. 

.... Newcome of Waddington, co. Linc.=f= 


Bartholomew Barlow of Boston, co. Linc.~=. . . . Newcome, dau. & coh r . 



George Webster of London, Merch 1 , & of Hampstead, Esq.=f=. ... Barlow. 

Ann, wife of 
David Jar- 
dine of Bath, 


.... wife 


Maltby of 



.... wife of ... . 

.... wife 1 of ... . 
Garnet, 2 nd1 ? .... 

Thomas Watson of Bath,=p. 
late of Chichester,V.D.M„ 
son of Tho 8 Watson, 
V.D.M., of Bridgwater. 

David Jardine, only son$=f Sarah, dau. 

in the profession of the 
Law in London 1821 ; 
Barr. at Law ; Recorder 
of Bath. 

of John 
(See Ped., 
p. 491.) 

Ann Jardine, elder 
of the 2 dau s , mar. 
Henry Parkes of 

Margaret, younger 
dau., d. at Bristol 
unmar. about 

Margaret, b. Sarah Martineau, b. 17 Aug. 1822 ; mar. Charles Danvers, b. 
2 Dec. 1820; .... Lonsdale, son of the Bishop of 15 March 1825; 
d. 1834. Lichfield. d. y. 

1. Thomas Sanding Wat- 
son, eldest son, M.D. 

2. Andrew Kippis Watson, 
2 nd son, at the Bar. 

3. John Bayley 
Watson, d. 13 
Oct. 1820, aged 
ab* 17 ; bur. at 
Bath Hampton. 


1. Margaret, eldest 
dau., d. unmar. 5 
April 1820; bur. 
at Bath Hampton. 

2. Mary, 2 nd . 

3. Anne, 3 rd . 

v v ' 

Both d. un- 

Joseph Cappe of= 
Leeds, Y.D.M. ; 
of a Lincolnshire 
family ; d. in 
1749, aged 48. 

. . . . New- 
come, dau. 
& coheir. 

Jeremiah Harri-=pSarah, dau. of Edmund Winn of 

son, Vicar of 
Oatterick in the 
County of York. 

Ackton, co. York, Esq. ; aunt 
to the present Sir Edmund Mark 
Winn of Ackton, Bart. 

d. un- 

Mary, wife of 
James Ben- 
ton of Birm., 
Merch*. By 
a former wife, 
a Miss Cobb, 
he had 1 son, 
& 1 dau. 
who is now 
1824 unmar. 

wife of 
Bell of 

.... 1 st wife,= 
dau. of Will. 
Turner of 
Hull, MerchV 
by a dau. of 
Blythe of 
Norton Lees, 
V.D.M. (See 
Ped. of 
p. 196.) c 

: Newcome Cappe= 
b. at Leeds 21 
Feb. 1732-3 ; d. 
24 Dec. 1800, & 
was bur. in his 
Chapel at York. 

= Catherine Har- 
rison, 2 nd wife, 
only dau. ; heir 
to her brother, 
a Clergyman, 
who d. young : 
living at York 
1821; no issue; 
d. 29 July 1821. 

MS. 88 



Mercy Benton, wife of William 
Turner of York, V.D.M. (See 
Ped., p. 79.) 

Mary, wife of Eobert 
Blythe of Birming- 
ham, Merch*. 

Mary Ann, Margaret, 
mar. James d. unmar. 
Milnes of 

John Belt 
of Over- 
ton near 

: Sarah 
2 nd dau. 

Joseph Cappe of York, 
M.D., d. unmar. 

William, of London, 
Merch 1 , living unmar. 

Eobert, of York, 
M.D., 3 rd & 
youngest son, d. 

Mary, eldest dau., 
live unmar. 1821. 

Anne, youngest 
dau., living un- 
mar. 1821. 

Robert Bell, eldest child, aged about 18, Catherine, liv g 
1821 ; d. in 1822 at Leeds. unmar. 1828. 

Margaret, d. Sep. 
1826 unmar. 

MS. 89 

Crue— JHauton* 

N.B. In some Memoranda of Susanna Crue (afterwards Eddowes) she speaks 
of cousin Madocks, cousin Tylston, cousin Hill, and cousin Kirks. This was about 

The account of the Crues is from deeds and private information. But I find in 
Holmes' MSS. at the Museum., Harl. 2119, p. 80, the following Pedigree, which is 
clearly of the people : — 

Handle Crew of Holt=f=Jane, dau. of . 

Edgworth of Holt. 

Handle, o^=Margaret, dau. of Owen William, of=pSusanna, dau. of Samuel, of=pAlice, dau. of 


Dod of Sutton in 


Joseph Witter of Holt. 

, Eead. 




Thomas. William. Susanna. Mary. Handle. Thomas. Jane. 

Where also is the descent of Eandle. It was probably drawn up about 1690. 

William Crue of Chester, Ironmonger,^=Susanna 

.... Moulson.=f= 

dead in 1704. This is clearly 
William on the right, the Grocer. 


living a widow 
in 1704. 

Crue of 

Susanna Crue, mar. 
John Eddowes of 
Nantwich. (See 
Ped., p. 48.) Her 
issue became extinct 
in 1813 on the death 
of her grand-dau. 
M rs Susanna Evans. 


Mary Crue 
1 st wife. 
She had 6 
who all d. 



son 1 of 


Gent., d. 




,2 nd 
dau. of 

Kirks of 


wife of .... Wilkinson of Chester, a half-sister of John Moulson. 



MS. 89 



William Orue of Chester, 
cL unmar. 

Susan C, d. 

Catherine, wife of . 
and had issue. 

. . . Cross, 

Richard Moul- 
son of Chester, 
Gent., d. with- 
out issue. 

. first wife,=FThomas=F. . . . 2 nd wife, dau. 

dau. of . . 
Crapper of 

son of 

of Joseph Percival 
of Warrington. 
(See Ped., p. 53.) 

Catherine Moulson, 
mar. John Eddowes 
of Chester, Merch*. 
(See Ped., p. 49.) 

.... Moulson, only 
son by the 2 nd mar. 
No issue 1821. 

.... Moulsou, wife of the 
Right Rev. D r McGee, 
Bishop of Raphoe, & now 
1822 Archbishop of 

. . . . wife of 
Major Touzell 
of the Island 
of Jersey. 

Lydia Moulson, 
living unmar. 

Edward Moulson^f=. . . . dau. of George Spurstowe, Esq., Thomas M. of Chester.=p 
of Chester. I & finally his coheir. 

Thomas Spur- Thomas M. of Richard Moul-= 

stowe Moul- Chester, son of Halifax, 

son, in India Tobacconist, co. York, M.D. 

1821. unmar. 1827. 

=Sarah, dau. of John .... mar. 
Greenwood of Leeds, . ...Har- 
Banker ; living a rison of 
widow 1859. Chester, 


Thomas Moulson, b. 1821, only child. 


MS. 90 

See the remarkable will of Will. Aslabie (York Wills, 2060). 

M r Aislabie of Rotherham, Attorney, d. in the Fleet 28 June 1731. He had a 
vast great nose ; so was commonly called Great Nose Aislabie (M rs Mary Hatfield's 
Diary) . 

John Kiplin, d. Dec. 5, 1756, aged 70 ; bur. with his father & mother at Bads- 
worth ; left a widow. 

Samuel Aslaby and Jannet his wife named in will of Eliz. Byron of Rotherham, 
Sp., 17 June 1668 (York Wills, 873). 

Aislabie of Rampton, co. Notts, Gent. : 


William Aislabie of Rother-- 
ham, co. York, Attorney, 
d. in the Fleet 28 June 1731. 
Will, 9 June 1729, lands in 
Richmond, in Hereford. 

: . . . . dau. of ... . 
Rawson ; d. before 
him, having lived 
together 41 years 5 
months and 8 days. 

Timothy Kiplin of= 
Badsworth, co. 
York, bur. there 29 
June 1731. Willi 
May 1721; proved 
2 Dec. 1731. b 

^Mary .... 
bur. at 
27 Aug. 

MS. 90 




William Aislabie, eldest 
son, Rector of Birkin, 
co. York, bp. at Rother- 
ham2 Nov. 1692; mar. 
at Ardsley 7 July 1724 
M M Anne Huton of Cot- 
ton in psh. of Wood- 
church, who was living 
26 May 1741, when her 
husband made his will. 

Frances Aislabie, 
bp. at Rother- 
ham 21 July 
1689; mar. Tho- 
mas Atkinson, 
Gent., and d. 
without issue 10 
Jan. 1721-2 ; 
bur. in Rother- 
ham Church. 

Anne. Thomas. 
Mary. Catherine. 

All d. infants be- 
tween 1692 & 

Jane Aislabie, 
mar. at Roth- 
erham 4 Feb. 
1706 to Sam 1 
Buck of Roth- 
erham, Esq. 
(See Ped., 
p. 91.) 


Jane, mar. Robert 
Wrightson, by 
whom an only 
dau., mar. Anthony 
Watson, Vicar of 
Hunsingnore, co. 

Eleanor Ann, 
living in 1804 
the wid. of 
John Ellison, 
M.D.; had 
one child. 

Catherine, liv- 
ing in 1804 
the wid. of 
Thomas Lilly 
of London, 
Merch* ; no 

Mary, wife 
of John Sea- 
ton of Pon- 
of the West 
Riding; is- 
sue 4 sons. 

William, eld- 
est son, d. un- 
mar. 18 Jan. 
1761, intes- 
tate & s.p. 

Benjamin, 2 nd 
son, was mar. 
but left no is- 
sue ; he was a 
linen draper at 
Selby ; will 30 
Feb. 1754 ; d. 
2 Nov. 1754. 

.=f=Rawson Aislabie of London, =. ... 2 nd 
1 st Merch*, & of Newington, wife, 
wife. Esq. (from whom I received dau. of 
much of the information in .... 
this page by letter dated Lilly of 
30 Jan. 1804) ; he was a London; 
Grocer in London. mar. in 


William James, eldest Benjamin, Catherine, mar. 

son, a Clergyman. In was mar. & 1798 to William 

1804 he would be had 2 dau s Burslem, Rec- 

vicar of Holywell near in 1804. torofHembury, 

St. Ives if he outlived co. Wore, & had 

the incumbent. no issue in 1804. 

Frances, living in 1804 
the widow of Henry De 
la Chawmette of Lon- 
don, broker, & after- 
wards mar. Richard 
Teasdale of the Inner 
Temple, Esq. 

bp. 17 
mar. Tho- 
mas Buck. 
(See Ped., 
p. 91.) 

Robert Ais-= 
labie of 
Gent., bp. 
there 12 
Sep. 1695. 

lin, coheir to 
her brother ; 
mar. at Bads- 
worth 9 Feb. 

John Kiplin of 
Gent., mar. 
Ann, dau. & co- 
heir of Richard 
Lapidge (see 
Ped., p. 73), & 
left no issue. 

Eliz. Kiplin, wife of 
John Horsfield of Shef- 
field, by whom Mary, 
who d. unmar., & Eli- 
zabeth, wife of Field 
Sylvester Wadsworth 
of Sheffield, V.D.M. 

William, eld- 
est son, a 
d. unmar. 

Samuel, of London, MerchS^p Sarah, dau. of John Kent Catherine, 

d. 16 Jan. 1795, aged 68, of Kimberworth, co. d. unmar. 
& was bur. at Hatfield in York, Gent. ; d. 6 Aug. — 

Yorkshire. 1797, aged 67, & was Robert, d. 

c bur. with her husband. an infant. D I 



MS. 90 

John Aislabie, d. an 
infant, & was bur. 
in the Church of 

Frances A., co- 
heir, was living 
unmar. in 1805. 


Edward O'Donnel of=. . ..=.... Crosby 
Hoyland near Tan- co- ofHoyland, 
kersley, co. York, heir. 2 nd hus- 
first husband. band. 

Mary Kiplin, wife 
of John Shemeld 
of Billingley, Gent. 
(See Ped., p. .) 

Mary S. 

Hannah Kiplin, d. a widow 11 
10 Nov. 1760, aged 67, & 
was bur. in St. Paul's Church- 
yard, Sheffield. Will dated 
12 April 1751 ; proved 16 
July 1762. 

: John Lightbown of 
Allostock, co. Cestr., 
V.D.M. Will dated 
19 May 1728, being 
then " weak in body." 

nv K 

eld* son, 
Ex 1 '. 

Timothy Lightbown of=j=EUinor, dau. 

Macclesfield, Apothe- 
cary, only son ; had an 
estate at Bank Top by 
his father's will ; dead 
before 13 Sep. 1762. 

of George 
Heald of 
(See Ped., 
p. 57.) 

Hannah, d. un- 
mar. at Shef- 
field 18 April 
1784, & was 

Mary Lightbown, the last 
survivor of the family, d. 
unmar. & intestate in 
March 1803, aged 76, 
when her cousin Martha 
Iveson became her heir. 

Timothy Lightbown, d. at Sheffield 8 Feb. 1775, 
aged 17, & was bur. in St. Paul's Church-yard. 


John Lightbown, 
d. young. 


MS. 91 

This pedigree I received from Gamaliel Lloyd, Esq., formerly of Bury St. 
Edmunds, to whom it was communicated by his friend William Buck, Esq., of that 
town. They used the arms of the Baronet family of Buck of Lincolnshire, some of 
which family lived in the East Riding of Yorkshire near Burlington. For this 
family see Wootton's ' Barts.,' iii., 205. 

1697, Oct. 14. M r Francis Hall of Swaithe & M rs Frances Warton mar. (Reg r 
of Bawtry.) Frances Hall of Swaithe mar. Robert Allot, Rector of South Kirkly, 
about 1718. Francis Hall of Swaithe, Gent., d. 23 Oct. 1706, aged 61. Catherine, 
wife of Francis Hall, d. 15 Dec. 1678. Thomas, son of Francis Hall, Jun., & 
Hannah his wife of Swaithe, Gent., d. 4 Nov. 1723, aged 2 — all bur. at Wors- 
borough ; whence I conclude that Hannah Buck mar. Francis Hall, & did not d. 
unmar. as in M r Buck's pedigree. 

Thomas* Buck of Carnaby near Burlington, : 
co. York, bur. in Hunmanby Church. 

=..... dau. of Sir Matthew 

Hannah=pThom as z 

1 st wife. 


=Theodosia Carlisle, 2 nd 
wife, dau. of Robert 
Carleill of Sewerby, 
Gent. (See Ped., p. 

Matthew Buck, b. Au£.= 
1665 ; d. in 1746, & 
was bur. in the church 
of Hunmanby. 



* In Dugdale's Visitation and in Hunter's 'South Yorkshire' he is called Samuel, and is 
stated to have married Elizabeth, dau. of William Pearson of Bessingby.— J. W. C. 

MS. 91 



A I 

Thomas Buck, in the Army, mar. Eliz. Aislabie, 
and left an only child Thomas Buck, who d. at 
Doncaster 1799, aged 71. This Tho s the elder 
is mentioned in the wills of his aunts Christian 
"& Elizabeth Carleill. 

Matthew Buck, M.A., & other 
children. He was Vicar of 
Brodsworth and Rector of 
Armthorp, and d. 8 Feb. 1768, 
aged 76. 

Hannah, b. 1693 ; Elizabeth, was four times Francis Hall of Swaith,= 

d. unmar. 

mar., but left no issue. co. York, Esq. 


Francis Hall,= 
Eector of Tan- 
kersley, d. with- 
out issue 1786 ; 
sold Swaith in 
1773 to Gam. 
Milner, Esq., for 

=Mary, second dau. 
of Sir Sam 1 Ar- 
mytage of Kirk- 
lees, Bart ; b. 17 
Sep. 1725 ; d. a 
widow 3 May 
1786 & was bur. 
in Doncaster 

Charles Hall of = Catherine, 4 th Hannah. 

Doncaster, Esq,, dau. of Tho- — 

youngest son, mas Pinnock Cathe- 

d. in 1819, aged of Jamaica, rine. 

86, and was Esq. ; d. in 

bur. in the 1807, aged 

Church of Don- 56, bur. at 

caster. Doncaster. 

Samuel Buck of Rotherham, Esq., d. l=f=Jane, dau. of William Aislabie of Rother- 

March 1747, aged 62, & was bur. in 
the Church of Rotherham. 

ham, Gent. ; mar. at Rotherham 4 Feb. 
1706. (See Ped., p. 90.) 

Thomas, in the 
Army, d. un- 

Samuel, d. 28 
Feb. 1734, aged 

William Withers, M.A., Rector= 
of Tankersley, co. York, d. 2 
Jan. 1771, aged 56, & was 
bur. at Tankersley ; son to 
William W., rector of Thri- 
bergh, by Dorothy Carleill. 
(See Ped., p. 150.) 

-Jane B., Frances Buck, wife 
d. 12 of Tooker Tooker 

March of Moorgate, par. 
1759, of Rotherham, Esq. 
aged 43. (See ' Hallam- 
shire,' p. 228.) 

or Ed- 
of Man- 

William Withers, Esq., 
Barr. at Law, & Re- 
corder of York, mar. 
Cordelia Goddard, & d. 
without issue ; she was 
dau. of Henry Goddard, 
M.D., of Foston ; he was 
also Recorder of Ripon, 
& d. April 1802, aged 

Thomas, of York, 
M.D., mar. Miss God- 
dard, <fc. d. without 
issue. Eliz. G. sister 
to his brother's wife. 

Jane W., mar. Andrew 
Ewbank, Rector of 
& had 6 children. 

Dorothy Cathe- 
rine, 2 d dau., d. 

Frances, 3 rd dau., 
mar. Osw d Allen 
of York,* & had 
one dau. ; d. 12 
March 1823, aged 
68 ; a Surgeon. 

William Buck of Rotherham, Esq., bp.=f=Catherine, dau. & heir of William Squire, 

there 3 Aug. 1708 ; ob. at Bath 11 Nov. 
1752. D 

Esq. ; d. 9 May 1778, aged 70 ; bur. at 

1 The only dau. of Oswald Allen, Frances, mar. John Moore of Doncaster, 
Surgeon, & has issue. O. A. mar. 2, dau. of Francis Whaley of York, Surgeon. 

VOL. I, 




MS. 91 

Samuel Buck, Esq., of New Grange, co. York,=pAnn, dau. of Richard Ellison of 

Barr. at Law & Eecorder of Leeds, d. at Park 
Hill near Firbeck, where he then resided, 
23 July 1806, aged 60. 

Thorne, co. York, Esq., sister of 
Richard Ellison of Sudbrook 
Holme. (See Ped., p. 92.) 

Anne Buck, the elder dau. & coheir, 
mar. at Leeds 15 Jan. 1798 to Sir 
Francis Linley Wood of Hemsworth, 
co. York, Bart. 


Catherine Esther Buck, the younger dau. & 
coheir, mar. at Warmsworth 10 Sep. 1811 
to Rev. Alexander Cooke, 2 nd son of George 
Cook-Yarborough, Esq. 

"William Buck of Bury=pSarah, eld'est 

St. Edmunds, co. Suf- 
folk, Esq., 2 nd son, 
b. in 1747 ; living 

dau. of John 
Corsbie of 
Bury St. 
Edm ds . 

Thomas Cripps, Rector of Cheadle^ 
co. Cest r , ob. 3 Nov. 1794, aged 56, 
& has a mon* in Church of St. 
Olave, York. Arms : Or, on a 
chevron vert 5 horseshoes arg. 


: Cathe- 



Catherine, wife of Thomas, Incumbent Jane, unmar. 1841. William Buck. 

John Foljambe of of Trinity Church in — — 

Wakefield, Esq., Leeds. Emma, wife of Wil- Frances, wife of 

Deputy Clerk of the — Ham Kitchener of Capt n Hawker 

Peace for the West Mary Ann, wife of London. of the 12 th 

Riding. (See Ped., .... Watson. Dragoons, now 
p. 93.) Major. 

Catherine, wife of John, ob. unmar. 
Thomas Clarkson, — 

Esq. =j= Samuel, living 

unmar. 1841. 

Tno. Clarkson, a Barr. & Police 

Magistrate, only child. 

Ann, mar. .... William, d. Robert, liv^ 
Corsbie. unmar. unmar. 

=r 1841. 

dau. of Lieut. John 0., only child. 

Thomas C, only child. 

The following pedigree was entered at Dugdale's Visitation (at Kilham 31 Aug. 
1665). There cannot be a doubt that the Thomas & Matthew at the end are those 
in the upper part of the pedigree, & that their descent is wrongly stated there. No 
Arms are entered. 

Margaret, dau. of Rob.=f=William Buck of Holmeton, son= 

Lightfoot of Oarnaby. 

. dau. of ... . 

of Tho s , son of Tho s , son of Wil m , Lutton of Knap- 
of the same. ton. 


Samuel Buck of Holmeton, d.=p Alice, dau. of Thomas Pearson of 
about 1630. Harpham, Gent, 

MS. 90, 91 




Catherine, wife of William Thomas B.= 

Johnson of Cherry Burton, of Carnaby, 

— aat. 53, 

Susan, wife of Tho 8 Tenant 1665. 
of Whitwell in Richmond- 

=Mary, dau. of Jane, wife of Geo. Lang- 
John Pearson kagle, a Merch* at Elvin 
of Milthorpe. in Prussia. 

Ann, wife of Wil. Holiday 
of G-ardholm, co. York. 

Mary, wife of Elizab. Samuel B., 93t.=j=Elizabeth, dau. John. William. Ann, 

Daniel Forde 
of Scar- 

26, 81 Aug. 

of Wil. Pearson 
of Bessingby. 

Thomas, aged 1 year & 10 months 31 Aug. 1665. Matthew, aged 1 week 

)hew, ag 

=j=John Burton of Doncaster.=f= 

John Burton of Doncaster, Gent. Sarah, w. of Edmund Ann, w. of . . . . Sharwood 
Will 26 Nov. 1724. Withers. of London. =F 

Richard. Ann. Athalia. 
Francis Hall of Lenden in Worsborough, Gent. Will 16 Sep. 1710=f=Sarah. 

Robert, land at William, Francis. Richard, Olive Frances, Ann Catherine 

Round Green. £1000. £1000. Milner. £1000. ' Marsden. Pursglove (?). 

Francis Hall & Wharton Hall, Grandsons. 
Sarah, wife of Ralph Pursglove. 

Thomas Withers of Halton, co. Lane, Clerk.=f= 


William With-^=Dorothy, dau. Sarah, l=Edmund With- = Jane Man- Penelope, of ... .=p 

ers, Rector of 
Thribergh j M r 
of the Free 
School, Roth- 
erham, where 
he mar. 

of Rob. Car- w., dau. ers, Vicar of devile, 2 nd Doncaster, 

leill of Sewer- of John Owston & M r of w., mar. 12 Spinster, 

by. She was of Burton the Grammar Jan. 1737. Will 11 

Aldwark, of Don- School, Don- Will 8 Nov. April 1761 ; 

when she mar. caster ; caster. 1769. proved 26 

at Rotherham bur. 29 July 1769. 

27 Oct. 1709. Aug. 


William Withers, Rector= Jane 2 other children. Francis Maudevile of Coningsborough, 
of Tankersley. Buck. Gent., 1761 ; dead in 1769. 

Joseph Wilby of Sturton in the Street, co. Leic, G*, cousin=r=Mary. 

Samuel. John. Mary Legge (?). 

John Mandevile of Rotherham, Gent., d. 18 May 1742, aged 96 ; bur. in the Ch.=f= 

Martha, w. of John Haigh of Gledholt, Gent. ; bur, in Rotherham Church May 1718. 



MS. 91 

Who was the Eev. W m Buck of Church Fenton whose dau. mar. Marmaduke 
Prickett, Esq., of Burlington-, and d. 1805, aged 66 ? 

M r Francis Hall & M rs Sarah Allott mar. at Worsborough 3 May 1696. 

Will of Samuel Buck, Esq., who leaves the Kectory of Kellington, as far as he 
has any interest in it under Trin. Col., Camb., to his dau. Ann Levinz. If no 
issue to Tho. & John Buck, sons of his deceased nephew Tho. Buck. (Harl. 4115.) 

W m Withers, Sector of Thribergh, was son of Tho s Withers of Halton, co. Lane, 
Clerk, & brother of Edmund Withers, Yicar of Owston & M r of the Grammar 
School of Doncaster, who d. 9 Aug. 1744, aged 70. This Edmund mar. Sarah, 
dau. of John Burton of Doncaster, Gent. They were sons of Tho. Withers of 
Halton, co. Lane, Clerk. 

See will of John Burton. (York Wills, 1949.) 

Edmund Withers, Clerk, & Jane Mandevile mar. at Doncaster 12 Jan. 1737-8. 

Richard Boughton. : 

MS. 92 

Ann . . . .= Thomas Diston,= 
both living Ironmonger, of 
1700, Sheffield Park, 

Gent., bur. 1 
Jan. 1702-3. 

: Jane Boughton 
of Sheffield, 
mar. there 19 
Sep. 1678. 

w. of Geo. 
Lee (?). 
(See Ped., 
p. •) 

John, 1 bro. 

& heir of 

Richard, a mercer, 
whose vid. mar. Robert 
Turie, Clerk. 

Jane, wife of Martha, mar. 4 April Elizabeth, mar. 25 Thomas. Mary, 

Arthur Speight 1722 to Charles April 1725 to Benj n — d. an 

of Attercliffe. Wright of Sheffield, Ferrand, Vicar of Charles, infant. 

(See ' Hallam- Gent. Peatley Magna & — 

shire.') Curate of Attercliffe. Richard. 

John Ellison of Sheffield, Grocer, ob. 9 Feb. 
Will 6 Feb. 1698-9. 

1698-9.=f Sarah d. 17 May 

I 1726, aged 72. 

Ellen, 2 nd wife, dau. of=John Ellison of Sheffield, Apothecary, d.=Mary Diston, 
John Fell of Attercliffe 1 Dec. 1741, aged 49, & was bur. in the 1 st wife, mar. 
Forge, Gent. (See chancel of Sheffield Church; eld. son ; 28 Feb. 1719. 
' Hallamshire.') has houses which his father bought of 

M r Barlow. 


John. Ruth. Mary. 



All d. in their infancy. 
Sarah was living in 1698. 

William, d. 17 Nov. 1724, aged 
28 ; bur. in Sheffield Church ; 
youngest son. 

Mary, mar. 2 June 1728 to John 
Ward of Sheffield, Cutler. 

Frances, mar. 29 Sep. 
1706 Anthony Sayles 
of Sheffield, Apothe- 
cary, & d. in 1710. 

1 I believe this was the John B. who, 3 March 1680, mar. Martha, 2 dau., etc., 
of John Rawson of Walkley. D r Pegge says M r Turie mar. the widow of Robert 

MS. 92 

families: minorum gentium. 



Sarah Sayles, only child, 
bp. 11 Aug. 1708 ; d. 
2 Feb. 1709-10. 

Anthony Sayles of Shef d , Apothecary, made his 
will 19 July 1712. Names sisters Eliz. Turner, 
Mary, Rachel, & Jane Sayles, cozen M 1 ' Rob. 
Barnard, & his sister M rs Eliz. Barnard. 

. Ellison of Lancashire, b. in Northumberland. 1 

Richard Ellison/ 

Richard Ellison of Thorne, co. York, some time- 
of Almholm in par. of Arksey, d. about 1747, 
& was bur. at S* Peter's, Lincoln. He d. 
20 Dec. 1743, aged 57 years & 8 months. 

: Susan, dau. of ... . Venoy of the 
par. of Hatfield, co. York ; d. 25 
March 1747, aged 47 years & 10 

Richard Elli- 
son of Thorne, 
Esq., eldest 
son, d. 13 July 
1792, aged 

=Hester, eldest 
of the 3 dau s 
& coheirs of 
Henry Walker 
of Whitby, co. 
York -, d. Jan. 

Abraham Ellison = Margaret, 
of Thorne, Merch 1 , dau. of . . . 
2 nd son, d. with- Heaton of 
out issue at Bur- Doncaster. 
lington 23 Aug. 
1787, aged 50, 
& was bur. at 

Elizabeth, wife of 
John Parkinson of 
Thorne, Merch*, 
& had 2 dau s . 

Susanna, unmar. 
1792 ; d. unmar. 

John Ellison = Harriet, dau. of John Par- Anne, wife 

of Thorne, ker of Woodthorpe, par. of of Samuel 

Merch*, 3 rd Hansworth, Esq. (see * Hal- Buck, Esq. 

son, d. in lamshire,' p. ) ; mar. in (See Ped., 

1810. 1789 ; liv* 1826. p. 91.) 

Susanna, wife 
of Humphry 
Esq., of Can- 
wick, co. Line. 

in 1792. 

of Sud- 
; several 
City of 

Richard Ellison, Esq., 
brook Holm, co. Line, 
times M.P. for the 
Lincoln (he gave this 
of his family 28 July 1792 to 
J. 0. Brooke, Esq., Somerset) ; 
b. March 1754 ; liv* 1826 ; d. 
7 July 1827 ; Recorder of Lin- 
coln ■& U-Gol. of N. Lincoln 

: Hannah, dau. 
of John Cook- 
son of White- 
hill, co. Dun., 
Esq. ; d. Jan. 
1810 without 


Henry Ellison,= 
2 nd son, of 
Beverley, Esq., 
b. Oct. 1761 ; 
live 1826. 

: Mary Pennyman, 
dau. of Wil m 
Berry of Bever- 
ley, by Mary his 
2 nd wife, dau. & 
coheir of Sir 
Warton Penni- 
man, Bart. ; d, 
Oct. 1826. 

Jane Hannah, mar. at St. 
Marg 1 , Westminster, 4 June 
1822 to H. R. Drummond, 
Esq., of the Navy. She 
was not by Miss Oookson. 

Richard Elli- = Elizabeth, dau. 
son, aged 5, of Lieut. - 
1792; live General Ter- 
1826 s.p. rett. 

Mary Esther, w. of 
Rev. Humphry 

Caroline Harriet, w. 
of Cap n Martin. 



MS. 93 


See for this ped. various letters of M r Ince's in my Correspondence containing 
matter not here entered. 

Henry Foljambe of Eastwood in par.=j=Elizabeth=Margaret= Hannah, wid r & 

of Rotherhain, co. York, Gent., bur. in 
the Church of Eotherham 19 March 
1699-1700. Will 17 th Feb. 1699. 


Executrix. Her 
will dated 1711. 



William Wads- 
worth of 

at Eotherham 
1 Dec. 1709. 


Elizabeth, mar. Hannah, 
Eich d Cowley, mar. 
=j= John 



Eebecca Wadsworth, wife of John Wood 
of Cawthorne. =p 



John F. of Reni-= Margaret Cowley, 

Foljambe Wood of Barnsley, Banker, mar. Ann, dau. Eebecca, wife of William 
of John Bent of Barnsley, bookseller, son of Eich d Bent, a bookseller in 
Bent, Deputy Registrar.. =j= Paternoster Row, 

brother to Ann. 



Richard Oddy of East-=f=Azubah, mar. at 

wood, Yeo., son of Rich- 
ard, of Eotherham, son of 
Wiiliam Oddy of Tick- 

Eotherham 26 
June 1707 ; d. 8 
April 1756, aged 


a ' , J 

Samuel, appears Peter, : 

to have been dead 

abroad, 1699. 1699. 



Azubah, wife of Robert 
Wilson of Rotherham. 


Elizabeth, mar. 1 Septimus 
Wragg, by whom no issue ; 
2 W m Booker of Tickhill. 

Christiana. Henry, 



All d. young. 

Richard Wilson of Sutton- = Elizabeth Booker, 
house, 1808 ; no issue. younger dau. 


Azubah Booker, wife of , 
Crowther, & had issue. 


Richard Oddy of Roth- 
erham, Gent., bp. 6 Feb. 
1717-18 ;■ ob. 27 Dec. 
1782 ; bur. at Rother- 
A B 

=Hannah, dau. of Joshua 
Jepson of Ecclesfield, co. 
York ; sister & heir of 
Samuel, of the same 

Anthony, of Al- 
tona, Merch*, d. 
without issue. 

Maria, wife 
of Richard 
Law of 

MS. 93 




Joshua Jepson Oddy of Damall in par. of= 
Sheffield, one of several children, & had other 
issue besides the son below. 

: Hannah, dau. of Jonathan Bacon 
of Oldfield near Bradford, co. 
York. (See Ped., p. 327.) 

Joshua Jepson Oddy, late of=. 
London & Hamburgh, Merch*, of . 
Author of a work on e Euro- 
pean Commerce/ & Candidate 
for the representation of the 
borough of Stamford. 


Stougal of 



Samuel, of .... wife of Ann. 

Darnall Taylor — 

— ofDronfield, Catherine. 

John, of a School- 
London, master. 

Azariah, bp. 12 Feb. 

Amram. Jotham, of Leeds, bp. 10 Joseph, of Leeds, 
July 1689 ; father of Jotham Clothier, d. at 
of Howden, V.D.M. Eotherham. 

Obed Foljambe of Rotherham,= 
d. 18 Sep. 1706, & was bur. in 
the Church of Rotherham. 

r Sarah Richardson, 
mar. at Rotherham 
18 Oct. 1705. 

Nimrod, bp. 12 Feb. 1682-3 ; 
bur. 27 Feb. 1699-1700 at 

Obed Foljambe of Rotherham, Mercer, only=p01iva Wilkinson, d. 21 March 1794, 
child, bp. 25 Sep. 1706 ; d. 5 March 1775 - - - - .--»-- 

bur. in Rotherham Church. 

aged 86 ; bur. in 

the Church of 

John Foljambe of=fAbigail, youngest dau. of John Law of Rotherham, 

Rotherham, At- 
torney, d. 29 xipril 
1792, aged 50; 
bur. in Rother- 
ham Church. 

by Abigail Morton his wife, & coheir with her 
sisters Catherine wife of John Burton, & 2 nd of 
Sir Richard Cope, and Mary wife of Edw d Mason 
of Retford, Clerk; d. 9 Jan. 1783, aged 40. 
Edw. Mason was, I believe, Vicar of Blythe. 

Sarah, d. an 
infant 16 
Feb. 1745. 

Catherine, wife of 
Jeremiah Naylor 
of Wakefield, Esq. 
(see Ped., p. 51) ; 
mar. in 1804. 

Abigail, d. 

mar. Will. 
Turner of 

Arabella, liv g unmar. 

Eliz., mar. Rev. W m 
Leonard Pickard of 
York. , 

Henry. Harriet. Sarah. 
All d. young. 

John Foljambe= Catherine, dau. of James Foljambe Thomas F 

of Wakefield, Thomas Oripps, of Manchester, Wakefield, 

Esq., Deputy- Rector of Cheadle, Merch*, d. Sol r , mar. 

clerk of the by Catherine Buck unmar. April 1805 ; 

Peace for the his wife (see Ped., d. Dec. 1851 
West Riding. p. 91) ; ob. s.p. 

of^Eliz., dau. 
of Edw. 
of Wake- 

Thomas, late of Clare- 
hall, Camb. 

Catherine. Eliz., ob. s.p. Edw d , ob. s.p. 

John Henry, 
ob. s.p. 


The substance of this pedigree of Foljambe I received from my late friend 
Robert Wylde Moult of Wickersley, who knew many of the parties. Dates have 
been added from the parish Register of Rotherham, and the memorials of them in 
the church of that town, where many of them lie interred. 

The great question on this pedigree is how this family is connected with the 
great house of Foljambe, so numerous & so potent in the county of Derby and at 
Aldwark which is near to Eastwood. The point was under the consideration of 
M r Radclyffe, the Rouge-Croix Pursuivant, some years ago, but I am not acquainted 
with the result. I shall subjoin a few notices which may assist in any future 

In the middle aisle of the Church of Eckington, co. Derb., is this inscription : 
Here lyeth the body of Elizabeth the wife of Richard Cowley of Renishaw, yeoman, 
and daughter of M r Henry Foljambe. She departed this life October the 8, 1734, 
aged 67. Richard Cowley the husband d. 12 April 1737, aged 65. John 
Foljambe, Gent., of Renishaw, 23 Feb. 1760, aged 67. Margaret, relict of John 
Foljambe, 24 March 1768, aged 74. I was told that this Margaret was an Heiress 
of Cowley, and rightly, for John Foljambe & Marg* Cowley were mar. at Brampton 
15 Jan. 1722. 

In the Register of Rotherham — 1692, Sep. 15, mar. Richard Cowley of Reni- 
shaw & Eliz. Foulgham of Eastwood ; 1697, Dec. 2, mar. John Scargell & M rs 
Hannah Foulgham. This clearly connects the wife of Cowley with Eastwood. 

In the Register of Beighton, co. Derb. — 1750, Nov. 28, mar. Thomas Birks of 
Wentworth and Elizabeth Foljambe of the parish of Eckington. 

In the Register of Brampton, co. Derb. — 1664, Aug. 2, mar. Henry Foljambe, 
Gent., and Margaret Barber. 

In Ped. of Pole of High-edge, Milicent, dau. of Godfrey Pole of that place, b. 
about 1620 ; mar. Henry Foljambe of Attenborough. (P. 149.) 

Hannah Foljambe, a servant of D r S. Wright 1734. 

Will of Henry Foljambe of Attenborough, co. Notts, Gent., bears date 17 May 
1669. His wife living. Dau. -in-law Ann Bridges, brother John, sons Henry, Charles, 
John, & Godfrey, daus. Mary Pilkington, son Duke, dau. Elizabeth Foljambe, 
Ambeley my grandchild. Makes his brother John Foljambe of Seithbell (?) and his 
son Henry of Horne-hail his Executors ; proved at York. 

The present Foljambes of Aldwark are Mores by paternal descent, and unless 
the family on this page are such, it seems that there no longer remains any genuine 
Foljambes. One never sees the name in any lists. There is a family in Gloucester- 
shire who write their names Fulljames. It is about as unlikely that a beautiful name 
should become thus corrupted as that it should be any other than Foljambe. 

The account of Oddy I received from M r Radclyffe who was employed profession- 
ally by M 1 ' T. T. Oddy. I believe he made an entry of the pedigree in the books of 
the College of Arms 14 June 1821. 

1809, March 9, mar. W m Turner, Esq., of Kilnhurst, to Sophia, 3 rd dau. of John 
Foljambe, Esq., of Rotherham. 

1805, April 25, mar. Lieutenant Foljambe of Wakefield to Miss Ridsdale, dau. 
of Edward Ridsdale, Esq. 

See more on this family in letters of M r I nee. 

Abigail Morton, sister of Nathaniel Morton, who was nephew & heir-at-law of 
Nathaniel Beverley of Rotherham, mar. 1 John Law, & 2 George Dyson of Sheffield, 

Godfrey, son of Henry Foljambe, Gent., late of Walton, deceased, bound 
apprentice for 7 years, 5 Feb. 1633, to Richard Webster of Sheffield, Cutler. (Books 
of Corporation of Hallamshire.) 

Coz. James Foljambe of Brampton, a supervisor of the will of Nicholas Grundy (?) 
of Thurgarton, Gent., 8 July 1627 ; proved at York. 

M 1 ' Foljambe of Brampton, a Disclaimer, 1662. 

John Foljambe & Henry Foljambe witness the will of George Heathcote 
of Cutthorpe, 1636 or thereabouts. 

MS. 94 




This pedigree was compiled by one of the family & communicated by M r Dixon 
to M r John Milnes, from whom I had it. It is added that they are supposed fco 
be a branch of Mason of Cheriton, co. Oxon. 

Valentine is said to have been bp. there in 1583. 

See my collection of Original Correspondence. See letter of Hugh M. 

Valentine Mason, a Clergyman ; exchanged the living of Driffield for=f= 
that of Elloughton, co. York, in 1623 ; d. there in 1639. I 

William Mason, 
eldest son, Rec- 
tor of Wensley 
or Vicar, d. 
Nov. 2, 1708, 
aged 78. 

Richard Mason of Hull, 2 nd 
son ; intended for a Clergyman, 
but being blind of one eye 
made that a reason for depart- 
ing from his father's intention, 
& bound himself to a Shoe- 
maker ; became a Quaker. 

Mary, Martha, 
or Mercy, wife 



Jane, wife of 
.... Shores, 
by whom 
John & 

Valentine & Frances, wife of Thomas Bar- 
Elizabeth, ker, Esq., of York, Barrister- 
d. unmar. at- Law, by whom an only dau. 
& heir, wife of John Hutton 
of Marske, Esq. (P. 410.) 

Mary, wife of 
of Hull. 

Martha, the other 
coheir, wife of 
.... Wilson of 



Richard. Thomas. 

wife of 
.... Box. 

Mary, wife 



Robert. William. Elizabeth. 
Richard. James. Deneris. 

.... wife of Joseph Eglin of Hull, 
Sailmaker, by whom Joseph, who 
d. unmar. 


Mary, wife of Nathan Dearman of 
Thorne & of Pinder Oak near 

Robert Mason of Welton, Gent., a Merch* of Hull, of= 
which town he was twice Mayor. Will dated 5 Dec. 
1712. To be bur. in the Chancel of Welton Church. 
(See York Wills, 1737.) 

^Elizabeth, dau. of 
Hugh Foddle of 


Elizabeth, wife of Erasmus Darwin, M.D., of 
Gainsborough. (Q. if not Mayor of Hull in 
1720.) Grandmother of Eliz. mar. to Bryan 

Thomas Mason, 2 nd son,=f Martha. 
Rector of Thornton near 
Scarborough. Had lands 
at Welton. 

Ann and Martha, d. unmar, 
VOL, i. 

Elizabeth, wife of John Hebden of Scarborough. 



MS. 94 

I a 

Hugh Mason of Hull, Collector of the : 
Customs at that Port. Had the estates 
& Manor-house of Thorp Brantingham 
by his father's will. 

: Ann, dau. of Anthony 
Lambert, three times 
Mayor of Hull. 

Mercy, wife of 
Robert Mason. 


Mary, wife of Arthur Robinson, Collector of the Customs at 6 children, d. in 
Sunderland. =f= their infancy. 


Arthur, Vicar= 
of the Holy 
Trinity Hall, d. 
s.p., aged 74. 

= Elizabeth, 2 dau. 
of Luke Lilling- 
ston of Ferriby 
near Hull, Esq. 

Alice, wife of 
Chris r Harri- 
son of Liver- 
pool. =p 

Ann, wife of Josias 
Wordsworth of 
Wadworth, Esq. 
(See Ped., p. 309.) 


Christopher Harrison, mar. Elizabeth, dau. of George Thompson of 
Hull, by whom Alice & Christopher, who both d. young. 

Robert Mason,= 
2 nd son. 


: Jane, dau. of 
John Porter, 
Esq., of Hull, 
Merch 1 . 

Anthony, d. unmar. 

Ann, d. 
aged 84* 


Elizabeth, wife of Charles 
Pool, Esq., a Captain in 

the Navy. 

Alice Mason, only dau. & heir, mar. 1 James 
Mimes of Cottingham, Esq. (see Ped., 
p. 22) ; 2 Frederick James Scrope of 
Cockerington, co. Line, Esq. No issue. 

Charles Pool, mar. in 
1756 Ann Catherine 
Dawson of Beverley, 
& had Charles & Ann 

d. unmar. 


Mary, 1 st wife, ^William Mason, = Sarah, 2 nd wife, dau. of= 

dau. of 
Wild of York. 

eldest son, Vicar 
of Holy Trinity 
in Hull. 

Henry Haynes of Wirks- 
worth, Esq., wid. of Robert 
Trippet, MerchA No 


=Mary, 3 rd wife, eldest 
dau. of Thomas Ryles 
of Hull, Stationer. 


William Mason,* Precentor of York=Mary, dau. of W m Sherman, Storekeeper in 
and Rector of Aston. The Poet, the Garrison at Hull ; d. at the Hot Wells, 
D. 5 or 7 April 1797, aged 72, having & was bur. in the Cathedral of Bristol 

never had any issue. 

24 March 1767, set. 28. 

Mary, d. Henry Dixon, Vicar of Wadworth ,=pAnn Mason,- 
in her co. York, & Rector of Oddington, d. in 1809. 
infancy, co. Gloc, d. 1820 ; bp. at Wors- 
borough 8 Jan. 1749-50. 

=Mary Barker, 2 wife, 
or Ward his servant. 

John Dixon, at the University 
of ....1833. 

* gee Hunter's « Sduth Yorkshire,' ii., 167,— J. W, C, 

MS. 94 



William Henry Dixon, M.A.,=Mary Ann,=Mary Anne, James Dixon,=j=Isabel, 

Preb. of Eipon, Vicar of dau.of 2 w.~ dau. of dead; his chil- 

Bishopthorpe, Cawood, & James Fen- Ad m Eobin- dren all liv# 

Wistow ; succeeded to the ton of son of York; 1825; Lieut. 

Estate of his uncle W m Mason Loversall, mar. 2 March 3 W. Y. 

of Aston, F.A.S. No issue Esq. 1832. Militia. 

Hugh Mason. Anne Mason. Isabella. Frances. Mary. 

dau. of 

Dale of 


Joseph Dixon=p. . . . wid. of ... . Carter. 

Jeremiah Dixon, Curate of Worsborough, d. 1773, Nov. 22,=pLydia Ling, 
aged nearly 58. I 

Margaret, wife 
of Wil. Porter 
of Wors- 
Clerk ; s.p. 

Francis, a Clergyman, Vicar 
of .... in Weymouth. 

Joseph, of Leeds, Merch*, 
mar., but s.p. 

John, Vicar of 
Broughton, co. 
Northamp 1 , & 
Teddington, co. 
Bedf., b. 1746 ; 
d. unmar. 

Jeremiah, of Lon- 
don, Coal Merch*, 
b. 1748 ; had 
Lydia his only 

Henry Dixon, 
Vicar of 
(See above.) 

James Dixon,* Vicar- 
of Ecclesfield, d. 
about 1822 ; bp. at 
Batley 1 Sep. 1739 ; 
M.A. ; d. 20 Jan. 
1823, 83t. 84. 

: Sarah, dau. of Henry Horsfall, Thomas D., 

Esq., of Malsise-hall in Craven, Senior Fel- 

wid. of Cap tn Tucker of the low of Corpus 

Navy, nephew to Ralph Allen Christi Col- 

of Prior Park ; d. 17 Aug. lege, bp. at 

1814, aged 65. (See p. 541.) Batley 1743. 

I I I 

James, b. Aug. Emily, mar. John Thompson of Maria, b. 

1780; livs at Mattersey, tanner; living a 1788 ; d. 

Nott m ; a widow at Greenwich. 1808 un- 

Lunatic. mar. 

Jeremiah Henry, 
d. inf. 

Lucy, d. inf. 


John Horsfall Dixon, 
d. near London about 
1840 without legiti- 
mate issue ; b. 2 June 

Sarah, wife of 
Tho. Newton, 
Curate of 

Harriet, w. of 
John Vickers, 
Rector of ... . 
(See Ped., 
p. 475.) 

Frances, wife of 
John Norris of 
Sheffield. (See 
Ped., p. 536.) 

dia, i 



Tho s . Sarah. Eliz. Henry. Francis. Edmund. Alfred. 
* For an account of him and his family see Eastwood's ' Ecclesfield,' p. 209. — J. W. G. 



-MS. 95 

M 1 ' John Milnes writes thus : John Lee, a barber at Sheffield — it was called " The 
Whig News- Shop "—took in the Whig Newspapers of those days. By his first wife 
he had John Lee who was put apprentice to a Cloth Merchant at Leeds by his second 
wife, & supplied by her with a Capital on establishing himself as a Merchant in that 
town. This second wife, by whom there was no issue, was a Great Aunt of the 
second Samuel Shore, dau. of Mary Shore afterwards Milnes, mother of M r John 
Milnes, who says that he remembered portraits of this John Lee &■ his second wife, 
whom the old folks of that day used to call uncle & Aunt Lee when describing the 
old family pictures. M r Milnes says he had this account from his late Uncle Shore, 
& has heard them confirmed by John Lee the lawyer, 

This pedigree has been principally compiled by myself from information con- 
tained amongst the Milnes' papers. M r Milnes was informed that the Lees of 
Chesterfield were of the same stock, & the Wards, whose pedigree is at page , have 
a tradition that their ancestor Miss Lee was of the same family with those at 

I believe the Attorney-General is wrongly placed, & that he was son of Thomas 
& Margaret, but then he could not have been b. in 1733.* 

They are also supposed to be related to the Shores. (See will of Lydia Wright of 

M r Milnes interposes a John Lee, the first settler at Leeds, father of Tho 8 , & I 
have no confidence in the children of this John Lee being of the Leeds family at all. 
The whole matter is very obscure. 

John Lee of Sheffield, barber, & Hannah his wife, 1713. She was the Ex r of 
Ephraim Nichols of Shef d , cutler. 

John Lee of Sheffield in the County of York. 
"' Lee, a barber in Wakefield." 

Wilson of Leeds= 

Godfrey, bp. 
20 Oct. 

James, b. 

16 Nov. 

Elizabeth, bp. 
21 Dec. 1698. 

Ferdinando, bp. 
18 March 

Mary, bp. 
19 May 

Thomas Leef of Leeds, Merchant, acquired=pMary Eeveley, J d. 26 May John, bp. 

a considerable fortune ; bp. at Sheffield 24 1750, aged 58 ; dau. of 23 Nov. 

Sep. 1692 ; d. 24 June 1736. R. of Woodhouse, a Clothier. 1690. 

John Lee of Barnard's Castle in= 
Durham, Esq., bp. at Leeds 26 Mar. 
1733 ; a Barrister-at-Law of Lin- 
coln's Inn, & Attorney- General 
under the Rockingham Administra- 
tion; he was appointed Att^-General 
Nov. 18, 1783 ; d. 5 Aug. 1793. 

: Mary Hutchin- 
son of Barnard's 
Castle, an 

mi mi 

John. Samuel. 

Hannah. Jonathan. 

William. Joseph. 

• ' -v ' 

All d. in their infancy. 


Mary Tabitha Lee, sole dau. & heir, living unmar. in 1813. 

* Correct according to Burke's l Landed Gentry.' 

t Mr. Tho. Lee of Leeds, d. June 24, 1736 ; had been very active and useful as a Merchant ; 
a Justice of Peace ; was a member of the Dissenting Congregation at Mill Hill ; d. very rich. 

$ M rs Mary Lee, dyed at Winteredge 26 th May 1750, bur. at Leeds 28 th (Northowram 
Kegister).— J. W. C. 

MS. 95 




Thomas Lee of=pMargaret, dau. of An- 

Leeds, Merch*, 
d. 20 May 
1773, aged 55, 
& was bur. at 

thony Markham of Leeds, 
by Dorothy his wife, dau. 
of Henry Greame of 
Halifax, Gent. ; mar. 
April 1743. 

James Lee, 
"d." without 
issue 3 
June 1759, 
aged 30. 

Timothy Lee= Sarah .... 
of Leeds, d. d. 28 Oct. 

27 July 
1778, aged 

1767, aged 

Thomas Lee of Leeds, Merch^^pAnn Foster of Greenwich (said, in 'Gent. Mag.,' 

eldest son, bp. 15 March 1744. 

to have a fortune of £10,000), mar. in 1765. 
She was of the family of Foster, at p. 33. 

John Lee, Esq., of Burley near^Maria, dau. of Thomas Main waring of Golsby 
Otley, a Barrister, only child. I & Lincoln, Esq. 

John Lee. Charles Benjamin.* Frederick. George. Charlotte. Henry. 

Richard Lee of Leeds, = 
Merch*, 2 nd son, bp. 
3 Oct. 1745 ; d. 1831. 

: Jane, dau. of William 
Fenton of the Glass- 
house near Leeds. (See 
Ped., p. 127.) 

Robert Lee, 3 rd & young- Margaret, 
est son, bp. 14 Oct. 1746; d. in her 
d. 10 Sep. 1762. infancy. 

Thomas, b. 12 Mar. 
1773; unmar.1827. 

Richard Leonard, b. 
22 Dec. 1784. 

Charles, b. 12 June 1789 ; 
Lecturer of Hexham; mar. 
1825 to Mary Louisa, dau. 
of Tho. Ikin, Esq., of 

Margaret Jane, b. 20 Richard 

March 1778; mar. & Jane, 

Archibald Ross Paris, d. in 

Esq., of Beech Hill their 

near Barnet. infancy. 

William Lee,f Esq.,= 
of Grove near Ferri- 
bridge, Treasurer 
of the West Riding; 
b. 11 Dec. 1767; 
bp. 11 Jan. 1768. 

: Sophia Wentworth, one James=. . . .§ dau.=. . . .|| 2 w., dau. 

of the dau 8 of Sir Tho- Lee,J of of Harry Ver- 

mas Blackett, formerly b. 28 Merrick, elst, Esq. ; wid. 

Wentworth, of Bretton, May Esq., of ... . Sutton. 

Bart. ; mar. at Silk- 1770. Army 
stone 2 Feb. 1792. Agent. 

Caroline, b. 9 Jane, b. 28 June 1803 ; mar. at Darrington 
Aug. 1801. 25 April 1825 to Edward Blackett Beaumont, 
Esq., late of the 10 th Hussars. 

Richard Thomas,f 
b. 10 May 1808. 

William Wentworth, 
b. 1 Nov. 1792 ; d. 
in Aug. 1813. 

Sophia, b. at 
Grove 31 
Dec. 1794. 

Harriet Mary, 
b. 21 April 

Diana Eliza, b. 29 Sep. 1800 ; 
ob. 5 April 1801 ; bur. at 

* Of the Abbey, Knaresborough. ' f D.1837. J Of Retford, J. P. 

§ Caroline, dau. of James Meyrick. || Mary. 

<f Of Grove Hall. (See Burke's * Landed Gentry,' under Lee of the Abbey and of Grove 
Hall, for continuation.) — J. W. C. 



MS. 96 

itott— jHttitileton— aHetu 

Eobert Wilson ofc 
Foolowe, Yeo., 
31 Eliz. 

John Wilson of Chesterfield, Tanner, 
7 & 8 Eliz., to whom John Wilson of 
Eyam was cousin & heir. 

John Wilson of Eyam, Yeo., son & heir-app., 32 Eliz., cousin=j=G-race. 
& heir to John W. of Chesterfield. 

William Middleton, Gent., of=f=Mary. 
Learn in par. of Eyam, co. 
Derb., where he purchased an 
estate of W m & Basil Fitz-Her- 
bert of Norbury in 1654 ; bur. 
in the Chancel of Eyam Church 
4 Jan. 1677. 

John Wilson, 
the younger, 
of Eyam i of 
age 16 James; 

Eobert Wilson of Barton,=p 
co. Norf., & of Eyam, 
Clerk i deed, of partition of 
his estates dated 20 Aug. 
1663; had lands at 
Eyam (see below) ; b. 
about 1590. 

Eobert Middleton=T=Debora Wilson, co- 

of Learn, Gent., b. 
1645 ; bur. at 
Eyam 25 th Sep. 

heir, youngest of the 3 
daii s ; she was not mar. 
at the time of the par- 
tition ; bur. 18 Nov. 

Elizabeth Wilson, 
eldest dau. & co- 
heir, mar. Eichard 
Milnes of Chester- 
field, Gent. (See 
Ped., p. 20.) 

Ann Wilson, 2 nd 
dau. & coheir, mar. 
Adam Gill of Ches- 
terfield, Gent. (See 
Ped., p. 97.) 

William Middleton of Leam,=p Martha, dau. of Eowl. Thompson of Brighthom- 

Gent., eldest son & heir, b. 
1664; bur. at Eyam 6 March 

leigh in Bradfield, co. York ; bur. at Eyam 13 
Jan. 1743 or 1748. (See Ped., p. 267.) 

Eobert M. of Learn, Gent., 1 st 
son, b. 1692 ; d. without issue, 
& was bur. at Eyam 10 April 

William, 2 nd son, was settled in 
Lancashire ; mar. ; d. without 
issue, and was bur. 6 March 

Jonathan Oxley= 
of Sheffield, co. 
York, Gent., d. 
14 March 1724, 
aged 30 ; Tallow 
Chandler in will 
2 March 1724. 

Deborah M., prin- 
cipal heir to her 
brothers ; d. in 
Dec. 1761, aged 71, 
& was bur. at 
Eyam ; bur. 16 
sole heir to her 

Martha, d. 
unmar. 5 
Jan. 1773, 
aged 75, & 
was bur. 
at Eyam. 

Jonathan Oxley, Gent., of Learn, son & heir, d. William Oxley, 2 ud son, d. 

unmar. at Learn 1783, aged 64, & bequeathed his unmar. at Learn 1763, aged 

estate to his relations, the Carvers ; bur. at Eyam 39, & was bur. at Eyam 

1 Nov. 23 Nov. A 

MS. 96 




Jane Middleton, wife 
of ... . Waterhouse of 
Onesacre in Bradfield, 
Gent., & had a dau. 

Robert Middleton of Eyam, Gent.,=p 
2 nd son, had lands there by his 
father's will ; d. 9 Jan. 1717, aged 
51, & was bur. in the chancel of 
the Church of Eyam. 

Elizabeth, one of the 2 
dau s & coheirs of Tho- 
mas Cartlege of Cold 
Aston, Gent. ; d. 28 
Feb. 1744, aged 80, & 
was bur. at Eyam. 

Thomas M. of Eyam, 
Gent.,d.unmar. 11 Nov. 
1745, aged 39, and was 
bur. at Eyam. 

Debora, d. unmar. 
26 Dec. 1760, aged 
61, & was bur. at 

.... Allen.=r 

Martha, d. unmar. 
27 Feb. 1736, aged 
25, & was bur. at 

Mary, d. an 
infant 13 
June 1705. 

George Allen, had lands 
at Ecclesfield, co. York. 

John Allen of Chapel-town in par. of Eccles- 
field, co. York. Will dated 10 March 1723. 


George Allen, eldest son, 
dead ; unmar. 14 Dec. 
1726. Adm n granted to 
Thomas & William Allen. 

John Allen, 2 nd son, was mar. 
& had an only child Sarah, who 
was heir-at-law to her uncle 
George, & d. under age unmar. 

Samuel, 3 rd son, of 
Chapel-town ; will 
dated 3 Jan. 1746; 
d. without issue. 

William, 5 th son ; will=Mary, living at Chapel- 
dated 4 April 1732 ; d. town, a wid., 1732. 
without issue. 

Joseph, youngest son, dead 
in 1732, by his will gave 
lands to his brother Samuel. 

of Little 
Esq., 2 nd 

: Elizabeth M.,=j=Thomas Allen=j=Gertrude, 1 st wife, dau. 

sole heiress, d. 
13 May 1770, 
aged 69, with- 
out issue by 
her second 

of Chapeltown 
in Ecclesfield, 
Gent., 1 st hus- 
band; 4 th son. 

of Thomas Steade of 
Onesacre in Bradfield, 
Gent. ; mar. in 1726. 
(See Ped., p. 144.) 

Hannah, mar. 
Northall, & 
was dead 
without issue 
in 1772. 

Robert Allen, d. 
an infant, & was 
bur. at Eyam. 

John Carver of Morthen, co. York,= 
Clerk, Rector of Whiston & Tree- 
ton (see Ped., p. 347) ; mar. in 
1763 ; d. in 1807. 

: Sarah Allen, sole heiress 
to her mother, & sole 
transmitter^ of the blood 
of Debora Wilson. 

Marmaduke Middleton Carver, which= 
last name he exchanged for Middleton 
by Royal Sign Manual 2 April 1795 in 
pursuance of directions contained in 
the will of his relation & Godfather 
Jonathan Oxley of Learn, Gent. ; he 
served the Office of High Sheriff of the 
County of Derby 1808. 

: Mary Ann,= 
dau. of 
Athorpe of 
co. York, 
Esq. ; mar. 
in 1801. 

=Martha, 2 nd wife, Sarah 

dau. of Anthony Carver, 

D awson , Esq. , of living 

Azerley near unmar. 

Ripon ; mar. at in 

Brampton 11 1803. 
June 1822. 



MS. 96 


John Carver Middleton, son & heir, = Mary, dau. of Tho- 
b. in 1803 ; on 3 Aug. 1821 he had mas Gibbon Fitzoib- 
the royal sign-manual to take the 
name of Athorpe only, pursuant to 
directions in the last will of his 
uncle Thomas A., Esq. 

bon of Ballyseede, co. 
Limerick ; mar. at 
Sheffield 8 Feb. 1831. 

Mary Anne Carver 
Middleton, b. in 

Marmaduke, 2 son. 

Thomas Allen of Sheffield 
& Chapeltown, Gent., eld- 
est son; will dated 23 
Oct. 1771, and d. soon 
after without issue. 

John Allen of Shef-=f=Susanna, dau. of Joseph Scott of 

field, Draper, 
afterwards of 
Chapeltown ; d. 
August 1807.' 


Woodsome, co. York, Clothier, by 
Marguerite his wife, sister & coheir 
of Robert Rockley , Gent., last of the 
ancient house of Rockley of Rock- 
ley. (See Ped., p. .)" 

William Wilson= Sarah Allen. John. Ann. Margaret. 

of Sheffield, son (See < Hal- ' 

of John Wilson lamshire/ D. young & unmar. 

of Broomhead, p. .) 


Mary, living unmar. 
1821, from whom I 
received this infor- 
mation Aug. 1824. 

Thomas Allen* of= 
Greenhead near Hud- 
dersfield, Esq. ; now, 
1822, of Gledholt ; 
mar. 2 nd1 ? M rs West of 
London, a widow s.p. 

dau. of 

Joseph Allen of= 
Longiey in Ec- 
clesfield, 2 nd 
son, living in 
1815 ; no issue. 

=Ann, dau. of 
Smith of 
Cowley in 


Robert, of Hali- 
fax, d. unmar. 
in his father's 

Sarah, B dau. of=f=Benjamin Haigh 

John Whitaker,J 
Esq., of Wood- 
house, by ... , 
dau. of ... . 
Walker. (See 

p- ...o 

Allen § of Green- 
head, Esq., a Jus- 
tice of the Peace ; 
d. 10 May 1829, 
aged 36. 

John,|| of Huddersfield, is 
mar. & has 1 dau., 1824, 

Susan, w. of John Haigh, 
her cousin-german, & has 
3 sons, 1824. 

Sarah, wife of 
Junius Smith of 
London, & has 
dau., 1824. 

Thomas, d. y. 

Benjamin. John. 

Arms used by B. H. Allen : Sab., a fess ingrailed 
Erm. between 3 Talbots passant. 

It appears from Blomefield that Robert Wilson, M.A., was presented to the 
Rectory of Barton St. Mary by Sir Tho s Cheke in 1618, & on his death, in 1644, 
Joseph Houlton was presented. M r Wilson was presented in 1625 to the Rectory of 
All Saints in Barton by Robert, Earl of Sussex. No will of this Robert Wilson is to 
be found at Lichfield or Norwich. M r Milnes had the deed of Partition of his estate 
among his three dau s & coheirs. M r Middleton of Learn was in possession of the 

* B. 1752 ; d. 23 May 1828 ; bur. at Almondbury ; mar. secondly Elizabeth relict of Thomas 
West, and sister of Mr. Joseph Haigh of Springwood and Whitwell ; she d. 1841, set. 87 ; bur. 
at Trinity Churchyard, Huddersfield. f D - 24 June 180 *> aged 43. J John Whitacre. 

§ Bur. at Trinity Church, Huddersfield, which he built. 

|| Mar. Sarah, dau. of William Brooke, Esq., of Armitage Bridge ; d. in 1830, set. 33.— J. W. C. 

MS. 96, 97 



share allotted to his ancestor in 1808. The family house, called Nether Hall, in 
Eyam, allotted to Elizabeth, was sold by M r Lownds of Palterton. Another portion 
of her share was sold by R. P. Milnes of Fryston. The pc tion of Ann Wilson was 
sold by her grandson Adam Slater of Chesterfield, M.D. 

All about Robert Wilson is from a few deeds in the Collection of John Wilson, 
Esq., of Bromhead in Yorkshire, the Abstracts of which may be found in my 
Collections for the County of Derby. I have put only a dotted line, but there 
cannot be a doubt that the descent is as here stated. In 31 Eliz. Rob. Wilson & 
John his son bought lands at Eyam of Thomas Cowper of Byley, Yeo. 




John Oxley of Doncaster. 

William Oxley of Shef -=pDorothy. 

field, Sheather, 9 March 


John Oxley of Sheffield, Sheather, 24=pMartha, of Sheffield, 

Aug. 1717 ; d. 25 March 1719, set. 53 ; 
had lands at Dirt-Carr, & a house in 
Maragate, Doncaster. 

wid. ; will 17 Sep. 
1723 ; d. 10 Nov. 
1723, aged 54. 

Margaret, under 
age 1709; Field 
Sylvestor, Super- 

John Oxley, 
dead 1723. 

Martha, 1723. 

Jonathan [no doubt 
the Jonathan on the 

Nathan, Jane, w. of Tho B Susan, mar. 
1717. Parkin of Shef- Ch 8 Oalow. 

An Oxley of Sheffield, in July 1719, is called Cousin by James Fretwell of 
Thorpe in Balne. (See his MS.) 

1823, Jan. 8, mar. John Allen, junior, Esq., to ... . dau. of W m Brooke, Esq., 
Northgate House, Honley. 

Jonathan Oxley above was son of John Oxley of Sheffield, who d. 25 March 1719, 
get. 53, by Martha his wife, who d. 10 Nov. 1723, aged 54. He had brothers W m , 
Nathan, Thomas, Benjamin, who appear to have d. unmar., & 2 sisters, one mar. 
Tho s Parkin of Sheffield & had issue (Ped., p. 539), the other, Susan, mar. 1 Charles 
Calow, who d. 4 Jan. 1745, set. 34 ; & 2 M r Savidge. By Calow she had Martha, 
mar. Malin Gillot of Shef d , & Anne, mar. Joseph Mower. (See Ped., p. 539.) 

MS. 97 

#tU— Mater* 

Nov., etc., nos Johanuem Slater de Chesterfield mercetorum et Christopherum 
Slater de Barlborough generosum — to Joshua Galliard, Citizen & Leather- Seller of 
London, in £1000. 15 June 1624. To secure £500, to be paid 16 days after it is 
lawfully demanded. 

James Gill of Sheffield, Yeoman, believed to have : 
been son of Adam Gill of the same place & nephew 
of Edward Gill, from whom those of Norton, co. 
Derby, descended. 

Elizabeth, bp. 9 March 1594-5 ; 
wife of William Newbould, who 
is mentioned in her brother's 


=Elizabeth Chambers, 
mar. at Sheffield 10 
Dec. 1593 ; bur. 20 
Jan. 1605-6. . 

William Gill of Sheffield,^ 
bp. 9 Jan, 1604-5 ; ad- 
mitted of the Cutlers' 
Company 1635. 

^Elizabeth Night- 
ingale, mar. at 
Sheffield 26 Jan. 

Mary, bp. 2 Feb. 1640-1. William, bp. 16 March Leonard, bp. 10 Nov. 
A 1635-6, 1638. 

VOL. J. E E 



MS. 97 

I A 

Philip Grill of Sheffield, Ironmonger, bp. 18 June 1598 ; will=j=Frances Executrix 

dated 25 Jan. 1630 ; bur. at Sheffield 9 Feb. 1630-1. to her husband's will. 

Adam Gill of Chesterfield, Gent., bp. afc 
Sheffield 25 Oct. 1627 ; had lands at 
Sheffield by his father's will ; will dated 
12 April 1687, names his kinsmen John & 
Henry Gill Executors ; bur. at Chester- 
field 5 Jan. 1687-8. 

: Ann, 2 nd dau. 
& coheir of 
Robert Wil- 
son of Eyam, 
Clerk. (See 
PED.,p. 96.) 

Martha, bp. at Sheffield 
14 Aug. 1625 ; had 
lands in the Hartshead, 
Sheffield, by her father's 

Leonard Gill of London, Merch* ; heir to his nephew 
Leonard. He d. s.p., & by his will dated 20 Aug. 
1742 & proved in London left his estate to his nephew 
Adam Slater. 

John Gill. 

Martha, wife 
of Benjamin 

Adam Gill, Gent., of Chesterfields 
Will dated 2 July 1730, proved at 
Lichfield 10 Sep. following, makes 
his son Executor, his brother 
Leonard and Cousins Richard 
and James Milnes, trustees. 

: Mary Middleton, mar. at Bramp- Elizabeth, 
ton 17 Sep. 1695. But in most bur. at 
of the accounts of the family the Chester- 
wife of Adam Gill & mother of field 26 
Leonard is said to have been July 1680. 
Anne Langwith. 


Leonard Gill of Chesterfield, only child, d. unmar. Will proved 1736, 
by which he left his estate to his uncle Leonard Gill. 

Christopher Slater of Barlborough, co. Derb.,= 
Gent. ; a Disclaimer 1634. Will dated Jan. 
1649, appoints his good friend George Sitwell 
of Renishaw his Executor. (See p. 440.) 

=Pelatia, dau. of Robert Rogers of 
Everton, co. Notts, Esq., by Eliz. 
his wife, dau. & coheir of Henry 
Sandford of Thorpe Salvin, Esq. 

Jonathan Slater of Chesterfield, co. Derb. ; in the Register of Baptisms=f=Hannah 
at Chesterfield in 1629, Nov. 15, Jonathan, son of John Slater ; Mower, 
another copy had it son of Jonathan ; he was bur. at Chesterfield 
17 Aug. 1693. 

Samuel, bp. at 
25 May 1657. 
Mentioned in 
his bro r ' s will. 

John S., 
to M r Pole 
of Rad- 

Jonathan, of Ches- 
terfield, mentioned 
in his brother's 
will ; bp. 22 June 
1664. =p 

Hannah S., mar. at Chester- 
field 15 Jan. 1687 to Robert 
Clay of Bridgehouse near 
Sheffield, by whom a son 
Slater Clay, mentioned in 
the will of his uncle T. S. 

Samuel, of Buxton, bp. 1 Jonathan, bp. Mary. Hannah. Elizabeth. 
July 1690. An Apothecary. 3 Sep. 1696. 

Elizabeth, wife of John Topp of Alderley, co. Cest 1 ', by whom Samuel, who 
b mar. Mary, dau. of Stephen Montgomery, and 7 other children. c 

MS. 97 

FAMILIjE minorum gentium. 


C I D 

Jonathan, bp. 26 Nov. 1697. 
He was a bookseller at 0. 

Richard, bp. 21 Oct. 1699 ; 
ob. 19 Dec. 1768. He was 
a Mercer in Chesterfield. 


Elizabeth, wife of John or Joshua Smith of Chesterfield, 
Mercer ; mar. at Chesterfield 11 Nov. 1762. 

Elizabeth, 2 nd wife, sur-= Thomas Slater of Chester ~ 
vived ; perhaps dau. of field, Apothecary, bp. at C. 
27 May 1669; will dated 14 
June 1715 ; d. in 1718 ; 
bur. at the Presbyterian 
Chapel in Chesterfield. 

. Higgins, as Mother 
Higgins is mentioned in 
T. S. will. No issue. 

=Jane Gill, 1 st wife, ob. 21 
May 1705, aged 30, & was 
bur. as her husband. On 
her tomb still remaining 
she is described as dau. of 
Adam Gill. 

Thomas Slater=pPrudence, dau. of ... . In 
of Wakefield, Dickenson's Obituary a M r 
Apothecary, Slater, Apothecary in Wake- 
s' & youngest field, & M rs Feather of 
son, bp. 29 South Cave " mar. 3 Aug. 
April 1699 ; d. 1725. This was his wife. 
28 Sep. 1739. 

I I 
Hannah, bp. 4 March 1700 ; mar. 
Silas Hocker of Hackney, Esq., 
or Hooper. 

Anne S., bp. 5 Feb. 1703; mar. 
Samuel or Thom s Handley of Mar- 
low in Bucks 25 July 1738. 

Leonard, of Wakefield, Grocer, mar. . . . . Prudence, wife of William Handcock 
Green of Leeds. =f of Leeds. 

Thomas Slater, a Major in the Army,= 
resided in the Island of Guernsey. 

=. . . . dau. of Pipon, Esq., Governor or 

Deputy Governor of the Island of Jersey. 

John Slater of Ches- 
terfield, Esq., eldest 
son & heir, bp. 12 
March 1695 ; ob. 23 
June 1735. 

Adam Slater, M.D., of Chester-^Elizabeth, dau. of Eichard 

field, bp. 13 July 1696 ; d. 27 
June 1758 ; made heir to his 
uncle Leonard Gill. , 

Johnson of Sandiacre, co. 
Notts, Esq. ; mar. at West 
Hallam, co. Derb. ; d. in 
Sep. 1780. 

Adam Slater, Esq., of=pEleanor, dau. of 

Durants Hall in Ches- 
terfield, barr.-at-law, 
eldest son, b. 23 Sep. 
1734; mar. at Ches- 
terfield 28 March 

William Barker, 
d. at Chester- 
field 1 Aug. 

Thomas, of Liverpool,= 
2 nd son, b. 22 Feb. 
1735-6. Most of his" 
children were b. at 


: Mary, dau. of 
William Todd 
of Wakefield 
(see Ped., p. 
98) ; bur. at 
Chesterfield 11 
Aug. 1784. 




MS. 97 

Adam Barker 
Slater, eldest 
son, b. 8 July 
1781 ; in the 
house of 
Thorntons of 
Merch*, 1805. 

Eleanor, bp. 12 
Aug. 1782 ; 
mar. 24 Dee. 
1804 to W. B. 
Thomas of 
Sewardstone in 
Essex, Esq. 

Alexander, bp. 29 April 
1784; of Liverpool, 

Mark Anthony, b. 19 
April 1789 ; d. at sea, 
and was bur. at Jamaica 
about 1806. 

Richard,b.29 0ct. 
1791 at the Mili- 
tary Academy, 
Marlow, 1805. 

Hannah & Elizab., 
d. infants. 

i i 

Adam, b. 5 April 

Mary, b. 24 April 


William,= dau. Joyce, b. 28 Aug. 1770 

of Bolton, of ... . — 

co. Lane, Livesey 
b. 7 April of Bol- 
1767. ton. 

John, b. 

19 July 
Thomas, b. 14 June 1769 ; d. 
1768; d. unmar. in inEussia. 

Pemberton, b. 18 Sep. 1771 ; Robert, b. 5 Feb. 1774 ; Anthony, b. 28 Aug. 
mar. twice in America. of Liverpool. 1779. 

Silas, b. 16 Dec. 1772 ; Curate Henry, b. 2 Aug. 1775 ; 
at Whittington. d. 21 July 1790. 

Leonard, b. 9 Nov. 
1780; of Bolton. 

Jane, wife of Pem- 
berton Milnes of 
Wakefield, Esq. 
(See Ped., p. 20.) 

Joyce, wife of 
Eobert Milnes 
of Wakefield, 
Esq. (See 
Ped., p. 20.) 

Gill Slater of Liver- 
pool, Merch*, b. 17 
Nov. 1737; d. at 
Bath 24 Sep. 1802. 

=Isabel, dau. of George 
Farrington of Shaw- 
hall, Esq. (See 
Gregson's 'Lanca- 
shire,' 257.) 

Gill Farrington Slater, b. 6 Oct. 
1780. . _ 

Elizabeth, b. 11 July 1765 ; mar. 
27 Dec. 1790 to John Peel of 
Burton, co. Staff., Esq., brother 
to Sir Robert Peel. (See Ped., 
p. 98.) 

b. 5 

I I 

Barbara, b. 15 March 1774 ; mar. 
3 Aug. 1793 to Thomas Wheeler 
Milner of London, Esq., brother to 
Robert Milner, Clerk. (See Ped., 
p. 98.) _ 

Charlotte, b. 3 Dec. 1777. 

Elizabeth, wife of Anthony 
Why te of Liverpool, Merch*, 
by whom Mark Anthony 
Whyte, Esq., mentioned at 
p. 13, & Jane, wife of John 
Barker of Barlow, Clerk; 
Elizabeth another dau., d. 

Richard, of Ches- 
terfield, Attorney, 
4 th & youngest 
son, d. in Jan. 
1807, aged 67. 

Catherine, dau. of John 
Heaton of Doncaster ; 
mar. at Hansworth 2 
July 1765. She had a 
sister Jane Heaton, & 
their father was Mayor 
of Doncaster. 

Jane, b. 16 April 1769 ; 
mar. 8 March 1798 to 
Francis Foxlowe of Stave- 
ley, Clerk ; no issue ; ob. 
h 6 March 1850. 

Catherine, Gill Slater, d. 15 Jan. 

b. 28 Feb. 1791 on board " Le 

1767 ; d. Brane " (?) at Jamaica, 

22 Aug. aged 19 ; b. 9 June 

1785. 1771. 

Silas, d. 

Richard, b. 4 
March 1768 ; 
d. 7 May 1790; 
bur. at Hamp- 

MS. 97 



Francis Rebow of Wivenhoe= 
Park, co. Essex, Esq., for 
which name he relinquished 
his own, b. 22 April 1770 ; 
a Lieut.-General in the Army 
7 Oct. 1845. 

: Mary Hester, eldest dau. of Col. Isaac Elizabeth, b. 

Martin Rebow of Wivenhoe Parkin 1 April 1766; 

Essex, Esq. ; mar. at St. Margaret's, mar. Sampson 

London, 29 March 1796. Her sister Holland of 

Sarah Emma mar. John Hitchins of Chesterfield, 

Penzance, Esq., & I believe d. with- & d. without 

out issue. issue. 


Mary Martin, only dau., mar. 1824 to Sir Tho s Ormsby, Bart., of 
Cloghans, co. Mayo, & 2 John Gurdon of Letton, co. Norf., who, 
Sep. 2, 1835, took the name of Rebow. 

For Rebow see M. P. B., vii., 52. 

Isaac Martin Rebow, M.P. for Colchester, was son of Isaac Leming Rebow, by 
Mary, dau. of Thomas Martin, Esq., Counsellor-at-Law. (Morant, ii., 189.) 

MS. 98 


Todd of Kirton= 

=Elizabeth, dau. of John Cater, aunt & coheir 
to another John Cater. 

Anthony Todd of Newstead, co.=f=Elizabeth, dau. of John Wheatley of Royston, co. 

York, psh. of Hemsworth. 

York, Gent., by Hannah 
Hollingsworth of Tinsall. 

his wife, dau, of John 

Esther, 1 st wife, dau. &=f=William Todd of=pSusanna, 2 nd wife, dau. &= 

heir of Henry Wood of 
York, . Gent. ; of the 
Woods of Burton Abbey ; 
mar. at Newton Kyne 
26 Sep. 1744. 

Newstead & 
Wakefield, Esq., 
d. 24 April 1761, 
aged 55 ; he mar. 
his 2 w. at Bads- 
worth 10 Feb. 

coheir of Peter Sunder- 
land of Fetherston, Esq. 
(see Ped., p. 264) ; d. 8 
Dec. 1783, aged 64. 
(P. 264.) 

: John 
of Wake- 
field, 1 st 
and also 

William Todd, a Cap- 
tain, d. in 1792, 26 
July, aged 36; Cap 11 
in the 43 rd Foot. 

Hannah, wife of 
John Naylor of 
Wakefield. (See 
Ped., p. 51.) 


of Man- 


land W. 

I I 


William. Charles. Edward. James. Susan. Henry. Maria. Ephelinda. 

Mary Todd, wife of Thomas Slater Elizabeth, 
of Chesterfield. (See Ped., p. 97.) — 


Ann Todd, wife of Daniel Maude 
of Wakefield, Esq. (P. 257.) 


Daniel Maude. Sarah, wife of Jeremiah Naylor of Ann. 
Wakefield. (See Ped., p. 51.) 




MS. 98 

Alexander Barker, Steward to the Duke of Devonshire=j=Ann Greensmith (?). 

William B., also Steward=f=Mary White. 

Alex r ,=pEliz. Amy, mar Brelsford. Ann. Sarah, mar Girdon. 


Mary, mar Greaves. Eliz. George, mar. Debora White. 

(See p. 478.) She remar Watson. 

Alex., d. y. 

William B., Dean of=f=Mary John, ob. Debora, mar Bosley of Bakewell 


Halton. 1798. 


i ii ill 

Alex 1 ' Bossley, an James. George, Vicar Wil m . Barker, mar mar. 

AW. (Seep. 112.) . of Chester- Mary Mills of Barker 

= field. Ashover (?). of Litton. 

1. Immanuel. 2. George. 3. Alex r , a Clerk. 4. Will m . Ellen, mar. Adam 


.... Whyte of Ireland.=p 

James Anthony Whyte of=f=Elizabeth, dau. of Adam Eiohard Whyte, a General 

Whyte. Liverpool, Merch*, Slater, M.D. (see Ped., in the Army, 
mar. at Chester- p. 97) ; bp. 14 Dec. — 

field 4 April 1763. 1740 ; bur. at 0. 30 Ann Whyte, wife of 

Oct. 1771. Singleton. 

I ■- I. I I 

Mark Anthony Whyte of Lin-=Louisa, dau. of Elizabeth, Jane=j=5. John 

coin's Inn, Esq., only son, John Simpson _d. 10 Oct. Whyte. Barker of 

living without issue 1821 ; mar. of Laund Abbey, 1803. Barlow, 

in August 1798. Esq. (See Ped., Clerk. 

p. 13.) 

Anthony Auriol Barker, b. 8 April Henry, b. 4 Nov. Frederick, b. 28 Sep. 1806 ; 

1799 ; B.A. ; Perpetual Curate of 1801. d. an infant. 

Baslow & Beeley & Chaplain to — — 

the Dowager Viscountess Galway. Arundel, b. 3 Frederick, b. 7 Mar. 1808. 

April 1804. 

MS. 98 




Robert Peel of Lancashire & the town of Blackburn/ 

i ii ii ii 

William. Sir Robert Peel, Bart. Laurence, mar. A. Howarth, Joseph, mar. 

& M.P. in 1750 ; in and again Lady Radcliffe, A. Howarth. 

1787 mar. Ellen Yates, relict of Sir Jos h R. (See — 

and had issue. p. .) Anne, wife 

— — of 

Edmund, mar. Ellen Jonathan, mar Bolton. Willock. 


Gill Slater. (P. 97.)= 


, Milner.=F 

John Peel of=j=Elizabeth Barbara^fThomas Robert Milner, a Fanny, wife of 

co. Derb., d. 7 
Nov. 1816, 
aged 49. 

Margaret, Slater, 
d. 10 Oct. 

aged 55. 

Wheeler Clerk. 

Milner, — 

Esq. William Milner. 

Scroop Colquit 
of Liverpool. 

I I I I 

Susan, b. 21 July Adelaide, b. 14 Dec. Wheeler, b. 3 Nov. Thomas, b. 11 

1794. 1795. 1797. June 1799. 

Slater & 
Alice, d. 

i i 

Isabella, b. 8 Sep. 

Charlotte Ann, b. 
17 Feb. 1795. 

I I 
Robert John, b. 9 
July 1796. 

Cecilia, b. 23 Feb. 


Georgiana, mar. at 
Barlborough 18 
July 1832 to Rev. 
Chris r Alderson. 

Gill Henry, 
d. 21 April 
1838, aged 

Most of the information contained on this page and the preceding is derived 
from an account of the family of Slater and its connections, given to John Milnes, 
Esq., by the Rev. Silas Slater of Whittington, in a letter bearing date 11 Oct. 1804, 
now in my possession. 

The pedigree of Gill was compiled by myself from Wills & Registers. — J. H. 

See in my Church Notes at Burton-on-Trent 1852, in ' Itinerary,' xxiii., other 
notices of these Peels. 

MS. 99 


Pedigree of Gregson of the County of Derby, as the early descents were attested by 
Henry St. George, Richmond, Herald in 1633, and allowed by Sir William Dugdale, 
Norroy, at his Visitation of the County of Derby, begun in 1662 & ended in 1664, 
with a continuation. 

.... Gregory de Normanton=f=Isabella, fil. W m Singleton, mil. 

.... Arturus, nlius Gregorii alias FitzGregory=f= Alicia, fil. Ric. 
sive Gregson, that is Gregoryson. a | Aston, mil. 

* 1 Miss Wright.— J, W. C. 


Georgius Gregson=pAnna, fil. Simon Orofte, mil. 

Thomas Gregson=j=Kath., fil. Wil. Waddesley. 


Radulphus Gregson=pConstantia, fil. Johis Haughton. 

Johannes Gregson=pAnna, fil. Jacobi Latham. 


Thomas Gregson=pAlicia, fil. Wil. Parker. 

Willus Gregson=j=Margeria, fil Whittington. 

Willus Gregson=fElizabetha, fil. Oliveri Cotton. 


Johes Gregson=f=Margeria, fil. Geo.. Cubey. 

Thomas Gregson=j= Anna, fil. Johis :Nevil, mil. 

Thomas Gregson=pAlicia, fil. Henry Merry. 

Another account, found among the papers of John Milnes, Esq. 

Thomas Gregory (sic) of Sherrow-hall in^Ann, dau. & heir of Wil m Twiford 
Thurvaston, co, Derb., jure ux, I of Sherrow Hall. 

r~. i r n 

Thomas Gregson of Sher-=j= Ann, dau. of Henry John. William. Gregory. 

row-hall, Gent., ob. 18 
Dec. 38 Eliz., I. P. M. 

Merry of Barton Blount, 
co. Derb., Esq. 

ii i i i . 

Thomas. Francis. Richard. Ann, wife of Laurence Mary, wife of Gregory 

Hill of Yoxall, co. Eyre of Sutton. 

Martha, wife of Henricus Gregson of Sherrow-hall & of=f Editha, fil. & her. Geo 

Richard Pole of Turnditch, jure ux., aged 12 years & 

Radborn. 354 days at his father's death, 38 Eliz. 

He was Escheator of Derbyshire 12 G. I. 


Allestree de Turnditch- 
hall in par. of Duffield. 

MS. 99 



Vincent, bp. 
at Duffield 
14 Feb. 

Richard, bp. 
at D. 9 May 

Henry, bp. at D. 27 
Oct. 1621; liv* at 
Wapping, London, 
in 1663. 

Alice Gregson, mar. William 
Milnes of Chesterfield, Gent, 
(see Ped., p. 18) ; mar. at 
Duffield 5 July 1632. 

George Gregson of Turnditch^ 
Gent., eldest son & heir, aged 
26, 1634, and Q6 in 1663 ; bur. 
at Duffield 2 Sep. 1670. 

=Alice, dau. of Eichard Milnes of Thomas, bp. 

Chesterfield, co. Derb., Merch* (see at Duffield 

Ped., p. 18) ; mar. at North Darley 14 Julv 

19 Aug. 1634; bur. at Duffield 1611." 
6 Sep. 1670. 



Mary, mar. 1 Exuperius Beighton of Wirks- 
worth, son of Tho s ; & 2 nd William Greaves 
of Derby. 


Henry Gregson, son George Gregson of Turn-=j=Elizabeth, dau. of Thomas Beigh- 

& heir-apparent, ditch, Gent., son & heir, 

aged 25, 1662; d. in 17 C. 2 ; an Atfr; living 
1663. 1675. 

ton of Wirksworth, by Dorothy 
Webster his wife (see Ped., p. 
267). Compare M. P. B.,xii., 142. 

Henry Gregson, : 
2 nd son ; an 
Attorney at 
High am. 

=Troth, dau. & heir of Thomas Sherbrooke 
of Higham (son of Robert & brother of 
Richard & John), by Troth his wife, dau. 
of Richard Taylor of Washington. (See 
p. 551.) 

I I 

.... w. of 1 ... . 
Nighton; 2 Ellis 
Farnworth, Clerk. 

William Wall of 
Wensley, co. 
Derb. =p 

Anthony Wall, 
2 nd son. 

George Gregson of Turn-- 
ditch & Derby, Gent. ; an 
Atty ; d. at Mansfield 17 
Oct. 1716; bur.atDuffield. 

: Mary, dau. & co- 
heir of John Bux- 
ton of Youlgreave, 

Stephen Wall. John Wall=pAnne Greg- 

of Wens- 
ley, Gent. 


Elizabeth Gregson, mar. Henry 
Norton of Dal bury, co. Derb., 
Gent. (In Wolley it is Noton.) 



George Wall=j=Mary, dau.= 

of Wensley, 
Gent., d. 20 
Jan. 1753 

of John 

= John Wilkinson 
of Chesterfield, 
Gent., 2 nd hus- 
band. (See 
Ped., p. 74.) 

John Wall=Mary, dau. 

of Wens- 
ley, Gent., 
2 nd son; no 
issue ; ob. 
s.p. June 

VOL, I, 

of William 
Goodwin of 
Gent.; mar. 
2. ...Bush- 
by, clerk. 




MS. 99 


F G 

Stephen Wall, Gent., of Ryber Ann Maria Wall, sole 
^W\ d au# & heir, d. un- 

m par. of Matlock, 
dated 6 Oct. 1803. 

Henry. John. George. 

mar. 1 May 1762. 

Mary Wilkinson, , sole 
dau. & heir, d. unmar. 
Oct. 1784. 

George Gregson of=pJane, dau. of Joseph Eogers of=pThomas Gregson, 
Turnditch and Cowley in the par. of Dronfield, 

Dronfield, Gent. Gent. She took to her third 
(Q. Robert, which husband Laurence Bourne, 
I believe to be the Vicar of Dronfield, to whom she 
right reading.) was mar. 14 Nov. 1755, & was 

living in 1769. 

2 nd husband, 
Captain in the 
Army, slain at 

Mary Greg- 
son, d. un- 

George Gregson, bp. at Dronfield 1 July 
1727 ; d. unmar. 25 April 1752, & was 
bur. at Dronfield. 

Thomas Gregson, bp. at Dronfield 18 June 
1738 ; d. 1 Nov. following, & was there 

John Staley=f=Judith 


John=pMartha Lankford. Edward Daws, 1 vir.=pAnn==John Vessey, 2 vir. 


. . . . S., d. s.p. Mary, mar Wall & . . . . 2 daus. only. William Vessey=pElizabeth Main. 

Wilkinson. | 

* John Staley Vessey. 

This pedigree is given entirely as 1 find it among M r Mimes' papers, to whom it 
must have been communicated by his friend M r Blore. I have added only the 
marriage of Mary, dau. of George & Alice Gregson, as I found it among Brailsford's 
pedigrees. It is needless to say that the string in the upper part of the page is 
merely preserved to shew what was admitted by our earlier Heralds. 

There is a genealogical inscription in the Church of Dronfield for the husbands 
of Jane Rogers. She & her husband, Laurence Bourne, sold Turnditch-hall to one 
Calton, then butler to Sir Nathaniel Curzon, whose representatives sold it in 1772 to 
Thomas Mottershaw, an upholsterer in Derby. 

The Arms of Gregson are deserving of notice, Nevil, with a canton of Warren. 

From Richard Gregson, 6 th son of John by Margery Cubey, Matthew Gregson, 
now of Liverpool, Author of ' Fragments of Lancashire,' deduces his descent, as he 
has informed me by letter, 1821. 


MS. 100 

Robert de Mora, temp. Hen. VI.=rJoan, dau. & coheir of .... De Mora. 

James Mower of Barley=f= Robert Mower, younger son, had lands at More- 


house & Barley Woodseats, 

B l. 

MS. 100 

A I ._ 


John Mower. = 

John Mower. 

James Mower, exchanged Morehouse with Henry Foljambe, Esq., for 
lands at Holmesfield. =p 


George, of Holmsfield, 1651. 



Eobert Mower of Barley Wood- 
seats, had the old hall in Ches- 
terfield in right of his wife. 

.... wife 



.... wife of 

=Elizabeth, dau. & co- James 
heir of Thomas Hugh- Mower, 
gate of Chesterfield. 

Thomas Mower, 
father of Henryj 
father of Richard. 


wife of .... wife James Mower, Supervisor, 
Fent- of ... . named in his brother's will 
Barton. 1558. =f= 

Eobert Mower of Gorshouse in Scarsdale.= 


George, ob. s.p. Eobert, servant to the Earl of Scarsdale, 1652. James. 

Agnes, l st =pGeorge Mower of Barley=Ann, 2 nd = 

wife, dau. 

Woodseats ; will dated 1 6 wife, 

Aug. 1558 ; d. 21 March dau. of 

following, & was interred Eich d 

in the Churchyard of Hunt. 

=Agnes, 3 rd wife,= 
dau. of John 
Parker of Willy 
Hall ; d. 24 Feb. 

=Eichard Smith 
of Hill-houses 
in Winger- 
worth, 2 nd hus- 

Arthur=pJoan, eldest dau. & coheir 


of Christopher King of 
Milnthorp, by Helen, dau. 
of Henry Fanshaw of Fan- 
shaw Gate ; mar. 3 July 

Ann, wife of Thomas 

Dorothy, wife of ... . 

Elizabeth, wife of ... . 
Wolstenholm, by whom 

Benedicta, wife of ... . 

Ann Mower, b. 25 Dec. 
1568; mar. 27 Jan. 1601 to 
Geo. Cowper of Somer- 
leghes, son of Thomas 0. of 

oMary, b. 27 Sep. 1560. 

Alice Mower, b. 11 July 
1571 ; mar. Eobert Owtram 
of Apperknoll, son of Tho- 
mas, 3 March 1605. 

George, b. 
bur. 6 th . 

3 July 1559, 

George M., to : 
whom his 
father gave 
lands in Ches- 
terfield, b. 30 
May 1567. 





MS. 100 

Arthur, of More-hall 1652. 

George, b. 2 June 1608. 



Robert Mower of Bar- 
ley Woodseats & of 
Milnthorp, Yeo., b. 25 
Sep. 1562 ; d. 29 Aug. 

: Joan, dau. & co- 
heir of Henry 
Sheldon of Tiss- 
mar. there 16 
June 1589; bur. 
21 July 1644. 

Joan Mower, b. 8 
Sep. 1557 ; mar. 
William, son & 
heir of W m Ow- 
tram of Horsly 
Gate & Bradway. 

Dorothy Mower, b. 3 
Aug. 1564 ; mar. 7 
July 1589 to Tho s 
Wilson of Wolf- m 
thwaite, par. of Tick- 
hill, son of George W. 
of Owlcotes. 

George Mower, 2 nd son,b.= 
19 April 1600, to whom 
his elder brother gave 
lands in Taddington. 

Catherine, Robert, a Clerk, b. Richard, of= 

dau. of 2 July 1604 ; bur. Holmsfield, 

John at Barley 6 Aug. b. 28 

Gregory. 1671. 1607. 

: Frances 




Robert & Rich d , 
d. s.p. 



Arthur Mower o£=pRose, dau. of Ro- 

Barley Woodseats, 
d. 20 Dec. 1652, 
& was bur. at Bar- 

bert Stone of Car- 
sington, Gent., & 
Eliz. his wife; mar. 
23 Aug. 1620. 

Dorothy M., b. 
26 April 1590 ; 
mar. Peter 

Alice M., b. 
13 March 
1593 ; mar. 


Anna M., b. 
19 Nov. 
1610 ; mar. 

George. Arthur, d. Abigail, bp. at Barley, 10 
in Nor- Jan. 1631 ; mar. George 
way. Bullock of Dunston, Gent. 

(See Ped., p. 195.) 

Joan, mar. at Barley 12 Sep. 
1649 to Thorn 8 T hacker of 
Hedge, co. Derb. ; ob. 21 
Jan. 1650. 

Mary, 1 st wife,= 
dau. & coheir 
of Patrick 
Johnson of 
Kilburn, co. 
Derb. ; mar. 2 
Jan. 1648 ; 
bur. at Barley 
23 Nov. 1650. 

=Mary, 2 nd wife, 
dau. & coheir of 
Roger Pritch- 
ard ; niece & 
heir of Eliz. 
festo S.Martin 
Epi 1651; ob. 
23 Jan. 1658. 


Robert Mower= 
of Milnthorpe, 
" The Great 
Lead Mer- 
chant," b. 2 
July 1623 ; d. 
at the Old hall 
in Chesterfield 
3 Nov. 1675 ; 
bur. at Barley. 

Mary, 3 rd wife, = 
dau. of James 
Milnes of Tap- 
ton near Ches- 
terfield (see 
Ped., p. 18) ; 
mar, 1660; ob. 
s.p. ; bur. at 
20 Dec. 1670. 

:Dorothy, 4 th wife, 
mentioned in her 
husband's will ; 
has the lease of 
the house at New- 
ark & £500 ; s d to 
be originally Dory 
Wilson of Ches- 
terfield * 

MS. 100 





Arthur Mower, 

Elizabeth Mower, 

Nicholas Stones= 


= George Mil- 

son & heir-ap- 

mar. 1 ..... . Vin- 

of Bradway in 


ward of 

parent, aged 3, 

cent, & 2 nd Henry 

Norton, Gent. 

b. 23 


1652; bp. at 

Carrington of the 

(See Ped., 


field, 2 nd 

Barley 8 Nov. 


p. 198.) 

1652; ob. 


1649.; d. 11 

13 May 

Jan. 1655. 


Robert Mower of Newark, co.= 
Notts, 2 nd son & heir, b. 27 
Oct. 1654 ; d. at Newark 3 
Dec. 1708, & was bur. at 

: Elizabeth, dau. & coheir of Edmund George, b. Jan. 
Brown of Wellow, co. Notts ; d. 4 1657 ; ob. s.p. 
Sep. 1727, aged 72, & was bur. at 15 Sep. 1688. 
Barley. (Q. if Wellow should not 
be Welham.) 

Arthur Mower, 3 rd 
son, d. unmar. at 
Brampton ; bur. at 
Barlow ; d. 8 April 
1750, aged 65. 

Edmund Mower of^f=Dorothy, dau. of Jo- Mary, d. young. 

Newark, 4 th son, d. 
4 Dec. 1719, aged 
32, & was bur. at 
Barley. (Q. 1712.) 


siah Stephenson 
Hay-Green near 
Barnsley, Gent., d. 25 
July 1725, & was bur. 
at Barlow. 

Elizabeth, d. 
unmar., aged 28. 

Robert Mower of=pMary, dau. of Wil- 

Hay Green, b. in 
1710, & of Wel- 
ham, co. Notts, 
Gent. ; an Att^. 

Ham Baxter, Gent., 
of Royds near Wath ; 
d. 20 Oct. 1743, & 
was bur. at Wath, 
aged 30. 


Edmund. He was Segar, d. 

a parson of Clay- young. — 

borough, co. — Ann. 

Notts, & d. 2 Feb. George. 
1747. — 



Robert Mower of=rSarah, d. 26 Dec. 

Swinton, Gent., 
ob. 6 Oct. 1789, 
aged 49; bur. at 

1715 (sic), aged 
60; bur. at Wath. 

George Baxter 
Mower, b. 16 
June 1738 ; 
ob. 2 July 

Edmund Mower, was 
living at Swinton un- 
mar. 1800 ; d. 25 Dec. 
1807, aged 65 ; bur. at 

Sarah M., d. unmar. 10 July 1797, aged 23 ; bur. at Wath. 

Robert Mower, 
eldest son & 
heir-app! ; d. 
aged 2 years, & 
ley7 Feb. 1681. 

Ann, first wife, dau. & heir= 
of John Latham of Hal- 
lows, Gent., by the dau. & 
heir of George Bullock of 
Dunston, Gent. ; mar. at 
Budworth, co. Cest 1 ', 1709 ; 
d. 2 Oct. 1716, set. 32. 
(See Ped., p. 195.) 

: George Mower of= 
Woodseats, Esq., 
2 nd son & heir ; 
b. 1681 ; High 
Sheriff of Derby- 
shire 1734 ; will 
dated 29 July 
1762 ; d. 26 Aug. 
following, & was 
bur. at Barley. 


:Mary, 2 nd wife, 
dau. of Robert 
Watts of Barley ; 
mar. there 22 
July 1735 ; d. 23 
Jan. 1789, aged 
7.5, & was bur. at 



MS. 100, 101 



in Mower, sole 


Ann, b. 1743 ; 

Mary, b. 1737 ; 

Sarah, b. 1745 ; 


issue of her 

d. unmar. 14 

mar. John Wil- 

mar. Geo. White 

b. 1736; 

mother ; d. an 

March 1786, 

cox of Swafield, 

of Winster, 

mar. Tho s 

infant 20 July 

set. 44. 

co. Leic, & ob. 

Gent., & d. 24 

Hewet, & 


s.p. 22 Nov. 

May 1805, set. 

ob. s.p. 



George M., 
eldest son 
& heir- 
app., d. an 
infant 25 
Oct. 1743. 

Elizabeth, 1 st wife,=pRobert Mower 

3 rd dau. of Richard 
Milnes of Dun- 
ston, Esq. (see 
Ped., p. 18) ; ob. 
1 Nov. 1779, aet. 

of Barley 
Esq., son & 
heir, b. 11 
Feb. 1746-7 : 
d. in Dec. 

^Charlotte, 2 nd wife, 
dau. of Simon Law- 
rence of Edinburgh; 
mar. at Knares- 
borough 30 Oct. 
1780 ; d. at New- 
ark Oct. 1822, set. 

Martha, bp. 
18 Jan. 
1752 ; mar. 
16 May 
1787 John 
Webb of 
Clerk. (See 
p. 282.) 

George Mower, b. 
7 Nov. 1782 ; bp. 
at Barley 14 th ; 
unmar. 1825, and 
d. at Welham, co. 
Notts ; bur. 28 
April 1843. 

Arthur Mower, = 
b. 6 June 1789; 
bp. at Barley 5 
July; M.D. of 
Emanuel Col- 
lege, Camb.; & 
of Woodseats ; 
no issue, 1825. 

:Ann Jane, dau. 
of William 
Steuart, Esq. ; 
Advocate of 
Edinburgh ; 
mar. in May 
1821 at Edin- 

I I 

Charlotte, b. 30 July 1781 ; 
w. of Sam. Thorold, Esq., 
of Welham, Esq., & d. 15 
May 1837, set. 57. 

Anne, b. 29 Oct. 1797 ; w. 
of Gervas Holmes, Att? of 

George, d 19 Elizabeth Mary Mower, only surviving issue 
Sep. 1779, of the 1 st mar. ; heir to the Milnes of Dunston ; 
aged 2 mar. 1 st Thomas Smith, & 2 nd John Frederick 

months. Smith, Esq. (see p. 18) ; mar. 1 at Sheffield 25 

Aug. 1791 ; d. 12 Aug. 1829, a3t. 57; bur. at 


Robert, ob. 12 Nov. 

Martha, d. 15 Nov. 
1774, aged 2 


M rs Mower of Woodseats, viz., Charlotte, wife of Robert, sent a copy of what 
appears to have been kept as a family tree to M r Milnes in 1807. She adds a few 
notes, and first : — 

" According to tradition the first of the Mowers or Mores came over with 
William the Conqueror, or rather with him who was afterwards called the Lord of 
Barley. W m granted to De Barley the lands which form the present parish and lord- 
ship of Barlow, and De Barley gave to De More the site of the Little Hamlet now 
called More-hall, but antiently More-house, and the land adjacent. But of neither 
of these facts have I found any written documents." 

This is a rational account of the original of the De Mores, except that I rather 
suppose it will be found in Domesday-book that De Barley did not hold immediately 
of the Crown, and it is more probable if the first De Barley were himself a Norman, 
which I doubt, that the first of the De Mores was of Saxon original. So I conclude 
from their being such small sub infeudatories. M rs Mower goes on : 


" The oldest writing which I can understand is a grant of the lands and Manor 
of Barley Woodseats from Marjory de Leheme to W ra de More of that place. From 
this phrase & from the extent of the grant, being six or seven miles from East to 
West, I suspect that this was rather an extension of an old than a new grant. An 
extension of privileges I should take it to be, for the fee simple of all the lands 
within the boundary there described they never did nor could possess. This deed 
is dated 34 Edward III." 

In a later communication to M r Mimes, M 1 ' 3 Mower says that she has since 
found among the family papers many deeds without dates which she supposes, and 
rightly, to be of an earlier age than this of Marjory de Leheme. I do not find that 
any abstracts have been made of them. One was of the De Cans (?) family with 
John de More witness. 

The pedigree which she sent begins with Robert Mower, who stands at the head 
of the pedigree on the opposite page, and agrees with the account here given, but 
many particulars have been added from Brailsford's pedigrees, Vincent's, & other 
sources of information. I consider the main stock as described with much accuracy, 
which is more than I should venture to say of the Cadets. Eobert Mower had 
Gorshouse, Lee Cliff house, and Cold Aston of his own inheritance, & acquired 
More-house & Barley Woodseats by his wife. The brother who had More-house 
was to pay to the elder brother as Lord of the Fee 3/4 yearly. But I observe 
M rs Mower has inverted the order in which they stand in the Pedigree, making 
Robert the elder brother & James the younger. 

I find among M r Mimes' Collections the following notices of Deeds of Mower : — 

Jordan de Lees by deed s.d. granted to Roger Leheme & his heirs the M' of 
Barley Woodseats, with all lands, etc., in the village & fields of Barley Lees, etc. 
Witness, among others, John de Mora. 

- Roger Leheme by deed s.d. granted to William, son of William Smith, in frank 
marriage with Margery his daughter all that land with the edifices, etc., which 
Nicholas Underbill formerly held in Barley Woodseats. Witnesses, Jordan de 
Abetot de Barley, John de Mora, & others. 

Roger de Mora was one of the witnesses to a grant 29 Edw. I. made by Robert, 
son of Jordan de Abetot, to Robert, son of William de Barley, of an oxgang of land 
in Barley, 

William de Mora, Junior, of Barley Woodseats by deed dated 15 Ric. II. granted 
to Sir Roger de Chesterfield, Chaplain of Dronfield, all his lands and tenements in 
the parish of Dronfield, etc., which descended to him after the decease of Joan his 
mother. Witnesses, William de Mora, Senior, Roger de Mora, & others. 

Roger de Chesterfield, Chaplain of Dronfield, by deed dated 8 Henry IV. granted 
to Joan de Mora of Barley Woodseats all the lands & tenements with the appur- 
tenances which he had of the gift of William de Mora the younger, her late 

John, son of John de Riggeway of Barley by deed 3 Ric. II. granted to Roger 
de Mora all his lands, etc., in the fees of Staveley & Dronfield. 

We have a curious and ample account of the family occurrences during the life 
of Arthur Mower, mar. in 1555, who recorded not only those but many other things 
which passed under his own eye in a MS. of which there is a copy amongst those 
papers which came to me from M r Milnes. 

John Warde, had lands at Hollington & Aston, co. Derb.=r= 

Sarah, mar. Chilah(?) Grundy of Mary, mar. Peter Mower of Castle Partition deed 

Cartlege, psh. of Dronfield. Heyes. psh. of Tutbury. 29 May 1685. 

William Johnson of Kilbourn, co. Derb., 1624 =p 
Patrick Johnson of Kilbourn, Gent., 1624=^=Pascha. dau. of George Pochin of Barkby, co. Line, 



Catherine, mar. Tho s Grace, Pascha, mar. Mary, mar. Kobert Mower Ann, mar Bun- 
son & heir of John Grace of Robert .... of Woodseats, " The great ford, a South Country 
Duffield. =p of Turnditch. Lead MerchV Gentleman. 


John Grace, sold Kilburn to his brother-in-law .... Hunter of Kilburn=pPascha. 
M r Hunter. X. 

(See p. 440.) 

D r Pegge relates that George Mower, the Sheriff in 1734, lived long a bachelor, 
& educated two nephews, Edmund and .... one of these at the University of 
Cambridge, the other as an Attorney at Doncaster. Both misconducted themselves, 
whereupon the old gentleman thought proper to marry, and took the dau. of 
M r Rob. Watts of Barlow, with a small fortune. His first son d., then he had 
Robert, living in 1794. This Robert mar. first Miss Mimes, & had a dau. by her. 
After her death he took Hannah, the dau. of his tenant .... Sharnian of Apper- 
knoll, for child's maid, & she being a pretty girl he sent her to a boarding school 
at Doncaster for education, intending to marry her, but afterwards , he met with a 
Scotch lady at Harrowgate, & mar. her and had a son. On relinquishing Hannah 
Sharman it is said he gave her £200, and she mar. an officer in the Sea Service. 
[There is a trifling incorrectness. George Mower was not a bachelor, but a 
widower. The interval between the death of his first wife and his marriage with 
his second was 19 years.] 

D r Pegge relates another love adventure of the Mowers. Robert Mower, father 
of the above George, ran away with Esther Taylor, the only child of George Taylor, 
Esq., of Durant Hall in Chesterfield. She was carried into Yorkshire. The person 
who actually carried her off was one Taylor, a butcher, afterwards an Alderman of 
Chesterfield. M r Mower's father prohibited his son from marrying her, & she was 
brought back. She afterwards mar. Charles Scrimshire, Esq., who is said to have 
made her but a bad husband. 

Kobert Watts, a Soap boiler of=j=Sarab, dau. of Thomas Webster, a tanner & 
Staveley. Aid. of Chesterfield. 

Robert, of Chester- 1 
field, Apothecary. 

, . . dau. of Obadiah G-odfrey, of=f=Blizabeth, dau. of Mary, mar. George 

Bourne. (Seep. 149.) Barley. 

Godf. Webster of Mower of Wood- 
Chesterfield, seats. 

Robert, only child. Godfrey. 

Battle— is>mitjK ms. 102 

I am not acquainted with the evidence in which the first John Battie is said to 
be son of Robert & Isabella, nor of his 2 marriage. Robert is said to have been 
brother to the Grandfather of the M r Battie who took the name of Wrightson. 
Benjamin Taylor, son-in-law to John Battie, was bur. at Sheffield Dec. 25, 1715. 
The elder John Battie had a brother W m Battie, also an Att y at Sheffield, who mar. 
Ann Ward, sister to the wife of John, 27 Dec. 1719, & had W m B. of Hemsworth, 
who had dau. mar. to ... . Taylor, an Apothecary there, Elizabeth, Isabel, & others, 
who d. infants. But I do not vouch to all this. 

MS. 102 



Robert Battie=rlsabella. 

Mary, 1 w., dau. of . 
Handley; b. 1683: 
20 Aug. 1708. 


Join Battie of Sheffield, Gent., an=j=Margaret, 2 w., dau. 

Attorney and Steward of the Manor 
Court, d. 22 March 1747, aged 64. 

Robert, d. y. 

of Wil. Ward of 
London, AW ; d. 6 
April 1744, aged 61. 

John Battie, 1 son, William B. of Sheffield, Thomas, bp. Nov. 8, 1714; bur. 

of Sheffield, Gent., AW, bp. June 13, 1711; Jan. 10, 1714-5. 

bp. April 10,1710 ; d. unmar. April 21, — 

d. unmar. Dec. 4, 1774. Margaret, bp. Aug. 14, 1712 ; d. 

1789. unmar. June 7, 1773. 

Elizabeth, bp. Oct. 8, 1713 ; d. unmar. Isabel, bp. Dec. 13,=Samuel Dawson of 
at York March 7, 1799 ; bur. in the 1716 ; mar. 17 Aug. Sheffield, AW, 
Old Church, Pontefract. 1749 ; d. Oct. 27, d. May 21, 1777, 

1784, s.p. 

aged 63. 

Ann, bp. 29 Jan. Mary, bp. 3 May Tho. Smith of Shef-=pSusan B., bp. Sep. 11, 

1717 ; d. unmar. 1719 ; d. unmar. field, ironmonger, d. 
5 July 1776. Sep. 20, 1790. Oct. 5, 1772, aged 


1723; mar. July 15, 
1753; d. March 3, 

Ann, b. 16 Sep., bp. Thomas Smith of=f=Elizabeth Mary Mower.= John Fred. 

16 Oct. 1758 ; d. 
Oct. 5, 1772. 

Dunston, Esq. 

(See pp. 18 & 100.) 

Smith, 2 hus- 

Margaret S., 1 w., bur. : 
July 23, 1793. 

= Alexander McKenzie, Minister=p. ... 2 w., dau. of Joseph 
at St. Paul's, Sheffield. Wilson of Sharrow Moor. 

Colin, bur. April William, d. 1806. Marg* Joan M., mar. Henry Mary, only 

2, 1793. — Limbrey Toll, Esq., & d. child. 

— Margaret, d. 1806. without issue. 
Mary, d. 1806. 

Cap n Toll, after the death of his first wife, mar. Miss Vavasor. 
Samuel Dawson named is said to have been a son of Samuel Dawson of Bawtry 
by a Bright of Banner Cross. 

MS. 102 


Smith of Wakefield or Rotherham. : 

Thomas Smith=pAnn, dau. of John & Mary James Smith of=p. . . . widow of 

of Wakefield, b. 

Nov. 24, 1701. 


VOL, I, 

Wordsworth of Wakefield, Norwich, b. at 

cousin of M rs Gill of Notton. Wakefield. 

(P. 308.) B 

of Norwich. 



MS. 1G2 

Thomas S. of 
Sheffield, Iron- 
monger, mar. 
Miss Battie. 
(See above.) 

1 w.,=f William S. of Nor-= 

dan. of wich, d. at Sharrow 

Shonld- MoorJulyl5,1801, 
ham of aged 72 ; bnr. in 
Norwich. Sheffield Ohnrch, 

6 children, all d. y. 

=. . . . 2 w., 
widow of 
Benj n 
Fenn of 

1 1 

John S. of Wake- 
field, d. nnmar. 

Ann, mar. Tho s 
Wordsworth of 

James Smith of Norwich, only child ;=pFrances, dau. of Rev. James Kinderley of 

of the parish of St. Andrew ; 


Norwich, Clerk, by Sarah his w., dan. of 
John Raining of Norwich. 

Sarah Maria, mar. 
Ch* Lloyd, LL.D., 
& had 1 child who 

Esther Anne, mar. Charles 
Western of Thorp near 
Norwich, & had one dan. ; 
bp. 8 Jnly 1778. 

Frances Julia, mar. Tho s Martin, 
V.D.M., of Yarmonth, after of 
Liverpool, Merch 1 ; b. 19 Nov. 
1776 ; bp. 5 Jan. 

Emma Thompson Aubrey,= John Fred k Smith=Elizab. Mary 
1 w., dan. of Captain of Norwich & Mower. (See 

Edward Howarth of the Wakefield, d. above.) 

Navy. 1842, s.p. 

Richard, d. aged 
18 ; bp. 10 Oct. 

Sir James Edward Smith of Nor-=Pleasance, dan. of Francis S. of= 

wich, Kn*, President of the Linnean Robert Reeve of Norwich, 

Society ; ob. s.p. ; bp. 13 Dec. Lowestoffi Mercer, bp. 

1759 ; knighted in 1814. 30 Aug. 1764, 

Frances, d, aged 8. 

: Sarah, dau. 


Marsh of 


Edward James, at Frederick William, of London. Harriet, mar. Charles Edwards 

Alexandria 1820. — of Cambridge. 

— Francis Catherine, mar. Alfred — 

George, d. in the Barnard of Norwich, Att?, & Jane Kinderley, mar. John 

East Indies nnmar. had 6 children. Stanford of Norwich. 

This account I received from M rs J. F. Smith at Bath, about 1820. 


MS. 103 

William Wright of Great Longston,=pElizabeth, dau. of James 

co. Derb., living temp. H. 8. 

Tidswall of co. Derb. 

William Wright of Great=i=Joan, dau. of Robert Knightley of Robert, 2 nd 
Longston, son & heir. Rowsley, co. Derb. son. 

MS. 103 




William Wright of Long-= 
ston, son & heir, Gent., liv- 
ing in 1634 ; d. about 1655 ; 
will dated 1 Aug. 1656. 

^Elizabeth, dau. of 
William Mimes of 
Ashford, co. Derb. 
(See Ped., p. 18.) 


Elizabeth, mar. .... 
Haslam, mentioned 
in her bro rs will. 

Ann, first wife, dau. of=pWilliam Wright of= Margaret, 2 nd wife, 
Longston, son & dau. of Thomas 
heir-app. 1634 ; d. Bagshaw of Ridge, 
in 1641. co. Derb. 

Thomas G-aunt, Gent, 
sister & heir of Tho s a. 
of Underwood, psh. of 

Mary, wife of 
Geo. Pole of 
co. Derb., Esq. 

Manners, 1 st wife, dau.=f=William Wright^Penelope, 2 nd wife, dau. of 

Thomas Legh of Adlington, 
Esq., by Anne his wife, who 
re-mar. Alex r Rigby, Esq. 
(See M. P. B., viii., 125.) 

of William Savile of 
Bakewell ; sister of 
George & William S. 
(P. 360.) 

of Longston, 
Gent., aged 4, 
1634 ; aged .81, 


William, d. an 

Thomas Wright, half a year old Frances. 
13 Aug. 1662 ; mar. Ann, dau. — 

of Sir Tho. Vernon. Lucy. 


John Oalvert : 
of Beeley, 

=Elizabeth, aged 
12, 1662 ; first 

Jane, aged 11, 1662. 


William Holmes of=p Mary Cal- 
Derby, Gent. | vert. 

Anne, aged 10, 1662. 

Both ob. s.p. Another account says that Jane 

mar Mottram of Derby, Attorney, & had 

Dorothy, mar. Christopher Bassano of Derby, 
Coach-painter ; & Anne mar. .... Calton, a 
Russia Merchant. 

Ellen, first wife, dau. of=f=Thomas Wright, Gent., of 

Tho s Hall of Barley Lees 
hall, co. Derb. (See Ped., 
p. 237.) 

Unthank in par. 
field, 2 nd son, 

of Dron- 

-Ann, 2 nd wife, dau. of 
Thomas Shiercliffe of 
Whitley hall, co. York, 

William John Wright=f=Elizabeth, 
Wright, of Eyam, dau. of 

aged 30, Gent., aged Henry 
1662. 13, 1662. Kniveton 

of Castle- 

Ann, wife of 
Burton of 



Mary, wife of Richard Sale. 

Dorothy, wife of Thomas Mor- 
ton, M.D., of Sheffield & Spout 
House. (See Ped., p. 104.) 


Helen Wright, sole dau. & heir, mar. at Brampton 
11 Aug. 1694 to William Soresby of Chesterfield, 
b Esq. (See Ped., p. 440.) c =f 

Thomas Wright of Eyam,=p 
Gent., son & heir. I 




MS. 108 


Dorothy Holmes,= 
1 st wife. 

= Adam Soresby of Chesterfield,= Jane, 2 nd wife, dau. of Sir 
Esq., 2 nd son & heir, bp. 1 Fisher Tench of Low 
March 1699 ; d. 5 June 1751. Layton ; sister & heir of 
I believe his issue is all ex- Sir Nath 1 ; no issue, 
hausted, 1844. 

William Soresby, Esq., 
bp. at Chesterfield 17 
Sep. 1732 ; d. without 
issue, in France, 31 
May 1760, & was bur. 
at Chesterfield. M r 
Woolley says he d. at 

Mary Soresby, eld- 
est dau. & coh r , 
mar. Wil m Milnes, 
Esq., of Aldercar. 
(See Ped., p. 18.) 

Helen Soresby, the other dau. & 
coheir, mar. Thomas Monroe, 
Clerk, Vicar of St. Bartholomew 
the less, & d. 7 April 1762. 
Marianne, her only dau., d. 28 
Jan. 1764, aged 7. M r Monro 
mar. 2 nd .... Taylor, who sur- 
vived & mar Jacobs. 

Adin Soresby, d. before his 
father in Feb. 1721-2, hav- 
ing no issue by Barbara his 
wife, dau. & coheir of John 
Bright ; b. 1698. 

William Soresby, 3 rd son, d. before his 
father, & without issue ; his wife Mary, 
eldest dau. of Ralph Naylor & Dorothy 
his wife ; bur. 1744, & his wid. mar. 
Tho s Hollins, & had a son named Tho s . 

Ellen, d. 


John Wright of Eyam, Esq., eldest son & heir, inherited the estate of Great= 
Longston on the death of his cousin, Col. Wil m Wright, in 1771. 

Thomas Wright, Gent.,=Amy, dau. & coheir Robert Wright= 

eldest son & heir-app., of Richard Milnes of Great Long- 

d. without issue 1759, of Barnes. (See ston & Eyam, 

soon after his marriage. Ped., p. 18.) Esq. 

Dorothy W., d. 
1824, aged 94. 


John Thomas Wright = Catherine Jane, dau. William, = Bowes, dau. of Anthony 

of Longston & Eyam, of Sir Henry Stafford of Out- Dawson of Azerley n r 

Esq., residing at Exe- Northcote of Pines, co. thorp, 2 Ripon, Esq. ; mar. at 

ter 1819. Devon, Bart. ; mar. 26 son. Ripon 1790. 

Aug. 1782. 

Thomas Wright of Longston, Esq., Just, of the Peace & Marshall of the 
Ceremonies, mar. dau. of Capt. Vernon of ClontafP near Dublin ; d. 1760 at an Inn 
in Sheffield, on a journey, by a hurt as it was said from his horse, who, upon his 
mounting, tossed up his head, whereby the butt-end of one of his pistols in the 
holster hit M r Wright on the breast, after which he lived but 2 or 3 days. 

The wife of Ralph Naylor, & mother of Mary, was named Dorothy. She had a 
fortune left her by Lady Geare. She survived Naylor, and mar. 2ndly, 31 July 1732, 
James Feme of Leek. (See p. 537.) 

It was remarked that no less than 8 of this Gentleman's family d. in the 
remembrance of man from home. 

Cap. Henry Wright of Ballybough Bridge, co. Dublin, made his will 1 Sep. 1762, 
names his nephew Tho. Wright of Longston. A Benefactor there. (Charity Com rs 
Report, xviii., 38.) 

MS. 104 



jEtorton— atrntMep. 

Arms : Or, 2 ravens Sab. & border Arg. 

The early part of this pedigree, which was entered at the Visitation 1665, bears 
evident marks of being the work of D r Nathaniel Johnston, who mar. another of 
the coheirs of Oudworth. 

Vide © opposite page. 

Richard Morton of Spout-house in the Chapelry of Bradfield, co. 
York ; of an antient family at that place ; was living there in 
the reign of Elizabeth. =f= 

Nicholas Morton of Spout-house, d.= 
about 1630; bur. at Bradfield 15 
July 1630 ; aged 55, 1606. 

: Gertrude, dau. of B-alph Ward of More-hall in 
the same Chapelry ; mar. 18 Nov. 1574; 
called Gartrick in the Register. 

Ellen=f=Thomas Morton, 2 nd son, of Thorn-=f= Dorothy 

1 st wife. 

house near Spout-house, bp. 17 Sep. 
1585 [Q. bur. 31 Jan. 1675-6]. 
Will 16 Dec. 1679. 


i i i 




2 nd wife. 

Dinah, wife of Ralph 
Lee of Grenafirth, co. 
York ; bp. 7 June 

George. Francis Morton of Wraith-= Grace, eldest dau. 

— house 1666. Both he & his & coheir of Rich - 
Thomas, cousin of the same name 

— entered their pedigrees at 
Grace. Dugdale's Visitation, & 

certified them under their 
hands. Will 15 Mar. 1685. 

ard Oudworth of 
Eastfield, Gent. ; 
widow of William 

Anne, wife of 
John Scott of 
Thurlston, co. 
York ; bp. 14 
July 1577. 


Francis Morton of Spout- 
house, bp. 21 Aug. 1575 ; 
bur. in the Church of Brad- 
field 22 Feb. 1651-2 ; aged 
30, 1606. 

Gertrude, bp. 18 Oct. 1605 ; 
wife of Thomas Satterthwaite 
of Gresbrook, Gent., by whom 
Eliz., wife of .... Boore, 
and Sarah; & 2 ndl r of Ed- 
ward Ratcliffe of Thribergh. 

-Ann, dau. of John Slater of Hunshelf, 
co. York. Slater is a mistake, none 
of the name having lived at Hunshelf. 
Francis Morton & Ann Walker mar. 
28 Aug. 1604. 1 

Anne, wife of William 
West of Round Green, 
co. York ; living his 
widow 1649 ; bp. 22 
April 1610; had John 
& Francis West. 

Mary, 2 wife of John Drewe 
of Rotherham ; b. 9 Feb. 

Helen, mentioned in her 
brother's will but not in 
the Visit. 1650. 

1 T have since found a Nicholas Walker alias Selater holding lands at Hunshelf 
in a deed 13 Eliz. (See York Wills, 465.) 

3 Mary, dau. of .... Drewe of Rotherham mar. Abraham Hawksworth of 
Wheatley Hill in Clayton, yeo., & had Peter. N.I. (See also York Wills, 827.) 



MS. 104 


Francis Morton of Spout-house,=f=Mary, dau. of William 

aged 50, 16 Sep. 1665 ; mar. at 
Bradfield 1 Feb. 1638; all his 
children appear in the Visita- 
tion 3 bp. 21 Sep. 1614. 

Revel of Dungworth 
in the same Chapelry. 

Thomas Morton of Spout- 
house, yeo. ; not in the 
Visit. ; will dated 28 Feb. 
1649-50; younger son. 

Nicholas, aged 12, 
1665 ; he d. with- 
out issue, & was bur. 
at Bradf d ab fc 1725 ; 
bur. 20 May 1725 ; 
he was of Wharn- 
cliffeside in Brad- 

Francis, aged 10, 
1665 ; an Apothe- 
cary at Gains- 
borough. He had 
2 sons who went 
abroad, & it was 
believed d. unmar. 

Joseph, aged 8, 1665 ; he 
was Clerk to Justice Bosvile 
of Gunthwaite, & had a son 
& dau., who both d. with- 
out issue. Another account 
says that he d. a bachelor. 

Anne, d. 
Admin r 
to her 
5 Feb. 

Mary, mar Eevel, 

& had a son who had 
a place in the Excise, 
& d. childless in the 

Elizabeth, d. unmar. 

Sarah, mar. Richard 
Morton of Oughti- 
bridge hall, & d. 
without issue ; bp. 
29 Dec. 1647 ; mar. 
2 nd Tho s Rawson of 

James Ronksley=pMartha, young - 

of Riveling Side 
& Morewood, 
yeo. ; dead be- 
fore 1723 ; bur. 
at Bradfield 28 
Feb. 1721-2. 

est dau., bp. 25 
April 1649 ; 
mar, at Sheffield 
1 April 1673; 
bur. at Bradfield 
13 Nov. 1719. 

Francis Ronksley of Rive-=p Martha Wol- 

ling Side, eldest son & 
heir, mar. at Bradfield. 
Claimed the Spout-house 
Estate on death of W m 

stenholm of 
in Bradfield 

i i 

of Sheffield, 


Mary, wife 
of ... . 
of Raven- 


Isaac, of Hollow= 
Meadows in 
Bradfield, 5 th 

= Gertrude Woodhead, 
dau. & coh. of John 
W. of Hall Fields. 
(See Ped., p. 270.) 

Martha, wife 


Hoole of 
tanner (?). 

i i 

Mary, wife of ... . 
Rogers of London. 

Ann, wife of John 
Shaw of Hall-broom. 

James R. of Rive- 
ling Side, eldest 
son & heir, mar. 
at Bradfield 29 
Jan. 1753 or 54. 

: Sarah, dau. 
of Thomas 
of Walker 
house in 

Francis, of 
Wortley, mar. 
Martha Swift, 
& had 10 

Nicholas, of More- Jonathan, 
wood, 3 rd son, mar. d. unmar. 
Mary Worral of 
Ughill. =p 


William Ronksley of Riveling Side= Martha Ronksley, only 

dau. & heir. 

Joseph. George. 

MS. 104 



Milicent, 1 st wife, dau. o£=j= James Winfield of Noton Steare, par. of=fDorothy, 

Wil. Booth of Carsing- 

Wirksworth, co. Derb., son of Tho s , by a 
dau. of Edw d Deane of Wirksworth. 

Ann W., wife of 
John Muggles- 
ton of Wilson, 
co. Leic. 

Milicent, wife 
of Matthew 

Dorothy, mar. 
G-reatorex of 

2 nd wife. 

James W., only son by 2 nd 
mar. ; a Deforciant respects 
the Spout-house Estate 
1753 ; had issue. (See 
Wolley's Collection, vol. i., 
f. 354 & f. 382.) 


Mary M., dau. & coh r , wife 
of Henry Dunisthorp. 


Hannah, co- 
heir, a def. 

Martha, coheir, wife 
of Hosea Langdale. 

William Muggleston, a 
Deforciant of the Spout- 
house Estate 1753. 

Henry Dunisthorp, son 
& heir, another of the 
Deforciants 1753. 

Mary Langdale, wife 
of ... . Deane ; also 
a Deforciant 1753. 

William Winfield,^ 
only son by 1 st 
wife, of Wirks- 

: Lydia, dau. of 
Eobert Web- 
ster of Ash- 
burn. (See 
Ped., p. 105.) 

Thomas Morton* of=f=Dorothy, dau. of Thomas 
Sheffield, M.D., aged Wright of Unthank (see 
26, 16 Sep. 1665; Ped., p. 103); bur. at 
mar. sett, dated 16 Dronfield 23 Sep. 1708 ; 
June 25 C 2 ; bp. mar. 28 July 1670. 
26 Feb. 1638-9. 

John Winfield, only son &=j=Dorothy Morton,: 

heir, d. in July 1704 ; will 
dated 6 July 1704 ; bur. 
27 July. He was of Wirks-? 

sole dau. & heir, 
d. in Aug. 1699. 

= Susanna Milnes, 2 nd Anne, bur. at 
wife, mar. at Shef- Br. 18 Feb. 
field 28 May 1702. 1673-4. 
Mentioned in his 

William Winfield, only son & heny 
of Chesterfield & Betley ; will dated 
3 May 1720, 1 & he d. in the same 
month ; an Atty. 

=Dorothy, dau. of=John Harding, Clerk, 2 nd 
Geo. Salt of husband, of Betley 1 April 
Betley, co. Staff., 1724, when he joined his 
Gent. wife in a lease of Spout- 


William Winfield of Brampton, Gent., only child, d. in March 1736, aged 18. 

See more of the Winfields in Wolley's Coll., i., 382 & 354, Add. MS. at B. M., 
6666, & in a letter of T. N. Ince May 22, 1844. 

1 In this will he mentions his cousin Paul Watkinson, younger son of his cousin 
Godfrey W., and cousin Godfrey Webster, youngest son of his cousin Paul Webster. 
All these it is evident must have been related to him through his grandmother. 

M r Robert Muggleston of Leicestershire had a share of this estate in 1770. 

* Appeared at Dugdale's Visitation ; d. 1675, set. 36 (Hunter's * Hallamshire ').— J. W. C. 


William de Morton, temp. Hen. III. & Edw. I., to whom Tho 8 de Furnival gave lands. 

John de Morton, 1320. 
William de Morton, 1328. 

Adam de Morton of West- William, 1 st son, Thomas de M. of West-=plsabella, dan. of Thomas 

mundhalgh 1328. 1328. =p mundhalgh 1348. 


Moldicliff, yeo. (?). 

William, 1390. John, 1387. William, 1335. William, 1 1400. Cecilia, 1400, to whom her 

=p father gave lands for life. 


Thomas, 1390=pAmioia, remar 4 Tho" Wodelker. 


William, 6 H. 4=f=Agnes, dan. of Tho 9 , son of Nicholas Attecroft of Bixley. 

William de Morton, temp. Hen. VI. 

John de Morton, 15 Edw. IV., described as of Spout-house 1486. 

Thomas Morton, 22 Hen. VIII. & 2Edw. VI. (See York Wills, 116.) 


Eichard M. of Spout-house. (Vide © on the opposite page.) Bobert, a younger son, 14 Eliz. 

I I 

Nicholas E. of Thornsett, yeo., 25 Dec. 1659=p Francis E. 

( i j 

. . . . E., dead . . . .=^= Isaac E. 
James. Jonathan. 

Under age. 

George Eonksley of Dwerriden in Bradfield, d. 5 July 1844.=p 


William, had Syke- John. James, had Dwerri- Martha, mar. Ann, mar. John Eliz., mar. 
house by his father's dean by his father's Tho. Downs. Thompson. Tho. Elli- 

will. will. son. 

Notes belonging to Page 104. 

The earlier generations on this page are copied from C. 40, f. 132b, in the 
College of Arms. I think there were few persons who appeared at the Visitation 
who had less pretence to gentility than the two Francis Mortons, cousins. They 
were of antient descent, but it was a race of yeomanry, living on a small hereditary 
estate. The right to arms was, however, recognised. Francis, of Wraith-house, 

1 From this William the Mortons of Canyers, an tiently Moldicliffe, are supposed 
to have sprung. They ended in Richard Morton of Canyers, who left only 7 dau s , 
& was bur. 25 June 1763. 


was brother-in-law to D r Nathaniel Johnston, at whose suggestion he may have 
entered the Pedigree. D r Morton was six & twenty, and had received a liberal 
education. If my recollection is correct the pedigree is carried up several genera- 
tions higher. The name is very numerous in the Ohapelry of .Bradfield. 

It remains to give an account of the materials from which the Visitation 
pedigree has been continued. And they are, first a letter from Joseph Hawksworth 
of Nether Bradfield, dated 15 Dec. 1775, when he was 83 years of age. It is 
addressed to M r Wilson of Broomhead in reply to inquiries respecting the family ; 
and secondly the information of Martha, wife of William Eonksley of Riveling Side, 
given to me 28 June 1811. She shewed me also various papers relating to the 
dispute respecting the succession to Spout-house on the extinction of the issue of 
D r Thomas Morton, especially an answer to a bill in Chancery filed by her grand- 
father Francis Eonksley, by the five Deforciants mentioned in the pedigree, which 
afforded the genealogy of the Wingfields. 

The Eonksleys are antient yeomanry of the Chapelry of Bradfield. James, the 
first in the above pedigree, was a younger son of Francis, who d. in the lifetime of 
his father Nicholas Eonksley of Thornsett, yeo. Jonathan was his eldest brother. 
Nicholas had a brother Francis, whose son Isaac is named after Jonathan & James 
Eonksley in the entail of certain lands created by the will of Nicholas, which bears 
date 25 Dec. 1659. .... Eonksley who founded the Chapel at Fullwood was of 
the family, & so was Eonksley of Sheffield, who mar. a Eobert, as will appear on a 
future page. 

Among the Collections of John Wilson of Broomhead, Esq., was the will of 
Nicholas Morton of Storth-House in Bradfield Chapelry, yeo. [son of Francis & 
brother of D r Thomas Morton], in which he mentions his wife Jane, son-in-law 
Samuel Stead, nephew & niece Thomas & Eliz. Eevel, nephew Francis Morton, 
nephew Francis Eonksley, to whom he leaves Storth-house, nephew Jonathan 
Eonksley. To the heirs of William Wingfield of Spout-house five shillings. To 
the children of Thomas Hawksworth, late of Dwarriden, now of Hornpit, parish of 
Peniston, except Thomas. Makes Thomas Hawksworth, Executor. Dated 4 April 
11 Geo. L, 1725. 

Among the Evidences of Tho s Eawson, Esq., of Ward send is an Ind., 21 Oct. 
1717, between Sarah, w. of Tho s Eawson of Ecclesfield, late of Wardsend, Tanner, 
of the 1 st part, & Francis Eonksley of Eiveling Side, Yeo., nephew of the said 
Sarah, on the other, by which she settles £500 on him. She was Sarah Morton of 
Oughtibridge, widow, when she mar. Eawson. 

MS. 105 Further Notes relating to Morton. 

In the Verdict for Bradfield Soke, 6 Oct. 1709, John Morton of Spout-house, 
Yeo., d. in September last* seised of a mess, at Bilham House, which he gave by will 
to Joseph Morton, his son & heir-apparent. 

See will of Nich. Morton of Storth-house. (York Wills, 1917.) 

Nicholas Morton of Storth-house,=Jane. .... w. of w. of . 

Chapelry of Bradfield. Will 24 Revel. Ronksley. 

April 1725. 



Samuel Stead, Thomas Hawksworth Thomas R. Elinor. Francis Jonathan R. 

son-in-law. of Dwarriden. Ronksley. 

Thomas H. of Hornthwaite, psh. of Peniston. 




MS. 105 

Captor— Webster. 

George Taylor of Brunsley, co. Cest 1 ', & Ballidon, co. rJerb. : 

George Taylor of Ballidon, left= 
2 dau s his coheirs. 

Thomas Taylor of Ashburn^ 

Charity, l st = 
wife, dau. of 
John Wood- 
ward of 
mar. 6 Dec. 

= Richard Tay-= 
lor, Alderman 
of Chesterfield, 
d. 11 Nov. 
1637,aged 55; 
bur. there. 

^Elizabeth, 2 nd wife, 
dau. of George 
More of Greenhill 
in Norton, Gent. ; 
mar. at Norton 27 
Nov. 1611 ; bur. 
19 June 1644. 


=. . . . dau. John.: 



Samuel, = Barbara, dau. 
of Ches- of ... . Gee 
terfield. of Retford. 


i i 

Eliz., mar. .... Ann. 
Lane of Brass- 


I I 
in. Robert, 


Thomas 1 Taylor of Ashburn, -Mercer, bur. 4 Jan.=f=Audrey, dau. of John Milward of 

1645. (See ' Life of Hieron,' p. 9.) 

Eaton; bur. July 1654. (See 
M. P. B., xv., 42.) 

Frances, 1 st wife,=pGeorge Taylor of London, MerchV 

dau. of Francis 
Stringer of Whis- 
ton, co. York, 
Gent. & Lead 
(P. 466.) 

afterwards of Durant hall in Ches- 
terfield, Esq., eldest son, b. April 
1603 ; aged 59, 18 Aug. 1662 ; d. 
8 May 1668, and was bur. at 

^Elizabeth, 2 nd wife, dau. 
of Rich d Milnes, Merch* 
& Alderman of Chester- 
field ; mar. there before 
Samuel Taylor, a Magis- 
trate, 5 Sep. 1655. (See 
Ped., p. 18.) 

Thomas, Sir Cha s Scrimshire of= 

bp. at Norbury, co. Staff., 

Chester^ En*, & of Durant-hall 

8 Jan. in Chesterfield, jure 

1646-7; ux., High Sheriff of 

d. an Derbyshire 1698 ; he 

infant. had another wife, dau. 

of Sir William Noel, 

Bart. (See view in 

Plot V Staffordshire.') 



: Hester Taylor, only dau. & heir, aged 2, 18 
Aug. 1662 ; mar. at Chesterfield 10 Nov. 
1675 ; she was run away with & carried into 
Yorkshire by M r Rob. Mower of Woodseats 
(father of George), & M r John Revel Taylor, a 
butcher, afterwards an Alderman of Chester- 
field, was the person who carried her off ; M 1 * 
Mower's father prohibited his son from marry- 
ing her. Scrimshire made her but a bad 
husband. (D P Pegge.) 


1 Another Act. makes him the son of Henry Taylor of Tissington by dau, 
.... Beresford. 

Among Cole's * Escheats Inq.,' 18 Jan. 13 Car. p. m., William 8 Taylor, gen., d. 
11 Nov. 13 Car. 1, leaving Samuel his son & heir, then aged 14. 

Elizabeth, wife of William, seized of a mess, at Chesterfield. 

3 William is an error for Richard. It is now certain that the Samuel is the 
Major Samuel Taylor of Wallingwells. (See p. 241.) 

MS. 105 



Thomas Boothby of Tooley= 
Park, co. Leic, Esq. 

A J B 

=Mary Scrimshire, sole dau. & heir. M r Blore shews 
another dau. Eleanor; mar. to Acton Baldwin. 

Paul T. of Ash-= 
burn, Mercer, 2 nd 
son, bur. there 
5 June 1640. 

Elizabeth, dau. of Eob. 
Boulton of Underwood; 
bur. at Ashburn 26 
March 1650. 


i i 






All d. young. 

Thomas. George. Anne. 

N _ - 

All d. in their infancy. 

Lydia, only surviving dau. & heir, d. unmar. at the 
age of 19, & was bur. at Ashburn 22 June 1655. 

Joseph Taylor, 01erk,=f=Ann Taylor,= 

Lecturer of Ashburn 
(see Oal. act., 162) 
& Schoolmaster. M r 
Blore makes him the 
Joseph, son of Rich d , 
but I doubt it. (See 
p. 241.) 

eldest dau., 
d. at Hop- 
ton, Sir 
John Gell's, 
10 July 
1657, & was 
bur. at Ash- 

=John Hieron, Clerk, 2 nd 
husb., successor to M r 
Taylor in the Lecture- 
ship at Ashburn; ejected 
at Bredsal (see Cal. ac*, 
162) ; ob. 6 July 1682, 
set. 73; son of ... . 
Hieron, Vicar of Stapen- 
hill near Burton, & bro. 
of Samuel. 


Frank of 



2 nd 

Samuel, d. young, bur. in Rachel & Mary, d. Rachel, liv- 

Oct. 1643. young. ingl654. I 

— — am doubtful 

Ann, only dau. & heir, d. Joseph, living in whether 

unmar. (see Portin, * Life 1654; mar. the there were 

of Hieron,' p. 24); d. 21 sister of Joseph 2 Rachels. 

Oct. 1688 ; bur. at Heynor. Truman, & had a 

(Bassano's ' Church Notes.') son John, b. before 




Both liv- 



Henry Webster of Ashburn=f= Agnes Blackwell. 

William Weedon of Ashburn^Susanna^Robert Web-=p Mary, dau. of Elizabeth, 

1 st husb., bur. in Jan. 1632 
This name, I apprehend, 
should be Wheeldon. (See 
* Life of Hieron.') 


3 rd dau. 

ster of Ash- 
burn, 2 nd 
husb., bur. 4 
May 1659. 


John Hill of d. unmar. 
Upper May- 
field, co. 



MS. 105 


Ann, liv* 1654; 
mar. Cap. 
Doughty of 


d, an 

Paul Webster ofc 
Merch^b. at Ash- 
burn 29 Nov. 
1637; ob. 1 Mar. 
1-694-5 ; bur. in 
Church ; a Lead 
Merch* ; brought 
to C. by his 
XJncle Taylor. 

=Susanna, dau. 
of the 2 nd 
Godfrey Wat- 
kinson of 
Gent. ; mar. 
at Brampton 
28 June 1665. 
(P. 205.) 



homas. ] 

Lydia, mar. at Bramp- 
ton 27 May 1670 to 
William Wingfield of 
Wirksworth (see Ped., 
p. 104). Blore adds a 
dau. Eliz., mar. to Ben- 
jamin Taylor, but 
erroneously, as I 




Ann W., mar. Adam Bagshaw 
of Worm Hill, Gent. ; mar. at 
Brampton 24 Oct. 1695 (see 
Ped., p. 109) ; 2 nd wife of 
A. B. =f= 

Lydia W., wife of 
William Mimes of 
Tapton, Gent, (see 
Ped., p. 18); no 


All d. in their infancy. 

Margaret Baghaw, only dau. & heir, mar. Eobert Eadcliffe of Fox Denton, co. 
Lane, Esq. ; she was by a 2 nd wife of A. B. 

Paul Webster of Chesterfield, Gent., d. 9=j=Frances, dau. of Edward Pegge of 

March 1715, aged 46, & was bur. in the 
Church of Chesterfield. 

Beauchief, Gent.,; d. 1 May 1732, 
aged 67, & was bur. at Chesterfield. 

Paul Webster of = Sarah, d. 3 Nov. 

Gent., d. 5 June 
1757, aged 59. 

1783, aged 73 ; 
dau. of Joseph 
Fern, Rector of 
Matlock. (P. ) 

Godfrey W., 
d. 4 Feb. 
1735 un- 


Ann, d. 30 
Nov. 1720, or 
1716 accord- 
ing to D r 

Frances. Lydia. 


D. in their 

The principal authority for this account of the Taylors is a set of monuments 
with long biographical inscriptions which were (and perhaps still are) in the 
Churches of Ashburn & Chesterfield. The inscription on the first Paul Webster I 
remember reading in the Church of Chesterfield. It was very circumstantial. 
Those at Ashburn I read in a Volume of ' Derbyshire Church Notes y at the house of 
M r Daniel Dakeyne, the same collection which is quoted in Lysons's ' Derbyshire ' as 
Bassano's ' Church Notes.' At the Visitation of 1662 George Taylor gave no 
account of his ancestors. 

Godfrey Webster of Chesterfield, d. 18 April 1782,=f=Elizabeth d. 21 Sep, 

aged 56, & has a mon n in the Ch. of Chesterfield. I 1779, aged 48. 


Elizabeth, d. 1 July 1760, aged 1 year. 

Mary, d. 10 March 1778, aged 8. 

1 There is a Mon. in the Church of Chesterfield for M r Thomas Webster, 
Alderman, who d. 24 Dec. 1699, aged 43 ; b. therefore in 1656. Might not this be 
the Thomas, brother of Paul ? 

MS. 105 




Bichard Taylor of Ashburn^. . . . dau. of ... . Blackwell of Blackwell. 


Benjamin, of Ashburn.=pElizab., dau. of Kobert Webster of Ashburn. 

Thomas, agedrpMary, d. & h. of George=j=Mary, dau. of Walker Lydia, mar. John Johnson 
36, 1708. Thomas Wood. ' " " " 

Webster of Ashburn. of Crowsutter, co. Staff. 

Thomas, set. 1, 1707. 

Thomas, aged 7. 1707. 



MS. 106 

CalumtoU— CfwmSill 

This pedigree seems formed on the basis of a Visitation pedigree, & to have 
been continued by M r Mimes' friend M r Blore. I have copied it as it appears among 
M r Milnes' Papers, where are many extracts from the Darley Register of this family, 
some of which relate to persons whose names do not appear in the pedigree. 

See ped. of Eevel at p. 174. 

Henry 0. of D., mar. about 1530 Eliz. Eyre, widow of W m Woodruffe of Hope. 

See will of Henry Chaworth of Annesley. (York Wills, 390.) 

D r Pegge's ped. of Columbell is in Addit., xii., 619, he has this : — 

Godfrey C.=pEdith, dau. of Will. West of Firbech. 

Frances, mar Chaddisden of Doncaster. Edith, bp. 25 Aug. 1602. 

Many good notes of Columbell in M. P. B., xii. 

See also ped., M. P. B., x., 30, vi., 112. 

See will of Roger Columbell at D r Com., 1605. 

. . first=pThomas Columbell of Sandiacre, co. : 


Derb., & in right of his 2 nd wife of 
Darley in the same county. 

= Agnes, 2 nd wife, sister & 
heir of Ralph de Darley ; 
aged 20, 44 Edw. III. 

Thomas Columbell, son & heir, of 
Thorp in the Clots, co. Notts. 

John Columbell, 16 Ric. II. & 12 Hen. IV. 

Henry Columbell, 23 Hen. VI. & 21 Edw. IV. 

Henry Columbell, temp. Hen. VII. & VIII.=f Beatrix, dau. of John Bradborne, Esq. 

Roger Columbell=f. . . . dau. of ... . Rollesley Elizabeth Columbell, mar. 1 Rob, 

of Darley. 

of Rollesley. 

Kniveton alias Gilbert ; 2 William 
Stafford of Botham. 



MS, 106 

Thomas Colum- 
bell. =f 

George Columbell=pElizabeth, dau. of ... . Stock- Henry, s.p, 

of Darley. 

with of Blitham, co. Line. 


Henry Columbell^pBennet, dau. of Roger Fol- Francis, s.p. John, s.p. 

of Darley. 

1 st son, 

Roger Columbell= 
of Darley, 2 nd 
son, 1569. 

jambe of Norton Lees, 

=Frances, dau. of 
Sir Peter Fresch- 
vile of Staveley, 


Godfrey Columbell.= Margaret, dau. 
" His posterity lives of William 
in Lincolnshire.' ' Needham of 

Peter Columbell of= 
Darley, son & heir. 
His will dated 20 
Oct. 1616. (See 
' Gent. Mag./ 
xxxix., 181. See a 
dau., p. 145.) 

: Frances, dau. = Gilbert Willoughby 

&heirofWil- of Normanton, co. 

Ham Walke- Notts, Esq., 1 husb. 

dine, Rector (See Thoroton, i., 

of Clifton- 12.) 
Camvile, co. 

Godfrey ,=j=Edith, dau. 

2 nd son. 

of "William 
West of 


Grace, mar. 
Clark of 

Jane, mar. 
Edw. Revel 
of Dron- 


Frances. (M rs Frances Chadderton of 
Doncaster, dau. of M r Godfrey Columbell, 
bur. at Darley 17 June 1678. Her hus- 
band W m , son of Edmund Chatterton (sic) 
of Nuthurst.) 

George C. of Dar- 
ley, 2 nd son, living 

: Dorothy, dau. of John Wood-= 
ward of Chesterfield. (See 
p. 18.) 

: Richard Milnes of Chester- 
field, 1 st husb. (See Ped., 
p. 18.) 

Dorothy, sole dau. & heir, about 3 years old 1634. This lady must be the 
Dorothy Columbell who mar. John Thornhill of Fixby, Esq. 

Roger Columbell of=j=Eleanor, dau. & heir of = 
Darley, Esq., eldest Henry Sacheverel of 
son, bur. there 20 Radcliffe, co. Notts. 
Aug. 1630. (See Thoroton,' i., 27.) 

: William Iffond, 2 nd husband, who 
had been servant to M r Columbell. 
He is called Hasard by Thoroton, 
who says he lived at the Red-hill, 

Rosamund, wife of Lucy, of Elizabeth, of Darley Eleanor, wife of John 

Tho s Grantham of Darley 1648. On 26 Oct. Wilson of Kettlesawe, 

Darley, Gent., 1648. 1649 she mar. Henry co. Cest r , 1648. 

1648. Kniveton, Gent. 

b c 

MS. 106 



John Columbell of ^Catherine Hickman, sister of 

Darley-hall, Esq. ; 
will dated 9 Feb. 
1659; bur. at Par- 
ley on the 11 th . 

William, Lord Windsor, & 
to Mariana, wife of Sir Henry 
Hunloke, B* ; d. in 1662. 

I I 
Thomas C, living at Ratcliffe- 
upon-Sorein 1656 ; d. anmar. 

Mary, of Darley 1648. 

Catherine Columbell, bp. 30 Dec. 1653 ; mar. Wil. Marbury 
of Marbury, co. Cest 1 ', Esq. She was the last survivor of this 
family, & by will dated 6 Feb. 1697 she left the estate to 
M r Thacker of Ash, who had mar. her husband's sister, & 
he sold it to Eob. Greensmith, Esq, 

Elizabeth, bp. 
2 Aug. 1655 ; 
bur. 4 Aug. 

John Columbell, 
bp. 1 Oct. 1650; 
d. an infant in 
his father's life- 


Roger Columbell, bp. 4 

Nov. 1658 ; d. on his 

travels in Italy about 

1673. The last male of month old, 

the Columbells of Darley. 

Catherine, bur. Mary, bp. 28 Dec. 
at Darley 19 1648 ; ob. inf. 
Oct. 1647, one — 

Ann, bp. 30 Jan. 

1651 : ob. inf. 

George Columbell 
of Stancliffe, 
Gent., bp. at Dar- 
ley 14 Feb. 1578 ; 
mar. 9 Jan, 1614. 

Walburge, dau. of = John Pott 
Ralf Smith of Old of Stan- 
Hall, co. Cest 1 ' ; 
bur. at Darley 2 
April 1643, aged 

cliffe, 1 st 
(P. 580.) 

3 rd son. 


Troth, wife of William 
Middleton (see Thros- 
by's Thoroton, ii., 
263) ; mar. at Darley 
12 Sep. 1587. (Reg. 
of Selston.) 

Anthony Senior of Cowley, Gent. =p Frances Columbell, dau. & heir,= 

1 st husb., mar. at Darley 10 Dec. 
1646 ; bur. there 15 Feb. 1654, 
set. 59. 

bp. at Darley 1 Nov. 1615 ; 
bur. there 4 Aug. 1673 ; mar. 
A. S. 1646. 

= William Bache, 
Senior, 2 nd 
hasb., mar. 23 
June 1663. 

Richard Senior, 
bp. 21 st April 
1652 ; d. young 
30 June 1656 ; 
bur. at Darley. 

Frances, coheir, 
bp. 3 Oct. 1647; 
mar. Lionel 
Fanshaw of 
co. York. 

Elizabeth, bp. 12 
Mar. 1648 ; mar. 
William Bache, 
jun., of Stanton, 

Walburge, bp. 11 Oct. 1650 ; 
mar. Henry Balguy of Aston, 
Esq. (P. 236.) 

Ann, bp. 6 Feb. 1654 ; mar. 
27Nov.l690 toEdw.Fynney, 
& d. s.p. ; of Cotes Park. 


Henry Fanshaw, sold all his property at Darley in 1718 to 
Thomas Bagshaw, Esq. 



MS. 106 

John ThornhiU of Stanton, jure ux. His= 
father kept the " Angel Inn " in Bake- 
well, & his sister mar Twigge, a 

mercer there. He was Clerk to M r Ver- 
non of Sudbury, & after to Lord Somers. 


: Mary Bache of Stanton, Nicholas, kept 
dau. of Edw. Pegge of an Inn at 
Ashburn, wid. of William Bakewell . 
Bache. (I) 1 ' Pegge.) — 

Tho 8 . 

.... mar. 

Caleb Hard- 
ing, M.D. 

I I I I 
Margaret & John mar. Sir 

another, d. Wil. Eobin- 

son, Bart. 


.... mar Warrington. 

.... mar. Samuel Heathcote 
of Derby. 

Bache Thornhill=f=Margaret, dau. Nicholas, ob. ceelebs. 

of Stanton, Esq., 
a Barr. & a 
Magistrate, ob. 

of Anthy Eyre 
of Grove, co. 
Notts. (See 
Ped. .) 


Henry, a Lead Mer- 
chant, d. unmar. ; 
Ald. # of Chesterf d 
(Q. if did not mar. 

Holden ?) ; ob. 

1790, set. 83. 

Thomas, a Grocer in St. 
Paul's Churchyard, mar. 
.... dau. of ... . Blving- 
ton the Bookseller . . . . q. 
m. Wilson ; ob. 1796. 
Had a nat 1 son Rev. 
John & a dau. mar. Rob. 

Bache ThornhiU of Stanton, Esq.,=f=Jane, dau. of Henry or Edward Gould, Esq., of 

Sher. 1776. 

Mansfield Woodhouse by Mary Thoroton. 

I I I I I 

Henry Thornhill,=pHelen, dau. of Charles Pole, William Lt.-Col. of 7 th Edward. 

Esq., d. at Tours 

Alderman of Liverpool, mar. 
29 Aug. 1801. 


Bache, in Holy Orders. 


Bache, d. 1823, aged 19. William, live 1823. A dau., d. in France. 
From the Collection of M r S. Mitchel. 

Thomas Marbury of=f=Mary, dau. of Sir Richard 

Marbury, Esq. 

Brooke of Norton. 

Ormerod's ' Cheshire,' i., 470. 

Wiliiam Marbury, son &=y=. . . . dan. & sole Thomas, d. young 1658. Elizabeth, Mary, wife of 

heiress of — wife of D r Woods of 

Columbine Richard, 3 rd son, sue- Gilbert Oxford. 

[Columbell] of ceeded to Marbury ; ob. Thacker — 

Darley. s.p. 1681 ofRepton. Cath e . 

heir, b. 13 Nov. 1644 
bur. at Great Budworth 
22 Dec. 1683. 

Columbine, bur. at Budworth on Catherine, bur. at Budworth 2 Children, d. infants 
the same day as his father. 16 Oct. 1682. 1678 & 1680. 

MS. 107 




Copied from a roll belonging to one of the family compiled about the year 1730. 
All additions from other sources of information are enclosed in brackets. I have 
my doubts whether it has been accurately transcribed in the copy before me. 

Compare M. P. B., iv., 31. 

Thomas Morton, Secretary to King Edw. III.=f= 

Eobert Morton, Sher. Notts & Derby 1362. 

Robert Morton of Morton, co. Notts.=p William Morton of St. Andrews, Mil- 

I burn, co. Dorset, 2 nd son. 

Charles Morton of Morton. 

Eichard Morton of St. William Morton of co. 
Andrews, Milburn. Dorset. =f= 

John, of Cern, co. Dorset. William, of Cerii=p Agnes, dau. of .... Chilsworth 
=7= ' | of East Ouker, co. Som. 

i" i " 

Agnes, mar Andrews. Eobert M. of London=p Agnes, dau. of Stephen 

j Foster of London. 

Eobert M., son &=f=Dorothy, dau. of Sir John Fitz- James of Eedlynch, co. 
heir. | Som., Chief Justice. 

Robert, mar. Eleanor, dau. of Sir William Finch of Moyle. 

George, son & heir. 

Capt. Eobert, son & heir ; Sir Thomas, 2 nd son. Sir Albert, 3 rd son, Secre- 
afterwards knight. tary to King James. 

John Morton, William, Eichard,=j=Edith, dau. Thomas, Sir Eowland M. ; 

Arch-Bishop 2 nd son. 3 rd son. 
of Canterbury, =f= 

and Cardinal. 

of Eichard 4 th son, perhaps the eldest 
Turbervile Arch- son; of whom is 
of Bere- deacon descended the 

Eegis. of Ely. Mortons of Here- 


Eobert Mor- Thomas, of=pDorothy, dau. & heir John, of Stur-=f=. . . . dau. 

ton, Bishop Lechlade, 
ofWorcester. co. Gloc. 

of John Twynyhoe of minster Mar- 
Cirencester & Bristol. shal, co. Dors. 

of . .. 

Sir Eobert, of John, of Good- 

Lechlade, son hays, 2 nd son. 

and heir. . . - 

VOL. I. 

Thomas, of Mil-= 
burn St. An- 
drew, co. Dorset. 


: Warborough, 3 rd dau. & 
coh r of Geo. Delalyne. 




MS. 107 

Sir Anthony, of Lechlade, son & George, of=p. . . . dau. of . 

heir. He sh d stand as son of Sir Milbourn. 

Margery, wife 

Holloway of Wal- of Geo. Lovel 
ton, co. Devon. of Tarrant, co. 

.... M., elder dau. Elizabeth, 2 dau. & 
& coh r , mar. Kalph coh r , mar. Sir George 
Johnson of London. West, Lord Delawar. 

Sir George,=f=Katherine, dau. of 

of Mil- 

Sir Arthur Hopton 
of Witham,co. Som. 

Sir George, of Milbourn, Kn* & Bart. 


Sir John of St. Andrews, Milburn, Bart. 

Robert Morton of Morton. 


Robert Morton^ 
of Morton. 

: Cicely, dau. of Nicholas Knyve- William, of Bosworth, co. Leic. 

ton of Mircaston. 


Nicholas, of = 

=Elizabeth, dau. of Tho s 
Wentworth of Elmsall, 
co. York. 

Robert, of Sut- Thomas, of Potters Cot- 
tons, co. Leic. ton, co. Warw., 2 nd son. 

Charles M.=Maud, dau. Elizabeth, 
of Bawtrey. of Wil. — 

Dalison of Anne. 

co. Line. — 


John, the elder, had 
Thomas, his son and 

Peter, of North 
Kil worth, co. 

John, the younger. Thomas, 2 nd son. 

John, Rector of Nicholas, of =f=Frances, dau. of William, of =j=Alice, dau. of Wil- 
liam Burbitch of 

North Kilworth, Bosworth, 
3 rd son, s.p. 4 th son. 

Richard Gate of Leicester, 
Wroughton, co. 5 th son. 

Edward, of=pAnn Bowyer, dau. John M. of : 



son & heir. 

& h. of Edw. B. Quarendon, 
of Bosworth. 2 son. 

^Elizabeth, dau. William, of New- 
of Wil. King of castle-upon-Tyne, ■ 
Syleby,co.Leic. Arch-Deacon. 

Robert,==Ann, dau. of [John] Ann, wife of Geo. William, son=j= Judith, dau. of 

son & Chettil of Long Gladwin of Dar- & heir, aged 
heir. Whatton,co.[Leic], ley, co. Derb. 30,1619. 

of Coventry. 


Thomas. William. John. Anne, Elizabeth, 


MS. 107 




Frances, wife of Nicholas, Rector=j=Frances, dau. of Jane. 
Eobert Slyman 
of Tickhill, co. 

of St. Saviour's, 
Southwark, 3 rd 

Thomas Kestle 
of Pendavy, co. 


John, of Stamford,= 
mar. Mary, dau. 
of John Allen of 

John, of Syleby, Isabel, wife of Catherine, wife of Elizabeth, wife of Major 
son & heir. John Mason of .... Helmsley of Thomas Johnson of 

=r London. Walton. Leicester. 

George, of Syleby, co. 
Leic, son & heir. 

John, 2 nd 

Catherine, mar. 1 st . . 
2 . . . . Lyster ; 3 . . . 

. Parkins ; 
, Hales. 


Charles Morton, son & 
heir, Rector of Blisland, 
co . Corn . (See C alamy .) 

John M., 2 nd son,= 
Rector of Auton 
Gifford, co. Devon. 

I I 


(Elizabeth, dau. of Nicholas, 3 rd son, 
.... Hudson, a & Elizabeth, both 
Turkey merch*. d. s.p. 


Charles=j=Winifred, John Morton, =f=Sarah, dau. Nicholas, 

of Lon- 


4 th son. 

dau. of 
Mat w 

2 nd son, Citi- 
zen of London. 

of Edmund 

All ob. s.p. 

Mary, mar. 1 
Wil m Surfleet, 
& 2 J. John- 
son of Lis- 
keard . 

John Morton. [He was living at 
Derby in 1759 as appears by the 
will of W m Milnes.] 

I I 

Frances. Charles. 

Winifred. (Mar. Wil. 
Milnes of Chesterfield. 
See Ped., p. 23.) 

Elizabeth, Charles, ob. s.p. Frances, 

wife of — mar. 

Maurice John, d. young. John 

Kendrick. Watson. 


John, Citi- 
zen of Lon- 

Margaret, mar. 
John Wells, 

Sarah, mar. 
Lilly, Citizen 
of London. 

Mary, d. 


Mary. [Mar Rebecca. Hester, living 

Grubb of London, at Peckham 

& was living 1759.] 1759. 


d. young. 

The roll, of which this is a copy, appears to have been the family tree, as I have 
heard such records called. It was probably usual in families who possessed one to 
have it transcribed from time to time with such additions as time had produced. 
The transcript from which this is a copy was made after the birth of Winifred & 
before her marriage, therefore about 1730. It may fairly be taken as good authority 
for the descendants of her great-grandfather Nicholas M., Rector of St. Saviour's. 



MS. 107 

This is indeed the most interesting part of the Pedigree, the rest being for the 
most part to be found in printed works. Those generations I apprehend never ap- 
peared in any publication, nor were they ever entered at the College of Arms. Yet 
the first Charles, the Rector of Blisland, was a remarkable character. There is 
some account of the Mortons of Dorsetshire in the ' Baronetage' of 1720, agreeing 
with the account here given. No descendants remain of Winifred Milnes. 


MS. 108 

This is Brailsford's pedigree of Bagshaw with continuations. He thus attests 
it: "This from a copy and some papers in the custody of William Bagshaw of 
Ford ; a great part whereof I have examined by some aged neighbours thereabout 
and is truth." 

But the earlier descents are taken from a 'Visitation of Staffordshire, 1583/ 
certified by Nicholas Bagshaw, with the Arms as usually borne. It contains his 2 
dau s , the 2 nd of whom in my copy, Harl. 1995, f. 57, is called Nazareth. His 
brothers are stated : Edward, William, Osmund, & Thomas. No wife given to 
Edward. I very much doubt Brailsford's deduction of W m B. of Hucklow from 
that Edward. The time does not allow so many generations. 

See Notes of Abney & of Bagshaw, M. P. B., xii., 100, 114. 

Nicholas Bagshaw of Abney, par. of Hope, co. Derb.= 



Nicholas, of Abney^f 1 . . . . dau. of ... . Brown of Chapel-le-Frith. 

Nicholas, of Abney=j=Elizabeth, dau. of Humphry Rugeley of Longdon, co, Staff. 

Nicholas Bag-=pJoan, dau 
shaw of Abney 
& of Farewell, 
co. Staff., Gent. 
Vix. 1583. 


of Robert Bagshaw 
Linacre. of Abney, 

2. Edward=pElizabeth, dau. 3. William. 5. Robert. 
~ ~ of Robert — — 

Gfreatrex of 4. Osmund. 6. Thomas. 
2 nd son. Greatrex. 

Elizabeth, aged Mary, 2 nd 1. Nicholas=f Isabel, dau. of 2. John. 

7, 1583, mar. dau., mar., Bagshaw of 

.... Saunders Har- Abney. 


Robert Bainbrig — 

of Worm-hill in 3. Robert, 
par. of Tidswell. 

4. Ralph. 

I I I I 

Henry Bagshaw^pAnn, dau. of Robert Robert. George. Isabel. 

of Abney. j Barker of Abney. L 

Jane, 1 st wife, dau. of= 
Ralph Outfield of 
Litton in par. of Tids- 

-William Bagshaw of Huck-= Helen, dau. of Ralph 
low and Abney, aged 64, 15 Bagshaw of Tading- 
Aug. 1662. There is a 
curious notice of this person 
in the life of his son W. B. 

d. a 

ton in psh. of Bake- child. 

well, 2 nd wife. 

MS. 108 



William Bagshaw, Clerk, eldest son, aged 35, 1662 ; he was= 
ejected from the living of G-lossop, co. Derb., by the Act of Uni- 
formity 1662, & afterwards lived at his own house at Ford, where 
he d. in 1702 & was bur. at Chapel-le-Frith. (See Cal., p. 197.) 
Will dated 15 Oct. 1701 ; proved 27 April 1702.* 

: Agnes, dau. of 
Peter Barker 
of Darley near 

John B. 
1662, d, 

1 st 

Samuel Bagshaw of Ford in par. of=p Sarah, dau. & coheir of Samuel 

Chapel-le-Frith, 2 nd son & heir ; 
he was the only child living when 
his father made his will ; bur. at 
Chapel-le-Frith 11 Dec. 1706. 

Child of Leeds, by Faith his 
wife, dau. of Wil m Spencer of 
Attereliffe, Esq. : mar, at Shef- 
field 20 April 1685. 

John, age 13, Nathaniel, aged 11, 1708; descendants from him Septimus, 
1708 ; bur. 10 are supposed to be living in the County of Lan- aged 11, 
Oct. 1711. caster 1824 ; bur. 1 April 1764 ; bp. 31 Jan. 1696. 1708. 

William Bagshaw of Ford, Esq., eldest=Mary, dau. 
son & heir, aged 22 in June 1708 ; he of John 
mar. Mary, dau. of John Wingfield of 
Haselbarrow & Norton, Esq. (see Ped. ; 
but she is said to have d. s.p. 1754, 
so that I suppose he had 2 wives); 
hed. 1 Dec. 1756. ' 

Esq. (See 

P. . 

2 nd son, 
aet. 19, 
1708 ; 
d. 16 

Samuel Bagshaw of Ford, Esq., eld-=f=Catherine, dau. of Sir 

est son & heir, Colonel in the Army, 
93 rd Reg. ; heir to his uncle ; d. 
1762 ; bur. 22 Sep. at Chapel-le- 
Frith ; he was sometime M.P. for 

James Caldwell of 
Castle Caldwell, co. 
Fermanagh ; bur. at 
St. James Chapel,New 
Road, London, Aug. 

d. an in- 

Samuel, of = 
Ford, 2 nd 
son & heir, 
ob. s.p. 
1804, May 

:Cath e , dau. of 
John Ink- 
ster ; living at 
Ford 1819, 
1825; d. in 
1828,10 April, 
aged 67. 

John Bagshaw of the Oaks 
in Norton, Esq., by settle- 
ment of his cousin Richard 
Bagshaw ; d. unmar. in 
1801, 30 Aug., at Staines, 
aged 42, & was there 

d. an in- 

Frances, dau. of 
John Hardware of 
Bromborough, co. 
Cest 1 ', by Frances, 
dau. of Rowland 
Hunt, Esq., of 
Boreatton. (See 
Ormerod's ' Che- 
shire/ i., 181.) 

Ann or Frances, mar. 
.... Barrol of Here- 
ford, left no issue. 
She had a former 
husband named 

* See Cox's ' Derbyshire Churches,' vol. 
2 ed. 5 p. 354.— J. W. C. 

ii., 144, and Ped., Hunter's ' Hallamshire,' 



MS. 108 

B | C 

William Bagshaw, late of Dron-- 
field, Clerk, now in right of his 
wife of Bannercross in par. of 
Sheffield 1821 (see < Hallamshire,' 
205) ; a posthumous child ; 
bp. 1763. 

=Ann, dau. of Samuel Fox- 
lowe, Esq. ; sister & heir 
of William Murray of Ban- 
ner Cross, Esq. ; widow of 
Arthur Bedford, M.D., of 

Ann, wife of Mi- 
chael Newton, 
Esq., of Culver 
Thorp, co. Line. ; 
mar. in 1799, &d. 
without issue. 

William Bagshaw, 
a son, d. aged 
about 12 ; b. 15 
Dec. 1803 ; d. 9 
Nov. 1818. 

Mary Catherine Ann Bag--=pHenry Marwood Greaves, Esq., 

shaw, sole surviving issue, 
dau. & heir ; living 1822, 
aged about 16 ; mar. at 
Chapel in le Frith 24 Sep. 
1829; b. 2 April 1809. , 

a younger son of G. B. Greaves, 
Esq., of Page Hall near Sheffield, 
& of Elmsall Lodge; d. at Banner 
Cross 10 March 1859, aged 66. 

William Barber of Malcoff,= 
Gent., d. s.p. 

= Susan Bagshaw, bp.=r=Edward Ashe of Tidswell, 
30 July 1642 ; bur. at mercer, 2 nd husb., son of 
Tidswell 21 July 1 723. Edw. 

John Ashe, V.D 
leaving issue. (See his 

of=rSarah, 1 st wife, dau. of= 
Tho s Swetenam, an 
ejected Minister ; d. 

= Martha, 2 nd wife, dau. of James 
Halstead of Warley n r Halifax; 
d. s.p. 30 May 1749 ; bur. at 

John, d. 1709. Euth, d. 1724. 3 dau* 

Grace, first wif e,= 
dau. of Henry 
Bright of Wher- 
low, co. York, 
Gent. (See 
' Hallamshire,' 
p. 206.) 

: John Bagshaw of Litton= 
and Hucklow, Esq., 2 nd 
son, Sher. of Derbyshire 
1696 ; d. in 1704 ; in his 
will he directed that he 
should be interred in 
Tidswell Church, dated 3 
Oct. 3 Ann ; mentions a 
brother W m Hide. 

: Elizabeth, dau. of Samuel Cotes of 
Wath & of Eawden, co. York, Clerk, 
an ejected Minister. (See Cal., p. . 
See M. P. B., v., 47.) She lived at 
Nottingham in her widowhood, & 
made her will there 29 April 1706, 
leaving to her granddau. Ann Rad- 

John Grammer of=p Jane B., d. 27 April 1695 ; 

Bakewell, Gent., d. 
17 May 1709, aged 
61 ; bur. in Bake- 
well Church. 

had 3 dau s , Mary, Jane, & 
Anne. (Q. if not by the 
2 nd wife.) 

Gertrude, wife of George 
Beaumont of Chapel 
Thorpe, co. York, Gent. 

I I I 

Ann G., wife of Tho- Mary. 

mas Barker of Brick- — 

house, Gent. Jane. 

John Grammer of Pledwich,= 
Esq. His dau. & coheir 
Gerfcrude, mar. Sir Thomas 
Gresley, Bart. 

=Mary Beau- 

MS. 108, 109 



William Bagshaw=pElizabeth, dau. of=Daniel Clark of Attercliffe and Huck- 
of Hucklow, Esq., 
eldest son & heir, 
aged 40, 1708. 

Jos a Dunn of At- 
tercliffe & of Hali- 

low, V.D.M., 2 nd husb., great grandson 
of Samuel C. who collected the " Lives;" 
mar. at Doncaster 16 Dec. 1715. 

John Bagshaw, only son & heir, d. un- 
mar. 5 Non May 1721, aged 20 years 
11 months & 16 days ; bur. in the 
Presbyterian Chapel at Sheffield. 

Grace Bagshaw, only sister & heir, 
aged 7 in 1708 ; mar. 4 Dec. 1722 to 
Aymer Riche of Bull-house, Esq., & d. 
without issue in 1724. (See Ped., 
p. 16.) 

Nathaniel B, of Tidswell,= 
Gent., 2 nd son, aged 13, 
1708. Had a suit at law 
with Aymer Riche for 
the Hucklow estates. 

=Mary, dau. of 
Longden of 

i i i 

Jedidiah, Sam- 
uel, & John, 
all d. without 

of Fox- 
Denton, co. 
Lane, Esq. 


Robert Bagsh aw, = Sarah, dau. of Anthony Long- : 
3 rd son, of Tids- Taylor of den of Worm- 
well ; d. without Melton, co. hill, 
issue. York. 


=Mary, had 2 dau 8 , Janet, 
Jane, mentioned in W m 
Bagshaw's will. 

i i 


I I 

.1 I II 

Charles. Michael. Anne. Helen. Adam Bagshaw, of Wormhill,= 

— — — — Gent., 4 th son, living in 1708, 

Michael. Henry & Mary. Jane. & was then aged 61. He 

Thomas. had also 2 dau s , viz., Eliz., & 

— — ^ ^ Susan who mar. Richard 

All d. without issue. 

Ann, 1 st wife, dau. of Paul Web-= 
ster of Chesterfield, Gent, (see 
Ped., p. 105) ; d. without issue ; 
mar. at Brampton 24 Oct. 1695. 

Heathcote of Taxal, co. Cest r . 

=Alice, dau. 
of Richard 
Torr of 

:Adam Bagshaw of=pMargaret, 2 nd wife, 

Wormhill, Gent., 
eldest son & heir, 
aged 30, 1708. (Q. 
which 1 st wife.) 

dau. & heir of Tho- 
mas Nuttal of Toll- 
ington, co. Lane, 

Robert Radcliffe of=f=Margaret Bagshaw, sole dau. & heir. I believe she was by 
Fox Denton, Esq. | wife Webster, whose name is written Eliz. or Hannah. 

Robert Radcliffe of Fox Denton, =f Frances, dau. of Samuel Sidebotham, Clerk, 
Esq., son & heir. by Mary Radcliffe his wife. 

Robert Radcliffe of Fox=Margaret, dau. of Thomas Patten of Warrington, Esq. ; 
Denton, Esq. mar. in 1796. G 



MS. 109 

Richard Bagshaw of r 
Castleton & The 
Oaks in Norton, co. 
Derb., Esq., 2 nd son, 
aged 28, 1708 ; of 
Goushill in Castle- 
ton; aet. 32, 1709. 

: Elizabeth, dau. & heir of 
Henry Gill of The Oaks 
in Norton, Esq. (see 
Ped., ' Hallamshire ') ; 
b. 11 Dec. 1677; Gill 
was Cap n of the Scars- 
dale Militia ; set. 31, 

Susan, mar. 
Eichard Heath- 
cote of Taxal, 
co. Staff. 

Elizabeth, mar. 



William B., 3 rd son, 
aged 26, & unmar. 

John Bagshaw, 4 th 
son, a merch* of 
Leghorn, aged 24, 
1708; British Con- 
sul at Genoa 1731. 

Henry, b. at Oaks; 
bp. at Norton 22 
Aug. 1700 ; bur. 
13 Sep. 1701. 

Richard Bagshaw of The = Mary, dau. of 
Oaks, Esq., 2 nd son & John Simp- 
heir, bp. 11 April 1705 ; son of Reni- 
d. without issue at the shaw, Gent. ; 
Oaks 19 Feb. 1776, & was d. 11 Jan. 
bur. at Norton. 1792. 

Adam, 3 rd son, bp. 
25 th Dec. 1707 ; 
d. unmar., & was 
bur. at Norton 
26 Sep. 1725. 

Gill, 4 th son, b. &. d. in 1709. 

William Bagshaw of Oaks, 
Esq., 5 th son, Justice of Peace 
for co. Derb. ; bp. at Castleton 
4 th Oct. 1713; wilidated9 May 
1785 ; d. unmar. 30 June fol- 
lowing ; bur. at Norton. 

John Bagshaw of the Oaks, 
Esq., 6 th son, bp. at Castle- 
ton 19 June 1715; dying at 
the Oaks unmar. his estates 
devolved by virtue of re- 
mainders on his kinsman 
John Bagshaw, on the op- 
posite page ; bur. at Nor- 
ton 19 Nov. 1791. 

Ursula, 1 st dau., bp. at 
Norton 3 April 1703; 
d. 6 Jan. 1703-4. 

Elizabeth, 2 nd dau., 
bp. at Castleton 1 Dec. 
1706 ; d. at the Oaks 
unmar., & was bur. at 
Norton 22 Dec. 1778. 

Alice, 3 rd dau., twin 
with Ellen, bp. at 
Castleton 13 April 
1710; mar. John 
Fell of Attercliffe- 
Forge, Gent., & ob. 

of Kings- 

: Ellen Bagshaw, 
4 th dau., twin 
with Alice, bp. 
at Castleton 13 
April 1710. 

John Howarth, lr 
of Manchester, 
Esq., d. 4 Dec. 
1786, aged 74. 

=Mary B., 5 th 
& youngest 
dau., bp. at 
Norton 18 
May 1712; d. 
13 Jan. 1775, 
aged 62. 

James, d. young. 
Richard, d. unmar. 1741. 
William, d. unmar. 1782. 


Hon. Edward Perce-= Sarah Howarth, sole Sarah & 
val, 4 th son of John, dau. & heir, bp. 19 Mary, d 
2 nd Earl of Egmont. Aug. 1752 ; mar. infants. 

27 July 1775 ; d. 


Ursula, d. y. 
Alice, d. y. 

Ralph Darling of= 
Hull, apothecary ; 
an Alderman of 
that Borough. 


^Elizabeth Chambers, 
eldest dau., b. 15 
Nov. 1734; d. 14 
Feb. 1799. 

I I 
Ellen, 2 nd dau., d. unmar. 

Anne, 3 rd and youngest 
dau., d. unmar. 1783. 

1 John Howarth was son of Abr. Howarth of Manchester, linen-draper, who 
bought lands at Blackley which Hon. G. Perceval sold. (' Hist, of B.,' p. 21.) 

MS. 109 




Elizabeth, mar. Jos h Jarvis of 
Hull, s.p. 

Helen, d. unmar. 

William Chambers Darling, M.D., eldest son, b. at Hull= 
20 Feb. 1771 ; of the University of Edinburgh ; suc- 
ceeded to the estates, enjoyed by his great uncles, on the 
death of his cousin John Bagshaw, Esq., in 1801, when 
he assumed the surname of Bagshaw & had a grant of 
Coat-armour ; served the Office of High Sheriff of the 
County of Derby in 1805, & on presenting an address to 
the King, after the Battle of Trafalgar, received the 
honour of knighthood ; he is in the Commission of the 
Peace for the Counties of York & Derby, & now resides 
in the City of Bath ; d. at Bath 29 June 1832, & was 
bur. at Norton. 

Anne, mar. Tho. Whitehead 
of Hull, ob. s.p. 

-Helen, 2 nd <Jau. of Nathaniel 
Ridgard of Gainsborough, 
by Sarah his wife, dau. & 
heir of Edward Buxton of 
Chesterfield ; sister to Na- 
thaniel, Samuel, George, 
William, Mary, & Ann Rid- 
gard ; b. at Gainsborough 
1 June 1769 ; mar. at St. 
Giles, Cripplegate. (See 
a Ped. of Buxton at 
pp. 408 & 409.) 

William John Bagshaw,= 
eldest son & heir-app., 
b. at Edinburgh 3 April 
1793 ; mar. at Mon- 
mouth 12 Oct. 1822 to 
Sarah, dau. of William 
Partridge, Esq., of that 

Caroline, wife of 
Fred. Foster, 
Esq., of Fairfield, 
co. Lane. 

Mary Anne, wife 
of W m Foster, 
Esq., brother to 
the foregoing. 

Henry Ridgard, 2 nd son, mar. at the 
Chapel of the British Ambassador, 
Paris, Oct. 1824 to Cath e Elizabeth, 
dau. of John Gunning, Esq., 
of Lower Grosvenor Street, by 
Catherine his wife, dau. of Sir 
Joseph Dacre Appleby Gilpin. (See 
Ped., p. 489.) 


W m Leonard Gill B. 
Francis Westby. 
Sarah Eliza, d. y. 
Sarah Alicia. 

Elizab. Ursula. 
Caroline Ann. 
Ellen Gertrude. 

I I I I 
W m Hy Gunning. 

John Bernard. 

Edward Gilpin. 

Cath e Helen. 

Edward Benjamin, Clerk, 
presented to the Rectory of 
Eyam Jan. 1826 ; mar. 8 
June 1826 at Watford in 
Hereford to Jane, dau. of 
W m Partridge, Esq., of 

4. Charles Frede- 
rick, Clerk, mar. 
in London 21 Aug. 
1830 to Elizabeth 
Anne, eldest dau. 
of George Hob- 
son, Esq. 

Helen Charlotte Helen, mar. 
Maria 3 Aug. 1827 to Isaac 

& Sophia Dixon of Line. Col., 
Amelia, Ox., only son of Jon n 
d. young. Dixon, Vicar of Hum- 

bleton & Garton ; mar. 

at Humbleton. 

Edward Arthur. William Perceval. 

Samuel Robinson, Lieut, in 
7 th Bengal Native Infantry, 
mar. Miss Roache. 

vol, i. 

5. Richard Chambers, 
d. unmar. in Jamaica 
23 Nov. 1827 ; an 

Francis Darling, Lieut, in 
5 tix BombayNative Infantry, 
after Captain ; d. at Bom- 
bay 7 March 1840. I 
K K 



MS. 109 

I I 

Edmund Lloyd. 

Georgiana Jubilee, b. 1809 ; mar. 
1881 to Charles Herbert White, 
Esq., of the 8 th Bengal Light 

Emily, mar. at 
Walcot Church, 
Bath, 19 May 
1836 to Bev. John 
C. Faber, eld. son 
of C. D. Faber, 
Esq., of Swinton 

b. 1814; 
Curate of 

=Caroline Emily, 
dau. & h. of 
Wil. H. Vale, 
Curate of Ec- 
olesal; mar. at 
Sheffield 28 
June 1844. 

Burnt— Clarfce* 

Will of Jos* Dunn 12 Oct. 1709 ; Prob. 26 April 1716. 

Joshua Dunn of Halifax, mercer, owner= 
of half tithe of Barnsley ; b. 1 636 ; d. 7 
Aug. 1715; bur. at Halifax. In 1695 he 
was living at Bough Birch worth in Penis- 
ton, & in 1700 of Attercliffe, mercer. 

(Mary Clarke,* 2= 
w. ; Sett, after 
mar. 10 & 11 Nov. 
1682 ; b.l643;d. 
5 April 1729. 

:. . . .f 

1 w. of 


Joshua DunnJ of Christ Col., Cam- 
bridge, d. 13 Sep. 1709 ; only child 
by 2 nd wife ; b. at S tannery near 
Halifax 28 Sep. 1684. 

John, son of Joshua Dunn, mar. at 
Coley 14 June 1681 Martha, dau. 
of Joseph Fourness of Ovenden. 
(P. 39.) 


William= Elizabeth— Daniel Clarke of At- 
Bagshaw Dunn. tercliffe, V.D.M., 
ofHuck- mar. atDoncaster 16 

low, co. Dec. 1715; lived at 


Hucklow, co. Derb., 
after his marriage, & 
d. 11 Nov. 1724. 
Will 15 Oct. 1724. 

Sarah, mar. Nicholas 
Warren of Norton, co. 
Derb., V.D.M. Will 18 
Jan. 1730. N. W. mar. 
a 2 nd w. Elizab. ; liv& 
1767. =F 

Samuel C. of St. Albans,= 
V.D.M. & D.D.; will 
14 March 1747 ; ob. 4 
Dec. 1750 ; bur. in St. 
Peter's Churchy d , St. 

=Sarah. Will Elizab., 1747. 
21 Aug. — 

1755. ^ Ann, 1747. 

Hannah, 1747. 

Thomas Warren of 
Cranbrook in Kent, 
Cent., 1765, & of 
Wheresby near Cran- 
brook 1767, Esq. 

Samuel, of Birmingham, 
V.D.M., ob. coel. 1769. 

Joshua or Joseph, of North- 
ampton, wool- stapler. 

.... mar. D r William Rose of 
Chiswick, & d. 1 Jan. 1805, 
aged 79. 

.... mar. Jabez Hirons, V.D.M., 
of St. Albans, & d. 1804, aged 82. 

Lady Bagshaw shewed me a list of her children and grand-children as they stood 
at the beginning of the year 1840. There were exactly two dozen of children & four 
dozen of grand-children. Derwent Hall, Aug. 31, 1840. 

Ralph Darling below published by subscription a 4to volume containing a 
metrical version of the four Gospels. 

* Mrs. Dun of Halifax, d. April 6, bur. April 8, 1729 (Northowram Kegister). 
f Elizabeth, wife of Joshua Dun, bur. Halifax Church Nov. 24, 1680. Joshua Dun, her 
husband, d. Aug. 7, 1715, aged 80. Monumental brass still in the Church. 
X Bur. in Halifax Church. M.I, in Chancel.— J. W. 0, 

MS. 110 



See marriage with Bettridge, M. P. B., xv., 12. 
Henry Bagshaw of the Eidge, co. Derb.=p. . . . dau. of Eyre of Hurst. 

Thomas Bagshaw of^Cecily, dau. of Eichard Blaekwall Agnes. Elizabeth, 
the Eidge. of Blaekwall. 

Ealph, ob. s.p. 
Stephen, a Priest. 

Edward=j=Joan, dau. of Anthony, Agnes, wife of Elizabeth. 

John Shal- ob. s.p. .... Pool of 

cross of Shal- — Wakebridge. 

cross. Dorothy. 

Henry Bagshaw,=rFlorence, dau. & heir of Agnes, wife of James Lynaker of 
living in 1596. Thomas Cockayne. Lynacre. No issue. 

Mary, wife Anne, wife Thomas Bag-=pElizabeth, 

dence, of Eob. of Thomas shaw of the 

Tetlow of Bowden of Eidge; living 

Worneth Bowden. in 1611 ; ob. 

or Cham- 2 July 1632. 


dau.ofW m 
of Alton. 




wife of 
cliffe of 

3. Henry Bagshaw 
of Streetborough 
near Haywood, co. 
Staff. ; mar. & had 
issue. A Capt. of 

4. Francis, 4. Margaret, mar. 1 st W ra 
d. unmar. Wright of Longston 

(Ped., p. 102), & 2 Cha s 
Legh, a younger bro. of 
Tho s L. of Adlington, 
co. Cest r , Esq. 

3. Dorothy, wife 
of Tho s Stafford 
of Bothamsall, 
co. Derb., Esq. 


1. Elizabeth, 
wife of John 
Shalcross of 
Shalcross, co. 
Derb., Esq. 

1. Edward, 1 st son ; 
d. unmar. " A Capt. 
of Foot." Slain by a 
shot in the night at 
Tetbury, Feb. 1645, 

2. Thomas Bag- 
shaw of the 
Eidge ; d. in 
April 1649. 

: Barbara, dau. of John 
G-reves of Greves near 
Beeley, co. Derb. This 
was a Clandestine mar., & 
there was some question 
about it in the Courts. 

Ann, dau. & h. of Edward Brereton= 
of Hurdlow, Esq. Survived & re- 
mar. Wil. or Hen. Carrington of 
White Knolls in Chapel psh. 

:Henry Bagshaw of the Eidge, Esq., eldest 
son ; aged 27, 14 Aug. 1662, when he 
entered his pedigree. He appointed 
Eidgehall to be sold. 

Henry B., livs 1697 ; supposed 
to have d. without issue. 

. . mar Taylor. 

John Taylor. 



MS. 110 

Thomas Bagshaw of the Ridge,=fMary, dau. of 

Esq., 2 nd son ; aged 24, 1662 ; 
lived many years at Bakewell, & 
dying 13 April 1721, aged 82, 
was bur. in the Church of that 
town.* Steward to the Duke of 
Eutland. Bought Ridge. 

William Alles- 
tree of Alvas- 
ton, co. Derb., 
Esq. ; d. 11 
Dec. 1707, 
aged 63. 

John, aged 
23, 1662. 

aged 22, 

Elizabeth, wife of 
Tho s ClayofHar- 
wood, co. Lane. 

Florence, aged 
19, 1662. 

John Bagshaw, a barrister 
of Gray's Inn, d. before 
his father, & as it seems 

Charles Bagshaw, Gent.,- 
d. before his father, 26 
Oct. 1717, aged 43.f 

= Alicia Maria, dau. & coh r 
of Benjamin Ashton of 
Hathersedge, Esq. ; d. 2 
June 1719, aged 37. 

Thomas, ob. 
s.p., of 
sedge, Esq. 


of Bidge, 
Esq., ob. 

= Catherine, dau. of Sir John Stat- 
ham of Tidswell, K nt ; remar. 
General Philips. "Hon. Rich* 
Philips, Esq., and Henry Barker 
of Wallingford, co. Berks, Esq., 
& of Chiswick." 

Charles, ob. s.p., of 



Robert, ob. s.p., a 
merch* at Hull. 

Francis, Rector of 
Hampstead, s.p. 

James, d. young. 

Stephen, d. Rachel Bagshaw, youngest dau., on whom & her 

young. issue male the Ridge Estate was settled ; mar. 

— William Fitzherbert 1 of Tissington, Esq., & in 

Mary, d. 1741, being then his widow, erected a monument 

young. for her family in the Ch. of Bakewell. 


James, unmar. Anthony, d. Martha, wife of* Catherine, wife of Mary, d. 
1782. young. Hugh Bonfay, Richard Bateman young. 

— — Esq., called Tho 8 of Derby, Esq. 

Thomas, d. Francis, d. by D r Pegge. =p 

young. young. j 

Sir Hugh Bateman, Bart. 

William Fitzherbert of Tissing— 
ton, Esq., eldest son & heir ; 
M.P. for Derby ; a friend of D r 
Johnson ; d. 2 Jan. 1772 by 
his own hand. (Corr. of Earl 
of Chatham, 1839, iii., 92.) 


: Mary, eldest dau. of Lit- 
tleton Poyntz Meynel, 
Esq., of Bradley, co. 
Derb., Esq., by Judith, 
dau. of Tho s Alleyne of 
Barbadoes. (See p. 449.) 

John Fitzherbert, 2 nd 
son, Rector of Dove- 
ridge, was mar., but 
had no issue in 1782. 
His wife's name Susan 
Peacock. (D r Pegge.) 

1 W m F. had a brother John who d. in India, & 2 sisters, Eliz. & Mary, mar. to 
John Buxton of Bressington. 

* M.I. there, t D. 25 Oct. 1717 ; bar. at Bakewell. M.I. (Glover's ' Derbyshire ').— J. W. 0. 

MS. 110 



d. an in- 

Sir William Fitz-= 
herbert of Tissing- 
ton, Bart. ; created 
22 Jan. 1784 ; d. 
30 July 1791, aged 

: Sarah, only dau. 
of William Per- 
rin of Jamaica, 
Esq. .; mar. 14 
Oct. 1777. 

John P., a writer 
in the service of 
the E. I. Co., d. 
at Bengal 1776. 

Sir Anthony Perrin 
Fitzherbert, 2 nd 
Bart., d. at Bristol 
2 April 1798, aged 

George, d. 
an infant. 

Sir Henry F.,= 
the 3 rd Baro- 
net, b. 4 Aug. 

= Agnes, dau. of 
William Beres- 
ford, Rector of 
Sunning in 

Thomas F., 
4 th son, a 
Lieut, in 
the 21 st , d. 

Charles, d. 

d. young. 

Alleyne Fitzherbert, 5 th son ; 
created Baron St. Helens of 
Ireland 1790, of England 
1801 ; d. unmar. 1839. 

Judith, eldest 
dau., d. young. 

Henry Gall 
Knight of 

-Selma F., 2 nd dau., 
b. 31 Oct. 1751 ; d. 
in 1822. 

Henry Gaily Knight of Langold,= 
Esq., only son, b. Dec. 1786. 

MS. Ill 


See will of Tho. Ledgerd of Bawtry. (York Wills, 701.) 

James Torre of Burnham, co. Linc.,- 
2 nd son of Gregory (see his descent, 
<Duc. Leod.,' 2 nd Ed., p. 119). 
Will dated 17 Aug. 1623. 

(Elizabeth, dau. of = Israel Medley of 
. . . . Mirfyn of East Lound, 2 nd 
Thurcroft, co. husband. 


Thomas Torre of Grays Lound, 2 nd =pElizabeth, dau. & 

coheir of Thomas 
Tankersley of 
Crays Lound. 

son ; purchased the M r of Temple 
Belwood, where he resided till his 
death in 1650 ; bur. at Belton. 

Margaret Torre, wife of 
Kob t Sturton of Notts 
& Bly ton. Issue a son 
& a dau. 


Thomas Torre, the only surviving child, d. in his minority, when his 
inheritance came to his uncle ; bur. at Belton. 

Gregory Torre of Burnham, Gent., eldest son; compounded=j=Ann, dau. & heir of 
with the Pari, for his Estate ; d. in the year of the Kestora- I John Farr of Ep- 
tion, & was bur. in the Church of Haxej with his father & I worth, co. Line, 
other ancestors. a | 



MS. Ill 




All d. 

Elizabeth, firsts 
wife, youngest 
of the 4 dau s & 
coheirs of Wil. 
Lincoln, D.D.; 
mar. at Bottes- 
ford 22 April 
1673 ; d. 12 
Aug. 1693, & 
was bur. in the 
Church of 

r James Torre of the City ofc 
York, Gentleman, son & heir, 
bp. 30 April 1649. The great 
Ecclesiastical Antiquary of 
the Diocese of York. M r W m 
Mirfyn, Clerk, was one of his 
Guardians. He sold his lands 
in Lincolnshire & purchased 
the Manor of Snydal near 
Wakefield, on which he came 
to reside on 13 June 1699, 
but dying 31 July was in- 
terred in his parish church 
of Normanton. 

: Anna, 2 nd wife, dau, of 
Nicholas Lister of 
Leeds & East Eigton, 
Gent, (by Isabel Man 
his wife), son of Nicho- 
las Lister of Leeds, 
draper, by Elizabeth 
his wife, dau. of William 
Tottieof Allerton Gled- 
how (see ' Due. Leod.,' 
2 nd Ed., 119) ; mar. at 
York Minster 24 April 
1694 ; d. 6 Feb. 1741, 
aged 74, & was bur. at 

Samuel. John. James. 

William. Anne. 
Dorothy. James. 


All these d. in their infancy, 
& were bur. in the Ch. of 

Gregory, b. at Jane Torre, b. 26 Jan. 1681 ; bp. 

Osgodby 19 15 Feb. ; heir to her mother ; mar. 

June 1684 ; in May 1701 to Thomas Hassel, 

bp. 24 ; d. 2 Clerk, by whom Eliz., who also 

Aug. ; bur. in d. unmar. at York, & Dorothy, who 

the Church of mar Arbuthnot & had Doro- 

Clayton. thy, mar. Rev. W m Comber, 2 son 
of Tho a Comber, Esq. (See 313.) 

Nicholas Torre of= 
Snydall, Esq., son 
& heir, b. 24 Jan. 
1694; bp. 29 th ; 
d. 5 March 1749, 
& was bur. at 

: Jane, dau. & coheir 
of Richard Mann of 
York, Gent. ; mar. 
8 Sep. 1720 at St. 
Olave's without 
Bootham Bar, York. 

Isabel Torre, b. 
at York 25 Feb. 
1695; d. 20 May 
1696, & was 
bur. at Newton 

Anna Torre, b. at New- 
ton Kyme 3 Oct. 1697 ; 
mar. 1 Sep. 1717 to 
James Smith of Cawood, 
Gent., whose Ped. see 
at p. 113. 

Jane Torre, b. at Pontefract 
6 March 1728-9; d. unmar. 
at York. 

Nicholas Torre, b. at Pontefract= 
11 March 1727-8 ; d. in 1792, & 
was bur. on 28 July in the Old 
Church at Pontefract. 

=Mary, dau. of 
John Smith 
of Newland, 

Christopher Torre, live in 1815. Smith Torre, dead in 1815. Ann. 

James Torre, Clerk,=pBetty, dau. & heir of Stephen Holme 

i i i 


Jane. Ann. 

of Snydal, son & 
heir, b. at Ponte- 
fract 6 Feb. 1722-3; 
d. 1 Sep. 1788, & 
was bur. at Nor- 


of Wakefield, Esq., barr.-at-law (by 
Eliz. Iveson his wife), son of Henry, 
son of another Henry Holme of 
Paul Holme, Esq. ; mar. at Ledstone 
5 Oct. 1747; d. 19 Oct. 1790, 
aged 65, and was bur. at Nor- 

Dinah. Isabel. Mary. 


All d. in their infancy, & 
are bur. at Normanton* 

MS. Ill 




Eliza, 1 st 
wife, dau. 
of John 
Cox of 

: 4. Henry Torre, = Dorothy, 2 nd wife, 
Rector of Ryse, dau. of James 

5. John,= Harriet, dau. 

co. York, b. 
Dec. 1758. 

Worsley, Rector 
of Stonegrave, co. 
York ; mar. at St. 
Olave's, York, in 

b. 7 



of Jn° Leigh 
of Oughter- 
ington, Esq. 
(See Ped., p. 

b. 25 

Henry James, 1 son, took the name^pMarg*, dau. & h. of Cap n 
of Holme. Geo. Mangles. 

2. Kirkbv Torre,= 
b. 13 July 1750. 

=Ann, dau. of 3. Nicholas Torre, b. 14 Dec.= Isabella, dau. of 
.... Lucas. 1753 ; Rector of Rise ; took .... Barber, 
name of Holme. 

Esther, first wife, dau. of John= 
Milnes of Wakefield, Esq. (see 
Ped., p. 21) ; mar. at Norman- 
ton 23 Aug. 1774 ; d. 14 June 
1782, aged 28, & was bur. at 

=1. James Torre- 
of Snydal, Esq., 
eldest son & heir, 
b. 2 Sep. 1748 ; 
bp. at Methley. 

^Caroline, 2 nd wife, 3 rd dau. of 
Robert Cotes, D.D., Rector of 
Ryse, co. York, son of Humphry, 
son of Joho, of Woodcote, by 
Dor., dau. of Robert, Earl 
Ferrars ; mar. at St. Mary's, 
Beverley, 28 Feb. 1792. 

Anna Margareta 
Caroline, b. 28 
Oct. 1792 ; mar. 



i i i i 

Christopher James. 
Henrietta Eliz. 
Isabella Harriet. 
All d. in infancy. 

Nicholas Lee Torre, 
b. 23 June 1795; 
mar. at Leamington 
May 1826 to Eliza, 
eldest dau. of R. W. 
Elliston, Esq., of 
Stratford Place, 
London. =j= 

- ■ ■ /K 


Charles, b. 4 Aug. 

Lettice Jane, b. 1 
Nov. 1801. 

Edward William, 
b. 11 Feb. 1804. 

Mann Henry Henry Nicholas Torre, b. 17 Sep. 1780 ; a Hannah Maria, wife 

Torre, d. in Clergyman ; Rector of Thornhill ; mar. 1 of James Favill of 

his infancy. . . . . ;f 2, in 1827, .... dau. of Sir John Normanton, Esq. 

Lister Kaye of Denby Grange, Bart. (See Ped., p. 112.) 

James Torre of Snydal^Roselien, dau. & coheir of Edward 

Esq. 4 eldest son & heir, 
b. 1 June 1775 ; bp. at 

Whitwell, Esq., by Mary his wife, 
dau. of John Milues of Wakefield, 
Esq. (see p. 21) ; mar. at St. George's, 
Hanover Square, in 1804. 

John Torre, b. 23 
Dec. 1775 ; in the 
60' th Reg.; d. in 
the Island of St. 
Vincent in 1804. 

Emma. James Whitwell of Snydal, Esq., mar. Feb. 
1830 Jane Helena, dau. of Major-Gen. 
Beatson of Henley in Sussex. 

j i 



* Charles Herman Cornelius Van Baerle of Demerara. f Sarah Caroline. 

% 1804, Dec. 12. James Torre, Esq., of St. Marylebone, and Rosellen Eliza Whitwell of this 
parish mar. by licence (St. George's, Hanover Square, Register), — J. W. C. 



MS. 112 

Bwreton— MxktK— 3SossIep — i^toatt* 

See other Bosleys, Add. MS. at Museum 5527, f. 18, iu M. P. B., ii., 196. 

Edward Brereton of Hurlow, co.=j=Helen Ryley of the par. of Alston 
Derb., psh. of Hartington. Field, co. Staff. 

Ellen, mar. German 
Buxton of Bress- 
ington. (See Ped., 
p. 409.) 

Ann, mar. 1 Henry 
Bagshaw of Ridge ; 
2 . . . . Carrington. 
(See Ped., p. 110.) 

Samuel Svvann of= 
Hurdlow in psh. 
of Hartington, 
yeo. Will 2 Jan. 





Edward S., nephew 
of Samuel. 

mi i 

Martha. 1. Samuel 

— Swan, ob. 
Mary. s.p. before 

— 1757. 

2. Edward Swan of=f=Ellen, dau. of John 
Hurdlow. Will 5 Webb of Heaton in 
March 1757. par. of Leek, Gent. 

Settl. 14 June 1705. 

3. Rowlands 
Swan of 
ham, dead 


d. before 

mar. Rich d 

Mary, Ann, mar. Ralph 
mar. R. Clayton. Ellen 
Hawley. in father's will. 

Samuel, Roby. 

of Lon- — 

don. John. 

t — 
| Row- 
Samuel, land. 

... ==Mary,= 
Barrow, only 
l st husb. dau. & 

^William Bul- 
lock, II J)., of 
Buxton, 2 nd 

George. Mary, mar. 

Edw. Ralph. 


William B.,=Elizabeth, dau. William= 

only son, of Wil. Greaves Barker, 

d. without of Tidswell, 1683 of 

issue. Gent. Sheldon. 

: Mary, 
dau. & 

ob. (See 

p. o 

Jane, mar. Rob. Dale 
ofParwich,&2Rich d 
Shalcross. (See 
Ped., p. 447.) 

William Barker= 
of Sheldon, son 
& heir. 

•Elizabeth, dau. of Tho. Wood-= Thorp, 

ward, apothecary, of Bake- 2 nd husb. 
well, & Ruth his wife ; d. 19 
April 1752, aged 75 ; bur. at 

For Shalcross, see 
M. P. B., xii., 29. 

MS. 112 




Thomas Barker, 1 ob. s.p. ; of 
the Brick-house, Gent. ; bur. 
in N. Aisle, Bake well. 

William Bossley,=T=Mary=^=Thomas Grove, M.A., 

1 st husb., of Bake- 
well, apothy. 

2 husb., Vicar of 
Bake well. 

William Bossley^Debora, dau. of Will. Barker, 
of Bake well, Steward to th e Duke of Deyon- 

mercer. shire. (See Ped., p. 98.) 

ii ii 

James. Ann. 


Mary. Sarah. Ruth, mar. 


Thomas, ob. s.p. Elizabeth, Alexander, an AtU, Barker, ob. 15=Mary Mills 

— mar. of Bakewell, eld. Oct. 1819, (Milnes*) 

Mary, mar. .... Barker. son, d. 8 Nov. 1826, aged 68 ; bur. of Ashover. 

Barker. aged 78 ; bur. at at Bakewell. 


I I I 

.... 1 w.^ wid. of Edw. Burton= George B., Vicar=. . . . dau. of ... . William, 
of Chesterfield, & dau. of Rob. of Chesterfield. Daintry, 2w, — 

Halifax. James. 

Roger Boseley of Oackland, co. Staff. =f=. . . . dau. of ... . Alley ne. 


Roger, b. at Ecclesall, co. Staff. ; a merch* in London=pMargaret, dau. of ... . Heysam, a servant 
| of Henry VIII. 

Richard, set. 23, 1591. Dorothy, mar. John Hay ward of London, grocer. 
Harl. 2152, p. 318, & Addit. 5527, p. 18. 

MS. 113 


These four descents I found on the margin of a copy of the ' Ducatus ' which had 
belonged to M r Poole, prime Serjt-at-Law. The children of James & Ann appear 
in the pedigree of Torre, from which I have transcribed, & the continuation I 
received from a gentleman at the Heralds' Office, through whose hands this pedigree 
has lately been passing. Other notices of this family may be seen in Gent's ' Ripon ' 
or < Hull,' p. 63. 

William Smith of Cawood^Ann, dau. of Thomas Hewley ; aunt to 

co. York, 

Sir John Hewley, sometime M.P. for the 
City of York. (See < Due. Leod.') 

James Smith of Cawood^ 

. . dau. of ... . Ashton. 

1 He mar. Ann, dau. of John & Jane Grammer ; she d. 15 July 1748, aged 57 ; 
mar. in 1733. 

* D. 25 March 1795, aged 38 ; bur. at Bakewell. M.I. (Glover's 'Derbyshire ').— J. W. G. 



A I 

MS. 113 

Jonah Smith of Cawood, Gent.=pAnn, dau. of Nicholas Suger of York. 

Nich s , of Selby=r. . . . dau. of ... . Wilkinson Eliz. 
of Cawood. 

Additions from Rad- 
clyffe's MSS. 

Nicholas, of Selby, d. about 1790 ; mar. Eleanor Coupland. 

James Waterhouse Smith, 1 heir 
male to Nich s , the Accountant. 

Q. how .... Waterhouse Smith is related to 
Nicholas. (See p. 331.) Perhaps not at all. 

William Smithy 
Eector of 


. dau. James Smith=p Ann, dau. of James Torre of Snydall, 

of Cawood, 

Gent. (See Pbd., p. 111.) 


Nicholas, of Condon, James, of Eliz., d. unmar. Isaiah, an apoth>', after a 

apothecary. Holtby. — bricklayer's labourer. 

— = Mary, mar. .... — 

William, a tinman, Relf (?). Peter, of York, saddler, after 

d. unmar. of Bury St. Edmunds. 

i i 

Stephen Buckley Anne, James, b. Nicholas Smith^Elizabeth, dau. of Richard 

~ - - - Halstead, Vicar of Hutton- 

Paynel, by Eliz. Wads- 
worth his wife. (See 
Pbd., p. 5.) 

of York, silver- 

b. 1 

22 Dec. 
1720 ; d. 


of Cawood & 
Leeds, Attor- 
ney, b. 1 Aug. 

Stephen. Ann, w. of Ric. Smith. 

James, Nicholas Smith, Esq.,= 
d. an of Gower Street, Mid- 
infant, dlesex, Aecountant- 
General in the Court 
of Chancery ; aged 7 
in 1759 ; d. s.p. in 
1819 ; directed in his 
will to be bur. at 

-Frances, dau. of Sir Edmund 
Anderson, Bart., of Kildwick, 
by Frances his 2 nd w., dau. of 
.... Batty of Tadcaster. 
Two other dau s of Batty 
mar., one Jonathan Hopwood, 
a haberdasher at York, the 
other, Jane, Tuke, a gardener 
in York. 

Elizabeth, only 
dau., aged about 
11, 1759; d. 
unmar. at ab* 

the age of 27. 

James, b. 5 Feb. Sarah, mar. Eliza, mar. Samuel Jane, d. 

1723-4 ; d. un- .... Nichol- Staveley of York, unmar. 

mar. on the son of bookseller. 

Coast of Guinea. Cawood. =f= 

Two of the dau s 
in this line were 
mar., 1 to ... . 
Buckler, the other 
to . . . . Nicholson 
of Cawood. 


Eliza Staveley, coheir, wife of Edw. Prest of Ann, w. of Wil. Barf of Carlton 

York, druggist. =r ■ . & Wakefield. =f= 

b c | D | 

1 James Waterhouse Smith. (See p. 331.) 

MS. 113 



Edward Prest, prin- 
cipal heir to his rela- 
tion Nic s Smith, Esq. 

Tho s , of=. . ... dau. Ann, mar. Ben. Wood of Sam 1 . 
Wake- of ... . Wakefield Outwood. — 

field. Todelle. — John. 

Jane, mar. Jos a Charles- 
worth of Lofthouse. 



Lucas Nicholson^pEleanor, dan. of Ric. 
I Peacopp of York. 

Sarah, mar. John Prince of 
York, silversmith. 


James, town Clerk of Leeds. Eleanor. Ric. Geo. 




The Perfects were, I believe, Cultivators of Liquorice, a plant for which the 
neighbourhood of Pontefract has been long celebrated. 

This account of them is from Brooke's papers, but wants corrections. 

Noah Perfect of Pontefract.=p 


. 1 w., dau. of=pJohn Perfect of = Elizabeth Smal-= 


Fleming of 

Pontefract, twice wood, 2 w. 
Mayor, ob. 1765. 

=Mary, 3 w., dau. of . . 
Cawood, rel. of . . , 

John Perfect of=Mary, dau. 
Pontefract. of John 


William P.=rAnn, dau. of Tho- 
mas Grosvenor of 

Jeremiah P. of 



Ann, mar. John Beevor, Rector of Claypole, 
d. at Newark 21 July 1840, aged 82. G. M. 

I I 



John P. of=f=Cathe e Maria, dau. of Rev. Thomas Mose- Ann, mar. Thomas Mary. 

Pontefract, ley, Yicar of Wigginton, by Frances Taylor of Ponte- 

b. 11 Aug. Pulleyne his wife. (P. 336.) fract, & had Eliz. 

John Perfect of =Elizabeth, dau. of John 
Pontefract, Esq. Crowder of Brotherton, 
Esq. (See 115.) 

Elizabeth, mar. Thomas Crowder 
of Summer-hill in Liverpool. 
(See 115.) 



MS. 114, 115 

It has happened to this family to have become connected with three persons who 
employed themselves in topographical & genealogical inquiries, viz., John Brooke, the 
Rector of High Hoy land, John Charles Brooke, Esq., Somerset Herald, who was a 
great-grandson of Mary, wife of William Brooke, and John Wilson of Bloomhead, 
Esq. They all did something for the pedigree, & their collections have been used in 
these three pages, but there is a living member of the family who has laboured more 
effectually than any of them to bring together the evidences & to compile the 
pedigree. This is M r Edward Oates, son of Joseph Oates, Esq., on the next page 

1 was the means of obtaining for him access to the evidences of this family in the 
Collection of the late M r Wilson, & these formed the principal authority for the elder 
generations when he registered this pedigree in the College of Arms. This he did 
about the year 1815, when a grant of Coat-armour was made to all the descendants 
of Joseph Oates & Mary Fenton. This was said to be the most extensive grant that 
the late Earl Marshal allowed to pass, & he was induced to pass it in consequence 
of having been personally acquainted with M 1 ' Hamer Oates when his Grace com- 
manded the West York Militia. Before that time the family had used Or or Argent, 

2 bends azure, a canton ermine, which are the Arms of the old family of Fitz-Othes. 
These are given to them in Warburton's Map. What they now bear may be seen in 
* Loidis and Elmete,' where is a good pedigree, principally of the Leeds branch of 
the family, communicated to that work by M r Edward Oates. The substance of 
that pedigree is here transcribed, but many important matters will here be found in 
addition. I have followed throughout the pedigree as finally settled by my friend 
M r Edward Oates. July, 1821. 

Arms of Crowther, Per pale azure & gules, a bend wavy vaire or & azure 
between 2 bombs argent fixed proper. 

Oates, Argent, 2 bendlets ingrailed, in sinister chief point a cross-crosslet azure 
& canton ermine, in base a chanticlere. 

Foster, Argent, on a fess vert between 3 pheons sable 2 roses argent. 

Otes of the County of York, temp. Hen. VIII., Edw. VI., & Mar. 

Thomas Otes, admitted of Line. Col., 
Oxon, 1575, then aged 21 ; of Almon- 
bury 23 Eliz. ; of North Crosland 
40Eliz. ; of Thornhilltemp. Jac. I. ; 
seised of lands at Silsden, co. York; 
d. s.p. before May 1626, when adm. 
was granted to Lawrence Otes ; d. at 
Holme in the par. of Almonbury. 

liv* 38 

Laurence Otes of Woolley 4 James L, 
also in 1626, when he took Adm. to 
his brother Thomas ; he was seised 
of lands there in 16 Charles I. ; he 
is said to have been a school-master 
& to have d. unmar. in 1641 ; sold 
lands to his nephew William. 

.... first wife,= 
dau. of George 
Green of Nether 
Denby, psh. of 
Kirk-heaton ; 
had issue one 
son named 
John, livs in 
1628, but d. soon 
after. M r Wil- 
son says Green 
was of Liver- 
sedge Hall. 

=William Oates, b. before 1596 ; o£= 
age & living at Woodsome 1613 ; 
of Longley 1616 ; afterwards, of 
Nether Denby ; will dated 4 Jan. 

1659 ; proved at London 10 Aug. 

1660 ; bur. at Kirk-heaton 6 June 
1659 ; was seised of freehold & 
copyhold Estates at Earls-heaton, 
Dod worth, Long Liversedge, & in 
the par. of Giggleswick. He is 
supposed to have been a steward 
of the Kay and Ramsden families. 
M r Wilson says that he purchased 
Nether Denby, & that he was bur. 
6 Jan. 1659-60. A 

: Ann, 2 nd wife, dau. of Thomas 
Beaumont of Castle-hill in 
Mirfield, Gent.; bp. at Mir- 
field 25 Feb. 1609 ; mar. there 
9 Nov. 1630. Settlement dated 
25 Oct. preceding. Will dated 
2 Oct. 1663 ; proved at York 
27 Jan. following. She is 
mentioned as mar. in her 
father's will 1632, who men- 
tions also his sons John, Rich- 
ard, & Edward Beaumont. 
She d. a rich widow, & was 
bur. at Kirk-heaton 5 Dec. 
1663. (Wilson.) 

MS. 115 



Mary Oates, wife of Wil- 
liam Brooke of Dod- 
worth, Genfc. 

Ann Oates, wife of Eev. 
John Brooke, M.A., Rec- 
tor of High Hoy land. 

Elizabeth Oates, youngest 
dau., bp. at Thornhill 5 
April 1651; dead in 1659. 

Elizabeth, 1 st wife, dau. of^ Josias Oates of Chickenley 
William Fen ton of Wood- 
house, G-ent. (see Ped., 
p. 126); d.28 Aug. 1675; 
bur. in the middle aisle of 
Dewsbury Church. (Seems 
to be some error in the 
date of her death.) 

in par. of Dewsbury, 
Gent., youngest son, bp. 
at Thornhill 18 Feb. 
1643 ; bur. at Dewsbury 
21 March 1717-18. Will 
registered at Wakefield 
15 Oct. 1718. 

: Hannah, dau. of Thomas 
Fenton of Hunslet, 
Gent. ; 2 nd w T ife (see 
Ped., p. 126); d. 15 May 
1733 ; bur. at Dewsbury. 
Adm., with will an- 
nexed, granted to her 
son Benj 11 3 Sep. 1733. 

Josias Oates of Wake-=pAnn, dau. of Gervase 

field, merch*, d. 21 
May 1747, aged 64 ; 
bur. in Wakefield 

Norton of Kettlethorp, 
Gent. ; mar. in 1716. 
Her mother is said to 
have been a Zouch. 

Benjamin 0. of Wake- 
field, b. 1690; live a t 
Wakefield 1733 ; d. at 
Bath, & it is said un- 

Josias & Hannah, Ann, d. unmar. 1744, aged 25. 
both d. young. 1747 or 8, aged about 30. 

M r Wilson says about 

Cath e , 1 st wife,=p Samuel 0. of=f=Anne, 2 nd wife, 

d. 14 Jan. 
1719, aged 30; 
bur. in Wakef* 

Wakefield, b. 
1688 ; dead 
in 1733, in- 

bur. 12 Dec. 
1724 in Wake- 
field Church. 


Thomas, d. 
very young; 
bur. at 

Abigail, d. 
1740, aged 
52 ; bur. at 

Hannah, d. 1740, Elizabeth & MargS 
unmar., aged 23. d. in infancy. 

Francis, b. 1721 ; Henry, b. 1723 ; 
d. 1723. d. 1724. 

Joseph Oates of Leeds, merch^^Mary, dau. of Thomas Fen- 

b. 11 June 1675 ; bp. at Dews- 
bury 30 th ; d. 27 Nov. 1729 ; 
bur. at St. John's Church, 
Leeds. Willdatedl6 Oct, 1729. 

ton of Hunslet, Gent., by 
Mary Ibbetson his wife 
(see Ped., p. 126) ; d. 10 
Sep. 1765, aged 86. 

See p. 116. 

Elizabeth, bp. at 
Dewsbury 30 
Aug. 1679 ; d. 
unmar. 20 Sep. 
1751 ; bur. at 

William Oates of Wake— 
field, Gent., eldest son & 
heir, b. 2 Sep. 1673; bur. 
at Wakefield Ch. Will 
dated 31 Oct. 1737; 
proved 1 March foK 
B c 

: Gertrude, dau. of Edward Goodwin 
of Rawmarsh, Clerk ; bp. 1 Sep. 
1680 ; mar. 5 June 1707 ; d. 3 
Dec. 1729 ; bur. in the South 
Quire of Wakefield Church. (See 
Ped., p. 251.) 

\ I 
Ann, d. an infant. 

Mary, wife of Jo- 
seph Smithson of 
LowLaithes. (See 
Ped., p. 72.) 





MS. 115 

Gertrude, of Rawmarsh, d. 
unmar. Will dated 8 Oct. 

Samuel. Richard. Francis. Sarah, d. y. 

v_ ^ -*' 

\^ " 

All d. unmar. 


Charles 0. of Burden Flats,= 
Esq., ob. s.p. in psh. of 
Wath ; Cap 1 & Adjutant in 
the West York Militia; bp. 
11 July 1723. Will dated 
28 Dec. 1782; proved 31 
July 1789. 

: Elizabeth, 
sister of 

George, d. Goodwin 0., d. at Finkel 
at sea, Street n r Wortley, un- 

aged 21. mar., & was bur. at 
Wortley ; he was bp. at 
Wakefield 17 March 
1721 ; a merch* at Man- 

William, ob. 
1730, set. 
21, July 13. 

Edward Oates of Raw- 
marsh, Esq., heir to 
his father & also to his 
uncle Edw. Goodwin, 
Esq. ; d. unmar. 1776, 
March 24; he was some 
time of Furnival's 
Inn; bp. 25 June 1708. 
proved 19 June 1776. 


Thomas Oates 
Wakefield, Esq., in 
Com. of Peace for W. 
R. in 1783, & was bur. 
in Wakefield Church ; 
he was an Att y ; bp. 22 
April 1712; d. 24 Dec. 
Will dated 1 Sep. 
1779; proved 31 July 

of=f=Elizabeth, dau. of 
Edward Foster, 
Esq., of Thorne ; 
sister & heir of 
Edward ; bp. 2 
Oct. 1710; d.5 Sep. 
Jan. 1791 ; proved 
20 Sep. (See 
Pbd., p. 117,) 

Edward, William Oates of Raw- 

d. an marsh, Esq., in Com. of 

infant, the Peace for the West 

1744. Riding ; d. unmar. in 

1803, & was bur. in the 

Church of Wakefield 23 


William Crowder= Susanna Oates, eldest 

of Wakefield, 
Esq., bur. at Clif- 
ton near Bristol 
in Dec. 1810, 
aged 68. 

dau. ; coh r to her 
brother ; d. without 
issue in 1806, & was 
bur. at Clifton ; d. 22 
April 1806, aged 65. 

John Crowder, Esq., of= 
Brotherton, living 1816; 
brother to William ; ob. 
30 Nov. 1816, & was 
bur. at Brotherton ; b. 
29 July 1742. 

Elizabeth Oates, youngest 
dau., d. in 1789 ; bur. at 
Clifton; bp. 19 Jan. 1748; 
mar. 11 May 1778 ; d. 26 
June 1789. 

Gen u 


Mary, d. un- 

in 1746, 

mar. 1760. 

aged 3 


years & 


Gertrude, d. 



John Crowder, Esq., a Major in the Army, 1816 ; on 
the half-pay of the Royal Fusiliers ; of Brotherton 
Hall, Esq. ; b. 5, bp. 7 May 1781 ; mar. at St. Ellen's, 
York, 4 May 1818, to Eliza Pulleyn, dau. & heir of 
Thomas Pulleyn Mosley of Burley-Hall, Esq. 


William Crowder, Esq., 
d. unmar. at Canton 
1813 ; Captain of the 
Lowther Castle, India- 
man ; b. at Brotherton 
15 June 1782. 

John Hutton Crowder, b. 4 March 1820. Eliza Francis, b. 6 March 1819. 

MS. 114, 115 



Thomas Crowder of Liverpool, merch*, liv- 
ing 1816, and of Summer Hill near Liver- 
pool, bp. at Brotherton 16 April 1786 ; 
mar. Elizab., dau. of John Perfect of Ponte- 
fraot. (See Ped., p. 113.) 

John Holdsworth= Julia, eldest 
Mallory, Eector of dau., b. 2 
Mobberley, co. April 1779 ; 

Cestr. ; mar. 15 mar. 15 Dec. 
Dec. 1803. 1803. 

Thomas, b. 5 John, b. 28 Catherine Maria, Harriet, b. 4 Jan. 1820. 

Jan. 1812. June 1817. b. 26 Feb. 1815. — 

— — — Frances Anne, b. 15 Feb. 

William, b. 19 Elizab., b. 30 Julia, b. 28 Dec. 1821. (Q. if two.) 

June 1816. Nov. 1812. 1818. 

John Perfect, Esq., of = Elizabeth, youngest dau., b. 3 
Pontefract. (See Ped., Sep. 1784 ; mar. 2 April 1810. 
p. 113.) 

Elizabeth, b. 17 Aug. 
1783 ; bur. 20 Sep. 

Joshua Oates, bp. 26 
Oct. 1634 ; had lands 
at Denby & Liver- 
sedge ; ob. s.p. ; bur. 
at Kirk-heaton 30 
Oct. 1665. Will 
dated 22 Aug. same 
year ; proved at York 
15 Feb. fols. 

Thomas 0.,bp. 

9 Feb. 1639; 
dead in 1650. 

Jonas O., bp. 

10 July 1642 ; 
dead in 1659. 

Richard Nettleton of= 
Earls-heaton, Esq., a 
Justice of the Peace, 
was 3 times mar., & 
d. 4 Nov. 1700. Will 
dated 1 May 1697 ; 
proved at York 6 
May 1701. (See Ped., 
p. 207.) 

: Judith Oates, bp. 
10 April 1637 ; 
mar. at Dewsbury 
20 Sep. 1659 ; 
bur. there 15 April 
1664. Had issue 
Cha s & Mary be- 
fore 1663. 

Susan, first wife,= 
dau. of William 
Brooke of Dod- 
worth, co. York, 
Gent. ; b. 8 Nov. 
1632 ; mar. 30 
Mar. 1657 ; sett. 
dated 28 of the 
same month; alive 
in 1675. 

: John Oates ofc 
Nether Denby, 
Gent., eldest 
son & heir, bp. 
at Thornhill 9 
Oct. 1631; had 
of Ossett & 
Chickenley; d. 
9 Mar. 1708- 9, 
& was bur. at 

: Mary or Hannah Wads- 
worth of Ripponden, 
second wife, d. 10 Aug. 
1691, aged 46 ; bur. at 
Kirk-heaton. She was 
his housekeeper. M r 
Wilson says that she 
was bur. at Bradfield. 


Joseph Oates, bp. at 
Thornhill 2 Dec. 
1632 ; had lands at 
Dodworth by his 
father's will ; of 
Barnsley 1662 ; d. 
unmar. ; adm. to Ann 
Oates his mother 
1663; lived at Barns- 

William Oates, eldest son & 
heir, bp. 1663 ; was unmar. & 
leaving England for Hambro' 
1690; d. unmar. at Hambro', 

Joshua Oates, 2 nd son, b. before=p. . . . living 

1665 ; was living at Kingston- 
upon-Thames ; a tanner ; went 
& settled at New York in 1699. 

apart from 
her hus- 
band in 

Susanna Oates, only child, mar. .... Wilson of Morton near York, a furrier, 
left young, and lived with her Grandfather at Denby. f 



MS. 114 

3. John Oates of Thornhill, Gent.,=j=Elizabeth, bur. 

bur. there 6 Sep. 1737. He is 
said to have been sometime a mer- 
chant at Hambro'. 

at Thornhill 24 
Aug. 1742. 

Ann Oates, bp. at Kirk- 
heaton 1670; mar. John 
Hey of Malton, & had 
Susan, wife of ... . Hick 
of Leeds, shoemaker. 

Edward Oates of Wake-=f= Anne, Ex. 

field, bp. at Kirk-heaton 
6 Sep. 1701 ; bur. at 
Wakefield 27 May 

to her 



i i 

John & 
Anne, d. 

Dorothy, wife 
of Richard 
Oldroyd of 

Frances, wife of 
John Birkett of 
High-town, by 
whom Dorothy 
& Betty. 

Elizabeth, l st = 
wife, ob. Aug. 
1761, set. 28'; 
bur. at Wake- 

=John Oates of = Elizabeth, 2 nd wife, 
Wakefield, d. to whom adm. of 
13 April 1765, her husband's effects 
83 1. 37 ; bur. was granted, 
at Wakefield. 

Joseph, b. 1729 ; 
d. in 1750. 

William, d. 1737, 
aged 16 months. 


Edward, d. in Oct. 1760, aged 10 weeks ; bur. at Wakefield. 

Mary, mar. at Kirk-heaton 
30 Oct. 1702 to Richard 
Vevers, then of Sheffield 
par., after of Potter ton, 
tanner. Had a son a 
Clergyman at Chapel Thorp, 
where he was Curate. 

Martha, mar. John 
Godley of Wake- 
field, farmer. 

Hannah, mar. Ben m 
Haigh or Haist of 

Samuel Oates, Otes, or Otis, 1 
youngest son, bp. at K.-h. 26 
June 1688 ; went to America 
about 1724, & resided at 
Barnstaple n r Boston ; he 
was a tanner ; mar. a baker's 
dau. in London. 

Samuel Allen Otis of Boston, 
merch*, mar. a dau. of Harri- 
son Gray, Esq., of Boston, 
Treasurer of the Province. 

Hon. James Otis of Boston ; the famous Patriot ; 
many times returned Member for Barnstaple, co. 
Plymouth, in New England ; afterwards Member 
for Boston ; chosen Speaker of the House of 
Assembly 28 May 1766 ; a Councillor-at-Law & 
Colonel in the American Army. 

Harrison Gray 

James Otis of Boston, Esq., 
returned Member for Bos- 
ton on his father being 
chosen Speaker 1766. 

.... Otis, wife of James Warren 
of Plymouth, Esq., Member for 
Plymouth & High Sher. of that 
County 1766, 


For the Otis of Boston, see M. P. B., ix., 200. 

1 Of this Samuel Oates M r Wilson says that he was a tanner ; bought a place 
in the Guards ; mar. a b_aker's dau. at London ;= went to New York about 50 years 

Written about 1770. 

MS. 114 




Joseph Oates of Nether 
Denby, eldest son by 
the 2 nd wife, d. 1 Feb. 
1741, aged 73, & 
was bur. at Flockton 
Chapel ; had 19 chil- 
dren ; a tanner. 

=Grace, dau. of Bartin James 0. of Dod- 

Allot of Bilham 
Grange, Gent.; b. 14 
Feb. 1685 ; mar. 29 
Aug. 1706 ; d. 24 
Dec. 1748, & was bur, 
with her husband. 

worth & Wort- 
ley Forge, Gent., 
d. s.p., & was 
an iron-mastey. 

= Catherine, dau. & 
coheir of John 
Wilson of Wort- 
ley, Gent, (see 
' Hallamshire ') ; 
d. at Wortley 
Win-mill 31 July 
1750, & was bur. 
husband's grave. 

1. Mary Oates, b. 5 May 1707 ; 
mar. 1 William Haigh of Fin- 
ney, clothier, son of James, 28 
March 1725, & had Joseph, 1 
Richard, 2 & William; 3 2 nd , 
Edward Middleton of Tidswell, 
surgeon, by whom Grace, Mary, 
Allan, Dorothy, & Margaret ; 
3 rd , John Hough of Tidswell, 
Atty ; no issue by the last; 
living at Derby 1776. 

2. Jane Oates, b. 12 
April 1708 ; mar. 
Roger Hill of Heath, 
co. Derb., & had 
Ann, Mary, Grace, 
Joseph, & Susan. 

3. John, b. 9 April 
1709 ; bur. 1 July. 

5. Grace, b. 23 Feb. 
1710-1 ; d. aged 7. 

6. Anne Oates, b. 23 Jan. 
1711-2; mar. 1 Francis 
Armitage of Dudman- 
stone, by whom Francis 
who d. y., & Joseph of 
Alverthorpe ; 2 nd , Joseph 
Scot ol Woodsome (see 
Ped., p. 321), by whom 
Grace S., Francis, in the 
E. I. Co. Service, & Anne. 

9. Sarah O., b. 1 Feb. 
1714-5 ; mar. Thomas 
Shepherd of Leeds, 
merch* ; ob. at Broom- 
head a widow, & was 
bur. at Bradfield 14 May 
1763. No issue. 

13. Catherine, b. 7 July 1719 ; 
mar. 1 John Wilkinson of 
Tidswell, by whom Joseph, 

Cath e , John, & Ann ; 2 nd , 

Parkes, an exciseman of Kex- 

14. Bartin, b. 8 Nov. 
1720 -, a tanner ; went 
abroad ; d. at Edin- 
burgh unmar. 

10, 15, 18. 

3 unmar. 

16. Susanna, b. 28 Oct. 1722 ; 
mar. John Wilson of Broom- 
head, Esq. (see l Hallamshire ') ; 
mar. 11 Sep. 1746. 

19. Margaret, b. 25 July 1729 ; 
mar. Sam 1 Watson of Bakewell, 
& d. s.p. 

4. Richard Oates of Denby, : 
Gent., b. 8 March 1709 ; 
some time of S* Kits in 
the West Indies, where he 
settled 1740 ; d. at Danbv ; 
will dated 11 April 1749 ; 
proved at York 1767 ; bur. 
at Flockton in July 1749. 

=Martha, dau. of 
.... Tildsley or 
Tinsdale of Leeds; 
living 1741 ; her 
father was a con- 
fectioner ; d. be- 
fore her husband. 


Elizabeth, only dau., b. before 1740 ; dead in 1749. 

VOL, I, 

1 In the Army ; d. at Bengal. 
3 Of Tidswell, apothecary. 
3 Of Tidswell, miner. 

M M 



MS. 114 


17, James Oates of South- 
ampton, Gent., b. 14 Nov. 
1723 ; a Lieut, in the 
Army in Service under 
Gen 1 Wentworth ; will 
dated 1747 ; proved at D r 
Com. 1748 ; originally a 

Catherine, dau. of 
Pool St. Barb of 
Bittern n r South- 
ampton, Gent. ; 
remar. Edward 
Farmer ; sister of 
Adam (?) or Alex. 
St. Barb. 

11. Joseph, 
b. 24 Nov. 
1716 ; d. 
unmar. at 
Dec. 1748 ; 
a tanner. 

12. Bryan, b. 15 Dec. 
1717 ; d. unmar. at 
London 1746; a wine 
cooper ; went to sea. 

8, 7. Anby & Hannah, 
both d. in their in- 

Joseph Oates of Greenhall n r Cork=pElizabefch Eussel, mar. : 
in Ireland, Esq., only son, living 
1776. He mar. a second wife, 
dau. of D r Fisher of Cork, by a 
sister of his first wife. 

James Pool Oates, a Major 
in the 88 th Reg* ; on Ser- 
vice in France 1816 ; b. 20 
May or March 1766. 

J. 0. at Oaragoline 
Church 7 Aug. 1763 ; 
d. in 1775 ; dau. of 
L*-Col. Chris. Russell. 

-James Colthurst, Esq., 
1 st husb., younger son 
of Sir James or John 
Conway Colthurst of 
Ardrum, co. Cork, Bart. 

Harriet [Pool] 
Oates, b. 31 
July 1764. 

Ill II I 

Mahitabel. James Conway. 

Alice. Nicholas. 

John. James. Wallis. 

John Kussell, came to Ireland with 0. C. : 


Christopher Russell, a Colonel, Deputy-=f=Mary Hort of Worcester, whose Grandfather was Dean 
Governor of Minorca, I of Worcester ; wid. of Cap* Harcourt. 

22 Children at single births, all d. young except the 2 eldest & 2 youngest. 
Eliz., mar Oates, was the 2 nd wife. 

John Russel, father of Chris r , sold the Manor of Abbots Aston in England, & 
had an Estate called Eutland in co. Carlow. 

#ates— WBoot). 

MS. 116 & 117 

Joseph Oates of Leeds, : 
meroh*. (P. 115.) 

: Mary, dau. of Thomas 

Thomas Oates of Leeds, merchV 
eldest son & heir, bp. at Huns- 
let 16 July 1710; d. 29 Dec. 
1750 ; bur. at Mill hill Chapel 
in Leeds. 

: Sarah, dau. of ... . Watson 
of Swanland & Ferriby near 
Hull, Gent. ; d. 19 April 1744, 
set. 32; bur. at Mill Hill 
Chapel; mar. 13 Oct. 1741. 

Joseph, d. an 
infant 1719. 

Josiah, d. an 
infant 1719. 

Elizabeth Oates, only child, bp. 21 Sep. 1743 ; the 2 nd wife of Thomas 
Leach of Eiddlesden near Bingley, to whom she was mar, at Leeds 
18 Oct, 1789 ; ob. s.p. (See Ped., p. 128.) 

MS. 116 & 117 



d. an 

Elizabeth Oates, mar. 
Hugh Marshal of Leeds, 
by whom an only dan., 
wife of John Parker of 
Woodthorpe, Esq. (See 
' Hallamshire/) 

G-eorge Oates of Low-=p Sarah, dau. of Joseph 

hall near Leeds, mer- 
chant, d. there 20 Dec. 
1779, aefc. 62 ; bur. at 
Mill-hill Chapel. 

Jolley of Manchester; 
mar. at Bradford 31 
Dec. 1768, ret. 45; bur. 
at Mill Hill Ghapel. 
(See Ped., p. 120.) 


Frederick 0. of Leeds, merchV 
youngest son, b. 3 Aug. 1750 ; 
d. 14 Aug. 1803. 

=Phoebe Anne, 3 rd dau. & coh r of William 
Read of Leeds, merch* ; d. in 1824. (See 
Ped., p. 408.) 

Frederick William, of=. . . . dau. 
Leeds, Attorney, only of ... . 
surviving son; no Foster of 
issue 1827 ; live at Lincoln. 

Mary Ann. 
Hannah Maria. 

Phoebe Caroline. 

All living unmar. 1827 at Little 

Sophia Carolina, wife of 
Tho s Robinson of Man- 
chester, Esq. (See 
Ped., p. 122.) 

George William Oates of=pMary, dau. of Robert 

Leeds, merch*, 2 nd son, b. 
20 Aug. 17 68; mar. 11 Aug. 
1788 ; d. 7 May 1797. 

George Hibbert 
Oates of the 
Island of Jamaica, 
eldest son ; liv g 
1821, unmar. 

Hibbert of Manchester, 
Esq. (See Ped., p. 119.) 

Robert, 2 nd 
son, d. un- 
mar. in 
about 1817. 

Hibbert, 3 rd 
son, of the 
Island of 
Jamaica ; 

I I 

Thomas Hibbert 
& William Wash- 
ington, both d. 
in their infancy. 







Joseph Oates o£ 
Weetwood hall 
near Leeds, Esq., 
eldest son, b. 11 
Aug. 1743 ; mar. 
27 March 1777. 

=Elizabeth, dau. 
& coh v of 
Joshua Ray- 
ner. (See 
Ped., p. 71.) 







All d. young. 

Wood, . 
of Leeds, 
d. 1 April 

=Louisa Ann, 
b. 27 Nov. 
1758 ; ob. 
22 Sep. 



2 nd dau., 






George William Wood 
of Piatt, Esq., co. 
Lane, eldest son, b. at 
Leeds 26 July 1781 ; 
of Sedgley ; Knight of 
the Shire for South 
Lancashire 1832. 

Louisa Anne, only dau., William & 

unmar. 1821 ; mar. 22 Frederick, 

Nov. 1823 to Samuel both d. 

Crawford of Leeds, unmar. 
V.D.M, Minister of the 
Chapel in Call Lane. 

B William Rayner Wood, only child, aged about 12, 1821 ; b. 26 August 181 1. c 



MS. 116 &, 117 


George Oates of Joseph Henry Oates=j=Mary, dau. of Edward 0. of London, 

Leeds, merch*, of Leeds, merch*, Thomas Dick- Attorney; has been for 

eldest son, liv g 2 nd son, now residing son of Bolton, some years in the 

unmar.1821 ; d. in the Island of 

unmar. June Sicily, 1821. 

co. Lane, 
merch* ; b. 16 
Dec. 1798 ; 
mar. 7 Sep. 

Mediterranean, 1821 ; 
b. 28 Jan. 1792. 

Ann, d. at Buxton un- 
mar. 1797. 

Elizabeth Mary, b. at Messina Sarah Anne, b. at Leeds George William, b. 
24 Aug. 1820. 21 March 1822. 18 March 1823. 

Josias Oates of Chapel- 
Allerton, merch*, d. 
24 Feb. 1782, set. 60 ; 
jbur. at Mill-hill 
i Chapel. 

=Mary, dau. of John Roe- 
buck of Sheffield, by Sarah 
his wife (see Ped., p. ) ; 
d. 19 April 1795, aet.70; 
bur. at Mill-hill Chapel. 

Ann Oates, d. unmar. 14 July 
1789, aged 82 ; bur. at St. 
John's Church. 

Mary Oates, bp. at Hunslet 
1708; d. unmar. 21 Not. 1782. 

Sarah 0., only child, b. 1 March 1754 ; ob. 1 Oct. 1755. 

Samuel Oates of : 
Leeds, merch*, 
d.21 Dec. 1789, 
set. 68 ; bur. at 
Mill-hill Chapel. 

=Mary, eldest dau. of Samuel Hamer of Hamer Lydia Oates, wife of 

near Rochdale, Esq., by Mary his wife, sister Thomas Saunder- 

of Sir Henry Ibbetson, Bart.; d. 27 July son of Enwoodnear 

1793, set. 65 ; bur. at Mill-hill Chapel. Blackburn, Gent. 

Ann, wife of 
Bond of 




Samuel Hamer Oates of Chapel=f=Sarah, dau. of W ra Coape 

Allerton, Esq. ; a Dep.-Lieut. 
for the West Riding ; b. 22 July 
1752; d. 11 Nov. 1811; bur. 
at Mill-hill Chapel. 

of Arnold, co. Notts, 

Esq. ; sister to Major 

Genl. Sir John Coape 

Ml . II 

Charles, d. an infant. Henry. 

William Coape, a Cap* in John Sherbrooke, 

the Army ; Aide-de-Camp some time in the 

to Sir J. C. Sherbrooke. Royal Navy. 

i i 



Mary Coape, d. unmar. 

Elizabeth Coape Sher- 
brooke, d. unmar. 1812. 

iJosiah Henry : 
Oates of Bur- 
ley, Esq. 

=Dorothy, 2 nd dau. of 
Edward Lister of 
Langfchorne n r Be- 
dale, Esq. 

Henry William Oates=Marg t , 4 th dau. of 
of Fieldhead n r Brad- Edward Cockshott 
ford, Esq. of Morley near 


MS. lie & 117 




Charles 0. of Seville=f=Josephine, 2 nd Isabella Mary, George Ann Marg*. 
in Spain, eldest son, dau. of ... . mar. W m Hamer. 

d. there in 1823, 
aged 34. 

De Bunes of Borrodaile, 
Seville. Esq. 

— Jane, d. an 

Eliza. infant. 

i i.i.i i 

Charles, b. at George, b. in Josephine. Maria Dorothia. Louisa Margarita. 
Leeds 1811. Seville. 


William, Cap 1 in E. I. Co s Edward, of Brad-^Rebecca, dan. of W m Joseph & Mary, 
Service, d. unmar. ... ford, merch*. | Lodge of Poiitefr act, d. infants. 

William. Samuel. John. Edward. Mary. 

Collections for the name of Oates in Com. Ebor. 

Will of Thomas Oates of Morley, psh. of Batley, husbandman, dated 19 Nov. 
1608. Son Ealph, wife Ellen, dau s Dorothy and Jane, son Peter Jackson, son 
Thomas Greathead & his 4 children, son William Oates, son George Oates, nephew 
John Oates. Wife & son Ealph, Executors, & Robert Oates, Supervisor. 

Will of Richard Oates of Morley, dated 23 Dec. 13 James I. Brother John 
Oates, sister Isabel Richardson, brother Robert Oates, sister Agnes Westerman, 
sister Alice Oates, brother Isaac, sister Ellen Oates, Cousin Sir William Rayner at 
Cambridge, uncle Robert Rayner, & Cousin Ralph Oates. Father Robert Oates, 
Executor. Proved 8 June 1616. 

Captain Thomas Oates of Morley was executed for the Yorkshire Plot of 1662. 
The principal evidence against him was his son Ralph Oates, a Clergyman & Rector of 
Smeaton parva, where he lies buried. It is remarkable that Major Greathead (who 
appears to have been related to the Oates) was an Approver in that sad business. 

In the Cathedral of Lincoln there is a monument for Elizabeth, only dau. of 
Richard Oates of Pontefract, wife of W m York of Lessingham. Ob. Prid. Cal., 
March 1740. Arms, Gules, a bend argt. between 3 garbs or. 

Johnstone's -MSS. 
Edward Foster of Thorne^Ann, dau. of ... . Starkey of Thome. 

Elizabeth, dau. of Seth Skel-=f=Edward=pProthesia, dau. of George Twisle- Ann. Susan. Jane. 

ton of Osmondthorp. 

ton of Womersley. (See p. 388.) 

I I I I 

Edward. Mary. Ann. Elizab. 

Mar. Oatesi 

John. Prothesia. 



MS. 118 & 119 


There was a family of Hibbert of Marples in Cheshire, of whom there is a 
pedigree in Harl. 2161. They had for arms: Ermine, on a bend sab. 3 crescents 
argent. Crest : A dexter hand & arm supporting a crescent clothed sable, cuffed 

Robert Hibbert of Manchester, co. Lanc.,-|- 
merch*, d. 15 April 1762, aged 78, & was 
bur. in St. Anne's Church-yard, Man- 

^Margaret Tetlow, d, 2 Nov. 
1759, & was bur. in St. 
Anne's Church-yard, Man- 

Sarah H., wife 
of JohnDiggles 
of Manchester, 
& left no issue. 

Esther H., wife of Samuel 
Bayley of Blackley, Esq. 
(see Ped., p. 123) ; no 
issue ; bur. in St. Anne's 
Ch.-yard, Manchester, 27 
Dec. 1772, aged 57. 

John Hibbert= 
of the Island 
of Jamaica, 
bp. 7 April 

Joseph, d. 2 May 
1759; bur. in St. 
Anne's Church- 
yard, Manches- 

Eobert Hibbert of East Hyde near = Eliza, dau. of ... . Cecilia, 

Luton, Esq., no issue 1827, & of Nembhard of unmar., 

Welbeck St., London ; d. 23 Sep. Jamaica ; d. 15 living at 

1849. The Benefactor. Feb. 1853. Barnes. 

Thomas Hibbert of Jamaica &=p. 
of Wimpole Street, London. 

dau. of 


of Kettering, co. Northamp. 




living at 

. . co. 

Washington Thomas Hibbert, heir to a 
Hibbert, 2 nd large property, & the sub- 
son, ject of a curious trial in the 
Courts in 1821. 

Julian, a son, 
d. in 1834. 


.... Hibbert, sole 
dau. surviving of 

Eobert Hibberfc 
of Manchester, 
merch*, & of 
Stock Lane near 
Oldham, d. in 
1784, & was bur. 
in the Presby- 
terian Chapel at 

Abigail, dau. of 
Tho s Scholey of 
Leeds ; d. 11 
June 1793, '&' 
was bur. with 
her husband. 
Her mother Ann 
mar. 2 nd George 
Green of Leeds. 

Samuel Hibbert of Man- 
chester, bp. 1 May 1719; 
d. unmar., aged about 55. 

Elizabeth H., wife of 
Nathaniel Philips of 
Manchester, merch*. (See 
Ped., p. 120.) 

Margaret H., wife of 
Samuel Robinson of 
Manchester, merch*. 
(See Ped., p. 122.) 

Mary H., d. unmar. 
1 May 1763 ; bur. in 
St. Anne's Ch.-yard. 

Thomas Hibbert of the Island of Jamaica, = Sophia, dau. of 
& afterwards of Chalfont in the co. of John Boldero 
Bucks, Esq., High Sheriff of the co. of of London, 
Bucks, d. without issue at Chalfont 25 Esq., survived. 
May 1819 ; he was bp. 18 Jan. 1745. 

2. John Hibbert, 2 nd 
son, bp. 29 March 
1748 ; d. in Jamaica 
unmar., aged about 

MS. 118 & 119 



3. Eobert Hibbert of the Island of Jamaica, & now of Birtles in=f=Letitia, dau. 

the County of Chester, Esq., & of Chalfont by will of his brother, 
bp. 1 Nov. 1750 ; purchased Birtles 1791, & in 1798 was High 
Sheriff of the county palatine of Chester ; d. at Chalfont in 1835. 

of Jamaica. 

3. John Hibbert, a Captain 
in the Inniskilling Dragoons, 
unmar. 1822—1827. 

1. Anna, wife of Thomas Tipping of 2. Letitia 
Fulshaw near Birtles, Esq., by whom Hamilton. 
5 sons & 1 dau. 1822 & more 1827. 

1. Thomas Hibbert, 
mar. 23 Jan. 1823 
to Caroline Eliz., 
dau. of Charles Chol- 
mondely, Esq., of 
Knutsford in Che- 
shire, brother to 
Lord Delamere. 


2. Robert Hib- 
bert of Birtles, 
Esq., mar. 2 nd1 ? 
. . Nov. 1823 
Charlotte, dau. 
of John Drum- 
mond, Esq. 


= Letitia Sophia, only dau. of Henry Augus- 
tus Byrne, Esq., brother of Sir John 
Fleming Leicester of Tabley, Bart, (see 
Ormerod's 'Cheshire'); d. in 1817, 
having been mar. only a few months ; 
ob. 11 Feb. 1817, set. 18 ; bur. at Prest- 
bury ; no issue. Her mother Letitia 
Sophia, sister of Nicholas Owen Smyth of 
London, Esq. 

Aubrey James, youngest son, d. 20 Aug. 1832, aged 2. 

5. George Hibbert of Clapham, Esq., Chairman of the West India=f=Eliza, dau. of 

Dock Company, late Alderman of London & M.P. for Seaford, 
bp. 8 Feb. 1757. 

reau, Esq. 

i . ii i. ii 

Frances, wife of Charles Isabella. Georgiana, mar. June Octavia. 
Tower, a Clergyman, & has — 1828 to William Mar- — 

issue. M 1 ' Towers [sic) Mary 
d. Sep. 1825 leaving 8 Anne, 

shall, Esq., M.P., eld. Harriet, mar. in 

son of John Marshall, 1828 to E. J. 

Esq., Member for York- Palk, Esq., of 

shire. Lincoln's Inn. 

1. Nathaniel, 
in the Law ; 
Law ; mar. 
Dec. 1827.... 
dau. of .Sydney 
Smith, Eector 
of Foston. 

2. George, in the 

3. Edward, in the 
Navy ; d. unmar. 
at Edinburgh 21 
Feb. 1824, aged 


L He 

4. Henry Eobartes, 
d. unmar. in 
Jamaica 1825. 

Eliza Sophia. 

Charlotte, wife of Eev. 
John Bean of Ludlow, 
& had issue 3 dau s & 
1 son. 

Caroline, wife of her 
cousin Samuel Hibbert. 

Anne Hibbert, 
mar. Major- 
General John 
Prince of the 
& d. leaving 
one son. 

Elizabeth Hibbert, bp. 1 Aug. 1753 ; 
mar. Eobert Markland of Manches- 
ter, merch*. (See Ped., p. .) 

Margaret H., wife of Thomas Greg 
of Belfast, merch*, & of Coles, co. 
Herts, Esq. ; d. without issue. 

I V, 
Mary H., bp. 9 June 1761 ; 
mar. George William Oates 
of Leeds, merch* ; living 
his widow, & communi- 
cated this pedigree in 
1821. (See Ped. of Oates, 
at p. 116.) 



MB. 118 & 119 

John Prince, d. soon after=. . . . dau. of= 
his marriage, leaving an Sir Robert 
only dau. Elizabeth. Ainslie. 

: Henry Charles Hoare, Esq. 
(Q. 2 nd son of Henry Hugh 
Hoare, Esq., of Barn Elms) ; 
mar. 6 Oct. 1821. 

Esther H., young- 
est, dau., bp. 9 
June 1766 ; living 
unmar. with her 
sister M rs Oates $ 

4. Samuel Hibbert of=p=Mary, dau. & 6. William= 

Manchester, merch*, coheir of Ro- Hibbert of 

,4 th son, older there- bert Green- Clapham, 

fore than George, halghofBol- Esq., 

who stands before ton-le-Moors; youngest 

him in this ped. ; d. living a son, bp. 17 

atNantzinBritanny, widow 1821. Oct. 1759. 
& was there interred. 

the other 
dau. of 

Robert H., eldest Samuel H. of Clapham, Esq., mar Mary, d. Abigail Anna, 
son, d. about the his cousin Caroline, dau. of George aged 13. unmar. 1827. 
age of 21 unmar. Hibbert, Esq., & has no issue 

William Tetlow, of London, merch*, mar. 
Caroline, dau. of Capel Cure of London 
& of Blake-hall, co. Essex, Esq. ; mar. 
June 1821. =f= 



Charles, 2 nd 
son, unmar. 

Margaret, mar. at Clap- 
ham in June 1810 to 
Nathaniel Philips of 
Manchester, Esq. 

Elizabeth, wife of Henry Law, a Clergyman, Sarah, 

son of D r Law, Dean of Rochester. Has a — 

son John Halsal Law, Eliza, & another b. Mary 

12 years after Eliza. Anne. 

Letitia, mar. Nov. 
1825 to Robert 
Philips, Esq. (See 
p. 120.) 

#j)tltps— SWIep* 

MS. 120 

Nathaniel Philips,= 
the common ances- 
tor of all this 
family of Philips. 

=Elizabeth, dau. 
& coheir of 
John Stubs of 
the Shaw, Gent., 
co. Stafford. 

John Burton of Derby ,= 
maltster, ob. 10 Feb. 
1732-3, set. 69. Had 
a cousin Richard Bur- 

: Susanna Joan, mar. 
at Loughborough 26 
Sep. 1699; ob. 24 
Feb. 1731, aged 68; 
bur. at St.Werburgh's. 

John Philips of Heath=j=Susanna, 2 nd dau. & Elizabeth Burton, eldest Mary B., 

House, Esq., co. Staff, coheir of John Bur- dau. & coheir, b. 19 July 3 rd dau., 

Had an Estate at Kings- ton of Derby, by 1700; mar. Nathaniel d. an in- 

ley from his grandfather Susanna Soare his Philips of Manchester, fant. 

Stubbs. wife; b. 16 Sep. bro r to John. 

A . 1701 ; bp. 18 th . 

MS. 120 




John Philips of Heath- 
house near Tean, co. 
Staff., Esq., d. very aged 
in 1813 ; was mar., but 
had no issue. 

Nathaniel Philips of- 
Stand near Manches- 
ter, Esq., 2 nd son, d. in 
1818, & was bur. in 
St. Peter's Church, 

: Elizabeth, dau. of 
Robert Hibbert of 
merch*. (See Ped., 
p. 118.) 

d. unmar. 

d. unmar. 

Robert Philips of The= 
Park near Manchester, 
Esq., 2 nd son. 

=Ann, dau. of . . . . 
Needhain of Notting- 
ham, apothecary. 

Samuel Philips of Manchester 
& now of Tean, Esq., 3 rd son, 
living unmar. 1821 ; d. un- 
mar. 1824. 

Mark Philips, son 
& heir-apparent, 
aged about 21, 
1821 ; Member 
of Parliament for 

Mary, mar. in 1824 
to Rob. Greg of 
(P. 158.) 

Jane, mar. in Aug. 
1833 .... Mylne, 
Esq., bar.-at-law. 







Elizab., d. y. 
Robert,* 2 nd son. 
Clara, d. y. 

John Philips of the Dales n r Manchester, Esq., ^Margaret, dau. of Sam 1 Robinson 

principal heir to his uncle John, on whose 
death he succeeded to the family property at 
Tean, & went to reside at Heath-house. 

of Manchester, merch 1 , by Marg* 
Hibbert his wife (see Ped., 
p. 122) ; d 

John Burton Philips of Heath -house, 
Esq., eldest son & heir-apparent, aged 
about 36, 1821, & unmar. ,; High Sheriff 
of the County of Stafford 1825 ; mar. 
dau. of Capel Cure, Esq. 

Nathaniel n=Margaret, dau. of Wil m 
Philips of Hibbert of Clapham, 
Manches- Esq. ; mar. in June 
ter, Esq., 1810. (See Ped., p. 
2 nd son. 119.) 

Mary Anne Philips, only child, aged about 9, 1822. 

Samuel Robinson 
Philips, 3 rd son, 
now livs in 
America, 1821, 

Robert Philips, 4 th son, of Manchester, of Margaret, unmar. 

Heybridge, co. Staff., Esq., mar. Nov. 1821. 
1825 to Letitia, dau. ofWil. Hibbert, — 

Esq. (see p. 119); d. 12 Aug. 1853, Elizabeth, unmar. 

aged 58. =j= 1821. 

. . . -t youngest dau., mar. at Cheadle Sep. 1849 .... Blathwayt, 
2 son of .... B. of Dyrham. 

. * Robert Needham Philips, M.P. for Bury. 
VOL. I. 

f Frances Elizabeth,— J. W. C. 



MS. 120 

b John Jolley of Buglawton, co. Cest 1 '. Will dated=pSarah .... living 

28 March 1701. Had other sons, Thomas, W m , 
& John, who mar. & had issue. 

a widow 1718. 

John Ryder,=T=Ann, dau. of James=p Joseph Jolley of Manchester, = Mary, 1 st wife, 

2 nd husband, 

Chadwick of Man- 

merch*, d. in 1735 ; 
Cross St. Chapel. 

bur. in d. without 

Thomas Philips of^ 
Singleton near 
Manchester, Esq., 
3 rd son. 

=Mary Ryder, 
only dau. 

George Oates of Leeds,=Sarah Jolley, eldest 
merch*. (See Ped. p. & only surviving 
116.) dau. & heir. 

Elizabeth, wife of 
William Rigby of 
Oldfield, Esq. 
(See Ped., p. 75.) 

Mary Anne, wife of 
.... Charlewood 
of Oak-hill, co. Staf- 
ford, Esq. 

never mar.; 
d. unmar. 
in June 

Sophia, mar. Henry Lush- 
ington, Esq., who mar. to. 
his first wife a dau. of 
Falkner Philips. (P. 121.) 

George Philips of Sedgeley^ 
Esq., only surviving son & 
heir, Member of Parliament 
for II Chester & Wooton 
Bassett ; created a Baronet 
Dec. 1827. 

=Sarah, dau. of 
Philips of 
Esq. (See 
p. 121.) 

Thomas, d. 
at the age 
of 17. 

Marg* P., wife of John 
Mather of Broughton,; 
Manchester, & Evertoni 
near Liverpool, & has: 
many children. (See 
Ped., p. 78.) - 

George Philips, only child, Member= 
of Parliament for ...... . 

=Georgiana, dau. of Lord Waterpark ; 
mar. at Dpvebridge Nov. 1819. 

John Stubbs of the Shaw, psh. of Kingsley, go. Staff., Gent. Will 1703 ; Prob. 1704.=f= 

I I I I I 

John Hill of=j=Sara, dau. & c. of John Stubs Anne. Jane, mar. Elizab., mar mar. 

of Shaw ; sister to the above John Bay- N. Philips. Beech. 

Elizabeth. ley. = 


Sir Kowland Hill of= 
Hawkstone. Bart., 
created 1727. 

=Jaue, dau. of Sir Bryan Margaret, mar. Rich- 
Broughton, Bart. ; mar. ard Brooke^ Esq. 
27 May 1732. =p 

Eleanor, mar. 



John B. of 
The Shawi 


Sir Richard Brooke, Bart.=Frances, dau. of Tho. Patten, Esq. 

.1 I 

5. Robert. 

Sir Richard Hill 4. Rowland, the cele- Jane. Elizabeth, mar. Clem. 2. John. 

of Hawkstone, brated preacher, b. 12 Tudway, M.P. for — — 

Bart. Aug. 1744. Wells. 3. Thomas. 6. Brian. 

The Jolleys who are mentioned above are supposed to descend from John Jolley 
of Leak, the elder but disinherited son of John Jolley of the same place, of whom 
there is a curious notice among the Talbot Papers. (See Lodge, ii., 386.) In the 

MS. 120 



' Visitation of Staffordshire,' 1614, John Jolley the younger is stated to have mar. 
Anne, dau. of James Smith, & to have had a son Thomas, of Leak, then living & 
mar. to Margaret Stephenson. Thomas Jollie, son of the first John, mar. Margaret, 
dau. of Laurence Swetenham of Somerford, & had a son William Jolley living at 
Leak in 1614. (See Harl. 1470.) Arms were confirmed to this branch, viz. : 
Argent, on a pile vert 3 dexter hands of the field. 

See more of the Jolleys in a letter of M r Edward Oates 4 March 1824. See also 
Harl. 2161, f. 292b. 

Will. Ladkin was of the Shaw, set. 60, 3 April 1663 (the < Vis. of Staff.') ; mar. 
Mary, dau. of Kic. G-ostelow of Mollington, co. Warwick, & had W m , who d. before 
him then unmar., & Edward, est. 17, 1663. Several generations of Ladkin are 
entered, but it is not known how Shaw passed to Stubbs. 

MS. 121 

^Iriiips— Stibxtl 

Francis Jodrel of=j=Hannah 

Yeardsley, Esq., 

son of Edmund of 


dau. of Sir John 


, only 
& heir of 


John Asshe- 
ton, with whom 
came lands in 
the counties of 
York & Lan- 

Thomas Butter- 
worth of Man- 
chester, Gent., 
d. in 1745 at 
Sheffield, where 
he was on a 

=.',.. dau. of= Frances, dau. 
John Grow- of Sir Bo- 
ther, Gitizen bert Duckin- 
of London, by field, Bart. ; 
Mary, dau. of mar. in Aug. 
Oswald Mose- 1707. 
ley, Esq. 

Francis Jodret 
of Yeardsley & 
Twemlow, co. 
Oestr., Esq., 
mar. in 1750. 


=Jane B., dau.=Hon. George Sempil, 
and coheir. 2 nd husb.,mar. in 1775; 
She was 3 rd this marriage is not in 
wife of M r Ormerod's pedigree of 
Sempil. Jodrel ; son of John, 

the 1 1 th Lord, by Sarah 
Gaskel. (See p. 132.) 

Ann B., coh 1 ', mar. Daniel 
Bay ley of Manchester. 
(SeePED.,p. 123.) 

Susanna B., coh r , mar. Sir 
Henry Hoghton, Barb., & 
d. without issue ; mar. 11 
July 1737. 

John Bower of Manchester, 
Esq. Took the name of 
Jodrel, & possessed Yeards- 
ley & Twemlow. 


Frances Maria, 
wife of John 
Stratton, Esq. 


=Frances Jodrel, 
dau. & coh r , 
mar. in 1775. 

Elizabeth Jodrel, coh 1 ', 
wife of Egerton Leigh 
of High Leigh, Esq. 

Susan Jodrel, 
d. without 


Francis Jodrel of Hen-- 
bury & Yeardsley, Esq., 
Sheriff of Cheshire 

: Maria, dau. 
of Sir Wil- 
liam Le- 

Thomas Marsden Jodrel, 
killed in Egypt. 

Edmund Henry J., a 
Oapt. in the Guards. 

Foster. John. Francis. 



MS. 121 

Nathaniel Philips of Hollirighurst=p. . . . dau. of 

near Manchester, Esq. 

. . Esq. 

Sarah Philips, mar. George Maria P., unmar. 

Philips of Sedgley, Esq. — Manchester, Esq, 

(See Ped., p. 120.) Eliza P., d. unmar. 

Shakspeare Philips of=f=Harriet 
~ Jodrel. 

Shakspeare Philips. 

Philips. Harriet. 

Falkner Philips of Manchester, Esq.=f=. . . . dau. of ... . Waller of Hull. 

■ ! 


Falkner Waller Philips. Louisa Philips, mar. Henry Lushington, Esq., Cordelia. 
Philips. & d. at Madeira} (See p. 120.) 


This account of the Leighs is from Gregson's ' Fragments.' The Philips' I have 
added from private information. They are of the same family with those above & 
on the opposite page. Since improved by additions from Ormerod's 'Cheshire/ ii., 
440, where is a good pedigree of the Leighs. 

John Leigh of Oughterington,=f=Elizabeth, dau. of William Rowcroft 
Esq., aged . . 15 Sep. 1665. of Carington, co. Cestr. 

George Leigh of Oughterington,=f=Eliz., dau. of Hugh Hindley Mary, wife of Tho- 

Esq , aged 25, 16 Sep. 1663 : 
bur. at Lymme 1727. 

of West Leigh, co. Lane, and mas Patten, son <fc 
his heir ; mar. before 1663 ; heir of Tho s P. of 
ob. 1721. Warrington. 

Elizabeth Leigh, wife of William Clayton of Thomas Leigh of Brazen-Nose Col., 
Pulwood, Esq., from whom the Tarletons. Ox., Sector of Stoke Bruern, co. 


John Leigh of Ought- 
erington, 1 st son, bur. 

. . 1 st wife^George Leigh of=f=Cath e , dau. of Richard 

dau. of . 

Esq, bur. at 
Lymme 1742. 

Percival of Allerton 
(See Ped., ) ; bur. 

Adam Mort of Chowbent^Martha Leigh. 

Thomas Ear]e of Leghorn and Liverpool, Esq.=pMary Mort, sole dau. 

Mary, wife of Thomas Earls Jane Elizabeth, wife of Richard Gwillim 
of Spekelands. of Bewsey, Esq. 

MS. 121 

FAMILY minorum gentium. 


James Hardman of= Jane Leigh, Sam 1 Angier, : 

Eochdale&Allerton- d. 12 Feb. M.D., of 

hall, Esq., mar. 19 1795, aged Liverpool. 
Oct. 1732. 93. 

: Oath e Leigh, 
mar. in May 

Thomas Leigh, 
bur. at Lymme 
10 Feb. 1762, 

Catherine, wife of Jos h Jackson, Esq., .... wife of . . 
of Fir-grove. Maugham, Esq. 

John Leigh, 1 st George Leigh of Oughterington, b. = 
son, ob. s.p. ; 1706 ; d. 1761 ; 2 nd son & heir; Sher. 
bur. at Dean. of Cheshire 1749. 

Anne, dau. of ... . Shelmer- 
dine of Manchester ; bur. at 
Lymme 1776. 

John Leigh of Oughterington, Esq., d. 11= 
April 1806, aged 76. 

=Susan, dau. of Edward Trafford, Esq., 
Mayor of Liverpool. 

John L., 

Trafford Leigh,=f=Henrietta, dau. of 

took the sur- 
name of Trafford 
by Sign-Manual 
5 Dec. 1791. 

Sir Thomas Delves 
Broughton, Bart.; 
mar. 1794. 

Harriet, wife of John Torre, 
son of Ja s Torre of Snydall, 
Clerk (see Ped., p. Ill) ; of 
Catwick, Clerk. 

John Leigh Trafford, b. 1796 ; George. 
Ensign in 31 st ; d. at Sligo 1814. — 

Had issue one posthumous son, Henrietta 

who d. an infant. Susanna. 

Richard Leigh Trafford, eldest Henry, 
surviving son & heir-app. 

i i i 



JVTaria. William. Henrietta. 
Charles. Augusta. Edward. 
Emma. Henry. Caroline. 

Samuel Eger- 
ton Leigh of 
Jamaica, mar. 
& had issue. 

HughHind-=. . . . dau. of 

ley Leigh of Knight of 

Liverpool, Liverpool, 
ob. s.p. merch*. 

John Philips of=f Sarah 
Bank-hall near Leigh, b. 

Stockport, Esq., 1742. 
in Heaton Norris. 

Leigh = 

James, d. in America. 

Hardman, youngest son, liv g at 
Philipsburgh, Pennsylvania, in 
1821, when he mar. at Warrington 
Sophia, dau. of the late Rev. Ed- 
ward Lloyd of Fairfield near 

.... Philips, mar. 1 Jn° 
Potter, son of James P., of 

Manchester ; 2 Hume, 

Clerk. (See p. 458.) 

.... wife of Sir Hunger- 
ford Hoskyns, Bart. 



Ann Theodosia, 
unmar. 1816. 





George Edw d Leigh, Clerk,=f=Eliza Philips, 
Minister of St. Peter's, mar. 1798. 


Edwnrrl TraflPnrrl T\pirirVi 



MS. 121 


Catherine, wife of John Jane, wife of John Hannah, wife of Robert Elizabeth, 

Eimmer of Warring- Okil of Waver- Patten of Warrington. d. unmar. 

ton. =p tree, Esq. (Galled Thomas by 1781, aged 

Ormerod.) 55. 

Matthew Gregson of Liverpool, who published ' Fragments=Ann Rimmer, 
of Lancashire,' mar. 1 Jane, sister of John Foster. 2 nd wife. 


Richard P(ercival) of Allerton=pBliz. Tildsly, mar. ab* 1676. 

George Leigh of=f=Cath e P., b. ab* 1670 ; Richard P., b. ab*=f= . .'. . mar Gaskell 1699 ; 

Oughterington. iiv* 1742. 1670. | b. ab' 1670. 

.... mar Hardman ; b. 1703 ; .... mar. D r .... Naylor (?)=f=Jane Percival, b. 

d. ab* 1794. Angier. ab* 1700. 

N., b. ab* 1730. 


Benj. N., b. about 1760. 


MS. 122 


I I I 

Samuel=pMargaret, dau. of Eobert John Robin-^Eliz., dau. of Robert Mary. 

of Man- 

Hibbert of Manchester, son of Gor- 
merch*. (See Ped., ton. 

p. 118.) 



Taylor of son, 

Moston (?). 

William Robinson (?). John. Martha. Elizabeth. . Sara, 

Thomas Robinson=j=Sophia Caroline, dau. Margaret, wife of Robert, d. unmar. 

of Manchester, 
merch*, living 
1821 ; d. 1831. 

of George Oates of John Philips of 

Leeds, merch*. (See Heath-house, Esq. Mary, never mar. 

Ped., p. 116.) (See Ped., p. 120.) 

Thomas Henry Robinson of Manches- Samuel R., 2 nd son. Sophia R., wife of Benj n 

ter, eldest son, unmar. 1821 ; d. unmar. — Heywood of Manchester 

2 Sep. 1821; bur. at Cross Street Robert R., 3 rd son. & Akers Field, Esq. 

Chapel, Manchester. (See Ped., p. 27.) 

MS. 122 



George Diggles of Manchester, Cloth worker=pElizabeth. 


Ann, b. George, bp. Robert D, of Man- 

1628. 1629 ; d. y. Chester, chapman, 

— bp. 7 April 1633; 

Richard; b. bur. 20 May 1676. 


: Dory, dau. of Tho. Sandif ord Elizabeth, 
of Manchester ; mar. 27 Oct. b. 1636. 
1657; bur. 8 Jan. 1685. 
Will proved at Chester 29 
May 1685. 

Robert, of Liverpool, Elizabeth, b. 1662; mar. John Dorothy, mar. Richard 
merch 1 . =j= Evans; sett. 1689. (See p. 46.) Worthington of Man- 
j Chester. 

Thomas, b: (sic) 1772. Ann, d. 1718. Margaret, d. 1718. 

Margaret, mar. John Diggles of Man-^pAnn, dau. of 

Jonathan Hall. Chester, chapman, bp. 
1658 ; bur. 1722. 

Hun- Ann, Thomas, 

ter ; mar. 30 Aug. 1683; bur. bur. 
bur. 6 Sep. 1720. 1671. 1677. 

Sarah, dau. of . . . .=Thomas D. of Booth=Ann, bur.=2 w., Judith, dau. of . . . . 
Hibbert; mar. 21 Hall, b. 1689 ; bur. 1755. Holbrook ; mar. 1756; 

Sep. 1763; 3 wife. 9 Aug. 1773. d. 1761. 

Ann. James, of M., merch^Esther. Robert, ob. v.p. William, of M., merchV 

Will proved 29 April 

Will proved 7 


John, of Booth- 
hall, b. 1716; ob. 
s.p. Dec. 1781. 

Esther, mar. Samuel 

Bayley, opposite. 


Margaret, mar. Samuel Shore of 
Sheffield & Norton ; sole sur- 
viving child 1722. 

W m Page of Manchester.: 

John Lightbourn, 3 son of = Alice. Edw. Scott of Manch., grocer =Cathe e =j=James Diggles. 
James. j 

Ellen D., mar. 1714 John Copley, Fell. Coll. Ch., M. 

Cath e , mar. Sir Tho. Grey Egerton. 

This is M r Booker's pedigree of Diggles in his ' Hist, of Blackley.' 
He gives the will of John, of Manchester, linen-draper, 7 Aug. 1719 ; proved 
28 Feb. 1722. To his brother Robert Diggles 85. a week. Late uncle M r John 
Sandiford. If Marg*, dau. of Rob., die s.p., £200 to be paid out of the lands 
bequeathed to her to M rs Mary Aldred, pursuant to his son Robert's will. Sister 
Ginny. Brothers-in-law M r John Evans & M r Richard Worthington. Other persons 
•named besides his sons. 



MS. 122 

Will m made his will 27 Aug. 1730. 

7 April 1732, James D. Kinsman Tho. Evans 20 g s & his little mare, & s d 
Tho s Evans Ex r & Guardian. 

Anne, wife of Tho. D., 18 March 1755. Eesidue to Anne Peregrina, Mary, & 
Alice Kenyon, dau. of Geo. K. of Peel, Esq., & Jane Kenyon, dau. of Lloyd Kenyon 
of Gredington, co. Flint, Esq., & to her nieces Mary, Ann, & Marg* Taylor, equally 
amongst them. 

Thomas, 24 Aug. 1771. To Hannah, dau. of Samuel Shore of Shef d , Esq., 
£1200. To Sam 1 S., son of s d Sam. S., £100. To John, W m , Marg*, & Sarah 
Shore £1000 each. 


MS. 123 

This account of Bayley of Manchester I received for the most part from M r 
Gamaliel Lloyd, who knew most of the parties. I find in the Obituary of Dickenson 

that in 1717 M r Daniel Bayley mar. M rs dau. of M 1 ' Nathaniel Gaskel, late of 

Manchester. (See p. 132.) 

James Bayley of Manchester, merch*^ 


Daniel Bayley of Manchester & Hope, co. Lanc.,= 
Esq., built Hope-hall. (See Ped., p. 133.) 

=Ann, dau. & coheir of Thomas 
Butterworth of Manchester. 
(See Ped., p. 121.) 

Thomas Butterworth Bayley of Hope, Esq.,= 
only survivor of thirteen children, a Justice 
of the Peace for the County of Lancaster. 

: Mary, dau. of Vincent Leggat of 
Hampstead, Esq., by ... . Cornwall 
his wife. (See pp. 63, 82.) 

Edward Clive, aged 14, 
1790 ; mar. Margaret, 
dau. of James Fenton 
of Hampstead, Esq. 
(see Ped., p. 127) ; 
had issue Margaret & 

Charles, aged 10, 

William Butter- 
worth, aged 9, 

Cornwall, aged 6, 

Thomas Ducken- 
field, aged 3, 

I I 
Sarah, aged 20, 

1790 ; mar. 

George Norman, 

Esq., of Eccles. 

Frances, aged 
11, 1790. 

Daniel, of Lon-= 
don & Peters- 
burgh, Esq., 
eldest son. 

=Eleanora Saffree, 
mar. at Peters- 
burgh 1790. 

Henry Bayley, = Hannah, dau. of 

Sub - dean of James Touchet of 

Lincoln. Manchester, Esq. 

(See Ped., p. 75.) 

aged 15, 

James Bayley of Manchester, Esq., High= 
Sheriff of the County of Lancaster 1757 ; 
Registrar of the Diocese of Chester. 

: Anne, dau. of the Eight Rev. Samuel 
Peploe, Bishop of Chester & Warden 
of Manchester. 

MS. 123 




Elizabeth, wife 
of Sir John 
Moseley of 
Hulme, Bart. 

Appy B., mar. 1 James Moss ; 
2 nd Eev. D r Haddon, brother 
of Peter H., Vicar of Leeds. 

i i i 

Frances, mar. Sir Mary & 

Ashton Lever of Jane, d. 

Alkrington, Kn* ; unmar. 
ob. s.p. 

Samuel Bay- James B., Fellow of the= 
ley, in the Collegiate Ch., Manches- 
Army. ter, d. without issue. 

:. . . .dau. of Richard 
Brome of Manches- 
ter, Atty. 

John B. of Man- 
chester, d. with- 
out issue. 

Esther, first wife, dau.= 
of James Diggles of 
Manchester, merch* ; 
mar. at Blackley Chapel 
1741 ; d. 30 Dec. 1772. 

: Samuel Bayley= 
of King Street 
n r Manchester, 

d. 5 


Esther, 2 nd wife, dau. 
of Robert Hibbert of 
Manchester (see Ped., 
p. 118) ; no issue. 

. . . .* wife of ... . Metcalf of Manchester, son James B. of- 
of a Vicar of Kirby Overblows & bro. of Met- Manchester, 
calf Marwood. 

.... Bayley, wife 
of John Touchet 
of Manchester. 
(See Ped., p. 75.) 

: . . . . dau. of 

Samuel, of=. . . .dau. of Richard Walker James. Frances. Marg*. Amy 
Manchester, of Manchester. Ann. 

Thomas B. of Manchester &=f=Mary, dau. of Will m Kennedy of 

wife of . 

Booth-hall in Blackley, b. 
1749 ; d. 22 Nov. 1817. 

Manchester ; mar. 18 Nov. 1773 ; Edge of Manches- 
d. 11 Jan. 1808. ter. 

Mary, wife of William Henry, Esther, wife of Tho. William, Samuel, Sarah, 
M.D., of Manchester. Potter of Blackley. Eliza, & others. 

See these more fully exhibited in ( Hist, of Blackley,' by Rev. John Booker, 
4to, 1854, p. 38. 

Anne, l 8t wife, only dau.=pSamuel Peploe, B.D., Bishop of = 

of Thomas Browne 
Sherdicote, co. Staff. 


Chester and Warden of Man- 
chester, d. 21 Feb. 1752. 
(Ormerod, i., 80.) 

:Anne, 2 nd wife, dau. of Thomas Birch, 
M.A., Vicar of Preston. (This seems 
to be an error. See p. 512.) 

i i i i 

Samuel Peploe, LL.D.,War- Mary P., wife of Francis Anne P., wife of Elizabeth, wife of John 

den of Manchester and Joddrel of Yeardsley, James Bayley, Bradshaw of Manches- 

Chancellor of Chester. Esq. Esq. ter, Esq. 

* ? Sarah, wife of Cornelius Metcalfe, mar. Dec. 1773.— J. W. C. 

VOL. I. 



MS. 124 

Ped. with Arms of Lloyd impaling a saltier. 

Traditions that the early Lloyds had been benefactors to Jesus Coll., Oxf. 
See good account of this family in Add 1 MSS. at the Museum 6688. 
M r P. Woolfenden of Emley (?), in 1702, writes to Gamaliel Lloyd as 
" loving cousin," & Nevil Simmons, in 1728, calls Gam. Lloyd cousin. 

.... Lloyd or Floyd, supposed to have resided in Wales & to have been=p 
a Clergyman, & to have mar. a Nevil of Mattersey, sister of John. 


Benjamin Lloyd of London, Warden of the Painter-Stainers^ 
Company. Had the impropriate rectories of North Coll- 
ingham, co. Notts, & Disforth, co. York, which, when he 
conveys the Covenant to secure against Sir Will. Hickman 
& Eliz. his wife. 

= Ray- 

ner of 


John Lloyd of Nicholas Lane, Lond.,=Ann, dau. 
merch*, d. rich, & left his property to of John 
the descendants of his cousins George & Lloyd of 
William, having no issue ; d. June 1730; Greenwich; 
mar. at 72 (?). d. 1742. 

wife of 

Buckley. No 

wife of D r 

.... Saywell. 
No issue. 


dren, d. 

Gamaliel Lloyd of Matter- 
sey, co. Notts, d. intestate, 
when Administration was 
granted to Ann his widow 
in the Prerogative Court 
of York 29 March 1662 ; 
bur. at Carlton 19 Nov. 

: Ann Brigs of Wigan,= 
said she was grand- 
dau. to a dignified 
Clergyman, & had 
Aunts Bethel & 
Hickman ; d. at 
Forton in 1697. 

= William Aspinall, Clerk, 2 nd hus- 
band ; silenced by the Act of Uni- 
formity, 1662 (see Cal.) ; lived 
for a while at Ancoats in Man- 
chester, after at Forton near Pres- 
ton ; d. about 1708 or 1702 at 
Liverpool ; he lived for a while 
at Thurnscoe in Yorkshire, & 
Newton Heath, co. Lane. 

John Lloyd of=j=Anne. 

Anne Lloyd, wife of Joseph Smethurst of Lancaster, & 
had many children; b. 1655. This family settled at 
Marble Head in New England. 

John Lloyd, lost 
at sea^ unmar. 

Ann Lloyd, wife of John Lloyd 
of Nicholas Lane above. 

William L. of Liver-=pSarah Ste- 

pool, d. at Barbadoes 


Gamaliel, of London, mar Jackson, 

& had no issue ; bur. at Hampstead in 
July 1699. 

Ann Lloyd, wife of John Booth from 3 other 

Gildersome in Yorkshire. daus. 

MS. 124 




George Lloyd of Manchester, manufacturer,=f=Martha Whitaker. 
b. in 1650 ; d. in Aug. 1728. 

Elizabeth L., wife 1 of Chris 1 " 
Marsden of Manchester ; 2 
of ... . Tonnerton of Wor- 
cester. No issue. 

Sarah L., wife 
of Jos h Hul- 
ton. No 


Mary L., wife of 
Benj n Naylor of 
merch*. (See 
Ped., p. 50.) 

Martha, wife of 
John Smith of 


Martha Smith, only child, wife of Tho s Urwick 
of Clapham, V.D.M. No issue. 

Mary, d. y. 

d. in his 

Gamaliel Lloyd of Man-=pElizabeth, dau. & coheir of John Cart of 

Chester, merch^b. in Aug. 
1676; d. 17 June 1749. 

Eleanor, first wife, dau. of Henrys 
Wright of Mobberley, co. Cestr., & 
OfFerton, Esq., by Purefoy his wife, 
dau. of Sir Willoughby Aston, Bart. ; 
d. 2 May 1735, aged 21. 

Manchester, M.D. ; b. 6 Feb. 1682-3; mar. in 
1705 ; d. 30 Sep. 1763. (See Ped., p. 125.) 

: George Lloyd, Esq.,- 
F.R.S., of Hulm near 
Manchester, & of Bar- 
rowby, co. York, only 

: Susanna, 2 nd wife, dau. 
of Thomas Horton of 
Chaddertou, Esq. ; sis- 
ter to Sir William Hor- 
ton, Bart. 

John Gamaliel Lloyd, Esq.,- 
b. 18 April 1735. The only 
issue of the first mar. 

Gamaliel Lloyd of Leeds, Aldermair 
& Mayor of that borough, afterwards 
of Bury St. Edmunds, Hampstead, & 
Great Ormond St., London, Esq. 

= * At- 

wood, of a 



George L. of 
the County 
of Warwick. 


i i 

Purefoy, eldest dau., 
unmar. 1821. 

Charlotte, wife of 

Ward of Cub- 

bington,co. Warw., 
Esq., & has issue 
1 son. 

William Horfcon Lloyd of Bedford Place, 
Lond,, Esq., only son ; from whom I had 
this account ; unmar. 1821 ; mar. at Edin- 
burgh by Sir H. M. Welwood April 1826 
to Maria, youngest dau. of George Whyte- 
lock, Esq", of Seymour Place, Portman 
Square. He was b. 10 Feb. 1784; d. 1848. 

Williamf Whytelocke, mar. an Irish lady related to the Duke of 
Leinster, & was soon left a widower, in 1859. 

.... Lloyd, wife of Stephen Winthropp, .... Lloyd, wife of Leonard Horner, 
M.D., son of ... . W., Esq., a Bank Esq., brother of the late Francis H., 
Director ; mar. in 1799. Esq., M.P.; now residing at Edinburgh. 

George Lloyd of Manchester, Esq., 3 rd =pElizabeth, dau. of Jeremiah Naylor of 
son, Barr.-at-Law. b | Wakefield. (See Ped., p. 51.) o 


t Should be George.— J. W. C, 



■MS. 124 


George Lloyd,=p Alicia Maria, dau. 

eldest son, 
mar. in 1810; 
of Acombe 
near York 

of John G-reame, 
Esq., of Sowerby, 
by Sarah his wife, 
dau. of .... Yar- 
burgh, Esq., of 

wife Edward Jere-=j=Eliza, a dau. & co- 

of . 
Laird of 

miah Lloyd of 
Esq., 2 nd son, 
a Barrister, d. 
s.p. ] 850. 

heir of William 
(seePED.,p. 75); 
mar. at Bowden 
Nov. 1822. 

George John, b. 23 July 

Alicia, b. 27 July 1812 ; 
ob. 12 Dec. 1812. 

I I 
Yarborough Gamaliel, 

b. 18 July 1813. 

Maria Alicia, b. Aug. 


William Rigby 
Lloyd, d, 
infant 1826. 


Thomas Lloyd,= 
4 th son, Colonel 
of Militia. 

: . . . ,f dau. of ... . Ann L. ; 

Wade of New living 

Grange, co. York, unmar. 

Esq. 1821. 

Susanna L., mar. Elizabeth L., 

.... Wray, Rector mar 

of Newton Kyme, Bateson.J 
co. York. 

.§ Lloyd, only dau. & heir, mar. 16 Nov. 1815 to John 
Priestley, Esq., of Halifax. 


MS. 125 

1592 Dec. 10. Richard Hardstaffe mar. Philide Shaw, Sheffield. 

1611. M r Richard Manton .& M rs Eliz. Hardstaffe. 25 March 1611, Worksop. 

William Cart, Rector of=p 
Tankersley, co. York. 

Thomas Cart of Tankersley, yeo., aged 
30, 1595 ; a Deponent in a suit. 

George Cart, Clerk, the First 
master of the School of 
Sneith ; bur. 6 Feb. 1623-4. 
His brother William Cart of 
Worksop Administered. 

William Cart, Rector of Hans-=pOatherine Hardstaffe, 

worth, co. York, on which cure 
he entered 1627 ; d. 8 Oct. 
1644, & was interred in the 
Churchyard of Hansworth. 


Ann, bp. 13 
July 1628 ; 
mar. 1 April 
1657 to 
Matth w 

Elizabeth Cart, 
mar. at Hans- 
worth 28 May 
1650 to Alex 1 ' 
Hodgkin of Am- 
sterdam, merch* ; 
bp. 26 Feb. 1624. 

Cart, mar. 
Wright & 
had Sus- 
anna ; mar. 
Dec. 6, 1646. 

bur. at Hansworth 25 
April 1654 ; mar. at 
Worksop 11 May 

William, bp. 
at Worksop 
5 May 1616. 

Francis, bp. 
21 March 

Mary, bp. 10 Feb. 
1621-2 ; mar. Rob. 
Hoole of Atter- 
cliffe, Yeo. ; & 2, 
Tho. Bretland of 
Sheffield, grocer. 
(P. 554.) 

* Edward. f Anne, dau. of Walter Wade. J Thomas Bateson. 

§ Marianne. She had a brother George Lloyd of Cowesby Hall, co. York. — J. W. C. 

MS. 125 





Ann, & 4 other children, 
living 1669. 

Mary Hodgkin, bp. at Hansworth 

28 March 1653 ; mar Bury 

before 1669. (See p. 516.) 

Elizabeth H., 
unmar. 1669, 
eldest dau. 

Emote, first wife, dau.^f 
of Nicholas Steade of 
Onesacre in Bradfield, 
Yeoman (see Ped., 
p. 144) ; mar. at Hans- 
worth 24 March 1648 ; 
d. 20 April 1652 & 
was bur. at Hansworth 
on the 22 nd . 

: John Cart, Rector of Hans— 
worth ; entered on the 
Rectory 2 Feb. 1643-4; 
ejected by the Act of Uni- 
formity 1662 (seeCal.789, 
Cont. 940) ; bur. at Hans- 
worth 8 Sep. 1674 ; bp. at 
Worksop 13 Feb. 1619. 

Mary, 2 nd wife, dau. 
of Nicholas Saunder- 
son of Sheffield, 
Gent. ; bp. 29 May 
1622 ; mar. at Shef- 
field 2 Jan. 1655-6 ; 
d. 9 May 1696; bur. 
at Hansworth. 

bp. at 
15 th 

Thomas, bp. 2 Aug. 1657 ; 
d. 17 Nov. 1658. 

Mary, bp. 10 March 1661 ; 
bur. 22 Aug. 1678. 

Elizabeth, bp. 10 Oct. 

John Cart, M.B., of Man- 
chester, bp. at Hansworth 
21 April 1650. He was of 
the University of Cam- 
bridge. Had an estate at 

: Sarah, dau. & coheir of Andrew More- William Cart, 

wood, G-ent., of Hallows in Dronfield, bp. 20 July 

co. Derb., by Mary his wife, dau. of 1651 ; living 

William Spencer of AtterclifFe, Gent. 1669. 

(See ' Hallamshire,' p. ; & see 6 D. 
14, 118, in Col. of Arms.) 

Elizabeth Cart, 2 nd dau. & coheir, Richard Butleiy 
mar. Gamaliel Lloyd of Man- of Manchester, 
Chester. (See opposite page.) haberdasher. 


Several sons, who seem 
to have d. without issue. 

: Bethia Cart, 3 rd & youngest 
dau. & coheir. 

John Ravald of Man-npSarah Butler, d. 21 Dec. 1784. 

Chester, merch*. 

She sold i 

of the Carts' estate of 

John Ravald, an Attorney, b. 1735 ; d. unmar. 1763. 

Rebecca Bower, l st = 
wife, mar. at Silk- 
stone 16 Nov. 1695; 
d. 30 Jan. 1708, & 
was bur. in the par. 
Ch. of Shef. 

=John Waterhouse of Sheffield, = Mary Cart,= 
M.D., son of Robert W. of the eldest dau. 
same place, Gent. ; bp. 30 Aug. & coheir, 
1666 ; bur. 15 Aug. 1714. d. 15 Dec. 
Elizab. Midgeley was his heir- 1743. 
at-law in 1730. 

: James Walker 
of Manchester, 
merch*, 2 nd 
husb., mar. in 

. first wife,= James Walker of Ard-=f= Alice, 2 nd wife, dau. &=Elizabeth, 3 rd wife, 

dau. of .... wick Green near Man- 
Diggles, d. in Chester, & of Spring- 
1742. head near Hull, Esq. 


coheir of Richard 
Goodwin, D.D., Rec- 
tor of Tankersley ; 
mar. 5 Dec. 1744. 

dau. of Sir Wil. 
Wentworth of 
Bretton, Bart.; d. 
March 1795. 



MS, 125 

James Walker,= dau. 

Esq., of Spring- of .... 
head, & now Porter of 
of Micklegate, Hull, 
York, 1810. merely 

d. unmar. 

Anne Maria, 
d. unmar. 

John Wad-=Mary Walker,= Burslam, 

manoflm- b. about 1749. an Attorney 
ber in Wilts, at Ashby-de- 

Esq., d. 9 la-Zouch. 

Dec. 1793. 2 nd husband. 


MS. 126, 127 

The basis of this pedigree is one compiled by Somerset Brooke. To this M r 
Edward Oates made some additions, which he gave me in 1816. I have added a 
very few particulars. I have reason to believe that it is correct as far as it goes, 
except that it appears to me there is some error at the beginning of the Underbank 
line. I see no probability in the first Fenton of Underbank being b. in 1685, whik 
his sister, wife of ... . Oates, was mar. in 1671. There have been also other 
Fentons of this family, as Eli Fenton, son of William Fenton of Pudsey, who on 
29 Dec. 1704 mar. a dau. of D 1 ' Gilpin of Newcastle, widow of D r Kaye of the same. 
She d. in Newcastle in April 1708 of her third child by Fenton. I have no doubt 
that a dau. of Thomas Fenton who mar. Michael Bairstow was of this family, and 
in 1807 I knew a M rs Bridgland, then living at Sheffield, who said that she was the 
youngest of 13 children of Abraham Fenton, by Alice Hutchinson his wife, which 
Abraham was son to a Fenton of Leeds, of this family youngest of 10, who was bur. 
at Royston. She had in her possession an old copy of the ' Ducatus,' which she 
valued as containing notices of her family. 

1680, Coz. Susan Idle lately mar. to M r Tho s Fenton. (Thoresby's Diary.) 

See a marriage with Wigglesworth in letter of M r Ince. 

William Fenton of Leeds, of which borough he was an Alderman 
and Chief Magistrate in the 2 years preceding the Restoration. 


William Fenton of Wood-house-^Elizabeth, dau. of=Bryan Dixon of Hunslet 

hill in the township of Hunslet, 
Gent., eldest son & heir, living 
1671. Will 17 Feb. 1674. 


, . co. Lane. ; 
16 May 1707. 

near Leeds, Gent., 2 nd 
husb. Will dated 8 June, 
proved 20 July 1710. 

Mary, wife of Rob. 
Brooke of Leeds, 

Samuel F. of Notting- 
ham, a Clergyman, 2 nd 

Abra m , 
3 son. 

4 son. 

John, eld. 

Timothy, a Clergyman in the co. of Lincoln. 

William Fenton of Huns- 
let, & of Underbank in 
the par. of Penis ton 
jure ux., b. in 1685 ; ob. 
23 Aug. 1743 ; 5 th son. 

: Frances, dau. & sole heir of Capt n 
Richard West of Underbank, son 
of Lewis West, Archdeacon of 
Carlisle ; b. 1677 ; ob. 11 June 
1754. Underbank was purchased 
by Steph. West about 1680. 

Elizabeth F., wife 
of Josias Oates of 
mar. sett, dated 
June 1671. (See 
Pbd., p. 115.) b 

MS. 126 



West Fenton of the Inner 
Temple, Esq.. Barr.-at- 
Law, F.R.S., settled at 
Wakefield ; bp. at Barns- 
ley 25 Aug. 1699 ; d. un- 
mar. 5 May 1731, & was 
bur. at Peniston. 

William F. of=f=Mary, dau. & heir of Tho- 

Esq., 2 nd son, 
ob. 14 April 
1783, aged 82, 
& was bur. at 

mas or Francis Hatfield 
of Enter-dough, co. Cest 1 ', 
Gent.; ob. 20 Sep. 1763, 
set. 61, & was bur. at 
Peniston. He was also of 
Orowden Brook. 

ard, d. 

William Fenton of Under- 
bank, Esq., a Barr.-at-Law, 
eldest son & heir, d. un- 
mar. 11 April 1792, aged 
66, & was bur. at Peniston. 

John, d. 28 Sep. 1741, aged 10, 
& was bur. at Peniston. 

Richard, d. unmar. 2 Oct. 1779, 
aged 40 ; bur. at Peniston. 

Frances F.,heir 
to her brother, 
d. unmar. 6 Jan. 
1794, aged 64, 
& was bur. at 

Lewis F., Fel. of Line. Col., 
Oxon, Vicar of Winterburn, 
co. Dorset, d. unmar. 4 Oct. 
1778, & was bur. there. 

Timothy, a Student in the 


Richard F. of Hunslet,=j=Ann, dau. of Thomas 

Esq., .& of Banktop, Brooke of Field-head, 

Clerk of the Peace for Rector of Richmond 

the West Riding of York- (see Ped., p. 312); 

shire, ob. 23 Dec. 1788, d. at Doncaster 15 

yet. 80, & was bur. at May 1790, & was bur. 

Peniston. at Peniston. 

Thomas West, Richard, & Mary Fenton, dau. & sole heir, mar. at St. Clement 
Francis, all d. young, & Danes 1765 to Sir William Wake, Bart, 
were bur. at Peniston. =f= 

Mary, 1 st wife, dau. of=j=Sir William=pJane, 2 nd wife, 

P. Hart Sitwell, Esq. 

Wake, Bart. 

dau. of Admiral 



1. Chaiies=. . . . dau. of Sir Sitwell 
Sitwell, Bart. 

i ii 

4. Drury. 2. Louisa. 3. William. 


Samuel,* of Green-=p Ann, dau. of Robert 

head in par. of 
Huthersfield, d. 10 
Nov. 1763, & was 
bur. at Huthers- 
field, aged 52. 

Haigh of Storth in 
par. of Kirk-burton, 
sister & heir of Wil- 
liam ; ob. 14 Jan. 
1782, aged 69 ; bur. 
at Huthersfield. 

John, d. in 
his infancy. 

Frances, d. 
unmar. 28 
Mar. 1780, 
set. 75, & 
was bur. at 

Elizabeth, mar. Rev. Oh 8 
B attar, some time an 
Officer in the service of 
the States General, after- 
wards Minister of an 
Episcopal Church at 
Edinburgh, & in 1773 
Curate of Bolton, co. 

William Fenton of G-reenhead^ 
Esq., Attorney- at-Law, heir to 
his cousin M rs Frances Fenton ; 
living at Spring Grove near 
Huthersfield in 1805. c 

: Sarah, dau. of Joseph 
Armitage of Honley 
near Huthersfield, 
sister to George A., 

Elizabeth, d. Frances, 
unmar. 9 — 

Sep. 1781. Anne. 

Mary, d 

* Mr. GJ-. W. Tomlinson, F.S.A., of Huddersfield, says Samuel Fenton d. 30 Nov. ; his wife's 
father was Robert Hague of Storth in the par. of Huddersfield ; his son William d. 23 Feb. 1822, 
get. 82 ; his daughter-in-law Sarah d. 27 March 1832, set. 87; his daughter Mary mar. Joseph 
Bradley, M.D., and d, 1841, set. 87. 



MS. 126, 127 

Kichard, d. 1786 in his 
infancy, & was bur. at 

i i 

Harriet, b. 1773. 

Emilia, wife of Joseph Sophia. 
Haigh of Golcar-hill — 
near Huthersfield. Louisa. 

Samuel P.,* b. 1778 ; a Captain in William, b. 

the 1 st West York Militia ; of Spring in 1766 ; 

Grove ; livs unmar. 1822 ; killed by d. unmar. 
accident while shooting in Sep. 1823. 

Lewis,f a Lieut, in 55 th Reg. 
of Foot; M.P. for Hudders- 
field in the First Reformed 
Parliament ; d. suddenly 
Nov. 1833. 

Thomas Fenton of Hunslet,=f=Ann Teitham, d. 18 Jan. 1706, set. 90, & was bur. at 

Gent., b. in 1611; d.7 0ct. 
1689, as:ed 79, & was bur. 
at Hunslet. (See M.I.) 

Hunslet. She had 13 children, by eight of whom she 
was grandmother to 66 and great-grandmother to 59. 
(See < Due. Leod.') 

Hannah, wife 
of Josias Oates 
of Ohickenley. 
(See Ped., p. 

Mary, mar. 1 William 
Massie, Esq., Mayor of 
Leeds -, 2 Thomas Gra- 
ven, Aid. of Ripon. 

Eliz h . 

Ann, mar. John 
Norfolk of 

Isabella, mar. 
.... Bayles, 
Esq., of Hull. 

Debora. Elizabeth ,=pThomas F. of Hunslet,=f=Mary, 2 nd wife, dau. of James 

1 st wife. 

Salter, d. 5 Sep. 1705, 
set. 58 ; bur. at Hunslet. 
Will dated 28 July 1705; 
proved 17 Oct. foil*. 

Ibbetson of Leeds, merch* ; bp. 
1 Dec. 1658; ob. 16 June 
1717. Will dated 15 May 
1716 ; proved 8 Aug. 1718. 

Abraham, eldest son, men- 
tioned in his father's will. 

=Esther, dau. of Thomas Dawson Elizabeth, mar. 
of Morley. (See Ped., p. 43.) .... Johnson. 

Phoebe, coheir, mar. 
.... Bilton of Oak- 
well Hall. 

Ann, d. unmar. 

Susanna, wife of ... . 
Moorhouse of Craven. 

Several sons, 
d. infants. 

Anne, mar. Wil m Pendle- 
bury of Leeds, V.D.M., 
who mar. also a dau. of 
Ralph Worsley of Piatt, 

e Ryder. 

mar. Joshua 

Lydia, d. unmar. 24 Dec. 
1756, aged 70. Adm n 
granted to Geo. Oates. 

Rachel, mar. 19 Dec. 
1721 to David Leach of 
Bingley. (See Ped., p. 

Naomi, d. unmar. 2 Dec. 
1756, aged 63. Adm n 
granted to Geo. Oates. 

Hannah, d. 1 June 1683 
in her infancy. 

* This is very different from the account in Burke's * Landed Gentry,' in which it states that 
Samuel Fenton mar. Jessy, dau. of Edward Cayley, Esq., of Whitby, and had William, murdered 
by robbers near Algeciras, Spain, and 4 daughters (heirs to their brother), Anne, Mary, Jessey, 

f Mar. Miss Ann Hind of Liverpool and left three daughters. — J. W. C. 

MS, 126, 127 



Thomas F. of Huns-=y=Eiizabeth, dau. of Sir 

let, Esq., 2 nd & young- 
est son, d. at Preston 
17 Jan. 1734, aged 
46, leaving 10 chil- 

Oha 8 Hoghtonof Hogh- 
ton, Bart., by a dau. 
of Clotworthy Skeffing- 
ton, Earl of Massarene ; 
mar. 13 Feb. 1715. 

Tabitha, mar. 1 . . . . Thompson, 
& 2 ndl r John Faire of London, 

Mary, mar. Joseph Oates of Leeds, 
merch*. (See Ped., p. 115.) 

Thomas, of Preston, Esq., 
eldest son, d. unmar. 8 Aug. 
1801, aged 82, & was bur. 
at Preston. 

Henry, mar. a dau. of Charles, d. in 1758. 

.... Charnock, & d. 

in Guadaloupe in Skeffington, d. in 1732. 


Miss Ban-= John, of Leeds, mercer, d. 1762, leaving a==Dorobhy, 2 nd wife, 
croft, 1 st son & dau. by his first wife, & by his second dau. of . . . . Roberts 

2 dau s , Sarah & Mary, who never mar. I 

saw them at Bath in April 1835. They said 

their grandfather preached at Attercliffe, & 

that his wife they thought was related to 

the Buxtons. 


ofShemeld,V.D.M. 3 
mar. there 27 Nov. 

Hoghton, d. in 

Samuel, of Leeds, d. 25 Dec=j=Ellen, dau. of Tho s Leach of 

1794, aged 71 ; bur. at Mill- 
hill, Leeds. 


(See Ped., p. 

James, living 
at Leeds un- 
mar. 1816. 

Elizabeth & 
Ellen, both 
d. in their in- 
fancy 1766. 

of Leeds, 
Gent., an 

. dau. 

Ibbetson, had a place 
in the Customs, Lon- 
don, & d. in 1811, 
set. 44. 


William. Mary. 

i i 

Thomas Fen ton of Lin- 
coln's Inn, Esq., barr.- 
at-law, ob. coel. 10 Aug. 
1794, 9Bt. 37. 

Ann, d, in 1783, aged 21. 

Samuel F. of Littlewood-=f=Harriet,=Benjamin Sad- 

house & Leeds, merch*, 
ob. 28 April 1806, aged 
45, & was bur. at Mill- 
hill Chapel. 

dau. of 

ler of . Leeds, 
2 nd husband. 

Samuel Greame 
Fenton, eldest 

VOL. I. 

George F., 2 nd Ann Fenton, eldest dau., b. 9 Oct. 

& youngest 1796 ; mar. 1816 to Mich* Thomas 

son. Sadler of Leeds, merch*, brother 

to Benj. Sadler above, & now 

(1829) M.P. for Newark. 




P P 


FAMILY minortjm gentium. 

MS. 126, 127 

James, of=p Dorothy, William, Philip Ibbetson, d. unmar. Elizabeth, mar. 1 st 

Leeds, ob. 
22 Jan. 
aged 77. 

dau. of d. in 1806 ; b. 19 Nov. 1731 ; .... Taylor of 

.... 1785. d. 2 Aug. 1806 ; bur. at Rochdale, 2 nd 

Greame. Hampstead. Hardcastle, & d. in 

— 1796, aged 67; bur. 

Mary, d. in 1772. at Mill-hill. 

1 I I 1 

James F.^M .... Cordelia. Dorothy F., wife of Mich 1 Elizabeth, wife 

of Hamp- Cumming Wainhouse of Leeds, merch 1 , of James Penny, 

stead. of Riga. & had issue Edward, Rich- Vicar of Pres- 

ard, Dorothy, Anne, Martha, ton. 

Elizabeth, Henrietta, & 


Philip Ibbetson= 

James F. Mary. 

i i i 

Margaret, mar. Edward Clive Janet. 
Bayley, Esq. (See Ped., p. — 

1*23.) James. 

i i i 

Dorothy. John. 

I I 

John Fenton of Woodhouse-hill, had a dau. William F. of=p Alice, dau. of John 

Mary who mar. James Kitchingman, Esq., Leeds, merch 1 , Kitchingman of 

Mayor of Leeds. thrice Mayor. Leeds. 

Thomas, of Leeds, Mary, wife of Charles Alice F., eldest dau., Hannah, ob. 
Esq., ob. ccelebs Wighton, Rector of mar. Henry Scott, ccel. 26 Oct. 
1790 j possessed of Garforth ; d. s.p. in Alderman of Leeds. 1777. 
a large estate. June 1783. (See ' Due. Leod.,' 2 nd 

Edit., p. 13.) 

This is the account in the margin of a Thoresby in the Library 
at Leeds, & I believe it is the true account. 

John Fenton=j=Elizab., dau. of Edw. Brogden,=T=Tho 8 Barnard of Leeds, Gent., 
of Wood- Town Clerk of Leeds. | 1 st husb., d. 9 Oct. 1685, aged 39. 

house Hill, j zjx 

James Fenton- 
of Middleton 
& the Glass- 

=. . . . dau. of An- 
thony Todd of 
Hunslet ; ob. 23 
Feb. 1773, set. 87. 

James Fen-=pRachel, wid. William= 

ton of the 

of Laurence 


Tho 3 = Grace Winn. 

3. Thomas F. of Rothwell= 
Haigh, Esq., b. in Aug. 

=Mildred, dau. & heir of John 
Robinson of Lincoln, Gent., 
by Eliz. Cornwall. 

Mary, wife of Richard 
Ayrton of Malton, & 
d. s.p. 1765. 

MS. 127 



William, of Rothwell Haigh, aged 
ab* 47, 1813, & unmar. ; b. 20 
April 1764. 

Thomas, d. at Wakefield, leaving 2 sons & 
3 dau s by his wife, dau. of ... . Kirby of 
Hawkeshead, co. Westm. 

2. Chris 1 * F. of=f=Elizabeth, dau. & heir of 

York & of Lon- 
don, meroh*. 


John Drake, Vicar of Ponte- 
fraot, by Elizab. Parsons. 
(See Peb., p. 215.) 

1. William F. ofthe= 
Glasshouse, Esq., d. 
1774, & was bur. at 


=Jane, dau 
Mould of ' 
Armine, Gent, 

Elizabeth, wife of Wil m 
Tancred of Arden, Esq., 
& d. without issue ; 
only child. 

9. James, of the= 
Glasshouse & 
Loversal, Esq., 
d. in 1828; b. 
7 Sep. 1753. 

dau. of Sir 

Thoma- Jane. Isabel. Harriet. 


Mary Ann, 
wife of ... . 

3 unmar. 1830. 

1. Sarah, mar. 1 Robert 
Cutforthay of Rother- 
ham ; 2 nd W m Hoyle of 
Aughton, Esq. 

One of these dau s mar. 
.... Mainwaring, & 
another Rev. D r Young 
of Bombay. 

William, mar. 

Henry, a 
in ... . 

Thomas, a Cap n 
of Dragoons, 




Edward, mar. Charlotte 
Isabella, dau. of Edward 
Dyne Briscoe of Wake- 
field, Esq. 

6. Helen, mar. 1 
Tho s Mainwaring 
of Lincoln, Esq. ; 
2 Sir Rich d Kaye, 

4. Jane, wife of Rich d Lee 
of Leeds. (See Ped., p. 95.) 

5. Rachel, wife of Thomas 
Jaques of Leeds. 

7. Elizabeth, wife 
of .... Cleaver, 
Vicar of Slingsby 
& Rector of Mal- 

I I i 
3, 8, 2. Mary 

& Ann, never 


Jane, d. y. 

MS. 128 

3UacJ— JHarsjjalL 

John Leach acquired an estate at West Riddlesden by his marriage with a dau. 
of ... . Maude. They were, before that, of Morton Morehouse in the psh. of 

Thomas Leach- 
of Riddlesden. 

•Mary, granddau. of Elizabeth Robinson of 
Pendle, who d. in April 1678, aged 90, 
M rs Leach being then 40. 

Thomas Leach of Riddles-=pEllen, dau. of 

den-hall near Bingley. 

Hoyle of Kirkby-Lonsdale. 

Her brother's wife was a writer under the name 
of Astraa. 



MS. 128 


David Leach of Riddlesden-hall,=pRachel, dau. of Tho s Fenton of Hunslet, 

mar. 19 Dec. 1721 ; b. at Riddles- 
den 15 Oct. 1695 ; d.8 Aug. 1752, 
aged 56. 

Gent., by Mary Ibbetson (see Ped., p. 127) ; 
d. at York about 1780, aged 90 ; d. 25 Aug. 
1779, aged 95 ; bur. at Bingley. 

Mary Leach, mar. [ Robert Deighton Rachel, d. unmar. Wil m= 

of York, merch*. Survived her hus- — Leach, 

band & had 2 children, & in her widow- Anne, d. an infant 2 nd son, 

hood bought the family estate & left it 1744. in the 

to her nephews. =p Army. 


Joseph. Mary. 

Both d. in their 

2 sons, d. Mary or Rachel Leach, co- 
young, heir, mar. . . . . Darbishire 
David one of Wakefield, who went to 
of them. America. 

Anne, coheir, 
mar. Joshua 
Cowling of 
York, grocer. 

Hannah, first wife,=f=Thomas Leach of Riddles- = Elizabeth, 2 nd wife, dau. & heir 

dau. of .... Peel 
of Nottingham ; d. 
7 April 1788, aged 
60 ; bur. at Bing- 

den-hall, which was sold, of Thomas Oates of Leeds (see 
d. May 4, 1796, set. 71 ; Ped., p. 116) ; mar. 16 Oct. 
bur. at Bingley. (Q. d. 1789 ; ob. s.p. 1807, aged 61 ; 
May 1.) bur. at Bingley ; d. 4 July 1807, 

83t. 58. 

Thomas L. of Riddles- 
den, Gent., living un- 
mar. 21 Oct. 1808 ; d. 
10 June 1841, jet. 79 ; 
bur. at Bingley. 

William L., formerly of Brad- 
ford, of Riddlesden in 1808, 
& unmar. His wife Jane, d. 
20 Nov. 1822, set. 58 ; bur. 
at Bingley. 

Sarah or Sophia Leach, 
mar. at Bradford 14 Feb. 
1781 to Rob* Smithson 
of Low Laithes, Esq. 
(See Ped., p. 72.) 

John Hodgson of Bradford, =Ann Leach=Richard Whitaker of Bradford, 
1 st husband, mar. 17 Aug. 2 nd husband, mar. 23 Nov. 1743. 

1727. (See Ped., p. 38.) (See Ped., p. 38.) 

Thomas Leach of=pAnne, dau. of 

merch 1 , b. at Rid- 
dlesden in 1700 ; 
d. 1761. 

Garth of Idle, 
co. York. 

John Leach, had a son 
John, who d. unmar., 
and a dau. Sarah, 
wife of Thomas 
Bland of Halifax. 

Mary. Sarah. Abigail. 
All d. in their infancy. 

Thomas Leach of York, 
Gent., d. unmar. at 
Haxby ; b. in 1742. 

William. James. Catherine. 
All d. young. 

Mary, wife of 
.... Sutcliffe 
of Halifax, b 

MS. 128 



Jeremiah Marshall - 
of Leeds, merch*, 
son of ... . Mar- 
shall of Low Hall 
nearOtley; b. about 


Ellen L., b. 
in 1730, wife 
of Samuel 
Fenton of 
Leeds. (See 
Ped./ p. 

W m Pollard of =p Ann Tho s . 


merch*. (See a 
W m P. of Hali- 
fax, meroh*, at 
p. 34.) 

Leach. — 



J I 

Benj m . 


John Marshall of Headingley near^=Jane 
Leeds, Esq., High Sheriff of the Polkrd. 
County of. . . . land 1821, and 
Member for Yorkshire. 

Cordelia, wife of W m Helen. Cath e . 
Jones of Manches- — — 

ter, Banker. No Mary. Harriet, 
issue. (See Ped., 
p. 132.) 

William, : 
for ... . 

: Georgiana Christiana, 7 dau. 
of Geo. Hibbert, Esq., of 
Portland Place, & of Mun- 
den, co. Herts. 

John, Member 
for Leeds 

=Jane or Mary, dau. of 
Joseph Dykes Ballan- 
tyne Dykes of Doven- 
by Hall, co. Cumb. 

John William, 
b. 2 May 1829. 

Elizab. Marg*, 
b. 10 Dec. 1830. 

Samuel, b. 5 Oct. 

George Hibbert, 
b. 28 Oct. 1832. 

Janet Mary, b. 5 
Sep. 1829. 

Catherine Alice, 
b. 19 Jan. 1831. 

Eeginald Dykes, 
b. 8 July 1832. 

Herbert John, b. 
31 Dec. 1833. 

Mary Anne, mar. 
the first Lord 

d. young. 

James Garth, mar. 

a dau. of Lord 


Cordelia, mar. Wil. Whewell, 
D.D., Master of Trinity Coll., 
Camb., & d. s.p. 

Jane Dorothea, mar. John, 2 son 
of Sir Grenvile Temple of Mor- 
lands iii Hants. 

I I 

Henry Cowper, mar 

dau. of Tho s , 1 st Lord 

i i i 

Julia Anne. 
Susan Harriet. 

Grenville Marshal Temple, 
b. 10 Oct. 1831. 

Matilda Dora Elizabeth, 
b. 5 Oct. 1833. 

See will of Jeremy Ashton of Idle, Yeo. 1718. (York Wills, 1776.) There is also 
at York a very long will of Samuel Marshall of Idle Park, dated about 1722. 

Who was Nathaniel Marshall of Horsforth who mar. Hannah, dau. of John 
Wigglesworth of Hunslet, by Mary Fenton of Hunslet, as in a Ped. of Wigglesworth 
in letter of M r Ince. 

Hugh Marshall of Leeds, merch'^Eliz., dau. of Joseph Gates Jeremiah. Josiah=j= ....wife 
bp. at Guiseley Sep. 7, 1711 ; bur. of Leeds, merch*, ob. Sep. of Jos h 

at Mill-hill Chapel, Leeds, 29 10, 1779, set. 76 ; bur. at Holling. 

Aug. 1756. Will 2 Aug. 1751. Mill-hill Chapel. 

Alice, dau. & h., mar» John Parker. Jeremiah, called nephew by H. M. 




MS. 128 

William- Marshall of Newhall in 
Clifton, psh. of Otley, Yeo. Will 
6 March 1705, much more. 

Josiah M. of 


Hugh M. of 


Ann Mitchel. 

M r Marshall, M.P., spoke of his grandfather as having been a barrister. I know 
not how this could have been, but in Kaye's MS. Diary is an account of a visit made 
to him about 1740 at Low hall. (See Lists of Voters for Yorkshire.) His son 
Jeremiah was apprenticed at Leek to my relation Benjamin Cloudsley, & succeeded 
him in his shop & in his seat at Mill Hill Chapel, as M r Marshall himself told me. 
Benj. Cloudsley left him a small legacy. 

I am not perfectly satisfied with the beginning of this pedigree. It is compiled 
for the most part from the information of a lady who knew most of the persons 
mentioned in it, who were her contemporaries. The beginning is taken from the 
Obituaries of Heywood & Dickenson, where also the following entries occur relating 
to this family : — 

Died M rs Crook of Riddlesden hall, Tho s Leach's aunt, aged 66. 

Bur. near Bingley the wife of Tho 8 Leach of Eiddlesden. 

Bur. M r Tho 8 Leach near Bingley. 

Bur. the wife of John Leach near Bingley. 

Bur. Thomas Leach of Kighley. 

I have now corrected it by a pedigree in the hands of M r Fenton 
of Hampstead, a relation of the family. 


Aug. 22 


Jan. 7 


Nov. 7 


July 10 


Oct. 12 

March 4, 1824. 


See 'Due. Leod.,' 2 nd Edit., p. 118. 
. . . Walker of Newcastle-upon-Tyne.= 

MS. 129 & 130 

Thomas Walker of Leeds, V.D.M.,= 
b. at Wylam in Northumberland 
1705 ; bur. 11 Nov. 1763. 

: Sarah, dau. of William Halliday 
of Newcastle ; mar. 9 Nov. 
1729 ; d. Sep. 1785. 


Sarah, wife of John Read of Margaret & 
Leeds, merch*, & had issue. Hannah, d. 
=r infants. 

George Walker of=p. . . . Mayes 
Nottingham, etc., of Yar- 
V.D.M. & F.R.S. mouth. 

(See * Due. Leod,' 118.) 


Walker, only 


.... wife of Sir George 
Cayley, Bar*, only dau. 

Thomas Walker 
of Leeds, mer- 
chant, b. 9 Feb. 
1733; d. unmar. 
3 March 1756. 

■I I 

William Walker=pJane, dau. of Samuel Hallowell Margaret, wife 

of Leeds & Kill- of Newcastle, by .... his wife, of William 

ingbeck, Esq., dau. of John Horsley of Mor- Totty of Leeds, 

b. 17 July 1736 ; peth, V.D.M., author of 'Bri- merch*. (See 

d. about 1819. tannia Romana.' Another dau. 'Due. Leod./ 

of Horsley mar. E. Randal. 2 nd Edit., 118.) 
A (C. A., ii., 48.) = 

MS. 129 & 130 



Thomas Walker of Leeds, Esq.,=Martha, dau. of Geo. 
Justice of the Peace for the West Bisehoff of Leeds, 
Riding of Yorkshire, b. 7 Aug. Esq. (See Ped., 
1766. No issue. p. 8.) 

Hallowell, b. 29 Jan. 
1772 ; d. unmar. 25 
April 1797. 

William Walker of Leeds,= 
Esq.,barr.-at-law, b. 3 Feb. 
1773 ; of Wilsick near 
Doncaster 1825. 

: Mary, dau. of Sam 1 Wal- 
ker of Masborough near 
Rotherham, Esq. (See 
Ped., p. 304.) 

Samuel, b. 5 Dec. 1774 ; 
slain at Talavera, being 
a Cap n in the 3 rd Reg. of 

William. Thomas. 

George, b. 7 May 
1781 ; author of 
the ' Costume of 

Sarah, wife of 
her cousin 
Richard Tottie 
of Hull. 

Jane, wife of John Brewin of North Maria, d. 
Deighton, Esq., only child of Simeon unmar. 
Brewin, at p. 


William, d. 
unmar. 24 
Nov. 1823. 


Henry, 5 th son, 
d. unmar. 7 
Dec. 1823. 


Eliza, mar. in 1823 to Offley Frances. 
Shore, Esq., 2 nd son of Sam 1 — 

Shore of Norton Hall, Esq. Mary 

(See Ped., p. 139.) Anne. 

J^sfctt?)— fttoaitte. 

This pedigree principally from one in M r Milnes' Collection. 
Jane Tincknell=j=Robert Hesketh of Piatt, co.=pHannah, dau. of Joseph Sykes 

Lane, V.D.M.,- said to be 
bur. at Tingley. 

of Leeds, merch* (see Ped., 
p. 69) ; mar. 6 April 1708. 

William=p Martha, dau. Joseph Hesketh. John Hesketh. 

of Leeds, 
merch*. . 

of Lupset- 

Both hosiers in London, & d. 
without issue. 

Edward Hesketh= 
of Fish Street 
Hill, London, 

Robert Hesketh=pJane, dau. of Samuel Hesketh Sarah Hesketh, lived with 

of Birmingham. 

Fountaine of Birmingham. M rs Shore of Meersbrook, 
of Craven. No issue. & d. unmar. 1820, aged 84 ; 

bur. in Norton Church. 

William Hesketh. Robert. Richard. Edward. Samuel. Nancy. 



I I 

Bethia Hesketh, wife of ... . Joseph Swaine of Bradford, clothier .=j=Bathshua 
Blankhorn of York. For another Swaine of Bradford, Hesketh. 

■=r s ^ p. 39. 

Bethia B., wife of ... . Robert Swaine of Halifax,= Hannah, dau. of Nathaniel 
Phipps of Whitechapel, clothier & banker, d. with- Priestley of North Owram 
upholsterer. out issue. (see Ped., p. 37) ; b. 19 

April 1738. 

I I 

John Swaine of Halifax, banker. Edward Swaine of Newington, banker, now, 1822, 

1 st wife. 2 nd wife. of Weimar, mar. Caroline Smidt of Weimar. 

i i ii 

Joseph = . , . .dau. John, b. Edward, of=. . . . dau. of Mary Anne, b. 26 

Swaine of of ... . 30 Jan y Gomersal, .... Sykes June 1791 ; un- 

Gomer- Ellis of 1788 ;d. b. 15 Feb. ofGomersall, mar. 1822. 
sail. .... near young. 1790. apothecary. — 

Keighley. -,. ^- ...... -.- Elizab., b. 24 Oct. 

1794; unmar. 1822. 

Johanne Ohristophe, b. 18=A German Robert Edward. William. 
Jan. 1792 at jBalifax. Baroness. Victor. — — 

Caroline. Henry. 
See the opposite page. 

1689 June 20 Bur. M r Abraham Swaine of Bradford, a rich man. 0. H. 

1721 May 1 Mar. Thomas Swaine of Bradford & M rs Susanna Simpson of 

Leeds. , D. 
1731 Jan. 6 Bur. M r Swaine, a rich tanner of Bradford. D. 
1733 Feb. 21 Mar. M r Sterne of Woodhouse near Halifax & widow Swaine of 

Bradford. D. 
1739 May 4 Bur. M r James Swaine, son of Thomas S. of Sheff., an Atty, d. at 

London. D. 

ftatotant—- Brtjjas* ms. i3i 

See York Wills, 1239. 
Christopher Rawdon of Bilborough in the Ainstie of^Sarah 

the County of York. 


Christopher Rawdon of Hali* Faith Rawdon, mar. William=f=Mary Elizabeth 

fax, ■ mereh*, mar. Abigail John Rhodes of Briggs.* 
Hodgson, & had issue, as at Halifax, & had issue, 
p. 38. = as at p. 39. 


Rawdon. Rawdon, 
wife of 
.... Top- 

* ? John Briggs of Hull, d. 19 March 1782 ; bur. in Bowlalley Lane Chapel, Hull. His wife 
d. 25 Dec. 1799.— J. W. 0. 

MS. 131 



.... wife of . 
of Hull. 

Ann Curreiy 
first wife. 

Eobinson .... wife of . 
of Hull. 

Levitt .... wife of Geo. Lee 
of Hull, V.D.M. 

: Rawdon Briggs^pMary, 2 ud wife, dau. of ... . Allen, Christopher= 

of Halifax * 

widow of ... . Fletcher, niece of Briggs of 
the Bishop of Ely. Hull. 

Charlotte, wife Henry, mar. in June 1824 to Ellen, d. 

of her cousin Marianna, youngest dau. of unmar. 

Christ 1 ' Raw- the late .... Milnes, Esq., of 

don. (See p. Flockton. =p 

38.) I 

Mary, mar. Alfred 
Jerard Robinson 
of Rothley Grange, 
co. Leic. 

Cath., dau. of Edw. Shepherd of= Henry Currer, mar. at Westgate Archibald. 
Wakefield, by a sister of Rev. Chapel, Wakefield, 20 March 
Patrick Cannon. 1854. 

Rawdon Briggs of Halifax,=j=Matilda Greenwood, 

returned the first of the 2 
members to Pari, for the 
Borough of Halifax 1832. 

dau. of John Green- 
wood, Esq., of Keigh- 
ley ; d. 16 Nov. 
1832, aged 32. 

Anne B., wife 
of Tho 8 Wol- 
rich Stansfield 
of Leeds, Esq. 

William, J.P. for 
W. R., mar. his 
cousin, dau. of 
John Briggs 

.... Briggs,t only son, b. 1825. Matilda. Penelope. 

Arg., 3 inescutcheons gules, each charged with a bend vaire, between 2 mullets 
or, a border engrailed gules entoiled of plates. These arms in one of Holme's MSS. 
(Harl. 2165, p. 7), as those of Briggs of Halifax. I know not what Briggs may be 
intended. We may perceive in them an allusion to the arms borne by the name of 

^>toame— &amstotj)am* 

A more complete pedigree of Swaine. 
.... Swaine.=p 

Joseph Swaine of=f Bathshua, dau. of Robert Hesketh of Piatt, co. Line, V.D.M., 
Bradford, clothier. I by Hannah, dau. of Joseph Sykes of Leeds, merch*. 

A B I 

* Banker ; d. 15 April 1835 ; bur. at Halifax. His 1st wife d. 2 Aug. 1802 ; bur. at Halifax. 
His 2nd wife, dau. of James Allen, relict of John Fletcher. 
t Eawdon Briggs of Birstwith Hall, Ripley.— -J. W. C. 
VOL. I. q q 




MB. 131 

B | 

I I 

Margaret, Robert Swaine* of==Hannah,t dau. of Nathaniel Priestley of 
d. unmar. Halifax, banker, d. North Owram (see Ped., p. 37); b. 19 
without issue. April 1738. 

.... first wife, 
dau. of Hard- 
castle. (See Fen- 
ton pedigree.) 

! >T 

"John Swaine= 
of Halifax, 

=Anne, 2 nd wife, 
dau. of ... . 

Edward Swaine,=pCaroline 
Smidt of 

now residing at 
Weimar 1823. 

Joseph =. . . . dau. 
Swaine of Row- 
ofGo- landWat- 
mersall son of 
1823. Keighley, 



John, b. 
30 Jan. 
1788; d. 

Edward=. . . . dau. of 

Swaine .... Sykes 

of Go- of Gomer- 

mersall, sail. 

b. 15 



Mary Anne, b. 26 
June 1791 ; un- 
mar. 1823. 

Elizabeth, b. 24 
Oct. 1794 ; unmar. 

Johanne Christophe, b. at= A German 
Halifax 18 Jan. 1792. Baroness. 







: Robert Swaine=pDorothy, second wife, dau. of Abrahams 
of Bradford, Rhodes of the psh. of Bradford, by Doro- 
merch*. thy Priestley his wife. (See Ped., p. 39.) 

: Japhet Lupton, 
2 nd husband, of 


Swaine. of . . . 



Margaret, wife of 
Robert Ramsbot- 
ham of Bradford. 


Mary, living 
at Bradford, 

Samuel =j=Hannah Swaine, 
Swaine. living 1823. 

Henry Ramsbotham of Bradford, 
mar. a dau. of ... . Shipley of 
Leeds, Attorney, & of Selby, 
Coroner. He d. leaving issue, & 
she became the wife of George 
Mosman, to whom she bore 2 
dau s . 

Margaret, mar. George 
Mosman, M.D., of Brad- 
ford. She d., & he mar. 
2 ndl > r the widow of his 
brother-in-law H. R., & 
d. in 1824. 

William, a 
Surgeon in 
the E. I. 
Service, d. 

d. young. 


George Ramsbotham Mosman of Brad- 
ford, Atty, issue of Margaret Rams- 
botham, unmar. 1823. 

Margaret Mosman, only dau., mar. at 
Bradford 4 Aug. 182.3 to W m Taylor, 
Esq., of Great Winchester Street, London. 

* D. 23 Dec. 1812 ; bur. at Halifax Church. M.I. 
f D. 27 Sep. 1806 ; bur, at Halifax Church. M.I.- 

-J.W. C. 

MS. 132 



Stones— jftottersftialr* 

Joseph Mottershead of Godley n r Stockporfc. : 

Eliz., 1 st wife,= 
dau. of Ben- 
net of Hapsford 
near Chester ; 
bur. 9 Oct. 1718, 
or 3 rd . 

=Joseph Mottershead = 
of Manchester, 
V.D.M., God- 
ley near Stockport 
17 Aug. 1688; d. 
1771, Nov. 4, aged 

=Margaret, 2 nd wife, sister of= Abigail, 3rd w., 

Samuel Hallowes of Roch- 
dale, Esq. ; widow of Nath. 
Gaskelof Manchester ; mar. 
1720 ; d. 31 Jan. 1739-40. 

dau. of Chewn- 
ing Blackmore 
of Worcester, 
V.D.M., mar. 
1742 ; d. 28 
Bee. 1753. 

Sarah G-askel, mar. John, 
or Hugh, 11 th Lord 
Semple, & d. in 1749; 
mar. 1718. 

Rebecca Gaskel, mar. Rich- 
ard Clyve, Esq., of Styche, 
and was the mother of 
Robert, Lord Olyve. 

See p. 23, daughters of N. G-., but by a former wife. 

Gaskel, the 3 rd dau., 

mar. (ut puto) 1717 to 
Daniel Bayley of Man- 
chester. (See p. 123.) 

.... Mottershead, only son, intended for a 
Physician, but took orders in the Church of 
England, was appointed a Chaplain of a 
Man-of-War, & is supposed to have died 
at sea. 

John Seddon of Man- 
chester, V.D.M., son 
of Peter S., V.D.M., 
of Cockey Moor ; d. 
22 Nov. 1769. 

=Elizab. Mot- 
eldest dau., 
mar. Feb. 

1. Elizabeth. 

2. Abigail, w. of . 
of London. =f= 

Seddon 3. Sarah. 4. 


d. unmar. 


.... Seddon, only son, & the sole surviving descendant 
of Elizab. Mottershead in 1793. 

Malachi Jones, V.D.M., d. in Pennsylvania 1728.=r 
(See Monthly Report, iv., 655.) 

Samuel Jones= Judith Weaver ,=pEd ward Godwin of 

of Gloucester 
and Tewks- 
the learned 
Tutor, d. 

d. at Watford 
25 Jan. 1746. 


Little St. Helens, 
London, Y.D.M., 
2 nd husb., d. 21 
March 1764, aged 
68 ; bur. in Bun- 

.... w. of ... . 
Price of Eves- 
ham, Y.D.M. 

.... w. of ... . 
Sedgley of Bid- 
deford, V.D.M. 


.... a son, preached among the 

John Godwin of Guestwick in Norfolk,=f= 
Y.D.M., d. in 1772. 

William Godwin, Author of ' Political Justice,' etc., intended for a Minister, 
and entered the London Academy 1773. A 


A B 

Jones. Jeremiah Jones of Nails- Joshua Jones of Man- =M rs Walker, 

worth, V.D.M., Author of Chester, V.D.M., d. 25 mar. 6 July 

the l Canon of Scripture/ Aug. 1740. 1726. 

d. 1726. 

John Jones of Manchester, merch^Sarah Mottershead, 2 nd dau. 

1. Joseph Jones, 2. John. 4. Samuel Jones of Man-=. . . . dau. of Joseph 

eldest son, b. in — Chester, Esq., & of Green- Bourn of Oongleton 

1738. 3. Elizabeth, hill, d. without issue in & Hindeley, V.D.M., 

1819. d. Nov. 1817. 

Ill I 

5. Gamaliel. 8. William, of=Cordelia, dau. of Sarah Jones, b. 1759 ; mar. 

— Manchester, W m Pollard of Lewis Lloyd, formerly a Minis- 

6. Daniel. Esq., d. with- Halifax, merch*. ter, now of Lothbury, Banker. 

— out issue. (SeePED.,p.l28.) He survived, & mar. 2 nd M rs 

7. Mottershead. Champion. =p 

Sam 1 Jones Lloyd, Esq., only son, & sole descendant= Harriet, dau. of Ichabod 
of Sarah Mottershead ; now Member for ... . 1825; Wright, Esq., of Mapper- 
mar. Aug. 1829. No issue 1836. ley. (See Ped., p. 24.) 

Bourne of Birmingham dedicated his funeral sermon for his father to Madam 
Hecker of Duffield, to whom he was related. (See how it was, p. 10.) 

.... Bourne of Derby, clothier.=f= 

Samuel Bourne of Calne Bolton, etc, V.D.M.,=f=. . . . dau. of George Scortwreth, 
nephew of M r Eobert Seddon ; d. 4 March 1719. who was ejected at Lincoln. 

Joseph, d. 2 sons, Samuel Bourne, b. at Calne 1689 ;=j=. . . . dau. of ... . Harrison 
aged 20. d. y. of Birmingham, V.D.M. of Kendal ; d. 1768. 

Daniel B. of Leomin-^ Abraham, of Market Harborough, Miles, of Dud- 
ster, merchant, after- Leicester, & Liverpool, Surgeon. ley, mercer, 
wards a victualler in — — 
Holborn. Benjamin, of London, bookseller. John, d. aged 

Samuel B., an Attorney in London, d. unmar. about 1840, when the 
l descendants of his uncle Joseph were his heirs. 

MS. 132 




Joseph Bourne of Congleton and Hinde-^Miss Fanworth, Samuel B. of Norwich, 
ley, V.D.M., d. 1765. I mar. 1748. V.D.M. 

.... wife of Sam 1 Jones, .... wife of James Dar- . . . .= Joseph B. of= 
Esq., of Manchester. (See bishire of Bolton & Man- 1 w. Manchester, 
above.) Chester. =f= merely, d. 1830. 

2 w. 

James Darbishire^f=Mary, dau. Henrietta, wife of Helen> only child, mar. 1 Tho 8 

of Manchester, 

of."... Fred. Collier Martineau, M.D. ; 2 Edward 

Roberts of Bakewell of Bath, Tagart of York Street Chapel, 
Dublin. printer. London, V.D.M. =p 

Samuel Jones. James. Henry Astley. Stanley George. Helen. Emily. 

MS. 133 


Jeremiah Whitaker of Manchester, merck^pEsther. 


.... Whitaker,=p. 
eldest son. 

j i. 

dau. of Catherine, a dau. unmar. 1825. Mary, w. of Peter 

Buck — Holland of 

of Bradford. Martha, wife of ... . Sharpe of Knutsford, 

Knutsford; a widow with 3 Surgeon. (See 

child 11 1825. Pbd., p. 80.) 

William Whitaker, M.A., Vicar of Blackburn, co. Lane, 1825. 

.... w. of ... . Thomas Broadhurst of Taunton, Hali-^Frances W. George W. 
Satterthwaite of fax, & Bath, V.D.M., now living at Bel- 
Lancaster, vedere House, Bath, 21 Sep. 1825, 1840. 

Thomas Alfred, Edward, aged ab* 15, 1825, now Frederick, aged ab* 9, 1825, 

eldest son, d. ofMag d Col., Camb., 1832, called with a Surgeon at Liverpool 

aged ab* 4. to the Bar, & is now practising 1832 ; in the E. I. Co. 3 Ser- 

at Sydney, N.S.W., 1840. vice ; d. abroad unmar. 

Mary Ann, mar. at Walcot 22 Sep. 1825 to Geo. Susan. Rosalind, d. at Selina. 

Hudleston Thomas, Esq., of 7 Madras Cavalry, — Ahbednuggur 

youngest son of ... . Thomas, Archdeacon of Emily, in India Jan? 

Bath, by dau. of D r Harrington of Bath. 1838. 



MS. 133 


Eliz., 1 w.,=Nathaniel Gas-^Sarah Wil-= 
dau. of kell of Man- son, 2 w., 

. . . .; bur. Chester, Gentle- mar. 27 

man, d. 20 June 1693; 

Nov. 1716, bur. 4 May 

aged 63. 1707 ; d. 

May 1. 

dau. of 

13 Dec. 
1689, aged 

: Margaret, 3 w., sister of= 
Samuel Hallowes of Roch- 
dale; d. 1 Feb. 1739-40; 
dau. of Matthew Hallowes 
of Rochdale ; bp. 2 July 
1674 ; mar. 1 James, son 
& heir of Samuel Hamer 
of Hamer, Gent., at Ash- 
worth 9 Dec. 1701. 

: Joseph Mot- 
tershead of 
V.D.M., 2 nd 
husb., mar. 

Hugh, 11 th Lord=f=Sarah G-askel, Richard=f=Rebecca Daniel Bay-=Elizab., d. 26 

Semple (Aber- 
crombie), d. 25 
Nov. 1746. 

mar,1718,May Clyveof 
13 ; ob. 17 Styche, 

April 1749. Esq. 

Gaskel. ley of Man- Feb. 1734, 
Chester. aged 34 ; 

(P. 123.) mar. 1717. 


. . dau.=George Semple,=. . . .*=Jane, 3 w., dau. Robert, 1 st Lord Olyve.f 
of .... Col. in the Ser- Clyve, of Tho. Butter- — 

Gordon, vice of E.I.O., d. 2 w. worth ; 2 nd of . . . 4 m ar. Sir ... . 

1 w. 18 Oct. 1779. Francis Jodrel, Markham, & d. in 1828. 

Esq. (Seep. 121.) 

John, 12 th Lord Semple, d. 1782=j=Jennet, d. & h. of Hugh Dunlop. Hugh & others. 

Hugh, 13 th Lord=. . . . dau. of Charles Mellish of Ragnal, 
Semple,§ b.1758. Esq. (p. 418) ; mar. 24 Jan. 1787. 

See for the mother of Lady Semple (if she was same Lady) ' Notitia Cestriensis,' 
i Chetham book, ii., p. 31. 


For " Brailsford " in what follows read " Bassano." 

MS. 134 

Sir Nicholas Strelley of Strelley in the county of Nottingham was thrice mar., 
1 st to Grace, dau. of Simon Digby ; 2 Ellen, dau. of Sir Thomas Gresley ; 3 Eliza- 
beth, dau. of John Spencer, as it stands in Vincent, to which Thoroton adds that he 
was a Knight. It appears from Vincent's pedigree that all the children were by the 
last wife, & Thoroton makes the eldest son and one of the younger children by his 
last wife, as also does Brailsford in his Derbyshire Pedigrees., 

The issue of Sir Nicholas, as stated in Vincent, was 4 sons & 4 dau s , the dau 3 
were Alice, wife of Sir John Biron, Margaret, Jane, wife of Sir ... . Willoughby, & 
2 nd of Thomas Shelton or Skelton of the county of Suffolk, and Isabel. 

* Anne. f The great Lord Glive. J Sarah, mar. Sir John Markham. 

§ The 13 th Lord Sempill mar. Maria Mellish and had a son Selkirk, 14 th Lord, who d. unmar. 
1835. He was succeeded by his sister Maria Janet, Baroness Sempill, who mar. Edward 
Candler, Esq. (see ' Peerage ').— J. W. O. 


The sons were : — 

i. Anthony, who was a Knight and owner of Strelley. He was aged 32 at his 
father's death in 3 Eliz., and was therefore born in or about 1528. He mar. Joan, 
dau. of Sir George Bainham of the County of Gloucester, by whom he had a large 
family, but three of whom are mentioned by Thoroton or Brailsford. I shall give 
them as they stand in Yincent. 

1. Sir Philip, who d. 29 Sep. 1606. He mar. Elizabeth, dau. & heir of Thomas 
Garneys or Garnish of the County of Norfolk, by whom he had Nicholas, his only 
child, who. mar. a dau. of Willoughby of Wollaton, & d. without issue. Thoroton 
does not mention his marriage. 

2, 3, & 4. Henry, Nicholas, & Anthony, who all d. without issue. 

5. George Strelley. Vincent says that he d. without legitimate issue, but had a 
son named Nicholas by Ann Martin. Brailsford, on the contrary, makes this 
Nicholas the legitimate son & heir of George by Elizabeth, dau. of ... . Aldred of 
Colwiche, and so does Thoroton. All agree that Nicholas mar. Elizabeth, dau. of 
Gervas Russell, & that she surviving took to her second husband Sir Richard Byron, 
Lord Byron. To Strelley she bore a son whom Brailsford calls John, but Vincent 
& Thoroton, George. All agree that he was the only son, & that he d. in France 
unmar. or without issue. (See York Wilis, 678.) 

6. Francis Strelley, who d. without issue 15 May 1616 & was bur. at Lambeth. 
He mar. a sister of Sir Hugh Willoughby of .Wollaton, who took Sir George Peckham 
to her second husband. 

All the male issue of Sir Anthony was thus extinguished. He had two dau s , 
Mary, who d. without issue, and Eleanora, whom all accounts agree in stating to have 
been heiress to this the eldest branch of the family, & to have mar. Sir John Michel 
of Ansty in the co. of Sussex, a Master in Chancery. There was issue. 

II. Nicholas, who was of Beauchief Abbey in the County of Derby. Of his 
descendants there is an account in ' Hallamshire,' p. 199. To which I now add that 
M rs Anne Strelly, one of the dau s of Gervas by his first wife, being then of Lang- 
mar in Notts, attendant on the Countess of Sunderland, purchased of one Nathaniel 
Digby an estate at Abb-Kettleby in Leicestershire for £400, & another close there 
in 1652. In 1657, being then of Beauchief, she leased the estate for 21 years, & in 
1660 made her will, by which she gives her property to Goodeth Edmunds her 
sister, subject to an annuity to her kinsman John Strelley, son of Henry Strelley of 
Hemsall in Notts. In 1665 Goodeth Edmunds gave her estate as follows : that if 
John Strelley, son of Henry, was dead, as she was credibly informed, and died before 
her said sister Anne, then she gave to Nicholas Strelley her kinsman £10 a year, 
& £10 a year to Ann his wife for life, & if she survived her husband & kept herself a 
widow she was to have £20. Then gave the whole estate at Kettleby to Nicholas, 
the son of the said Nicholas Strelley & the heirs of his body, with remainder to any 
brothers he might have. These two ladies seem to have outlived all the males of 
their branch of the family, & to have made this bequest to keep up the family. 

in. John. He mar. Ann, another of the dau s of Sir George Bainham, by whom 
he had Nicholas, mentioned only by Vincent, & who probably d. young, and William, 
who continued the line. Thoroton and Brailsford gives his wife Margaret Jenkinson, 
but Vincent has her name Margery, dau. of Richard Stone, unless, as I suspect, the 
transcript sent to me is erroneous. He had issue, according to Thoroton & Brails- 
ford, who has copied him five sons, Nicholas, John, Francis, Vincent, and William, 
of whom no account is given but of the first. I find, however, in Vincent, that 
Vincent & William d. without issue, that Francis, by Elizabeth Abkis (?) his wife, had 
a dau. & heir Ann in 1661, and that John was a Serjeant-Major in the Parliament 
Army, mar. Cassandra Howes, and d. without issue. Vincent says there were also 
2 dau a of William, Ann & Penelope, who both d. without issue. It remains to 
speak of Nicholas, the eldest son of William. 

On the extinction of the eldest branch, the second being extinct also, he made 
claim to the estate of Strelley as lineal heir male of his great-grandfather Sir Nicho- 
las, & was some time in possession, but he was at last ousted, I suppose, by the 


representatives of Eleanora Michal. He then lived in Nottingham upon some 
ingenious manufactures in Glass, which he spun and ordered very commendably. 
It was to him that M rs Edmunds left the £10 a year charged on the Leicestershire 
Estate, & to his son that the estate itself was left. He was living at Nottingham in 
1672 when Thoroton published. His wife was Ann, dau. of Francis Tilman of 
Kent. By her he had Nicholas, Gervas, and Ann, according to Thoresby. Vincent 
now fails us, but Brailsford begins to be more particular and interesting. To the 
three children he adds a fourth Amye, woman to Madam Ann Pierrepoint, mar. to 
.... Newport, Esq. He also states that Ann mar. William Sherwood of Long 
Walton, co. Leic. The two sons Nicholas and Gervas had both issue. 

Nicholas was living at Nottingham in 1709 when he granted a lease of the estate 
of Kettleby. In that year, according to Brailsford, he was 60 years of age, "a great 

manager of the same art in glass as his father Nicholas had done." By Hallam 

his wife, dau. of George Hallam of Notts, he had Philip, aged 15, 1709, Ann, aged 11, 
George, aged 3, & John, aged 1 year. In some notes respecting this family three 
other dau s , Mary, Catherine, & Elizabeth, are added. These might be born after 
Brailsford's account was compiled, but are not in his will 25 May 1719. On 10 July 
1773 Elizabeth Strelley of Nottingham, Spinster, heir in tail of Nicholas, leased the 
Kettleby estate, & in 1785 made her will. As by that will this estate passed to the 
descendants of her uncle Gervas Strelley, I conclude that she was the last surviving 
issue of Nicholas. She is said to be the last of her family on her Mon. in St. Marys. 
Gervas was also of Nottingham. He mar. Ann, dau. of Thomas Balguy of Aston, 
co. Derb., by whom he had Gervas and Anne. Here Brailsford ends his account, 
but I have received from the descendants of Gervas this account, that he mar. and 
had a daughter and heir Mary who was twice married, first to ... . Denham, and 2 ndl y 
to Richard Hardy. By Denham she had one dau. only, Ann, who mar. Jos. Elliott. 

By Hardy she had also an only dau., Mary, who mar Frost. William Elliott 

and Bartholomew Frost were the issue, and they have lately sold the estate at 
Kettleby. (See in the branch Woolley's Collections, Add. 6676.) 

iv. Henry. I find him only in Vincent. He mar. Jane, dau. of George 
Charnley of Charnley, co. Lane, by whom he had a son John, who was living at 
Hempsall in co. Notts 1614. He was then mar. to Ann, dau. of Patrick Sacheverel, 
and had 5 sons, John, aged 22, Henry, George, Patrick, and Francis. Of these sons 
I know of none but Henry, who was of Hempsall, and mar. Rosamund, dau. of John 
Parker of Norton Lees. This I have from the Parker pedigree. The baptism of a 
son of this marriage, named John, is recorded at Norton 12 May 1628. This John, 
by the description of John, son of Henry Strelley of Hempsall in Notts, is mentioned 
in the will of Ann Strelley, & afterwards of Goodeth Edmunds before mentioned, 
but in Harl. 1555 we have John, of Hempsall, shewn as son of John, 3 son of Sir 
Nicholas, mar. Sacheverel, & has Henry, Patrick, George, & Mary, who mar. 1 John 
Martin of Wilcot, & 2 Richard Holland of Eastwood, both Clerks. Henry mar. 
Parker, & has W m . Patrick mar. Mary, dau. of Tho s Thornbury of Thornbury, co. 
Dub., & has Patrick. George is of London, & by Elizabeth, dau. of Tho s Reding 
of Cluer in Berks, has John. 

See Ped. of Strelley of West Langton to 1666 in Nichols' ' Leicestershire/ ii., 663. 


This Pedigree is for the most part derived from one registered at the College of 
Arms about 1780, and from Brailsford's Collections. 

The Shirley branch became extinct in 1782 by the death of Nathaniel Pegge, 
Vicar of Packington in Leicestershire. The Yeldersley branch by death of 
M r William Pegge of that place in 1768. 

Ealph Pegge of Shirley near Ashborne, co. Derb., 
living there temp. Elizabeth. 


1. Christopher Pegge of Yeldersley. His two eldest sons=j= Jane, dau. of Row- 
Rowland & William d. infants & were bur. at Kniveton. land Eyre of Hassop. 

Ann, wife of John Prudence, Thomas Pegge of Yelders-=pCatherine, eldest dau. 

Whitewall of Yel- bp. 15 ley, Gent., near Ashborne, 

dersley. Oct. 1598. bp. at Kniveton 24 May 


of Sir Gilbert; Knive- 
ton of My r cast on, 

Charles, of Yel- Catherine Pegge, mar. Sir Edw d Greene, Bart., of 

dersley. Samford in Essex. 

nr \ ^r 

I I 

Mary Pegge, mar Charles Fitz-Charles, b. 1657 ; created A dau., 

Haldenby Lang- Pegge. Earl of Plymouth ; d. without issue at aged 15, 

ley, Esq. Tangier 1680. 1680. 

2. Edward Pegge of Shirley j=f 

Humphry Pegge=r=Prudence, dau. of Nathaniel Bate Edward, 
of Shirley. I of Little Chester. No issue. 

ill i 

Humphry, Nathaniel, Prudence, aged Lettice, aged 26, 1710, mar. Christo r 

agedabout aged 12, 23, 1710. Pegge of Beauchief, Esq. 
14, 1710. 1710. 

3. Humphry Pegge of Osmaston^fMargery, dau. of ... . Hurd 
near Ashborne, ob. 1639. I of Osmaston. 

Ann, 1 st wife, dau. of Henry Jackson=p Edward Pegge ofnpJane, 2 nd wife, dau. 

of Stanshope, co. Staff., by Ann his 
wife, dau. of John Bruen, Esq. ; ob. 

Ashborne, Gent., 
aged 77, 11 Aug. 

of Francis Mundy 
of Markeaton, Esq. 

VOL. I. R R 



MS. 135 

G-ertrude, l st =f=Edward Pegge = Anne, dau. 

wife, dau. & 
heir of Wil- 
liam 'Strelley 
of Beau chief 
Abbey, Esq. 

of Beauchief 

Abbey, Esq. 


2 nd wife. 

See the descendants in ' Hallam shire,' p. 199. 

Mary, wife 
of William 
Bache of 
Stanton in 
the Peak, 

Pegge, d. un- 
mar. 1669. 
Founder of the 
Alms houses 
at Ashborne. 




Mary Pegge, wife of George Buxton 
of Bradborne. 

George Pegge of Osmaston,=pAiine, d. in 
d. in 1634. 1613. 

Humphry, of Osmaston,=j=Cafcherine Eiddiard, G-eorge, d. Elizabeth, mar. Rich (1 

ob. 1689. 

d. 1687. 



George, b. 1634 ; ob. 1635. Dorothy, b. Jane, b. 1650 ; Elizabeth, b. 1645; 

— 1633; d. mar. Tho 8 mar. Rob 1 Wharton 

Edward, b. 1642 ; ob. 1660. 1680. Kniveton of Os- of Staffordshire. 

maston, Gent. 

Humphry Pegge=pMilicent, dau. = John Samuel, of Duf- George, b. 1648. He 

of Osmaston, b. 
1635 ; d. 1683. 

of Ralph Bur- Hurd, field, d. s.p. - was of Yeldersley, & 

tonofBiggen, 2 nd 1715 ; hav g mar. mar. Mary Chad wick 

co. Derb..; d. husk Sarah Fletcher, of Grendon, co. Staff. 

in 1715. 

Humphry Pegge of Osmaston, eldest son &=Mary, dau. & coheir of John Wag- 
heir, aged 37, 1710, d. in the next year, staffe of Derby, by Elizabeth, dau. & 
leaving no issue. heir of . . . . Wagstaffe of Hasland. 

Gertrude, 1 st wife, dau.= 
of Francis Stevenson of 
TJnston, co. Derb., 
Gent., by Gertrude his 
wife, dau. of Edward 
Pegge of Beauchief, 
Esq., & Gertrude Strel- 
ley ; she was coheir to 
her bro r ,who d. a minor; 
d. in 1709 ; bur, at 
Chesterf d . 

-Christopher Pegge=p. 
of Osmaston, 2 nd 
son, also of Ches- 
terfield, where he 
was a. member: of 
the Corporation, & 
d. in his third 
Mayoralty, 1723 ; 
he was a mercer & 
lead merch* ; b. 

^Elizabeth, 2 nd wife,- dau. of Tho s 
Milward of Chesterfield ; sister of 
T ho s M. & of William M., an Afctx, 
who both d. unmar. Her. mother 
was. Lydia, dau. of Tho. Ford of 
Chesterfield, a butcher, & her father 
had a brother George Milward of 
Somersal, & a sister who mar. .... 
Alwood of Normanton. Lydia Ford 
had a sister Rebecca, mar. to ... . 
Cowley, & was dead in 1716 without 


MS. 1-35 



b. & d. 

Samuel Pegge, LL.D.= 
& F.S.A., Kector of 
Whittington & Pre- 
bendary of Lichfield, 
b. at Chesterfield 5 
Nov. 1704 ; d. 14 Feb. 
1796, & was bur. at 

=Arme, dau. of Benja- 
min Clarke of Stan- 
ley near Wakefield ; 
heir to her brother 
John Clarke, Esq. (see 
Ped., p. 136) ; mar. 
13 April 1732; d. in 
1746 ; bur. at God- 
mersham in Kent. 

William =r=Lydia 

Ward of 




John Bourne, M.A., of= 
Spital near Chesterfield, 
Rector of Sutton Cum 
Duckmanton, etc., 
Vicar of South Wing- 
field ; mar. 1 Ann 
Blocksedge ; s.p. ; of 
Nottingham. (P. 349.) 

: 2. AnnaCathe- 
rine, only 
dau., b. in 
1735 ; mar. at 
1769 ; d. 3 
Jan. 1816, 
aged 80. 

Samuel Ward= 
of Osmaston, 
where he 
bought lands, 
& built Blake 

-Frances, dau. of Ealph 
Webster of Osmaston. 
She had been servant 
to D 1 ' Pegge, & also to 
W m Ward of Killa- 
marsh. Ralph Webster 
was D r Pegge's servant 
at Osmaston. 

Henry Bourne, 
b. at Spital 
1 Jan. 1771; d. 
young 19 Dec. 


Elizabeth Bourne, b. 
1773 ; mar. Robert 
Jennings, Esq., of 
Hull, & 2 John 
Charge of Chester- 
field, Esq., Clerke of 
the Peace for Derby- 
shire ; s.p. 

Jane Bourne, b. 1775; 
mar. Benjamin 
Thompson, 1 Esq., son 
of Benjamin Blaydes 
T. of East Dale n r 
York, & had issue. 

Lydia, God- 
dau. to D r 

Elizabeth, b. 
17 May 

Benjamin Blayds Thomp- 
son of Tadcaster. 

=Cath e , dau. of Rev. Edw, 
Heathcote of Chesterfield. 

William Henry T. of 
Chesterfield, Attr. 

Elizabeth, wife of Joseph Jackson of 
(as I believe) Cold Aston ; d. in 

Mary, wife of Edw d Buxton of 

Catherine, b. 

Ralph, d. 


1665 ; d. un- 

in 1680. 

b. 1688; 

mar. 1729. 


d. 1691. 


Anne, b. 


Samuel, b. & 

1666; ob. 

Sarah, b. 

d. in 1676. 


&d. 1675 

Martha, 1 st wife, dau. of=f=Samuel Pegge, Esq., F.S.A.,=Goodeth, 2 nd wife, dau. 
------ - " ~ of Robert Belt of Bos- 

sall, co. York, Esq., son 
of Robert B. by Good- 
eth, dau. of Edward 
Pegge of Beauchief ; b. 
1727 ; mar. 1773. 

Henry Bourne, M.D., of 
Chesterfield; d. in 1767, 
aged 35 ; bur. at Kensing- 
ton ; sister of John Bourne 
on the right. Mar. Sett. 
8 & 9 Feb. 1759. 

Barrister-at-Law, & Groom 
of the Privy Chamber to 
George III., b. 21 Feb. 1733; 
d. 22 May 1800; of the 
Middle Temple; joined in 
sale of Clarke Hall 1788. 

1 The gentleman who translated many dramas from the German. He d. early 
in life. 



MS. 135 


Christopher Pegge, M.D., F.R.S., only= 
son, b. 16 Sep. 1764; Eeader of 
Anatomy in the University of Oxford ; 
d. in the summer of 1822; mar. 1788; 
sold Clarke Hall in Stanley to Sir 
Mich 1 Pilkington. 

: Amey, dau. of 
Kenton Couse, 
Esq., Sur- 
veyor in the 
Board of 

Charlotte Anne, only dau., 
d. unmar. 17 March 1798, 
aged 32 ; joined in sale of 
Clarke Hall. 


Richard Moore Boultbee, Clerk, of Merton College,=Mary Pegge, sole 
Oxford, 2 nd son of Joseph B., Esq., of Springfield dau. & heir, mar. 
House near Knowle, co. Warwick. in 1816. 


MS. 136 

John Clarke. 1 


Thomas Clarke=f=Ann Newbold. 

Robert Clarke=pMary Bentham, G-randdau. to the Anne. 
Bishop of Lichfield & Coventry. 

Agnes. Margaret. 

Mary, d. Anne, wife 

young. of Simon 



Martha, wife 
of Martin 

Hope, wife of John Shemeld of 
Grimesthorp near Sheffield, & 
2 nal y John Woodhead, & had issue 
by both. (See Ped., p. 270.) 

Thomas Benjamin Clarke of Hazle-= 
Clarke, borough in par. of Norton, 
mar. Ann co. Derb., & of Hansworth, 
Wilcock- co. York ; bought an estate 
son. at Stanley near Wakefield 

of John Wingfield in 1677. 

Estate called Bradford-hall 

in Stanley. 

=Priscilla, dau. = Robert Wat-=f=. 


of Ferdinando 
Wingfield of 
Stanley, Gent, 
(see Ped., p. 
137); burnt to 
death in her 
chamber 1711. 

son of Wake- 
field, 2 nd 
husband, a 

wife, dau. 
of ... . 
Vicar of 

William Burrow, Master of the Grammar School=pMary, d. 
at Chesterfield & Rector of North Wingfield. | 1761. 

Dr Watson 

of London. 

William, b. 1711 ; Pel. of St. 
John's Col., Camb. ; Rector of 
N. Wingfield & Barrow, co. 
Leic. ; d. unmar. 8 Sep. 1794. 

Benjamin, mar. 
Mary Bourne. 
(P. 149.) 


Mary, mar. John Mason, Clerk, 
Curate of Elton ; she was bp. 
at Chesterfield 5 Dec. 1713, & 
d. s.p. 11 May 1776. 

Leonard Pilkington=pPriscilla, bp. at Hansworth 
" 12 May 1679. 
A b 

Tempest Pollard. : 
(See p. 351.) 

= Alice. 

MS. 136 




Moyle Pilkington. Burdet Pilkington. 

Lewis Pollard, went to Ireland. 

Lewis "Wingfield P., sold the Estate of Tear Lane in Eckington in 1764 to Jam. 
Foxlove of Staveley, which had been left to his father by M rs Marg f & Mary Pole. 

Ferdinando, bp. 
at Norton 10 Dec. 
1675. I suppose 
he must have d. 
in his infancy. 

Benjamin Clarke^ 
of Stanley, Gent., 
bp. at Hansworth 
15 Aug. 1676. 

: Dorothy, dau. of Richard Stanley 
of Grundal, co. Hants, Esq. ; d. 9 
June 1729, aged 48, and was bur. 
in St. Thomas' Church, Salisbury. 

bp. at 
Norton 22 
Oct. 1674; 
d. unmar. 

Stanley, d. 

d. young. 

John Clarke ofc 
Stanley, Esq., a 
Barrister of the 
Middle Temple. 
Mar. Sett. 17 & 
18 Nov. 1725. 

: Hannah Hayford of London, 
mar. at St. James', West- 
minster, 20 Nov. 1726 ; d. 2Q 
Dec. 1753, aged 44 ; bur. at 
Wakefield ; dau. of William 
Hayford of London, dis- 
tiller. Fortune £1800. 

Ann Clarke, eventually 
heiress, mar. Samuel 
Pegge, LL.D., Rector of 
Whittington (see Ped., 
p. 135) ; aunt & heiress 
of Wingfield Clarke ; 
mar. 13 April 1732. 

Wingfield Clarke, d. unmar. at London 18 March 1749-50, aged 
21 ; bur. 2 April in the Church of Wakefield ; d. intestate. 

Elizabeth, d. 


Ralph Clarke of Chesterfield, vintner. (See p. 145.)=f= 

George Shaw.^ 

Richard Clarke of the Angel in^Ann Shaw, 
Chesterfield, vintner. He is ob. 7 Jan. 
called John in M r Homfray's 1690-1. 
pedigree, but erroneously. 


Dorothy Shaw, wife 
of Thomas Bretland, 
Alderman of Chester- 

George Shaw, 
an Attorney. 

Juliana Clarke, wife 
of John Revel. (See 
Ped., p. 172.) 

Elizabeth Clarke, wife 
of .... Clegge of 


.... wife of 
Peter Dowker; 1 
had 3 sons. 


Dorothy Clarke, 
wife of ... . Cal- 

1 Peter Dowker was the son of W m Dowker of Chesterfield, whose will was dated 
31 Oct. 1654, in which he names his wife Frances, Executrix. He had another son, 
named William, who by his wife had Peter & John. The latter mar. Lydia, by 
whom he had William, living in 1753. Lydia remar. John Jamble & had issue.. 

For Dowker see ped. of Heathcote of Staveley. Samuel of Chesterfield mar. 1737 
wid. of Ralph H. 

Sarah Dowker, dau. of W ra Dowker of Chesterfield, shoemaker, has a contingency 
under the will of Rob* Bullar of Sheffield 1713 after my great-grandmother. 



■MS. 136 


Isaac C. of- 

Joseph C. of= 



Wil m , a silk 
dyer in 

Peter, of 
d. worth 

Richard & 
John, both 
went to 

. . . . C. of Manchester, .... mar. 
hV there 1780 in in- Metcalfe 
different circumstances, cousin. 


. . . . C. of Others. 



Anne, mar. 
.... Page 
of Oporto. 

Sir Samuel Clarke, Kn*, of Lon- 
don, Citizen & Skinner ; knighted 
14 June 1712. 

Richard, died in 

Mary Clarke, wife of 
John Wingfield, on the 
opposite page. 

Ann, dau. of Sir= Samuel Clarke^pMary Elizabeth, eldest dau. 

. wife of Tho- 

Thomas Trollope of West Brom- 
ofCasewick, Bart, wich, Esq. 

by the 2 nd wife of Thomas mas Hatsell, 
Jervoise, Esq., of Herriard, brewer ; mar. 4 
co. Hants. (SeePED.,p.l45.) Sep. 1729. 

Jervoise Clarke Jervoise of West Brom-- 
wich, Esq., Member of Parliament for the 
County of Hants ; assumed the name of 
Jervoise in 1776. 

: Kitty, dau. of Robert Ann Clarke, 
Warner of Belmont in 1781. 
Hants; ob. 1772, aged 

Thomas Clarke 
Jervoise of West 
Bromwich, Esq., 
b. 1764 ; d. un- 
mar. in 1809. 

Robert Clarke 
Jervoise, b. 
1766, 2 nd son; 
living 1813. 

Rev. Sir Samuel Clarke Jervoise of^pElizabeth 

Idsworth Park, co. Hants, Bart., 
so created in 1813, 3 rd son, b. 
1770 ; also of Woodford in 


hoofe, mar. 
in 1799. 

Ann Clarke Jervoise, b. 
in 1799 ; mar. William 
Grey, Esq., elder brother 
of Sir Charles Grey of., 
co. Northumb. 

Elizabeth Clarke Jer- Harriet Jervoise Samuel 

voise, b. 1801 ; mar. Sir Mary,b. Clarke Clarke 

Charles Grey, one of the 1802. Jervoise,* Jervoise, 

Judges of the Supreme b. 1804. b. in 

Court in India. 1808. 

* Second Bart., grandfather of the present Sir Arthur Clarke Jervoise, third Bart. Csee 
< Baronetage ').— J. W. C. 

MS,- 137 



WminxUtXt}— ^{mtoe* 

The will of Ferdinando Wingfield of West Lisbon is dated 23 Nov. 1719. Gives 
£200 to M rs Joanna Sleigh. " 

"To my servant John Story." Will of Rowland Morewood of Alfreton, 1647, 
who leaves £1000 to his cousin Eliz. Whitbread. 

.... l st =John Storie of Wakefield, G-ent.^Alice Diamond, 
wife. Will dated 19 Jan. 1647. I 2 nd wife. 

John Storie of Haselborough,=Eliz. Whitbread of Alfreton, mar. at William, 
psh. of Norton, co. Derb., ob. Norton 26 April 1654; bur. there 12 — 

s.p. ; bur. at Norton 20 Aug. Dec. 1671. She is called Cousin in Robert. 
1674; a lead merch*, in partner- the will of Rowland Morewood of 
ship with Andrew Morewood. Alfreton, Esq., 1647, who leaves her 


Humphry Wingfield of Stanley— 
hall near Wakefield, co. York, 
a part of the Estate of the 
extinct family of Bradford. 
Will proved at York 9 May 

: Priscilla, dau. of John Flem-= John Lyon of 
ing of Wakefield, Esq., by Stanley, Medicns, 
Eliz., dau. of John Roe of 2 nd husband, bur. 
Clapham, co. Bedford, Esq. ; at Wakefield 24 
Executrix to Humphry Wing- Oct. 1631. 

W., wife 
of ... . 
Ward of 

MaryW. Elizabeth W. 

\ / 

One of these mar. Elis, 
the other Moor ton. 

Ferdinando Wing-- 
field of Stanley, 
Gent., son & heir, 
bp. at Wakefield 
27 May 1621; bur. 
in the South Choir 
of Wakefield 
Church 30 June 

sister & 
heir of 

dated 20 

Thomas Con- 
ney of Leeds, 
first husband, 
or Connel or 
Conwell, a 

Priscilla W., 
wife of Benja- 
min Clarke & 
Robert Wat- 
son, on the 
opposite page, 

German Pole of= Margaret = Arthur Turner, 

Spink-hill, psh. 
of Barlborough, 
Esq., 1 st hus- 
band ; rather of 
Park Hall. (See 
Ped., p. 148.) 


2 nd husb., son 
of ... . Turner 
of Dewsbury, 
co. York. No 


Elizabeth, wife of 
.... Musgrave of 

Ellen, wife of 
Charles Kent. 

Ferdinando, John Wingfield of Haselborough & of Norton-- 
Ferdinando, house, Esq., which last Estate he bought in 1712, 
Robert, & bp. 20 July 1650 ; aged 57, 1707 ; d. 1 March 
Margaret, 1731-2, aged 82, & was bur. on the 5 th at Nor- 
alld. young, ton. Will dated 31 March 1731; has the 
residue by his son Ferdinando's will. 

: Mary, dau. of Rich- 
ard Clarke of Ches- 
terfield, vintner (see 
Ped., p. 136); bur. 
at Norton, 5 Feb. 

* D. 29 April 1744, set. 86. Her first husband German Pole d. 1686-7 ; her second husband 
Arthur Turner d. Sep. 9, 1724 ; all buried at Barlborough. M.I. (Glover's ' Derbyshire.') — J. W. C. 



MS. 137 


:Sarah, dau. of Ferdinando, b. 23 March 1678 ; d. 

William Harri- unmar. at Lisbon in the lifetime 

son of Orgrave, of his father, 1723. He raised a 

co. York, Gent.; good fortune there, & his father, 

mar. at Rother- who survived him, succeeded to a 

ham 16 Nov. larger sum which he left. When on 

1710 ; d. at the point of returning home he was 

Dronfield Dec. detained by the Government, & died. 

Storie Wingfield of Hasel-= 
borough, Esq., son & heir- 
apparent ; d. without 
issue in his father's life- 
time, 1729 or 7. Founder 
of the Lectureship at Nor- 
ton to commemorate 
death of his widow. 

John, bp. 24 Edmund, bur. Margaret, mar. 31 Jan. 1705 to Ann W., b. 22 

June 1689; 25 March Robert Newton of Mickleover, Jan. 1677 ; d. 

bur. 22 Oct. 1689-90. Esq. (See Ped., p. 138.) unmar. at Nor- 

1702. =r ton 1743. 

b. 14 Nov. 
1706 ; bur. 
at Norton 
in Feb. 

Margaret, bp. 8 June 
1709 ; d. unmar. 30 
July 1734. Had 
£500 by Ferd. 
Wingfield's will. 

Robert Newton of Norton-house & Mickle- 
over, b. 19 April 1713 ; High Sheriff of the 
County of Derby 1746 ; d. 23 June 1789 ; 
never mar., & the last descendant of Mar- 
garet Wingfield. Had £1000 by will of his 
uncle Ferdinando Wingfield. 

Mary W., b. 20 Feb. 1680; 
mar. William Bagshaw of 
Ford, Esq., & d. without 
issue 15 Jan. 1754. (See 
Ped., p. 108.) 

Joseph Shawe of Liver- 
pool, Esq., first husb.; 
by a former wife he had 
a dau., mar. to Cap 1 

=Dorothy, bp.= Henry 
28 Sep. 1683; Winder, 
d. 13 April Y.D.M., 
1737. 2 nd husb. 

No issue. 

William Shawe of Preston, Esq., cousin &=pAnn, dau. of Foster CunlifFe of Liver- 

coheir to Robert Newton, High Sheriff of 
the County of Lancaster 1746, 

pool, merch* ; elder sister of Sir Ellis 
Cunliffe, Bart. (See p. 25.) 

Dorothy, first wife, dau. of= 
Richard Whitehead of the 
County of Lancaster, Esq. ; 
of Southgate. Had a dau. 
Eliz. Ann, who d. an 

William CunlifiV 
Shawe of Pres- 
ton, Esq., some 
time Member of 
Parliament for 
that borough, d. 
in 1822. 

: Philippa, 2 nd wife, dau. & coh r 
of Ch 8 Pole, Esq., 4 th son of 
German Pole of Radburn, Esq. 
Two sons named Foster Cun- 
liffe and Henry Ellis d. young. 


Robert Newton Shawe, = Frances Anna, 
Esq., of Kesgrave-hall, dau. of Thomas 
co. Sufi ., a Major in the Jones, Esq., of 
Lancashire Militia. Stapleton, co. 

No issue 1824. Glouc. 

Samuel Pole, in Charles Augus- 
the Church 1813; tus, in the Cold- 
mar. Mary, dau. stream Guards, 
of Edward Egem a Captain, 
of Southgate. 

Francis Manley, Ann Frances, wife of Sophia Charlotte, wife Emma 

in the Cold- John Philips of Cul- of Rich d Mansergh Philippa, 

stream Guards, ham-house, co. Oxon, St. George, Esq., of unmar. 

a Cap*. Esq., & has eight chil- Headford Castle, co. 1813. 

dren, 1822. Galway. b 

MS. 137 



B | C 

Joseph Shawe,=pAnn Frances, .... wife of S . . . . Walmes- .... wife of Rev d 
late of Bath, sister of Sir ley, Esq. =f= .... Whitehead. 
Esq., 2 nd son. Christopher | 

Baynes, Kn*. John W. df==. . . . dau. of ... . 

Bath. Long(P). 

William CunlifFe Shawe, in the Army, Cap* in the Royal John Wing- Mary 
Horse Guards Blue, mar. at Bath 18 April 1825 to Jane, 3 field Shawe. Anne, 
dau. of Charles Patterson, Esq., of the E. I. Coy Service. 
She d. aged 18, Feb. 1826, at Bath. 

Priscilla, bp. 28 May 1685 ; mar. William Wildman 
of London, apothecary. =f= 

Elizabeth, bp. 19 Oct. 1687 ; 
bur. 8 March 1689. 

Wingfield Wildman of Tamworth, Esq., and of London,= 
merch* ; Cousin & coheir of Robert Newton ; b. 20 July 
1726 ; d. in Aug. 1792. 

=Mary, dau. of Jonah 
Malkin, V.D.M., of 

Edward Dickin-= 
son of Dost-hill 
house, co. War- 
wick, mar. a 2 nd 

^Maria Wild- 
man, dau. & 


John Yates=f=Harriet Wild-=William Orange of 

of Bury, co. 
Lane, 1 st 

man, dau. & Barleston Park, 
coh r . co. Staff., Esq., 2 nd 

husb. No issue. 

Edward Wingfield 
Dickinson, b. 177 9; 
Colonel of the War- 
wickshire Militia; 
unmar. 1813. 

Newton Dick-=. . . .dau. of Sir 
inson of the Rouse Bough- 
Coldstream ton, & relict of 
Guards. Sir George 





D., d. 



s, Will m 

2 sons, Will m Wing- 
field Yates & Sam 1 
Wildman Yates> a 
Clergyman, mar. to a 
dau. of John Peel. 
(P. 98.) 

The earlier parts of this pedigree are copied from a history of the family of 
Wingfield of Stanley, & its connections drawn up by D r Pegge of Whittington for 
his relation Robert Newton, Esq. When I saw it in 1813 it was in the hands of 
M r Orange. I do not recollect that D r Pegge investigated the descent of Humphry 
Wingfield, but M 1 ' Blore, in a letter which I had from him in 1808, conjectures with 
great seeming probability that he is the Humphry W. who appears in a Visitation 
of Suffolk, aged 25, 1612, son of Anthony W. by Thomazine, dau. & heir of Robert 
Pennicuike of Yorkshire, Esq., which Anthony was 4 th son of Robert, of Brantham- 
hall, co. Suffolk, Esq., eldest son of Sir Humphry of the same place, 12 th son of Sir 
John Wingfield of Letheringham, Kn*, by Elizabeth Fitz-Lewis his wife. 

M r Wildman, who mar. Priscilla Wingfield, was an apothecary in King Street, 
Cheapside, son of Samuel Wildman, an apothecary at Sheffield, who had also another 
son Watkinson Wildman, a goldsmith in London, father of Samuel, also a goldsmith. 
There were other children of the first Samuel, whose names may be found in the 
parish Register, of Sheffield. 

The issue of German Pole and Margaret Wingfield was 2 sons & 2 dau 3 , all of 
whom d. unmar. 

What is on the opposite page is from the same MS. 
vol. i. s s 



MS. 138 


The intimacy between Machin, of whom H. Newcome printed some account, & 
of whom he after speaks in his Autobiography, with Mickleover (see Autobiography, 
p. 45), makes me think that John Machin below was one of the Ministers. 

Robert Newton of Chaddesden, co. Derby ,=pDorothy, dau. of Vincent Lowe 
Esquire, d. 14 Oct. 14 Elizabeth. of Derby, Esquire. 

Thomas Newton, from 
whom the family at 

Robert Newton, Esq., of=pCleere, dau. of William Gilbert 
Mickleover, co. Derb., of Mickleover, and his heir ; 
Barrister-at-Law, d. 4 mar. there 8 May 1609. 
Aug. 1619. 

Edward Newton of Mickleover, Esq. ,=j= Jane, dau. of John Beresford of Newton 

b. 20 May 1610 ; d. 1661. 

Grange, Esq. 

John, aged 3, 1634 ; 
d. an infant. 

Edward, bur. 5 Mary, wife Oleere, wife of Samuel Char- 
Jan. 1658-9. of John les. Clerk, ejected by the Act 
Stone. of Uniformity. 

Robert Newton, Esquire, of Mickleover. 
barr.-at-law, bp. there 8 Sep. 1629 ; d. at 
Derby 19 March 1701-2. 


Elizabeth, dau. of Gervas Whitehead of 

Brearton, co. Derb., Gent.. 
Mickleover 7 Jan. 1706. 

bur. at 

Sarah, 1 st wife, only=r Robert Newton of 

dau. & heir of Wil- 
liam Willot 1 ; mar. 
in Nov. 1702 ; d. 
in Oct. 1703. 

Mickleover, Esq. 
b. 2 Dec. 1670; d. 
18 Oct. 1712; bur. 
at Mickleover. 

=Margaret, 2 nd 
wife, dau. & 
coheir of 
John Wing- 
field. (See 

John New- : 
ton, b. in 
1672 ; d. at 

=Sarah, dau. 
of ... . 
Bridges of 

Robert Fei dinando, d. in Robert Newton of Mickleover and Sarah Newton, 

Newton, 1713, aged 6. 
only son, — 

d. in Margaret, d. un- 

1703. mar., aged 16. 

Norton house, Esquire, d. unmar. dau. & heir, 

in 1789, aged 76. A posthumous mar. John 

child. Will dated 19 March, 1784. Eoulds, & d. 

(Report XVIII. of Charity Com 8 , without issue. 
p. 235.) 

John Machine 
co. Staff., 


: Cleere N., 
mar. 31 

I I 

Elizabeth, d. in 1712. 

Sarah, d. unmar. 

William Lea-= Mary, mar. Jan . 
croft of Ruge- 1695; bur. 13 
ley, co. Staff. July 1702. 

1 Rob. Newton of Mickleover, Gent., & Sarah Coke mar. 17 Nov. 1702, according 
to Ext. from Mickleover Reg. which I have seen. 

MS. 138 




John Machin, b. at Mickleover John Leaper, mar.- 
17 Nov. 1691 ; d. unmar., & 12 July 1711, a 
was bur. at Cheltenham. tanner. 

=Cleere Machin, sister & heir, 
bp. at Mickleover 16 Dec. 

John Leaper, William Leaper, Alderman, of Derby, d. in= 
d. without May 1780 ; mar. 1 . . . . Hirst ; 2 sister of 
issue. John Bloodworth, by whom a dau. called 


William, a grocer at Coventry, 
took name of Spell, unmar.1833 . 

Eichard, a tanner 
at Derby, Aid. & 

: Sarah AVard of Derby, 
remar. John Blood- 
worth of Derby, hosier. 

Sarah, mar. Stephen Simp- 
son of Coventry, or of 

John Leaper of Derby, Esq., who 6 Oct. 1789 had the 1 
Eoyal Licence to take & use the surname of Newton & 
also the Arms, on becoming heir of the principal part 
of the Estates of his relation Eobert Newton, Esq., 
1790 ; d. about 1816. He was an Attorney & Town 
Clerk of Derby, d. 2 April 1819. 

=Anna Maria, 4 dau. of Philip 
Hutchinson of Sawley, cou- 
sin of Sir Francis Hutchin- 
son, Bart., niece of D r Sam- 
uel H., Bishop of Kill aloe. 

Edmund, Sarah Newton, mar. in 1800 CleereNew- 
d. an in- to Francis Mundy of Mark- ton, aged 
fant. eaton, Esq. ; aged 13, 1790. 8, 1790. 

Anna Maria Newton, wife 
of Eichard Saunders, 
Esq. ; aged 7, 1790. 


Eobert Newton Leaper Newton, eldest William Newton, 2 nd = Henrietta, dau. of 
son & heir, b. in the par. of St. Ann's, son, mar. in 1814 ; John White, Esq., 
Holborn, March 1775. aged 10, 1790. of London. 

MS. 139 

Clarke— ^flttep— Mjon. 

Ealph Clarke of Ashgate in the psh. : 
of Chesterfield. (See p. 145.) 

=Frauces, dau. of Thomas 
Barker of Dore, co. Derb. 


Ealph Clarke, ob. 1598=f=Constance, dau. of . . 


i i i 

Godfrey, Ealph Clarke, 3 rd son & hehy 

ob. s.p. ob. Aug. 1660. He was a 

— very active Administrator 

Thomas, of the Pari, affairs in Der- 

ob. s.p. byshire. A 

^Frances, 1 dau. of George Blount Edward, 
of Eckington, co. Derb., Gent., 4 th son, 
eldest son of Eobert, one of the s.p. 
20 children of Sir Thomas 
Blount of Kinlet, Kn*. 

1 This marriage (at least I so understand the entry) is registered at Sheffield, but 
the lady is called Frances Barber ; whereas I once supposed that she was a widow when 
Clarke mar. her. I see, however, in the Blount Pedigree in the Shropshire Visita- 
tion, that no legitimate issue of Geo. Blount is entered, but he is said to have had 
an illegitimate son named Charles. 



MS. 139 

Samuel Clarke= 
of Ashgate, 
eldest son & 
heir, aged 46, 
16 March 
1662 ;d. with- 
out issue. 

: Bridget, dau. of 
Gilbert Nevile of 
Grove, co. Notts ; 
mar. at Chester- 
field 30 Jan. 1646 
(p. 577). I sup- 
pose this must be 
the Domina 
Brigitte Clarke 
who mar. at Bols- 
over Nov. 20, 
1679, with D r 

Faith, l st =Cornelius Clarke= Catherine, 2 nd 

wife, dau. of Cutthorpe, wife, dau. of 

of Sir Ashgate, & Nor- Sir Edward 

Walter ton Hall, Esq., CokeofLong- 

Rudston aged 31, 17 ford,co.Derb., 

of Hay- March 1662 ; Bart. ; mar. 

ton, co. Sheriff of Derby- in 1669 ; bur. 

York, shire 1669 ; d. at at Longford 

Bart. Norton 18 June 25 April 1715. 


Ursula Clarke, 
1 st sister & co- 
heir, mar. Ste- 
phen Offiey, 
Citizen of Lon- 
don ; mar. at 
19 May 1635. 

Elizabeth Clarke, 
2 nd sister & co- 
heir, mar. 1 Ed- 
ward Harris of 
Stretton, co. 
Derb., by whom 
John ; 2 nd Henry 
Bright of Whor- 
low, Gent. (See 
6 Hallamshire,' 

P . .) 

Rebecca Clarke, 
3 rd sister & co- 
heir, mar. John 
Nevile 1 of 
Thorney, co. 
Notts, Gent., 
son & heir of 
Gerv. N. of 
Thorney, Esq., 
by dau. of ... . 
Rayner of Great 

Frances Clarke, 
4 th sister & co- 
heir, mar. 1 
William Dodd 
after 1662 ; 2 
Robert Butler 
of Southwell, 
co. Notts ; 3 
.... Crowell. 

Lydia Clarke, 
youngest sis- 
ter & coheir, 
mar. George 
Heathcote of 
Cutthorp, co. 
Derb., Gent. 
(See Ped., 
p. 102.) 

Dennis Nevile of = Ann, dau. of 
Eastwood near John Poole, 

Rotherham & of survived & left 
Button-hill in par. Button Hill to 
of Sheffield, bp. at her own 
Chesterfield 31 family, aged 

July 1650 ; ob. 32,1706. Her 

s.p. ; liv g 1706. father was of 


i i 

Rebecca N., b. 1657 ; had 
£200 by her uncle C. C.'s will ; 
d. unmar. 16 Dec. 1711 ; bur. 
at Dronfield. 

Elizabeth N., b. 1658 ; had 
the like legacy ; d. unmar. 20 
Dec. 1700, & was bur. at 


John Dodd 
of West- 
minster, left 
a widow. 

Robert Offiey of Norwich,=j=Mary 

made principal heir to 
his uncle Corn. Clarke, 
b. 1640 3 d. 1 Feb. 1716. 

ton, d. 
6 Feb. 



Thomas, Cornelius, b. 1655. 

b. 1648. — 

John, ob. 1642. Had a Anne, b. 1648. 

— dau. — 

Samuel, b. 1644. Ursula. Elizabeth, b. 1653. 

Ralph Ofiley, d. 
without issue. 

Samuel Crome of Norwich,=Mary Ofiley, d. 
d. 24 March 1754. 2 Jan. 1738. 

1 This John Nevile sold Thorney to Corn. Clarke, & he to George Nevile, father 
of George Nevile of Thorney ; liv& 1706. 

MS. 139 




Eobert Off- Urith, first wife, dau. of Sir= 

ley, killed by Samuel Smyth of Colkirk, eo. 

a fall from Norfolk ; b. 20 May 1681 ; 

his horse at mar. at Lavenham in Suffolk 

Hazle- 24 May 1700 ; d. at Norton 

borough in of the Small-pox at the same 

Aug. 1699 ; time with 2 of her children, 

bur. at Nor- & was bur. there 23 Oct. 

ton. 1711. (See Ped., p. 140.) 

Stephen Offley= 
of Norton 
Hall, Esq., b. 
1671; Sheriff 
of Derbyshire 
1716; d.l Oct. 
1727 ; bur. 4 th 
in the vault at 

: Anne, 2 nd = 
wife, dau. 
of Benja- 
min Shute, 
Esq. ; sister 
to the 1 st 

Esq., 2 nd 
(See .) 

Robert. George. Mary, d. a minor at Lincoln. Elizabeth 0., d. unmar. 28 Sep. 

— ' — — 1741, aged 22. 

Mary. John. Ann Offley, wife of William — 

N ~ ' Porter ; d. without issue. Amelia Offley, wife of Sir Fran- 

D. in infancy. cis Bernard of Nettleham, co. 

Line, Bart. 

all d. in 

Joseph Offley=j=Mary, dau. & heir Stephen Off-^Catherine, dau. of Jonas 

of Norton 
Hall, Esq., b. 
1 Dec. 1702 ; 
d. 3 Sep. 

of Humphry Bohun 
of Beccles, Esq.; 
mar. 11 May 1732; 
d. in June 1740. 
(See Ped., p. 141.) 

ley of Dron- 
field, M.D., 
bp. 7 June 
1704 ; d. in 

Eolfe of Norwich, by 
Lucy, another of the 
coh rs of Sir Samuel 
Smyth ; mar. 5 Aug. 
1731; d. 19 June 1737. 

Francis Edmunds=pHannah Maria Offley, 
of Worsborough, youngest of the 2 
co. York, Esq., b. sisters & coheirs, b. 7 
21 Feb. 1738 ; June 1740 ; mar. 18 
living 1821. June 1767. 

Mary O., d. unmar. 21 
Sep. 1755, aged 32 (sic). 

Catherine, b. 30 Dec. 
1733 ; d. unmar. 11 
March 1794. 

Lucy, d. in 

d. in 1736. 

Francis Offley Ed-=Mary Beresford, 
munds of Wors- dau. of Francis 

borough, Esq., only Ferrand Fol- 
son & heir-apparent, jambe of Ald- 
b. 7 Sep. 1773; d. wark, Esq. 
without issue. 

Maria Elizabeth, wife 
of Henry Martin, Esq., 
of Colston Basset; 
Member of Parliament; 
mar. in 1795. 

Urith Amelia, 
b. 18 Jan. 
1771; unmar. 

Edmund Offley 
of Norton Hall, 
Esq., bp. 21 
March 1732-3; 
d. at Edinburgh, 
unmar., 21 Aug. 
1754, & was bur. 
at Norton. The 
last male. 

Urith Offley,= 
eldest dau. & 
coheir, b. 12 
Feb. 1737 ; 
mar. at St. 
15 March 
1759 ; ob. 30 
Nov. 1781. O 

: Samuel Shore,= 
Esq., of Norton- 
hall and Meres- 
brooke, b. 5 
Feb. 1737-8 ; 
Sheriff of 
1761 ; living 
1821. (See Ped., 
* Hallamshire.' 

=Lydia, 2 nd wife, 
dau. & heir of 
Freeman Flower, 
Esq., mar. 3 
April 1788 ; 
living 1821. No 
issue. (See 
Ped., p. 153.) 

Mary Offley, 
d. in her 



MS. 139 

Offley Shore, 
b. 1 Jan. 
1760; d. 31 
Aug. 1767. 

Samuel Shore- 
of Norton 
Hall, Esq., b. 
3 June 1761. 

=Harriet, dau. of Fitz- Walter Foye, 
Esq., of Castle-hill, co. Dorset, Esq.; 
sister & heir of Sidney Hollis Foye, 
Esq. ; b. 4 Dec. 1761 ; mar. 18 
March 1788 ; d. 1826. (See Pbd., 
p. 153.) 

Bohun Shore, 3 rd 
& youngest son, 
b. 10 Oct. 1763; 
a Colonel in the 
Army ; unmar. 

Elizabeth Maria, 
d. unmar. 

Harriet, d. 

Urith Amelia. Maria. 

Lydia. Theophila. Theodosia. 
2 of these 4 d. unmar. 


Sydney Shore, Esq., eldest= 
son, b. 14 April 1790; d. 
without issue at Tick-hill 
Castle, where he then 
resided, July 2, 1827. 

=. . . . dau. of Charles White 
of Lincoln, Esq., by a dau. 
of Sir Francis Bernard & 
Amelia Offley ; d. at Leam- 
ington 6 March 1831. 

Offley Shore, 2 nd & young- 
est son, b. 26 May 1797 ; 
mar. 1823 to dau. of John 
Brewin, Esq. 


Samuel Shore, eld. child, 
b. 1824 & d. an infant. 

a dau., 

. mar. May 1850 to ... . Stovin, 

b. in 1828. only son of John Sparrow Stovin. 


MS. 140 

Samuel Smyth, Esq., of Oolkirk,=pUrith, dau. of Sir John Palgrave of Norwood- 

co. Norfolk, Bar.-at-Law, bur. at 
Oxwick 1664. 

Berningham, co. Norf., Bart: 
Nov. 1680; bur. at Oxwick. 

d. at Colkirk 11 

Rebecca, l st ~Sir Samuel Smyth of Col- : 
wife, ob. s.p. kirk, Kn*, d. 22 Jan. 1699 
1 Oct. 1668. & was bur. at Oxwick. 

Thomas Bendyshe, Esq., son of Thomas= 
B. of Gray's Inn, by Bridget, dau. of 
Henry Ireton by a dau. of Oliver Crom- 
well, Protector ; b. at Newington in Sep. 
1671 ; d. at Jamaica 22 July 1722. 

Catherine Elizabeth, dau. of Sir James 
Harrington of Eiddlington, Bart.; d. at 
Colkirk 25 Nov. 1686, aged 32, & was 
bur. at Oxwick. 

Catherine Smyth, eldest of the 4 daus. 
& coheirs, b. in Hatton Garden, ! London, 
9 Oct. 1678; mar. 11 June 1700; 
living at Rotherham 1743 ; d. at Nor- 
ton May 1747. 


Ireton Bendyshe, only child, cl. 20 July 1725, 
aged 25. (Q. if by C. S. or by a former wife.) 

John Pett of Col-=Lucy Smyth, b. at Col- 
kirk, 1 st husb., mar. kirk 20 April 1684; 4 th 
9 March 1700. & youngest dau. & coheir. 

A B 

=Jonas Rolfe, 2 nd 
husband, of Nor- 
wich, Town Clerk 
of Lynn. 

James S., b. 
29 Oct. 1686 5 
d. an infant. 

MS. 140 



Catherine Rolfe, wife of Stephen Theodosia Rolfe, wife of William 
Offley, M.D. (See Pbd., p. 139.) Emperor of Brooke in Norfolk. 

Urith Smyth, wife of 
Stephen Offley, Esq. 
(See p. 139.) The 
Shores & Edmunds 
her only descendants. 

Samuel Sparrow^pTheodosia Smyth, = Samuel Freeman of 

of Lavenham, 
co. Suffolk, l"t 
husb. ; mar. 28 
Nov. 1699. 

3 dau. and coh r , Beverley, 2 husband. 

b. 13 Dec. 1682. He had issue by 
another wife. (See 
Ped., p. .) 



d. an 

Martin Webster=f=Theodosia 

of Stow Market. 


Sarah, d. 
at the age 
of 22. 

Charles Barn- 
well of Mile- 
ham, Clerk. 

Titus Wilson = 

= Catherine Web- lst^John W. of Deer-=Catherine Barri- 
ster. No issue, wife. ham, Surgeon. well. No issne. 

Thomas Wilson, = Catherine Webster. John Sparrow Webster, Theodosia. 
s.p. 1785. Surgeon, ob. 1804. 

I I 
Charles. No=Mary, dan. of W m Bar- William Barn-=. . . . dau. of Alder- 
issue, wick of Easton near well, Clerk. man Patterson of 
Norwich, Esq. Linn. 

John, a=. . . . widow of Sarah, wife of Theodosia, Elizabeth, wife of ... . 
Surgeon. Lee Warner. Samuel Pye of d. unmar. Bringlass. No issue 

Norwich. 1785. 

Samuel Sparrow of John Sparrow, Esq., of London,=j=Lydia, dau. & heir of John 

London, merch*, d. & afterwards of Wincobank 
unmar. in 1776. near Sheffield, where he was 
living in 1785, aged 82. 

Brown of Wincobank by 
Ellen Staniforth his wife; 
bp. 23 Oct. 1701. 

3 Samuel, 1 John, Joseph Roberts of Sheffield, merchV 
& 2 Joshua, d. son of Benjamin Roberts, V.D.M. 
young. (See Ped., p. .) 

: Lydia Sparrow, elder of 
the 2 dau s & coheirs, 
bp. 31 July 1734. 

John Roberts of Win- 
cobank & of Long 
Woodhouse n r Huth- 
ersfield (?), where hed. 
without issue by his 
wife, a dau. of Wil m 
Parker of Sheffield. 

Joseph R. Lucy R., Catherine R., only sur- 

of Shef- d. unmar. viv g issue, wife of 

field, 2 nd about Samuel Walker Parker 

son, d. un- 1808. of Newcastle-upon- 

mar. about Tyne, Esq., & has 

1802. issue. (See Ped., 
p. 288.) 

Lydia & 
d. young. 



MS. 140 

Marg*, 1 st wife, dau.- 
of Rich d Whitaker of 
Doneaster, Alder- 
man & Mayor. (See 
Ped., p. 209.) 

=James Stovin of Whitgift, Esq., Jus- 1 
tice of the Peace for the West Riding 
of York e & Lincolnshire, d. 26 July 
1789 at Sprotborough hall, where he 
then resided. 

=Theodosia Sparrow, 
younger of the 2 
dau s & coheirs ; 
living at Newbold, 
co. Derb., 1821. 

James Stovin, D.D., 
Rector of Rossington, 
J.P. for Lincolnshire ; 
mar. 1790 a dau. of 
Charles Rivington, & 
has issue. 

i i 

Richard, a Lt.-General in the Mary, wife 

Army, mar. Frances, 2 dau. of of Michael 

Arthur Palmer Acland of Fair- Fenwick, & 

field, co. Som., 2 son of Sir d. leaving 

Hugh Acland, Bart., of Killer- one child, 
ton, co. Dev., sister of Sir John. 



Charlotte Maria, 1 dau., mar. 10 May 
1830 to Rev. Peter Bourchier Wynch. 

Elizabeth Frances. Emma Margaret. 

1. John=pMaria Rebecca, dau. of . 


Green of Birmingham ; mar. 
in 1820. She & her mother 
took the name of Cotton. 

i i 

2. George Samuel, 4. Cornelius Har- 

lost in the Frigate rington, d. in the 

" II Gilgal." West Indies. 

Charles Frederick, mar Elizabeth Emma, 

dau. of Offley Shore, Esq. mar. .... Cotton. 

6. Sir Frederick=Ann Elizab., 3. Lydia 

Stovin, K.C.B., dau. of Sir Theodosia, 

youngest son, Sitwell Sit- unmar. 

Lt.-Col. in the well, Bart. 1821. 
Army 1826. 

5. Sarah Caroline, mar. 1 Sir Sit- 
well Sitwell, Bart. ; 2 nd John 
Smith Wright, Esq. (see Ped., 
p. 24), of Rempston hall, co. Leic. 

Charles Barnwell=pMary, only surviving child of Rev. John Novell, M.A., Rector of Hillington, 

of Mileham, Esq. 

Cousin-German once removed, & one of the next of kin to Isabella Turnor of 
Bury St. Edmunds, spinster, only sister <fc heir of Henry Turnor, Esq. 

Rev. Frederick B., B.A., Hector successively of Brockley, Lawshall. & Stanningfield, co. Suff. 

: T 

Rev. Frederick Henry Barnwell of Mileham & Bury St. Edmunds, M.A., F.R.S., F.A.S., eldest son; 
had the Eoyal Licence, 17 May 1826, to take the name of Turnor before that of Barnwell.— Gazette. 

From Mr. Leman's MS. of Suffolk Families. 
Edward Barnwell, descended from Thomas B., Baron of the Exchequer.=r= 


Elizabeth, 1 w., dau, of John Neale, Rector of Mileham, ob. 1705 =pCharles B.= 

Charles Barnwell, Rector of Beeston. 

MS. 140 & 141 



See this pedigree more complete, p. 584. 

George Stovin of Tetley, co. Line, 7 th of the name, settled^ 
there in psh. of Orowle. He opposed the participants. 

dau. of ... . 
son of York. 

George Stovin of Tetley, Clarke of Orowle, granddau. to Richard Brewer, 

Lincoln Castle, where he was 
confined religionis causa. 

who got the Decree established for Orowle Common 
at the Drainage about 1632. 

George Stovin, eldest= 
son, sold Tetley to 
James & settled at 

: dau. James Stovin of Tetley, Esq.,= 

of .... 2 nd son, Sher. of Line. 1726 or 

Stocks of 1724, & of Orowle; d. 1735 

Withern. (Q. d. 11 Oct. 1739), set. 61. 

: Joan, dau. of ... . 
Clarke of Gar- 
thorpe, d. 25 Oct. 
1729, aged 53. 

George, 1 Mary Shawe of- 
son, d. Withern. 1 w. 


=Richard Stovin=r=. ... 2 w., dau. of Rev. .... 
of Withern. Temple of Langton n r Horncastle. 

. w. of W. 
Mawe, Esq. 

Richard, b. about 1774 ; in 
the Army ; d. at Bath 1817. 

1. George Stovin of Orowle & Winterton, Esq., eld. son,=pSarah, dau. & heir of Ja s 

The Antiquary, b. ab* 1695; d. May 1780; bur. in 
Chancel of Winterton Church; J. of P. for Lincolnshire. 

Sarah, James, d. 

d. 3 28 Aug. 

Aug. 1724. 

Mary, d. 21 
Nov. 1719, 
aged 7 


Mary, d. 
19 Feb. 

Empson,Esq.,of Orowle, 
a Quaker, with £10,000. 

George, 1 
eld. son, 
d. early. 

James, of Whit- 
gift, etc., Esq., 
mar. as above. 

2. James of=j=Susan Mawe of 3. Cornelius 3 of Whitegift, which he left to his 
Redness. Epworth. nephew James. 

James=f Sarah, dau. of 
.... Aistrope ; 
mar. 1761. 

Cornelius. Elizabeth, youngest dau. of James Stovin 
of Redness, Esq., wife of George Lister, 
Esq., of Girsby House ; b. May 1746; d. in 
Jan. 1820. 

James, eld. of 6 sons, of Boreas- 
hill, J.P. ; d. 1797 ; M.D. 

=Miss Carville of 
Boreas Hill. 


2 daus. 

1 B. 12 Jan. 1717 ; d. 12 March 1734 ; bur. at Orowle ; of Lincoln's Inn. 
3 He bought the Estate at Whitgift, built a noble mansion there, & left it to his 
nephew James Stovin ; mar. Eliz. Mawe. 

YOh. I. T T 



MS. 140 & 141 

I 1 I 

Mary, w. of John Lay- 5. Kichard, a son, Ann, mar. Tho. Lister of Eastoft; 

cock of Shawe Hill. mar. Priscilla Frog- 2 John Cowley. 

=f= gatt of Hagg. 

Mark-=p. . . . Lay- Stovin Laycock, only son, d. 
ham. | cock. unmar. ; bur. at Doneaster. 

Tho. L. AnnL. 

Richard Anthony Markham, took the=f=. . . . dau. of . 
name of Salisbury. | Staniforth. 

Mary, d a 

coel. dau., d. 

Eleanor Salisbury, only child, mar. at Bath 1826 to Major Brice. 

Susanna, mar. J . 
Froggatt of Hagg. 

4. Jonathan, of Tetley & of=r=Dorothy, dau. of Harts- 
Hurst Priory, or Jonah. j horn of Wiseton, Esq. 

Dorothy. Joan. 1 w., Susanna Froggatt=f Cornelius, of Hurst=[=2 w., Eliz., dau. 

of Staveley Hagg, d. 6 
Elizabeth. Sep. 1795, aged 55. 

Priory, ob. 21 Oct. 
1814, aged 76. 

of John Pease 
of Darlington. 

Susanna, d. 25 8, d. s.p. (See ' Hist. Anna Maria, Mary, d. Cornelius 
March 1831, of Axeholme,' p, 417.) living 1839. 1830, Hartshorne 

aged 70. aged 56. Stovin. 

George, of Tetley, took=f=Elizabeth, dau. of James Jonathan, of Guse=Mary Carr 

name of Lister, d. 1797, 
aged 53. 

Stovin of Redness, Esq., Fleet Grange, d. of Baw- 
d. May 1746. 1820. trey. 

George L. James L. of=f=Alicia 
of Girsby Ousefleet 
House. Grange. 

Elizabeth, mar. Sophia, mar. Archdeacon 
Spofforth. John Mawe of Venables of Clyro n r Hay, 
Epworth. S. Wales. 

Many Children. 

Richard Stovin, son of James & Joan=f=Priscilla Froggat of the Hagg in 

of Crowle, Gent. 

Staveley, a Wid. 1772. 

John Woodruffe=pPriscilla, lived at Hansworth. 

John Stovin Woodruffe of Crowle, Esq., & of Arksey, also of Hansworth, Mary W. 
d. 10 Nov. 1795, aged 23 ; bur. at Crowle. 

John Stovin W. of Crowle, Gent.==Hanna^, 

MS. 141 




This is D r Pegge's account of the family of Mary Bohun, wife of Joseph Offley. 
He says that the bulk of the property of the last Edmund Bohun went to his 
brother Nicholas, or William, or to one of their issue. It was entailed on Mary, 
wife of Offley, but the entail being cut off it went to ... . Brown, half-brother to 
the last of the Bohuns, who d. about 1770. M r Offley had however considerable 
property in Suffolk with his wife. The continuation from W 111 Bohun, M.D., I 
received from the Eev. Thomas Leman of Bath, who had it from M r Le Gryce 
Bohun 1824. The arms are, Gules, a crescent ermine between 8 martlets or. 

Edmund Bohun.=f= 

Nicholas Bohun= 

dau. of ... . Wingfield of . 

Francis Bohun=pElizabeth, dau. of Knevat Ashwelthorpe. Humphry Bohun, 2 nd son. 

Nicholas Bohun, ob.=p Audrey, dau. of Robert Coke of Mileham, sister to Sir Edward 
vit& patris. Coke, Lord Ghief Justice. 

Edmund=f Dorothea, dau. of Stephen Baxter of Humphry Bohun, 2 nd 5 dau s . 
Bohun. I Ipswich. son. 

i i it 

Baxter Bohun,=f=Margaret, dau. of Edmund Bohun,=f Mary, dau. of Dorothea. 

eldest son. 

. . . . Lawrence. 2 nd son. 

Samuel God- — 

bold. Lydia. 

Edmund Bohun of West=pMary, dau. of 5 dau s . Humphry=f=Hannah, dau. of Fran- 

Hall, co. Staff., Esq., 
b. at Ringsfield. (See 
1 Ath. Ox.,' ii., 55.) 

Brampton of 

Bohun of 

cis Warren ; survived 
& remar. with Ed- 
mund Bohun below. 

Joseph Offley of Norton Hall, Esq.=Mary Bohun, sole dau. & heir, 
(See Ped., p. 139.) mar. 11 May 1732. 

Edmund= Hannah, dau. of 
Bohun. Fr 3 Warren, re- 
lict of Hum- 
phry Bohun. 

Nicholas William Bohun, M.D., mar. 
Bohun. Prudence, dau. of John Rabbit 

of Bramfield ; mar. also John 

Brown of Beccles. 


William Bohun, died 
without issue. 

Le Gryce Brown=p Elizabeth, dau. of John 
Bohun. Price of Beccles. 

JohnF.B. George. Elizabeth, mar. Maria. Mary. Louisa. Emily. Jane. 
Bohun. .... Crowfoot. 



MS. 142 

eat&wite— 3^oties* 

The beginning of this pedigree is taken from M rs Shaw's ' Tombstone,' a 
biographical work on the life of M rs Dorothy Shaw. That George Heathcote who 
mar. Lydia Clarke was her nephew is assumed on conjecture. Of her four brothers 
one only was living in 1657, who had been a Captain in the Army, and was then in 
Ireland. I can hardly suppose that he was the G-eorge who mar. Lydia Clarke, and 
it is. evident that he was not one of the other three. But his possession of the 
Estate at Cutthorp and similarity of religious belief shews that he was a relation of 
M rs Shaw. 

Brook states the early generations trms : — 

G-eorge H. of Lodes 1599. 


George H. of Brampton 1611 ; purchased Cutthorp 1614 ; a Diselaimer=f=Grace, living 1656 & 

| 1664. 

George H =pLydia Clarke. 

See p. 202. 

George Heathcote of par. of= 
Brampton. His Inventory 
6 Nov. 1601. 

: Agnes .... of Lodes in Brampton, 
widow when she made her will 9 
Sep. 1609. 

Godfrey, 2 son, 
mentioned in his 
mother's will. 

Gilbert, 3 ld son, mentioned in 
his mother's will, from whom 
the Baronets. 

i i 

Dorothy. Catherine. 
These two dau s execu- 
tors to their mother. 

George Heathcote of Cutthorpe^Dorothy, dau. of 

of Somersal, co. Derb. 

co. Derb., d. about 1628, leaving 
4 sons & 4 dau s . Named super- 
visor in his mother's will. 

d. about 1620. I suspect that this lady was Clarke 
of Somersal, as M rs Clarke of Somersal was a spon- 
sor at the birth of Emote Shaw. 

Mary Heathcote, 
wife of .... 
Vee vers of Hull ; 
living 1657. 

. . . .Heathcote, wife of . . . . 
of Hull (liyingl657. Another 
dau. one of these named Alice 
in will of her brother 1636. 

Gilbert, under age 2 others. 

1636. W m . 

All dead 1657 except one who 
was then living in Ireland, 
who had been a Captain. 

George Heathcote of Cut-- 
thorpe. Will 5 July 1636; 
Prob. 1638 ; names his 
cousins Geo. & Anthony 
Senior of Darley. 

: Grace, dau. of Tho. Smith 
of Derby, sister of W m S. 
of London > merch*, & of 
the wife of Wil. Allestree, 

Dorothy Heathcote, eldest 
dau., mar. in 1632 to John 
Shaw, Vicar of Eotherham 
& Hull (see Ped., p. 143); 
b. at Chander Hill. 

MS. 142 




George Heathcote of Cut— 
thorpe, co. Derb., Gent., 
bur. at Brampton 7 Oct. 
1677. I think this must 
be the Quaker G. H. of 
Barbadoes 1669. (See his 
letter, Mass. Hist. Soc? 
Collection, iii., x., 76.) 

: Lydia, youngest sister 
& coheir of Cornelius 
Clarke of Norton Hall, 
Esq. (SeePED.,p.l39.) 
She is thought to have 

remar Ogle, 


John H., 1 2 
son, named 
in his 

father's will. 
Admitted to 
Gray's Inn 
about 1656. 

Grace, named in 
her father's will ; 
mar. Wil. Ruge- 
ley, Cit. of Lon- 
don, 2 son of 
R. of Dun- 
ton, co. Warw., 
Esq. =p 


John R., set. 25, 1682. Whiey R., at. 19, 1682. 

George Heathcote, 
bp. at Brampton 
27 March 1662; 
bur. 6 April 1685. 

Barbara, bp. at 
Brampton 25 
July 1684. 

Gilbert Heathcote, M.D.,=pFrances, 2 dau. of Sir Francis Rodes, 

bp. at Brampton 12 Oct. 
1664 ; he was an eminent 
Physician in London and 
a Quaker ; he d. of bruises 
which .he received by the 
overturning of his coach 
in the Hampstead road 
in Aug. 1719 ; bur. in 
Bunhill Fields. 

John Heath- 
cote, bp. at 
Brampton 1 
Sep. 1696 ; 
d. unmar. 

George H., bp. 
at Brampton 

17 Aug. 1698; 
bur. 4 Jan. 

Bart., of Barlborough, co. Derb., 
and on her brother Sir John Rodes 
dying unmar. her descendants be- 
came heirs to that ancient family ; 
she was bp. at Barlborough 1668, & 
mar. there 30 Dec. 1690. Of Sir 
John Rodes there are several notices 
in Story's Journal. (See Ped., 
p. 244.) 

Silvanus Bevan of Lombard= 
Street, London, F.R.S., mar. 
at the Quakers' Meeting 
house in the Savoy 30 June 
1719 ; bur. in Bunhill 
Fields. (See p. 188.) 

= Martha Heathcote, 
bp. at Barlborough 
19 Oct. 1691; d. 
without issue in 
June 1757 ; bur. at 
Bunhill Fields. 

Gilbert, b. Cornelius Heathcote, M.D.,= 

2, bp. 3 of Cutthorpe, son & heir, 

April 1692 bp. at Brampton 18 Oct. 

at Bramp- 1694 ; d. in Dec. 1730, & 

ton ; d. was bur. in the Quakers' 

unmar. 27 burial-ground at Hansworfch 

ofllmon. Woodhouse, co. York; 

1718; bur. living at Cutthorpe 1723, 

at Hans- 'when he is mentioned in 

worth the Journal of Story the 

Wood- Quaker ; d. 18 Dec, bur. 

house. 22, 1730, at Hansworth 

: Elizabeth, dau. &= 
heir of Robert 
Middlebrook 3 of 
Thorne, co. York, 
by Ellen his wife, 
dau. of John Sea- 
ton of Blythe ; 
living a widow at 
Cutthorpe 1731 
(Story's Journal) ; 
d. 26 Dec. 1758; 
bur. at H. W. 

: Peter Aclam, Esq., of 
Hornsey, co. York, 
Lord of the Manor of 
Beforth, d. without 
issue ; mar. at the 
Quakers' Meeting at 
Chesterfield 16 March 
1746 ;'d. 2" of 8 mo. 
1760 3 bur.atH.W. Of 
these Aclams there is 
an account, but a very 
poor one, in Poulson's 
< Holderness,' p. 334. 

1 John Heathcote of Cutthorpe was admitted of Gray's Inn 6 April or 23 March 

2 The burial-place of the issue of this mar. was the Quakers' ground at Hans- 
worth Woodhouse. Sir John Rodes was bur. there 26 th of 7 mo. 1743. 

3 Rob. Middlebrook was son of Christian M. He mar. Ellen Seaton 24 July 
1701. The wife of Christian was Sarah, dau. of Ab m Smith, mar. 2 of 10 mo. 



MS. 142 

Frances, d. an Benjamin Bartlett of Bradford, co. York,= 

infant. F.S.A., son of Benjamin, son of Joshua, 

— both of the same ; living in the parish of 

Elizabeth, 2 nd St. George the Martyr, co. Midd., 1780 ; 

dau., Hying d. at Hertford 2 March 1787 ; bur. at the 

unmar. 1780. Quakers' burial-ground at Hartshill, co. War. 

: Martha H., eldest 
dau., mar. at the 
Quakers' Meeting 
house in Chester- 
field 2 Uune 1744; 
d. 1 Jan. 1785. 


Benjamin Newton Bartlett of London,* mereh*, only child, b. at 
Bradford 30 May 1745 ; d. unmar. 20 Oct. 1787. 

Cornelius H„ d. an infant. 

Gilbert Heathcote alias Rodes of 
Barlborough & Cutthorpe, Esq., to 
whom his great-uncle Sir John Rodes* 
Barb., bequeathed his Estate, with 
an injunction to take his surname 
and arms ; d. unmar. in April 1768, 
& was bur. in the Quakers' burial- 
ground at Hansworth Woodhouse. 

John Heathcote^ 
of Lancaster, 
merch*, d. 28 
Mar. 1758, aged 
28, & was bur. 
in the Quakers' 
April 5. 

: Milicent, dau.= 
of Thomas 
of Lancaster, 
merch*; living 
1780. (See 
'Life of Stout,' 
p. 101.) 


Watson of 


merch*, 2 nd 




Aclom Reaston of= 
St. John's Col- 
lege, Cambridge, 
Rector of Barl- 

^Elizabeth Heath- 
cote,f b. 2 Aug. 
1755 ; mar. in 
1790; d. in 1821. 

James Watson, b. 16 Jan. 

William & William, both 
d. infants. 

Ann W., b. 
2 Jan. 
1763; liv« 

Cornelius Heathcote Reaston of Barlborough, $ Clerk & M.A., only issue, had the 
Royal Licence to use the surname of Rodes after Reaston in grateful & affection- 
ate regard to the memory of his late uncle, & to bear the arms of Rodes 
quarterly in the first quarter with his paternal arms, 20 April 1825 ; d. in 1844 
without issue, leaving his estates to William Hatfield Gossip, a youth of 19, who 
in April 1844 took the name of De Rodes. 

Cornelius Heathcote Rodes of Barlborough, John Heath- 

Esq.,§ b. 7 July 1754 ; heir to his uncle ; cote, 2 nd son, 

assumed the surname and arms of Rodes by b. at Lancas- 

sign-manual 21 June 1776 ; owner of Cut- ter 9 March 

thorpe and Lord of the Manor of Barl- 1758 ; d. un- 

borough; living unmar. 1821 ; d. unmar. mar. in 1813. 

Mary Heathcote, b. 27 
May 1753 ; mar. 1 John 
Miers of London, 
merch*, at the Quakers' 
Meeting, Bishopsgate 
Street, 16 April 1772 ; 
2 nd ... . Massey, Esq. 
No issue. 

* See account of the Bartlett family in the * Bradford Antiquary,' vol. i., p. 187, where it 
states that Benjamin Newton Bartlett was b. March 28, 1745. 

t D. Not. 22, 1821. 

j Mar. at St. George's, Hanover Square, London, June 18, 1825, Anna Maria Henrietta, dau, 
of William Gossip of Hatfield, and left his estates to his wife's nephew William Hatfield Gossip. 

§ D. March 6, 1825 ; bur. at Barlborough,— J. W. C. 


Christian Middlebrook of Thorne=r=Sarah, dan. of Abraham Smith ; mar. 2 of 10 mo. 1663. 

Robert Middlebrook=Ellen, dau. of John Seaton of Blyth ; mar. 24 July 1701 at Hansworth 
Woodhouse Meeting. 

Benjamin Bartlett, son of Joshua, mar. Eliz., dau. of Tho. Green of Liversedge, 
16 of 7 mo. 1713. 

Hy. Gurney of S fc Augustine's, Norwich, worsted-weaver, son of John G., late of 
Norwich, & Eliz th Bartlett, dau. of Benj. B. of Bradford, apothecary, mar. 25 of 
6 mo. 1749 at Halifax. 

Tho. Green of Liversedge, psh. of Bristol, & Patience Waile (?) of Leeds, mar. 
20 of 4 mo. 1694. 

MS. 143 


Dugdale's ' Visitation of Yorkshire,' c. 40, f. 258. 

Will of John Shaw. 

Oalamy's account, etc. 

Various registers, etc. 

Each of the daughters of John Shaw had £700 to their fortune. 

Sick House was sold by Thomas Heaton of Manchester to Jonathan Saunderson 
of Hillhouse, yeo., before 1696. In 1692 it was the property of M r Marler, who 
probably bought the interest of the other coheirs. 

See also Shaw's account of his own life, MS. at the British Museum. He 
mentions Dickinson, Vicar of Rotherham, as his cousin German. (See p. 540.) 

John Shaw bought Shepherd's Castle in Peniston of the Wordsworths, & is 
described as of that place in Dugdale'*s ' Visitation.' 

John Shaw of Hall-broom in the Chapelry of=pElizabeth. 
Bradfield, co. York, temp. Elizabeth. 

William Shaw, 
1 st son, d. 

John Shaw of Hall-broom, & of=pEmote, dau. of Nicholas Stead of 

Sick-house in the same Chapelry, 
2 nd son, d. in Dec. 1634, & was 
bur. at Bradfield, aged about 63. 

Onesacre in the same Chapelry 
(see Ped., p. 144) ; bur. at Pat- 
tringfcon, E. R. Yorkshire, Jan. 

Dorothy, 1 st wife, dau.= 
of George Heathcote of 
Cutthorpe, Gent, (see 
Ped. on the opposite 
page); mar. at York 13 
Dec. 1632 ; d. 10 Dec. 
1657, & was bur. in the 
Church of the Holy 
Trinity, Hull ; mar. at 
Trinity Church, 

=John Shaw, A.M., Vicar of=f=Margaret, 2 nd wife, dau. of 

Eotherham and of Hull where 
he was ejected by the Act of 
Uniformity, only child, b. at 
Syke House 23 June 1608 ; d. 
1 9 April 1672, & was bur. on the 
2 1 st at Rotherham (see Calamy) . 
Willdated21 Nov. 1671; proved 
27 Aug. 1672 ; makes Robert 
Wittieof York, M.D., and Jona- 
than Staniforth, Supervisors. 


John Stillington of Kel- 
field, co. York, Esq. ; sur- 
vived, & was Executrix to 
her husband's will ; d. 26 
Dec. 1693; mar. 19 Dec. 
1659 ; b. at Kelfield 29 
Sep. 1624 ; bur. at 



A I B 

MS. 143 

9. John Shaw, son & heir-apparent, aged 
3, 1666, under 16 when his father made 
his will ; d. unmar., & was bur. at Rother- 
ham 1 Jan. 1682-3 ; d. seised of Sike- 
house ; b. at Rotherham 9 Feb. 1662-3 ; 
d. 2Q Dec. 1682. 

8. Margaret 1 Shaw, only dau. by the 2 nd 
mar., aged 5, 1666 ; mar. Elkana Riche 
of Bull-house, Gent, (see Ped., p. 17) ; 
bur. at Rofcherham 12 June 1684 ; b. at 
the Charterhouse Hall 30 Oct. 1660 ; 
mar. 30 Oct. 1680 ; d. June 10. 

6. Hester 1 Shaw, 4 th 
dau., mar. Humphry 
Marler of Manches- 
ter, Gent. ; b. at the 
Vicarage, Rother- 
ham, 21 Aug. 1641 ; 
mar. at Dishley 26 
Dec. 1663. (See 
Hibbert's ' Manches- 
ter,' iii., 332.) 


7. Ruth 1 Shaw, 
5 dau., mar. 
George Dale of 
co. Derb., 
(Pp. 447 & 

2. Dorothy Shaw, 6 th 
dau., mar. 10 Dec. 
1657 to Jonathan 
Staniforth of Fir- 
beck, co. York, 
Gent. ; b.-at Chim- 
legh 29 June 1635 ; 
d. 1659, & her only 
child soon after. 

3. John Shaw only 
son by the 1 st wife, 
bur. in the Church 
at Bradfield Jan. 
1636 ; bp. at Sick- 
house 3 Jan. 1636, 
lived only 9 days. 

Samuel Eaton, V.D.M., called cousin by Oliver 1 
Heywood. (P. 30 of ' Manchester ' ; see 
particularly p. 521.) 

: Dorothy Marler, dau. & heir, 
mar. 22 Sep. 1682. 

Marler 3 Eaton, bur. at London 14 July 1709. 

1. Emmote Shaw, eldest dau., 
mar. 1 Matthew Wardel 3 of 
Pattringfcon, Clerk, & 2 nd1 ? 
Francis Blount of Kingston 
upon Hull ; b. at Sick-house 3 
Nov. 1633 ; F. B. lived after 
at Melton, 6 miles from Hull ; 
d. in 1671. 

4. Rebecca 1 Shaw, 3 rd dau., 
mar. at Rawmarsh 15 Jan. 
1662-3 to Richard Sheldon 
of Monyash, co. Derb., & in 
1671 was the wife of Gilbert 
Rene, or Kene, Gent. ; b. at 
Sickhouse 18 April 1638. 

5. Rachel 1 Shaw, 3 rd 
dau., mar. at Raw- 
marsh 27 Dec. 1666 
Francis Burdet of 
Woolley, & of the par- 
ish of Silkston, Gent., 
& was bur. at Silkston 
9 Nov. 1689; b. 5 
Nov. 1639. 

Samuel Burdett, bp. at 
Silkston 5 Nov. 1668 ; 
bur. there 20 Aug. 

Francis Burdett, 
bp. 15 Sep. 1672; 
bur. 17 Sep. 1672. 

Frances, bp. 11 
July 1674. Will 
8 Nov. 1697, 

Elizabeth, bp. 21 
Oct. 1675 ; mar. 

1 These five ladies were found heirs to John Shaw in the Court at Sheffield. 

3 Holme says, Harl. 2146, f. 167, John Marler of Manchester descended from 
Kelvedon in Essex. 

3 Matt w Wardel was preacher at the Low Church at Hull, where he mar. Emote 
Shaw ; in 1648 he removed to Pattrington. 

MS. 143 



John Kirk of Wakefield, Gent., : 
1 st husb., mar. at Silkston 30 
July 1691 ; bur. at Wakefield 
10 June 1698, aged 30. 

=Rachel Burdet, d. 6=William Richardson of High 
June 1721, aged 51, Fearnley, Gent., 2 nd hus- 
having been bp. at band, mar. 11 Aug. 1713, & 
Silkston 6 Jan. 1669. d. 2 Jan. 1716-7. 

Rachel Kirk, William Greame= Frances Kirk, Eliza- 

d. unmar. 19 of Heath, psh. mar. at- beth, 

Dec. 1712; of Halifax. Thornhill 6 d. un- 

bur.atWake- Aug. 1723. mar. 

field. 1756. 

William In-=Lydia Kirk 

gram of of Flan — 

Leeds, mar. shaw, sister 
at Royston of the above 
1693. John Kirk. 

Births & Sponsors of John Shaw's children : 

1. Emote, bp. by M r Dodson 14 Nov. ; M rs Clarke of Somersall, Ann Fox, now 
Balgye, & M r Wilson of Broomhead. 

2. Dorothy, bp. 8 July by M 1 ' Harvey, Rector of Burrington ; Sir Lewis Pollard, 
Bart., M r Bury of Collaton, & M™ Clotworthy of Rashley. 

3. John, bp. 9 Jan. ; bur. 12. • 

4. Rebecca, bp. by M r Watts at Bradfield 3 May ; M r Carter, Rector of Ackworth, 
who then preached ; Mary Heathcote, now Veevors, of Hull, & Mary Morton of 
Spout House. 

5. Rachel, b. at Rotherham ; bp. there 14 Nov. by M r Revell the Curate ; M r 
John Bright, Yicar of Sheffield, then preached ; M r Stephen Bright of Carbrook, 
M rs Watson of York, & M rs Gill of Carhouse. 

6. Esther, bp. 29 Aug. by her father, who then preached ; M r William West of 
Aston, M rs (now lady) Reresby of Thribergh, M rs Saint Nicholas of Broome (now in 

7. Ruth, bp. 27 Feb. by her father, having no gossips. 

8. Margaret, bp. by her father without any sureties. 

9. John, bp. by M r Adams, Parson of Rawmarsh, 15 Feb. 1662-3. I then being 
forbid to preach in Hull by the King, & everywhere by the Bartholomew Act upon my 
not subscribing. Tho. Stillington, Esq., Jonathan Staniforth, & Ursula Stillington. 

From a paper in the handwriting of John Shaw the father, in possession of M r 
Marshall of Newton-kyme, 1826. 

The above mentioned Richard Sheldon was living at Monyash, and aged 30 
1662. At that visitation he entered nine descents. There are monuments of the 
family at Monyash. 1685, May 6, Hugh Sheldon of Monyash, in the parish of 
Bakewell, mar. Lenox Truman of the parish of Mansfield, dau. of John Truman by 
Lenox his wife, dau. of Sir Francis Rodes, Bart. Elizabeth, dau. of this Hugh 
Sheldon, d. in 1708, aged 14, & was bur. at Mansfield. Hugh was son of Richard 
& Rebecca ; he d. in 1708 ; by Lenox his wife he had Hugh who d. in 1731. 
Frances mar. Richard 1 Fletcher of Ashburn, & Lenox mar. Joshua, son of John 
Danser of Siresham, co. Northampton, by whom Jacob, bp. at Monyash 8 May 
1726. Rich d Fletcher had a dau. Eliz., bp. at Monyash 21 Aug. 1723. Hugh 
Sheldon who d. 13 June 1731 was bur. at Monyash. Hugh Sheldon the elder d. 19 
April 1708, aged 40, & was bur. at M. ; Lenox his widow d. 10 May 1725, & was 
bur. at Mansfield. 

1 Called John in Lake's notes of the will of Hugh Sheldon, which Hugh Sheldon 
speaks at the same time of his cousin Richard Fletcher of Ashburn, also of his aunt 
Wharton, sister Dorothy Emerson, Cornelius son of his cousin Richard Fletcher, 
nephews John & Jacob Danser, nephew Hugh Fletcher, son of his sister Frances 
Fletcher, & Eliz. & Ruth F., his dau 8 . 

vol. i, u u 


John Shaw of Hall-broom, yeo., aged ab* 60, 1589. Wil. Shaw the elder & Wil. 
Shaw the younger of Hall-broom, 1593. Wil. Shaw of White Lee in district, yeo., 
1634. Jonathan Shaw of the Oaks, 1658. Emote, dan. of Shaw of Hall-broom, 
mar. 1, Parkin, & 2, Kob. Bright of Banner Cross. (See p. 325.) Geo. Shaw mar. 
Emote, dau. of Tho. Broomhead. (See p. 325.) 

William Shay=f=Mariona, a wid., 5 th Hen, 8. 

John Shay of Bawtry, sold lands at Onesacre to Henry Thomas Shay, deceased 27 Hen. 8, 

Waterhouse ; quit claim 5 Hen. 8. . . 


William, 27 Hen. 8. 
John Shaw. 


William, son & heir-app* 1591. Jol 


There was another John Shaw of Hall-broom, as appears by the following 

John Shaw of Hall-broom, mar.^plsabel, dau. of John Beighton of Smalfield. 
11 June 1623 ; liv* 1656. (Ped., p. 266.) Will 13 Aug. 1669. 

Jonathan Shaw of Hall-broom, son & heir,=f=Mary, dau. of George Beaumont of 

Gent., bur. at Bradfield 15 Dec. 1693. 
Left Hall-broom to his nephew Joseph Shaw 
by will dated 1693. 

Darton, Gent., mar. 18 June 1657 
before M r Franke, Just, of the 

Tho. Marriot, 1 st hus-=Sarah Shaw,=pJohn Stacy of Ballifleld in psh. of Hans- 

band, of Ughill. (See only dau. & 
p. 335.) heir. 

worth, Gent. ; Marr. Cov. 1 April 1690 ; 
mar. at Bradfield 28 April 1690. 

Joseph 1 = Ann. Benjamin, mar. Ann. Isabel. Mary. Arm, 2 dau., mar. John 

Wilson & John Bacon. 

Again Jos. Shaw writes from Hall-broom in 1740, & speaks of his brother 
Jonathan Shaw, then living, & owner of a pew in Bradfield Chapel. 

Who was Jonathan Shaw of Hall-broom in psh. of Bradfield, who d. in 1683, & 
has a Mon. in the Churchyard of St. Andrew's, Holborn ? 

Notes of the will of John Shaw. (York Wills, 985.) 

1 He was of White Lee in Bradfield, Gent. A Shaw of White Lee mar. a dau, of 
John Prince of Wolley, & had John of White Lee 1781. 



The earlier generations are from the Collection of John Brooke, rector of High 
Hoyiand, great-grandfather of John Charles Brooke, to which some dates are added 
by M r Wilson of Broomhead, who continued the pedigree. 

Emote, the mother of John Shaw in the preceding pedigree, it will be observed 
is wanting. 

I find also the following among the Collections of M r Wilson : — 

John de le Stede in par. of Wyntworth 1419. [I have not met with this name.] 

-£> . • 
crt o 


o of 

.a 5 

r-l O 

Peter Stead 1 of Onesacre^ Joan, survived, & was a widow 1417 when she 
I quit-claimed to her son's lands at Onesacre. 

John Stede of Onesacre 1417.=f= 

Thomas Stede of Wyntworth &> Onesacre, had lands there 1476. 


John Stede of Onesacre 1486. 

Nicholas Stede of Onesacre 26 Hen. 8 & 3 Edw. 6 & ? H. 8. 


I I I 

John. Richard 2 of Onesacre 7 Eliz. (No proof, but Arthur, 
every probability that he was father of Nicholas.) 

Who was Nicholas Stead of Onesacre & Ann his wife 11 Car. I., also in 1638 
nephew to Nicholas Bromhead of Thornsett ? 

1 Peter de Stede of Wyntworth occurs 11 Rich. II., & Peter Stede of Onesacre 
in connection with the same transaction 10 H. 4. The same person. 

2 I believe this Richard should be Nicholas, as it appears by the Court Rolle at 
Sheffield that Nicholas Stead, 3. Ed. 6, had 2 sons Arthur & Nicholas. 

Richard Stead, 1605. 


Gertrude, w. of Rich* Turner. Anne, w. of Reginald Hurt. 

This ped., with that at p. 268, takes up everything that is known of Stead, and 
is beautifully supported by evidence. 

I think there is not time for this Nicholas Stead, but that the next Nicholas 
was the successor (perhaps son) of Richard, who appears 7 Eliz. of Onesacre. He 
is named in 1581 as husband of Margery, dau. of Jennet Ibbotson. Could this be 
Margaret Revel, but see York Wills 179. 

Nicholas Stead of Ones-=p Margaret, dau. of . . . .== Rowland Thompson of Bright- 

acre in the Chapelry of 

Revel of Smalfield in the holmlee in the same Chapelry, 
same Chapelry, 2 nd husband. 



MS. 144 


Nicholas Stead= 
of Onesacre, 
bur. at Brad- 
field 26 March 
1619 ; called 
senior in 1612. 

: Agnes 8haw,=Dionis, 1 dau. of John Thomp- Elizabeth, "'i 

mar. 14 Sep. son of Thornsett & his coheir, wife of 

1578. so found 33 Eliz. when she was Nicholas 

deceased, Thomas being her Stead, 

son & heir, whence it is evi- below the 

dent that she was not the Gate of 

mother of the children below. Onesacre. . 

Of this 
I have 
seen no 

Nicholas Stead= 
of Onesacre, 
eldest son, b. 
15 Sep. 1583; 
bur. 20 April 

: Frances, relict of Robert 
Beighton of Nether 
Bradfield ; mar. 3 Feb. 
1617; bur. 30 Dec. 
1645. She was dau. of 
John Hawksworth. 

Reginald,=p re- 

2 nd son, of 

lict of 

of Bil- 

John S., 
bp. 18 
1581; bur, 
7 Nov. 



Thomas Stead of= 
Onesacre, bp. 25 
Dec. 1619 ; bur. 
19 July 1686; 
mentioned in the 
Settl. of 1696; 
Supervisor of the 
will of Ralph 
Beighton 1654. 

dau. of 
head ; 
bur. 21 

-Edmund Hob- 
son of Smal- 
field, 1st husb., 
mar. ab* 1630; 
son of Ed- 
mund of the 

Emote, wife 
Rector of 
(see Ped., 
p. 125); mar. 
24 March 

Jane Stead, wife 
of William Wat- 
son of Bolton 
upon Dearne, by 
whom Rowland 
Watson, heir to 
his Grandfather 
of lands at Long- 

Nicholas Stead of Onesacre,= 
bp. 25 Dec. 1648; d. 9 July 
1727 ; Gent. He settled a 
considerable estate on the 
mar. of his son Thomas. 

-Mary, dau. of William Milner 
of Burton Grange, Gent. ; mar. 
4 Feb. 1669 ; bur. 16 Feb. 
1714-5 or Feb. 9, aged 70. 
(See Ped., p. 311.) 

Edmund Hobson, 
mar. Emote, dau. 
of Thorn 8 Wilson. 

3. Nicholas Stead of Moor= 
Hall and Dungworth, psh. 
of Ecclesfield, bp. 14 April 
1682 ; bur. 3 May 1746. 

^Elizabeth, dau. of 
Thomas Taylor of 
Tomhill (?) ; mar. 8 
Sep. 1708 ; bur. 14 
July 1752. 

Elizabeth, d. 
an infant ; 
bur. 1 Nov. 

Thomas Hob- 
son, aged 9, 

Thomas, b. 
31 Dec. 
1709 ; bur. 
1 July 1735, 
aged 25, at 

Benjamin S. of r 
Gent., bp. 26 
Nov. 1719; bur. 
IS May 1759; 
had licence to 
be mar. in par. 
Ch. of Ecclesfield 
15 July 1742. 

=Dorothy, dau. of ... . 
Woodhead of Wood- 
seats, Gent, (see Ped., 
p. 270) ; b. 4 June 
1721; mar. 2 nd Robert 
Hope of Derby, mer- 
cer, brother to Charles 
Hope below, & had no 

Mary Stead, b. 19 Oct. 
1712 ; mar. Aymor 
Green of Gate house, 
son of John Green of 
Smalshaw : mar. 8 
June 1731, & was 
bur. at Bradfield 20 
Sep. 1746. (See Ped., 
p. 324.) 

1 Dionysia must have been a first wife of Nicholas, & had by him Thomas her 
son & heir, of whom I perceive no further mention. She was dead 33 Eliz., when 
the Inq. p.m. of her father was taken 1590. I now am persuaded fchat Thomas Stead 
was the person of that name from whom the Steads of Comber descended, as at 
p. 268. Yet it seems N. S. m. Dionis T. 22 June 1580. 

MS. 144 




Rev. Charles Hope of Derby, aged : 
24 & upwards at the time of his 
mar. ; Minister of All Saints & 
Vicar of St. Werburgh's & St. 
Michael's, Derby ; d. 1798. 

=Susanna Stead, sole dan. & heir, Benjamin 

mar. 1 in Scotland & afterwards & Ann, 

at Bradfield by Licence granted both d. 

19 May 1762 ; she was then 17 infants, 
or upwards. 

Charles Stead = Ellen, dau. & c. 
Hope, Vicar of of Robert Mel- 
All Saints & lor of Alsop in 
St.Alkmund's. the Dale. 

Robert, of =. . 

Derby. of . 


. dau. 

Harriet, mar. Florence, 

Jos h Seymour mar. 

Biscoe & was Tho. 

divorced. Mellor. 

1. Mary Stead, 
bp. 14 Nov. 
1677 ; mar. 
John Armitage 
of Thick Hol- 
lins, co. York, 
Gent. (See 
Ped., p. 320.) 

2. Sarah Stead, bp. 
1 April 1680; mar. 
1 st William Bag- 
shaw of Stanning- 
ton, V.D.M., 8 
Oct. 1701, & 2 nd 
Samuel Moor of 
Lee house. 

3. Jane Stead, 
bp. 10 April 
1684 ; mar. 
Joseph Carr of 
Birley Edge, 
psh. of Eccles- 
field. (See 
Ped., p. 324.) 

4. Ann Stead, bp. 23 June 
1687 ; mar. 22 June 1710 
to Richard Broomhead of 
Nether Bradfield, Yeo. 
Had issue Richard (whom 
see at p. 171), Benjamin, 
Thomas, Mary, wife of ... . 
Gillot, & Anne, wife of 
Thomas Welden. 

1. Thomas Stead of=f=Elizabeth, dau. of 


Onesacre, Gent., son 
& heir, bp, 25 April 
1672 5 bur. 4 Feb. 
1739 at Bradfield; 
d. 1 st s. & heir-app. 

Thomas Creswick 
of Borough-leigh 
n 1 ' Sheffield & Eliz. 
Ann his wife ; 
Mar. Sett. 5 Nov. 

2. William S.=Rebecca, dau. of Nat. 

of Sheffield, Baxter of Woodseats 

mercer, bp. 5" & Attercliffe, Clerk, 

April 1675 ; an Ejected Minister 

mar. at Shef- (see Ped., p. 173) ; d. 

field 7 Feb. 15 April 1748> aged 

1697-8. 76 ; bur. at Sheffield. 

Anne S., b. 9 Feb. 1702 ; 
mar. William Wordsworth 
of New Laithes, Gent., d. 
1722 (see Ped., p. 308) ; 
ob. 26 April 1762 ; bur. 
at Bradfield. 

Elizabeth S., b. 14 
May 1708 ; mar. 
John Woodhead of 
Nether Bradfield, 
Gent. (See Ped., 
p. 270.) 

Mary S., b. 5 
April 1710 ; 
d. unmar. & 
was bur. 6 
Aug. 1777. 

Barbara, b. 28 
Aug. 1714; 
bur. 19 Feb. 

Thomas Stead of 
Onesacre, Gent., b, 
8 April 1698 ; d. 
unmar. & was bur. 
28 Oct. 1765 at 
Bradfield, d. 24 th . 

Nicholas Stead of= 
Moor Hall, b. 11 
Dec. 1705, bur. at 
Ecclesfield about 

=Anne, dau. of Ben- 
jamin Mickle- 
thwaite of Ardsley, 
co.York; Mar. Sett. 
1727. (See Ped., 
p. 310.) 

Gertrude S., b. 23 Dec. 
1700 ; mar. Thomas 
Allen of Sheffield (see 
Ped., p. 96) ; mar. at 
Bradfield 1726. 

Thomas Stead= 
of Borough-Lee 
Gent., bp. 16 
March 1728 ; 
d. in 1793. 


dau. of 
Pegge of 
Esq. ; Mar. 
Sett. 1768. 

Nicholas Stead of~ 
Sheffield, merch*, 
b. 12 Sep. 1734; d. 
unmar., rather s.p., 
as his wife Mary is 
said to occur in a 
deed 1761. 

Ann Stead, bp. 29 
Oct. 1730; mar. 
....Wood of Green 
Lane near Sheffield, 
tanner ; left one 
son, who is believed 
to have d. young. 

Alice Stead, 
bp. 9 March 
1732; d. un- 
mar. 14 Feb. 


Peter, a clerk, re- Charles, the youngest = Elizabeth Mary, eld. dau. A dau., 

siding in Devon- son, a Lieut, in the of Thomas Smith, Esq., d. un- 

shire 1824, unmar. Army ; unmar. 1824; of Dunston. (P. 18.) mar. 
mar. Sep. 1830. 

Thomas Stead of William, Broughton Ben-=j=Miss Datton, a Nathaniel, d. at 

Onesacre, Esq., d. young, jamin Steade of 

eldest son, Cap n Onesacre, Esq., 

in the Army, d. now residing at 

at the Havanna Beauchief 3 Nov. 

unmar. 1824. 

dau. of Peter London unmar. 
Pegge Burnell — 

of Beauchief & Micklethwaite, 

Winkburn, Esq. livs unmar. 

Edward Valentine Steade, only son & Mary Steade, only dau., mar. at Beauchief 
heir-apparent, mar. in 1833 dau. of 22 March 1831 to Rev. William Smith, 2 son 
Hugh Parker of Woodthorpe, Esq. of Thomas Smith of Dunston, Esq. (P. 18.) 

Eichard Bromhead. Will 15 Dec. 1746=i=Ann Stead* 

I I 

Richard (see p. 171), Ex r Benjamin, b. 21 May Thomas, b. 30 Oct. 1725 ; live 1746. 

to his father's will. 1724 ; liv* 1746. =?= 

Thomas. Richard. Benj n . Mary, w. of . . . . Ridal. Anne, w. of . . . . Furnish. 

Jonathan G-illott.=f : Mary, b. 5=. . . . Hawson.=Robert Bennet of Stone- Anne,b. 14 June 1727 ; 
* * * ' Oct. 1717. 2 nd husband. Pot in Beard hamlet, mar. Tho 8 Welden, an 

3 rd husb. Exciseman. 

1st husb. 

Jonathan Grillott,=p . . . dau. of ... . Frog- Ann Gillott, mentioned in 
only child. gatt of Hill Top. her grandfather's will. 

I ~\ ~1 i 

Benjamin, an Excise- Elizabeth, wife of ... . Hebe, live at Mary, lived in the family of Lord 
man in Shropshire. Hall of Sheffield. Silkston. Effingham. 

John Steid of Onesacre. Will 2 Dec. 1570 ; to be bur. in Church in Church Yard of B.^Marg*. 
Nicholas, son & heir-app. Agnes. Eliz. Francis. Peter. 

MS. 145 




See Ped. of Heathcote, p. 142. 

Will of Nicholas Grundy of Thurgarton, 8 July 1627. Coz. M r Gilbert Clarke of 
Somersal & coz. James Foljambe of Brampton, Supervisors. 

Ralph Clarke of Chesterfield. He is supposed^ 
to be the Ealph Clarke at the head of the pedi- 
gree at 189, & there described of Ashgate. 

^Elizabeth Beck of York- 
shire. Supposed to be a 
second wife. 

Godfrey Clarke of= 
Chesterfield. He 
is not in Brails- 
ford's pedigree. 

=Wmifred. Robert Clarke of Chester- 
field. Not in Bradford's 
pedigree. He & Godfrey 
are added from a pedigree 
compiled by M r Blore. 

Ralph Clarke of Ches- 
terfield. So he stands 
in Brailsford's pedi- 

Ralph Clarke, an Alderman of Chesterfield, bur. there 18 Nov. 1610.=f= 

Ralph Clarke of Chesterfield, vintner, at the head of the pedigree at p. 136. 

Margaret, first wife, dau. of 01iver=f=Nicholas Clarke of Somersall=Ann, second wife. 

Dand of Mansfield Woodhouse, 
Gent. (P. 436.) 

m Brampton, co. Derb., 
Gent., ob. 1 March 1589 ; 
bur. at Brampton.* 

dau. of Alan Sut- 
ton of Over Had- 
don, co. Derb. 

i . . 

Godfrey Clarke of Somer-=p Jane, dau. of Robert^Ellen, dau. Thomas, ob. s.p. 
sail, Gent., d. either in ~" 
1613 or 21 March 1634, 
aged 80. (See Talbot 
Papers, M. 353 & 354.) 

Grundy of 
co. Notts, 

of the 

of Ottiwell 
of Cowley. 

Margaret, wife of 
Rich d Bolsover 
of Chesterfield. 

Rosamund, aged 17, 1611 ; mar. Thomas 
Linley of Skegby, Esq. 


Nicholas. Mary. Isabel. 

Helen, 1 st wife, sole dau. &=j=Gilbert Clarke of Somersall,= Grace, second wife, dau. of 

heir of John Clarke of Cod- 
nor, Gent. ; d. in 1643. 

Esq., son & heir, aged 18 Peter Colurabell of Darley, 
or 28, 1611, d. in 1650. Esq.; ob. s.p. 1656. (See 

p. 106.) 

Elizabeth, l st =j=Godfrey Clarke=j=Elizabeth, second wife,~ 

wife, dau. of 
Sir Thomas 
Milward of 
Eaton Dove- 
dale, En* • 
bur. 7 Nov. 
1645. A 

of Somersall, 
Esq., aged 44, 
1662, bur. at 
Brampton 2 
Nov. 1670. 

one of the three dau s 
& coheirs of Nicholas 
Frevile of Hardwick 
in Durham, Esq. ; mar. 
at Sedgfield 13 Aug. 


=Robert Bierley 
of Hardwick in 
Durham, & 
Hornby, co. 
York, Esq., 
first husband. 

2 nd son, d. 

d. young. 

See Monumental Inscriptions at Brampton in Glover's ' Derbyshire.' ii., 143. — J. W. C. 



MS. 145 


Nicholas Clarke, d. in his childhood ; bur. 
at Brampton in May 1661. 

Jane Bierley, only child, mar. Sir 
Gilbert Clarke on the left. 

Rose, mar. 
Tho. Lin- 
ley of 


Jane, first= 
wife, sole 
dau, & heir 
of Bobert 
above, by 
Eliz. Fre- 
vile his 
wife; d. 18 
May 16 67, 
aged 17. 

=Sir Gilbert Clarke= 
of Somersall & 
Chilcote, son & 
heir, aged 17, 
1662; Knighted 
at Whitehall 2 
March 1670; d. 
30 May 1701 ; 
Bur. at Brampton 
3 June ; Sher. 
1675 ; Kn*of the 

^Barbara, 2 nd = 
wife, dau. 
of George 
Clarke of 
Watford or 
Walford, co. 
or North- 

: Frances, third wife, dau. 
of Richard Legh of 
Lyme, Esq. ; wid. of Ro- 
bert Tatton of Withen- 
shaw, Esq. Survived, & 
mar. D l Robert Shippen, 
who was son of Wil. S., 
rector of Kirk Heaton 
in Yorkshire, and Music 
Professor of Gresham 
College (?). 

Elizabeth Clarke, firsts 
wife, sole dau. of this 
marriage, & heir to 
her mother ; mar. in 

=Thomas Jervoise, Esq., of Hemard,^pElizabeth, 2 nd wife, 

co. Hants, Member for that county; 
son of Thomas J. of the same, by 
Mary, dau. of George Purefoy of 
Wadley, Esq. 

dau. of Sir John 
Stonehouse of 
Amberdene Hall, 
Essex, Bart. ; mar. 
in 1700. 

Thomas Jervoise, 
only son, b. 1694; 
d. unmar. in 

Elizabeth J., only 
dau., mar. Sir 
Daniel O'Carroll 
of Ireland, & d. 
before 1758, leav- 
ing issue. 

Richard Jervoise of 
Britford, co. Wilts, 
b. 1703-4; d. in 
March 1762. An- 
cestor to George 
Purefoy Jervoise of 
Britford, Esq. 

Mary Eliz. Jervoise, 
wife of Samuel 
Clarke of West 
Bromwrch, Esq. 
(See Ped., p. 136.) 

Godfrey Clarke of Chilcote, co. Staff., and of= 
Somersall, Esq., d. without issue in 1734. 

:Lady Catherine Stanhope, dau. of 
Philip, 2 nd Earl of Chesterfield. 

Gilbert Clarke, 2 nd = 
son, of Ulcomb in 
Kent, & heir to his 
cousin Francis 
Clarke of that place,- 
d. in 1725, & was 
bur. at Ulcombe. 

=Susanna, dau. 
& coheir of 
Geo. Boun of 
Counden & 
Newhouse, co. 


Barbara, wife of Thomas 
Kinnersley, of Loxley, co. 
Staff., Esq., & had issue. 
The descendants are fully 
set forth in Add. MS. at the 
Museum 6696, f. 32. Her 
M.I., M. P. B. iii., 65. 

Mary, unmar. in 
1710 ; mar. 1 st 
William Ives of 
Bradstone, co. 
Northamp., Esq. ; 
2 nd Sir Tho s Sam- 
well, Bart. 

Godfrey Clarke of Ulcomb as heir = 
to his father, of Chilcote and Somer- 
sall as heir to his uncle,- and of 
Sutton, co. Derb., which he pur- 
chased ; b. in Oct. 1713 ; d. 30 
March 1774; bur. at Brampton. 
(See a notice of him in Gibbons' 
Memoirs of his own life.) d 

: Ann, dau. [and 
heir] of German 
Pole of Radborn, 
Esq. ; mar. in 
1738 ; d. 2 Nov. 
1754. Her 
mother heiress of 

Catherine, d. in London un- 
mar. 25 Jan. 1791, aged 81. 

Mary Clarke, d. unmar. in 
1791 ; bur. by her sister in 
Audley Street Chapel. 

Frances, must have d. young. 

MS. 145 



Godfrey Bagnall' Clarke of Sutton, Soinersall, etc., Esq., eldest son & heir ; some 
time Knight of the Shire for Derby ; d. unmar. 26 Dec. 1774, aged 32, & was 
bur. at Brampton. He seems to have had a sister M rs Catherine Clarke, who 
printed a statement respecting his will, 'G-. M.,' 61, 94, & d. in Upper Brook 
Street 25 Jan. 1791, aged 81 ; but she who in the Magazine is called sister 
seems to have been in fact his aunt. (See above.) 

Gilbert Clarke of Sutton, etc., Esq., 2 nd 
son, d. at Lisson Green unmar. 22 July 
1786, aged 35, & was bur. at Brampton. 
" He was insane many years, & was bur. 
at Brampton with immense funeral 
pomp." (D r Pegge.) 

Job Hart Price, b. ate 
Cork in Ireland 23 
March 1756. Took the 
name and arms of Clarke 
by Royal Licence 18 
Nov. 1786. 

: Sarah Clarke, b. 
in the parish of 
St. George, Han- 
over Square, in 
1749 ; mar. in 
Nov. 1783. 

Godfrey Tho- 
mas Price, b. 
in 1785 ; d. 

Godfrey Tho- 
mas Robert 
Price, b. 1786; 
d. 1802. 

Anna Maria Catherine Price Clark, sole heiress, b. 
at Chesterfield in Feb. 1790 ; mar. 17 March 
1805 Walter, Marquis of Ormond; on whose death, 
without issue, in 1817, the issue of her great- 
grandfather became extinct. 

Henry Clarke of Rochester, Recorder & M.P. for that City temp. 
Car. I. A Serjeant-at-Law. Purchased Ulcomb. 


Sir Francis Clarke of Ulcomb, Kn*. 


Francis Clarke of Ulcomb, Esq., who d. 25 Aug., 1691, aged 26, when his estate 
descended to his cousin Gilbert Clarke. 

This from Hasted. They seem to be descended of Robert Clarke of the Inner 
Temple, in the Pedigree. 

MS. 146 

Burton— &ossinatx>m 

Descent of Ralph Burton of Falde. 
James Burton of Tutbury, Squire of the body to Richard I. 

Oliver de Burton. 

Richard de Burton, 35 Hen. VIII. 


Adam de Burton of Tutbury=pAgnes, dau. of Stephen Curzon, Lord of Falde, 
14 Ed. II. I sister & coh. of John. 

VOL. I. 





MS. 146 

William Burton of Falde=pMaud, dau. (?) of Will. Curteis, sister & h. of Thomas. 

Oliver, Steward of the Richard, of Tutbury, : 
House of Tutbury under ob. 9 May 1420. 
John of Gaunt. 

=Maud, sister of William, Abbot 
Rob. Gibson of of Roucester. 

William Burton, Standard Bearer to H. 6=r=Eliz., dau. & coh. of Tho. Cotton^ 

Ralph, of Falde. (See below.) 

Dorothy, w. of 
John Wilne of 

Ralph Burton of Falde, d. 1511=pEliz., dau. of Phil Okeover. 

Mary, w. of Wil. 
Crewker of Twi- 
ford, co. Derb. 

James Burton of Linley ,=pElizabeth, dau. & co- 
co. Leicester, ob. 1543, heir of John Hard- 
35 Hen. 8. wick of Linley. 

Robert Burton of Linley, eldest Thomas Bur- 
son ; from whom descended the ton, 2 nd son. 
Historian of Leicestershire ; d. 16 
Aug. 1568. 

w. of . . . . 


Mary, w. of 

John Wake- 

John Burton of Dronfield,=pElizabeth, dau. of Richard Revel of Stannington in 
co. Derb. par. of Ecclesfield, co. York. 

Thomas Bur- : 
ton of Dron- 
field, 1 son. 

=Alice, dau. of James Wol- 
stenholm of Cartlege in 
par. of Dronfield ; mar. 27 
Oct. 1566. 

John Burton= 
of Dronfield, 
2 nd son. 

=Alice, dau. of Robert 
Poynton of Dronfield 
Woodhouse ; mar. 15 
Nov. 1562. 

Thomas Burton of Dron-= 
field, Esq. ; High Sheriff 
of co. Derb. 1628; d. with- 
out issue 1645, & was bur. 
at Dronfield. 

= Helen, dau. of Anthony Bright of Dore in par. of 
Dronfield ; mar. at Dronfield 19 May 1598 ; made 
her will 2 Feb. 1653; bur. in the par. church, 
Sheffield, 11 May 1656. Will proved at York 6 
Aug. 1656. (See Ped., p. 274.) 

I " .11 

Michael Burton of Holmes-=Anne, dau. & coheir John,s.p„ 

field in par. of Dronfield, of John Ramscar of & 

Esq. ; High Sheriff of Bradfield, co. York ; Robert. 

Derbyshire 1646 ; d. s.p. mar. at Dronfield 26 

12 July 1656, & was bur. Feb. 1609; bur. there 

in the Chancel of Dron- . 26 Dec. 1646. (See 

field. Ped., p. 274.) 

Alice, mar. Ralph 
Milden of Ches- 
terfield (Ayscough 
4964). This dau. 
is not in the 
Yisitation. . 

MS. 146, 147 



John Burton of Apper-=pElizabeth, dau. of ... . Mower of G-reenhill. In a copy 

knoll in par. of Dron- 
field 1634. 

of the Visitation of 1662 said to be dau. of Turner, 
son but Thomas is in the Visitation. 


William Burton of Holmes- 
field, Gent., a twin with 
Godfrey, bp. 4 April 1611 ; 
d. 8 July 1657, & was bur. 
on the 10 th at Dronfield. 

=Mary, dau. of ... . Mower of= George Milnes of 
Holmesfield ; mar. 14 July Chesterfield and 
1644. Made her will 2 June Dunston Hall, 2 nd 
1690 ; proved 15 Nov. 1692. husb. (See Ped., 

p. 18.) 

William Burton of= 
Holme in par. of 
Brampton, 2 nd son; 
Executor to his 
mother's will; bp. 
at Dronfield 21 
April 1646 ; bur. 
at Chesterfield 3 
May 1720. 

John Bur- Michael=Mary, dau. of Mary Bur- 
ton, men- Burton, Rev. Charles ton, mar. 
tioned in men- Hotham of Bobert 
his tioned Wigan, co. Macheon& 
mother's in his Lane, sister had issue 
will 1690. mother's of Sir Charles 1690. 

will Hotham, 

1690. Bart. 

William Burton of Royds Mill in=pAnn, dau. of William Fenton of Mary. 

par. of Sheffield. 
1718. 1 

Will 10 Jan. 

Gleadleys in par. of Hansworth. 

See ' Hallamshire,' p. 236. 


Prudence, 1 st wife, dau. of=f=Thomas Burton of Holms-=Dorothy, 2 nd wife, dau. 

Francis Lowe of Owl- 
greave, co. Derb., Esq. 
(see Ped., p. 451) ; d. 30 
April 1671, 8Bt. 31 ; bur. 
at Heanor. 

field and Aldercar Park, Esq., 
bp. at Dronfield 20 April 
1645 ; ob. 9 Jan. 1702, aged 
57, & was bur. in the Chancel 
of St. Peter's Church, Derby. 

of Percival Willough- 
by, M.D., of Derby, 
son of Sir Percival 
Willoughby of Wolla- 

Buno Francis= Elizabeth, dau. of 

Burton of 

Matthew Ammonet 
of London, merch* ; 
widow of Archibald 
Arthur of London, 


Thomas Burton, a 
Captain in Lord 
North's Regiment 3 
slain at Blenheim 
1704. He was bp. 
in 1667 by the mid- 
wife. Reg r of Ches- 


Elizabeth, wife of 
George Beaumont 
of Yorkshire. 

Prudence, wife of 
Lindley Mower of 
Holmesfield ; mar. 
at Dronfield 3 Nov. 

Michael Burton of Holmesfield & Wirks— 
worth, Esq., b. 19 Oct. 1673 ;* Justice of 
the Peace for co. Derb. 1702 ; Deputy- 
Lieut. 1711 ; d. 28 Dec. 1719, bur. at St. 
Martin's in the Fields, London. Called to 
the Degree of Barrister-at-Law, Trin. 
c Term 1702. D 

1 Youngest son Timothy under 21. Eld. son to be put out apprentice. 
B. 2 son— dau. Esther. Coz. M r John Nodder and M r John Spanton (?). 

* Sic in Hunter, but it must be wrong, as his mother was bur. 1671 ; -probably 1663. 

: Mary, one of the 3 dau 8 and coheirs 
of Henry Wigley of Wigwall in par. 
of Wirksworth, Esq., by Mary, sister 
& coh r of John Spademan of Koad- 
nook. See her father's Mon. at 
Wirksworth. (See Ped,, p. 462.) 

W m 



MS. 146, 147 

John Burton,= 
Esq., of Hal- 
lows in Dron- 
field, b. afc 
Wigwall 22 
April 1699. 
Of St. John's 
Col., Camb., & 
the Inner Tem- 
ple 1718. 

: Ann, dau. of Jo- 
seph Rogers of 
Cowley in Dron- 
field, Gent. ; mar. 
16 June 1723; d. 
9 Feb. 1757, aged 
60, bur. at Dron- 

Michael Burton, a 
Clerk, b. at Wirks- 
worth 27 Feb. 
1700 ; A.M. of St. 
John's College, 
Camb. 3 mar. Ann, 
a dau. of Sir Henry 
Robert Hicks, & 
d. 3 March 1739 ; 
after D.D. 


i i 

Henry Burton, a Clerk, 
b. at Wirksworth 13 
Feb. 1702; A.M. of 
Emanuel College, Cam- 
bridge ; d. without issue ; 
mar. M rs Bishop. 

Frances B.,bp. at Wirks- 
worth 17 April 1702 ; 
liv g unmar. 1765. 

Philip Smel tor = Jane Burton, 
of Goddard dau. & coheir, 

Hall near Shef- 
field, Esq. (See 
Ped., p. 271.) 

d. without is- 
sue 1802. 

Mary Burton, the other 
dau. & coheir, b. at Hal- 
lows 30 Jan. 1731 5 d. at 
Sheffield 20 April 1773, 
unmar., & was bur. on 29 
in the Church of Dron- 

Michael Burton, liv# 
1765. This is I sup- 
pose the Michael Bur- 
ton, Esq., of Milden- 
hallin Suffolk, named 
in the will of John 
Statham, Esq., 1789. 

Thomas Burton of= 
Fanshaw Oate in 
Dronfield, eldest 
son, bp. at Dron- 
field 31 May 1601 ; 
bur. 3 June 1643. 

: Jane, dau. of Robert Selioke of 
Hazzleborough in Dronfield or 
Norton parish ; mar. at Dron- 
field 28 April 1626. She is said 
in Johnston's MSS. to have 
mar. 2 Wil. Bright of Totley. 

Godfrey Burton, bp. 4 April 
1611 ; mar. Ann Mower of 
Holmsfield, by whom Ellen, 
who d. an infant, & Ann, 
bp. 29 Dec. 1658, mar. to 
Cornelius Blythe of Cold 

2. Thomas Burton of the par. 
of All Hallows Barking, & of 
Putney, 2 nd son, bp. 30 Aug. 
1629 ; mar. Mary, dau. of 
John Saint Loo, Citizen of 
London, & had Michael, who 
d. young, Mary, Jane, & Eliza- 
beth. (See Elvin's 'Derby- 
shire,' ii., 583.) 

1. Michael Burton of Cart-- 
lege in Dronfield, eldest son, 
bp. 4 March 1626. Living at 
Cartlege & aged 35, 18 Aug. 
1662. Afterwards of Mos- 
boro 1 in Eckington, & was 
bur. at Eckington 24 Aug. 

I I 

"Hannah, dau. & 
heir of Henry 
Ducket, Rector 
of Eckington in 
the County of 
Derby ; mar. 30 
June 1648. From 

Helen. Helen. Francis. 1. Anna. 
D. before their father. — 

2. Susanna. 1 1. Michael. 3. John, 

3. Dorothy. 2. Thomas. 
1. Michael. 
All living 1671. 

1 This I apprehend to be the lady mentioned in the following entry in the 
marriage Register of Dronfield : 1699, Sep. 11. M r Anthony Lowe of Alderwaslee 
& M rs Susanna Burton of Cartlege. 

MS. 146 




Ann, 1 st wife, dau.= 
of Thomas Wright 
of Unthank in 
Dron field ; mar. at 
Chesterfield 6 Oct. 
1657 ; d. 3 June 
1668, & was bur. 
at Dronfield. 


=3. Francis Burton^ 
of Dronfield, Esq., 
Lord of that Manor ; 
High Sheriff 1669; 
3 rd son, bp. at Dron- 
field 22 May 1637; 
aged 25, 18 Aug. 
1662; bur. at Dron- 
field 8 July 1687. 

=Helen, 2 nd wife, dau. 
& heir of Cassibelau 
Burton, son of Wil m 
Burton, the His- 
torian of Leicester- 
shire ; mar. at Dron- 
field 1 Nov. 1670; 
bur. 29 Jan. 1695. 

I I I 
John B., bp. 7 Jan. 

1631; bur. 18 June 


Robert B., bp. 16 
Nov. 1634 ; bur. 
27 March 1636. 

William B., bp. 18 
Sep. 1642 ; bur. 14 
April 1645. 

Thomas, bp. 
3 Aug. 1658; 
bur. 16 Nov. 

Francis, bp. 4 March 
1659 ; bur. 13 June 
1679 ;a3t. 2, 18 Aug. 

I I 

& Anne, 
d. in in- 

Mary, bp. Elizabeth, bp. 2 June 

8 July 1663 ; mar. William 

1662. Walker, an Alderman 

of Doncaster. Has a 

mon. in that Ch. 

Ralph Burton of Dronfield, Esq., 
eldest surviving son & heir, bp. 1 
Sep. 1675. He d. unmar., being 
killed by a fall from his horse 10 
Aug. 1714 ; bur. at Dronfield ; 
killed at 10 o'clock at night in or 
near the Milne Stone Gate on the 
East Moor, between Holmefield & 
Grindleford bridge. " Omnibus 
ille bonis flebilis occidit." 

Michael, bp. 1 Nov. 

Cassibelan, bp. 21 
April 1680. 

Both these it is 
supposed d. in in- 

Constantine B., bp. 8 
Dec. 1681. Castaway 
in the Bay of Ostend 
1707, & was bur. in 
the churchyard there 
with many officers 
cast away at the same 

Frances B. of 
Dronfield, d. a 
spinster, &was 
bur. in the 
Church of 
Tidswell 21 
Oct. 1749. 

Helen B., bp. Clement Rossington of Scropton^Sarah B., bp. 

17 March 1673; co. Derb., & of Dronfield, Cent. ; 17 Oct. 1678 ; 

mar. Godfrey d. 24 Jan. 1737, bur. at Dronfield ; mar. 30 Sep. 

Froggatt of son of Clement, by Eliz., dau. of 1703 ; bur. 25 

Wbittjngton, John Sherrot, son of Tho., son of June 1725. 

co. Derb., Joseph R. of Scropton, by dau. 

Gent. of Alcock. 

Helen Rossington ; 
mar. at Dronfield 
10 July 1735 to 
Alexander Holling- 
worth of Mottram, 
co. Cestr., Esq., & 
d. 14 July 1788, 
set. 81, bur. at Mot- 

Elizabeth Ros- 
sington ; mar. 
at Dronfield 23 
Jan. 1736 to 
Alexander Tay- 
lor of Buxton 
& of Derby ; d. 
14 Sep. 1756, 
bur. at Mot- 

Ralph Rossington. I 
have been told that this 
person was one of the 2 
coheirs of Richard Swet- 
tenham, Gent., & had 
Richard of Manchester, 
Clement, a hatter at 
Oldham, Swettenham of 
London, and Frances, 
wife of ... . Bower, an 
Attorney at Cheadle, 

James Rossing- 
ton. There was 
a Thomas aged 
8 in 1708. 

Frances, d. 12 
May 1785, bur. 
at Mottram. 



MS. 146, 147 


Clement Eossington=f=Elizabefch Hyde, mar. in 
of Dronfield, Gent., 1742. Living in 1771. 
Her mother, Helen, a dau. 
of John Ashe, an apothe- 
cary at Chesterfield. 

d. 30 June 1749, 
bur. in Dronfield 

Jonathan Peak,-p 
Vicar of Dron- 
field; sometime 
of Stockport ; 
bur. at Dron- 
field 7 Sep. 1748. 

: Sarah Rossing- 
ton, mar. 26 
Nov. 1739; bur. 
16 May 1748. 

Sarah Rossing-=Hugh Wood 1 - 
ton, only dau. of Swan wick, 

& heir, bp. 1 
Oct. 1745; mar. 
in 1769, & d. 
without issue. 

co. Derb., 
Gent., bro r of 
John, Vicar 
of Chester- 


2 wife. 

James Peake, Curate- 
of Edensor, Rector 
of Kingsley,co. Staff., 
& Curate of Cartmel, 
co. Lane. ; d. in 

=Elizabeth, dau. of 
Thomas Sunder- 
land of Bigland, 
co. Lancaster, 
Esq.; widow of 
. . . . Russelof 

John Wood of=j=Emilia Susan, 

Vicar of Pen- 
trich, & Rector 
of Kingsley, 
co. Staff. 

dau. of Abel 
W. Bellairsof 

i i 

Robert W., not 
mar. 1825, of 

.... only dau., 

Peake, b. 
at Eden- 
sor 13 

Elizabeth Sunder- 
land Peake, bp. at 
Edensor 15 Jan. 

Rev. Hugh 

Emilia. Jane. 

(Q. if not one 


John, an 

ii ii 

Susanna. William. 

— Edward. Ellen. 

I I 

Cath e . 

Rose Emma. 


The accounts of the early generations of this family in public & private 
Collections of Genealogy vary, as may be seen by comparing this pedigree with that 
given in ' Hallamshire,' p. 236. Here I have followed the pedigree entered at the 
Visitation of 1662. In ' Hallamshire ' I have given the descent as it was understood 
to be by Mr. Blore, who followed, as I believe, an account of the family which was 
in the possession of Edward Burton of Chesterfield, & probably compiled by his 
relation Michael Burton of Holmesfield, who appears to have had a turn for these 
enquiries. A copy of that pedigree I remember to have seen among M r Wilson's 

The additions to the Visitation pedigree both on the right & left hand have 
been made by M r Blore & myself from the usual authorities, and I make no doubt 
that they will stand the test of future investigation. The most material point in 
the additions of William of Holmesfield below, who is entirely omitted (as well as 
Godfrey) in the Visitation pedigree of 1662. I know not whether he appears in 
that of 1634. The monumental inscription of this William still exists among the 
other Burtons in the Church of Dronfield, and the memorial which is transcribed 
in the next column shews a relationship between his descendants & the family of 
Thomas of Fans haw Gate. 

1 The father of Hugh Wood was John, who mar. Martha, dau. & h. of John 
Wilson of Heanor. They had a dau. Martha, mar. Henry Evans of Caldwell, Esq. 
See more of descent of Wood, M. P. B., ix., 207 ; said to descend of Tho. Wood 
who was Mayor of Pontefract in 1665. 

MS. 147 



" This Holy Bible was the Chappel Bible of the Chappel of Lindley in the County 
of Leicester, being one of the seats belonging to the antient family of the Burtons 
of Lindley and of Tutbury and Fald in the County of Stafford, lineally descended 
from Robert de Burton, Lord de Francton in the County of Warwick, and 
Ibbetstock in the County of Leicester, in the reign of William the Conqueror, & 
was given unto me, Michael Burton of Holmesfield & Wirksworth in the County of 
Derby, lineally descended from the said Robert and from Sir James Burton, by my 
dear and ever honoured relative and friend Ralph Burton, Lord of Dronfield in the 
County of Derby, Gentleman, also lineally descended from the said antient family 
of Burtons." This Bible evidently came into possession of Ralph Burton through 
his mother the dau. & heir of Cassibelan Burton. 

The MS. of Leicestershire Tenures, in possession of Rev. Edward Goodwin of 
Sheffield, had belonged to Burton the Historian of Leicestershire, & probably came 
to him from some member of this family. 

See also in the Preface to M r Singer's Edit, of Cavendish's ' Life of Wolsey ' a 
notice of a MS. of that work which belonged to Clement Rossington, who d. in 

MS. 148 


The Visitations of 1634 & 1663 supply the basis of this pedigree. The con- 
tinuation on the right is from the Monument at Barlborough & D r Pegge's MS. of 
the Wingfield family. The continuation of the Spink-hill branch is from M r Blore's 
Collections. The .... Poole who is mentioned p. 74 is supposed to have been of 
this family. He was b. about 1730, & was a near relation to ... . Pole who mar. 
Dennis Nevile, son of John Nevile of Thorney, Esq. See below. See a mar. at 
p. 110. 

Who was Francis Poole, Gent., who about 1590 mar. Juliana, one of the 5 dau s , 
etc., of Thomas Wombwell of Thundercliffe ? See a pedigree in Glover's ' Derby- 
shire,' ii. (356). See M. P. B., v., 42. 

John Pole of Wakebridge, co. Derb., descended of Sir John Pole 
of Newboro', by Cecily, dau. & heir of Wil m Wakebridge. 

George Pole of=pEllen, dau. & heir of Richard Hazlehurst of 
Wakebridge. Spink-Hill in psh. of Barlborough, co. Derb. 

Francis Pole r 
of Spink-hill. 

-Dorothy, dau. of Gregory Revel George Pole- 
of Stannington near Sheffield, of Spink- 
(See Ped., p. 171.) . hill. 

=Margaret Chaworth 
of Annesley, 

. Pole. 


John Pole, Esq., 
of Park Hall in 
which he bought; 
ob. s.p. 

Francis Pole of- 
Park Hall, Esq., 
aged 54, 1663 ; 
rebuilt Park 
Hall ; also of 
Spink-hill & 
Wakebridge. b 

: Cecily, dau. of An- Ann, wife 

thony Clerk of Flam- of Thur- 

borough. Left money stan Hall, 

to Mary Shaw (?) & rather 

to the poor of Staning- Marshall, 
ton & Fulwood & 



MS. 148 

Mary Pole, mar. 1 at Barl- 
borough, 25 Nov. 1679, to 
George Fox of Fullwood 
near Sheffield; 2 Eobert 
Blackburn of Bate Green, 
Gent. ; had a son John 
Fox in 1720. 


Dorothy, wife 

of Tho. Percy 
of Stubbs 
Walden. (See 
Ped., p. 362.) 

Winifred, d. unmar. 17 
Aug. 1731, & was bur. in 
the Church of Sheffield. 
Will proved 19 Oct. 1731; 
of Sheffield, Spinster. 
York Wills, 2066. Will 
dated 23 June 1720. 


German Pole of=T=Margaret, dau. of Ferdinando Wingfield 

Park Hall, Esq., 
aged 34, 1663 ; 
d. in 1686 on 26 
Jan., aged . ., 
& was bur. at 

of Stanley, co. York, Gent, (see Ped., 
p. 137) ; remar. Arthur Turner, Gent., & 
d. 29 April 1744, aged 85, & was bur. at 
Barlborough. This lady brought over 
her family to the Eeformed Religion. 
She was b. 16 March 1657. 

U U 


Henry, a 



i i ii 

Francis Pole, Esq., of Park German Pole, 2 nd Margaret Pole, Mary Pole, d. 

Hall ; Sheriff of Derby- & youngest son ; d. unmar. 7 unmar. 17 Sep. 

shire 1707 ; d. unmar. 6 ob. s.p 1701, Aug. 1755. 1755. 

Nov. 1750, aged 72, bur. aged 19, bur. at These ladies, the coheiresses of 

at Barlborough ; of C. C. C, Barlborough. the family, left the estate of Park 

Camb. Hall to the family of Pole of 


Mary, first wife, dau. of Thomas=p George Pole of Spink-=pUrsula, second wife, dau. 

Mennil of Kilvington, co. York, 
Esq. (See Graves' ' Cleveland,' 
p. 71.) 

hill, son & heir ; liv g 
1634 ; also of Wake- 

Gervase Pole of Spink- 
hill & Wakebridge, Esq., 
eldest son & heir, aged 
18/1634, & 48, 1663. 

Catherine, dau. of 
Edw d Killingbeck 
of Allerton Grange, 
co. York, Esq. (See 
< Due. Leod.,' 134.) 

of James Thwaites of 
Marston, co. York, Esq. 

John. Anthony. Ellen. 1 

Francis. George. Dorothy. 

Ignatius. James. Mary. 

George Pole of Spink-hill & George, 
Wakebridge, son & heir, aged aged 3, 
13, 1663 ; dead in 1680. 1663. 

John Pole 3 of Spink-hill, Esq ., Ursula, 
aged 5, 1663 ; d. without issue d. in 
1724. (See below.) 1751. 

Edward (rather Edmund) Morphy of Healey in=j=Mary Pole, only sister & heir of 
the psh. of Sheffield ; an Irishman ; son of Ed- John Pole, aged 11, 1663 ; s d to 
mund Morphie and Bridget Revel his wife. (See have mar. 1 . . . . Killingbeck. 
Ped., p. 171.) c 

1 Said in Glover's ' Derbyshire' to marry Henry Birbeck of Hornby, co. York, Esq. 

3 He was bur. in his garden, being a Roman Catholic, where there is a large 
Monument inscribed: "Hie jacet Joannes Pole armiger, de Spink-hill : ob. 30 Maii 
A D 1 1724 : aet. 64. Requiescat in pace." S. Pegge. 

MS. 148 




Eevel Morphy, eldest son & heir, dead before 20 April 1756.^f= 


Thomas, of Balmakill 

Garalt Morphy of Abbelaix 
in Queen's County, Ireland, 
son & heir ; mar. & had 4 
children who d. before him 
s.p. ; will dated 6 July 1763, 
& d. in the same year. 

James, of Eathdowney=p Ann. Mary, mar. 



James, livs 1778. 


Edmund Morphy, brother- 
& heir of Garalt. Sold 
Wakebridge & an estate at 
Matlock to Peter Night- 
ingale, Esq., 2 Dec. 1771. 

Marv Morphy, 
b. 1767. 

Edmund Morphy, 
b. 1769; d. in 1778. 

: Mary, dau. of ... . Len- 
nard of Kilkenny in Ire- 
land ; mar. 2 Joseph 
Philips of Frankford, co. 
Kilkenny, Esq. 

. . . . b. 9 Pool M., only surviving son 
May 1773. & heir, aged 13, 1792. 

This is wrong. 

It seems not improbable that he was the 
John son of George of Spink-hill. 

John Pole or Pooled 
of Killamarsh. 

.... Pole of Ecclesfield, 

Ann Pole, wife of Dennis Nevile of 
Button hill, Gent. ; aged 32, 1706. 

.... Pole, 
a dau. 


George Pole or Poole 
of Sheffield. 

Francis Pole or Poole, a Clergyman in 
the County of Cambridge. 


George Pole of Sheffield and Button-=Anne, dau. of John Manghall of 
hill, d. without issue 22 Aug. 1770, Manchester. (See p. 74.) From 
aged 53, bur. at Dronfield. whom I received this account. 

But it is wrong. 

Ann, wife of Eichard 
Foster of Sheffield; 
mar. 4 Dec. 1746. 

From the Deanery Books at York, I find that the will of Francis Poole of Eccles- 
field was proved by Francis and John Poole, his Executors, 5 July 1722. 

Concerning the Morphys, I. have seen the brief in a cause, Lord George Howard 
against Eichard Eevel & other Defendants who had assisted Edmund Morphy in an 
escape from the Bailiff of Hallamshire, when arrested at the suit of said Lord 
George for £65. This was in 1695. He complains that he had lost all chance of 
recovering his debt. 

VOL. I. 

Y Y 



MS. 149 


Nichols' ' Leicestershire,' iv., 34. 

Henry Bourne, Rector of East Haddon, co. Northamp., d. 1649.= 

.... Picker- Immanuel Bourne, Rector of Ash- 
ing of East over, co. Derb., which he resigned ; 
Haddon. went to Waltham-in-the- Wolds, co. 

Leic, & thence to Ailston n r Lei- 
cester, where he d. 1678 ; in early 
life he was Vicar of St. Christopher's 
near the Eoyal Exchange, London ; 
b. 27 Dec. 1590 ; d. 27 Dec. 1672, 
aged 80. 

: Jemina, dau. of Samuel. 

Sir Thomas Beck- — 

ingham of Tol- Nathaniel, 

ston Beckingham mar. Eliz., 

in Essex ; d. a & had a son 

wid. 19 June Nathaniel. 
1679, aged 79. 

Samuel, b. 1625 ; d. unmar. 1651 ; 
Chaplain of Christ Church. 

Jemina, mar. Samuel Spateman of 
Tansley in Crich. 

i i 

rothy, b. 

Obadiah Bourne,= 
Eector of Ash- 
over 1656; d. 
1711; b. 1630; 
d. 1710, April 11. 

: Elizabeth, dau. of 
Thomas Palmer, 
Rector of Gedling, 
co. Notts. Called 
Laurence by D r 

Isaac, b. 1633. Dorothy, b. 1641. 

Elizabeth, b. 1635. Ann, mar. Joshua Wig- 
— ley* of Tansley, Gent. ; 
Lydia, b. 1639. d. 19 May 1674. (See 
Pbd., p. 462.) 

Elisha, Rector of Skelton,=p Jane Dowan (or 
co. Cumb. Downes ?) of 
j Shrigley. 

Samuel B., b. at Penrith 1653 ; Curate of 
Ecclesfield ; d. at Ashover; bur. there 13 
Sep. 1694. 

Elizabeth, 1 w., sister=pLawrence B. of Marsh Green, Surgeon,=p Martha, d. 1751, 
of William Pochin of eld. son, bp. at Ashover 30 Oct. 1677 ; I Feb. 12, aged 65. 
Barkby,co.Leic.,Esq. ob. 19 Dec. 1749. j (Q. if sister of 

Samuel Foster.) 

Jane, the third wife of Henry 
Gladwin of Stubbing, Esq. 

Law 1 ', d. 

Elizab. d. ccel. 

Laurence B., Rector of = Jane, dau. of Jos h Rogers 
Ashover & Yicar of Dron- of Cowley ; wid. of two 
field, d. s.p. 1797, aged 74. Gregsons. (See Ped. 99.) 

i i i 

Anne. Mary. Cath e . 
D. coel. 

William, d. at St. John's Col., 
Camb., coel. 

George Fidler of Chesterfield,^ Jemina, bp. 13 

Yeo., a butcher. 

May 1724. 

John Nodder of Marsh^Jemima Fidler, dau. & h., d. 2 Dec. 1802, aged 

Green, d. 23 Nov. 1809, 
aged 63. a 

43 ; bur. at Ashover ; bp. at Chesterfield 
5 Sep. 1759 ; Marr. Sett. 22 Oct. 1777. 

A dau., 
d. s.p. 

* In the MS., p. 462, it states that Joshua Wigley mar. Ann, dau. of Samuel Spateman and 
Jemima Bourne, so this must be an error, — J, W, C, 

MS. 149 



Jemima, unmar. Joseph, of Wad- Jane, unmar. George, d. aged Mary, d. 

1826. ham Col., M.A., - --. ■ 

— now Curate of 

John, unmar. Grafton Regis, co. 

1826. Northamp. ; un- 

(See for Nodders mar. 1826 ; Rec- 

p. 281.) tor of Ashover. 


about 14. 

10 Aug. 





Francis, d. y. 

aged 17. 

unmar. 1826. 

(Q. if not the 

: — 


James, 3 

I I 

Samuel B., Rector of Obadiah B., Rector of Ash-=j=Rebecca, dau. of John Lynch, 

Ashover, d. unmar. over, d. 1763, Oct. 6 ; also Esq., of Grove in Kent ;d. 

1719 ; of Christ Col., Rector of Croxall ; bp. 1 31 Aug. 1754, aged 61 (q. 51). 

Camb. Aug. 1683. 

Sarah, w. of Tho. Obad., a Major, Elizabeth, w. of Rob. Rebecca & Mary, 
Clarke of Chester- d. coel. 27 Mar. Watts of Chesterfield, dau. coh. 
field & Derby. 1 1769. Surgeon. 2 

John C, Curate of St.=. . . . dau. of . . 
Peter's, Derby. of Chesterfield. 

White Robert, only surviving 
child 1793. 

John B., Rector of Kirkby-under-Dale, Vicar of =p Anne, dau. of Mch s Twigge of 

Crundel in Hants ; M r of the Charter-house, 
Hull. (D r Pegge.) 

Holme. (Q. Dory or Mary.) 

John B., Nicholas, Rector William, of Kirkella, Anne, w. of John Dor^. 
d. y. of Fihgal. Esq. Sykes. (See p. 69.) — 


Henry B. of the Spital near=f=Sarah, youngest of the 3 daus. & 

Chesterfield, M.D. & Clerk, 
b. 18 April 1686 ; d. 1775. 

coh. of Tho. Gladwin of Durant 
Hall, Esq. (P. 254.) 

Elisha & 2 others, 
d. young. 

Thomas B. of Rowsley, mar. Eliz., dau. & coh. of 
Robert Scoller of Rowsley, Gent., wid. of Godfrey 
Watkinson of Brampton, Esq. (See Ped. p. 205.) 
Q. if he had a former wife, wid. of George Wilkinson. 

John & Martha. 
(See Ped., p. 135.) 

1 This Tho. Clarke was b. 1723, son of W m C, a mercer in Chesterfield, by his 
2 nd wife, a dau. of Roberts of Derby. S d Tho. had a bro. William, a clerk, & 2 
sisters, one mar. to Charles Staniforth, a surgeon at Chesterfield, the other to 
Macklin of Derby, who changed his name to ... . The 1^ wife of W m , the mercer, 
was a dau. of Mower, wid. of Porter. 

3 Son of Rob. W. of Staveley, a soapboiler, by Sarah his wife, dau. of Tho. 
Webster, an Aid. of Chesterfield & a tanner. Rob* had a sister Mary, wife of Geo. 
Mower, & a brother Godfrey W. of Barlow, also by Eliz., dau. of Godfrey Webster 
of Chesterfield, tanner, had Godfrey & a dau. 



Mary, w. of Benj. Sarah, w. of Samuel Bowker Henry. Harry. Charlotte. 

Burrow, Rector of ofWardour St., Soho, grocer. — — 

Matlock. (P. 136.) =p Paul. Elizab. 

=r All d. unmar. 

i L 

Elizabeth, w. of William Mary, w. of John Jebb, d. Henrietta, w. of Paul 
Turbot of Ogston, Esq. Holland of Ford, Bright of Inkersell. (See 

=f= Esq. Ped., p. 274.) 

i i : n 

William T. Eichard Burrow Tur-=. . . . dau. of Benj. Mary Elizabeth, w. of 
of Ogston, bot, Rector of Morton Sharpe of Fleet John Robert Sharpe of 
Esq. in 1802. Street, Banker. Tibshelf, Esq. 

M r John Billingsley, Parson of Addingham in Oumb., mar. Mary Bourne 1652. 

Pole— Cimtomtj)- 

Eliz., 1 w., dau. of Richard=fGodfrey Pole of High Edge &=p Ellen, 2 nd w., liv* at 

Parkyns of Bunney. I Whittington, 2 nd son of God- 

I frey. 

Ripley 1673. 

Edward, Rector of=j=Elizab., bur. 4 Thomas. Milicent, w. of . . . . w. of 

Bonsall, d. 14 Feb. 
1695, a*t. 73. 

Nov. 1684. Foljambe. .... Gell. 

Peter. John. Charles. Joseph.=f= Elizab. Abigail. 
Edward Pole of Ashton-under-Hill, co. Oxf., Gent., 1708. 

George Pole of H. & W.,=f Mary, dau. of W m John. Godfrey. Henry. Milicent 

s. & h., b. 1604 ; d. 

Wright of Great — 

Longsden, Esq. Roger. Aden. Mary. 

George Pole ; marr. sett =pElizab., dau. of Nicholas Elizabeth, w. of Lancelot 

13 May 1652 ; d. s.p. 

Charlton of Chilwell, co. Rolleston of Watnal, co. 
Notts ; d. July 1685. Notts, Esq 

George Pole of High=f=Elizabeth, dau. & h. of Mary, w. of Elizabeth, w. Pene- 

Edge, aged 4, 1662 ; 
d. 1681 

Ric. Slater, Esq., of Tho. John- of Charles lope. 
Nuthall, co. Notfcs. son, Esq. Baude, Esq. 

MS. 149 




Patrick Chaworth of Annesley,=j=Elizabeth, Jane, coh r , William Firth of= 

co. Notts, a nat. son of the last 
Lord Chaworth ; livs 1708 ; 
by ... . Milner. 

dau. & d. unmar. Nottingham, 

coh. Gent., live 1708; 

a barrister. 

4. William.= 

i i 




Sir Charles Sedley ,=pElizabeth, 

Charlotte. 6. Slater. 

Bart., of Nuthall. 

dau. & h. 


William, d. at Spa. Sir Charles Sedley, Bart., of South Elizabeth, wife of Sir 
Fleet & of Nuthall, co. Notts, d. Robert Burdett. 
23 Aug. 1778 s.p. =j= = 

Rebecca Ann Nash alias Sedley, Devisee of her father Sir Charles 
Sedley .; mar. Hon. Henry Vernon, brother of Lord Vernon, who 
took the name & arms of Sedley. 

3. George, ob. coel ; 1. Patrick,- 

heir to his nephew. of Annes- 

— ley. 
2. Pole, ob. ccek 

=Ann 5. German= Frances. 7. Charles, d. 
Levinz. Chaworth. 1770 s.p. ; of 


William Chaworth of Annesley, Esq., liv& 1747 ; d. unmar. ; killed 
in a duel by Lord Byron 1765. =f= 

A dau., posthumous, entitled to £5000 by her father's will. 

This, which I have from the Collections of M r Samuel Mitchell, copied I believe 
from M r Blore's, differs materially from the Visitation pedigree, C. 34, f. 78, which 
follows: — 

,Eliz., dau. of=j=Godfrey Pole of High= 

.... Parkins 
of Bunny. 

Hedge, d. April 1647; 
psh. of Duffield. 

: Mary, dau. of ... . Pratt of=pHelen, dau. of 

co. Leic, wid. of John 
Brownell of High-hedge. 

. . Ridding 
of High 

Edward, parson Milicent, mar. Henry Theodosia, mar. Hercules. Abigail. 
ofBonsall. Foljambe of Atten- Ralph Gell of — 

borough, co. Notts. Hopton. Thos. 


ohn, Citizen of Mary, dau. of=p George Pole of^Helen, 2 w., dau. Elizab., dau. 

London. Wil. Wright High Hedge, ~~~ 

— of Longston. aged 59, 1662. 
Godfrey, d. s.p. a b 

of Edw. Has- & coh. 
lam(?) of Long- 



A I B I 


William, George, d. 20=pElizab., dau. of Nicho 8 Elizab., 

d. coel. 

Mar. 1641. Pro- 
bably an error 
for 1661. 

Charlton of Chilwell, d. y. 
co. Notts. 

Godfrey, Elizab. 
d. y. — 


i i ill 

German, d. y. George, aged 4, 1662. Mary. Elizab. Penelope. 

See will oflGeorge Pole of Hedge 1673, M. P. B., xiii., 94. He appears to have 
been a Puritan. 


MS. 150 

John Oareleyll of Sewerby in the parish^ 
of Burlington, co. York, bur. at Burling- 
ton 20 Jan. 1578-9. 

: Mary .... bur. 
at Burlington 
6 Feb. 1578-9. 

Anne Oareleyll, mar. at B. 28 Aug. 1576 to 
Robert Hunter of Thornton. (See Fed. 152.) 

Margaret Careleyll, mar. atB. 6 Oct. 1582 
to Matthew Martin. 

Grace Oareleyll, mar. at B. 12 "Nov. 
1583 to Thomas Peacock. 

Catherine Careleyll, mar. at B. 3 Feb. 
1784-5 to William Stryckland. 

Mary Readshaw, first= 
wife. This marriage 
is not mentioned in 
the Visitation pedi- 

= Tristram Careleyll of Sewerby, mar.= 
at B. 28 Jan. 1577-8 ; bur. there 
13 Sep. 1618 ; Inq. p.m. at Agnes- 
Burton ; d. seized of the Manor of 
Sewerby & Chapel of Buckton, late 
parcel of Mon. of Burlington. 

Catherine, 2 nd wife, dau. 
of John Rode of Rode, 
co. Cestr. ; bur. at B. 
23 April 1635. Ran- 
dolfin Burke. 

Anne, mar. 14 
May 1606 to 
Richard Burgess 
of Hull, merch*. 

Catherine, bp. 21 Dec. 1589 ; 
mar. 22 Jan. 1610-11 to Rich- 
ard Milner of Sutton in Hol- 
derness ; bur. 9 Sep. 1648. 

Jane, bp. 11 June 1594 ; mar. 
1 . . . . Grimston* of Grimston- 
Garth ; 2 Walter Hawksworth 
of Godmundham. 

Robert Carleill,t bp. 9 July^ 
1592 ; a merchant at Hull, 
& aged 74, 1665. 

Robert Carleil, 
aged 28, 31 
A Aug. 1664. 

: Elizabeth, dau. of Gilbert 
Crowther of Elland, co. 

John, bp. 29 April 1604; 
d. unmar. before 1665. 

Randal, bur. 
29 Aug. 

Mary, bur. Dorothy, mar. Tho. Fairfax, Esq., 
3 July of Menston ; d. 1728, aged 90 ; bur. 

1663. at Leeds. 

* Thomas G-rimston, Mar. Lie. 1613. (Paver.) 

f Mar. at Elland 11 June 1622. In the Registers of St. Mary's, Hull, we have :— 1667-8, 
Jan. 9, M r Rob 4 Carleil, Churchwarden, bur. 1670-1, Mar. 9, M r Robert Carleil, bur. Probably 
the above Robert and his son. — J. W. C. 

MS. 150 




Eandolf Carliell* of Sewerby, Gent.,= 
bur. in the South Choir at Burling- 
ton 17 June 1659 ; aged 30 at his 
father's death. Said in Burke to 
have mar. 1 Frances Legard, by 
whom no issue. 

^Elizabeth, dau. of Rich- 
ard Knowsley of North 
Burton, co. York ; bur. 
in the South Choir at 
Burlington 14 Jane 

Jane, bp. 1 March 

Mary, bp. 24 June 
1588; bur. 27 Feb. 

Hannah, bp. 3 
July 1636 ; mar. 
14 June 1660 to 
Timothy Preston 
of Burlington. 

Euth C. of Brid- 
lington, Spinster. 
Will 5 July 1665 
(York Wills, 820). 

Dorothy, bp. - 
21 Dec. 1637; 
mar. 13 Sep. 
1664 to Rob* 
Carleil of 
Hull, merch*. 

Anne or Annie, Susanna, 

bp. 23 Feb. bp. 18 

1638-9 ; mar. Feb. 

29 Nov. 1672 1640-1. 
to Gregory — 

Creyke. Ruth. 

bp. 4 Dec. 

: Jane Hardy 
of Hilston 
in Holder- 


Thomas, bp. 27 May 
1634; bur. in South 
Choir 24 Sep. 1680. 

Mary C, wife of 
James Fisher, Yicar 
of Sheffield. (See 
Pbd., p. 1.) 

Elizabeth, bp. 20 Jan. 1632-3; 
mar. 1 Sir Theodore Herring of 
York ; 2 Henry Beale of Knott- 
ingley. In another part of Dug- 
dale's Yisitation the first hus- 
band is called Samuel Herring, 

bp. 1693. 

bp. 1700. 

Margaret, d. an 


Alice, bp. 1703 ; mar. in Jan. 1727 
to James Thornton, mariner. 

bp. 19 
Oct. 1621. 

Robert Carleill of Sewerby, Gent.,"=r=Anne, dau. & coheir of Henry Yick- 

bp. 28 Jan. 1622-3; aged 42, 1665; 
bur. in the South Choir at Bur- 
lington 14 Oct. 1685. 

erman of Frays thorp, co. York ; 
bur. in the South Choir at Burling- 
ton 14 June 1698. 

Theodosia, wife 
of Thomas 
Buck. (See 
Ped., p. 91.) 

Frances, bp. 1676; 
wife of ... . Boul- 
ton, & had issue 2 

Ruth, bp. 1677; 
mar. 1697 to 
Robert Gri ru- 
st on. 

Dorothy, bp. 1680; wife of 
William Withers, Rector 
of Thribergh. Had 3 
children. (See p. 91.) 

Timothy 0., bp. 6 Jan. 1667-8 ; heir in=p 
remainder to Sewerby by the Settle- 
ment on his brother's marriage ; bur. 
24 Sep. 1697. 
B C 

Anne, bp. 1670; 
bur. 1673. 

Anne,bp. 1672; 
bur. 1702. 

bp. 1674. 

Jane, bp. 

* His will, dated June 9, proved at London Oct. 7> 1659, is printed in the Eecord Series, 
Yorks. Arch. Soc, vol. ix., 155. He mentions seven daughters besides daughter Tomlinson not 
in the above pedigree, and wife Elizabeth. 

•j- 'Mr. Hunter must be wrong in placing Eobert, John, Margaret, and Alice as children of 
John Carleil and Jane Hardy, as the dates do not fit. I have the following entries from Hilston 
Eeg. :— -1664, Sep. 1, Eandolphus, s. John Carl vie and Jane his wife, bp. 1666, Aug. 14, M r John 
Carlyle, bur.— J. W. C. 



MS. 150 

Timothy, bp. 1695. Christopher, bp. 1697. 

Elizabeth, b. 8 Aug. 1658 ; Execu- 
trix to her sister Christian's Will, & 
then unmar., of Benningborough, 
Spinster. Will 13 Oct. 1737; proved 
26 Jan. 1739. Makes her nephew 
William C. of Burlington Residuary 
Legatee and Executor. 

Christian, bp. 21 July 1662 ; 
of Beverley, Spinster. Will 
dated 17 June 1720 ; proved 
15 July. Mentions, among 
other relations, a niece Ruth 
Darley. (See York Wills, 1781.) 

Mary, bp. 
24 June 
1663; mar. 
24 Dec. 
1700 to 

Alethea, b. 13 June 1664 ; mar. 
Tho. Buck of Oarnaby. (Burke.) 

"Tom Buck," nephew of Chris- 
tian Carleill. 

Henry Carleil of= 
Sewerby, Gent., 
bp. 7 Dec. 1665; 
mar. at Raw- 
marsh 14 May 

^Elizabeth, 2 nd dau. of William 
Smithson of Malton, co. York, 
Gent. Sett, dated 6 April 
1691. When a widow she 
lived atRotherham,Thribergh, 
and Greasborough. 

Henry Carleil of 
Sewerby, bp. 
1692; ob.s.p. be- 
fore 10 Sep, 1718. 

Robert Carleil of Sewer- 
by, Gent., ob. s.p. ; bur. 
at Burlington 15 April 

Elizabeth, bp. 1697 ; Randolf, 
of Thribergh; living bp. 1699. 
1720; & unmar.; also 
in 1737. 

Catherine Greame of=p William Carleill of Burlington,= Elizabeth, 2 nd wife, dau. 

Sewerby, Spinster, 1 st 
wife, bur. at Burling- 
ton 16 June 1732; 
mar. 8 June 1731 ; 
dau. of John G. of 

Surgeon, & afterwards of Eccles- of William Green of Thun- 

field Hall, bp. 13 Aug. 1695; dercliffe Grange, co. York, 

mar. his first wife 8 June 1731 ; Esq. (See ' Hallamshire, , 

d. 30 Dec. 1779, aged 84, & p. 266.) 
was bur. in the Church of 

Randolf Carleill of Brosterfield, co. Derb., Esq.,=f=Eleanor, dau. of Smithson Green, 

only child, bp. at Burlington 28 May 1732 ; some 
time a Cap n in the Army, 13 th Reg. of Foot ; 
a Deputy-Lieut, of the County of Derby ; bur. 
at Eyam Dec. 1800. 

Esq., of Thundercliffe Grange, by 
Eleanor his wife, dau. & heir of 
Francis Morton of Brosterfield, 
Gent. ; mar. 1766. 

John & Tho- 
mas, both d. 
in their 

William Carleill, Esq., of Brosterfield &=f=Eleanor, dau. of William 

Longston Hall. A Captain in the 
Supplementary Militia of the County of 
Derby, and Major- Commandant of the 
South High Peak Volunteers. 

Catherine, bp. 1789 at Eyam. Eleanor, bur. 1814. 

Green, M.D., of Thunder- 
cliffe Grange ; mar. in 
1788. Her mother a dau. 
of Henry Waterland,LL.D. 

Alicia Maria, bp. at Eyam 
1791 ; d. y. 

Randolf, bp. 1794 ; bur. at 
Longston 20 Sep. 1814. 

bur. 1830. 




The basis of this Pedigree is the Visitation of 1665. The Eegister dates are 
from Burlington, supplied by Nicholas Carlisle, Esq., Secretary to the Society of 
Antiquaries, who has sent me also the continuation obtained from M r Carleill of 
Longston Hall, supported by Wills & other documents. The four sisters of 
Tristram are from the Register only, but a Visitation Pedigree of Hunter fixes 
one of them as a dau. of John Carleill. The present M r Carleill is Lord of the 
Manor of Little Hucklow, and a Deputy-Lieut, for Derbyshire. The Mansion & 
Lordship of Sewerby have been sold to the Greames. M r Carleill has still about 100 
acres there.! 

Entries of the name of Carleill in the parish Eegister of Burlington, 
MS. 151 not incorporated in the pedigree. 

1691 John Carlil and Margaret Vardy mar. 23 rd April. 


1592 Thomas Careleyll, son to John C, 20 Aug. 
1600 Priscilla Carelill, daughter of Thomas, 25 Oct. 


1593 Maystres Careleyll, wife of John C, 29 Aug. 
16-U. William Carlill, sonne to M r Randal Carlill, 4 Feb. 
1621 M r John Carlill 1 Dec. 

1665 M rs Ruth Carliell bur. in the South Quier 18 July. 
1690 Catherine, daughter of M rs Carleil, 26 March. 

There appears- to have been another family of the name of Carleill settled at 
Sewerby, for by an Inquisition taken at the Castle of York on the 20 th of July in 
the 22 of James I., 1625, after the death of John Carleele, late of Sewerby, Esq., 
it was found that he d. seised of a Capital Messuage and 20 oxgange of land in 
Sewerby and Mar ton, that he d. on the 18 th of December in the 18 of James L, 
1621 ; and that William Carleile was his son and heir, aged at the time of his 
father's death 30 years & upwards. From Inq. p.m. in Rolls Chapel. 

By Inquisition taken at Beverley 11 Jan. 1639, p.m., Frances Carlill of Brands 
Burton, late wife of Tho s C. of the same, found that she d. seised of a Capital 
Messuage there and another at Walkington with lands at many places about, that 
she d. on 14 th April 1620 when Francis was her son & next heir, aged 22. In 
Dugdale's Visitation appears Richard Manby of Middleton, aged 38, mar. to 
Frances dau. of Francis Carleill of Brands Burton who mar. Elizabeth by whom 
he had Mary, aged 9, and Frances, aged 6. In the same Visitation mention is 
made of Salveyn Carleile of Brands Burton who mar. Elizabeth third daughter of 
Michael Warton of Beverley (by Catherine daughter and coheir of Christopher 
Maltby), slain at Scarboro Castle 1645, his father then living, which S. C. had a son 
Michael, bp. at Burlington 14 May 1654, & bur. in the Church there the day 
following. Elizabeth was also bur. in the S. Choir of the Church there 29 June 
1668, which seems to shew that there was a connection between the two houses of 
Sewerby & Brands Burton. 

The name is antient in the County of York. Cecily, late wife of Thomas de 
Carleol of Bootham, granted to the Monks of St. Mary's all the messuage within the 
liberty of St. Mary of Bootham. (Drake, p. 583.) By Placita de Quo Warranto 
1280 Laurence de Kerliolo was a juror in the case of the provost of Beverley who 
claimed to have free warren in Dalton. 

The Arms of Carleill of Sewerby, Arg., on a chevron between three Cornish 
choughs sable, beaked and legged gules, three etoiles or. 




MS. 151 

In Thoresby's pedigree of Fairfax of Menston Charles F. of M., Esq., marries 
Dorothy, dau. of Richard Oarleill, Gent. Thomas Wilson in his Yorkshire Pedigrees 
makes this lady a dau. of Eobert Carleill of Sewerby, but as it seems to me 

On the authority of M r Buck's account of his family where it is mentioned that 
Thomas Buck of Carneby marries Theodosia Carleill I have added that name to the 
children of Eobert & Anne, as they were sent to me by M r Carlisle. My present 
impression however is that the lady whom M r Buck called Theodosia was in fact 
Alethea, whose name appears in the Visitation Pedigree. 


MS. 152 

This pedigree consists solely of three pedigrees (two of them official) incorporated 

1. One in St. George's Visitation, Harl. 1487, f. 461a. 

2. One in Dugdale's Visitation, C. 40, in Col. of Arms. 

3. One by Beckwith of York in his book of Yorkshire pedigrees in possession of 
Lord Harrowby. 

The Arms borne by this family have been, Or, a bugle-horn sab. stringed vert 
between a mullet in chief & a crescent in base gules. But it appears they were 
not able to satisfy the Heralds respecting their right to them, for in 1612 it is said, 
Non probavit arma ; and in 1665 that respite was given for proof of their Arms, & 
none made. 

Thornton is about a mile from Pickering on the road to Scarborough. 

The Crest was, On a wreath, or & v., a human scull proper. An older coat 
claimed by them was, Arg., a fess gules between 3 bugle-horns s. 

Robert Hunter of Thornton in Pickering Lythe,=p. . . . dau. of ... . Parkinson of 

co. York, lived in the reign of Henry VII. 


Hag-house in the Bishoprick. 

Roger Hunter of Thornton=f=. ... dau. of ... . Watson. 


Robert Hunter of Thornton, living there in 1612=pAnn, dau. of John Carleill of 
when he entered his pedigree. I Sewerby. (See Ped., p. 150.) 

Robert Hunter of Thornton, son &=pEllen, dau. of Wil- Ralph . Mary, 
heir ; with him the pedigree in 
Dugdale's Visitation begins ; d. in 
1652 or thereabouts. 

i i 

liam Spacye of — — — 

Buckton. James. Anne. Elizabeth. 

Christian, 1 wife of 
Michael Coppin- 
son of Hull. 

Dorothy, wife of Christo- 
pher Hobman of Garton, 
co. York. 

Frances, wife of 
William Ives of 


Mary, wife of 
Machabee Hol- 
lis of Hull. 

1 In Beckwith's MS. Christian is said to marry .... Berryman, & the wife of 
Coppinson to be called Grisel. He has also a third son Anthony, mar. to a dau. of 
Horsley of Beckar near Whitby. 

MS. 152 





2. Robert Hunter of=Anne, dau. of 
Thornton. He is Thomas Boys 
not in St. George's ofEdston, co. 
Visitation. York. 

1. Bethel Hunter of=j=Magdalen, dau. of Tho- 

Thornton, aged 9 
1612 ; d. in 1655 or 


mas Percyhay of Ryton, 
co. York, Esq. 

Samuel Robin -- 
son of Farnby, 
co. York, or 

: Helen, 1 st dau., called 
Hester in Hopkin- 
son's pedigrees, & 
said to have issue, 
John, Jane, Magda- 
len, & Ellen. 

John Has-- 

sell of 
co. York. 




Frances, 3 dau., un- 
mar. 1665. 

Anne, youngest 
dau., unmar. 1665 ; 
afterwards mar. 
Tho s Lythe of 

William Robinson, son & 
heir, d. unmar., as it seems, 
8 March 1715, aged 43. 
(See Gent's < Hull.') 

Jane, wife of 
John Robin- 
son of Scar- 
boro', seaman. 

Margaret, wife of Ralph Hassal= 

Rev Robin- of London. 

son, D.D., of Scar- 

Thomas Robin-= sister of Cap- 2. William, 3. Matthew. 

son. tain Lidster. dead 17 3-. 

Ralph & John, 
both living in 

William. Robert. Richard. 

These sons are given in Beck- 
with's pedigree. They do 
not appear in Dugdale's, & 
must (if they existed at all) 
have d. young. 

Christopher Hunter,= 
son & heir, of 
Thornton, aged 19, 
29 Aug. 1665. 

^Catherine, dau. & heir of Fran- 
cis Danby of Thorp-Bassett, 
co. York, brother to James 
Danby, father to Ursula & 
Milcah, who both mar. 

Elizabeth. 4. Mary. Martha. 
All unmar. in 1722. 

Magdalena, 2 nd dau., wife of 
Thomas Wilson, M.A. 

Catherine, dau. & heir, liv£ 1728. 


Machabes Hun-=Mary, one of the dau s & coheirs 
ter of Thorn- of Arthur Noel of Hay-holm 
ton, Gent., liv- in Holderness, wid. of Edward 
ing in June Johnson of Scarborough, liv^ 
1739. 1738. 

The Hunters below are made children of 

Machabes, not Robert, in Poulson's copy of 

this pedigree, p. 355. 

Robert Hun- 
ter of 

=Dorothy, another 
dau. of Arthur 
Noel of Hay- 
holm, parson of 
Seam near Sun- 



MS. 152 


Noel Hunter, s.p. 
June 1724. 

Anthony Hunter, 
s.p. 1728. 

Eobert Hunter, ordained 
Deacon at Chester 17 
June 1739. (Q. if of 

Arthur Hunter. 

Danby= Susanna, dau. 
Hun- of Alderman 
ter. Pilcher of 


I I I 



Probably one of the Hunters in this last generation is the person of the name 
who mar. a dau. of Thomas Strangways of Pickering, as at p. 260. 

Beckwith has added to the pedigree that the mother of Dorothy Noel took to her 
second husband the Rev. W m Cayley, son of Arthur Cayley, brother of Sir William, 
& had a dau. who d. unmar. I do not see this Arthur in the Baronetage. 

The wife of Machabes or Robert Hunter is the person mentioned in ' Gent. 
Mag.' lvi., 352, where it appears that she lived till April 1786 when she d. at 
Scarborough at the age of 106. She desired that her maiden name Noel might be 
put upon her tomb, & said that she was third cousin to the Duke of Richmond and 
Earl of Gainsborough. The following was entered at Dugdale's Visitation 1665 : — 

Arthur Noel of Hag-holm in Holderness, brother to^Bridget, dau. of Everard Carter 
Edward, Vis* Cambden, aged 69. I of Stonesby, co. Leic. 

George, aged 
26, 1665. 

Arthur. Cornelius. 

William. Edward. 

Mary, wife of Samuel Law- 
son of Lincoln, called Henry 
in Poulson, p. 355. 

i i i 

Anne. Penelope. Elizabeth. 

Henry Robinson of Fermanby=pJane, dau. of Hugh Greaves, Lord Mayor of York. 
John R. of Fermanby^Jane, dau. of Sam. Ture of Gilling. William, Citizen of York. 

(See above.) 


Jane, mar. William Blanchard, 
Citz. of York. 

Mary, mar. William Nevile, 
Citz! of York. 

Who was Anthony Hunter, Gent., who informes against Stephen Holford of 
Thornton about Woods, co. York, as in Mem' of King's Rem 1 ' 38 H. 8 ? (See p. 260.) 

iU*aartr— tfltftotx. 

MS. 153 

I know not whether these entries which I find in Oliver Heywood's & 
Dickenson's Obituary relate to these Ledgards, but it is probable that they do : — 
1696, Catherine Ledgard of Idle, chief upholder of the Meeting place there; d. 
August the 1 st , bur. at Calverley the 3 rd . 1705, M r Thomas Ledgard of Idle, 
d. July. 

Rob*. Thos. Ledgard of Idle, Yeo. Will 28 Oct. 1690 =FCatherine. 
John Overend ? bro r . 

Thomas. Ann, Cather 6 . 


Much of this is taken from a family bible which I saw at Meersbrook. 




Mark Freeman" 
of Leeds, d. 22 
Feb. 1689-90, 
aged 63; bur. at 
St. John's, 

Robert Ledgard, bp. 8= 
June 1651 ; d. 27 Nov. 
1699 ; mar. 1681 June 
1 st ; of Chapel Allerton 
n r Leeds ; bur. at St. 
John's, Leeds. He was 
some time of Horbury. 

^Elizabeth .... 
d. at Chesterfield 
27 Sep. 1707, 
aged 70 ; bur. in 
the Church. 

Gregory Freeman, a prodigal ;- 
cost his bro r Mark much 
trouble ; d. Feb. 1689-90 ; of 
Leeds, clothworker. Will 4 
Feb. 1689-90. Bro r James 
Freeman of Dalton, Yeo. 

: Elizabefch Free-= 
man, b. 25 
March 1664; d. 
at Hull 11 Oct. 
1730; bur. at St. 
John's, Leeds. 

: John Thomas 
of Chester- 
field, Y.D.M., 
2 husb., mar. 
16 Jan. 


Anne, 1 dau. Mary, 

— 3 dau. 

Hannah, w. — 

of Sam. Rachel, 

Smith of 4 dau. 


Thomas, b. Samuel, bp. 21 May Mark, b. 8 March 1684-5 ; Elizabeth, d. an 

24 Feb. 1683. ob. 1687-8. infant. 
1681; ob. — — — 

inf. .... dau., d. inf. .... child, d. inf. Mercy, d. inf. 



All d. inf. 

Hannah, b. 1694-5 ; mar. 25 John Flower : 
July 1717 to M r Stancliffe Jack- of Gains- 
son of Gainsborough. (Q. How borough, 
connected with Ambrose Rndsdel merch*. 
the minister at Gainsborough.) 

: Lydia, b. 1693; mar. 
at Chesterfield 6 April 
1712 ; d. 16 July 
1718; bur. in Chester- 

Freeman Flower of Clapham, Esq., &=f=Martha, dau. & h. of Samuel Dawson of 

of Gainsborough, d. at Meersbrook 8 
June 1797, aged 83 ; bur. in Chester- 
field Church. 

Leeds, by Sarah Heald his wife ; mar. at 
Armley Chapel 22 Sep. 1742 ; d. 1767 & 
was bur. in Bunhill Fields. 

Freeman Hopkinson Flower, d. 10 
Sep. 1746, aged 14 months ; bur. at 

Lydia Flower, dau. & h. ; the second wife 
of Samuel Shore, Esq., of Meersbrook, co. 
Derb. ; d. without issue, aged about 90. 

John Flower of Gainsborough is called son-in-law by Elizabeth Hopkinson of 
Gainsborough, wid. 1736 ; proved 10 May 1738 ; or at least a John Flower is so 
called. She left £500 to dissenting trustees for religious & charitable objects. 
Francis Hopkinson of Gainsborough, wholesale mercer, left £200 to the Chapel in 

1704, Feb. 27. Mar. M r John Flower & M rs Elizabeth Hopkinson. (Reg. of 

1682, Jan. 1. M r Francis Hopkinson and M rs Eliz. Hooker, Spinster (ib.). 

The other coheirs of M r Dawson were Margaret, who mar. in 1762 Stephen Todd 
of London, Esq., but of a Leeds family. He d. without issue 23 Aug. 1808. 
Sarah, wife of Edward Humble of Newcastle, merch*. She. d. 4 Feb. 1802, aet. 79, 
& was bur. in Bunhill Fields, leaving issue. Another dau. mar Buck of Brad- 



MS. 153 

ford, by whom a dau., wife of Whitaker of Manchester. Buck mar. a 2 nd wife, Miss 
Hargreaves of York, by whom a posthumous son who lived at Bradford. 

Samuel Dawson & Sarah Heald were mar. 1 July 1716, her mother being then a 
widow & residing at Wakefield. See for Dawson, York Wills, 1794. 

M r Gollop of Strode near Beaminster informs me by letter, June 13, 1850, that 
2 of these dau s , Edith & Mary, mar. 2 brothers, his great-grandfather being one ; 
then M r Gollop cannot have been b. much later than 1790, may not they be of 
the generation next above ? What is entered here is from Hutching' ' Dorsetshire.' 

Walter Foye, of a family seated at Duntich=T=Edith, dau. & h. of ... . Manningford of 

Court in Dorsetshire, d. about 1713. 

Beveley-Wood, mar. 1670 ; d. 1685. 

Fitz- Walter Foye, bp.=pJaue, dau. of Ware Jane, b. 1681. Sarah, b. 1685. 

1677 ; d. 174-. I of Sherburn ; ob. 1743. 

Fitz-Walter Foye of Castle Hill near^. . . . dau. of John Senex, globe & John, ob. 3 daus. 
Sherburn, which he built about 1760. I map maker in Fleet Street, London, s.p. 

Sidney Hollis Foye of Castle Hill, Elizabeth Maria, Harriet, wife of Samuel Shore 
Esq., d. unmar. d. unmar. of Norton Hall, Esq. 

?Ef tnrp* m 154 

Henry Williams of Britton's Ferry between Neath and Swansey, co. Glam. 

John Henry of Whitehall, Gentleman to Philip, Earl- 
of Pembroke, & afterwards Keeper of the Orchard at 
Whitehall & Page of the Back Stairs to James, 
Duke of York. 

-M rs Magdalen Rochdale of 
St. Martin's in the Fields, 
Westminster, d. 6 March 

Philip Henry of Broad Oak in the par.= 
of Malpas, V.D.M., b. at Whitehall 24 
Aug. 1631 ; ejected at Worthenbury ; 
d. 24 June 1696. He was the only son 
of his father. 

Catherine, only dau. & heir .... wife of 

of Daniel Matthews of .... Wade. 
Broad Oak, Gent. ; mar. 26 — 

April 1660 ; d. at Broad Ann Henry, 

Oak in 1707. d. unmar. 

1. Sarah Henry, 
wife of John 
Savage of Wren- 
bury Wood, co. 

Cestr. (SeePED., 
p. 155.) 

2. Catherine Henry, wife 
of John Tylston, M.D., 
of Whitchurch and 
Chester. (See Ped., p. 

3. Eleanor Henry, 
wife of Samuel 
Eadford of Ches- 
ter. (See Ped., p. 

4. Ann Henry, 

wife of Edward 
Hulton of Ches- 
ter. (SeePED., 
p. 159.) 

MS. 154 



I A 

son, d. 
12 April 
aged 5. 

Catherine, 1 st wife,= 
only dau. of Samuel 
Hardware of Brom- 
borough Court in 
Wyrral, Esq., by 
Eliz. Hodgkinson 
of Preston his wife ; 
b. 1664; mar. 1688; 
d. 14 Feb. 1689, & 
was bur. in Trinity 
Church, Chester. 
(See Ormerod's 
< Cheshire,' i., 181.) 

: Matthew Henry= 
of Chester,* 
Y.D.M.,& after- 
wards of Hack- 
ney, only sur- 
viving son, b. at 
Broad Oak 18 
Oct. 1662; d. 
22 June 1714, 
& was bur. in 
Trinity Church, 

Mary, second wife, youngest dau. 
of Eobert Warburton, Esq., of 
Helperstone Grange, by Eliz. his 
wife, dau. of Alderman Barkley 
of London, which K,. W. was third 
but eldest surviving son of Peter 
Warburton, Esq., Justice of the 
Common Pleas ; mar. 8 July 1 690. 
She had a brother D r Warburton 
of Abbots Bromley. Ormerod 
calls the Grange Hefferstone. It 
belonged to the Vale Eoyal Abbey. 
She became heiress to her brother 
Peter W., Esq., who d. without 
issue 1727. 

Catherine Henry, only issue of the 1 st 
mar., fc>. 14 Feb. 1689 ; mar. 1 . . . . 
Wittar of Bromborough Hall ; 2 Ric. 
Yates of Whitchurch ; & 3 John Raven- 
shaw of the same place ; d. without issue. 

2. Elizabeth H., 3. Mary Henry, 
b. 12 April 1691; b. 3 April 1693 ; 
d. 19 July 1692. d. 22 inst. 

5. Ann Henry, 
b. 24 June 
1696 ; d. 


6. Philip Henry Warburton, only son, Thomas : 
b. 3 May 1700 ; assumed the surname Bulkley of 
of Warburton on becoming heir to London. 
Helperstone Grange ; was twice re- 
turned to Parliament for the City of 
Chester ; & d. unmar. in 1760. 

4. Esther 
Henry, b. 
27 Sep. 

Thomas Bulk- Charles Bulkley of London, Y.D.M.,=Anne Fiske, 
ley & other b. 18 Oct. 1719 ; he was Pastor of the mar. in July 
children. Baptist Congregation in Worship 1749, & d. 

Street ; d. in 1797 without issue ; d. Aug. 1783. 

April 15. 

Esther B., 
d. unmar. 

9. Theodosia H., b. 14 Feb. 1708 ; 
mar. Eandle Keay of Whitchurch. 
(See Ped., p. 155.) 

William Brett of West= 
Bromwich and of Dud- 
ley, brother to Bailey B. 

: 10. Mary Henry, 
youngest dau., b. 
31 March 1711. 

Mary Brett, sole dau. & heir, mar. Joseph Barrs or Barnes of West Bromwich. 

John Philpot of Chester/ 
Gent., d. 9 Dec. 1764 ; 
bur. in St. John's, Chester. 


■-7. Elizabeth Henry, b. 27 Oct. 
1701. Inherited the Grange 
Estate on the death of her 

8. Sarah Henry, b. 14 
Aug. 1703 ; mar. Bailey 
Brett of West Brom- 
wich, & had no issue. 

* M r Matthew Henry had bin Min r at Chester many years, was remov'd to Hackney about 3 
years ago, died at Nantwich in Cheshire June 22, its tho't of an Apoplexy, tho' had got a fall 
from his Horse day before, an eminent JYEinr., 57. (Northowram Register.) — J. W. C. 



MS. 154 

Mary Philpot, only dau. & heir ^Nicholas Ashtoa of=f=0atherine, 2 nd wife, dau. of 

& principal heir to her uncle P. 
EL W., Esq. ; mar. in 1763 ; 
brought the Grange to her hus- 
band ; d. 13 March 1777, »t. 37. 

Liverpool and of 
Woolton Hall, Esq. 
Descended from the 
Ash tons of x4.shton 
in Makerfield. 

Thomas Hodgson of Liver- 
pool, Esq. ; b. 9 Jan. 1762; 
mar. in Jan. 1781 ; ob. 12 
May 1806. 

William, d. with- Thomas A., Joseph, b. Ellis, M.A. & Fellow Henry, b. 4 
out issue. AL*- b. 1775. 15 May of Brazen Nose Coll., Oct. 1795. 

Col. in the 79 th . 1783. Oxford. 

Elizabeth Ashton, mar. 1 William Mary, 
James of Liverpool, Esq. ; 2 George b. 1772. 
Williams of Little Woolton. 

John Ashton of= Mary Noble, dau. 
Woolton Hall, of John Jarret 
Esq., d. in 1815, of Freeman tie in 
aged 49. Hants, Esq. 

William=p. . . . dau. of . . . 
James. Rutson. 

John. Alethea, mar. 

i i. ii 

Caroline. George. 
Frances. Arthur. 

William Francis Caroline. 
Edward. Herbert. 

William. Alethea. Elizabeth. Fergus. 

This account of the descendants of Matthew Henry, whose ( Exposition ' on the 
Scriptures has long been so popular among the Non -Conformists, is taken from the 
pedigree in Ormerod's c Cheshire,' aided by what is contained in the printed life of 
M r Henry, & by information given ma by his grand-daughter M rs Eddowes. The 
descendants of his four sisters I received from M r Butcher, who, it will be seen, mar. 
one of them, in a letter dated 22 Oct. 1821. He seems to have copied an account 
of the family drawn up about fifteen years ago. I have added very little to his 

Robert Bosier, educated for the Ministry, was related to the Henrys, and so also 
was Benyon of Ash, eminent among the early Non-Conformists. (See for Benyon 
p. 181.) 

The principal part of the property enjoyed by Matthew Henry . & his son came 
to the Ashtons. I apprehend there are no descendants remaining of the Bulkleys, 
& that the Ashtons, the Keays, & the Lees, are now the only descendants of M r 
Henry. Of the four sisters it will be seen that the descendants of Sarah are very 
numerous, while there is only family (sic) sprung from each of the other sisters, viz. 
the Lightbodys from Catherine, the Rogers from Eleanor, & the Hultons from Anne. 

Much has been published respecting this family. Lives of Philip & Matthew 
Henry, & of M rs Sarah Savage, in separate volumes. Accounts of M rs Hulton in 
< Evang. Mag.' for 1815, p. 521, & of D r Tylstbn in the same Mag. for 1817, p. 161. 

MS. 155 

FAMILIJE minorum gentium. 


^atoap— luap* 


Samuel = Hannah, dau. of the same=p. . . . Bradborn, 
Savage. Ealph Eddowes. (See Ped., | 2 nd husband, 
p. 48.) _^___^_ 

Mary, mar. Silas Sidebotham Eebecca, mar. 
of Sandbaoh, V.D.M. Leadbeater. 

Thomas Savage of 
Brinley, liv* 1722, 
&r had issue. 

Elizabeth,=p John Savage=j=Sarah, second wife, eldest dau. of Philip Henry, V.D.M 
first wife, 
dau. of 
Ralph Ed- 
dowes of 
co. Salop. 
(See Ped., 
p. 48.) 

of Wrenbury- 
wood near 
Nantwich ; 
mar. his 
second wife 
28 March 
1687; ob. 27 
Sep. 1729, rot. 

(see the opposite page) ; b. at Broad Oak 7 Aug. 1664; 
d. at West Bromwich 27 Feb. 1752, & was bur. there. 
Names Cousin Moulson of Chester 1722 losing 3 
children, Tho., Susan, & another, in a month's time. 
Cousin Robert Wilson a minister 1722. Brother 
Sherratt. Cousin Wickstead 1722. Cousin Witter 
mar. M r R. Yates 1724. Cousin Kirk. Cousin W m 
Samon of Wrenbury 1724. Cousin Daniel Bradock 

John Keay of Tatton-Green=f=Elizabeth Savage, only issue of the 1 st marriage. 

Randle Keay= 
of Whit- 

: Theodosia, dau. of 
Matthew Henry of 
Chester, V.D.M. ; 
b. 1708 ; mar. 


Ann K., wife of Humphrey 
Gregory of Twemlow & 
Whitchurch, by whom 
Anne, wife of John Pridden, 
a bookseller in Fleet St*. 

Sarah K., wife 
of Richard Roe 
of Whitchurch. 

John Keay, 
never mar. 

Henry Keay of=j=Elizabeth 


of Chester. 

Philip Warburton, d. in 1796. 
He had a principal Share of the 
Estate of his uncle P. H. W. 

Philip Keay, 
now (1822) 
living at or 
near Madras. 

John Keay, went 
abroad about 1788 
& has not since been 
heard of (1822). 

Randle Keay of 
Hanley Green in 
Staffordshire ; 
engaged in the 

Charles Keay of Little 
Hampton Street in Bir- 
mingham, accountant. 

Theodosia, wife 
of John Par- 
sons. =F 

Mary, Catherine, wife of Roger 
d. un- Eddowes of Whitchurch 
mar. (see Ped., p. 48) ; no 


Sarah K., wife of Benjamin 
Hewson of Bristol, Gent., son 
of ... . Hewson of Leicester- 
shire, V.D.M. ; no issue. 

Joseph Lee of Redbrook near Whitchurch=f=Theodosia Parsons, only child. 

A | b 

VOL, I. 3 A 



MS. 155 

Sarah Lee, Theodosia Lee, Joseph Lee John Lee= 

unmar. mar of Red- of Whit- 

1835. Brooks of brook. church, ... . 

Whitchurch, AW. 


Thomas, of Red- 

Philip Henry Lee 
of ... . Col., Oxon. 

Mary Savage, wife 
of Thomas Holland 
of Wem, V.D.M. 
(See Ped., p. 84.) 

Richard Witton of West Bromwich =j=Hannah 4 others, d. 
V.D.M., d. 28 Dec. 1765, aged 82. | Savage, young. 

(See Ped., p. 158.) 

Philip Savage, 
d. unmar. 27 
Feb. 1721, 
aged about 21. 

Sarah Savage, wife of 
William Lawrence of 
Wem (see Ped., p. 
156). He had a sister 
w. of .... Hinks 

John Savage of Smeeton Wood ;= 
he had a sister Ermine Savage 
who in 1725 mar. Thomas 
Savage, nephew to John in the 
line above ; ob. 16 Aug. 1771, 
set. 80. 


Lucy Savage, wife of ... . Brooks, 
by whom Nanny, Catherine, and 

John Savage, mar. 
Eleanor Ackland. 

Thomas Savage, 

Richard Savage, mar. 
Anne Corrie. 


Sarah S., d. 

Anne S. 

Sarah S., wife of 
J. Morrison. 

Samuel Savage, mar. Sarah Roe. 

Catherine S., wife of 
William Hayter. 

Henry Savage, mar. 
Margaret Warren. 

Sarah S., wife of 
John Kenriek of 
Wrexham. (See 
Ped., p. 86.) 


Samuel Savage, 
mar. Mary Wel- 
ham, & d. at 
Cheltenham in 
1828 s.p. 


Mary, wife 
Bunnel of Is 


Richard, mar. 
Susan Jones ; 
live in London 



John, d. 

I I I I 


d. unmar. 

Hannah. 1 Peter. 

— William. 

— Mary.' 

— Samuel. 


d. unmar. 

Anne, d. 


Sarah, d. 

beth. 3 

Eliz h , wife of 
W m Woollat 
of Derby & 


d. y._ 


Elizabeth. 4 


1 Mar. John May of Ipswich. 

2 Mar. William Lewis of Spital Square, London, bro r of George, & d. ; when he 
mar. her sister Elizabeth. 3 

4 Mar. Richard Greenhough of Kendal & Wrexham. 

MS. 155 



1810. I was acquainted with M r Philip Henry Savage, or Sauvage as he wrote 
the name. He was a Captain in the Army & was a son as was said of Admiral 
Sanvage. I mention it on account of the name. He was not I believe related to 
this family. He lived at Bath. His wife was a dan. of Francis Stone who was 
ejected from the living of Gold-Norton for Heretical Doctrine about 1808. They 
had no issue. 

ms. we & 157 JLatortme— ^toatttotck* 

William Hincks of Chester, leave looker C?).^ 


Edward Hincks of Chester, innholder,=pElizab., dau of ... . Johnes of Chester j 
d. 19 May 1688. d. 15 July 1666. 

Harl. 2161, 
f. 240b. 

Joseph Hincks, d. bef ore=f=. . . . dau. of Slaber, parson 
his father. I of Christleton. 

Edward. Joseph. 

William Lawrence of the Moat- 
House, Wem, co. Salop. 

: Sarah, dau. of John Savage of Wrenbury, by Sarah 
his wife, eldest dau. of Philip Henry, V.D.M. 

4. John Law-=f=Abigail 3. Debora L., 6. William Lawrence, = Elizabeth 
rence. Wright. d. unmar. d. without issue. Skey. 

Sarah L., wife of 
Joseph Newnham, 
by whom Joseph 
& Johu. (Seethe 
opposite page.) 

Abigail, wife of Joseph 
Ireland, by whom Sarah, 
& Edward who mar. 
Mary Saxton, dau. of 
Thomas by a former 

Catherine, wife of Thomas Sax- 
ton, by whom Sarah who d. in 
1820, the only child. M r S. by 
a former wife had 2 dau s only, 
one mar. Ireland and the other 



d. aged 

1 st 

Thomas Samuel. 
Law- — 

rence. William. 

John. Maria. 

: Eliza, d. at= 
1831, aged 
76; bur. with 
her husband. 

: Edmund Butcher of Lon- 
don & Sidmouth, Y.D.M., 
2 nd husband, d. at Bath 
14 April 1822, and was 
bur. in the Dissenters' 
burial-ground there. 

Abigail Elizabeth, wife of 
Lowe. .... Barton. 



Cathe- Mary. 



mar. 1829 




MS. 156 &■ 157 

A B 

Edmund Butcher of Bristol, merch*, only Eliza. If ex- Emma, mar. at Walcot 

son, mar. 8 Jan. 1822 to Anna Maria, isting at all 29 Oct. 1822 to Samuel 

dau. of J. L. Lansdown, Esq., of Montego must have d. Beale of Camp Hill 

Bay, Jamaica, and 2 . . . . young. near Birmingham. 

5. Thomas^Elizabeth Basnett of 7. Philip Lawrence, 9. Samuel=rElizabeth 
Lawrence. London. d. in childhood. Lawrence. Potts. 

of Bir- 

: Mary Sarah L., wife of Tho s John Towers=pAnn 
John- Hamilton, by whom Lawrence of Potts, 
son. Thomas Lawrence, Birmingham. 

Geek=pElizabeth Basnett, 


Edward. Sarah Eliza. Oath e . Mary. 

d. unmar. 

Elizabeth, Nathaniel^ F. S. 

wife of J. 
or E. 
Holmes, & 
d. s.p. 









Charles, d. Sarah, 

unmar. — 

— Emma, 
John. wife of 

— Charles 
Nanny. Potts. 

Sarah Frances. Mary. Philip Henry. Nath 1 Tertius, 




1. Sarah Joseph Swan-=p2. Elizabeth= Thomas Ireland, 8. Catherine 


wick of Wem. 

Lawrence. 2 nd husband ; no Lawrence, d. 
issue. unmar. 

Sarah, Thomas, mar Joseph, mar. Sarah Samuel, Martha, William. 

d. un- Adams, & had 4 Lawrence, & had mar. d. un- 

mar. children, all dead John & Joseph. .... mar. 

in 1821. =p Swan- 


John. Joseph. William. Samuel. Thomas. Sarah. 

John=j=Mary Hincks. 

Edward, d. Ann Swanwick, wife of Francis Boult, by whom Francis, Swinton, 
unmar. Edward, Charles, Mary, Ann, Joseph, Frances. 



Fanny S., wife of Elizabeth, Mary S., wife of 


Bethia Swanwick, wife of 

John Nichols 

of d. unmar. Joseph Hutton of 

John Wickstead, by whom 


Dublin, Y.D.M. 

Bethia, John, Joseph, 



Thomas, Arthur, Charles, 
Fanny, & Frederick. 

Sarah N., wife 


Joseph=. . . .dan. 

i i i in ii i i 

John. Mary. Henry. 

of Geo. Hol- 


Hutton of ... . 

— — — 

land, Esq., of 


of Leeds, Holt of 

Mary. Bethia, Daniel. 

Lyme, son of 

V.D.M. Notting- 

— . — — 

.... Holland 

& LL.D., ham. 

Francis. Edward. William. 

of Bristol, 

d. mar. 

- — 


1860 at 




JoseplFpHannah Susanna S., Sarah S., wife of John S., mar. Thomas, mar. 



wife of Wil- Drennan 

Ann Hilditch. 



Joseph. Frederick. 
Edward. Fanny. 

Thomas Sarah. 
Hamil- — 
ton. John 
— Swan- 
William wick. 

Jr 1 ' ' 





U i J 


MS. 158 


Richard Witton of West=f=Hannah, dau. of John Savage of Wrenbury, by Sarah, 

Bromwich, V.D.M. 

dau. of Philip Henry. (See Ped., p. 155.) 

Philip Henry Witton, Matthew=f=Mary Roe, sister of Sarah, w. of Sarah Witton, 

mar. 1 Elizab. Cooke ; Witton. 
2 Elizab. Green. 

Samuel Savage, and of Richard wife of Wil- 
Roe of the Farm near Whit- liam Brett, 

Richard Witton. Philip Henry Witton=pRebecca Green. 

i i 

2 children, d. young. 

Hannah Witton. 

Sarah Witton. 



MS. 158 


John Tylston, M.D., of Whitchurch^Catherine, dau. of Philip Henry, 
& Chester, d. in 1699. | V.D.M. (See Ped., p. 154.) 


Hoi- Tylston. 

John=pElizab. Colley of Catherine Hannah T., d. unmar. ; 

.i 1 

Churton Heath T., d. un- was living 1752. 

near Chester, mar. mar. — 

at Bunbury 1725. Mary T., d. unmar. 

John Tylston, d. un- John Tylston, d. Adam^Elizabeth William=Ann T. 


Mary Tylston. 

Catherine, d. unmar. 


William Tylston, 
d. unmar. 


Tylston. Mitchel. 

Thomas Hodgson of Liverpool, merchant=pElizabeth Lightbody. 

J . . . . Fleteher=f=Eliza- Isaac=. . . . dau. of Adam=. . . . dau. of Agnes, 
of Liverpool. beth. 

. . . Mac- 

Cham- — 
poly. Mary. 

John. Thomas Hodgson. Elizabeth. Philip Henry. Samuel. Agnes. Jane. 

John Pares of Leicester, Esq., Sher. of Leicestershire 1802.=f=Agnes Lightbody, 

(See Burke's ' Genealogist.') 

d. 31 Aug. 1812. 

Elizab. Anne, w. Agnes, w. Mary. Hannah, John, 

of ... . of ... , — mar. . , 

Paget. Vaughan. Tho s . Jones. 





Thomas. John. Edw d . Lucy. Charles. Edward. 

Samuel Greg of Quarry Bank near Manchester, son=j=Ann Lightbody, d. at Quarry 
of ... . Greg of Belfast. Bank in January 1828. 

Robert Greg,= 

=Mary, eld. dau. 

Elizabeth, w. 

■i 1 'a 
Mary Anne. 

i i i 



2 son, mar. in 

of Robert Phi- 

of Wil. Rath- 




June 1824. 

lips of the Park 

bone of 

Thomas, 1 son. 



near Manches- 





ter. (P. 120.) 





Elizabeth. Hannah Mary. William. Agnes. Samuel. 


Samuel Radford of the City of=f=Eleanor, dau. of Philip Henry, V.D.M. 

Chester, of which he was a 
native, d. in 1699. 

(see p. 154) ; b. 23 July 1667 ; mar. 
1 Jan. 1689 ; d. 23 Aug. 1696. 

I I I . ■ I 

Daniel=j=. . . . Mary Radford, wife of Catherine Radford, wife Sarah Rad- 


Harris. Paul Mitchel, by whom of J. Bingham, by whom ford, d. 
Mary, who never mar. A., who never mar. unmar. 

Thomas Rogers=p Mary Radford. 

Daniel Rogers of . . . .^ . . . . Thomas Samuel Rogers, banker & Poet, 

near Hagley, co.Worc., 
d. Feb. 1829. 

Bowles. Rogers, Author of ' The Pleasures of 

d. unmar. Memory,' d. unmar. 1855. 

. Rogers, Clerk, M r of the Grammar School, Walsall. 

Sarah Rogers, wife of Martha Mary Rogers, wife of John Towgood Henry 
Sutton Sharp. Rogers. of London, banker. Rogers. 

ii i mi mi i i i i 

Sutton. Mary, mar. Edwin Henry. Maria. Charles. Lucy. 

— Wilkins Field. — — — — 

Samuel. (See PED.,p. 496.) William. Caroline. George. Samuel. 

Daniel. John. 

Another account transmitted by the family makes Sarah wife of Towgood, and 
Martha of Sharp. 

In one of Randle Holmes' MSS. at the British Museum is a pedigree of Hulton 
of Chester, from whom doubtless this Edward was descended. (See Harl. 1987, 
f. 14b.) One of them was Sheriff of Chester 1639. (See King, 220.) 

Edward Hulton 1 of the^fAnn, dau. of Philip Henry, V.D.M. (see Ped., p. 154) ; 
mar. at Whifcewell Chapel 26 April 1688 ; d. 6 Sep. 
1696, aged 28 ; bur. in St. Bride's Church. 

City of Chester, of which 
he was a native. 


1 He is called John son of Edw. & Eliz. Pool his wife in Berry's * Hampshire 
Genealogies,' where see more. 



MS. 159 


Edward Hulton^fElizab. Lowe, dau. of Catherine Hulton, d. Randle=pMary 

of Chester. 

Samuel Lowe of 
Knutsford, Y.D.M. 

unmar. She was bp. Wilson. 
6 April 1693. 


Harry Hulton, Com r = 
of the Customs in 
N. America ; of Bur- 
cot, co. Som. 

r Elizab. Preston, 
dau. of Isaac P. 
of Beeston, co. 
Norf., barr. 

John Hulton, d. unmar. 
Samuel Hulton, d. unmar. 
Ann Hulton, d. unmar. 

Philip Wilson, 
d. unmar. 

John Wilson, 
d. unmar. 

i i i i i 

Thomas Hulton, assumed=Elizab. Henry Preston Edward George 
the name of Preston. Preston. Hulton. Hulton. Hulton. Hulton. 


MS. 160 

Sir Jonathan's branch is principally from Le Neve's < Knights' Pedigrees,' Harl. 
5801, f. 138. Portions of Jemmett Raymond's property came to the other branch. 
The relationship is as stated by J. C. Brooke in his Collections for Strafford & 
Tickhill. The later generations are from the information of my friend M rs Nias, 
as is all on the next page. June 11, 1822. 

Arms : An eagle displayed, on a chief crenelle 3 roundels. 

' Threnodia Hymenda,' a funeral Poem to the memory of the honoured M rs Anna 
Raymond, by E. Settle, fol. 1712. It appears that she lived at Hackney, was mar. 
nearly 5 years, & left issue. 



Sir Jonathan Raymond, an Alder-=j=Anne, dau. & heir of Philip Jem 

man of London; Sheriff 1679, in 
which year he received the honour 
of Knighthood ; afterwards of 
Barton Court near Hungerford 
in Berks. 

mett, Esq., of London, brewer, & 
also of . ... co. Berks, of which 
county he served the office of 
High Sheriff, by Elizabeth his 
wife, dau. of Lancelot Grimshaw 
of London. 

Sir Jemmett Raymond of=f=Elizabeth, dau. & heir=f Eliz., 2 w., dau. 

Barton Court in Berks 
knighted at Skinner-hall 
in London 1 May 1680, 
when his father was Sheriff ; 
b. 1662; d. 20 Dec. 1754, 
aged 92 ; bur. in Kintbury 
Church. a 

of Sir George Brown of 
Wolverton, co. Hants, 
Kn*, by Jane, dau. of 
Sir Henry Worsley of 
Apulldercombe ; d. 19 
July 1688, aged 17. 


of Henry Skyll- 
ing of Draycot, 
co. Wilts, Esq. ; 
mar. 1704 ; d. 
4 June 1754. 

John Ray-=f= 

d. unmar. 
and was 
bur. at 


MS. 160 




B L 


Jemmett Raymond of=. . . . dau. of Colonel Staples, 
Barton Court, Esq., b. wid. of the Hon. Charles Cra- 
ven, Governor of Carolina, the 
8 th & youngest son of William 
the 1 st Lord Craven. 

15 July 1688, nine days 
before his mother's de- 
cease ; d. without issue 
2 Sep. 1767, aged 79. 

sons & 
dau s d. 

mar. Rev. 
John Cra- 


Samuel Raymond/ 
d. in 1730. 

: Anne, dau. of Nich s Skinner. Her sister mar. Disney Stani- 
forth of Firbeck, co. York, Esq. (See Ped., p. 181.) 


Britannia, first wife,=pJohn Raymond, Esq., of Tower Hill,= 

dau. of John Lamb 
of Hackney, merch* 
(see Ped. on the op- 
posite page) ; d. in 
May 1743. 

London, of Hatchlands in Surrey, & 
of Horn Park near Eltham ; some 
time M.P. for Melcomb Regis. ; d. 
at Battersea Rise, Clapham, & was 
bur. in a family vault in the old 
churchyard, Hackney. 

=Mary, second . A dau 1 ', 
wife, another living 
dau. of the 1712. 
said John 

Britannia R., eld- 
est dau., wife of 
Charles Tyrrel 
Morgan, Esq., of 
Hempstead, co. 
Glouc. ; no issue. 

Elizabeth R., 2 nd 
dau., wife of John 
or Thomas Lane 
of Hampstead, 
Esq., son of John 
Lane, a Master 
in Chancery ; no 

Mary R., wife of John 
Warren of London, 
merch*. (See Ped., p. 

Anna R., wife of Wil- 
liam Coates of Highgate 
& of London, silk manu- 
facturer : no issue. 

Martha, first wife, dau. &- 
coheir (with Fanny, wife 
of Sir Henry Hoghton, 
Bart.) of Daniel Booth, 
Esq., of Hulton hall, co. 
Essex, a Governor of the 
Bank of England ; burnt 
to death at Fairford 1796. 

: John Raymond-Barker of Fairford, co.= 
Gloucester, Esq., only son ; assumed the 
surname of Barker pursuant to directions 
from M rs Lamb, who made him her 
heir by Sign-manual 2 June 1789 ; he 
was also heir to the Staniforths of Fir- 
beck ; some time a Director of the South 
Sea Company ; living 1822, aged about 
80; d. 1827. 

Sarah R., 5 & 
youngest dau., 
mar. John 
Wansey of 
Hall, factor. 
(See Ped., 
p. .) 

=Margaret, 2 nd 
wife, dau. of 
Thomas Bod- 
dington of 
London & 
Clapton, Esq., 
a Governor of 
the Bank of 

Mary, William, d. on Fanny. Frederick, in the Edward, d. 
ob. his passage to Church, mar. in young, 

coel. the East In- 1819 and d. in a 

dies. few weeks. 


Daniel Barker,= 

= Sophia, dau. 

James, an officer 

1 1 1 



Charles, = 

=. . . . dau. 

eld. son and heir 

of Ives, 

of Militia. 


a South 

ofNath 1 

apparent, killed 

Esq., of 



Sea Di- 


by a fall from 

Norwich ; 

Esther B., wife of 

killed at 


iston, Esq. 

his horse in 

mar. in 

John March of 


1827, a short 


London, printer, 

patam ; 

time after the 

by whom an only 

was mar. 

death of his 

dau., mar. to Ma- 



jor Bye. 


VOL. I. 

3 B 



MS. 161 

John Lamb=j=Mary, dau.=John Barker, V.D.M., of 

of Hackney, 

of ... . Hackney, Salters Hall, 

London, & Clapham, 2 nd 
husband ; no issue. He 
had a former wife Bath- 
shua, dau. of Eobert Gled- 
hill of Yorkshire. 

Britannia, wife of John 
Eaymond, Esq. 

Mary, 2 nd wife of the 
same John Eaymond. 

Samuel Barker of=p dau 

Fairford, co. 


Grlouc, Esq., son 


& heir of Andrew 


Barker of the same 

place, Esq. ; first 

of the family set- 

tled here. 

.... wife of 
.... Bance 
of London, 
merch 1 


James Lamb of=Esther Barker, sole dau. 
Hackney and of and heir ; survived & 
Fairford, co. gave her estate at Fair- 

Glouc, Esq. ; d. ford to her husband's 
wi thout issue. nephew J. Eaymond, Esq. 

Matthew Howard of Thorpe near Norwich, Esq. ^Britannia, dau. of Tho. Cole, Esq. ; 
d. 22 March 1737, aged 54. M.I. d. 13 Oct. 1714, aged 22. 

Tho 9 , Elizabeth, w. of Edward Kudge, Britannia, d. unmar. 1 March Hannah, w. of John 
d. y. Esq., of Wheatfield, co. Oxon. 1730, aged 20. Earl of Rothes. 


John Warren, V.D.M., of Coventry. : 

.... Warren of New Broad : 
Street, London ; d. about the 
age of 35. 

John Warren=pMary, dau. 

=. . . . sister of Edward Pickard, 
Y.D.M., of Carter Lane, in 

of London, 

of John 



Edward Warren 
of Ware, merch fc , 
where he d. un- 

i i 

Thomas Pickard 
& Francis ; d. 

I I 
2 dau s , lived 

i i 

Elizabeth, liv g un- 
mar. at Ware 1822. 

Sarah, d. unmar. 

.... Warren 
of London, 
eldest son ; 
unmar. 1822 ; 
d. unmar. 

.... Warren, 
2 nd son ; also 
unmar. 1822 ; 

mar dau. 

of Tay- 

William Mas, formerry=j=Elizabeth War- 2 nd 

of London, & now of 
Westmorland place near 
Bath ; of a family at 
Newbury in Berks ; d. 
about 1854. 

ren, elder of the 
two dau s , d. ab* 


Elizabeth. Edward W .... an ironmonger at Henry, 
— Bridgwater, mar. at Crediton 5 a sur- 

William, Oct. 1830 Georgiana, dau. of T. P. geon. 
imbecile. Duins, late a surgeon in the Navy, 
& niece of Isaac Davy of Fordton, 

John, d. unmar. Feb. 
1826, and was bur. in 
the Dissenters' Bury- 
ing ground in Lyn- 
comb near Bath. A 

MS. 161 



A I 

Mary, d. unmar. 
1827, & was bur. 
with her brother. 

i i 

Emily, mar. .... Sarah Ann, mar. in 1836 

Watson of Bridg- .... Hill, son of ... . 

water. Hill of Combe Hay. 



MS. 162 


Thomas Basnet, b. about 1590, of Coventry, Gent. ; an= 
Alderman and Mayor of Coventry. He was Receiver of 
the taxes for the County of the City of Coventry 1642 — 
1649, as appears by his quietus from the Receipt of the 
Exchequer, 13 Charles II., now in possession of his de- 
scendant M r Basnett of Bath. He was a mercer. His 
will bears date 4 Feb. 1661. 1 Mayor 1637 and 1660. 

=f. . . . second wife. 

Issue mentioned in 
the father's will. 

John Basnet, the eldest son, had six 
tenements in Span Street by his 
father's will, & a rent charge of £5 
on some house near the Grey Friars 
Churchyard. He was a tradesman & 
married, but no account of any 
children. He sold lands and tene- 
ments, subject to his own life & that 
of his wife, to his brother Nathaniel, 
as appears by the will of the latter — 
of Coventry, clothier. 

Samuel Basnet, a minister in Coventry, 
silenced by the Act of Uniformity 1662 
(see Cal. 738), 2 nd son. He was of Hawks- 
well in the par. of Coleshill. Had 2 tene- 
ments at Coventry & a farm at Canley in 
the par. of Stoneleigh by his father's will. 
He had also an estate at Higham. Will 
dated 11 Aug. 1666, & a codicil 17 July 
1667. His wife named Mary, & she was 
sister to John Crutchlow & to Jane Bee. 

Thomas. Mary, mar. Rob. Long. 


Ann, d. 



Sarah, is believed to have Martha, 
mar Horsman, M.D. 

Rob. Elizab., mar. Benj m Bradney. Lydia, mar Bagster. 

1 In his will he mentions besides the persons in the pedigree his Grandchildren 
John Troughton and Elizabeth Pitts, also his cousins Edward Basnet and John & 
Thomas Dudley, which John Troughton may be the ejected minister of that name. 
(Cal. 68.) 

Tho s Basnett, Aid. of Coventry, mar. Frances, dau. of Francis Dand, wid. 1 of 
Robert Miller, Alderman of Leicester, & 2 of Gamaliel Carr of Twin stead in Essex ; 
she d. 7 Oct. 1660. 

1618, Oct. 23. Tho. Basnet, mercer, elected one of the Wardens. 

1630, Oct. 12. Tho. Basnet elected one of the Bailiffs & Sheriff. 

1636, Oct. 11. Elected Mayor. 

1660, April 4. Elected Mayor in room of M r Richard Hicks, deceased. 

A Justice of the Peace in the City 1654. 



MS. 162 

Nathaniel Basnett, 3 rd son, ofc 
Fawley near Henley upon 
Thames in Bucks, Clerk, a 
Conforming Minister. He had 
lands and tenements in Foles- 
hill, a ten 1 without Giffordgate 
in Coventry, a mess, in Little 
Park Street, & houses in Cow 
Lane, Coventry, by his father's 
will. His will is dated 7 April 
1676. Instituted to the living 
of Fawley 15 May 1668. 

=Esther, dau. of Rich d Smith, 
of ... . she survived & took 
to her second husband Ed- 
mund Thorpe, M.D., of Ock- 
ingham in Berks. Will dated 
29 May 1716. 

Sarah B., 
wife of 
Warren of 

Edmund Esther, mar. 
Thorpe. Benjamin 



w. of 



1. Nathaniel B., eldest son, 
had houses & lands at Ocking- 
ham, & in Little Park Street 
& Cow Lane, Coventry, d. 
unmar. in 1728. 


Elizabeth Basnett, mar. 1 
John Hatt of Fleet Street, 
hosier, and 2 Thomas Caw- 
kitt, by whom no issue. 



1679. 1679 

, Sarah, bur. 

John Hatt. Nathaniel, mar., but d. without issue. 


John, aged 14, 1750. Sarah, d. a minor. 

2. John Basnett, Citizen of London, de-= 
scended from the family at Coventry, d. in 
1740, aged above 60 ; more correctly 29 
Jan. 174^, aged 69. He was of Thames 
Street, London, Citizen & Salter, & after of 
Peckham in Surrey. Had lands at Foles- 
hill by descent. 

=Eebecca Gerard, ob. 30 March 1764, 
aged 89. She was connected with the 
name of Ashhurst, & had a sister mar. 
to Willard or Willett, & another to 
.... Planner of Bartholomew Close. 
Her mother was a dau. of Henry 
Ashurst, Gent., A.B. 

Nathaniel Basnett of London^ 
and Peckham, b. 19 Oct. 1707 ; 
d. at Oakingham in Berks in 
1773, and was bur. there. He 
d. on the 5 th of Nov. in the 
year 1769. He compiled an 
account of his family which 
has supplied the early de- 

^Elizabeth, dau. of Fran- 
cis & Elizabeth Still of 
London, niece to John 
Still who mar. Eebecca 
Basnett ; d. 19 Dec. 
1784, aged 72 ; bur. in 
the family vault in 
Wokingham Church- 
yard. (SeePED.,p.493.) 

Eebecca Basnett, mar. 
John Still of London, 
corn factor, and d. 
without issue 29 Sep. 
1778 ; bur. in Camber- 
well Churchyard ; she 
was b. 11 Sep. 1699. 

Sarah Basnett, wife 
of Joseph Bradney 
of London, apothe- 
cary. (See Ped., p. 

Mary Basnett, wife of Meredith 
Townsend, V.D.M., of Stoke 
Newington & Hull. (See Ped., 
p. 163.) =p 

c| - 

Ann Basnett, 3 rd dau., 
wife of John Twells of 
London, hosier, by whom 
an only dau. who d. un- 
mar. j b. 6 July 1711. 

MS. 162 



3. William Basnett,= 
3 rd son, late of Bath, 
jeweller, d. 24 April 
1813, & was bur. at 
Weston, aged 66. 
Had 13 children, 7 
of whom d. young, & 
2 dau s Sarah & Re- 
becca d. early in life 


: Mary Townsend, 
b. 19 April 1756; 
mar. 10 Oct. 
1776 ; living 
1822 ; d. on 
Monday 25 Aug. 
1823, & was bur. 
at Weston ; had 
13 children, 7 d.y. 


4. Thomas= 
Basnett of 
surgeon, 4 th & 
youngest son, 
d. 17 Aug. 
1820 ; d. 17 

: Elizabeth, 

dau. of 

Seawell of 
Attorney ; 
mar. 3 July 
1787 ; d. 

only dau., 
living at 
Bath un- 

1822 ; d. 

William, of Bath, jeweller, only 
surviving son; now 1822 of Gran 
Hill Villa in the par. of Weston ; 
d. unmar. about 1850. 

Joseph, of the 23 rd Foot, 
slain at the Battle of the 
Pyrerlees; unmar. 28 July 
1813/ aged 25. 

Eliza. Emma. 
Both d. unmar. 


Thomas Still B. of St. John's^f=Jane Elizab. Beard, Eliz. Seawell. Ellinor, d. 
Coll., Oxon, M.A., has pre- mar. 4 March 1830. — unmar. 

ferment in the Oh. of South- Jane. — 

well, co. Notts, mar. 1830. Phoebe. 

Frances Jane, b. 25 Dec. 
1830 at Southwell. 

Thomas, b. . . May 

Arthur, b. at Southwell 
29 April 1836. 

1. Nathaniel Basnet= 
of the East India 
House, London, eld- 
est son, b. in 1744 ; 
d. in 1808 on the 11 th 
of Dec. ; bur. in Cam- 
ber well Church. 

=Lucy, dau. of 
Charles Wale 
of London ; d. 
10 Aug. 1819; 
bur. in their 
family vault. 

2. John Basnett of= 
London & Oaking- 
ham, 2 nd son, now 
residing at Bath, & 
communicated this 
pedigree in 1822; of 
the Stock Exchange ; 
d. 29 Oct. 1828; in- 
terred at Lyncombe. 

: Sarah, dau. of Samuel 
Still, brother to Elizab. 
Still in the line above ; 
living 1822 ; d. 5 
March 1823, aged 79, 
and was bur. at Lyn- 
combe near Bath. 

Charlotte, Anne, mar. = Charles Henry Basnett 

d. ccel. 3 at Lambeth of Bath, architect, only 

March 18 Oct. survivor of many chil- 

1832. 1827. dren, b. 6 Sep. 1784. 


John. Samuel. 

Samuel. Eliz. 
Sarah. Sarah. 

All d. y. 

2 Marys, Edward, of George, of 
d. y. London, London, 

Attorney. merch*. 

James, of Lon-= Sarah, dau. 
don, merch*, of Joseph 

mar. Sep. 1832. Huncks. 


Lucy Wale, 
twin with 

Nath 1 . 

Nathaniel Wale, of the East India House, 
d. without issue 6 Sep. 1818, leaving a 
widow Eleanor, dau. of Tho s Hatch of Lan- 
caster (or James Hatch) ; d. 5 Oct. 1818 ; 
bur. in vault in Camberwell Ch. yard. 

John, of Lon- 
don, was in the 


Henry, a Deputy As- 
sistant Commissary 
General, d. at Barba- 
does 3 Dec. 1821 un- 



famille minorum gentium. 

MS. 162 

An account sent me by M rs 0. H. Basnett states that a dau. of Henry Ashurst, 
Gent., who was b. after the Fire, & d. in Dec. 1734, had a son & 3 dau s , Eebecca, 
wife of John Basnett, .... wife of ... . Planner, by whom John, father of John, 
Nathaniel, & 3 dau s , and of a dau., wife of ... . Jackson, by whom John, who mar. 
Sarah Jackson & had issue, & Eebecca, wife of ... . Taylor, .... wife of ... . 
Willard, & had issue 2 sons & a dau. mar. to Noel .... Gerard the son mar. Mary, 
2 dau. of Edmund Thorpe, M.D., by Esther, widow of Nathaniel Basnett of Fawley. 

Court of Request. 

John Thorp of ... . & Tho s Thorp of Birdsal, co. York, Gent., shews that 
whereas Ellinor Hilton their great-grandmother, about 25 Eliz., by her will by words 
without writing, in the presence of divers credible persons, bequeathed all her goods 
amounting in value to 200 marks to them, being 2 of the youngest sons of Isabel, 
some time wife of Francis Thorpe their father, but at that time & now wife of Tho. 
Sotheby of Birdsal, gent., & grandchild of the s d Ellinor Hilton. Ellinor made, a 
deed of Gift before her will to said Sotheby, but he was to use it for such uses 
as Ellinor by her will should appoint ; says also that M r Sotheby had another £100 
of theirs left to them by their father. Prays that Sotheby may do the right. 

Sotheby replies, 38 Eliz., that they ought to have proceeded in the Council of 
the North where Sotheby had put up his Bill & witnesses had deposed & the cause 
had been dismissed with costs against the Thorpes ; says that he mar. the daughter's 
daughter of Ellinor Hilton. Her deed giving all her goods and chattels to Sotheby, 
dated 22 Nov. 23 Eliz., prays that the will be dismissed with costs. Ellinor had 
lived with him in his house paying yearly £6 13s. 4d. 

Dowsabel, wife of George Mill & now his widow, to enjoy the fishing in the 
river of Teste running higher by the manor of Nursling, co. Hants, parcel of the 
inheritance of Bichard Mytle the Queen's ward. 

Bratmep. m& i 6 3 

Benjamin Bradney=f=Eliz. Long, dau. of Eobert L. & Mary Basnet. 

Joseph Bradney of London,= 
apothecary of Cannon Street, 
d. 6 June 1764, a3t. 63. 

=Sarah, dau. of John Basnett 
(on the opposite page), b. 17 
Dec. 1708 ; d. 5 Nov. 1770. 




John Bradney of London, apothecary, d.= 
at Clapham 1809. Had no issue by his 2 nd 
wife Ann Wathen, niece of ... . Wathen 
the oculist, and cousin to Wathen Phipps. 

Joseph Bradney of Clapham, Esq., only= 
child, d. in the winter of 1823-4. 

=Martha, 1 st wife, dau. & coheir, wife 
.... wife of ... . Winter .... wife of 
.... Lewin, and .... wife of Thomas 
Gibson of Mico, Esq., of Harlow in 
Essex (sic). 

=Harriet, dau. of Joseph Benwell of Bat- 
tersea, Esq. ; mar. 2 John Bocket of 

Eebecca, 1 st wife, dau.= 
of Wil. Huthwaite of 
Nottingham and of 
London ; d. in 1790. 

: Joseph Bradney of London, drug-= 
gist, d. at Ham in 1817 ; he was 
of Bridge Street, Blackfriars ; d. 
14 July 1817. 

^Elizabeth, 2 nd wife, 
dau. of Sir John 
Hopkins of London ; 
d. 14 April 1830. 

MS. 163 




eTohn Hopkins Bradney, late 
of Trin. Col., Camb., mar. 
Eli., dau. of ... . Kekewich, 
Esq. ; she d., & he mar. 2 ndl y 
Mary, 3 dau. of Rev. John 
Preston of Flasby, 17 May 
1827, & 3 rd1 ? Mary, dau. of 
Lieut.-Col. Bolland. 

Joseph Christ r = Caroline, dau. 
Bradney, late of Eev. John 

of Trin. Col., 
Camb., mar. 
at Bath 15 
April 1819 ; 
s.p. 1836. 

Preston of 
co. York. 
(See p. 406.) 

William B. of 
Trin. Col., 
Camb., 3 rd & 
youngest son, 
d. at Madeira 
1824, aged 26. 

Sarah B., living at Hampstead 
unmar. 1822, 1836. 

Rebecca, wife of John Bocket of London, 
distiller. Has 12 or 13 children 1822. 


John. William. 

Joseph. Benjamin. 



Julia. See 
' Notes & 
Qu r ,' viii., 

Eliza, Sarah, Charlotte, Mary Ann. 

wife of wife of wife of — - 

.... Slater .... Harriet. 

Stapyl- Smith. Moore. — 

ton. Augusta. 

Nathaniel, lived in Sarah, d. 

the East Indies & unmar. 

d. unmar. at Ports- 1783. 
mouth 4 Sep. 1768. 

Duncan Maclaine, Esq.,=pRebecca, d. Elizabeth, d. 

an East India Director, 11 Sep. unmar. 1815 

1792, aged at Reading. 


an East India Director, 
of Greenock, M.D. 

Joseph Bradney Sir George Ernest Wright of Wood- 
M., d. inf. ford, Bart., d. 31 Dec. 1809, aged 40. 

: Rebecca Maclaine, only 
dau. & heir, d. in 1819. 

Ruperta Catherine Wright, only dau. and heir, mar. 14 Feb. 
1822 to the Rev. Edward Murray, 2 nd son of Lord George 
Murray, Bishop of S* David's, & nephew to the Duke of Athol. 


Meredith Townson.=p 

Mary Whitroe,=f John Townsend, V.D.M., a Minister of the Bap-= 

1 st wife, mar. 
4 May 1709. 


tist Congregation in Maze Pond, London, b. in 
Nov. 1685 ; d. 3 June 1766. 


: Bethia Mallory, 
2 nd wife, mar. 6 
Jan. 1730-1. 



MS. J.63 


Bethia Towns- 
end, b. 22 Dec. 
1731 ; mar. 
. . . .Wood. 

Ann Hol-^John Towns- 

ford, 1 st 

end of Wal- 
worth, living 
there 1809, b. 
2 Sep. 1738. 

:. . . . Cooper ,=. ... 

2 nd wife. Koltz, 

a widow, 
3 rd wife. 

I I- I - I 

3 Johns <! 

all d. in 
their in- 

Sophia, mar Abingdon & had 

a dau. Sophia, b. 1 st May 1800. 


John, d. 
an infant 

Ann Townsend, b. 
11 May 1770 ; 
lived at Walworth. 

Elizab. Townsend, b. 24 
March 1709-10; living 
in 1803 the widow of 
Patrick Flanagan, who d. 
in 1784. =f 

Mary Townsend, b. 
in Jan. 1717-8; mar. 
.... Clifton, and d. 
27 March 1789. 

Mary, b. April 
1711 ; d. 2 
June 1713. 

Amey, b. Aug. 
1720; d. 29 
Oct. 1735. 

I I 
Elizabeth & 


Mary, wife of . . . . 
Wilkinson, & had a 
dau. Mary. 

John Clifton,=Ann Kent, Mary, 
b. 8 Oct. mar. 1 May — 

1755. 1780. Elizabeth. 

Meredith Townsend of Stoke Newington,=pMary, dau. of John Basnett (on the oppo- 

V.D.M., b. 23 Aug. 1715 ; d. at Bath 13 
Dec. 1801, & was bur. at Weston, 

site page) ; b. 19 Sep. 1713 ; mar. 10 May 
1748 ; d. 8 Feb. 1776 ; bur. at Newington. 

b. 6 April, 
d. 24 July 

Mary, b. Josiah Townsend, V.D.M., of Rother- John, Mary T., only 

20 Oct. ham, Fairford, and Elland, only sur- b. 15, surviving dau., 

1750 ; viving son, from whom I received d. 16 mar. William 

ob. 11 this account of his family, and whose Oct. Basnett of 

May marriage and issue may be found at 1754. Bath. (See 

1751. p. 9. He d. on his birthday 14 July the opposite 

1819, aged 67. page.) 

.... Poole of Ulsthorp, co. Leic.=p 

.... Shaw of Eepton," 
co. Derb. 

MS. 164 

Ferdinando Poole, b. at Ulsthorp about 1595 ;= 
silenced by the Act of Uniformity at Thrumpton, 
co. Notts (Cal. 537) ; d. in 1676 at Ashby de la Zouch. 

MS. 164 




Samuel Shaw, M.A., b. at Repton 1635 ;= 
of St. John's Coll., Camb. ; ejected from 
Long Whatton in Leicestershire ; Master 
of the Grammar School at Ashby de la 
Zouch ; d. 22 Jan. 1695-6. (Gal. 436.) 

=. . . . Poole, 
one of seven 

Poole. (Q. if not the 

wife of William Cross, 
V.D.M., of Derby, who was 
brother in law to M r Shaw.) 

. . 1 st wife,nrPerdinando Shaw,= 2 nd wife, = Elizabeth, 3 rd wife, dau. 

dau. of , 
Harris of 

V.D.M., of Derby, 
b. 1669 ; d. at 
Derby 26 Jan. 

widow of of William Eyre of Holm 

Simmons ; Hall, co. Derb., Esq., by 
s.p. Catherine, dau. of Sir John 

Gell of Hopton, Bart.; d. 

without issue 11 Oct. 






Samuel Shaw, V.D.M., of Mansfield, co.^Mary Alcock of Tyningham (?), co. Linc v 

Notts, b. 20 Feb. 1699 ; d. 2 Nov. 1748; 
bur. in the Church of Mansfield. 

b. 5 Nov. 1700; d. 25 Dec. 1783. 

I I I I I 
Ferdinando Poole, 

2 Elizabeths, & 2 

Marys, all d. 


Samuel Shaw, eldest 
son, b. 24 Aug. 1728; 
d. at Stockport 11 
Feb. 1759 unmar. 

William Shaw, 2 nd = 
son, b. 22 March 
1733 ; d. at London 
24 Feb. 1769. 

= Ann, dau. of.. . . 
Trant of Lon- 
don ; bur. at 

Edward Shaw of Guildford^Clementina George Vickers of=pMary S., b. 14 
St.,London,b. 30 Oct. 1738. I . . . . Mansfield. Dec. 1757. 

Clementina, Mary, Edward. Sarah, wife of ... . Jane, wife of Richard, 

& others, living Woodcock of Mans- Orton of ... . near d. un- 

1822. field, Attorney. Ashburn. mar. 

Ferdinando Shaw of Lincoln, 3 ra =f=Mary Parlby Jane, 3 rd & youngest dau., mar. 
& youngest son, b. 14 Dec. 1735; of Lincoln. Eliezer Heywood, V.D.M., of 
d. 25 Jan. 1778. Mansfield. (See Ped., p. 26.) 

Ann Shaw, only child, wife of ... . Reddit of Newark. 

Francis Broadhurst=j= Catherine, eldest dau., 
of Mansfield. b. 25 March 1725; 

mar. 4 Sep. 1747. 

Abel Peyton of= Hannah, 2 nd dau., 
London, mar. b. 16 June 1726 ; 
22 March 1749. ob. 29 Oct. 1779. 

Mary B., living Francis Broadhurst of Manchester^Charlotte Burrowe of 

unmar. 1822. etc., merch*. Knutsford. 

Francis, abroad. Mary. Catherine. Charlotte. William, dead. John. Anne, c 
vol. I. 3 c 



MS. 164, 165 


William Broad-=f Mary, dau. of John White of Catherine= Robert Wigram of = 

hurst of Mans- Chesterfield by Eliz. Unwin Broadhurst, London, merely, 

field. his wife (see Ted., p. 166). b. 1752; 1 st now Sir Robert 

She d. in Oct. or Nov. 1829. wife. Wigram, Bart. 

Henry, a Barrister, Mary, wife of ... . Townsend, a proctor in Eliza, unmar. 
unrnar. 1829. London, & d. in 1828 leaving 4 sons. 



William,=f=Esther,dau.ofBer- John Edward, of Mansfield, unmar. ; mar. at Leam- 

of New- 

nard Lucas of ington 13 June 1825 to Harriet Westby Hirsfc, dau. 

Chesterfield & of of Cha. Hirst of the Clough n r Rotherham, Esq. 
Hasland, Esq. 
(See p. 165.) 


Henry. 4 other sons & 1 dau. named Mary 1829. 3 children 1829. 

Abel Peyton=pHannah, dau. of Samuel Shaw of Mansfield, V.D.M. 
of London. I (See the opposite page.) 

Bic'hard Peyton=y=. . . . dau. of Abel Peyton, d. in Margaret, William Phelps=pElizabeth P., 

. For- the East Indies livs un- of Madeira. mar. in 1784. 

tune. 1782. mar. 

of Birmingham. 

Fortune P. Richard. 

.... mar. in May 1823 
to Horatio Bolinbroke 
of Norwich. 


Eliza. P., wife Mary. ,Ann. Charles, 
of . . . ~ 
of Madeira. 


MS. 165 

Tho. Lucas alias 01iver=pElizab. Thomas, 1705. 


i i 

Bernard Lucas of Chesterfield, =f=Ann, dau. of Rob. Wood Thomas, of 
ob. 25 July 1771. I of Swanwick. Hasland. 

Bernard Lucas of Ches- 
terfield, Gent., d. 22 
June 1810, aged 76 ; 
bur. at Chesterfield ; 
never mar. 

Thomas Lucas, 1 
Esq., of Chester- 
field, d. 29 May 
1818, aged 86 ; 
bur. at Chester- 

: Elizabeth, youngest dau. of Margery, 

John Burton, Gent., sister d. unmar. 

& heir of Edward & Ann at Ches- 

Burton ; d. 7 March 1803, terfield. 
aged 70 ; bur. at Chester- 

Thomas, of Manchester=. . . . dau. of ... . 
& Piatt ; no surviving Bever of Ardwick 
issue. n r Manchester, 

Edward Avery, of John Burton, 
Manchester. of Hackney. 



Bernard Lucas of Chester-=f=Esther, dau. of Jn° Lax of Charles. Robert, of 

Eriholm, sister of Anthony Chesterfield. 

Lax Maynard, Esq. 

field & Hasland, Esq., an 

I I I 

1. Thomas Burton, 2. Bernard May- = Eliza, dau. of Cap 1 Esther, wife of Wil m 

tutor, of Upper nard Lucas of John Wood, R.TsT., Broadhurst of New- 

Sawtry, co. Hunts, Brimmington & of Brambling ark (see Ped., p. 

unmar. 1829. of Chesterfield, House, Kent; mar. 164) ; only dau. 

Atty.* 15 June 1825. 

Mary, mar. John Graham of Eliza or Ann, mar. Robert Waller of Chesterfield,: 
Chesterfield ; no issue ; or Solicitor, bro. to Wil. Waller who mar. Miss Hey- 
Elizabeth Esther. wood, & son of ... . Waller of Norwich. 

William Waller=Ann, dau. of Elizabeth, mar. Edmund Esther Burton, mar. at 
of Chesterfield, .... Thatcher Maynard, Esq., of Ones- Brampton 23 Jan. 1833 
Sol r & Town of Wolver- terfield, principal heir to to F. Sanderson of Rich- 
Clerk, hampton. Anthy Lax Maynard. mond in Yorkshire. 

Benjamin Wigley of=j=Ann, dau. of Jonathan Lee of Chesterfield, Att^, by his 

Wirksworth. (See 
p. 451.) 

first w. By his 2 nd wife Elizabeth Champernonn, widow, 
he had Jona 11 W., who mar. Letitia Pegge. 

Thomas, an Att y at Chester- == Judith Lucas of Jonathan, Rector of Benjamin, Curate of 
field. Chesterfield. Key worth. Sawley. 

I ! I 

William=Elizabeth Lucas W.,=. r . . dau. & h. of ... . Edith, mar. G-eorge Ascough. 

D.D. Bateman. =f= 

Samuel A., Clerk, Librarian at the Museum, from whose MS. this is. 

John Lax of Eryholm, co. York,=f=Sarah Jefferson, grand-dau. of ... , 

d. 10 Dec. 1783. 

Maynard. (See p. 392.) 

John Lax=pElizab., dau. of Anthony Lax, took name=Dorothy Heath- Thomas, d. in India. 
Edmund G-ill- of Maynard, ob. s.p. 3 cote, dau. of — 

ing, July 1825. Rev. Ralph. Dorothy, d. unmar. 

5 sons. (See Burke's ' Commoners,' iii., 677.) 

Mary, mar. .... Lam- Sarah, mar. Rob. Jane, mar Elizab., mar. Esther, mar. Ber- 

bert & . . . . Charlton. Charge. =f= Taylorson. .... Wood. nard Lucas. 

John C, Clerk of the Peace. 

* See the pedigrees and monumental inscriptions of the families of Lucas, Waller, Lax, 
and Maynard in Glover's i Derbyshire.'-— J. W. C. 



MS. 166 

jFtslw— mntoitt— Caltm 

The substance of these 
below, at Sheffield in 1802. 

pages I received from M rs Dennis Sykes, mentioned 

. . . Allison, Steward to Lord Bathurst.=p 

.... Allison, mar. 1 . . . . Turner of 

Edwinstow, & 2 John Elliot of the 
same, & had issue. 

... Calton=FSarah=. . . . Metham of 

of Chester- 

Alii- Chesterfield, 2 nd 
son. husband; no 


Thomas Calton of Chesterfield,=i=Mary, dau. of . . . . Inman 
only child. I of Gainsborough. 

Godfrey, of=Matilda, dau. of Elizabeth, wife of San- Mary, wife of Thomas 
Sheffield Gibson of som Hodgkinson of Hindley of Bend- 
Derby. London. holme. 

John Fisher=T=Elizabeth . . . . Allison, only Eebecca Allison, Penelope Allison, 

of Eaw thorn, 
co. Derb., 

Allison. son, Steward to wife of Eichard wife of Francis 
Lord Bathurst. Jepson of Eaw- Mellor of Ohes- 
thorne, & had terfield. 


John Fisher of Mansfield=f=Ann, dau. of ... . Mellor of Glapwell(?). 

T1 I 

John Fisher of Mansfield, living William Atkin of=f=Elizabeth=f=Dennis Sykes 

unmar. 1803 ; a maltster ; d. 1828. Sheffield, cutler, 

— 1 st husb. 

Ann F., living unmar. 1803. 




of Sheffield, 
2 nd husb. 
(See Ped., 

p. o 

.... Atkin, 
a dau., only 


Godfrey Sykes, Esq., only child, mar. & had issue ; Attorney to 
the Stamp Office ; d. in 1828 ; mar, .... dau. of James Wheat 
of Sheffield and Norwood, Atty. = 

William, of Eawthorne=T=Mary Clay of Grives, co. Derb., niece to John Clay. 

John F. of Grives, William, of Eawthorn, mar. Samuel, of Grives, was Mary, 

mar. & had issue Eliz., dau. of Francis Farns- dead in 1802, & had mar. 

1802. worth of the same, & had left issue. 

issue 1802. A 

MS. 166 



A | 

Samuel Unwin of= 
Sutton in Ash- 
field, hosier ; ac- 
quired a consider- 
able property. 



Mary Fisher, 
wife of Fran- 
cis Inman of 

Rebecca Fisher, mar. 
1 William Brodie of 
Mansfield, and 2 . . . . 
Fisher of Norwich, 

Sarah Fisher, 

wife of Mat- 
thew Butcher 
of Sutton. 

Samuel, d. an infant. William Unwin of Mans- 
field, Esq. 

: . . . . dau. of . . . . Cradock of 
Leicester, Esq. 

Elizabeth, dau. & coheir, mar. in Mary Harriet, wife of Thomas Louisa. 
1791 to ... . . Grisdale, Eector.of Anne. Hurt, Rector of Papple- 
Withington, co. G-loucester. - wick, co.. Notts. 

Samuel Un-= 
win of Sut- 
ton, 2 nd son. 

=. . . . dau.=. . . . Hulme, 
of Michael M.D.,of Sut- 
Heathcote ton, 2 nd hus- 
of London, band. 

Elizabeth, wife Sarah, wife of James 
of John White Heygate of London, 
of Chesterfield, Banker. (See below.) 
hosier. (See 

Samuel. Michael, dead. William. Michael. Elizabeth. 

John White of Chesterfield=pElizabeth, dau. of Samuel Unwin. (See above.) 


John Un-=Ann, dau. of Thomas 
win White Hurt of Sutton, Clerk, 
of Sutton, by Amelia his wife, 
hosier. dau. of John Hall of 

Mansfield ; sister to 
Thomas Hurt men- 
tioned above. Thos. 
Hurt of Sutton was 
the son of a maltster 
at Mansfield. John 
Hall was a carrier 

.... wife of 
.... Clarke, 

Mary, wife 
of William 
of Mansfield. 
(See Ped., 
p. 164.) 

Elizabeth, wife of 
Bell of Hull. 

Anne, wife of ... . 
G-illy of Hackney. 

Sarah, wife of ... . 
Peel of Bristol. 

Julia. Catherine. 
One of them mar. 
12 Feb. 1828 E. J. 
Fellows, Esq., of Bee- 
ston, co. Notts. It 
was Julia, Cath e hav- 
ing mar. about 1806 
.... Hen tig of Hull, 
a foreign Consul 
there. She was his 
2 nd wife, & by his 
tig of Hull, whose 
shocking fate may 
be seen in the news- 
papers of Nov. 1829. 

James Heygate of London,=f Sarah, 2 nd dau. of Samuel Unwin (see above) ; 
Banker. I ob. 1801, set. 51. 

William Heygate of London, = dau. of James= dau. of Elizabeth Anne, d. an infant. 

Banker. Alderman & Lord E. L. Mac- E. L. Mac- — 

Mayor of London 1822. . murdo, Esq. murdo, Esq. Elizab. Anne, living 1809. 


; « Francis Inman of Chesterfield^ Mary, dau. of John Fisher. (See the opposite page.) 


Thomas Inman of Chesterfield, John Inman of=p 
mar., but d. without issue. Chesterfield. 

Mary Inman, wife of John Sarah Inman, 
Mercy of Chesterfield. d. unmar. 

Elizabeth Inman, only child, liv& unmar. 1802. 


Inman. Francis. 

William Brodie of Mansfield,=f Rebecca, dau. of John Fisher.=. . . . Fisher, V.D.M., 2 na 
draper, from Scotland. | (See the opposite page.) husband ; no issue. 


John Brodie of Mans- Hugh Brodie of Sarah B., wife of ... . 
field, d. unmar. London, mar. & Tripp of London, 

had issue. =p 

Mary, wife of John Smith 
of Chesterfield. (See 
Ped., p. .) 

Sarah Tripp, only child, mar. John Smith of Sheffield, nephew to John Smith 
in the line above ; left an only dau. who d. unmar. 

Margaret, wife of Timothy Priest- John Gumey of London.=pRebecca Elizabeth. 3 Williams, 
ley of Manchester, V.D.M. (See The famous Shorthand Brodie. 
Ped., p. 40.) writer. 

d. infants. 


John Griirney of London, =. . . . dau. of William Hawes, M.D., William Brodie=f= 
Esq., Barrister-at-law ; a of London, founder of the Humane Gurney of Den- 
Judge ; knighted. Society. mark Hill. 

Mary, mar. April 1832 Wil. Jameson. 

Matthew Butcher of Sutton=f=Sarah, dau. of John Fisher, 
in Ashfield. I (See opposite page.) 

Matthew, d. unmar. John Butcher,=pAnn, dau. of Sarah, wife of William=Sarah, dau. 

of Sheffield, 
Sarah & Mary, both draper, 
d. young. 

Hobson of Mor- John Barret of Butcher of ... . Lee 

temley in par. of Sutton & Kid- of Sut- of Kidder- 

Ecclesfield, co. derminster, ton. minster. 

York. Y.D.M. 

Joseph Butcher, mar. at Ches-=Ann, 2 nd dau. of Joseph Reddish Many others, 

terfield 11 Dec. 1822. of Clown Lodge, co. Derb. 


MS. 168 & 169 

Which of the Hey woods was it who mar. Soger Worthington of Manchester at 
the beginning of the reign of James I., and had D r John Worthington, the learned 
Master of Jesus College, Cambridge, for whom see Collier's < Great Historical 
Dictionary. ' 

Piers Eywood de Eywood, co. Lane, 1164. 

MS. 168 & 169 



A I - 

Robert, 30 Hen. II. 

Piers, 18 Hen. III. 

William, 30 Hen. IIT. 

Eichard, 30 Ed. I. 


Nicholas, 31 Ed. III. Roger. 


Robert, s.p. Geffery, 21 Ric. II. James. Nicholas. 

Piers, 11 Hen. IV.=f=Margaret, dau. of Rob. de Tincliffe. Nicholas. James. 

Robert, 34 H. VI.^p Elizabeth. James. Nicholas. Geffery. Isabel. 

Piers, 6 Ric. III.=j= 


Robert, 22 Hen. VII. : 



Peter, 31 Hen. VIII.=|=Jennet, dau. of Roger Thomas, had a son John. 

Meadowcroft of Mea- 

One of this generation dowcroft.. , v ..... _ John Hey wood, of Heywood Mill 

(not Thomas) sold (see Ped., p. 26), b. about 1533. 

Heywood Hall. 

Robert Heywood, = Elizabeth, dau. James Heywood,=j=Grace, dau. Anne. Cath e . 

lived 6 Ed. VI., of Charles Rad- liv*14Eliz.; will 
was killed by his cliffe. of Tod- dated 14 May 
brother Peter; morden. 1562(seeitHarl. 

no issue. 2067, f. 181), 

wife Elizab., Ex x . 

Catherine Heywood, to share with his other children. 

of . 


thorne, — 

wid. of Mar- 

. . . . How- garet 


Jane. Isabel. 

Silvester. Fabian, to be under the rule Margaret, mar. .... Tang Isabel. 
— of his mother. of Tong. — 

Damier. Dorothy. 



MS. 168 & 169 

Peter Heywood of Hey- : 
wood, 35 Eliz. 

=Margaret, dau. & co-heir of 
Roger de Garside, aged 27, 
15 Eliz. 


Bastianus, to be 
under the rule of 
his brother Peter. 

Anne, mar. 


crof t of 
co. Lane. 
John in 
Yis. Ped. 

James H. Peter Heywood, Esq., a Justice of=j=Elizabeth 
the Peace in Westminster temp. 
0. I. Stabbed 1640. I think he 
was the man who apprehended 
Guy Faux (see Hacket's ' Collec- 
tion of Epitaphs '). 

J i 


Thomas Heywood of West-=pFrances, dau. of 

minster, Page of the Bed- 
chamber and Closet-keeper 
to James, Duke of York, 
living in 1684, aged Q6, or 

Thomas Isham, 
D.D., Prebend- 
ary of Windsor ; 
co-heir to her 
brother John. 

William Heywood of 
Westminster, Rector 
of St. Giles, seques- 
tered but restored 
(see Lloyd); d. 1664. 

I . 
wife of 
Burton of 
co. Hants, 

d. in 

James H.,= 
Vicar of 

:. . . . dau. of 
D r Walters 
of Oxford- 

Prances, wife 
of D r Hall of 
Southflete in 

Margaret, wife 
of Thos. Moore 
of Shillington, 
co. Midd. 

I I I 

and 2 

moredau 8 


Peter Heywood, Captain=f=Grace, dau. & h r of 

of the Norwich, after ds 
Governor of Jamaica, ob. 

Sir James Moddy- 
ford of Jamaica. 

Thomas,= Sarah, dau. John, 

Page to to Bishop a Lieut. 

King Juxton. in the 

James Navy 

II. 1682. 

Peter, s.p. ; 
d. 2 Nov. 
1701 ; bur. 
at St. Ann's, 

Elizabeth, Frances, wife Margaret. Anne, 
b. 1684. of John 



James, Vicar of 
Parton, co. 
Hunts. Q. if 
husband of 

Thomas, James Heywood, 2 nd son, of Maristow= 
1st son. in Devon, Col. of an Independent 
Company at Port Royal in Jamaica. 

=Mary, dau. of Sir 
Abraham Elton, 
Bart., of Cleve- 
don, co. Somerset. 


James Modyford Heywood of z 
Maristowe, co. Devon, Esq. 
Communicated the ped. of 
his branch of the family to 
M r Samuel Heywood of Not- 
tingham in 1781. 

Catherine, dau. & co- 
heir of Cheverton 
Hartopp of Welby, 
co. Leic, Esq. 

Mary, wife 
of John 
Esq., of 


Lucy, wife of 
Sir Robert 
ton, Bart., of 
Buckland in 

MS. 168 & 169 




Maria, wife 
of-.-. .. 

Henrietta, b. 
Feb. 1765, 
wife of Orby 

Catherine Ann, 
b. 21 Jan., 
1768; d.7 
April 1777. 

Kichard Stan- 
ning, b. 22 
Dec. 1769; d. 
10 Feb. 1770. 

Francis, b. 12 
May 1771; d. 

James Hey wood, 
b. 2 Jan. 1756; 
d. without issue 
in 1784. 

Sophia Caroline, b. 4 Jan. 
1758; mar. John Musters, 
Esq., of Col wick, co. Notts. 

Lucy, b t Jan. 1759; 
d. in March follow- 

Emma, b. 8 
May 1762, 
wife of ... . 

Robert Heywood- 
of Heywood, 
1603 ;d. in 1645. 

: Margaret, dau. 
&co-h r of John 
Ash ton of Pen- 

Debora. Grace. 

Dorothy, called 
Edith in the 
Vis. Ped. 

Elizabeth, mar. 

Holt of 

Low Place, co. 
Lane. Robert 
in Vis. Ped. 

Mary, mar. 
Shaw, par- 
son of Rad- 

Susan, wife 
of ... . 
Holme of 

Mary. Robert, 

— d. with- 
Cottie(?). out 

— issue. 

John H., Rector of=Elizabeth, 

Montem Sep. 1664 
(see A. 0. II., 840). 

dau. of 
Olney of 
co. Warw. 


Peter Hey wood=p Alice, dau. of John Green- 
of Heywood, halgh of Brandlesome, wid. 
ob. 1657. of Thorn 8 Holt of Grisle- 

hurst, Theophilus. (F.R.R.) 

Dorothy, wife of 
Oliver Lomax of 
Heap, co. Lane, 

Elizabeth, wife of 
John Wolsley, 2 nd 
son of John W. of 


Martha, wife of Andrew 
Berry, Esq., of Manches- 

Margaret, wife of John 
Garret of the Isle of 

Dorothy. Jane. Anne. 

Eliz h . 


Mary Haslam, first wife, : 
dau. & co-heir of .... 
Haslam of Rochdale. 

-Robert Heywood of Heywood, = 
Governor of the Isle of Man, 
aged 30, 1664, Vis. Ped. 

= 2 nd wife, by 

whom 6 sons & 
6 daus. [but q. 


Peter Heywood of=pLeonora 

Heywood, Esq., 
Attorney - General 
of the Isle of Man, 
b. 1662. 


d. un- 


Eliza, mar. 
of Balla- 
doole in the 
Isle of 
Man, Esq. 

Mary, mar Elizabeth, 

Jenkins, D.D., of d. without 
Stratam in the issue, 
kingdom of Ire- 

VOL. I. 




MS. 168 & 169 


Nicholas, d. Mary, mar. 
without Isaac. Har- 

issue. rison. 

Elizabeth, mar. 1 John Helena, 

Christian ; 2 William d. un- 

Murray, and had no mar. 

Margaret, mar. 
Henry Green 
. of Ireland. 

Robert Heywood of Heywood, Thomas Heywood, Speaker of=f=Hester Peter, d 

Clerk, eldest son and heir, d. 
without issue. 

the House of Keys in the Isle 
of Man. 

One of this generation (not Thomas) sold 
Heywood Hall. 

Reeves, without 
issue in 




Thomas. John, d. in Eliz h , d. 
the West young. 


Hester, mar. James 
Holwell, Esq., a 
Cap. in the Army, 
son of Gov r Hol- 


Mary, mar. 
Sir Thomas 

Peter John Heywood of Whitehaven^Elizabeth, dau. of Robert=Margaret, dau. 

Esquire, eldest son and heir. One of 
the Dempsters of the Isle of Man. 

James Spedding 
of Whitehaven. 

of Richard 
Joiner of 

I I 
Thomas, d. 2 Dec. 
1770, set. 8. 

James Heywood. I 
believe he d. at sea 

Peter Heywood, a=. . . . dau. of Francis Simp- Elizabeth. 
Post Captain in son, Esq., of Plean-house, -— 

the Navy, 1822.; Stirlingshire, wid. of . . . . Hester or 

mar. July 31, Nessy, d. 

1816. unmar. 


This pedigree was communicated to M r Samuel Heywood of Nottingham, when 
he was collecting for the genealogy of his family in 1781, by M r Peter John 
Heywood, then residing at Whitehaven. The earlier generations have the appear- 
ance of being deduced from family evidences. They may be compared with 
Dodsworth's pedigree above. A pedigree was registered at the Visitation 1644, 
from Peter, father of Peter who mar. Garside, with which this agrees. I have 
added the description and marriage of Captain Peter Heywood, who is well known 
to my wife's family. The conjecture that John Heywood, first of the family at 
p. 26, was son to Thomas is founded on proximity of residence, combined with 
what Oliver Heywood has recorded that he was by tradition descended of the 
Hey woods of Heywood, and that old M r Robert Heywood of H. called his father 


Copy of the Grant op the lands of Heywood. 

Sciant presentes et futuri quod ego Adam de Burge dedi et concessi et hac 
presenti carta mea confirmavi Petro de Eywood et heredibus suis pro homagio suo 
et servitio unam partem [q. peciam] terras mese quae vocatur Eywood, incipiendo ad 


Golden et sic sequendo Golden usque in agrum de Rache et sic sequendo Rache 
ascendendo usque ad Hedeene et sic sequendo Hedeene ascendendo usque ad nietam 
Adse de Burge et Rogeri de Midleton. Tenend' et Habend' de me et heredibus meis, 
sibi et heredibus suis libere et quiete et hereditaria cum omnibus pertinentiis tanto 
[q.] terre pertinentibus et cum omnibus affiamatis [q. aisiamentis] ville de Hepe, 
reddendo annuatim mihi et heredibus meis ipsi et heredibus suis II. solidos argenti 
ad Fes turn Sancti Oswaldi Regis pro omnibus servitiis et demandis excepto nisi sit 
in bosco : et si ita contingat quod porci Adse de Burge proprii venient in tempore 
pessionis infra de Eywood predictus Petrus cito .... removere prodictos porcos sine 
parcamento de bosco suo, et ego Adam de Burge et heredes meae dictam terram sicut 
prodicta est dicto Petro et heredibus suis contra omnes homines et feminas in per- 
petuum warrantizabimus. Et ut haec mea donatio rata sit et Stabilitata sigilli mei 
positione istud scriptum roboravi. Hiis Tesfcibus, Galfrido de Chateham, Alexandro 
de Pilkington, Thoma de Prestwich, Galfrido de Radclivo, Willielmo de Radclivo, 
Ricardo de Nothoe, Adamo de Haslam, Gilberto de Brandlesholme cum. multis aliis. 
From a copy of the original belonging to P. J. Heywood. 

Dods. 117, f . 35, where are many abstracts of the Heywood deeds. See also another pedigree 
by the same hand, 79, f. 59. 

Bichard Heywood. 

Nicholas, 40 Ed. III. 

Geffery. Kobert. 


James, 34 Hen. VI. Peter=pMargaret, dau. of Rob Tunnicliff. Nicholas. 

i i i i 

Robert. Nicholas. Geffery. James. : 

Peers Heywood, son &=f=Margery, cousin & heir Ralph or Robert, 
of Roger Garside. son & heir, 17 H. 


heir, 16 H. 7 & 1 H. 8. 

Robert, aged 64, 13 C. I.=p. . . . fil. Ashton dePenketh. Peter H., a Justice of Westminster.^ 


i i i i i 

Peter=. . . . dau. of John Crreenhalgh of Brandlesome. Robert. John. Thomas. Martha. 

MS. 170 


Copy of a Pedigree in possession of M r Eichard Broomhead of Kevel Grange in 
Stannington, co. York, which appears to have been compiled about the year 1720, 
but by whom is not shewn. Of the earlier parts I say nothing, but the later 
generations of the Bevels of Stannington are correctly stated, as appears by com- 
parison with a few wills and deeds of the family in the Museum of John Wilson of 
Broomhead. It serves to shew what in the opinion of the family is the alliance 
among the several branches of this family. I now find (Sep. 1823) that it was com- 
piled by Thomas Statham, and that no dependance is to be placed on it for anything 
above Gregory. I do not recollect the authority on which I ascribe it to Statham. 
It looks very like one of Randal Holme's efforts. But I must have had some 
ground for ascribing it to Statham. 



Sir John Revel in Com. Warw. 


Sir John Revel in Com. Warw. 3 Edw. II. Simon, 2 nd son, Rowland, 3 rd son. 
=f= knighted. 


Sir Simon Revel. Richard, Thomas, 3 rd son, Gregory, William, 5 th son, 
2 nd son. knighted 7 Edw. III. 4 th son. knighted. 


Thomas Revel, 1 st son, knighted. Simon, 2 nd son. Rowland, 3 rd son. 

Sir John Revel, 1 st Hugh Revel of Robert, Sir Richard, 4 th son, knighted 
son. =r Carnwath, co. 3 rd son. at the battle of Bosworth. 

Dub., 2 nd son. 

Tristram Revel, 1 st son, in Com. Derb. Rowland, 2 nd son, removed 
=p to Algelthow, co. Notts. 

Thomas Revel, 1 st son. Hugh, 2 nd son. 

Edward Revel, 1 st Francis, James, Robert, Adam, 5 th son, for his 
son, 23 Hen. VII. 2 nd son. 3 rd son. 4 th son. valour knighted. 

Thomas, 2 nd son, in co. Derb. 

Edward, 4 Edw. II., Thomas, 2 nd son, knighted for his prowess and admired valour 
1 st son. 5 Edw. II. =p 

Thomas Revel, 1 st son, Edward, 2 nd son, from whom the Revels of Richard, 

removed to Stanning- Stannington lineally descend. 3 rd son, 

ton 23 Edw. III. =f= knighted. 

Gregory Revel, 1 st son, Sir John Revel, 2 nd son. Thomas, 3 rd son. Rowland, 4 th 

knighted 9 Hen. IV. =p son. 

Sir Thomas Revel, 2 nd Hen. VI., 1 son. William, 2 nd son. Gregory, 3 rd son, 
=r knighted. 


A I ______^_ 

Sir John Revel, 1 st son. Tristram, 2 nd son. Richard/ 3 rd son. William, 4 th sod, 
=r of Rickardfield. 


Gregory Revel de Stannington, Armiger, Anno 22 Hen. VIII. Richard, 2 nd son, re- 

=r moved to Brampton. 

Richard Revel, 1 st son. Rowland, 2 nd son, removed to Cold Aston. 

Thomas Revel, 1 st son, removed to Shiffnal Rowland, 2 nd son. Gregory, Robert, 
in Com. Salop. =p =p 3 rd son. 4 th son. 

I I I I I I 

Edward, Rowland, Thomas, William, Richard Revel, 1 st son. Gregory, 
1 st son. 2 nd son. 3 rd son. 4 th son. =f= d. 

Rowland Revel, 1 st son. Thomas, 2 nd son. John, 3 rd son, d. 

John Revel, an only son, d. 

Additional Notices of Revel of Stannington. 

They are not found in any Visitation, nor in any Collections of Yorkshire 
Genealogy which I have seen. 

They were probably Officers under the Earl of Shrewsbury. Shiffnal, to which 
one of the family removed, was a seat of those Earls. 

They were Roman Catholics, as their descendants and heirs the Broomheads 
still are, who live at a mean house called Revel Grange, & which is supposed to be 
on the site of the old residence of the family. There is nothing of the least curiosity 
about the house. They lost a good deal of property during the Civil Wars. 

John Burton of Dronfield mar. Eliz., dau. of Richard R. of Stannington. This 
was about 1532. (The Burton Pedigree, p. 146.) 

Francis Pole of Spink Hill mar. Dorothy, dau. of Gregory R. of Stannington, 
about 1585. (See Ped., p. 148.) 

Thomas Revel of Stannington, & afterwards of Shiffnal, mar. (16 Nov. 1613) 
Anne, dau. of Christopher Wilson of Broomhead. (Wilson's Ped.) 

Rowland Revel of Stannington mar. Elizabeth, dau. of Francis Percy of Scotton, 
co. York, Esq. (C. 40, 13.) 

John Beighton of Hilltop near. Bradfield mar. a dau. of Gregory Revel of 
Stannington about 1557. 

"Will of Rowland Revel of Stannington, dated 12 April 1644, proved at York 3 
Sep. 1646. Mentions Elizabeth his wife, Gregory his son & heir, then under age, 
younger son Richard, dau 3 Bridget, Anne, & Gertrude, young brother Thomas Revel, 
and Edward his eldest son, Cousin Eliza Woodruffe, and brother in law John 
Percy, Esq. 

Will of Lucy Percy of Stubs-Walden, psh. of Smeaton, co. York, Spinster, dated 
8 April 1669. Mentions her nephew Richard Revel & nieces Ann & Gertrude 
Revel, nephew Ralph Oglethorpe, sister Shirtcliffe, niece Britton and Dorothy her 


dan., sister Revel, niece Elizabeth Ingleby, nephews Charles and William Percy, 
& nieces Ursula & Cicily Percy. She left £60 and a gilt Chalice to the nuns of 

Will of Ursula Revel, dated 5 Nov. 1694, her mother then living. Mentions 
her brothers Rowland, Thomas, & John, & sister Anne. Her father Balguy. 
Aunts Ann & Gertrude Revel. Cousins Ann Buske, Honor Moor, Mary Monke, 
Sarah Morphie, Edmund Morphie, John Greaves. 

UttoL MS. 171 

From the leaf of an old book. 

Rowland Revel was b. April 1 st 1669. 

Ursula Revel „ Oct. 21 st 1670. 

Ann Revel „ Dec. 3 Td 1673. 

Thomas Revel „ Jan. 31 st 1676. 

John Revel „ Mar. 3, 1678. 

Will of Thomas Revel of Wadsley, yeo., 20 July 1666. To be bur. at Eccles- 
field near his wife. Gregory his son & heir, dau s Eliz., Mary, and Ann. Sister 
Ann Balguy. 

In the Church-yard of Bradfield M r Richard Revel of Stannington bur. .... 
Rowland Revel d. 21 st of April 1744, aged 65. 

A receit (sic), dated in 1648, given to M rs Eliz. Revel, widow of Rowland Revel, 
deceased, from Edmund Morphie and Bridget his wife, dau. of the said Rowland 

John Wainwright of ? Jowet House, co. York, Yeo., George W., son & heir- 
apparent, and Alice, mother of the said John, surrender Walter's House, etc., to the 
use of Edward Revel, son of Thomas R. of Shiffnal, co. Salop, Gent., which Edward 
was nephew to Rowland R. of Stannington 1638. 

From the Parish Register of Bradfield. 
John son of M r Tho. Revel born. 
Mary dau. of M r Tho. Revel born. 
Ann dau. of M T Thos. Revel, 
mar. Richard Broomhead & Ann Revel, 
bur. M r Richard Revel, 
bur. M rs Revel of Stannington. 
bur. John Revel of Stannington. 
bur. M rs Gertrude Revel, 
bur. M 1S Ann Revel, 
bur. a child of M r Thomas Revel's, 
bur. Mary dau. of M r Thomas Revel, 
bur. M rs Revel of More wood, 
bur. M r Rowland Revel of Stannington. 
bur. M r Thomas Revel of Bingley Lane, 
bur. M rs Revel, widow, from Stannington. 
mar. M r Tho s Balguy & M rs Hannah Revel, wid. 
bp. Gertrude dau. of Rowland Revel, 
b. Ursula a dau. of M r Richard Revel. 
The other children as on the left [above] are also registered. 
1617 Sep. 11 bur. a child of M r Rowland Revel of Stannington. 

M r Revel Reynolds, Chief Commissioner of the Court for the relief of Insolvent 
Debtors, told me that all he knew of Revel was that there were two brothers Henry 
& Nathaniel liv g at Gainsborough. One of them was murdered. A dau. of one 
mar. . ... Reynolds, & had his father the Doctor. 


Feb. 28 


Mar. 5 


Sep. 20 


Nov. 19 


April 23 


Dec. 29 


Feb. 16 


July 27 


Oct. 13 


June 1 


Feb. 16 


Feb. 2 


May 23 


Nov. 15 


Oct. 24 


June 29 


April 6 


Oct. 21 

MS. 171 



Henry Eevel of Gainsborough, wholesale mercer, liv g there 1704. 

These pieces of Evidence it will be perceived agree perfectly with the old 
pedigree on the opposite page as far as they go, shewing that it has been compiled 
by a careful hand. The pedigree appears to stand thus : adding the Broomheads, 
several of whom I have personally known. 

In 1 Edw. VI. Thomas Revel surrendered a Mess., etc., in Stannington to the 
use of Gregory his son & heir, then about to marry Elizabeth, dau. of Tho. Barber. 
Robert R. his younger son. This from the Court Rolls at Sheffield, & is decisive 
as to the descent of Gregory & the falsity of the old pedigree. May 5, 1826. 

Observe the marriage of a Thomas Revel with the widow of West of Aughton. 
(See next page.) 

Thomas Revel.^p 

This Gregory I 
now find (Sep. 
1823) uniform- 
ly styled Yeo- 
man, which is 
with the descent 
which this old 
pedigree assigns 

Gregory Revel of^pElizabeth, dau. = Alice. Robert. 

Yeo, b. about 
1530. Will 15 
Oct. 1588. 

of Thorn as Bar- 
ber, mar. 1 
Edw. VI. 

Richard Revel, 2 nd 
son, of Brampton- 
en-le-Morthen (Q.). 

Rowland Revel, 2 nd Dorothy Revel, wife Edw. Greaves, 

son, of Cold Aston of Francis Pole of named in G.R. 

in par. of Dronfield, Spink Hill, co, Derb. will as his son 

co. Derb. ^ in law. 

Richard. Revel of Stannington, b. about 1560.=f= 

Thomas Revel of Shiffnal, co.^ 
Salop, Gent., eldest son, living 

: Ann, dau. of Christopher Wilson of Broomhead, 
Gent.; bp. 5 April 1593 ; mar. 16 Nov. 1613. 

Edward Revel, eldest son, 
livs 1638 & 1644 ; had 
lands at Stannington. 

Rowland, Thomas, 3 rd son. (Q. if this William, 
2 nd son. is the Th s of Wadsley above.) 4 th son. 

Rowland Revel of Stan-= 
nington, 2 nd son ; will 
dated 12 April 1644, 
proved 3 Sep. 1646 ; mar. 
before 1617. 1 

: Elizabeth, dau. of Francis Percy of Scotton 
and Stubs-Walden, Esq., by Frances his wife, 
dau. of Ralph Vavasour of Hazelwood, Esq. ; 
survived and was living in 1648 ; bur. 29 
Dec. 1682. (See Ped., p. 362.) 

3 rd son. 

4 th son. 


A B 

•Bridget, elder dau., mar. 
before 1649; bur. at Shef- 
field 9 July 1684. 

Ann, d. unmar. ; 
bur. 13 Oct. 1700. 

Gertrude, bp. 6 April 
1640 ; d. unmar. ; bur. 
27 July 1700. 

1 It appears by a Composition on account of Recusancy that in 1632 the wife 
of this Rowland Revell was named Faith, a former marriage I presume, & that 
Bridget was the issue of that marriage* This I conclude because she was older 
than the rest. Has a distinct mention in her father's will, and is not mentioned 
with her sisters in Lucy Percy's will. 



MS. 171 

Garat Morphie. 

Edmund Morphie. This is plainly the person called 
Edward Morphie who mar. Mary Pole. (P. 148.) 

Gregory, Richard Revel of Stan— 
son & heir, ningfcon, Gent., bur. 23 
d. young, April 1679. 

=Hannah, dau. of= 
Tho. Hippon of 

: Thomas Balguy, Gent., 2 nd 
husband, mar. 29 June 
1681 ; living 1694. 

John Revel, 8 rd son, b. 3 March 
1678 ; d. without issue ; was 
living 1694. 

Rowland Revel, b. 1 April 1669 ; 
of Stannington, Gent.; d. with- 
out male issue ; livs 4 Anne ; 
aged 41, 1710. 

Ursula Revel, b. 21 Oct. 
1670 ; d. unmar. Will 
dated 5 Nov. 1694. 


Ann Revel, b. 3 Dec. 
1672; liv* unmar. 

Thomas Revel of Bingley r 
Lane in Sfcannington, 2 nd 
son, b. 31 Jan. 1676 ; 
bur. 15 Nov. 1744 ; aged 
ab* 33, 1710. 

^Elizabeth, living 1735; 
mar. 16 April 1703, be- 
ing then Elizab. Hous- 
man of Eckinsjton. 1 

John Revel, only 
son, b. 28 Feb. 
1708 ; d. young 
4 Feb. 1735. 

Mary Revel, Richard Broomhead of Stan-= 

b. 5 March nington, Gentleman, son of 

1710 ; bur. Richard B. & Ann Stead (p. 

16Feb,1716, 144) ; b. 26 Dec. 1713. 

=Ann Revel, sole 
heiress, b. 20 
Sep. 1713; mar. 
19 Nov. 1742. 

Revel Broom- 
head, 2 nd son, 
b. 4 Aug. 

Rowland Broomhead, 3 rd son, b. 16 Elizabeth, 

Aug. 1751 ; a Catholic priest, & b. 10 Jan. 

was living at Manchester 1807, 1745. 
where he d. Oct. 1820. 

Mary, b. 15 Aug. 
1753; wife of 
.... Brown. 

Richard Broomhead of Revel Grange- 
in Stannington, Gent., eldest son & 
heir, b. 7 Oct. 1746 ; d. about 1805. 

: . . . . dau. of ... . Spoo-= 
ner of Crooks Moor in 
par. of Sheffield ; dead 

= George Priestley of 
Stannington, Yeo., 
2 nd husband ; mar. 
in 1807. 

Richard Broomhead of 
Revel Grange in Stan- 
nington, Gent., living 
1822 & unmar. ; only 
son ; d. unmar. 

Mary Anne, d. unmar. 

Sarah B., wife of Wil m 
Shirley of Sheffield; 
d. & left one child who 
d. infant. He mar. 
2 ndl > T a dau. of ... . 

Anne B., d. unmar. in 

Theresa, living unmar. 1822 ; 
mar. Francis Wright, son of 

W. of Anstan, & 2 ndl y 

Francis Sutton. 

Eliza B., wife of John Sykes 
Bramhall of Sheffield; no issue 
1822 ; d. s.p. 1826. 

1 Her father, James Houseman, was Picture Drawer and Limner to K. Charles II. 
and Q. Catherine Dowager. A sworn servant to the Queen for the Art. He mar. 
Elizab. March, dau. of Judge March of Scotland. 

MS. 172 



1584-5, Jan. 1, bp. Flower, dau. of Thomas Revel, schoolmaster, of Dronfield 
reg r there. 

Rowland Eevel of Cold Aston in the parish of Dronfield, co. Derb.,=j= 
2 nd son of Gregory Revel of Stannington, b. about 1560. 

John Revel of Cold- 
Aston, Gent., living 
there 1659; he paid 
2 s a year to the poor 
of Bradfield, settled 
on them by will 
of Gregory R. of 

Elizabeth Revel, sole 
dau. & heir, wife of 
John Copley of Skel- 
brook, co. York, & 
Cold Aston, Gent. 

Revel of 
bp. 7- 

Elizabeth Revel, 
wife of George 
edge, Gent. 

Elizabeth Revel, 
mar. at Dronfield 
17 Jan. 1612 to 
John Bright, 
Gent., of Brin- 
cliffe Edge. 




mar. 12, 
Feb. 1628 
at Dron- 

Lionel Revel, bp. at Dronfield 31 June 
1632. This person, I suppose, is the 
L. R. who was an ironmonger at Shef- 
field, became a Quaker, mar. . . . . Scar- 
gel, & had a numerous issue. One son, 
Samuel, settled at Uttoxeter. 



Richard Eevel of Brampton-en-le-Morthen in par. of Tree ton, co. York, 2 nd son^ 
of Sir John, and brother of Gregory Revel of Stannington ; b. about 1530. i 

l 8t =pThomas Revel, mar.=Ann, 2 nd wife, dau. of John More of^John West of Aughton, 

Ann West at Hans- 
worth 7 June 1580. 

Barnborough, co. York, 
Thomas More. 

son of Sir 

Gent., 1 st husb. 

Ann Revel, mar. at Hansworth 16 Jan. 1576 to 
John Booth of Hansworth- Woodhouse, Gent. 

Catherine Revel, mar. at= Godfrey West of 
Hansworth, 25 May 1579. Aughton, Gent. 

See ped. of Rasine, p. 374. 

Thos. Eevel of Whiston & Tho s his son are called Cousins by Rowland Revel of 
High Green 1632. (P. 557.) 

Sarah Dickenson of Rotherham, wid., in her will 6 April 1679, makes her nephew 
Nathaniel Revel of Brampton Ex r , and names his 5 sons ; also his sister Rebecca 
Huron as her niece. Tho s Borough calls her Cousin, & she had Wards, Soresbys & 
Garlands related. 

Thomas Revel of Whiston 1623.=f= 

I - 

Thomas Revel of Brampton, mar. at Aston about 1630.^= Margaret, dau. of Henry 
Willi March 1640. Sisters Ann Burrows, Sara Dickin- Bate, D.D., Rector of 
son ; bro r John Burrows ; coz. Tho., Fr s , & Will. Revel ; 
nieces Mary & Sarah Garland ; Samuel Denton & Tho s 
& Lewis D. her sons ; Tho s son of Rich. Revel, W m 
Fletcher, parson.of Aston, & John Revel, supervisor. 

vol. I. 3 E 

Rawmarsh and Aston, 
& Chaplain to King 
Charles I. ; Ex x . 



MS. 172 


John Revel r 
of Whiston, 
living 1662. 

Sarah, wife of 
Tho 3 Dickin- 
son of Bother- 
ham. (P. 540.) 

Anne, w. of John 
Borough, & had 
Rob., Ric, John, 
& Margaret, also 

Rowland Revel, Curate 
at Hansworth ; had a 
dau. Mary, bp. 1634 ; 

John Revel of Whiston, Gent.= 
Will dated 9 April 1662 ; 
proved at York. 

: Alice, dau. of Robert Stacye of Owlerton psh. of 
Sheffield, Gent., by Margaret his wife, sister of 
Thomas Rawson of Whiston, Clerk. 




in his 



Elizabeth R., men- 
tioned in her 
father's will; mar. 
Rob. Jorsby of 
Sheffield 3 June 
1674, & d. 1690, 
aged 32. 

Elizab., l st = 
wife, dau. 


Adshead ; 
mar. at 
field 9 
April 1685. 

=John Revel of = Dorothy, 2 nd wife, 
Chesterfield, sister & coheir of 
Gent. Will Wil m Milnes of 
dated 30 Nov. Tapton near Ches- 
1731 ; proved terfield. (See 
22 April 1736. Ped., p. 18.) 

John Revel. Appears to have d.=f=Barbara Bright, mar. 
before his father. His children at Chesterfield 8 June 
are all mentioned in their grand- 4 1714. (See p. 200.) 
father's will. 

.... Revel, mar 

Dobson, & had John 
& Robert. 


John. Adshead. Richard. Barbara. Ann. Dorothy. Eliz. 

Nathaniel Revel of Brampton,=fAlice, dau. of Nathaniel Eyre of Bramley Hall, 


bp. at Wicker sley 7 

Gent., bp. 6 July 1632 ; mar. at Braithwell 
Oct. 1652. 

John Revel of Brampton=p Juliana, dau. of Rich- 

& Chesterfield. He, his 
wife, and father are all 
mentioned in a deed 
1699 as then living. 

ard Clarke of C hes ter- 
field (see Ped., p. 136); 
bur. at Chesterfield 15 
May 1731. 

Nathaniel & Thomas, Henry. 
both mentioned in — 

the will of their uncle William, 

John Revel. 1679. 

Thomas Hom-- 
fray of Wales 
in Yorkshire, 
d. in 1733 & 
was bur. there. 

=Ann Revel, d. in 1747, aged 50, & was bur. with her husband. 
Her dau s Ann & Rachel are mentioned as kinswomen in the 
will of Dorothy Revel ; but I now (Nov. 1822) suspect that it 
was not through any relationship with John Revel husband to 
Dorothy, but they were related to Dorothy Milnes (Revel) in 
blood, perhaps through the name of Bretland. 


[Seepage 395.] 

MS. 172, 173 



Sir Henry John. Samuel Revel of London, mereh*, left 
Revel, the large part of his property to the 

issue of his sister Ann Homfray. , 

Alice, wife of John 
Webb, by whom 
John & Elizabeth. 

Rebecca Revel, wife of 
Gent. (P. 552.) =j 

Hurst of Dalton, 

. Tho s Hurst of Daltonj mar. 
Dor.,dau. of Robert Mirfield.; 

Nathaniel Baxter of Woodseats,=f=Rebecca Hurst, mar. at 

Attereliffe, & Sheffield, Clerk, b. at 
Astle near Ohelford in Cheshire. 
(See Cal. Cont.) 


10 May 

I- I ! 

Nathaniel & Thomas, 
both mentioned in the, 
will of their uncle 
John Revel. 

Samuel Bax- 
ter of Ips- 
wich, Y.D.M. 

Nathaniel, bp. at Sheffield 
28 Dec. 1673; bur. 12 July 
1695; had been educated 
for a minister. 

Thomas, of York, 
V.D.M., bp. at 
Norton 1 April 

Benjamin, of Nott- 
ingham, V.D.M., 
bp. at Sheffield 1 
July 1686. 

John, b. 15 
Sep. ; bp. 7 
Oct. 1677 at 

Rebecca, bp. at Sheffield 25 Feb. 1671-2; 
mar. William Stead of Sheffield, mercer, 
& d. 15 April 1748. (See p. 144.) 

Mary, bp. 
at Norton 
8 March 

Hannah, b, 12 
July 1683; bp. 
at Sheffield the 
22 nd . 

1. William, 
of Leeds, 
bp. 6 Oct. 

2. John. 

3. Samuel. 

4. D r Benjamin, 
of Walworfch. 

5. Thomas. 

w. of Rev. 


w. of . . . . 

Nath 1 , Mary, 

bp. 24 bp. 6 

Oct. March 

1702. 1698. 

Elizabeth Stead of Walworth, Spinster, sole descendant of W m & Rebecca Stead, 
& Executrix to her uncle D r Benjamin Stead, a Lunatic. 

MS. 173 


Francis Homfray, by family traditions 
A Colonel in the Royal Army, and 
slain at the siege of Clonmell. 


=0ol. Johnstone, 
a Cromwellian, 
2 nd husband. 

Francis Homfray, settled at Wales in Yorkshire,=p 
where the family had had property before. 

Thomas Homfray of=pAnn, dau. of John Revel of 
Wales, d. in 1733, Brampton and Chester field 
and was bur. there, (see Ped., p. 172); d. in 
A 1747, aged 50. 

Francis Homfray of== Sarah 
Wollaston Hall in Baker, 
Wore, & Kinver, co. 1st 
Salop. wife. 



MS. 173 


Henry, d. young. 

Revel Homfray of Sheffield, 
bur. there 18 Sep. 1760; 
mar. Sarah Fox, and had a 
son Francis who d. unmar. 

wife of 
of Nor- 


Eachel, mar. John 
Booth, and had a 
son Homfray 
Booth slain in 

Dorothy, d. young. 

Anne, d. unmar. in 
July 1816 ; bur. at 
All Saints' Church, 

i i i i i 

3 sons and 2 dau 8 , of whom Juliana mar. Edward Jenkins 
of Carter Hall in psh. of Eckington, co. Derb. 


Francis Homfray of 01d= 

=Mary, dau. 

Thomas, a 

John Homfray, b.=j 

=Sarah Parr, 

Swinford, co. Wore. ; he 

of his 


4 Dec. o.s. 1723 ; 

wid. of Tho s 

possessedfrom his mother 



d. 2 Feb. 1804 ; 

Dalby; b. 

a portion of the estate of 


had two 

bur. in All Saints' 

25 May 

the Revels at Bramp- 


sons who 

Church, Derby. 

1725; d. 

ton, co. Derb., from the 

d. unmar. 

20 Feb. 

Olarkes ; ob. s.p* 


John Homfray, Clerk, B.A. & F.S.A. of Merton Col-=f=Hetty, only surviving dau. of 

lege, Oxford. One of the Ministers of St. George's 
Chapel, Yarmouth. From whom I received this 
account of his family in Nov. 1822 ; b. 27 Sep. 1768. 

James Symonds of Great 
Ormsby & Yarmouth, co. 
Norf. ; b. 13 Feb. 1778. 

Catherine Mary, 
b. 9 July 1809.. 

Agnes Rachel, 
b. 4 Nov. . 

Dorothea, b. 
& d. 8 May 

Janet, b. 10 
Jan. 1815. 

Samuel Francis 
Wingfield Clarke, 
b. 10 July 1819. 

Sarah Ann, b. 12 July, 1798 ; 
mar. 16 Feb. 1826 to D r 
Gallani of the 43rd Light 

John Symonds, 
b. 19 May, d. 
10 June 1800; 
bur. at Yar- 

b. 21 

Parr, b. 
17 Dec. 

Henry Revel, 
b. 25 March 

Francis Homfray of Old Swinford, co. Wore. (D. 7, 14, f. 254.)^=Rachel Bowyer. 

Thomas, Francis, 1 of Stour- John, of Wollaston=j=Mary, dau. & c. of Jere Addenbrooke. niece 

of ton Castle, co. 

Bristol. Staff. , 

Hall, Esq, 

of John A., D.D., Dean of Lichfield and 
Rector of Sudbury. 

John Addenbrooke Homfray of Wol-=f=Elizabeth, dau. of Michael 
laston Hall, co. Wore, Sher. 1799. | Grazebrook. 

>1— T-J! 

Edward Addenbrooke. Jphn. Henry. 

MS; .178- 




Kachel, mar Vernon, s.p. Elizabeth, mar. Joseph Kenyon Jeston Homfray=pMary Cotton, 

Alice or Agnes (?), mar. Samuel 

of Sheffield, s.p. 

Jane, mar Male, and had 

a dau. "mar. .... Laugher. 

co. Wore, Esq. 

dau. of Tho 8 

Francis Homfray, M.A. of Oriel College, Oxf., Hector of Llanvair Kilt- 
geden, co. Monm., 2 son. Author of ' Thoughts on Happiness.' 

, l w.=Francis Homfray of Stourton Castle^. . . . dau. of ... . Caverswell. 

Sir Jeremiah Homfray=pMiss Richards Samuel B., of Coworth Park, Berks,=Jane, eld. d. of Sir 

of Llandaff Lane & 
Crown Kondda, co. 
Glam., Sher. 1809, & 

of Llandaff. & Penny Darran Place, co. G-lam., Charles Morgan, 
4 son; Sher. Monmouth 1813; Bart., Tredegar. 
M.P. for Stafford 1818 ; d. 1822. 

Jeston H. of Cardiff, Esq., 3 rd son. 

MS. 174 


Compare this pedigree with Woolley's, M.P.B. xii., 80. 

It is not my intention to fill this volume with genealogical matter that is to be 
found in the public depositories of such information, but I thought it worth while 
to preserve this as exhibiting what in the Herald's opinion is the true descent of 
Eevel,it having been compiled from the different Visitations by the Rouge Croix for 
M r Homfray of Yarmouth, from whom I had it; and as affording a convenient 
opportunity to introduce other information from other quarters, which the diligent 
student will easily distinguish. 

See many notices of Revel among the Talbot papers at the Heralds' College, & in 
the account of Law Expenses of the Countess of Shrewsbury, MS. in the Wilson 

See for a very different story i Itin.,' xxiii., 37. 

William Revel of Newbold-Revel, co. Warw. : 

Simon Revel, 3 rd of the 4 sons.=p 


Thomas Revel of Higham=pAlice, dau. of ... . Dowman of Higham. . 

Sir Richard Revel, knighted at Bos-=p. . . . dau. of ... . Rolston. 
worth by Richard III., 4 son. 


Helen, vix. 1569. 



MS, 174 

Robert, 2 nd 
son, s.p. 

Hugh Revel of Carling-= 
thwaite, 3 rd son. 

: Margery, dau. of Roger <jrreenhalgh 
of Teversall, co. Notts. 


Benedicta, dau. of=pTristram : 

John Foljambeof 

Revel of 



: Jane, sister of 
W m Blithe of 
Barnby Don, 
co. York. 

Rowland, = 
2 nd son. 

Hugh Revel= 

Catherine, dau. of Wil m 
Davenport of Bromhall. 

Thomas Revel of= 

=Mary, dau. of Robert 
Elland of Algers- 
thorp, co. Notts. 

z Ann, dau. of Edmund 
Eyre of Holme. 

Edward Revel of=f Ann, dau. of Ralph 
Carlingthwaite, Cudworth of Lan- 
son & heir. cashire. 

2 nd son. 

James, 3 rd 
son, a 

4 th son. 

5 son, 

George Revel, 
aged 8, 1569; 
living 1611 ; 
dead s.p. 1634. 


Edward Revel of Brook-hall, co. Derb.,= 
1611, and of Carlingthwaite 1634. 
Alice Adiman of Lancashire, 1 w. 

Francis Revel of Car-=j=Ann, 2 w., dau. 

lingthwaite, aged 39 
1634 ; mar. 1 Jane, 
dau. of Peter Coluni- 
bel of Darley. 

of David Elwyse, 
D.D., of Lwyn, 
co. Denbigh. 


Mary, wife of 
Randal Ash- 
enhurst of 
a Colonel. 

= Dorothy, dau. of Roger 
Columbel of Darley, 
wid. of Henry Cha- 
worth, Esq. 

This illegitimacy was 
not admitted by the 
Carlingthwaite family, 
& I know not on what 
authority it rests. 

Francis Revel of Car-- 
lingthwaite, Esq.,ob. 
15 Kal. Jul. 1681, 
aged 37. 

: Dorotby, dau. 
of Sir Nicholas 
Wilmot of Os- 
maston, Bart. 

Ann, mar. Simon 
Digby, son of Sir 

Elizab., mar. Nic s Wil- 
mot of Dovefleld. 

Mary, d. unmar. 

Robert Revel of Car-=pAnn, dau. of 

lingthwaite, had a 
grant of arms in 
1712; eldest son & 
heir; b. in 1666 ;bur. 
at S. Normanton 10 
Feb. 1713-4. 

Robert Wil- 
mot of Os- 
m as ton. 
(See York 
Wills 1913.) 

I I I 

Edward. 1 


Dorothy, wife 
of Obadiah 
Brown, Rec- 
tor of Whis- 
ton, co. York. 

mar. Lem- 
met Glad- 
(P. 255.) 


Robert Revel of Carlingthwaite Carn-=f 
thwaite, Carnfield, Esq., eldest son & 
heir, aged 25, 1715; age(?) 21, 1712. 
B c 

=Frances, dau. & c. of John Harpur of 
Twyford, Esq. Ann, another coheir, 
mar. Henry Frances of Derby. 

Rector of Heath and Clown, father of Edward, an Att^. 

MS, 174 


Frances Bevel, sole dau. & heir, mar. at Brampton 22 May 1735 
to Strelley Pegge of Beauchief, Esq., & d. without issue. 

Francis Eevel, 2 nd son, mar. dau. of ... . Johnson, 
schoolmaster of Nottingham ; he was Rector of 
S. Normanton, & d. s.p. 1748 ; deed of separation 
between him & Elizab. his wife 10 Oct. 1737, the wife 
to have £50 a year. > 

Eardley Eevel, Elizabeth, 

d. young 1703, liv* 1715; 

aged 3 years & set. 22 

9 months. 1712. 

Tristram Eevel of Carnfield, Esq., b. 1730, an illegitimate son ; 
Lieut.-Col. of the Derby Militia and Justice of Peace for the 
County ; d. at Horsham in Sussex 22 March 1797 ; no issue. 

John Eevel of Ogston,=pMargaret, dau. of Eoger 
co. Derb., 1 son, ob. s.p. I North of BubnelL 

John Eevel of Ogston=pMargery, dau. of Eobert Eyre of Burton- 
and Shirland. Lees ; probably should be North-Lees. 

Eobert Eevel of Ogston, Esq. Had a Confirmation of Arms=pEleanor, dau. of Aucher 

and Crest from W m Fellows, Norroy, 10 July 37 Hen. VIII. 

Freschvile of Staveley. 

John Eevel of Ogston,=f=Mary, dau. of . * . . Comber- 
Higham, and Shirland. ford of Comberford. 

John Bevel of =f=Margaret, dau. of Eobert Beighton (see Ped., p. 266) ; she was his 


coheir, & he was of Haliam in psh. of Sheffield, Yeo. 

• Edward Eevel of Ogston, 
living 1611 & 1634 ; mar. 
twice, but was dead s.p. 
1622 ; mar. Jane, dau. of 
John Lacy of Brierley. 

Eobert Eevel, 2 nd =pAnne, dau. 

son 1611 ; d. ab* 
1632. He was 
of Woolley, co. 

Knowles of 
co. Derb. 

i mi 

Michael, John, 
living — 

beyond Thomas, 
sea 1611. — 


Bevel of 

: Margaret, dau. 
of Ealph Cal- 
ton of Higham 
in Shirland. 

William Eevel of Ogston,- 
aged 37, 1662 ; second son; 
mar.atEckingtonl7 Feb. 

=Mary, dau. of 
George Sit- 
well of Eemi- 
shaw, Esq. 



all mar. 

Elizabeth, aged 20, 1662 ; mar. John Milward, son 
of Eob*, A^ofChesterfd, by Mercy, dau. of Eob. 
Savile of Bromhall in Wakefield. 

Frances, aged 17, 1662 
(q. Ann); mar. .... 
Holland. e 



MS. 1:74 

Margaret, b. 1657 

(?1662) ;mar 

Sprat of London, a 
Barbadoes merch*. 


John Revel of Ogs-^pEliz., dau. of Rob. Cop- 

ton, Esq., d. in 1699, 
get. 33. Will dated 
11 Aug. 1695 or 9. 

ley of Doncaster ; mar. 
2 John Battie of Warms- 

Ann. Elizab. 
(See below. 1 ) 


William Revel of 
Ogston, Esq., the 
last male heir, 
d. in 1706, s.p., 
aged 12. 

2. Catherine Revel, coheir, mar. 
1 Sir Paul Jenkinson of Wal- 
ton, Bart. ; 2 nd William Wood- 
yeare of Crook-hill, Esq. 

1. Mary Revel, coheir, wife of 
Richard Turbott of Doncaster, 
Esq., & d. s.p. He mar. 2 
.... dau. of ... . Babington. 

Eleanor, mar. General 
Sowerby, brother of 
M rs Frank. 

William Turbott= 
of Ogston. 

: Elizab., dau. & coh. of 
Benj. Burrows, Rector 

Frances, mar. 
John Wood- 

William, of Arnold 
Grove, co. Notts, 
mar. Ann, dau. of 
General Gladwin. 

Richard Burrow,=f=. . . . dau. Frances. 


of Mor- 

of... . 

Mary, mar. 
John Ro- 
bert Sharp. 


or Emilia. 

Richard. Frances Eleanor, 

In the Roll of Pari, ii., 408, are two petitions from two merchants of Germany 
named Ludebritte de Revel and Godfrid de Revel, who traded to the ports of Hull 
and Boston temp. Edw. III. 

Bassano gives a different account of the generation after John and Margaret 
Beighton, making George the husband of Anne Knowles,, & father of the next 
generation, & placing Robert seated at Lenton in Nottinghamshire, where he mar. & 
had issue. 

Bassano makes Edw. & W m Revel sons not of Robert but of George by his wife 
Anne Knowles of Brackenfield ; says John in that generation was theRaiser of the 
family, & that W m had Ogston by gift from him. Robert is then said to have lived 
at Lenton, where he mar. & had issue. 

A letter from Robert Revel of Carlingthwaite the elder is in D r Pegge's Collections, 
containing a full account of the descendants of Edward 1634, but he says nothing 
of the Illegitimacy which some other genealogist has alleged. (See M.P.B., xi., 81.) 

There was a Edward Revel, Rector of Heath, father of Edward, an Atty, who 
was of Carlingthwaite, &d. in 1770. 

Richard Turbott above was a son of W m Turbott of Mount St. John in Thirsk, 
who was High Sheriff of Yorkshire in 1710, by Mary, dau. & h. of Fr s Driffield of 
Easingwold by Ann, dau. of Geo. Middleton of Shipton. He was son of W m 
Turbott of Mount St. John who d. in 1673. (Burke's Pedigrees.) W m T. of 
Arnold Grove had issue Gladwin, Helen, Anne, Maria, Lucy. 

The children of W m Turbott of Mount St. John & Mary Driffield were Richard, 
Frances, Ursula, Ann, Dorothy, Margaret, Hester. (Warburton in Lane, MS. 911.) 

1 Ann, b. 1662 ; mar. John Jackson, Clerk of Doncaster, & had John, William, 
and Nathaniel. 

Elizabeth, b. 1664 ; mar. Samuel Gardiner, D.D., of Eckington, and had Samuel, 
aged 20,, 1709, Wil. y John, Gervas, Ann, Mary Charlotte, and Elizabeth. (See Ped., 
p. 348.) 


John Wylde of Brampton-en-le-Mor thing, co. Ebor, where he 
purchased an Estate about 1550. By family tradition is 
said to have come out of Cheshire. 

John Wylde, son=pElizabeth, dau. of John Alcock, by Isabella his wife, 
and heir. dau. of William Vesey of Brampton. 

Isabella Wylde, mar. 7 Dec. 1626 to Anthony Wylde ofn=Alice Mirfyn of Slade- 

Robert Dawson of Laughton-en-le- Brampton, son and 
Morthen, & had issue, heir. 

Hooton, co. York. 

Thomas Wylde, eldest son, ancestor of various Mary, wife of Robert GifFord of 
branches of the family seated at Blythe, Old- Laughton. =f= 
cotes, Braithwell, and Fenwick. I 

John Gifford, Major-General in the pari. army. Went over to 
the loyalists. [I believe these Giffords to be quite incorrect.] 

i i i 

William W., 2 nd son,=pElizabeth Seaton Lydia, wife of Geo. John W., 3 rd son, 

ob. 20 Dec. 1644. 

of Brook House, Lord of Brampton, a Cap n in the 
d. 7 Dec. 1670. Gent. Parliament Army. 

Thomas, John Wylde=f=Elizabeth, sister of John Seaton of Blythe. William, 1 

eldest of Bramp- 
son, d. ton, Gent., 
young. eldest sur- 
viving son. 

Living at Attercliffe 1698, when she made 3 rd son, of 

her will. She appears to have had a Falthwaite, 

brother named Robert ; names a brother where he d. 
W m Lambert. 

Jonathan, b. 16 July 1677 ; a merchant Gervase, of Notting- Robert, of 
in London. Named as eldest son in the ham, V.D.M. ; mar. Wisbeach, 
will of his mother* Mary Langford. V.D.M. 

Gervase Wylde of Birmingham, Mary W., d. with- 
V.D.M., d. without issue. out issue. 

Mary, wife of John Elizabeth, wife of Thorn 3 Fletcher of Mans- Sarah, wife of 

Matthews of Mans- field, V.D.M. (see Ped.). £20 by father's Tho s Wylde, 

field. will and 80 by her mother's. on the right. 

A': : . . 

1 This W m Wylde mar. and had a dau, named Susanna. 
vol. i, 3 F 



MS. 176 

Thomas Shirley, settled at Laugh ton-en-le-Morthen about 1534. 


Eichard Shirley of Laughton-en-le-Morthen,=f=Margaret Linacre, 

ob. 29 Aug. 1615. Will 
Wickersley, Yeo. See it. 

4 Feb. 1613, of 

mar. 8 Feb. 1568; 
ob. 3 May 1613. 

Ann Shirley, only dau., b. 6 Jan. 1569 
mar. Richard Rushby of Laughton. 


William Eyre of 
Bramley Hall. 

Richard Shirley, 2 nd son,=Ann 
bp. 16 Sep., 1576. Falstone. 

: Alice, dau. of Roger 
Fretwell of Hellaby. 


William Eyre of Bramley=p Edith, dau. and coheir of Robert Marsh of Barton, 


bur. at Braifchwell 

Gent. ; mar. 2 Henry Leadbeater, Rector of Thri- 
bergh, & d. April 1646, »b 84. 

Thomas Shirley of Wickers- 
ley, eld. son and heir, b. 
24 Dec. 1570. 

: Sarah Eyre, bp. 28 May 
1593; mar. at Laughton 
24 Jan. 1616. 

Nathaniel Eyre of Bram- 
ley Hall & others. (See 
C. 40, in Col. Arms.) 

John Shirley, 
eldest son, b. 
24 Feb. 161?; 
mar. 1 Aug. 
1657 Frances 
Abdy of 
& had issue. 

Thomas Shirley of Wick- 
ersley, second son, b. 23 
Jan. 1619; d. 27 Dec. 
1667, & is bur. in the 
Ch. of Wickersley, Yeo. 
Will 16 Aug. 1667. 

=Elizabeth, sister and coheir Richard 
(with the wife of Lionel Shirley, 
Revel, s. p. 172) of Robert 3 rd son. 
Scargell of Sheffield. There 
was another sister who 
never married. 

Timothy Shirley, son & heir,^=Rachel 

a merchant in London, re- 
turned to Yorkshire, & d. 
at Rotherham; under age 

ford of 

Nath 1 , b. 1 Feb. 
1661; supposed 
to have d. 

Elizabeth, wife of 
Joho Lee of Shef- 
field, by whom 
Joseph, Elizab., 
Mary, Thomas. 

Samuel, only child, b. 27 July 1691 ; d. at Bath 4 Aug. 1714. 

Mary, first wife, sister of=pRobert Wylde of Wickersley, Gent.,=pSarah Shirley, 2 nd 

John & Castle Shemeld 
of Sheffield, wid. of William 
Spencer of Morthen, where 
will was made 7 Feb. 1667. 

4 th son; b. 1636 ; d. 20 July 1718, 
& was bur. in the Ch. Yard of Wick- 
ersley; mar. his 2 nd wife 4 June 
1683. Will 1714. 

wife, b. 1658; d. 
27 May 1719 ; 
bur. with her 


Margaret, b. 14 May 1670; Mary, b. 2 Sep. 1673 ; Elizabeth, b. 8 May 1675 ; 

mar. 2 Nov. 1693 to Richard mar. Tho 8 Radcliffe of mar. Samuel Sampson of 

Foster, Basingthorpe, Brampton. b 

MS. 176, 177 



John, of=Bridget, wid. of 
Worksop, John Clegg, re- 
3 rd son. lated to the 
Gladwin s. 

Timothy, of London, merchant, Sarah & Anne, 

4 th son, mar. Sarah, sister of Sir both d. unmaf . 
Thomas Denison, and had 2 
daus. only, who d. young. 


Thomas W. of Wickersley, Gent., eldest- 
son & heir, b. 13 June 1684 ; d. 25 Nov. 
1766 ; bur. at Wickersley. 

=Sarah, dau. of his uncle 
John Wylde ; bur. at 
Wickersley 7 April 1759. 

Robert, 2 nd son, 
d. unmar. 7 Oct. 
1758, aged 70. 

Shirley Wylde, 1 eldest 
son, b. 15 Aug. 1722 5 
d. in London unmar. 
21 May 1749. 

Robert Wylde of Wick-=rSarah, dau. of John Morewood 

ersley, 2 nd son, d. 27 
March 1760, aged 37 ; 
bur. at Wickersley ; his 
father still living. 

of the Oaks in Bradfield, by 
Martha Kenyon his wife (see 
< Hallamshire,' p. 274); d. 1 
Jan. 1766, aged 33. 

Rowland Hesel-; 
ton of Worksop. 

=Ann Wylde, dau. & coheir, 
d. 17 May 1775, aged 23, 
& was bur. at Worksop. 

.... Bower of=. . . . Wylde, the 
Chesterfield. other dau. and 
coheir, d. early. 

1 1 a 

John, d. 
d. young. 


Samuel Moult of^Bridget Wylde, made principal heir by her father, her 

V.D.M. (See his 
descent, p. 9.) 

brother having d. without male issue; d. a widow 
at Wickersley 14 Nov. 1804; d. 14 Nov. 1805, aged 79. 

Robert Wylde Moult of 
Wickersley, only son ; 
from whose collections 
this pedigree is derived ; 
d. unmar. 5 Jan. 1810. 

Josiah Towns- = Sarah 
end of Rother- Moult, 
ham, V.D.M., eldest 
and of Elland. dau. 

Ebenezer Aldred=Mary Moult, d. 
of Wakefield, at Wickersley 

merchant ; after 11 April 1795, 
V.D.M. at Huck- aged 42. 
low. (See p. 9.) 

1 So says M r Moult ; yet it would seem that he made a first marriage with Elizab. 
Shirley. See Burne, p. 79. There can scarcely have been two Shirley Wyldes 
living in London at the same time, 30 Dec. 1741. 

Tho 8 Wild of Maltby, Yeo., made his will 9 June 1632. To his son & heir app. 
Thomas W. my chief mess, where I now dwell. Mess, and lands to his 2 nd son 
George at Maltby ; lands in the manor of Laughton to his 3 rd son William ; dau. 
Jane Flooris. He had a good estate. 



Richard Lee of Chesterfield. This Richard placed £180 in 
the hands of Robert Wylde to be paid to his nephew and 
nieces when they were 21. One receipt for the moiety due 
to Lydia is given by her and her husband and by John 
Alwood. Another receipt is given by Stacye " for 
daughters Lees' use." A Lydia Stacye is witness to a bond 
between Elizabeth Lee & Rob. Wylde in 1702. This from 
a letter of M r Moult dated 22 Jan. 1803. 

John Lee of=pElizabeth, dau. of 
Sheffield. | Tho. Shirley. 


John. Elizabeth. 

Lydia, mar. 
Tho. Milner. 



MS. 177 

I conceive the Joseph Lee named on the opposite page to be the M r Joseph Lee 
of Sheffield, whose wife Elizabeth and son Daniel are named in the will of D r 
George Pearson, 1698, where also M r Tho. Stacye of Sheffield, apothecary, is named, 
and Tho. Pearson of the Hills, his brother. 

James Lee of Sheffield, dead 1676 ; bur. 4 Jan. 1676 =F 

James. Sara. Samuel. Mary. John. Joseph. Jonathan. 
Grandchildren named in the will of Ric. Sims of Sheffield, 1676, Jan. 3. 


Blore's History of Rutland, f. 50. 

Thomas Foster of Emanuel College,=fJane, dau. of Redmayne Burrell of Dowsby, 
Camb., and of Stamford, co. Line, co. Line, Esq., eventually coheir of the 
Clerk. family. 


William Poster of Bourne, co. Line, Gent v 
Atty-at-Law, bur. there 6 March, 1759. 

=Mary Wilkinson. Jane. 

Thomas Poster, Clerk, LL.B., bp. at=T=Sara, dau. of William Foster,= 

Bourne 22 March 1738 ; Vicar of Ry- Rev. John Aid. of Stam- 

hall 1773 ; Rector of Tinwell 1798 ; Baskett, ford, bp. 4 Sep. 

Justice of the Peace for the co. of Rut- Clerk. 1740 ; bur. 12 

land. Sep. 1785. 

: Levina 

i i i i 

William, John, Samuel, 
Edward, d. infants. 

Thomas F. of Spalding & Theo- 
balds in Herts, Attf-at-Law. 

i i 

William. Levina. 

John F., Fel. of St.= dau. of George 

John's Coll., Rooke, Esq., of 

Camb., & Rector Langham in Essex, 
of Wickersley, co. 

I I 
Kingsman, Rector 

of Dowsby. 

Elizabeth, wife of 
John Aldred of 
Wickersley, Gent. 
(See Ped., p. 9 & 

1 . Thomas Foster, A.M., Sarah F., mar. Roger 2. William, ob. s.p, 

Rector of Tinwell, mar. Baskett of Tickhill. 

Susan, dau. of Wil m — 

Waters of Stamford, Mary F., mar. Charles 

surgeon, & ob. s.p. 8 St. Barbe of London, 

Feb. 1798. merely 

4. Samuel, ob. s.p. 

Jane F., mar. Jas. 
Torkington of 
Stamford, Gent. 

i i 


Anne P., mar. 
Sam. Edwards 
of Stamford, 

MS. 178 




The line of Barker is formed from the Visitation of 1634 and 1 6 62 , and a 
pedigree entered by Sir Sober t Barker. A few additions are made to it from 
Dronfield and Norton. 

Among Wilson's Evidences is a copy of a deed by which Soger Barker of Dore, 
son of John B. of Dronfield, dec d , settles his estate in trustees on his marriage with 
Joan, dau. of Sobert Owtram, 4 Hen. 7. 

This pedigree of Parker is'from a volume of Genealogy in possession of Holland 
Watson, Esq., compiled in the reign of Charles I. It is compared with Harl. 1171, 
f. 7, and 5809, f. 15, and some dates are added from the Norton Segister. 

Sobert Parker of Bullwell, co. Notts.=p 

; i 

Thomas Parker= 

: Joan, sister & coheir of John 

John Parker of Little Sheffield, 

Sobert Parker of=f=Margaret, dau. & coheir 


of John Birley of Barnes, 
co. York. 

Thomas Parker, had a 
dau. mar. Thomas 

Agnes, wife 
of .... 

Alice, mar. John Baldwin 
of Diddlebury, co. Salop. 

Jane, mar. Peter Perryn, a 
servant of the Earl of 

Amy, mar. John Hand- 
ley of Handley, co. 

John Parker of=pEUen, dau. of Soger North of Walkeringham, 
Norton-Lees. co. Notts. 

William, of Povey, 
co. Derb. 

P. of 

Thomas P.: 

William, of Luton^Margaret 
co. Bedford, Sewer Worth, 
to Henry VIII. 

Margaret, wife of 
John Selioke of 

Agnes, wife of 
John Barley of 
house, co. Derb. 

Barbara Parker, dau. and heir, 
mar. John Wickham of Enfield, 
to whom she bore William Wick- 
ham, Bishop of Winchester, 

In the Egerton MS. 996, f. 73 b, 
she is said to marry 2 ndly W m 
Taylor, & to have by him many 

wife of .... wife of William Parker .... wife of . 
Bilby. ofWoodhouse. Masborough. 

John Parker= 
of Norton- 

=Elizabeth, dau. of Salph Eyre 
of Offerton, co. Derb. (See 
Ped., p. 229, where she is 
called Marg*.) 

Henry, Usher of 
the Great Cham- 
ber to Henry 

Thomas, Yeoman 
of the Pantry to 
Qu. Catherine, 
was mar. 

ohn ' 

John Parker of Norton-Lees,=j=Margery, dau. of Humphry Qke- 
son and heir, bur. at Norton, I over of Okeover, co. Staff., bur. 
28 Jan, 14 Eliz. A at Norton 20 Feb. 21 Eliz. 

Henry, Anthony, 
Margaret, all s.p. 



ms. m 

I I I 

all s.p. 


both ob. 

Dorothy Parker, mar. 1 John Castline ; 

2 Wil m Towers of Thonock, co. Line. ; 

3 John Bodes of Staveley Woodthorp. 

John Parker of Norton-Lees, living=j=Barbara, dau. of Sir William West of Darley 

1599; d. 1 April 1607, and was bur. 
at Norton 2 nd